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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 20, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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were less than forthcoming. so we now need this information to determine whether the law has been followed. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth san francisco city attorney says he's looking for licensing and documentation and those subpoenas will legally force the companies in question to comply . welcome everyone to the four i'm alex, seven, and i'm cristina rendon, the city attorney has turned up the heat in this investigation. ktvu is christian captain has been following the story as it unfolded over the last two weeks and joins us now live in christian. the city attorney's office has filed a series of subpoenas looking into these companies involved. remember all this starts last week when the city attorney sent a letter to those companies asking them to provide documentation that they have the proper licensing to practice and take those tests. he says that he didn't get any response. so now he's filed paperwork, ordering them to provide proof that they have licenses to operate. san
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francisco's city attorney served a pair of subpoenas to community wellness america and crestview clinical laboratories to companies tied to questionable testing sites in san francisco community wellness, setting up this covid testing site at 18th and delores streets last week with outdated clinical laboratory improvement amendment or clear licensing for crestview labs on display, the city attorney asked the companies to clarify the licensing issues last week. we had sent a letter requesting information to them last week, they have been less than four forthcoming and we are now sending subpoenas so we can get more information to understand what's going on here. the subpoenas requests both companies preserve documents pertaining to one another. what we've been concerned about is that there are rogue testing operations in san francisco and beyond, where folks are not using appropriate and safe health techniques and gathering information crest few labs responded to our request for information via email, saying in part quote, we responded to the inquiry letter from the sf city
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attorney's office immediately upon receiving it. and we provided all proper licenses and inform them that we do not have any site in sf or anyplace. further questions, says quote. the clear inspector from the california department of health has paid us an unannounced visit for auditing. he was pleased and confirmed our position. and he said he would discuss with the sf city attorney on our behalf. both subpoenas from the city also asked specifically for any documents concerning dr philip milgrom. he's a southern california doctor who was featured on a reality television show and is also facing allegations in san diego. he used his own genetic material to impregnate a patient. according to the california medical board , the doctors surrendered his license in 1999. it was reinstated in 2000 and four, but it's unclear how he's connected to the san francisco testing sites. his name is listed on documents that we have seen, so we want answers from him about his role. we also understand that he has been investigating the past by other state authorities. we haven't we have questions for him. no. i called
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dr milgram and spoke with him just about five minutes ago. he said that community wellness is just trying to help people in that he served as their medical director, which allows them to perform test. he said any further questions should be referred to the ceo of community wellness. that's the organization that was actually running that testing tent that we spotted at 18th and delores trees. now we reached out to that ceo repeatedly via email and by the phone and so far have not heard back from him. at this point. there are still no criminal allegations. the city attorney says that there's some plea. conducting this investigation to make sure that there are no bad actors seeking to profit from the high demand for testing right now we're live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox. two news, christian. thank you. moving down to the coronavirus. covid-19 has mutated many times since those first cases were detected more than two years ago . and with each new variant, we're dealing with different challenges right now, the highly contagious omicron variant, we are seeing more infections than ever before, and our strategy
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for living with coronavirus is changing. so joining us now is infectious disease expert dr peter chen hong thank you so much for joining us and taking the time this afternoon, dr. first off, i just want to start with how are approaches changed to controlling this virus? and what point does the pandemic become an endemic? so very good questions for seen. i think in terms of our approach, you know as of a few months ago before omicron, i think we're banking on the vaccines only as a way out of the pandemic. i think this has changed. and right now we're thinking of vaccines mainly to keep people out of the hospital. but in terms of preventing a regular infection. that may mean somebody has to be isolated, taken out of the workplace. i think you need multiple strategies, masking testing, uh, social distancing went applicable. upgrading your mask. these are all things that are changing and excitingly. i think to your second question. how are we gonna descend from
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this inter normal life with pills like malu perv error and packs loaded monoclonal antibodies. we can keep even more people away from the hospital. i think at the end of the day if hospitals are preserved if we don't have as many deaths, we can accept that as society. but right now, with almost 2000 people dying every day and us we're probably not quite there yet, right? yeah, i was reading bill gates had predicted that once we get over this omicron surge and through the rest of the year that the pandemic will be treated more like the flu. i guess covid-19 will be treated more like the seasonal flu. do you think that we're going to get to that point eventually? i think we may get to that point. but there are two things that i'm worried about. before we get to that point. the first is, of course, the number of bets that i alluded to which is eight times more in a general year than influenza, so we have to kind of get down to a lower level before we feel a little bit better about that. and we can accept that. the second
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thing before we accept something as endemic is that it has to be predictable. right now. we don't know what's going to happen next. we can have six months off. we can have the rest of the year off until next winter. we just don't know if there's going to be a new variant, but nevertheless, the main message is that if you had vaccinated, particularly your boost, said, we're going to keep you away from the hospital. in fact, timers, siskel only had fewer than five deaths in 2022, which again speaks to the power of vaccines. and i think that's something also important to remember is that we have seen far more deaths from covid 19 that we have with the seasonal flu. i feel like with the flu once the pandemic hit, we just saw cases dramatically dropped in terms of flu cases, and now we're just saying covid cases rise, and i'm curious because we are now going into the year three of this pandemic. do you think that we're going to be having booster shots being required every six months as immunity wanes, or with each new variant that may come out? i think that's not sustainable, really around the world. and
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even in the u. s it's hard enough to give people three doses for people to feel some sense of. you know, i can deal with this and move on. but again , if you think about the goal of the vaccine, it's not necessary to prevent infection as much as it is to prevent people from going to the hospital, getting very sick going on a ventilator and dying. and if you look at the last school post that is preventing serious disease, i would say we are very, very successful. still so again if you want to prevent infection, maybe a boost service six months . maybe uh, i don't think we'll get there. but if one strategy might be if it becomes predictable, maybe every year. you can get your flu shot. some people may get, uh, covid boost if you want to also prevent infection, like healthcare workers are essential workers nursing home residents, but probably not something. that's really necessary, probably for everyone. do you think that at
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any point we could see a pill form for the flu like we're starting to see with covid. i mean, i know it's going to take some time before all of those pills come into production and out to the masses. but do you think that we will maybe even get to a point where we don't even take a flu shot? we just take a pill for the flu as well. i mean, that's a really interesting question. there is a pill for influence. it's not commonly used. it's called tamiflu. some people in the audience might have taken it themselves. we typically reserve it for very high risk individuals like those over 65. those are immune compromise. very young individuals like under six. um or kids, but i think one proof for the audience is if you know you have influenza, you can actually start taking this medicine for five days. just like the covid pills. it will cut cut down your course by 1 to 2 days, which might mean a big deal for some folks with influenza. okay, quickly before we let you go. um how long do you think it's going to be before? this is all less
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disruptive to society? again hard to say, but i think we're going to have a few months off as much as six months. if not longer, starting in about 3 to 4 weeks, which is the time it took south africa to descend from their p two somewhat normal t so the next few months, i think it's going to be back to march 15th of 2021, where we felt that sense of normalcy and again. we don't know how long that would last, but i think it will last for a few months. okay well, we keep being patient here we are near three. doctor we appreciate you coming on the show. dr peter chen hong infectious disease expert with ucsf. thanks so much. thanks so much, christina. a tense situation at san francisco international airport this morning where police officers shot and killed a man they say was armed. this all happened about 7 30 this morning when witnesses saw a man in his twenties armed with two guns near the entrance to the bart station at the international terminal. officers tried to de escalate the situation, but they
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say the suspect continued to act in a threatening way. police say officers then use non lethal measures, but the man continued to advance. that's when officers fired several shots, killing the man. a man who works for air canada says he was one of the first to get off bart. when he saw what was happening. he tried to warn other passengers. everyone pretty much all the patrons were just coming clueless. they were trying to get to except the door and that's when i told everyone just go back. i told everyone just go back! shoot! assurant! i start yelling. the suspect's name has not yet been released by authorities. police say airport operations were not affected by the sfo. bart station was shut down during the investigation today. san jose. police continue searching for answers after a car jacking last night turned into a deadly police shooting. the crime started in eastern san jose, then moved into parts of the city of santa clara. before
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its violent conclusion on west heading street in san jose ktvu . south bay reporter jesse gary joining us now live from the scene with the latest on this investigation, jesse alexander is a police have taken the lead in an investigation that spans two cities here at the shooting scene in san jose, some community members are reflecting on the loss of life. while some experts say police training in short, only one life was lost. late thursday, san jose resident glenn jones placed flowers at the scene where police shot and killed a carjacking suspect the man who dies. in any way like that, and gunfire and we've we've we've we feel for them. as a community. and. specifically for the police officers wednesday night at the intersection of heading in park the violent conclusion to a carjacking pursuit. a big of a role does training play in something like this. so training always plays a huge part and any
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type of situation like this, the more you trained the more um reactive you become a police say the unidentified suspect initially stole a vehicle in east san jose. he then drove to santa clara. we attempted to carjack a second victim. he was unsuccessful with that attempted carjacking, but it was very apparent at that scene that he was armed with the gun, so we knew he was armed suspect then sped south back into san jose, where he collided with two passengers in another vehicle that heading in park. he got out gun in hand and opened fire at responding police officers, obviously fearing for their lives. they were engaged by gunfire by the suspect. our officers on scene here returned fire. the suspect was shot and then rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. i'm just amazed it didn't happen . this is a busy street. everybody comes through here to get to you know, point a to point b. i'm amazed something like this didn't happen sooner. policing expert lisa daddio says virtual reality training and
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time spent at the gun range helps officers home. their skills for these types of scenarios helps prepare you and then you can kind of go through in your brain talking yourself down, calming yourself down and trying to stop the threat. glenn jones says. in addition to praying for the suspect's family , he's sending prayers to the officers who were forced to pull the trigger to protect their lives and the lives of others centers. a police chief motto will hold a briefing tomorrow morning about more information about the crime and how his officers were able to mitigate damage. the two people that were injured in the vehicle that was hit here. suffered minor and moderate injuries alive in the rose garden section of san jose . this evening. jesse gary ktvu fox two news, we'll head back to you up in oakland. alright, jessie. appreciate it. thank you. cal osha is investigating the death of a tesla worker at the company's plant in fremont production associate working on a powertrain line at the side collapsed and died early
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yesterday morning. state investigators are now gathering more information to determine if the death was work related. the identity of that employee who died has not been released. coming up here on the floor, a possible hunger strike. it's santa rita jail. how some inmates there say they're being exposed to unsanitary conditions. and remembering a santa cruz county sheriff's deputy killed on duty. how the life of deputy damon guts. weller is being honored. and a barrier whether we started out the day with another round of dance, fog, lots of sunshine this afternoon, but tomorrow we're tracking some stronger we're tracking some stronger winds will have more mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice
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my new spicy cluck sandwich with a bigger, crispier and better-than-ever spicy fillet. bigger pickles, more sauce, and the perfect amount of spice to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. county sheriff's deputy who was killed in the line of duty. that memorial will be built in willowbrook county park in aptos , in honor of deputy damon guts, willer. the park will also be getting a new flag area. i do play area for children and
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resurface basketball courts. willowbrook park is where he often went with his children and dog deputy guts. wheeler was killed in june of 2020. in an ambush in ben lomond after responding to a call about a suspicious van containing firearms and possible bomb making materials. a san francisco federal judge. monitoring pg and e is criticizing the utility company as its probation period ends next week from the 2010 cent. brito gas pipeline explosion. the chronicle reports. judge william alsup issued an eight page opinion about p. j d s rehabilitation efforts after being held liable for the blast that killed eight people, the judge wrote. pg and e well on probation was responsible for 31 wildfires have destroyed nearly 24,000 structures and killed 113 people. the judge called the utility quote, continuing menace to california. pjd responded by saying it's new leadership is intensely focused on public safety and is implemented reforms. it will also soon be under an independent state
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monitor for the next five years. parenthesis founder elizabeth holmes is reportedly trying to overturn her guilty verdicts by raising potential issues about the jury. according to the mercury news, her attorneys filed a motion to keep juror questionnaires sealed from the public because those questionnaires may be a reason for appeal. similar tactics have been used recently by gillian maxwell and scott peterson to argue that their trials were unfair due to juror misconduct. holmes was convicted earlier this month of defrauding investors. she's scheduled to be sentenced in september. an overnight house fire in pittsburgh is now under investigation. a neighbor called 911 about a fire southeast of pittsburgh high school. this was just before five o'clock this morning when firefighters arrived on scene they saw flames coming from the garage and part of the main house. they were told that someone might be inside, but a search found no one was living at the home. it's currently being sold and is now in escrow. this house is what we typically referred to as a
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hoarder house, which means that there's a significant amount of materials, household belongings , clothes, et cetera inside the house, and this makes it very difficult for us to affect a rescue and put the fire out because there is so much volume of material inside the house. battalion chief bob atlas says it's too early to know what started the fire at the vacant house. had a barrier weather lots of sunshine this afternoon . but of course, we had some dense pockets of fog this morning, having a huge impact on the thursday morning commute tomorrow we trade in the fog for some wind. we've got some gusty winds around here. the winds accelerating out of the north and east. first we'll show you the satellite and you can't see throughout the day. you can see the cloud cover from this morning kind of melting away throughout the afternoon hours. so most areas right now reporting mostly clear skies, you can see visibilities have improved quite a bit. we will likely have some patchy fog regroup overnight as we head into your early friday morning, but not nearly as widespread as this morning. current numbers
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out there you can see some fifties and san francisco santa rosa 65 walnut creek 62 in san jose, check it in a mild 66 degrees. here's our live camera this afternoon looking above san francisco some hazy skies once again, but the fog has lifted once again, though some patches could likely redeveloped first thing tomorrow morning, but for the most part, mostly clear skies, we are expecting to breezy conditions, especially in the berry hill's. beginning tomorrow morning. overnight lows will be in the forties across the most neighborhoods as you can see some mostly clear and breezy. in fact, those winds will be strong enough. the national weather services afternoon generated this they wind advisory from seven a.m. friday until seven a.m. on saturday winds could be gusting to over 40 miles an hour for the hills. we could have winds topping 60 miles an hour. so this in place for the north bay the east bay valleys, the east bay hills, the santa cruz mountains and the coastal areas will definitely notice a change in the wind and your friday forecast coming up. we'll have more on those gusty winds and
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your weekend outlook all coming up in a few minutes. all right, we'll see you in a bit, mark. thank you. coming up here on the floor and neighborhood on the peninsula is on high alert after a fight between two mountain lions was caught on a doorbell camera. people who live high aley
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fight between two mountain lions ktvu zach sauce shows us the surveillance video of that battle that happened right in someone's front yard. makes this nervous, very nervous noises. most people are only used to hearing in a nature documentary at going down hastings drive wednesday as to mountain lines, battled it out one eventually killing the other. a mountain lion dragon, another mountain like oh, my goodness video showing the animal dragging its kill across the street to a neighbor's doorstep. just keep your head on a swivel. kevin stanford, part of the area's neighborhood watch, has been advising folks to do since game
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wardens removed the dead mountain lion. i'm hoping i don't find it, but if i do you know we are pds really, really good, and they were just responds to pretty fast police who are urging neighbors to be cautious, but not everyone unnerved by the brawl. it's pretty cool. i mean, you know, it's not just one. it's too and they were fighting wild animals are part of life in this area. still he plans to take a few more precautions in the evenings . when we go out for walks. i think you just have to be more careful neighbors being advised not to leave their pets or small children unattended mountain lions. no i'm going home to warn my whole family. i'm outlined fight well, shocking in these parts, apparently not entirely rare. it's kind of mountain lions being mountain lions. stephanie, about wildlife expert at the center for biological diversity. it is a common occurrence for you know mount lines to kill each other over protecting territory. i think sometimes it becomes a greater occurrence. when, um they're boxed in, and their habitat is limited. yep says mountain lines are largely solitary creatures
4:25 pm
who avoid humans. they are important for a lot of other species and a lot of biodiversity throughout california, but back in the neighborhood. stanford says he'll be keeping up his patrols to provide neighbors peace of mind. i haven't picked up any tracks it to kind of see what direction it took off in or what direction it came in, so that's kind of the sort of the puzzle and trying to put together now and so far california fish and wildlife, saying it found no direct evidence that this mountain line is a threat to humans still there urging people in the area to remove any sources of food water that might attract dear to their property. a source of food for mountain lions in belmont zach sauce, ktvu. fox two news. inmates at the santa rita jail will have a chance next thursday to speak about a proposed legal settlement involving jail conditions. a federal judge delayed a final decision wanting to hear first from people inside santa rita. before ruling whether the settlement should proceed between attorneys representing mentally ill inmates and the alameda county sheriff's office. the proposed deal calls for mentally ill inmates to receive an adequate
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treatment plan and be placed in therapeutic housing units instead of restrictive maximum security cells. some mental health advocates want the judge to reject the settlement, claiming it doesn't go far enough to prevent jail abuses. in a separate matter, about two dozen inmates at santa rita jail in dublin say they're on a hunger strike right now protesting the cafeteria, food and rising prices at the commissary. inmates claim rats get near the food that's being served, and that forces them to turn to the expensive commissary for meals. they say snacks such as rahman cost $1.39 nearly triple what the san francisco jail charges its inmates. a sheriff's spokesman denies there is a hunger strike going on. the department claims commissary prices recently rose 3% because of inflation and homeless shelter in west oakland is closed you to a covid-19 outbreak, saint vincent depaul in san pablo avenue has temporarily shut down after 20 guests tested positive for the virus. shelter officials say most of those infected were
4:27 pm
moved into county run isolation hotel shelters. some declined to go. it's not yet known, though, when the shelter will reopen. coming up here on the floor and update on how the city of san francisco is handling the omicron surge, where case numbers and hospitalization stand right now and why the city's public health officer is optimistic about the trajectory. and a new strategy for handling covid in several european countries why they're
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to shift their focus in terms of dealing with covid-19. they're moving away from treating the virus as an emergency and finding ways to deal with it. it's something that's not going away. fox's alex hogan has more from london. widespread coronavirus crackdowns remain across much of europe, but some countries are taking a new approach nearly two years after the start of the pandemic, but we need to do is get to low levels of disease incidents with maximum vaccination of our populations, so nobody has to die. spain portugal and the united kingdom are among those loosening their restrictions as vaccination rates rise in cases of the macron variant begin to peak. uk prime minister boris johnson announcing this week the end of mask wearing in public places as well as the use of covid passports. this is a moment that we can all be proud of. these governments are looking to treat the virus now is something that's here to stay much like how the flu is treated yearly, the way they plan to do. this is laid out by health
4:31 pm
officials. these pharmaceutical defenses of the vaccines, antivirals, monoclonal antibodies and testing. i think there will be the cornerstone of our future defenses. meanwhile the public is divided about easing restrictions, with some saying it's coming too soon. i think it is too early because cases are still very high. and you don't know you know what is going to happen? but others who are covid weary welcome the change. it's about time we get on with our lives, i think because the variants are getting weaker and weaker. meanwhile the cdc has added 22 new countries to its travel advisory this week in london. alex hogan, fox newsg impact on schools, with a growing number forced to close down because of staffing shortages as macron hits more classrooms in los angeles county , more than 1000 schools reported positive cases last week with about 65,000 cases
4:32 pm
among students and staff and as we've seen in the bay area, southern california districts are far short of the number of substitute teachers needed to fill in. in new mexico officials are deploying national guard members as substitutes. we're using government employees as part of the effort. two with stablization, a healthy number of individuals who meet the criteria. today, the department of education announced another $198 million in funding to help colleges stop the spread on campus. this spike in omicron cases may be peaking in san francisco, according to new data earlier today, they are breeding the city's health director, dr grant colfax, give an update on the city's covid response. they said quote the surge is not over yet. the number of cases in the city is still very high, but they're beginning to plateau. hospitalizations are also expected to peak this week with no concerns about maxing out hospital capacity. things are starting to plateau. it doesn't
4:33 pm
mean that we get super comfortable and take our guard down. but even though we are still seeing additional cases, even though our hospitalizations are very high we have the capacity to handle what is coming our way we are urging. urging people to remain particularly vigilant for a little bit longer. cases are still very high. cases are indeed still very high, especially compared to prior surges, and we all need to get well past this peak. latest data shows. covid cases in san francisco peaked on january 9th with his seven day average of 2164 cases per day. right now, the seven day average is below 1076 cases per day. the state is looking into misconduct allegations against the organizers of an effort to recall san francisco district attorney chase of boudin san francisco's democratic party,
4:34 pm
which opposes the recall, filed a complaint with the fair political practices commission. that complaint accuses recall organizers of sending out misleading campaign flyers paid spokesperson for the recall was identified as an independent victims rights advocate. so far , that person is declining comment about this charge and you campaign is underway to expand and strengthen access to reproductive health for women here in california. it was announced today in sacramento by the california legislative women's caucus to recognize the 49th anniversary of roe versus wade. they say it will be introducing a number of bills to ensure that california remains a beacon of reproductive freedom in the united states. california will not just stand by. we are committed to protecting and providing access to abortion and all reproductive services not only for californians, but any who seek refuge here. the women's caucus says it expects
4:35 pm
to see support from the legislature on their package of bills as well as budgetary action. that's something governor newsom has expressed that he is willing to do. president biden gave russia a new warning today, saying that country would pay a quote heavy price for any military action against ukraine. the tougher stance comes after the president faced criticism for suggesting yesterday during a news conference that the u. s response would be measured if there was only a quote, minor incursion. the president clarified the us position today an estimated 100,000 russian troops are massed near ukraine's border. any any assembled russian units move across ukrainian border that is an invasion. but we met with severe and coordinated economic response that i've discussed in detail with our allies as well as laid out very clearly for president putin. following those remarks, the treasury department announced sanctions against four
4:36 pm
ukrainians, including two members of parliament, who are believed to be involved in russian disinformation efforts. prince andrew social media council went dark this week is he finds sexual assault allegations made against him. the duke of york's official twitter page has been deleted. his instagram account was set to private and an error message pops up on his youtube page. those changes come a week after andrew's mother, queen elizabeth , stripped her second son of his military affiliation in royal duties, buckingham palace confirmed andrew will be fighting for his lawsuit as a private citizen. he also faces a civil trial in the us the woman claims prince andrew abused her when she was 17. he maintains he has no recollection of meeting her. coming up here on the four tax season is almost here. we'll tell you how the pandemic may affect the way you file your taxes this year and how long it takes to get that refund. added whether we are in the clear this afternoon, but get ready for some stronger winds as we had
4:37 pm
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year is a little bit different. the past two years, the pandemic has changed the way that some of us file our taxes as well as being able to get those returns or file those returns with the irs. and of course, there could be some issues with getting those refunds in a timely fashion. joining us now to talk more about what to expect this year is san jose state professor and cpa. on that melon. thank you so much for taking the time appreciated my pleasure. we're already hearing from the irs warnings about backlogs in terms of processing people's tax returns potential delays in getting those refunds. broadly speaking, how is the pandemic likely to make this filing season more challenging? well.
4:40 pm
some of those challenges will continue because of what happened in 2020 with delays. key thing that would help most people would be to e file and pay that should speed things up as opposed to using paper. well what is the biggest way the pandemic is going to impact taxpayers this year, one of the most important things that we all need to keep an eye out for as we prepare our returns. well if you things there is this child tax credit that was added by legislation last year and about 36 million families received monthly payments of part of that. through july, july through december of the reconcile that on their 2021 recent return as to the correct amount. ah if someone took a coronavirus distribution from their ira account in 2020, they were probably picking it up one third in 2020 2021 2022. they wouldn't want to forget about picking that up. alright as we file these returns here in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic.
4:41 pm
there's a lot of questions that people have about what they're able to write off and what they can't write off. so let's start with the fact that right now i think a lot of folks are spending a lot of money. well my family at least spending a lot of money on those expensive test kits. you know, to make sure that children can stay in schools. we're spending money on the test kits. we're spending money on the higher grade mass right now, which were recommended by the cdc. all those things that families can write off. well. they are deductible as a medical expense speed at that lot of medical expense to be able to write that off. if someone has a health savings account, they could use those funds for purchasing that. they also did change the law that there's a deduction of $250 that teachers can get for school supplies that now actually includes ppe the personal protective equipment that you're buying it for the classroom. all right over the past year. of course, a lot of people spent a lot more time working from home
4:42 pm
working remotely. how how much of the expenses that people are putting toward those home office setups. can be written off on our tax returns. well if you're an employee, none of it, um, perhaps well, perhaps perhaps a little bit in california, but for your federal return your 10 40. you can't deduct any of it. but really, the employees need to be asking their employer. if they have added cost the employer actually in california , is required to reimburse them for reasonable business expenses . they should ask their employer to reimburse those additional costs, but they won't get a home office deduction as an employee. all right. and as we wrap up here, the most important ways most important steps that people can take to try to ensure that they get that refund as soon as possible. what are the key things to keep in mind for filers? get all your records together as early as you can, and now people are still waiting to get w twos and 10 99 plus 36 million families are waiting for a letter +6419 that will help
4:43 pm
them reconcile their child tax credit and file. file early that beat the opportunity to get that and probably the best bet is if you're getting a refund do put down your account information had a deposit into your account as opposed to waiting for paper. check to be processed for you any e filing pain you could do. that's the better way to go file electronically and do direct deposit. good advice there. appreciate your time. annette and ellen san jose state professor and cpa. appreciate it. thanks, alex. thank you take care. well the starts we've had this winter season are allowing the marin municipal water district to roll back some water restrictions that had been put in place. district officials say there will no longer be limits or penalties for indoor water use. that decision comes after significant rainfall in october and december brought reservoirs to 95% of capacity. there are, however, still limits on outdoor water use for watering plants and swimming pools. and while
4:44 pm
those storms were so productive for us, it would be nice to have a little bit more rain to track but unfortunately we're approaching two weeks of a dry weather pattern looks like that will continue for quite some time with that every thursday at the latest drought map, and as you can see here, not much change from last week so most areas around the bay area in the bay area itself in that severe range. we'll see if that changes as we head into the coming weeks, of course as that drought or as the dry weather pattern continues, that will likely have an impact on this map. last system was almost two weeks ago on january 7th, and as you can see, here, it has been a dry weather stretch dry last week. dry this week next week looks dried, possibly through the end of the month. things can always change we like to say, but at least at this point we can't pinpoint one day where we can say rain is back in the barrier forecast. well willie to will be back will be the wind in your friday forecast, especially in the berry hill's, but even down in the valleys, we could have winds topping 30 miles an hour, especially up in sonoma county. you can see that way into profile up above 4000 ft. we
4:45 pm
could have winds maybe approaching 70 miles an hour through the day afternoon hours on your friday. we're talking about st helena. maybe amount hambleton. that is for tomorrow , satellite. you can see the clear skies up and down our coastline. of course, we have been dealing with all that to dent fog. for the morning hours. you can see the satellite picking up on the fog from earlier today and then clearing out throughout the afternoon hours. there's a chance we could have some patches redevelop overnight, but not nearly as widespread as this morning. current numbers. san francisco 59. we have one that creek 62 livermore 62 in santa rosa in the mid sixties 65 degrees. here's our live camera, looking out toward the golden gate bridge. boys in this beautiful looking out toward the marine, the marine headlands, the green hillsides there. so looking pretty good this afternoon. but what will change, especially for a place like the marine headlands? those winds ramping up out of the north and east and you'll definitely notice that so as a result, the national weather service has prepped this wind advisory for the north bay portions of the east bay, the santa cruz mountains and the
4:46 pm
coastal areas winds. on average , the gusts could be run 40 to 50 miles an hour, but for the highest peaks, as we talked about it could be stronger than 60 miles an hour so that wind advisory begins seven and friday, accelerate throughout the day last year until seven a.m. on saturday. here's the forecast model even late tonight , there's a chance we could be watching out for the stronger wind speeds you can see up here that wind really picking up and then into the morning hours. that's that's the window, the values really increasing, especially for a place like fairfield 39 miles an hour. and throughout the day tomorrow, it is a breezy to windy friday across the region, and that will also lead to some warming. you can see that area of high pressure offshored area of low pressure inland. that pressure difference will set up the wind event for your friday once again some patchy fog overnight and then here's kind of the weather story, gusty winds and your friday saturday morning still breezy, but the weekend will be clear and it will be will be mild with the warmest locations in the mid to upper sixties
4:47 pm
temperatures for tomorrow. still warm lots of sixties out there are lots of sunshine. breezy breezy to windy into the afternoon hours and the look ahead. it is nice for your sunday and then more sunshine into next week. hopefully we can out of rain cloud to this forecast eventually, but nothing showing up just yet. all right, mark. thank you. pacifiers is sold online and its stores nationwide are being recalled because they pose a choking hazard. the products were sold at t. j. maxx amazon and other stores. here they are here, the brand mushy and company. issued this recall for over 300,000 frig silicone pacifiers. the recall instructs consumers to stop using the product immediately, and the recall pacifiers were sold in a classic and daisy design. existing home sales tumbled in december across the country, they were down 4.6% as higher prices amid record low inventory continued to shut out some first time buyers. mortgage rates also rose again in the latest week friday, max says 30 year fixed rate mortgages
4:48 pm
averaged 3.56% still december rounded out a year of strong sales sales of existing homes rose 8.5% in 2021. totaling 6.12 million, according to the association of realtors. inventory levels also fell to an all time low of 910,000. coming up today. here on the four determining the future of the oakland a's where the a's president says negotiations with the city stand right now and coming up at 5 49 ers treated to a super send off as they had to wisconsin in search of a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. plus hundreds of thousands of people counting on disability insurance are on the losing end of a recent fraud attack how the state is to a new ballpark at hod
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
terminal. the oakland planning commission voted unanimously to send the final environmental
4:51 pm
review over to the oakland city council. the council vote on the environmental report could happen next month. oakland mayor libby schaaf calls the commission vote huge win for the bay area. but opponents of the project say they are not giving up on their fight earlier today, on mornings onto the nine we spoke with president dave cavil about the future of the new ballpark and the team itself, he says. the a's are working with the city of oakland, but it's taking a lot longer than expected. so we are basically all in on making that happen, but it's taken a long time and there's still uncertainty about whether or not it will be approved. we're hopeful and we're working as hard as we can. and we have a great partner and mayor shaft and the council, but we have to bring this to a final binding vote. and this was an important step yesterday, and we want to keep up that momentum moving to the city council next month. cavil also said building a new stadium on the current coliseum site is not an option. cavil talked again about being on parallel past. working to
4:52 pm
make a stadium happened either in oakland or las vegas. he said the team is hoping to make a decision between oakland and vegas in the next four months. a call to boycott starbucks is trending on social media and this after the coffee giant said it would be ending its coronavirus. vaccine policy required us employees to be fully vaccinated. the announcement came days after the supreme court blocked the biden administration's plan to require vaccines or regular covid-19 testing at companies with more than 100 workers. the hashtag boycott starbucks started to trend on twitter as users voice their outrage over the change. some users pledged to avoid any business that doesn't require its workers to be vaccinated. a fedex driver was caught on camera, throwing a package onto a front porch in san francisco without ever leaving his delivery truck. not about toss their the homeowner said he was having dinner with his family last week when they heard a loud
4:53 pm
bang and they thought someone was trying to break into the house. fedex did put out a statement saying the action of the driver is unacceptable and it is addressing the matter. i bet my dad is cringing. he just retired from fedex after 20 plus year career. okay well new pilot program that wants to turn 18 and 19 year olds into a big rig driver is sparking concerns from the truck safety coalition. fox's bailey miller tells us why drunks with thousands of pounds of cargo can soon be operated by 18 to 20 year olds across state lines. it's all part of a new federal apprenticeship pilot program. this is ultimately a safety of program, the program can train up to 3000 truckers and as a condition for driving across state lines. they'll be required to complete 400 hours of probationary time as a train under an experienced driver, the american trucking association says this will boost their efforts to get more truckers on the road. 80% of the country depends exclusively on trucks
4:54 pm
and in order to ensure that we have the next generation available to provide that opportunity for those deliveries of everything from food to medicine to whatever you need. but those opposed to the program say this is simply not the answer and believe young truckers are a problem. it's treating. state safety, uh, the lives of fellow roadway users so that, um. the industry can get access to a labor pool to just solve their retention prices. the truck safety coalition says lives are at risk, but the american trucking association says this will actually be the exact opposite. this will be probably the best trained group of truckers ever in the history of the country. bailey miller fox news. coming up here on the four today a groundbreaking marine discovery of the coast of tahiti, we'll take a look at a
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
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looking at how climate change impacts the different species population numbers in antarctica , researchers have discovered the adelie penguin population declines melting sea ice. the gentoo penguin species population is increasing because they're adapting better to rising temperatures. we are basically counting penguin nests to understand how many penguins are in a colony. producing chicks every year and whether that number is going up or down with the environmental conditions nearby. scientists hope their research can lead to the development of marine protected areas in antarctica that are crucial for preserving and conserving the different penguin species that live there. an untouched coral reef has been discovered nestled deep in the depths of the ocean foxes, ashley strohmeyer has more on
4:58 pm
this marine marvel and why scientists say it's so unique. thank god we are going into an unexplored world. exploring the unexplored is rather compelling and exhilarating, deep in the twilight zone up to 230 ft. below the surface of the pacific ocean lies a groundbreaking marine discovery. at pristine coral reefs seemingly undisturbed off the coast of haiti, but generally go riffs. i found up to 25 m in tropical systems, so it's quite impressive to find such system in very good state of health. at that sort of death. the nearly two mile stretch of reef was first uncovered back in november by research divers working with the united nations. it is believed to be the largest at its depth. with some coral spanning more than six ft in diameter, all in affected by climate change or human activities. i think what's important is also raises the issue of you know how coral
4:59 pm
reefs become more resilient. to climate change because climate change is the main aspects that impacting coral risk the rail reef scientists believe began growing about 25 years ago and is too deep to be destroyed by bleaching or overfishing, which puts a strain on other underwater ecosystems. what's really important is really having the capacity to understand how those systems work, how they interact with the different stresses but also to map them because that's where we have big knowledge gaps in the ocean with only 20% of the world's ocean floor mapped out. divers hope new technology will help them journey even deeper, making way for new discoveries like this. ashley strohmeyer fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. shooters shoot at us to yelling shooter. that's because an armed man was shot and killed at san francisco international airport by police say they were forced to fire as they try to deescalate the chaos
5:00 pm
. good evening. i'm andre senior , and i'm julie julie haener. this deadly encounter unfolded this morning at the international terminal in front of the bart. station officials say the man was armed with two handguns and was acting aggressively has evan sernoffsky spoke to witnesses and police and has the very latest evan. right, andre. this all unfolded during a busy morning at sfo. police said they received multiple 911 calls about a man acting aggressively. when they got here to the scene. they said that man brandish to firearms and advanced on them. shots police gunfire erupted inside sfo thursday morning, sending travelers diving for cover. it began just before 7 30 when officers received multiple calls about a man inside the airport's international terminal. right in front of the bart entrance. sfpd officers responded, and they found individual who was brandishing


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