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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 24, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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county sheriff's recruit killed in a freeway shooting in oakland how david wynn is being remembered by family friends and the law enforcement community, plus shock and disgust after dozens of semitic flyers were left on doorsteps of homes in one san francisco neighborhood. the investigation is now underway by police. also boy wouldn't exciting weekend for football fans. the nfc championship is going to be the battle of california how the 49ers are preparing to take on the los angeles rams and the new challenge when it comes to getting tickets for the game. the news at noon starts now this is ktvu fox two news at noon. afternoon i'm gasia mikaelian erasmus. so we start with a somber ceremony in the east bay today as the family and friends of david wen lei his body to rest. the young alameda county sheriff's recruit was shot and killed earlier this month while driving home from the academy. ktvu as amended. quintana joins us from the newsroom with a look
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at how he's being honored today, amanda funeral services began this morning for 28 year old david wen, family, friends and members of the alameda county sheriff's office gathered to remember him and the life he dedicated to service. david wen was driving home to san francisco after class at the academy on january 4th when he was shot and killed near the bay bridge toll plaza. the sheriff's office and wins family believe it was a random act of violence. david was a member of the california national guard known as an exemplary servicemen helping evacuate people from fires, although he was not yet a deputy with the alameda sugars office set to graduate next month. his death has had a tremendous impact on the department. even though we know many dangers we face daily. we're never truly prepared to lose someone to a senseless act of gun violence, especially to someone with such great hopes to become a deputy sheriff and a
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promising career for he left us we would talk about being old men and having families of our own spinning holidays together. i love them. i love david. i never had to try to be his friend. i could be myself and say whatever was on my mind, and he accepted me. it's such a shame that will never get to be old men together that he had to leave us. with so much life left in him. he was an amazing person. he was the best brother anyone could ever ask for. my role model. and an amazing dancer and singer, huh? there is a law enforcement procession happening right now from the church in livermore to the burial site in coma. that is a
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live picture that you're looking at the sheriff's association is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the person responsible for one's death so far. there's no suspect information or motive known, and no one has been arrested. live in the newsroom. amanda kintanar ktvu fox two news. thank you. amanda. san francisco police continue to investigate an apparent active anti semitism. dozens of flyers were left on doorsteps of homes in the pacific heights neighborhood. ktvu is jesse gary has this story. the eye catching views of san francisco's pacific heights had an eyesore spread on several of its blocks. approximately 20 fliers espousing anti semitic rhetoric were left on doorways in this tony neighborhood semitism is almost as old as the jews, right? coast back along ways. the offensive messages were put in plastic bags and weighted down with rice to prevent them from being blown away by the wind monday. some neighbors reacting with shock and disgust to this incident.
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this is just another example of the divisive world we live in and it's shocking to me that people would. first of all claims such things which are completely ridiculous, but secondly, that they'd want to spread more divisiveness. the anti semitic propaganda falsely blames jews for the national response to the covid pandemic. it lists the names of roughly 17 people claiming they control or influence covid policy. it's unnerving it is, you know, it instills a certain amount of fear in the community. when you have people walking through your neighborhood, distributing this kind of garbage and again promoting a very extreme ideology, experts say this incident reflects a trend of scapegoating jews and other minorities for societal problems . natural progression instead of the banks instead of the media, instead of other aspects of government being controlled by the jews. ah now they're saying but the covid and the response to covid are controlled by the
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jews. the anti defamation league says it believes a fringe group is responsible. similar flyers are also reported in beverly hills, pasadena and miami. in san francisco. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news president biden's chief medical advisor, is expressing optimism that nationwide the worst of the omicron surge may soon be behind us. ktvu zach sauce explains why dr anthony fauci expects this virus to become a seasonal and manageable problem in the long run. we'd like it to get down to that level where it doesn't disrupt us in the sense of getting back to a degree of normality, doctor anthony fauci on abc s this week describing a best case scenario for society after the surge of the omicron variant is over, the nation's chief medical advisor says the world will likely never be completely rid of the virus. the goal is to bring it under control control means you're not eliminating it. you're not eradicating it, but it gets down to such a low level. that it's
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essentially integrated into the general respiratory infections that we have learned to live with, hopefully turning covid-19 into something which infectious disease experts say would be akin to the common cold or flu, and then we'll have to incorporate it into what we do with other respiratory pathogens and live with it, but exactly how covid-19 might be treated down the road. still unclear that we don't know if we're going to need, um current covid vaccinations, dr gandhi says the hope is that once the omicron surges over enough of the population will have gained immunity to covid 19 to kickstart what's being described by health experts as the endemic what it means the endemic phases we take out the pandemic measures we take out asymptomatic testing. we likely won't be telling people to mask you can certainly mask if you want to, but that can't be mandated. still dr gandhi, making it clear i would not let down our guard yet is that dr fauci was talking about today we really do need it to be lower case is low cases for us to go
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to an endemic state health experts, including dr fauci, predicting that could happen by mid february, but i think it's a very informed and reasonable hope of where we're going to be in the next several months, but u c. berkeley's dr jon swartz berg cautioning how this virus behaves. this virus is difficult to predict in the past, and it may be still in the future, concerned about the potential for another variant to arise, variant that is something far worse than delta and omicron. something that can evade are the immunity we get from a previous infection or the immunity we get from vaccines. then all bets are off, describing that as a worst case scenario. if we don't have another variant that is really problematic. by the summer. we could really be a period where we're going to say, you know we're living with us, and we can realistically be much more relaxed. zach sauce, ktvu fox two news. new at noon, state lawmakers will soon debate a
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bill that would eliminate covid-19 vaccine. personal belief exemptions for students, according to the san francisco chronicle. the bill would add covid vaccines to the list of vaccinations. students in kindergarten through 12th grade , must get to enroll in public or private school starting next january. the plan was unveiled today during a news conference with teachers in los angeles. the state has already eliminated the personal belief exemption for 10, other vaccines that are required to attend school, the oakland unified school district and its teachers are heading back to the negotiating table today in an effort to update the district's covid safety plan. the teachers union says it is making progress towards reaching an agreement to avoid a strike school is in session right now, though enrollment is down due to covid. the teachers demands include weekly testing at all schools, high quality masks for all students and staff and a new plan to address the growing number of staffing shortages at oakland schools. we continue and continue offering ideas and working with the district to negotiate with them. on what the
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plan what are different options for possible plans to keep schools as open as possible and have as many healthy students going to school as they can. the district says it's already passed out some 200,000 medical grade masks at oakland schools and has an aggressive covid-19 testing plan in place. the district says it's taken many other safety measures to help ensure oakland classrooms are safe. well there's a lot of excitement among 49ers faithful as we look ahead to sunday's nfc championship game, the niners will play the l. a rams after los angeles beat the tampa bay buccaneers 30 to 27 yesterday. at one point, the rams had a 24 point lead, but quarterback tom brady made one of his classic postseason comebacks, the buccaneers stormed back to tie the game with just 42 seconds left on the clock. but rams quarterback matthew stafford connected with wide receiver cooper cup to set up the winning field goal. rams coach sean mackovic. mcveigh is looking ahead to next sunday and he is
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well aware of the fact that the niners have beaten the rams in the past six regular season games. and we got to get ready for a team that we know has been really tough matchup for us. they've done an outstanding job. um it's gonna be a great great game. now this all follows the 49ers upset victory over the green bay packers on saturday night, the teams faced off and sub zero wisconsin temperatures and the niners pulled off a stunning 13 to 10 victory. niners kicker robbie gold had a game winning 45 yard field goal . quarterback jimmy garoppolo had high praise for the niners kicker as he celebrated his entire team. we just find a way every week is different. you know, we've done it multiple ways, but just the fighting. this team is ridiculous. it really is that no giving up. you can feel it on the sideline. you know, even when things aren't going well, defenses bond, there was everything we thought it was gonna be. now despite all the excitement and enthusiasm, we may not see too many niners fans in the stands this sunday in la
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and that maybe by design, the rams were restricting ticket sales earlier to people only in the greater los angeles area. those purchases according to that website were supposed to only be checked based on the buyer's credit card zip code. but the 49ers have responded, saying that quote nfc championship tickets are available to 49ers fans no matter where they live. on a number of ticketing sites, and we can't wait to see them at sofi stadium on sunday and quote now when the niners played two weeks ago, so far stadium was a sea of red niner fans. appeared to far outnumber those rams fans . the 49ers are 3.5 point underdogs. you can watch the niners in the nfc championship game against the rams, right here on ktvu box to kick off is set for sunday afternoon at sofi stadium. in southern california still to come at new, strong winds over the weekend sparked a wildfire near big sur. we'll take a look at the latest efforts to bring this under control after it forced hundreds to evacuate. us. nato was
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sending more military equipment to eastern europe as threats of a potential russian invasion of ukraine grow, and now the us is considering sending troops to the region to i'm mother of era and washington, with more on the escalating tensions coming up and cool temperatures. sunny weather for much of the bay area today. ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo is up next and rosemary oroczo is up next and she has your full forecast. there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again. enrollment ends january 31st.
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inflation fighting measures from the federal reserve and continue to fret over the possibility of conflict between russia and ukraine. take a look at these numbers. now, at one point in the nine o'clock hour today, the dow jones was down by 1000 points not the case has recovered more than half of that, but still doubt jones down by one and a quarter percent s and p down by one and a third nasdaq down by just more than 1. tensions with russia are escalating over ukraine, nato announced today it is sending more military equipment to eastern europe as russia continues its troop build up near ukraine today, the pentagon said that defense secretary lloyd austin has placed as many as 8500 u. s troops on heightened alert. fox's medal in rivera reports. after meeting with his national security team in camp david over the weekend, president biden is now weighing sending a few 1000 troops to eastern europe and the baltics.
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the move is part of a broader effort to shore up nato allies that border russia and ukraine as tensions hit a fever pitch. about 100,000 russian troops are deployed near the ukrainian border if a single additional russian force goes into ukraine. in an aggressive way, as i said that would trigger a swift a severe and the united response from us and from europe. no final decision has been made. by the state department is ordering some u. s. embassy employees and all of their family members in kiev to leave. a spokesperson for ukraine's foreign ministry blasted the decision. we consider such a step by the american side is a premature and a cavalier, cautious display. there have been, in fact no drastic changes in the security situation. recently nato is taking precautions to putting forces on standby and sending more ships and fighter jets to eastern europe. an attempt to showcase the alliance's solidarity. all this leads to
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the further escalation of tensions. veneto announcement comes as the european union promises to increase its financial aid to ukraine, vowing to push through a package of k71.2 billion to help the county with its needs because of the conflict and washington mall. vera vera ktvu fox two news police in germany say a gunman is dead after shooting several people at a university in the southwest part of the country. officials say the lone gunman started firing shots at a lecture hall in the city of heidelberg this morning. police didn't specify how many people were wounded or have seriously. they also haven't said how the gunman died, but one german news agency is reporting he died by suicide. no other threats have been reported. beachgoers should be on alert for sneaker waves. throughout this afternoon, experts warned that those waves can unexpectedly pull people underwater, they say, even though the water may look calm for a long time before sneaker wave hits. that they do repeatedly occur on the shore line and something to be aware of. experts also warned that waves just small waves, 1 to 2
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ft. tall can be strong enough to pull someone under and that's such a draw to head to maybe ocean beach. where is mary when the weather is nice and sunny as it is right now? it's a good reminder never to turn your back on the ocean. yes absolutely. give yourself a buffer between the waves. and of course, that lounging on the beach. hello to you, gaussian and ali. but you're right. what a spectacular day we've got sunny skies in around the bay area and after a very cold start, our temperatures are rebounding. a live look here over the east bay where we do have aquatic park in view. you can see we've got a little bit of haze out there a little bit of fog. and blue skies up above it. the air quality outdoors is good to moderate. we'll check on that in just a moment. first what is happening on storm tracker to not much, uh, very quiet monday out there with light winds. and temperatures a little bit cooler than yesterday. as expected, right now, half moon bay reporting in northwest breeze at nine mph, livermore and hayward , a very gentle breeze at three and we are calm in san jose, checking in on the air quality moderate from the north bay
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through the central bay and down through the south bay at this hour do expect it to remain good to moderate for today. see over towards the coastline of santa cruz. we've got some good air quality. let's talk a little bit more about that advisory for our coastline. today, it does expire at one o'clock. but throughout the afternoon again the possibility of sneaker waves and the strong rip currents will be there, and it may appear fairly calm along the coastline. but there's still that risk there so something to be aware of, if you are spending any time out there this afternoon. meanwhile right now half moon bay reporting 55 degrees upper fifties in san francisco north bay. we had 58 degrees in novato. so a bit of a cool one, but not bad, and just above average is like what we are expecting in some spots for today. 64 for santa rosa 58 for san francisco so right on target 60 degrees in oakland, low sixties livermore 64 over a san jose better look at some of these afternoon highs for you along the peninsula for
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today, we'll go 62 for red with city in the north based 63 napa and for the inner east bay. 62 degrees expected over antioch with seasonal attempts and dry conditions. we are looking at mainly dry weather all the way through the week. unfortunately i'll have a better look at what you can expect in the extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. thank you both very still to come at noon. the federal trial now underway for three police officers who stood by and watched as george floyd was killed. what happened in court today in minneapolis as opening statements got underway.
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another was wounded and what they're describing as an ambush shooting at a house party. police say multiple shooters opened fire at the home in the l, a county city of inglewood early yesterday morning. officers have been interviewing witnesses and canvassing that neighborhood for possible video from security cameras in hopes of finding the person responsible here at home. one person is in police custody following an incident that led to a standoff in one oakland neighborhood. dozens of officers responded to the area of 102nd avenue and international boulevard yesterday morning following reports of an armed robbery. this video here from citizen apps shows officers at the scene trying to get the suspect to surrender. he repeatedly refuses. police then sealed off the entire neighborhood and eventually made an arrest. the federal trial against three former minneapolis police officers who helped derek show been restrained. george floyd is now underway. in
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opening statements this morning, a federal prosecutor said the ex officers committed federal crimes when they ignored floyd's repeated pleas of i can't breathe. she said. j. alexander king thomas lane and to tao chose not to interview and stop shoving their charged with deprivation of rights under color of law for allegedly failing to give floyd medical aid. towel and kung are also charged with failing to intervene and shamans use of unreasonable force. people in france who are not vaccinated are no longer allowed in restaurants, bars, tourist destinations and sports venues. france has registered its highest number of daily covid infections. in europe. so now the government is requiring people to have a vaccine passed to go to places where people gather in this past is key to france's battle against the virus. they are focusing on that vaccine pass instead of other types of mandates and restrictions. officials in china are lifting a month long lockdown of 13 million people
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living in the city of xi'an, but are imposing new measures in another region. now the winter olympics just about two weeks away, and officials are starting a second round of testing. for two million people in beijing. the precautions come after 40 new covid cases were reported since january. 15th athletes are already arriving for the winter games they will have to quarantine and then compete while maintaining a very strict social bubble. people in tonga are getting help from around the world to rebuild after being devastated by a major earthquake and tsunami flies from neighboring countries are landing on the island nation as it deals with the aftermath of an underwater volcanic eruption and the tsunami that followed. australia sending multiple flights carrying food and water as well as medical supplies and telecommunications equipment. new zealand and japan have also said supplies ships from the united states and the uk are expected to arrive soon. authorities say at least three people have been found dead. supreme court has agreed to hear a challenge to the consideration of race in college admissions.
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the court said it would take up lawsuits claiming that harvard, a private institution and the university of north carolina, a state school discriminate against asian american applicants. a decision against the schools could mean the end of affirmative action in college admissions courts rejected the challenges, citing more than 40 years of high court rulings that allow colleges and universities to consider race in admissions decisions. the colleges and universities must do so in a narrowly tailored way to promote diversity. still to come at noon santa they could become the first city in the nation to require gun owners to carry liability insurance. the key vote happening tomorrow and the support and opposition. the plan is getting plus. the um micron surge appears to be subsiding, but schools are still feeling the effects of covid i'm johnson . syrian atlanta det underway foy
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sheriff's office recruit david when he was shot and killed while driving home from the sheriff's academy earlier this month, when the family was joined by fellow recruits sheriff gregory ahern and law enforcement officers from across the bay area this morning. for memorial service at a church in livermore when was driving his personal car when he was shot on january 4th on interstate 5 80
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in oakland, near the bay bridge toll plaza, the sheriff's office and one's family believe it was a random act of violence. even though we know there are many dangers we face daily. we're never truly prepared to lose someone to a senseless act of gun violence, especially to someone with such great hopes to become a deputy sheriff and a promising career. hughes an amazing person. he was the best brother anyone could ever ask for. my role model. and an amazing dancer and singer, huh? a procession followed the memorial to a serum cemetery in colma, where when will be laid to rest? a $10,000 reward is being offered for any information that leads to the arrest of the person or people responsible for his killing. law enforcement officers in the east bay led a solemn procession this morning in honor of el cerrito
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police officer jared bernstein. this followed the weekend funeral for officer bernstein, who was killed earlier this month in a car crash while he drove home from work on interstate 80 near san pablo. the procession began at a mortuary in richmond, and it ended at the rolling hills cemetery police in alameda or investigating a crash that left damage in one neighborhood happen around 10 o'clock this morning on central avenue near benton street. police say a car hit a tree after taking out a sign and damaging several cars. the driver was taken to the hospital. the extent of injuries unknown just now, witnesses tell ktvu appears that speed may have been a factor in this crash to the south by now is san jose could soon be the first city in the united states to place restrictions on legal gun owners. the san jose city council is set to vote tomorrow on a new ordinance requiring every household with a gun owner to have liability insurance and pay an annual fee. mayor sam liccardo first introduced the proposal more than two years ago . he says the city can't afford to wait for the federal government to pass stricter gun
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regulations. more than 200 sanders ants every single year suffered death or serious injury as a result of firearms. and we must do whatever we can within our power. to prevent another family from experiencing yet another devastating loss. the national foundation for gun rights, has threatened to sue the city if the ordinance passes. the oakland police departments deployed nearly 50 officers to its bureau there in east oakland to help people living in the area feel safe in their own homes. the department re allocated 48 police officers to the newly drawn area six region. it covers 82nd avenue to the san leandro border and from the hills down to the oakland airport. the department says. this move will allow for faster response times in an effort to reduce violent crime in the area. firefighters in monterey county continued to battle a wildfire burning near big sur cal fire says the latest aerial survey shows that the colorado fire has burned about 700 acres since it started friday night. now that's smaller in size than what firefighters originally thought this weekend. the fire
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is 35% contained. so far, there are no reports of any serious injuries. the fire did damage one structure, but more than 500 people still are under a mandatory evacuation order. the monterey county health department is also asking residents to boil their tap water, since they're not sure whether the fire may have damaged the water system in the area. cal fire says the wind whipped flames came dangerously close to the world famous bixby creek bridge in big sur. fortunately the bigsby bridge is still intact. the fire has not burned it. it's a beautiful, iconic bridge. and so that's obviously very good news. the fire did burn right up to it, but did not damage the bridge. the flames also shut down a long stretch of highway one in monterey county in both directions. there's no word yet on when it could reopen. a group that promotes firefighting safety, says 14. firefighters nearly lost their lives last year trying to save their central coast fire station. the dolan fire in 2020 burned 195
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square miles. the wildland fire center says firefighters in the area should have evacuated but instead they stayed behind to defend their fire station and some were burned in the process . three firefighters had to be hospitalized. napa wineries and other businesses hit hard by massive wildfires will soon be able to tap into the state's insurance plan. starting february. 1st hundreds of farmers, ranchers, wine growers and other outdoor businesses will be eligible for coverage under the california fair plan. the state insurance commissioner approved the new plan on friday . it allows farmers who are unable to they can buy basic fire insurance through the fair plant to walk off the job. the union that represents bus operators in marin and sonoma county voted this weekend to allow a strike against the golden gate bridge, highway and transportation district. the union has been in contract negotiations with the transit authority now for seven months, but says it hasn't reached an agreement on the key
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issue of wages and pensions. in response, the district said, 75% of all employees have received a pay raise in the past three months. the democrats urges subsiding in places that were first impacted by the variant. but as jonathan serrie reports, the strain is still affecting school staffing levels, prompting some districts across the country to switch to remote schooling. parts of the us, maybe turning a corner in the covid-19 pandemic. nationwide new coronavirus infections have fallen almost 15% in the past week, the virus appears to be easing its grip on areas first hit by the um akron surge, but public health officials caution. we're not out of the woods yet. dr anthony fauci says the u. s could be done surging next month . we'd like it to get down to that level. where it doesn't disrupt us in the sense of getting back to a degree of normality. that's the best case scenario, but sch still feeling the impact of covid. a growing number of staff are out sick or in quarantine. in
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tennessee, some school districts are choosing to shut down completely instead of doing virtual learning. the state's department of education grants individual waivers to schools to make the switch but cannot approve district wide requests. i think that our local voices are local decision makers. really ought to be able to decide. what is the best course of action for them, and there's an ongoing debate about masking in the classroom. beginning today, los angeles students are prohibited from wearing cloth masks and instead must use well fitting non cloth masks with the nose wire both indoors and outdoors, while in virginia and executive order allowing parents to choose whether or not their children where masked in school takes effect today. several parents have sued to block the order over safety concerns. the cdc currently recommends masks for students and staff, regardless of vaccination status. in atlanta. jonathan
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serrie, ktvu fox two news. dozens of protesters hope that rallying at the state capitol will send a message about pandemic era vaccine policies. one protester who attended yesterday's rally says she's against a new bill being debated among state leaders called the teens choose vaccines act. if it passes children ages, 12 to 17 would no longer native parents their parents permission to get vaccinated against covid-19 in the south bay. the vita is reportedly preparing employees for covid vaccine mandate, according to the san jose spotlight. a memo issued to workers last week says employees will have 60 days to comply with the requirement right now. 61% of the workforce at the vita is fully vaccinated. 71% of workers there have gotten at least one dose. workers who don't get vaccinated and don't have a religious or medical exemption could lose their jobs. the vita may delay the implementation of this mandate as it discusses some of the details with its unions. the nfc championship is
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going to be the battle of california, both the san francisco 49 ers and the los angeles rams pulled off upsets over the weekend. yesterday the rams were up by 24 at one point, but quarterback tom brady made one of his classic postseason comebacks. the buccaneer stormed back to tie the game with just 42 seconds left on the clock. rams quarterback matthew stafford connected with reid receiver cooper cup to set up the winning field goal. rams coach sean mcveigh looking ahead to next sunday, and he is well aware of the fact that 49ers have beaten the rams in the past six regular season games, and we got to get ready for a team that we know has been really tough matchup for us. they've done an outstanding job. um it's gonna be a great great game. this all follows, of course, that 49ers upset victory over green bay packers saturday night, the teams faced off in subzero wisconsin temperatures, the niners pulled off a stunning 13 to 10 victory. niners kicker robbie gold had a game winning 45 yard field goal. of course,
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49ers fans still on cloud nine today after that big win in green bay over the weekend, 49ers general manager john lynch thanked fans for their support. he tweeted grit. this team has heart fight and a secret weapon . it's called the faithful. you all showed up again. see you next week. the team returned home yesterday after that thrilling last second win. here's a look at how the niners celebrated their historic victory on the field and on their way to the locker room. yeah. fred ward. let's go on. everybody gotta say that's cool man doing next role. wow my goodness. stand let's go, baby. let's go. the niners are headed to their 17th conference championship gave the most of any team in the nfl since 1970. the faithful are expected to
12:40 pm
show up on the road for next week's game, but it's going to be a little more difficult to get a ticket. it was unbelievable. i couldn't believe it. 12 6.5 hours from iowa. this is perfect. nine years all the way, huh? 13 13 10. unbelievable height. my son long wanted to go home in the third quarter, but i said we got to stay the whole time you stayed? you might remember two weeks ago. so why stadium was a sea of red as niners fans basically took the place over nine or faithful were so loud, the rams head coach sean mcveigh said it caught him off guard. so to avoid a repeat. the ram said public sales to sofia were restricted to the greater los angeles area, but the 49ers responded, saying nfc championship tickets are available to 49ers fans no matter where they live on a number of ticketing sites, and we can't wait to see them and so by stadium on sunday, keep in mind. you can watch that 49ers in the nfc championship game against the l. a rams right here on ktvu fox two. kickoff is set for sunday afternoon and sophie stadium down in inglewood and
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stay with ktvu ktvu .com and all our social media channels as the 49ers are now just one win away from punching their ticket to super bowl 56. the kansas city chiefs will face the cincinnati bengals next sunday in the f c championship game that's following kansas city's exciting 42 to 36 overtime victory. over the buffalo bills last night in the final game of the nfl divisional round weekend, quarterback patrick mahomes threw a touchdown pass to travis kelsey early in overtime as the chiefs rallied to beat the bills in a postseason thriller. to be in this moment, this game against that team and the makeup play the walk off a game at arrowhead. i'll remember this for the rest of my life. my home's past 4 378 yards and three touchdowns, including a 64 yard pass to tyreek hill during the thrilling final minutes of regulation city's victory came one day after the cincinnati bengals defeated the top seeded tennessee titans 19 to 16 to move into that nfc
12:42 pm
championship game. ricky evan mcpherson kicked a 52 yard field goal. as time expired in cincinnati's victory on saturday. still to come at noon, they area residents facing challenges with rising home prices will take a look at just how much the average price for a single family home went up last year and the new challenges buyers are faced with this market. also let's go outside san francisco glittering in this noonday sun, a little tiny bit of cloud cover and man, it's still chilly out there. ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo is up with your full forecast next .
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probation set to expire at midnight following pg and e s 2016 convictions for felony crimes tied to the san bruno pipeline explosion. the blast was triggered by natural gas lines in november of 2010. it killed eight people and destroyed a neighborhood. pgd plunged into bankruptcy during this five year probation period, and the company's equipment has been blamed for starting several big wildfires in northern california. a new report shows skyrocketing real estate prices are just one of the challenges bay area home buyers are facing data from zillow shows that the number of actual houses for sale is lower. it dropped 22% in san francisco last month and 32% in the east and south bay. compared to the previous year, the average price of a single family home in the bay area hit 1.2 million in december, and that's
12:46 pm
up 13% compared to the year before. the rollout of five g cellular technology has been delayed at some major airports across the country. there are concerns the technology could impact radar systems that airplanes rely on when they land in bad weather. ktvu is tom baker explores some other concerns about five g, including whether or not the signals could be harmful to humans. 13 nations study of 5100 patients published 12 years ago long before five g found no relationship between cell phone use and brain tumors . but that same study concluded that the possible effects of long term heavy use of mobile phones requires further investigations, but a federal investigation that took a decade to complete found in lab animals . certain cancers increased. however we have thousands of studies showing them i'm eyes and real frequency radiation, many of which. use exposures similar to what we would receive from the cell phone or cell
12:47 pm
tower find harmful effects. douglas wood is director of the national advocacy group americans for responsible technology. this wireless radiation can have biological impacts, even at levels below what we thought was possible, but in one sense five g is difference as dr joel moskowitz there's been very little research. on the health effects of five g. we don't have enough science really on five g and there hasn't been any testing. you know, this is one of these cases where we don't require premarket testing of what i was devices and infrastructure before it goes up the huge number of transmitters required for five g service suggests that more people will be exposed to radio frequency electromagnetic fields. it's just adding a lot more radiation 99 izing radiation to our environment that's never been used in a commercial form before professor john william frank of the university of edinburgh surmises. that this is a potential harm to health. hundreds of groups around the
12:48 pm
country have organized community groups to fight the deployment of these cell towers. in just the last couple years, so consumers are left in a quandary between a little bit of science and a very big, powerful and politically active telecommunications industry. the science isn't there yet, and nobody can tell you the industry, insisting it's safe. is rolling out five g nationwide and worldwide. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. to a the wireless association, which represents cellphone carriers told ktvu quote, radio frequency energy from wireless devices and networks, including five g has not been shown to cause health problems. the statement went on to attribute that state to the international scientific community quote, including expert organizations, such as the fda, the world health organization and the american cancer society and quote let's get outside one more time. today, this noontime sun is nice to see. but when you step outside, you'll be surprised
12:49 pm
maybe by the chill, rosemary. yes he'll still need a jacket. at least most of us, garcia ali . hello to you and happy monday to all of you. temperatures are still in the upper fifties. in many areas under calm conditions , a live look here over the east face shore where we do have a blue sky out there mixed in with a little bit of cloud cover and a little bit of haze. we do have a good to moderate air quality overhead and good to moderate air quality expected for today. here's a look at storm checker to it's very quiet. we are looking and searching for rain and not seeing much of any possibility out there for the days ahead. the winds are very calm over areas of nevado, a light breeze, santa rosa conquered and oakland all reporting five mph. fairfield reporting seven. so a little bit of patchy fog to start this morning, very cold start for especially for inland cities in the thirties. but now temperatures are in the upper fifties to near 60 degrees, relative humidity anywhere from 61% reported over areas of santa rosa, too. 48% a little bit
12:50 pm
farther east towards the st helena. so relative humidity has come up since the weekend. that's some good news there. as those northeast winds not only brought the wind but really warm things up and dry things out. the future cast here shows you we are going to be mainly dry, and fortunately rolling through your monday tuesday wednesday thursday. friday we begin to see a bit of change notice right off the coastline there near a central and southern california . we do see a system that is trying to approach to the west coast. but it kind of feels those out falls apart there looks like there may be another shot to come on sunday, but all in all, it just looks like really light stuff. and it doesn't look even promising at this point. so for the outlook for the week ahead we're going to go with mainly dry to dry conditions for the pacific northwest, northern california perhaps a few scattered showers for southern california, and we are right there on the threshold of maybe maybe a few sprinkles. it doesn't look like much temperatures in and around the
12:51 pm
bay area at this time, 57 degrees in san francisco upper fifties in walnut creek, still a very cool 54 reported in napa. meanwhile if you take a look at areas over fremont in san jose in the low sixties at this time , the mid sixties expected for some of our warmer locations today a little bit cooler than yesterday, and that's exactly what we're seeing right now. 64 over san jose for the afternoon in the north bay 62 for san rafael. and for the city of san francisco 58 here extended forecast, perhaps a tad bit of cooling on tuesday, but all in all, just not much change upper thirties to upper forties to start the mornings, followed by low to mid sixties for the afternoons under partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. into the weekend. looks like we'll continue with the pattern there of lows to mid sixties in the forecast saturday and sunday. back to you, thank you, rosemary become at noon. changes are coming to the iconic castro theater in san francisco. next. the reason not everyone is happy
12:52 pm
this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past...
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and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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if you think you have dupuytren's contracture, there's a simple test you can take—from anywhere. try to lay your hand flat against a surface. if you can't, you may have dupuytren's contracture. talk to a hand specialist about your options, including nonsurgical treatments.
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from just 20. minutes ago. dow jones on the plus side of things after suffering deep, deep losses in today's session. it's now on the plus side by about 75 points after some 1000 points down in the nine o'clock hour, snp also ever so slightly on the plus side of things. nasdaq is up now by almost one third of 1% markets closed in about five minutes. well, changes are coming to the iconic castro theater in san francisco. but not everyone is happy about what the future may bring. ktvu is greg liggins spoke with people who worry new management could draw a not so welcoming crowd to the iconic theater. for nearly a century, the castro theater has been the iconic repertory movie house in the san francisco neighborhood that bears its name. another planet entertainment recently struck a deal to take over operations. the company is known more as a live concert promoter, which has
12:56 pm
some concerns about the future of films here. they do not have a history. a film programming. a handful of cinephiles demonstrated sunday afternoon, urging the owners to promise they won't allow films and festivals to fade to black. there is the threat. that this might be replaced by concerts the way it's happened in the oakland fox and in other theaters that get taken over supporters want the continuation of inclusive cinema that reflects the neighborhood expressing their sentiment through words, both written and spoken. i love this theater. i've been coming here for so many years. so it seems like it's the last of its kind showing movies. while some fear that theater could transform into more of a music venue, the new operators have said publicly they intend to support films and festivals, along with music, comedy and lectures. in december , the castro hosted the premiere of the matrix resurrections. attracting throngs of fans. one business that benefited welcomes
12:57 pm
changes that bring more people because of the spillover effect . it will bring more revenue to small businesses. that are suffering here and the neighborhood as many theaters struggle to survive financially . people recognize change is needed here for the castro to remain financially viable. they simply hope the old and new can coexist in the most important thing is that this spirit theater stays alive and as part of the community demonstrators say so far, the owners and operators have failed to properly communicate their intentions. so they are asking for public meeting where people can hear the plan and give feedback. greg legans ktvu fox two news starting today, you can officially start filing your taxes. the irs is accepting 2021 tax returns a week earlier than usual. it's encouraging people to file early and electronically because it's still working on millions of returns from last year. there could also be new complications because of the
12:58 pm
child tax credit last year this year, the irs is working with an outside contractor and a system that will require you to scan your face to access your online tax information. we match of a selfie to the photo on your government id. it's called 1 to 1 matching it's what you do every time you unlock your smartphone. company says matching the photos is only to confirm your only accessing your own information says it doesn't share the information with federal agencies except when there is a possibility of fraud , such as a scammer posing as a taxpayer. well after spending one weekend in second place spiderman no way home swung back into the top spot. you're not peter parker. last weekend, the horror movie scream landed at number one for its opening weekend. this week, it dropped back down to number two and the kids movies sing to landed at number three. sony says the latest marvel megahit is now the sixth highest grossing movie of
12:59 pm
all time. breaking in nearly $1.7 billion. more negotiations are scheduled today in the labor dispute that could threaten this year's major league baseball season. the union representing the players is expected to make a counter offer to management as the two sides try to reach a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement. management locked out the players when the old contract expired last month, the two sides still appear to be far apart on several key issues, including salary and free agency , the world's second most popular team sport could soon have a permanent home in the south bay. santa clara county and major league cricket are negotiating for what both sides call a world class cricket stadium. the $50 million project would be at the santa clara county fairgrounds in san jose could open as soon as 2024 would also be used for concerts now case you're not familiar cricket started in england is most similar to baseball. it is the most popular sport in india, pakistan, bangladesh and across most of southeast asia. well we want to thank you for watching ktvu fox two news at noon for
1:00 pm
the latest news and whether you can be sure to download the ktvu asked, and we're always available ktvu .com online. we'll see you again. at four. wg you again. at four. wg >> all the magic happens on a sheet pan. >> working hard. >> philly cheese steak. >> and, she's here. >> congratulations on such an incredible show. >> she's introducing her she pan chicken dinner your family will love. that's next. >> let's dish. the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it is full of food and fun. everyone knows me as a culinary expert and from television but i am just a


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