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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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would be thieves in their tracks. when he pulled out his gun, turning the tables on those thieves. good evening, everyone . i'm mike mibach and i'm julie julie haener. that dramatic scene played out inside 10 friend mall in san bruno. and because of what the owner did, those would be thieves left empty handed. ktvu is alex savage joins us. now he's in the newsroom and alex. we spoke with the owner about why he did what he did. yeah. julie when that group ran into his store and started smashing display cases, the owner huisman body didn't hesitate to pull out his gun. and even though one of those men was armed body says he wasn't scared. at that point? no because i mean, because my whole body my mind was in a in a, uh, is working was working in a respond on that just to respond to. basically i wasn't really thinking of too much of the consequences i want. it was in my mind at that time just to protect my property. and that's
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what i did. yeah. this all happened last friday afternoon inside mas jewelers at the 10 foreign mall in san bruno. surveillance video shows the confrontation from a number of different angles. spotty was standing outside the store when that group of five people would be robbers raced inside, and one of them started to smash a display case with a crowbar. without hesitation, but he pulled his gun and told the man to stop. one of the other suspects also pulled out a gun and pointed it at body. but the group ran off without taking a single piece of jewelry. but he says he wasn't trying to be a hero. in this case. he just wanted to protect his store. no actually, i'm not trying to be here or macho man. it's because i mean, i know my feeling. my friends also told me the same thing, but that's not what i wanted to be just like happened very quick. and then i had no choice. now ever since he reopened his jewelry store after the pandemic shutdowns. baty
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says that he was worried about his business being hit by thieves, and that's why he decided to get a concealed weapons permit about a year ago. san brutal. police are investigating this attempted robbery at batty store along with another smash and grab robbery that happened on monday at another jewelry store that's also inside tamper and mall. in that case, the five thieves did get away with some merchandise, and barty believes it was the same group that hit his store. but as you saw in his case, he refused to stand by and let them steal from his business. anyone who has information on these crimes should reach out to san bruno police, mike yeah, that video. alex is just stunning to look at. when you see it. it's just crazy that it's come to this that people are coming into malls armed with weapons, and then the store owners are armed themselves. just really lucky because you never know how those people are going to react that that man and store owner that he's okay. yeah you know, it certainly is a good thing that no one was hurt during all of this because you can just
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imagine that that they're you know, we could have had gunfire here as a result of this confrontation. thankfully no one was hurt. but as you heard, he's been concerned about something like this playing out at his store, and here it happened and he was ready. alright, alex. thank you. thank you, alexa wild series of events in the south bay today. it played out over several hours, beginning with a violent attack inside a san jose home and ending with the suspect dead on a highway in cupertino. ktvu crime reporter henry lee as the story. it began at two in the morning wednesday with the report of a stabbing at a home on to hama avenue. not far from reid hillview airport. we gotta call multiple people that were stabbed at this residence. when officers arrived, very chaotic scene. san jose police sergeant christian camarillo said three victims were stabbed at the home . all are expected to survive. a motive is under investigation, but police quickly identified the attacker and his vehicle because he and the victims lived together. police issued a be on the lookout to all area agencies. within a couple of
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hours. his car was found deputy with the santa clara county sheriff's department found the suspect's vehicle in the western part of the city not too far from de anza and highway 85. soon after 911 call started coming into the chp, several calls that came in were stating that there was a pedestrian the freeways. chp officer ross lee says it became clear that the pedestrian wasn't there by accident. that pedestrian hit was jumping in and out of traffic appear to be jumping in front of vehicles shortly after that, another call that the person had been hit by a car driver on his way just morning commute on his way to work. it was a nissan titan truck. the driver said he was unable to avoid a collision. he stayed on the scene and cooperated with the chp. san jose police came to the crash scene, quickly connected the dots and were able to confirm that the pedestrian that died in that fatality. was our suspect for the multiple stabbings on to hama. the early morning fog made it especially
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hazardous for investigators. so the chp shut down all north, um, lanes on the highway for several hours. authorities process both scenes and are continuing the investigation. obviously very tragic sequence of events this morning three victims their injuries ranging from minor to moderate. and now we have the deceased suspect. people of the house with a stabbing occurred did not want to comment. a woman there told me they were still trying to process. what happened. the name of the suspect has not been released. had he survived, he could have faced charges of attempted murder in san jose henry lee ktvu, fox two news. the u. s supreme court is about to change with a long serving liberal justice set to retire a justice with strong ties to the bay area and one of the possible front runners to replace justice stephen breyer also has strong ties to california. justice breyer is expected to step down after serving more than a quarter century on the nation's highest court. ktvu political reporter greg lee live now in the newsroom, and greg president
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, biden has a chance to deliver on a campaign promise with his first appointment. julia that's right. then candidate biden promised to name a black woman to the bench. this is his chance. justice breyer has often said the court is not and should not be a political institution. it is hard not to see the calculus here. as the midterms approach the democrats holding a razor thin majority in the senate. and of course, i think that the more you know, i mean, i know supreme court justice stephen breyer is reportedly set to retire at the end of this term from the nation's highest court. the courts senior liberal san francisco native is 83. his departure will give president biden his first chance to name a new justice. democrats and progressives know that the window to fill this seat with one of president biden's nominees is closing, closing closing. progressives have been calling for breyer to retire while democrats still hold the slimmest majority in the senate vice president harris the tiebreaking vote, though abiding appointment won't change the 63
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conservative majority, bolstered by former president trump's three picks, it would preserve the liberal wing even though it doesn't change the current composition. the court in the sense of it doesn't change the balance of power. it makes sure that this court will not become a 7 to 2 conservative majority court. there has been no announcement from justice breyer let him make whatever statement he's going to make, and i'll be happy to talk about it. later white house press secretary jen psaki did confirm the president stands by his campaign promise to nominate a black woman to the bench. black woman on the supreme court. is really a game changer. it is big. it is huge. leslie davis is the ceo of the national association of minority and women owned law firms. she's hopeful the president delivers two women on the short list. dc circuit judge catania brown jackson, california supreme court justice leandra kruger. we're not just adding color for color sake or ethnicity for ethnicity sake, we're adding
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another layer of excellence of perspective of experience. whoever is picked faces a confirmation hearing in a fiercely divided senate. majority leader chuck schumer wrote. president biden's nominee will receive a prompt hearing in the senate judiciary committee and will be considered and confirmed by the full united states senate with all deliberate speed, schumer is reportedly eyeing the same 30 day timeline republicans used to confirm justice amy coney barrett after the death of ruth bader ginsburg. republican senator lindsey graham acknowledged democrats power in the senate writing elections have consequences, and that is most evident when it comes to fulfilling vacancies on the supreme court. something important to note here. while breyer is retirement is being widely reported, we have yet to see a formal statement from the court or the justice. the supreme court term typically ends in late june early july. in the newsroom. gregory ktvu, fox tuners and greg, are you hearing any early republican chatter
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that whoever the president decides to choose as the nominee? will they try to block ? yes, senator mitch mcconnell has long said that he would block any sort of move they would make on the supreme court. but the bottom line is democrats. because of the way the senate is split right now, it's senator chuck schumer being the majority leader. there is little republicans will have to say in the process, but there are certainly avenues they can take to slow down the actual confirmation. but as long as democrats have the votes, they can move forward. all right, greg lee reporting live for us tonight, greg. thank you. there is new evidence that shows so called super immunity against severe infection for people who are up to date on their covid vaccinations after they've been infected with the virus as foxes . jonathan syria reports. the news comes as booster shots are lagging right here in the united states. the covid booster drive may be losing steam. cdc data show just 40% of fully vaccinated americans have received the extra shot. the average number of boosters given each day has also dropped from last month's peak. doctor
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rochelle walensky says, while the micron surge shows signs of weakening boosters will help ensure protection. against future variants. milder does not mean mild and we cannot look past the strain on our health systems and substantial number of deaths. dr. anthony fauci says efforts are underway to make a universal vaccine that could protect against variance, causing covid-19. as well as protecting against other coronavirus is it's going to take years to develop in an incremental fashion. some of these are already in phase one clinical trials. don't forget, however. that i'll current vaccine regimens do provide strong protection. meanwhile a new study suggests a second path to so called super immunity. research published in the journal science, immunology finds covid infections followed by vaccination can trigger a robust immune response. previous
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studies have also found enhanced protection for people infected after getting their shots. dr marcel curlin says these two groups should be better protected against severe illness. you would be predicted all things being equal to have mild disease that might be asymptomatic infection or mild disease, the study's authors say immunity from covid infection alone is less consistent. in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news two cases of a more transmissible omicron variant have been discovered in santa clara county. the first cases of what's known as b. a two were discovered in the united states just this week in already there are 11 reported cases of the strain here in california. it's traits are not easily detected with a pcr test, which can also uncovered the original omicron variant. according to a uk health agency, be a two has already been found in 40 countries. san francisco has issued new safety requirements for covid-19 testing sites. the new health order is effective
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immediately and applies to privately run sites that collect specimens and are then sent off site for processing. this comes after the city attorney filed subpoenas against two privately run testing sites. that had been operating allegedly without the proper licensing and documentation. the new safety requirements include personal protective equipment for staff, proper sanitation measures, such as disinfecting surfaces regularly and requirement to have written policies on specimen collection, storage and transport that are available upon request. still ahead tonight at the city level, the state even the federal level stopping gun violence appears to be a top priority. coming up the new proposals from all levels of leadership to try to make our streets safer. also a look at the list of more than a dozen schools in the city of oakland that could be closed later this year. we'll have that debate at 6 30. and i'm tracking that forecast for coming up on the weekend. we're not that far off.
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. neighborhood is on lockdown at this hour people who live in the trees neighborhood near redwood road and lupine road are being told to stay inside with their doors and windows locked. this is due to unspecified police activity in that area. residents are also being told not to call 911 unless there is a life threatening emergency. but to call hercules police if they see some suspicious activity. we do have a crew heading to the scene and we will update you with any new information as we get it. well san jose is now being sued
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over its new gun ordinance, which requires gun owners to carry insurance and pay a fee. a federal lawsuit was filed within minutes of the city council's vote last night. did it immediately because we wanted to make it very clear that there were ramifications to passing. america's most insane gun control. and where else is going to happen? but california the lawsuit filed by the national association for gun rights and a san jose resident who is a gun owner, claimed the ordinance is unconstitutional and violates state and city laws. san jose mary sam liccardo responded to the lawsuit, saying the city would be compliant with the constitution. we are completely compliant with the 2nd and 4th amendments we want we want to have something like that in place. today we are not going to be directing our police officers to seize guns with non compliance to be very clear. mayor liccardo also says the lawsuit will not alter the city's timeline for enacting the new law. the ordinance is set for a second reading and vote on february 8th. if it's approved,
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then the measure will become lost six months later. stopping gun violence, also behind a big move in other parts of the country, new york's newly formed interstate task force on illegal guns held his first meeting today that task force working together with 50 law enforcement representatives from nine states in the northeast to stop the flow of illegal guns. we are literally tripling, tripling the amount of money going towards our our crime gun tracing efforts here with the state police. the new push comes after an ambush style shooting in harlem last week killed two police officers, and it's not just cities and states focusing on gun violence. president biden announced he will travel to new york soon to lay out his new strategy to combat gun violence . the cutest cargo got a private flight to southern california from the bay area today, the nonprofit group canine companions. send two golden lab puppies from santa rosa to san diego county, where they will begin training as service animals. their pilot there is 22
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year old owen life belt of san jose has been around these dogs all of his life, and he says his family is now raising their 10th puppy. to help people with disabilities. my family has been involved with canine companions for a long time now as actual puppy raisers. so to be able to contribute in terms of transporting these puppies by airplane is really special to me . life belt has been flying solo since he was 16 years old and first started flying puppies to carlsbad just last year. you're honored. alright just checking out the national weather. it has been quite a pattern for the east coast as well as the west coast. we've been dry as you know, for over 17 days, and we're going to stay dry for a few more of those days, and it's because of this ridge of high pressure, right? that's where we live and all the weather systems go up and over and then what they do. is there in the jet stream? imagine a river right and around the corners. it tends to be a little slower, but when
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you get in the straightaways, the river really are the jet stream river of air. really starts to fly. and so it down through here. you can bring a lot of cold air a lot of instability, and then it moves up the eastern seaboard. look at atlanta right now. 39 degrees that's cold new orleans 49 degrees that's cold for them. oklahoma city 30 dallas is 46. so this whole area has been in climate since our whole area has been continued dry, and what's going to happen thismes up over the horn and down here. it's going to meet up on the eastern seaboard and created northeaster, a significant event that's going to move up through boston with potentially 2 to 3 ft of snow, so it's all connected once this pattern starts to move, which looks like maybe maybe this weekend. then things will change around, but in the meantime, they're stuck with it. we're stuck with it. 19 days i was wrong has been 19 days without rain that high pressure still owns the atmosphere, but we'll see it break down a little bit this week and hopefully early next
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week. i'll see you back here with your complete forecast in just a minute. it's close to our home. we know the whole community. it's not okay. i love this school like they can't close it right now. parents dropping their children off at school just this morning, shocked to learn that the school may not be there next year still to come the difficult decision ahead. for the oakland unified school district, plus. workers for a small chain of the area. restaurants say they have big problems with their employer problems with their employer coming up the accusations oh, wow, barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. but i just... so thanks, but, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you!
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. big labor dispute. workers for amy's drive through is now getting support from the powerful teamsters union. that's right. workers protested outside the amy's rohnert park location . ktvu tom vacar spoke to the workers about what they're frustrated. with what their employer. wednesday could be a bad day for amy's drive through restaurant and rohnert park. amy's kitchen is a homegrown, family owned, nonunion restaurant chain. of four northern california locations as well as a vegetarian organic, non gmo food maker based in petaluma, founded 35 years ago. amy's portrays itself as a family and employee friendly company that runs on love. we want to be treated like family like workers like they say, you know, villaluz says. it's no family. they pushed so hard. um
6:24 pm
even in the lines. there were too fast that she says has caused serious injuries to her and other co workers. doctors monday. don't give me um a good news are good hope that i will be like before. like 100% i don't want her to feel pain anymore. the things that she doesn't amy's is so much hard work is repetitive that if she has that repetitive work, it's going to get a lot more worse. we have a lot of pain on the backs. a lot of pain on their arms. um but they don't want to speak. i've gone to dr appointments with her, and they've always told her the same thing like you can't lift anymore. you can't do that. sometimes i would see her in the like, table crying and the kitchen like she can't move anything. another employee said there worked like animals. hence the i'm not a donkey signs. the teamsters union says it's both helping the company's plant
6:25 pm
workers. to protest and ultimately to unionize for better conditions and escape from poor pay the goal right now is that amy kitchen but by the way of anti burning of the owner that he sit with these workers and their advocates, which is us to come up with a resolution to address all these healthy place all these workplace issues. after much prodding, the company sent out a statement posted in full on our website. amy says. we have invested heavily in safety well being and opportunities for employees because it's the right thing to do as to a union, amy says. it's our employees choice. however many don't seem to be interested. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. flames and shrapnel sent shooting into the air after an explosion in hayward last year in tonight, new information on what led to that massive explosion and what's being done to keep it from happening again . despite all the 49ers success
6:26 pm
, quarterback jimmy garoppolo still receiving plenty of online criticism. how does he deal with that and the pressure of trying to lead the team to the super bowl? sports director market bond is with more on that and the rest of sports coming up, plus deadline day for those in a homeless encampment and conquered its residents forced to move on still to come here, where a
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fended off some robbers by pulling again. this happened at
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mas jewelers inside the tan for and mall last friday. owner guzman body says a man inside his store used a crowbar to smash a glass display case. body says he has a concealed carry permit, and he drew his own gun. the man who was trying to steal from him, then ran off without taking anything. supreme court justice stephen breyer is reportedly set to retire. no official announcement has been made, but the retirement would give president biden a chance to fulfill a campaign promise to nominate the courts first. black female justice, while democrats hold the majority in the senate . breyer is a san francisco native who attended local high school and stanford university. he is 83 years old, a man wanted in connection with a triple stabbing in san jose today was killed hours later on highway 85 near de anza boulevard. police say the man got out of his car and started jumping in front of passing vehicles on the highway. before he was struck. the stabbings happened just after two this morning in a home on to hama avenue. all three victims
6:30 pm
are expected to survive. a motive is still under investigation. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. new information is emerging about what caused a massive explosion at a power plant in hayward last year. this comes as regulators plan a thorough inspection and audit of the russell city energy center next month. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz has been following this from the very beginning and the ultimate goal here brooks is to make sure that this doesn't happen again. well just imagine shrapnel, heavy metal propelled hundreds of feet away some pieces weighing over £50. now no one was hurt, but regulators are now focusing on the operations that sent the stage for this incident to occur. last mayor. steam turbine at the russell city energy center in hayward exploded and there was a large fire. calpine which owns the energy plant, just released a letter to the california energy commission. the company says the blast was caused by design issues, not buying deferred maintenance or operator error. instead the inability to detect
6:31 pm
excess water under pressure and high temperature the plant was pulled from service for several months and restarted in a lower power mode to feed the grid last fall. it's now undergoing repairs to get it fully operational as soon as this summer. and just hours ago, the commission held a meeting to get an update on a joint agency investigation into the cause. there have been a dozen witness interviews nine on site inspections in several commissioner tours. despite calpine, blaming the incident squarely on equipment failures, regulators promised to get the total picture and prevent another unforeseen explosion. i know i speak on behalf of all the commissioners that we were just appalled and about the situation and you know no lives were lost, but they could have been. we recognize that and so ensuring that we're doing all we can to make communities safe as we provide power is just sort of, you know, a core value of
6:32 pm
all of us. calpine says it has inspected its other similar plans to make sure they're safe . the city of hayward is seeking compensation for damages and wants better coordination with calpine going forward. calpine says it acknowledges community concerns and the need to take action. the company says it has developed a thorough plan to address the design issues that led to the explosion. of course, we'll keep an eye on it. brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news keeping the company accountable, right, brooks. thank you. the oakland unified school district has compiled a list of 13 schools that it could decide to close parents at one school on that list say they were blindsided and are now organizing against it. ktvu rob roth explains some of the reasons behind the possible closures and the resistance to such a move. as they drop their children off at la escalada elementary school wednesday morning, parents said they were caught off guard. we found out on facebook found out that escwa leader is on a preliminary list of 13 oakland schools to be
6:33 pm
closed permanently in june. i love the school like they can't close it right now it's close to her home. we know the whole community. it's not okay. the oakland unified school district tuesday presented to the school board a list of schools that could potentially be closed at the end of the school year. like many other districts, oakland is facing declining enrollment that officials say that pandemic is made worse were down 2500 students over the past four years. and you know, that's a result of gentrification that all of the pandemic. um there's also a number of, you know charter schools that have expanded over that time. fewer students means less money coming in. when you're stretched thin among many schools, it's hard to support students adequately. and so the idea is that in in fewer schools will be better able to invest resources to support students better. oh usd is not in financial crisis, oakland school board member mike hutchinson says there's no immediate need to close. schools to look at closing 13. of our
6:34 pm
public schools at the end of this school year and four months when there's been no engagement at all, and no conversations around these decisions is not acceptable. the schools on the list includes six elementary schools, including grass valley to middle schools for high schools, including community day and two other high schools that could merge into one parents say they will be rallying to keep their schools open. we're going to organize because this is an amazing school, the parents don't have much time. the final list of potential closures is expected friday, followed by a special meeting to discuss it next monday, then a final vote by the following week on february 8th. in oakland. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. some good news for students who attend a california state university. they're not going to have a tuition hike for the upcoming academic year. the csu board of trustees made that announcement during its meeting today, tuition will remain the same at all 23 campuses. currently at about $5700 a year,
6:35 pm
but that can go up to $7000, depending on fees. some area college students will be back in the classroom. next week, u c. berkeley santa clara university in cal state east bay gave notice to students that classes will resume in person on monday as planned. ecologist started the semester two weeks ago online due to that spike in omicron cases, san jose state and san francisco state are scheduled to resume in person class on february 14th. i'm christian. captain coming up. we'll tell you why you'll soon see more bars coming to san francisco's castro district. and today was the day for everyone living at this east bay homeless and camp mint to move out coming up. how it all went, plus m
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now with speeds up to 5 gigs. that was a source of complaints for from neighbors. the city says services were indeed offered to the homeless. but as ktvu cristina rendon reports, the people who remained refused to go to a shelter. the city of concord crews were out early wednesday, picking up debris and clearing out a homeless encampment under the bar tracks along san miguel road, heavy machinery bulldozed what was left behind. deborah twan helped a friend move her belongings before the sweep. where do you go to the city says shelter beds are available, but all 15 people
6:39 pm
still here declined to go. no, i will not go to not sure why. because my coach escapees from there can't even a certain time going to be back in a certain time. you have company that's not really helping you. we need financial help. we need the job . we need that security. we do know that because they didn't accept shelter beds that they will go to different areas of the city, and we have no plans to do anything about that until there might be health and safety issues at those encampments. the people here say the county did bring out a mobile van offering the medical services. one of them even got their second covid vaccine, but they feel like the situation will be forgotten about tomorrow and they need more long term solutions. homeless advocates call the demolition unnecessary. they urged the city council to stop the sweep tuesday night. but we're told someone would be hired to help in the summer. i don't feel they can wait till june. they need to put a moratorium on these sweets. provide the trash bins. the portable showers sanitation services while that person gets
6:40 pm
hired do a parallel solutions she and others like jack fleeman visit the homeless regularly. he was out before dime serving breakfast before the sweep. this pot is full to the top of my start. he knows it's one of the few meals they can count on before they move somewhere else . love you think, jack. thank you homeless or people just like your family. they have names. they've got feelings. they're intelligent policing. this area will now be enforced as a no trespassing zone. you can see the sign right there. a lot of these people say they're just going to pack up and move less than a mile away. right behind the costco here in concord, cristina rendon. ktvu, fox two news. already checking into that forecast the weekend just around the corner. we'll look for rain. we'll look at the five day as well. and let's go over to ktvu claudine wang right now in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on
6:41 pm
for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus flooding. oh my coming up. we're following breaking news in the east bay, where i hercules neighborhood is on lockdown. plus we're going to talk live with a bay area political science professor on supreme court justices stephen breyer is retirement. how his departure could possibly paved the way for president biden to appoint the nation's first black woman to the supreme court. those stories and more coming up at seven on ktvu plus. but first after the break, you know all about inflation. but what about shrink fluctuation?
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jerome powell issued a statement saying it's time to roll back
6:44 pm
some of those pandemic era policies that have fueled hiring and growth but also escalated inflation. the fed short term rate has been near zero. since the pandemic began two years ago. i think there's quite a bit of room. to raise interest rates without threatening the labor market. this is by so many measures, he store ecclesia tight labor markets, record levels of job openings of quits , wages are moving up at the highest pace they have in decades. the fed is expected to raise interest rates at least four times this year that would make buying a house or even buying a car more expensive. the anticipated interest rate hikes since stocks swinging over the last several days as investors do fear the increase could possibly slow down the economy. the dow did finished the day down. 129 points. the nasdaq rose just a couple of points and the s and p 500 was just slightly down. well, not only are americans dealing with inflation, but now shrink. flay shin is impacting shoppers shrinks. elation is when producers put less product in
6:45 pm
their containers but still charge you the same amount. for example, general mills decrease the amount of cereal and their family sized box by about an ounce. and while that may not sound like a whole lot, experts say, it really adds up. think of how many millions and tens of millions of boxes general mills cells of cereals every year so that one little ounce less that you get is really big bucks for the manufacturer. experts say, just like inflation shrinks relation has been going on now for some time, and it's not just happening at grocery stores. domino's pizza recently decreased the amount of wings and their 7 99 take out special from 10 wings to eight. san francisco's castro district will likely soon be welcoming new bars for the first time in more than 30 years. as gay tvs. christian captain reports the board of supervisors voted to overturn rules that ban the opening of new bars in the neighborhood. san francisco's castro district is known for its
6:46 pm
nightlife. but over the years, the number of bars in the area has dwindled to fewer than 10 supervisor rafael mandelson said a woman looking to open a new piano bar in the area ran into legislation from 1987, preventing the opening of new bars in the castro handelman proposed changing the rules. which the board of supervisors has now unanimously approved. there's simply the opportunity for someone like this woman who wanted to open the piano, barden to come to the community and say , you know, i'd like to do this. i think it would be it would contribute and can i have your support to do that? and now there's a path to burn where people like her who might want to open the space is, the supervisor said the hope is to allow new businesses to flourish, bringing in tax revenue, employing people in the area and creating a nightlife destination. tourism is critically important to us entertainment. nightlife are critically important to our to our future, and i think this helps a little bit position the castro for renaissance, ben, blind from the city's bar owner , alliance says. over the last decade, there's been a growing realization of the importance of
6:47 pm
the city's nightlife scene, he says. it draws billions of dollars and opening new bars in the castro could be a part of the key to get in the city's economy roaring again. it's another thriving business that people go to and they feel a sense of community in their neighborhood, and it provides a ton of jobs. and so right now in the castro absolutely needs more bars in the castro. residents and visitors alike say they'd like to see more bars as a way to reawaken the city's nightlife. yeah i think it's great. a lot of places have closed during covid. so it'd be nice to see the neighborhood become more lively like it was before covid. i really wish like the summertime like they would reopen so i can go back to dancing. the idea here isn't to open wall to wall bars and the castro there are still rules in place. any new bar would have to have a conditional use permit, meaning they'd be subject to review and neighborhood input. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news.
6:48 pm
alright some changes coming our way, but they're slow and they're not going to be wet changes, but they could lead to wet. what's that mean? well here we are. right now. this is a long range model. here we are thursday. see the fog come back to the coast. and then you see some clouds move in on friday morning into friday afternoon so that ridge is getting chipped away at a little bit specially on friday afternoon, and then here comes saturday. you see that next system coming in saturday afternoon sunday morning? and then it looks like because that has been weakened. this area has a better opportunity for lower latitudes strike so maybe some showers in northern california maybe a sprinkle on monday for us. but that's how it looks. so there's no made big rain event. but i wanted to show you that because the idea that that high is going to break down and after 19 days of rain, no rain, we might get a shot at something. in the meantime, though, it's steady as she goes with plenty of sunshine and a few clouds showing up as
6:49 pm
we head into thursday and friday. these are the highest from today. highs tomorrow will be about the same and that no big surprise there. i mean, for over 23 weeks, we've been looking at the same weather pattern. no fog at the golden gate bridge out of dense fog advisory this morning. could easily see one again tomorrow morning in some places, especially inland for us. for the most part, it's steady as she goes with that cloud increased coming on thursday and friday. in the coastal fog returning probably on thursday and friday on thursday night into friday, as well and just dry really dry and spend, you know against fortunate we've had rain, but in good amounts of rain, but, boy, we have a long way to go to make up for any even if we go, 102 100% of rainfall average this year. we're still in trouble right because we're in multiple years of drought. these are the current temperatures. these are the forecast overnight lows very similar to what we've been saying. no big changes. hopefully something breaks loose in that 1st 1st week in february, the forecast highs tomorrow instead of seventies
6:50 pm
and santa rosa we saw a few days ago will be 67. but you notice this is mild, really nice day again tomorrow with the five day forecast that yeah. what are you going to do? i mean, enjoy it, right. there's that slight chance on monday. we're looking for any hope of a break. but i think the takeaway here is it's amazing and it should be noted by all of us. how quickly the spigot can turn off and for how long it can turn off, and that's our climate. that's california. i will see you back here tonight at 10 11 just like that. all right, bill. thank you. coming up next in sports. san francisco 49 ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo as led the team to a super bowl and now possibly a second super bowl. but even so, he's still facing criticism. sports director market banias on how jimmy is handling the adversity and a big sports weekend ahead as the 49ers take on the rams in the nfc championship game. the winner moving on to the super bowl place to watch the big game right here on ktvu. coverage starts at three on sunday and make sure to stay with us after
6:51 pm
the game for special postgame coverage of hopefully a niners it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything like the new honey mustard rotisserie-style chicken. it's sweet, it's tangy, it's tender, it never misses. you could say it's the steph curry of footlongs. you could, but i'm not gonna. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and re...
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it's still the eat fresh refresh™ and subway's refreshing everything like the new baja turkey avocado with smashed avocado, oven-roasted turkey, and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps refreshing and re...
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app is part of california's earthquake alert system, and now it has a new feature. among them is home base. it allows users to set a default location where they can still get those earthquake warnings even if location services are turned off. hey how's it going? everybody marquee. bonnie is with you in the vinyl room tonight. of course, at the top of the bill this evening, you gotta talk. 49ers rams football . it's the middle of the week and get never closed. of course, the narrative all year long has been the 49ers quarterback situation. jimmy garoppolo has taken over much maligned and i remind people all the time in the last few days. aaron rodgers , tom brady to the best. their god. jimmy garoppolo is still here and the 49ers look well rested and ready to go. this coming weekend and jimmy garoppolo. you know, he's taking his knocks this year. yes it's true about what's or twice the
6:55 pm
game. it makes. one of those throws were like what are you doing? and then he gets lit up on social media. but you know what? garoppolo smart guy class acted. he knows himself quite well. doesn't let it bother him too much. you sure? and friends , family, they'll they'll always , uh, they seem to remind me of those things. but i don't know, i think just knowing knowing yourself and knowing who you are plays a big part of that. because you know if you get lost in it and start believing some of those things that could take you down the wrong road, so i don't know. i think it's just about knowing yourself as a player as a person and as long as these guys in this locker room, have faith in me and belief in me, that's all i really care about. if you follow the 49ers, you know the guys in the locker of love that guy and he's definitely number one. let's talk some warriors basketball right? there are some concerns with this team. draymond probably going to be out indefinitely. steph curry's career longest shooting slump continues but on the positive side. clay thompson is
6:56 pm
definitely back and he helped the warriors just roll. they just smashed dallas last night. 1 32 92 is for clay. the most minutes he's played since he has returned. from those devastating injuries. he played 26 minutes. he was three of five from three. but that was the entire story. as you see a couple of his assists here. he had six of them. jonathan can mingle. he was a story into himself. but clay thompson and the warriors just finding a way to work in with each other and play together and play happy to be back on the court, of course. i am just happy that i was able to update my minutes tonight. i mean, i was probably a season high for me 2025 minutes and play point guard growing up and i played quarterback. so vision was always in my repertoire. but just just start tonight. i did a good job of making the right play and not forcing anything. and each shot i took was a good
6:57 pm
shot sea captain clay he needs is to kneel, captain, and today a shark's man treacherous road trip out of the east, playing some of the nhl's best teams. the cabs. remember what happened to the sharks saturday night 7 to 1. losers didn't have a whole lot of hope getting go against ovechkin and the guys tonight, but it works out just fine. and you know what? the sharks wherever they travel, they have support even in the nation's capital, and they get up to a good start tonight. needed that first period. brent burns turnaround paths for noah gregor some of the lesser known guys showing up tonight. that's his second goal in the sharks lead it one to nothing in the second period, about four minutes in caps with the costly turnover and matt nieto makes them pay. that's a nice pass to nicholas malaj. who scores his first career nhl goal, and that made it two to nothing. sharks wind up winning 41 jonathan dahlen had himself a goal and then the
6:58 pm
sharks at an empty netter late for the 41 final. very nice way to start. what's going to be a tough road trip. they're on to florida. next alright, julie. have mike don't know you guys do with regard to parallel parking in this story. there are no rules. check this out, right? nothing to do with sport. but oh, boy, i want to know in the world, you guys i think that you would handle this situation living on the edge that like called julie that is probably the most treacherous three point turn have ever seen right hanging with it, guys. i mean, it looks like a pretty steep climb and, uh, drop off made it nice technique thinking, but nice technique. like yep, i don't know where they found that video, but it had to be included. check that. thank you, mark. mark thank you. and thanks
6:59 pm
mark. mark thank you. and thanks everybody for joining us. the okay... the x10s are online. gentlemen, i am now about send a signal from this laptop through our local isp racing down fiber-optic cable at the speed of light to san francisco, bouncing off a satellite in geosynchronous orbit to lisbon, portugal, where the data packets will be handed off to submerged transatlantic cables terminating in halifax, nova scotia and transferred across the continent via microwave relays back to our isp and the x10 receiver attached to this... lamp. look at me. look at me. i've got goose bumps. are we ready on the stereo? go for stereo. (theme from 2001: a space odyssey playing) (all humming theme)
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hey, guys. hi. hello. hello. it's a little loud. no problem-- turning it down. san francisco, lisbon, halifax... (music recedes) and voilà. okay, thanks. hang on, hang on. do you not realize what we just did? yeah, you turned your stereo down with your laptop. no, we turned our stereo down by sending a signal around the world via the internet. oh. you know, you can just get one of those universal remotes at radio shack. they're really cheap. no, you don't get it. howard, enable public access. public access enabled. boy, that's terrific. i'll see you. no, hang on, hang on. (all gasp) see? no. someone in szechuan province, china is using his computer to turn our lights on and off. well, that's handy.


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