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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 21, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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classroom. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. the two groups now have just one hour to avoid a potential teachers strike. hello again. i'm christina random. andre senior, the teachers unions at a midnight deadline for the district of put additional safety measures into place, but it's ktvu jana katsuyama tells us negotiations are going down to the wire. oakland teachers, students and parents made it clear friday. that they want more support from the alameda county school board and their own oakland unified school district. they protested friday afternoon outside the county education office is messages painted on the pavement and signs saying ready to strike. the oakland education association representing union members say they have three requests weekly covid testing for staff and students. access to higher quality masks an additional adults assigned to
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classes when there are staffing shortages, school staff or stretch then with, um their colleagues being home sick because of covid. teachers say the covid testing is especially important for students too young to get the vaccine. there's a lot of cases and within our schools i've had about half my students and my kindergarten class most days since we've been back, the teachers union says about 10% of teachers are out sick. tammy coleman is one of them kids that have been identified positive in my class i've been tested. but what about the kids who were in, um prolonged contact with my kids? some students say they're also worried. i don't want kids like students like me to have that worry that if we do one wrong thing, it could lead to our entire family. getting covid. i am definitely prepared to go on strike. if that's what it takes. it is not what i want. the
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oakland school district says through the pandemic, they've had eight agreements with the teachers union regarding better ventilation, safety supplies, covid testing and contact tracing a district spokesman issued a statement that reads in part quote. despite the challenges we are all facing, we are very hopeful that the district and oye will get again find a way to reach an agreement and because of this pandemic, the negotiations are being conducted over videoconferencing . both sides are hoping that they can reach some sort of deal. before monday. reporting from oakland. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. mew at 11. nurses from seton medical center in daly city, held a news conference tonight to voice their concerns about staffing and patient safety issues. we cannot continue to work under crisis staffing were saying enough is enough. seems the union nurses are bargaining, a new contract and tonight they laid out their demands. they want the hospital corporation that operates seton hmc to hire
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more nurses and increase the supplies needed to keep staff and patients safe against covid-19. moral distress is a real thing, and it's affecting our nurses on a daily basis. the nurses here at seton absolutely want to provide the best level of care possible to our patient population, and we can't do this under the current staffing conditions. a spokesperson for seating, said the hospital follow cdc and department of public health guidelines regarding supplies and testing, and in the last six months they've hired more than 100. new staff members. breaking news out of monterey county, where wind driven wildfire has broken out. this is video from the national weather service. you can see the smoke and flames the fire burning along the big sur coast and palo colorado canyon. highway one is now closed in both directions from near the entrance to andrew malaria state park in big sur to real road in carmel. there are evacuations in place for people who live in the
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area. there are reports at the fire is now burned more than 100 acres. authorities say the fire can be seen from as far away santa cruz county. winds in the area are around 35, mph and 30. thousands of people are without power in the area of that fire. this is a map of the outages you can see customers are without power along. how we won. you can stay up to date on this fire by visiting ktvu .com. no. one living memorial service for el cerrito police officer jared bernstein is scheduled for tomorrow. the event at el cerrito high school is not open to the public, but it will be live streamed. the 26 year old was killed earlier this month on i 80 in san pablo. driver lost control ahead of him and collided with the center median officer. bernstein's car struck the vehicle and he died at the scene. those who knew him say he was everything a person could hope for in a police officer sun brother and friend. a vigil taking place tonight for an elk grove police officer killed early this morning by a suspected drunk driver on
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highway 99. the way that you help your elk grove police department and the profession heal from this. what you're doing right? now. authorities say the officer has been identified as thai lenihan. he was riding a motorcycle on the way to work when he was hit by a car that was traveling in the wrong direction on the highway. unfortunately somebody made a decision to get into the car. intoxicated. and because of his actions and his decisions. away from go home tonight as a widow. a mother. we'll go home. she wanted to little boys the see me just my two little girls. and share with them that their father is not coming home tonight. left hand was a six year veteran with the elk grove police department. 31 year olds remained. walton of sacramento
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has been arrested on suspicion of dui in connection with the crash. he's been booked into the sacramento county main jail and is facing several felony dy charges. very native michelle go, was remembered at a candlelight vigil tonight in her hometown of fremont, nearly one week after a man shoved her in front of a moving subway. ktvu elissa harrington was at tonight's tribute. michelle was a beacon of hope and compassion for those around her. dozens of mourners gathered in downtown fremont, the city where michelle alyssa go grew up. co was killed last weekend, she was shoved in front of a moving train at a new york city subway station. three month, city council member teresa king hosted the event happened to michelle. could have happened to any of us. some three months in new york. and all points in between. i think i speak for most age community when i say that we're tired of living in fear. many people who
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attended the vigil said they were there in solidarity with the asian american community, even though it felt kind of like a more random moment of tragedy. you know, seeing someone who looks like you, especially during this moment of asian hate crime. it's really tough and so anything to kind of lend support to the community and the family happy to be here. speakers included other city officials, police officers and community members who knew go and her family. when she first came in, she was a preschooler. she was clinging on to her mom. dr stephen chan was goes pediatric dentist from the time she was in preschool until she graduated from high school. i saw her when she first went to kindergarten. i saw her when she showed off her lunchbox. i have to thank her mom, marjorie. and her dad justin, for letting me be part. of her life. candles were lit in memory of go. she went to american high school, then to college at u. c l. a. and then new york go volunteered for years at the new york junior
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league. in a statement her family had asked that people remember their daughter how she lived, not how she died, king said those words inspired her to hold this vigil in china lied on ghost, compassion and commitment to helping others. we don't want her just to be a number. she she actually devoted her life serving. um at risk women, children and people experiencing homelessness we do in honoring her is to continue to serve continue to be fremont together and take any rise together as one beautifully diverse community. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. a big bus following an undercover investigation into the trafficking of firearms from arizona to california for cell here in the bay area. san mateo county sheriff's office says it's joined other agencies in seizing 30 firearms. including several ghost guns and automatic rifles. authorities arrested four people yesterday in san mateo county and oakland, two of
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them taken into federal custody. an uber driver was today in san francisco. police say it happened this afternoon. it's seventh admission officers with the tenderloin station saw the car they went after it. the suspect crashed into the south of market area and he ran off officers chased him. they were able to arrest him, and he was booked for multiple felonies and a felony probation warrant in alameda county. well newt 11. the city of san francisco, is opening another center where people experiencing homelessness can safely parked their vehicles and find services to get into permanent housing. the new side is that the candlestick point state recreation area boat launch parking lot. it will offer up to 135 parking spaces with round the clock staffing and security plus bathrooms, with showers, drinking water and electricity. bring it home. 49ers bait takes on green bay. how 49ers faithful are getting ready for tomorrow's huge playoff game. and frightening encounter between a bear and
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delivery driver all caught on camera. there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high.
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niners taking on the packers tomorrow in an nfc divisional playoff game and excitement is already building across the bay area. ktvu zach sauce, talk to fans and tells us it felt like game day tonight at one bar on the peninsula. my mama from the staff to the regulars niners all
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the way when it comes to saturday's big game, let's say folks here at the american bowling burlingame are ready. we're going to be packed bartender freddy doing his best to keep up with the calls. people were calling all day long for reservations, but we're not taking reservations for big games like this and the bar ordering extra everything. we just had our lumpy, a delivery which is the best in the peninsula. we ordered five extra bags, every big game like this. another welcome boost for business after battling through what owner liz jones describes as a seemingly never ending series of ups and downs during the pandemic, it's going to be great. the ground here, as expected, largely 49ers fans, but that doesn't mean they discriminate. a table over john and gail hearing none of it a pair of lifelong niners fans. we have our declarations all over and they're not the only ones doing some decorating if you're a fan of the chevy chase classic christmas vacation meet. the 49
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are clark griswald, i guess. right russ mussolini, the brainchild behind redwood city zone 49ers pep rally. what started as christmas decorations on its house spreading to the park across the street, and this year, we thought we would extend the christmas time into the 49ers rally time making sure this neighborhood is ready to go for game time. we're going to win. bring it home. 49ers excitement building all across the bay so much so that back at the bar. polish shane making sure she's able to give the niners her complete attention. i've taken the entire day off some nerves, but overall, she's feeling good. i feel great. i think they're going to do it. as for freddie green bay is going to go down, so they're going to be back here again the following week. against whoever tampa bay heard around. we don't care. zach's ktvu, fox two news. well, when you the 40, niners faithful have made the trip to freezing cold green bay to chair on the
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team with lambeau field tomorrow earlier today, ktvu is alex savage spoke with two of his buddies who surprised they're dead with tickets to the big niners game. you were talking. we're like, let's go. we're going to go and then, like, you know, even more epic like let's take our dads like let's do it, father, son like let's just do it. and so we texted him were like you guys pack your bags, and they're like, what are you guys talking about? and i was like we're gonna greenback. where? you genuinely surprised. i mean, what did you think? definitely and that's just awesome time for us to spend with these guys and just, you know, trip of a lifetime. can't stand up for these guys. well it's expected to be 13 degrees at lambeau field at the start of the game tomorrow might as well be a block of ice there by the fourth quarter temperatures will slip into the single digits. ktvu is home for everything. 49ers pregame coverage begins at 4 30 tomorrow and stay with us for a special ktvu postgame show. vice president kamala harris takes a trip to california the hundreds of
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grant to investigate wildfire risk dr lisa patrick bentley and her team of biologists, student or biology, students used radar to capture three d images of force. they will use the debt at a study how much carbon those four store and how much changes or how changes to the forest by
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fire or logging contributes to wildfire risk. add more money is coming to california with the help of this with to help the state with wildfires. vice president kamala harris was in california today to announce that new federal funding the hundreds of millions of dollars will help california recover from past fires and battle future ones. political reporter greg lee takes a look at the financial commitment. this is the best way to fight we believe is to focus not only on reaction but on prevention. vice president kamala harris returned to her home state to tout the administration's investments to battle wildfires included in the bipartisan infrastructure act. we are working with this funding to make sure that we are putting the resources where they are needed to address the unique challenges that fires present from a san bernardino fire station, the vice president announced. california will receive $600 million to recover from a historic wildfire season. more than 2.5 million acres burned last year. the u. s
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department of agriculture also putting a plan forward to rapidly increased force management over the next decade in 11, western states. $48 million. for an approach to the country that is really about making forest healthier and safer. vp. harris was joined by other elected officials, including governor newsom and senator alex padilla. the visit included an aerial tour of damage from the eldorado fire in a briefing from fire officials seven million acres in two years. versus 12 million across the 20 year period, so we talked about the acceleration of fire behavior related to drought related to climate change the climate crisis. has almost everything to do. with what we are seeing in terms of the crisis of wildfires, funding to battle climate change remains tied up in a stalled build back better bill this week, president biden admitted it would take breaking up the bill to get parts past. fight and also said he wants to travel more to tell
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the administration's achievements amid low approval ratings. republican congressman ken calvert panda visit writing, i think it's great that vice president harris is visiting the inland empire. it's just too bad. she's not planning to get a firsthand look at how californians are suffering under the many crises that have grown worse under the biden administration. vice president harris also touted the raise for federal firefighters included in the infrastructure act. gregory ktvu, fox two news. this thing, and it seems subject another update on the breaking news. we've been following out of monterey county, where a large wildfire has broken out. this is video here from the national weather service camera. well how we want to one is now closed in both directions near the entrance to andrew molera state park in big sur to real road in carmel. evacuations are in place and a shelter for evacuees has opened on carmel valley road in carmel by the sea. there are reports that the fire has now burned more than 100 acres will continue to follow this story on air and online as well.
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approaching late january. we're talking about the warm conditions, those dry offshore winds typically, we talk about in august, september and october , but of course as leading to the fire growth with that fire in the big sur area, of course, one part of the forecast the warm temperatures take a look at some of the highest from this afternoon. lots of sixties the warm spots right around 70 degrees. this warm pattern will stick around into the weekend but could be a little bit cooler as we head into your very weekend. as we check out the conditions closer to the fire zone closer to a big syrup. we're showing you the northeast winds as offshore winds are dry wind gusts moving into the region, current temperatures and the big sur area temperature is 65 to 69 degrees, when did actually backed off a little bit earlier there around 30 miles an hour right now, 14 and 15 miles an hour, but a very dry air mass. no fog in sight and take a look at relative humidity of that cal fire site. check it in 11% of very dry and we still
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have those gusty winds and place . in fact, the winds strong enough a high wind warning for the north bay hills wind advisory for the east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains as we head into your saturday morning. current winds look at oakland hills observation for the 11 o'clock hour. 52 miles an hour or so might not be windy in your neighborhood, but those winds definitely accelerating a few spots. and even you can see that napa gust of up to 35 miles an hour. things are really developing in the oakland area. take a look at the oakland airport earlier was calm sustained at 26 gusting to 58 miles an hour, so we do have a rapid increase in the wind speeds around portions of the bay area, half moon bay gusting to 54 miles an hours these winds expected to strengthen a bit more into early saturday morning in sticking around until mid morning on saturday, so there's a windy night across parts of the area here is this satellite if you high clouds moving overhead this afternoon. and it is still a mild evening at windy evening in a few spots. oakland
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63 santa rosa 60 to san francisco 61 degrees. here's our live camera, looking out toward the golden gate bridge camera start shaking around a bit as well. so those winds have been mixing down the surface late tonight. and those winds will be around first thing tomorrow morning. breezy it should say, windy, breezy to windy to start out your saturday morning. the stereotype pressure is building in. that's going to keep us dry and keep us warm. all weekend long. those winds peaking tonight into your saturday morning so still mild to warm all weekend long highs forward tomorrow will be in the sixties warmest locations in the upper sixties. it is a sunny weekend. it's a sunny weekend forecast saturday and sunday and it will continue to be dry into next week, but watch out for those winds. they're sneaking up on us tonight. okay, mark. thank you. new video tonight of a tense face out between a delivery driver and a bear. check this out. this home surveillance footage is from upland, california, north of chico, the delivery driver starts to walk
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through the gate of a home when the homeowner warns him through a speaker that a bear is approaching him. hey guys, stop! stop stop right now! there's a bear right there there is there right now. can you hear me? that's a bear back away. then reaches out his arms in an effort to scare that bear away, and once the bare backed off, the driver walked up to the front door to deliver the package. the homeowner says he often sees wildlife, including bears, coyotes and mountain lions wander onto his property. up next first for steph curry what he did tonight that he has never done in his 13 seasons nig,
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the warriors suffered one of their worst losses of the season tonight, one of their best wins with hall of famer's chris mullin and rick barry in the house, the houston rockets in town. houston has the worst record in the western conference, but they also had a 10 point lead in the third. thanks to 17 warriors, turnovers , christian would slam at the other end rockets up by 12, but the warriors rally later in the third, they cut it to one when jordan's pools going to work he got knocked down hard on the previous play a good game starting for clay thompson, who was on arrest, a pool had 20 late fourth. kevon looney great defense warriors getting out in transition curry. well, no look bounce pass to auto porter jr. who slams it home. porter had 13 warriors down to the crowded chase. coming alive. 5.1 seconds left all tied at 13 warriors dropping inbounds play. they said. everybody get out of the way for that guy stephan curry at the buzzer. the game winner
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and hard to believe, but it's curry's first walk off buzzer beater in his entire 13 year nba career, and you don't see too many celebrations like this at midseason, but the warriors a cathartic win as they had lost six of their last nine games. alright by this time tomorrow evening, the 49ers will be either celebrating a trip to the nfc championship game or their season will be over as we take you out to lambeau field. this is a couple hours ago, site of tomorrow's divisional playoff game with the green bay packers . lambo tarped, not only because we could see some snow flurries tomorrow morning, but also to keep the turf warm. notice the blowers at either end of the field, lambo. has it hydroponic system of pipes under the field as well to soften things up forecast for kickoff right around 10 degrees. here's george kittle. i've played in some
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really cold games before. i think the coolest one plan was like minus 28 degrees with windchill. i was really fun. my key to staying warm. is it just a play? um, play a lot of snaps. and so you keep your blood going. it's just gonna be really fun. it is a little bit more adversity for us to try to battle through. he calls it fun . women's college hoops stanford looking to stay perfect in the pac 12, while cal was just looking for its first conference win, and we're going to show you the second basket of the game because it's a good one. haley jones going glass with the reverse. she led the cardinal with 26. but cal hung tough thanks to shot like this one by jada curry, who let everyone with 30 points. they were tied at the half. but then stanford pulls away in the third, hannah jump with one of her 53. stanford wins it going away. 97 to 74 just enough time to take you out with this. a cat and a dog the subject of tonight's check this out and first canine. catching a lift on a room bus.
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looks like he's enjoying himself just chilling as we have 10 seconds to go. i don't know if we can see the kitty cat, but the roomba is cute. and the cat is even cuter as he's going to high five. his skateboarding friend. hey. that staycation beard's really taking shape, dad. (chuckles) it's starting to trap food. it's gone from itchin' to bitchin'. and you're still rocking the sweats. every day this week. same underwear? what underwear? (telephone ringing) hold that thought. do i have to? mayor's office. city of phila-dunphy-a. i'm sorry. i just got done. my computer crashed, and we got four pallets of hinges from taiwan with faulty riveting. at least your story's riveting. it's clever. i'll tell you later. hey, why is the minivan in the driveway? you parked me in this morning. i was running late for a meeting, so i just took haley's corolla. fun. would be if it didn't smell like the inside of bob marley's laundry hamper. anyway, i've got a bunch more calls to make. i'm not gonna have time to cook tonight. we could go out. there's that new restaurant -- sliders. the gimmick is they built it on a slant, and the waiters all wear socks. that doesn't sound good at all.


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