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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 25, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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make sounds a safer city to live when now there is pushback to this proposed ordinance, including vocal opposition from san jose city councilwoman dev davis, who says she doesn't believe that this will help to reduce gun harm in the city. the nra also put out a statement today, saying quote mayor liccardo can't honestly believe that those who are breaking the law will pay any fees or even attempt to sign up for the required insurance. instead law abiding citizens will be left holding the bag while the ruling class in one of america's richest cities might shrug off these unreasonable costs. in reality, they will act as a barrier for those in underserved communities. and already, the national foundation for gun rights has threatened to sue the city of san jose. if this ordinance passes again, debate just got underway for san jose city council members and we do expect to vote from the council later tonight, mike and we will
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be following it very closely. all right, alex. thank you. santa's a really not the only bay area city looking to pass new gun restrictions today, the antioxidant council. expected to pass a new ordinance when they meet tonight that would would require firearms to be stored in a locked container or disabled with a safety device in the gun owners home. state law already makes it illegal to story loaded firearm where it could be accessed by a child or someone who is prohibited from owning guns. new at six tonight a frightening incident in oakland , where a woman says her 19 year old daughter was the target of apparent pimps who tried to kidnap her dash cam video shows one of the men getting out of a minivan near high and international in east oakland. just before 11 sunday morning, mary prime lawrence tells ktvu. the man tried to open her car door to grab her daughter. moments earlier, she says the men had confronted her daughter near an apartment building and made crude remarks, saying she was only good for street work. the daughter ran into her mom's car and they took off, but the
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men drove ahead of them and confronted the daughter again, she said. the man on the video was armed. and he's raising his sweater sweatshirt and he's reaching for our gun. as he's coming towards my vehicle. i never want to have to hear any parent. anyone myself. included here, their child scream, mom, he's going to shoot me. mom help! he's going to shoot me. i'm just baffled that this is continuing in oakland. we know that we're hub. for six commercially sex sexually exploited young people, but i don't feel like we're doing enough. and within the last half hour, we have learned that oakland police are now at the family's home, taking a report on the attempted kidnapping. oakland police say a man is now in custody for an unprovoked attack in chinatown just two weeks ago, a woman in her seventies was walking along ninth street near franklin when a man came up behind her and shoved her to the ground surveillance camera video here shows the attack that resulted
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in minor injuries. this was the latest in a string of attacks on the asian american community that have shaken chinatown business owners and residents. the name of the suspect has not yet been released one young life over another facing prison time after the overdose of a 12 year old girl. the girl died from a fentanyl overdose and as ktvu crime reporter henry lee shows us now a boy just a few years older than her is facing a murder charge. she was clearly looking to put her mind in a different place. she was not looking for the dangerous effects of that. not all it took was one pill. back in 2020, a 12 year old girl lined up a crushed pill she believed was percocet, then snorted it. authorities say her friends were with her and took video of it. santa clara county prosecutor don scherer says that pill actually contained fentanyl, which even in small doses can be deadly. unfortunately what your drug dealer tells you you're getting and what you get. are often two different things. the girl
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passed out and began snoring, which is a sign of a fentanyl overdose. she later died at a hospital and san jose police recalled on tuesday. police arrested a 16 year old boy, they say salter the fentanyl. santa clara county, d a. has charged the boy with murder. that prosecutor believes the accused team you full well that what he was selling was dangerous. he isn't some innocent victim in this. he's someone who knew that he could obtain these pills. and when he would pass him off on a 12 year old girl, be consciously disregarded life. investigators say the girl who died knew the boy because he's a minor. his name is not been released. he's facing a murder charge in juvenile court. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. call it a booster fail. health experts say the drive to get americans the covid booster is losing steam. despite the repeated message to the public to get the extra shot to short the protection against the highly contagious omicron barry. it according to the cdc, just 40% of vaccinated americans have
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received a booster dose. the average number of booster shots to spence per day in the us has plummeted from a peak of one million in early december. to last week, where fewer than 500,000 boosters were given out and here in california. the numbers of those getting boosted are higher compared to those in the rest of the country. as of yesterday, just over 52% of californians had received their covid booster shot. and today, the first of two free covid booster clinics being held outside chase center took place . this comes before a booster deadline to enter the arena. starting next tuesday, guests will need to show proof of a covid booster shot in order to get in. san francisco's public health order, says booster shots must be received at least one week before an event. if you couldn't make it today, you'll have another chance on saturday . we do have word tonight that there has been a tentative agreement between the oakland unified school district and the teachers union that could prevent a threatened strike. the agreement includes weekly covid
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testing access for all students and staff and the district will work to expand evening hours at testing sites. the district will also provide outdoor covered eating spaces for students. and provide high quality mass such as those k n95 masks available to all students and staff. the teachers union is expected to vote on the tentative agreement in the coming days and then the oakland board of education would vote to ratify it. negotiations are continuing between teachers and the west contra costa unified school district. the two sides are said to me once again tomorrow, the union is calling for daily and 95 k n95 masks for students and staff. new covid testing plans and formal procedures in place just in case of an outbreak. the district says. it's already started ordering mass and really does agree with much of the demands. a possible union vote to strike is set for friday and you can get important covid information . 24 hours a day, seven days a week. you can get those updated numbers information on variants where to get tests and how the schools are dealing with the
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continued issues. just go to ktvu dot com. where we do have a special covid section. hate crimes against the aapi community in san francisco rose more than 500% last year. the city's police chief made that announcement today ahead of the lunar new year celebrations. ktvu cristina rendon tells us how chinatown is getting ready while also being vigilant about safety. the sights and sounds of chinatown in san francisco, are waiting to welcome crowds for the lunar new year. welcome to chinatown. tane chan has spent 53 years beneath the lanterns on grant street at the walk shop. she knows crimes against the api community are on the rise, but feel safe. i'm here in chinatown daily every day. 24 7 just about and i have not encountered any of that hate crime. on the street. we have a wonderful police force here and you can see them. the very visible san francisco needs to turn things around. according to preliminary
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stats, there was a 567% rise in hate crimes against the aapi community in 2021. compared to the previous year. we had eight in 2019. we had nine and 2020. and we had 60. in 2021. that is significant that is concerning police chief bill scott noted. the department made arrests in a majority of those cases, including one person who was arrested in the terrible neighborhood who was linked to 31 crimes, roughly half of last year's cases. we want the message to be loud and clear to everyone. that we won't tolerate it. we're going to do something about it if it does happen. and we're going to do everything we can to prevent it from happening as people prepare for lunar new year celebrations, he advises them to be aware of scams that target the elderly and to avoid people in the street asking for money. satin you know, we will. we just sadness as a community
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that we were starting to happen, but unfortunately, it did. so this is the first of all poster harlan wang is a chinese new year festival and parade director. we want to pick up big comeback. we want to be a roaring success, and we actually have for the first time. going to be having a fireworks at you and square. the sidewalks are swept. the lampposts are repainted businesses ready for celebrations. please come to china town and join us. you'll have such a wonderful time here , it really is safe. chan says. the year of the tiger represents courage, strength and resilience, just like the aapi community. a year, she hopes brings joy and peace. police are urging people to be vigilant and to also use whistles that were given out last year. they say if you're ever the victim of a crime, draw attention to yourself, and that makes it easier for them to solve the crime. cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. coming up at 6 30. we
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have more on the numbers of crimes against the api community in san francisco, plus a lawsuit against the district attorney's office there in the city that alleges the d a. is not doing his job when it comes to hate crimes, and rumors have been flying around. will nancy pelosi run for congress again? her decision coming up new at 6 30? and really, really nice weather this afternoon. we did have some fog this morning. we're going to take a look at that wednesday forecast after the break. also, if you love a glass of orange juice in the morning, you may want to listen up here. the when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost.
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other materials. opponents say shifting of such materials in an open air environment guarantees too much dust while they're not building a silo. our storage container. to cover it. that won't even cover it. they want to water it down, and there is no air monitoring at the facility. dust control, called particular matter in our air is one of the primary health impacts in west oakland booties trucking company sits on portland's very close to the proposed open air rock gravel yard from the bay. the wind blows and it's going to blow straight into our site into the community. several other bay ports already deal in this type of non containerized bulk cargo. the currently occupied space will have to be cleared for that yard and its operations and so this has been a staging area for trucking companies to stage the containers. and also truck parking. which around west
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oakland is impossible to get moving. those trucks over to the howard terminal might be short lives if a ballpark has built due to an absence of shore power at the proposed rock and gravel site. diesel ships at the terminal would have to idle spewing pollutants, say the west oakland opponents. that's the worst type of fuel that you could use its bunker fuel west. oakland already suffers higher rates of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. as well as cancer and premature death than areas a couple of miles from the ports. and the port says sometimes your next six or 10 years, they'll look at getting the ship's plugged in. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news on wall street today, stocks recovered some of their losses. after dropping sharply at the start of trading. the dow finished the day down 66 points . nasdaq fell, 315 points down
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more than 2% and the s and p lost 53 points. consumers and investors remain jittery as inflation continues to be a problem for the biden administration. the federal reserve is in the middle of an important meeting as they discuss what can be done to bring down prices. fox news lauren blanchard is in washington with more wait. my grandson. president biden took a little shopping trip on capitol hill as he and his administration worked to stop the rising costs. americans are feeling every day. meanwhile stocks on wall street took another wild ride tuesday. investors likely skittish as the federal reserve begins a two day meeting to decide if raising interest rates will ease 40 year inflation highs. the fed has a big role here, and i don't know if they did do three or four rate hikes, but they better better get going. a fox news poll found 85% of voters worry about inflation, but they're nearly split over whether it's due to government policies or the impacts of covid. the
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president has called out energy companies for painful prices at the pump. now house oversight subcommittee wants to investigate four major meat processing companies for double digit price increases over the last year on beef, pork and poultry. the chairman writing they are concerned the companies may have engaged in predatory business practices at the expense of consumers during the pandemic. some in business say it's the president's policies, forcing companies to pass higher costs to consumers. part of the issue is the supply chain. we're all dealing with significant double digit price increases on supplies and products and goods . we expect to learn more wednesday if the fed will raise interest rates as early as march and tighten other economic policies in washington. lauren blanchard fox news well, you may have an issue getting your hands on a morning favorite, and it's not because of covid or supply chain problems. it's shaping up to be the smallest orange crop in 75 years for growers in
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florida. the problem a tiny bug , which spreads a bacteria called greening disease. now this is dying. that's rotting on the on the tree there, but this stem is dying. here where it attaches that piece of fruit. and so that's the problem. we're having this crop. his dropping prematurely. you add greening disease, two years of hurricanes and urban sprawl, taking over orange groves and florida's orange industry has taken a big hit. just 15 years ago, 90% of o. j poured in this country. came from florida today. that number is 50% the other 50% comes mostly from brazil, south africa and mexico. already checking that forecast. these were the highs from today. check out fairfield. it's 70 degrees 67 in the anti ac highs tomorrow , we're going to be about the same. no big changes. is high pressure pretty much just owns
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the area and continues to that's why we're dry. that's why we continue to be dry. and that's why we're expecting no rain until early february, and fortunately so enjoy the nice weather. we have fog in the morning again. we had a bunch of morning, especially down around san jose and down towards fremont area of kind of a valley fog. we do have coastal fog right now is well out in the avenues. we had some fog today. little bit showing up there tonight. you can see this systems offshore. they're there , but they're not producing for us. they really aren't. they're just not everything's going to the north and right through this weekend. we remain dry in this holding pattern rainfall percent of average still over 100% in some cases well over 100% but it's not good to keep going day after day. you know that. so when we come back we're going to do is we're gonna look at the five day forecast. we're going to look at the potential for some cool overnight lows will get us some frost and then
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valley fog, which is always something that is kind of a hit an issue and i think it will probably be less than issue tomorrow morning because we're going to see some offshore winds a little bit more robust than we have. so what i just say. the same deal again tomorrow, pretty much and right through the bay area weekend, but we'll go looking in that long range model. try to find some rain. i'll see you back here today. all right. we'll see you in a bit, bill. thank you. we'll see is juan grandmother. you do not want to mess with coming up how she turned the tables on scammers and help police make arrests, and it was all caught on camera and disturbing new information about a school shooting many of the students at the school knew this
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be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. high school in rockville, maryland. but instead of calling police they went on to social media 17 year old steven alston jr is being held without bond after allegedly shooting a 15 year old last week, leaving him critically wounded. investigators say the teen ordered parts of to build that gun online. the police chief expressed frustration that other students knew what had happened and did not call 911. we believe that possibly were present in the bathroom who began to tweet out that a shooting had occurred . that and in fact gave the suspect and the victims information over twitter. after the shooting. police say alston disassembled the gun and then went into a classroom more than two hours passed before he was
6:23 pm
arrested. security officer found the victim in a bathroom. a grandmother took action helped capture a suspected scammer and it was all caught on camera, 73 year old jean ebbert of long island, says she received multiple phone calls from a man. who claimed to be her grandson and had been arrested for a d u i, albert says a second man called claiming to be a lawyer representing her grandson and needed $8000 for bail. ever immediately knew it was a scam because she doesn't have a grandson who is old enough to drive. she played along with the scammers, telling them to come to her home and pick up the cash. but before he showed up ever called 911 and police were there waiting for the scammers when they arrived. once i knew that he knew where i was, that's when really the police got involved when i know that he knew where i was and that had the money ready or whatever. even before i had the money, really? once i knew that he knew i where i was, i agreed with my
6:24 pm
daughter. time to call just to be safe. police have identified the suspect as 28 year old joshua estrella gomez. he's currently facing multiple charges, including attempted grand larceny in third in the third degree coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 suing the district attorney of san francisco how the victim of a hate crime once the d a s office to do more to keep the community safe. also the baseball hall of fame votes are in sports director market bunions is up to tell us if very bonds got in his final year of eligibility, plus. well, they have to move again. coming up. we're going to take you to concord here, where those in this homeless and campaign
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and subway's refreshing everything like the new baja turkey avocado with smashed avocado, oven-roasted turkey, and baja chipotle sauce. it's three great things together. wait! who else is known for nailing threes? hmm. can't think of anyone! subway keeps refreshing and re... to require legal gun owners to pay a fee and to buy liability insurance to cover any harm caused by their weapon. the nra has come out in opposition of this proposal and the national foundation for gun rights is threatening to sue the city if the ordinance passes. police in santa clara county arrested a 16 year old boy who they say sold a young girl a fatal dose of fentanyl. the santa clara county d. a has now charged that boy with murder, authorities say the 12 year old girl thought she had been sold percocet. she crushed it up and snorted it. but the prosecutor says the accused teenager knew that what he was
6:28 pm
selling was dangerous. san francisco getting ready for the arrival of the year of the tiger, the sidewalks are swept. the lamppost have been repainted and businesses are ready for lunar new year celebrations, but many are concerned about the rise in hate crimes against the aapi community. police chief bill scott said they have made arrests in the majority of those cases. and with that you are watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30, a san francisco man who was attacked and beaten, is now suing the district attorney's office in federal court. he says the d a is not doing enough to keep the asian american community safe. ktvu is christien kafton tells us, the man who filed the suit says. the d a let his attackers off with just a slap on the wrist. only says he was brutally attacked in november. 2019 i am a survivor of a horrendous attack that took place in san francisco. with no consequences to my attackers. lay says his attacker and his attackers adolescent son threatened his life, beat him
6:29 pm
with a baseball bat and terrorized him. the suspects were eventually arrested and phase to host of felony charges , but lay, says the district attorney's office. failed to pursue hate crime charges and allowed the charges to be pled down to misdemeanor battery, although he was arrested for felony terroristic threats. felony elder abuse. and battery. because of the way my case has been handled by the san francisco district attorney's office. justice has not been served. now lay has filed a federal lawsuit claiming the district attorney's office did not adequately protect lays, writes. his attorney says the aim is to hold dhs that boudin and his office accountable. we are bringing this lawsuit. and this is the principal reason i want to make very clear on behalf of mr lay and other asian american victims. to ensure that
6:30 pm
the district attorney's office does its job in an email, the district attorney's office said . quote a boudin has been a steadfast advocate for improved victim services and support for the aapi community. the district attorney also touting the formation of an ap steering committee that met monday for the first time. the aim of the committee is to address gaps and service for elderly. ap victims lay the victim in this case says that he filed the suit against boudin and the d. a s office to stand up for all victims of violence to make sure they see justice. and mr lay also has filed a separate civil lawsuit against the man who assaulted him. the next court date for that civil case is set for april in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. police are hoping witnesses will come forward to offer up information about yesterday's deadly shooting 50 year old victor coleman, the second was gunned down right next to his vehicle in a parking lot outside a check cashing store on delta fair boulevard.
6:31 pm
yesterday afternoon. coleman died before he was transported to a hospital. people told police that they heard the gunshots and then sigh. car speeding away. people have yet to police have yet to release a description of the vehicle and the motive remains unknown. investigators are reviewing surveillance video from the strip mall as they search for a possible suspect. we are learning new information tonight about the man who died after being shot by police at san francisco international airport last week. the cemetery county coroner's office has identified him as 37 year old nelson's aito . the homeless man was killed thursday inside the airport's international terminal near the bart entrance. authorities say he had two replica air soft guns that resembled real firearms. the state attorney general's office has now taken over the investigation into that, shooting. those living in a homeless and campaign in the city of concord have been ordered to leave by tomorrow, but the city says there are no shelter beds available for those who are being forced to move out. ktvu is rob roth. went to
6:32 pm
the camp today and shows us there are not a lot of options for those who call the camp home. tuesday was moving day for some of the unsheltered people living in about 25 tents here and a field under bart tracks along san miguel road in concord . authorities notified them last week they needed to be gone by wednesday, neighbors across the street of registered hundreds of complaints with police. one time i try to i got in. i got home and then they were massive march water over there so they are like going to property. we saw evidence of fires that almost every single encampment we saw drug use at several of the encampments, illegal drug use heroin, that sort of thing. hypodermic syringes in the in the gutters. the property belongs to bart. the city maintains it but dismantling the camp. well that's the easy part. so where are the people going to go? so that's that's a great question, right? that is the that is the question that the
6:33 pm
whole country is dealing with. the shelters are full. we can't refer them to a shelter. i wish that we could residents of this year old camp. tell us, they'll just move to another one. i'm just gonna relocate over there somewhere. this longtime homeless man says this isn't the first time he's moved from one camp to another. we started over there. in that area. and then moved down here and then moved over there. and then over here. it's just, you know, around and round and round. the homeless here have advocates who have been feeding them and trying to help them move. these folks are going to be bouncing from one spot to another. until there are policies and funding to help them conquer does have outreach teams in case managers who try to connect homeless people would services but currently even waiting lists are full. we understand that they don't have a whole lot of options are replaced to go. we know they're going to end up in other areas of our city. many people here in
6:34 pm
concord liking what's happening here to the game whack? um oh, shut one camp down another pops up. it's a problem in dire need of a solution in concord, rob roth, ktvu fox two news. after years of debate, the santa clara county supervisors are meeting right now they are deciding if a new jail will be built to help manage the county's jail population. the board of supervisors is considering a proposal to build a 500 person maximum security facility. the board is also considering a recommendation, which calls for providing more comprehensive behavioral healthcare and expanding community based alternatives to incarceration. the board listen to hours of public comment today, which was overwhelmingly in opposition to building a new jail. i urge you to reject the recommendation to build a new 500 bed. maximum security jail. remember that over 80% of the people in our jails are pretrial. they have not been found guilty of a crime
6:35 pm
today you can decarceration renovate and reimagine public safety jails do not reduce crime pills don't help those convicted of crimes of word future arrests and rebuild their lives. tonight's vote comes after supervisor susan ellenberger called for a delay in building a new jail. she says recommendations to build it failed to include information regarding alternatives to incarcerating mentally ill individuals. san francisco district attorney's office is introducing a new policy to encourage employees to take language classes. in order to better serve their community starting this week, staff members who usually work with crime victims, witnesses and survivors will be allowed to take language classes at city college of san francisco during their work hours. district attorney jason boudin says the new policy increases accessibility as 42% of san francisco and speak a language other than english at home. you at six tonight. house speaker nancy pelosi says she will run for re election after speculation that she might retire from congress after the
6:36 pm
election of president biden. this would be the san francisco democrats 19th term in congress . she made history 15 years ago when she became the first female speaker of the house. she is now 81 years old. house democrats are clinging to a narrow majority and they could lose seats in the fall midterm elections. today was the last chance for san francisco giants great barry bonds to get voted by the sports riders into baseball's hall of fame. did the home run leader finally get into cooperstown and more olympic concerns, but this time, it's not covid throwing up red flags for their people to remain calm d
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that a russian invasion is not imminent, even as that country receives a shipment of american military equipment. those supplies including missiles arrived in ukraine today. the u. s also has 8500 service members on high alert for rapid deployment to eastern europe. this is all in response to the 100,000 russian troops massed along the border with ukraine. the pentagon says all options are on the table. we still think there's time and space here for diplomacy to work. these nato response force troops that we're talking about. if it's activated , are not about training. it's about credible combat power. the american troops would be part of a multinational response for us under nato command. the state department says it has quote crippling sanctions ready to go into effect against moscow if
6:40 pm
russian troops crossed the border and as the world watches and waits for the possible invasion of ukraine, samuels lawmakers want some of that spoke assess and scrutiny to be directed at china. as the winter olympic games quickly approach box newsasia hosni has more now from capitol hill. with the opening ceremony just days away . beijing is preparing for the 2022 winter games. but back here in the u. s growing concerns about what's happening in china , any form of participation in the upcoming 2000 and 22 beijing winter olympics. it's equivalent to endorsing its escalating atrocities. some lawmakers raising the alarm over human rights abuses in china, florida senator rick scott calling on the international olympic committee to move the games out of the communist country, the world will watch as communist china whitewashes these crimes insurance. it's propaganda machine to make the world forget just how evil this empire is but beijing is moving at full speed towards the games despite a
6:41 pm
diplomatic boycott from the u. s and other countries over those abuses, this as china launched dozens of aircraft near taiwan, their largest show of force in months. the move, raising concerns among some members of congress house foreign affairs ranking member mike mccaul warning the communist party is on deck to invade the island nation after the games. the pentagon saying they're ready to help. nobody wants to see conflict there over over taiwan , and there's no reason that it needs to be that way. but we absolutely have a responsibility to help taiwan defend itself and even with a diplomatic boycott on the games, team usa and corporate sponsors can still attend. on capitol hill. i'm aisha hosni fox news. checking on that weather as we move towards wednesday. we're looking for rain in the five day forecast coming up. let's go to ktvu. is alex savage. now with a look at some of the stories we
6:42 pm
are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus julie. thank you coming up new tonight. the fruits and veggies you shop for in the grocery store. may have been grown indoors. we'll tell you about the new investment that walmart is making in what's called vertical farming and the bay area startup that's leading the way. we'll have that story tonight. also tmz cameras spot former first lady hillary clinton meeting up with kim kardashian for coffee in southern california. what tmz is saying about this meeting and the significance of it and what it was all for those stories. and much more coming up tonight . live at seven. over on ktvu. plus guy. we'll see in just a bit, alex. but first here after the break, should you stay or should you go? that's the question a lot of us are asking when it comes to planning a vacation in the months to come. we've got advice from the we've got advice from the experts on how there are a lot of things in life we want,
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check now, to see your new lower price. that he is saying farewell to two of his farewell concert dates in dallas. a statement from the singer says he's experiencing only mild symptoms and the superstar will return to the stage shortly, but the two shows for tonight and tomorrow night in dallas are off. elton john hopes to reschedule those dates very soon. this farewell tour was rescheduled from 2020 because of the pandemic. about the cancel or head out. that's really the question. a lot of people are considering when it comes to vacations, both now and into the summer months. the u. s travel association is encouraging everyone to get out there. and travel fox news. madeline rivera has some advice now on how to do it. amid all the covid uncertainty. fantasizing about hitting the beach and chasing away those winter blues. you're not the only one and travel experts are
6:46 pm
hoping to see a wave of bookings , saying the first month of the new year is the best time to plan your next getaway 68% of people. most surprised say they're burned out. they point to the pandemic as the reason so many americans need a reset. but it's also the reason why so many may be hesitant to travel. they remember the nightmare scenario just a month ago, staffing shortages from the omicron variant, forcing several airlines to cancel thousands of flights. some cruise lines are also canceling sailings because of covid cases. with so many potential changes, experts say flexibility is key. gone are the days where you can't reschedule an airline ticket or rebook. it used to be cancel it. lose your money. also same thing with hotels. i recommend people take a look in advance. when you book find out what the policy is. healthcare professionals say there are more reasons to be hopeful. recent data shows that covid infections, especially in northeast states, like new york , new jersey and massachusetts
6:47 pm
are trending downward, though not every state is seeing a similar drop. first and foremost, it's so important to just make sure that you protect yourself. those steps, they say , include getting boosted, wearing masks and testing when appropriate. and they say not to let an uncertain world stop you from seeing it. we're in a better place, especially compared to the beginning of the pandemic. so book that vacation . it's important to balance safety and your overall mental well being and health and washington mother, rivera, ktvu, fox two news a day at the beach in southern california turns into a rescue operation, but the lifeguards didn't save a person. my god. that's how rescue crews were greeted when they returned to the beach after rescuing that dog. the dog swam more than 600 yards from the shore in malibu yesterday and appeared to be unable to make it back to the beach. so lifeguards used a jet
6:48 pm
ski to get to the dog. the lifeguards, then shared video of the rescue at nicholas cannon beach on twitter. nice rescue there, sonny veils idea to use a laser pointer and refugees and trees to scare off bother some crows downtown seems to be working. the city's mayor says that after using the deterrence for four nights, the number of crows roosting downtown has already been reduced. business owners say the crows were problematic because outdoor diners have seen their plates of food soiled by bird droppings and street cleaners now come out more than once a week. the santa clara valley audubon society, however, worries the laser can be a hazard for aircraft flying in the night sky. and rather than simply scaring the birds, the laser could permanently blind them. okay as we take a look at the rainfall so far this year point help for senator. we say it every night. now it's been so dry for so long, but we're still 127% of average in santa rosa 159 in oakland. san francisco, not far from its
6:49 pm
annual of about 20 inches or so a year. so in just that november december events so very, very fortunate. it's stressful. we don't get the rain and we're not going to see anything through this weekend. we'll see some clouds. these are the highest from today 70 in fairfield, so that's sort of the hotspot and lots of mid sixties. small does the same thing. we do see the clouds coming in off the pacific most likely as we head into thursday and friday, and they're going to come from that system. it's pretty obvious they're this system, which is right over here and you kind of see it coming in. it's going to bring clouds and with those clouds we can expect you know, the slight temperature drop and maybe some showers to the north of us, but nothing forecasts for the nine bay area counties. so we are high and drive, so we got valley fog and coastal fog to think about which we've noticed. i'm sure you've noticed it. the coast of august. there now we've got patchy, close to fog along ocean beach of the golden gate bridge. valley fog comes back and then we also have the frost
6:50 pm
to contend with tomorrow morning. a little bit of frost can be a little cooler tonight. many locations so steady as she goes. i mean, this has been quite a run of dry weather and again. we are so fortunate. if we can imagine if this was like last year, we only had 30% of rainfall average for this time. be rough, so the forecast for tomorrow will be well. temperatures like this for right now, overnight load forecasts will be like these, so you're going to see lots of mid thirties. upper forties mid forties cooler than it has been the forecast for tomorrow morning. like it was this morning. the forecast for tomorrow afternoon like it was today, and that's how it goes on thursday and friday and saturday sunday. i mean, except, you know, thursday and friday, we'll see more clouds. certainly, but it's a very steady as she goes weather pattern that is not letting us out of its grip anytime soon. and like i said last night, when our pattern doesn't shift that east coast pattern doesn't shift so that the trot there are the trough in the ridge are connected, like
6:51 pm
sign curve and calculus. 64 in santa rosa 62 in vallejo. these are the forecast highs 64 in fairfield, and the five day forecast clouds. that's something maybe that'll break that high down enough to bring something in here. by the time we get to the early february all right, bill. thank you. coming up. sports director mark avancez joins us to talk about the only player to get voted into the baseball hall of
6:52 pm
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at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. in the vinyl room. we say it every year this time or at least i can do. the whole of fame has turned into really nothing more than an over publicized popularity contest when you don't have barry bonds, roger clemens. pete rose, for that matter in is basically a joke, and the joke continues today with the news that barry booked in his final year of eligibility was not voted in to cooper's tab. course she needs 75% of the vote. barry got 68% now looking down the road he could get in. they have now what is called the golden days here, a committee that could vote him in in the future and maybe even as soon as
6:55 pm
next year, but it's not really the same. and here's one of his contemporaries. harold reynolds , who played in the era that buried did two time all star and now baseball analyst talking about today's news. i think the challenge for me and everybody else is how you deal with these numbers. how do you deal with them? because the numbers in itself numbers say yes, yes, stances softened over over time , too, because when it first started, and i was in the middle of it, and i'd be the first one to go, i know where did you guys get in on? no no, no. and now, more people have softened that stance. yeah, it's just not a black and white issue because there are definitely some guys with some ped history that are going into the hall of fame, and that would include today's only inductee all due respect to david ortiz, otherwise known as big poppy. he gets the news today down in the dominican
6:56 pm
republic alongside his good buddy. pedro martinez ortiz, in his first year of eligibility gets 77.9% of the vote is 46 years old youngest call member always been a suspect. ped use, and he actually tested positive back in 2000 and three for pds, but he does have the numbers career wise 541 homers, of course, helped the red sox break their long drought winning the world series. in fact, he's been a champ three times and from all accounts, a great guy and always very media friendly, which is a key and there's a look at some of the numbers. of the guys who didn't for the most part, make it and ortiz topping the bill, most notably there. curt schilling will not make it neither will clemens all in their final years. remember years ago, the golden state warriors used to have a slogan are you a warrior worrier? yes,
6:57 pm
well, there's plenty to be concerned about with regard to this team, despite their great start topping the list draymond green going to be out indefinitely with a back injury. the news a little more positive with regard to clay thompson. of course, he's missed last couple of games with left knee soreness . that was the surgically repaired me. he'll be back in the starting lineup tonight against dallas. i don't think anybody could possibly disagree with this statement. it was the best weekend of nfl football ever. all of the games decided right down to the very and i mean the very end. topping the bill for how much attention these games got san francisco 49 ers against the green bay packers saturday night get this it was television's most watched. event on a saturday night in 28 years, all the games through the roof and it was well deserved to all right. one of
6:58 pm
the biggest names in the nfl coaching sean payton stepping aside voluntarily after 16 years with the saints and one super bowl, not ruling out a return. i think you're going to see sean payton in the maybe the monday night television football. booth next we got a little time. so why not check this out? dog lumbers everywhere. you gotta love this right here. let's get this dog, get up and grab nice technique, even get the dog to do that. how to train that optical allusion like how do you trade and even do that? you know what i love here at the end of mike and julie, the owner or his buddy catches them for flight to make sure he has a soft that's a 10 all around. that is, yeah, that is an olympic winner right there. i mean, i don't even know how to get the doctor that you go. thanks for joining us,
6:59 pm
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