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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 19, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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shooting involving a carjacking suspect. an officer's hello again. i'm clotting. wang and i'm julie julie haener. that suspect was shot and killed after a fiery crash led to a shootout with police. it happened at about seven this evening in the area of west heading street and park avenue. ktvu magus has been following this breaking news. she joins us now live at the scene with an update. emma. julie san jose. police continue to investigate. tonight you can see the scene behind me. there's police tape still blocking off west heading and parks streets. cars cannot pass through at this intersection or this part of the street anyway. there's still police vehicles out here tonight . the scene has cleared up substantially. there used to be a lot more vehicles, and we do know now from police a lot more details. as to what led up to this fatal shooting. police say that it was here around seven pm when a man driving a stolen car crashed into a vehicle with two others inside. the man walked out of the car with gun in hand and started firing when he saw
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the officers. here's san jose police sergeant christian camarillo. the suspect was hit. he was quickly transported to a local hospital, where he has been pronounced deceased. all of our officers are okay. there was more than one officer involved in the shooting. i will have those details for you coming soon, but but i can confirm for you right now. this was an armed suspect. he was driving a stolen car. he attempted to carjack another vehicle and person in the city of santa clara. drove to san jose. crashed. exited the car gun in hand and shot at our officers. police were alerted about the stolen vehicle around six pm they located it then used a helicopter to covertly watch the suspect drive from the san jose to the city of santa clara, where he attempted carjacking but was unsuccessful in that he
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drove back to san jose, right here to west heading in park. a man and his teenage son heard the car crash from their kitchen window and described coming outside and seeing the vehicle burst into flames. the car burst into flames and i was there and i watched it. get on fire like full on not just smoking like real flames. it was kind of surreal. it went from sort of a pop. pop pop. and then all of a sudden it was like like a whole lot. police tell me that lived two people who were in the vehicle that was hit by the suspect aren't transferred to a local hospital, where they have minor to moderate injuries. julie all right. and the gaza reporting live for us tonight in the south bay, emma. thank you. new at 11 tonight. a crisis negotiations team is being credited for convincing a suspect to surrender to san mateo police officers received several calls today about an agitated man with a hammer on west hillsdale boulevard. colors
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reported he had thrown lighter fluid onto a person and his dog trying to light them on fire. authorities located the suspect and officers trained in crisis negotiations were called to the scene. about 45. minutes later the suspects surrendered. he has been identified as matthew post . he was arrested on several charges and booked into san mateo county jail streets in downtown oakland are back open tonight after the alameda county bomb squad. fbi and police spent hours investigating a suspicious device. it was found outside the oakland federal building this afternoon. ktvu is jana katsuyama joins us live now from oakland and janna. authorities say this device was a hoax, but there was a surprise inside. yes claudine and you know right now they have not made any arrests. but they say that there is surveillance video that they are going to be analyzing and trying to identify the suspect. but it was quite a surprise, they said when they went, they were able to finally get into the advice. take a look, and that's when they found the message inside. oakland
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police say they got a call about 12 30 wednesday afternoon from a homeland security worker. a person was seen leaving a suspicious package outside the federal building at the foot of a flagpole. the alameda county bomb squad said it appeared to resemble a pipe bomb inside of a bag, but the package had been placed inside a planter difficult to access. police shut down roads and workers inside the building said they suddenly heard announcements telling people to evacuate immediately. they just call for the loudspeaker. telling that everybody had to leave. evacuees stood out in the cold, unable to go back inside for nearly five hours. this worker said she had no time to collect her things very frustrated. my clothes, my shoes. my purse. police also evacuated surrounding businesses , including a fitness club right across the street, where employees helps them. two dozen members get out. i immediately took action and went upstairs and started getting all of our club members together so we can
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get him out of the building as soon as possible about 5:30 p.m. the bomb squad was able to pull the device out of the planter. and found something surprising inside so i would call it a hoax device. the best way to describe it not going to get into details on what it looked like or how they put it together when we got into the package and took it apart. that's where we discovered the message. investigators say it was a handwritten note addressed to lawn force mint officers. there was a specific message in there for law enforcement that was left we have since taken all of that evidence and turned it over to the fbi, and even though it wasn't a real bomb, the fbi says the suspect could face federal charges potential for weapons of mass destruction charges we really needed to determine the motivation behind it before we could go down that path. the fbi says tonight that they're really their investigation is really going to be focusing on that letter, but they would not tell us any details about what the message said clotting. all right . the investigation continues. i'm sure it's just getting
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underway. thank you so much, dana. well new at 11, a homeless shelter in west oakland is closed after a covid-19 outbreak . saint vincent depaul on san pablo avenue has temporarily shut down oakland side reporting that the shelter closed after 20 guests tested positive for the virus. shelter officials say most of those infected were moved into county run isolation hotel shelters some did decline to go. it is not yet known when the shelter is going to reopen. teachers at richmond high school staged sick out today, at least 32 teachers did not show up for class. they're urging the west contra costa unified school district now to temporarily closed schools as covid cases rise. they're also asking for more personal protective equipment and better ventilation in classrooms. the teacher started an online petition that has reached more than 300,000 or 300. rather signatures, the petition says there have been 91 covid cases on campus since classes resumed after winter break. the school district says
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it is stepping up its masking requirements and is making weekly testing available to staff and students, nursing assistance, medical technicians and other employees represented by the national union of healthcare workers rallied today outside queen of the valley medical center and napa. the group says it's picketing to call attention to critical understaffing at the medical center. they're also asking the hospital to pay a fair wage. they say wages at the hospital are the lowest in the bay area, elected officials and community allies also taking part in today's rally. they don't really care about staffing. they don't care about helping our families when they're sick. they don't even care about our patients because they're not staffing us up so that we can take care of them properly. queen of the valley is owned and operated by providence, the fourth largest catholic hospital chain in the country. we reached out for reaction this evening but did not immediately hear back. about 40 firefighters with the short
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staff. santa clara county fire department are now asking for an exemption to the county's new booster mandate. the county announced last month that all workers in high risk settings are required to get the booster shot by january. 24th. the fire department says 93% of its staff is fully vaccinated, and most have received booster shots. the fire department may apply for a waiver with the county health department that keeps the un boosted firefighters on their jobs if they obtain exemptions. amount of rain dragon right about me. oh, my goodness. searching for an aggressive mountain line on the peninsula, the animal's behavior that has neighbors nervous and a bittersweet moment for a couple searching through the rubble after their home burned to the ground, the sentimental items we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future,
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you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. after the two fought in a neighborhood overnight, one of those mountain lions died. neighbors in belmont now say they are on high alert as authorities continue to keep an eye out for the mountain lion. ktvu zach sauce has the story. it was just after two in the morning along this quiet street in belmont when a doorbell camera picked up this series of startling growls and roars. it makes this nervous. very nervous noises. most people are only used to hearing in a nature documentary echoing down hastings drive wednesday as to
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mountain lines, battled it out one, eventually killing the other amount. lion dragon, another mountain range. oh my goodness video showing the animal dragging its kill across the street to a neighbor's doorstep. just keep your head on a swivel. kevin stanford, part of the area's neighborhood watch , has been advising folks to do since game wardens removed the dead mountain lion. i'm hoping i don't find it, but if i do you know we are pd is really, really good, and they were just respond super duper fast police who are urging neighbors to be cautious, but not everyone unnerved by the brawl. it's pretty cool. i mean, you know, it's not just one. it's too and they were fighting neighbors being advised not to leave their pets or small children unattended mountain lions. no i'm going home to warn my whole family. i'm outlined fight well, shocking in these parts, apparently not entirely rare. it's kind of mountain lions being mountain lions. tiffany yeah, but wildlife expert at the center for biological diversity, it is a common occurrence for you know my outline skill each other over protecting territory. i think sometimes it becomes a greater
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occurrence. when, um they're boxed in, and their habitat is limited. yep says mountain lines are largely solitary creatures who avoid humans. they are important for a lot of other species and a lot of biodiversity throughout california, but back in the neighborhood. stanford says he'll be keeping up his patrols to provide neighbors peace of mind. i haven't picked up any tracks it to kind of see what direction it took off in or what direction it came in, so that's kind of the sort of the puzzle trying to put together now and so far california fish and wildlife, saying it found no direct evidence that this mountain line is a threat to human still there, urging people in the area to remove any sources of food water that might attract dear to their property. a source of food for mountain lions in belmont zach sauce, ktvu. fox two news. well to vallejo. teens are facing several charges after allegedly leading police on a chase down highway 29 near napa. officers say they spotted the two teens driving a black 2015 ford suv and wearing black ski masks. the vehicle was wanted by san
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francisco police in connection with a carjacking earlier this month when officers tried to pull the driver over, they say he refused to stop. authorities did a pit maneuver that disabled the vehicle. two boys got out and ran, but they were quickly apprehended. the 15 year old and 16 year old suspects were booked into napa county juvenile hall for felony evading felony vehicle theft and misdemeanor resisting arrest. sfpd is now handling that investigation. a nurse from stanford has been reported missing. friends say michael o'dell was last seen monday they became concerned after his car was found in fremont by the dumbarton bridge toll plaza yesterday morning. odell is in his late twenties with hazel eyes and short brown hair. anyone with information is asked to call law enforcement. well we're not even a month into the new year and already a disturbing trend in santo daisy san jose, we're going to take a look at recent pedestrian deaths next the fog has certainly been moving in. it's moving out. it's
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playing tag with the shore line . now the effect it will have on your morning commute. the forecast is up next and the food pantry in the south bay that's now able to ope 5 pedestrians han
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hit and killed in san jose. ktvu jesse gary takes a closer look at the troubling numbers. that is a factor in this collision. obviously it's not a good idea to cross busy streets at night outside of a crosswalk. the loss of life marks the 4th and 5th time in the new year. that pedestrian has died due to a collision with a vehicle last year that mark wasn't reached until march. the beginning of 2022. is higher than we have
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seen it. the beginning number here recently, experts with san jose's department of transportation say this is in line with national statistics showing an 18% increase in fatal pedestrian vehicle collisions dating back to 2020. we have been looking at the day to day in the most of the mystery two years. but particularly during the pandemic. it's been a different trends then compared to previous years, vision zero manager jesse mints, roth says the number of fatal pedestrian vehicle collisions in san jose was down before the pandemic and just before shelter and place protocols were lifted, but those numbers increased sharply in late summer and autumn of 2021. i think part of the reason why it's happening is that the drivers have a very distracted environment. there were a total of 60 fatal collisions in san jose and 2021, including the case of hillary lopez. the 35 year old was hit and killed on center road december 16th, the hit and run driver was caught
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and is charged with her death. he was the nicest person they know. she was so empathetic she could really feel your feelings . city experts say the burden falls on drivers and pedestrians to be as safe as possible whether driving, walking or cycling on area roads were working with a consultant. to do some surveys studying benchmarking and will be releasing a campaign i believe later this year. santa clara county medical examiner has not released the identities of the two men who were hit and killed. the driver who stayed at the scene was also injured, but investigators say that person is cooperating with the investigation and the drugs a alcohol but not factors in the collision. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news, the independent institute is out with a negative report about bar. the institute says it looked at five areas of performance and operations using bart's own metrics. it says it determined that bart fails
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across the board. the areas include bart's finances, which the report calls reckless due to pay. benefits and overtime for union workers on time performance, which the report says bart does poorly customer satisfaction ratings, crime and cleanliness. bart has not commented on that report. well santa's a food pantry facing closure has raised enough money overnight to stay open, the city of san jose told the lighthouse ministries food pantry that it needed to pay $15,500 for a special use permit. it had to be paid by february 14th or the food pantry would have to close a go fund. me campaign, which started on monday, has now raised over $16,000.01 anonymous contributor donated $10,000. the lighthouse ministries. food pantry feeds more than 6000 people a week. that is so wonderful to hear everybody. we have watched the fog over the past 60 minutes or so and take a look at the golden gate bridge.
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visibility is obscured at this particular time at the focus, so think we're even picking up some condensation in the form a drizzle. but then we take another view, this time looking out towards the city of san francisco, it was completely shrouded in just about 30 minutes ago went now we picked up an offshore wind. the fog is blown out, but it will be moving back onshore again. temperature wise. we are in the forties. for the most part. we do have 50 degrees in san francisco and also fo 44 degrees in livermore . after realizing highs today in the low sixties around the tri valley. now that feels like it hasn't rained in a long time. you're right. last time we did have some precipitation was on january 7th. okay? we had a couple of raindrops on the 16th. that's about it. nothing measurable. now that was 12 days ago that we had that significant rainfall. i've been exploring the long range computer models. it looks like we're going to go another 12 days. at least we have the potential of that before we see our next rainfall and it's not that we don't have
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the systems out there. oh no, they're pretty big and vigorous, but they're deflecting off that huge, strong ridge of high pressure. it's taking all of this precipitation in the form of brain and even mountain snow well into the pacific northwest , and as high pressure continues to build over for the region. we will see the overnight fog until that offshore wind kicks in on friday blows it out, and we see temperatures well above average , so storm track stays to the north of us your weather headlines the fog is developing right now we'll have those great conditions tomorrow morning and then some hazy sunshine and mostly sunny from mild to downright warm through the weekend tonight overnight into the forties 44 degrees in hayward back into sadly, andrew into san lorenzo, fremont union city, all in the low forties as well. 44 degrees redwood city and cooler than that to the south of morgan hill. tomorrow's high sixties. for the most part, check out morgan hill with the pair of sixes there and to the north. also in santa rosa,
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otherwise low sixties around the central bay. check out this spring, like weather forecast, not a raindrop, insight and temperatures flirting. with 70 degrees. wow by friday and saturday. roberta thank you. well, the heavy rains that inundated parts of california late last year are helping to revitalize the struggling fish species while the water wasn't enough to completely replenish the state's reservoirs, wildlife experts say it arrived just in time for spawning season and allowed some fish species to reach rivers or streams leading to the lagunitas creek. we've seen fish and places that they haven't been for almost 25 years , and i think that's that's definitely a sign of the winter that we've had so far as great rain. long duration storms that have allowed fish to pass through culverts that are also hard to get through and they can get up into those tributaries. those wildlife experts say fish have the highest chance of survival in small streams. well the cleanup continues in colorado, where last month the
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marshall fire destroyed more than 1000 homes. the blaze was the most destructive fire in the state's history. residents are now digging through the rubble, looking for their most cherished belongings. michael parks and his fiancee, kim barely had time to grab their dog and get out. they returned the next day to find their entire neighborhood gone, and they quickly realized the rings for their wedding this spring had been left inside, using shovels and a sifter. they went to work. dugout what? six buckets and on that sixth one finally found the last one. it was pretty crazy, just really were hugging and so excited. the couple says the amount of joy they felt over two small objects is indescribable. well coming up. the 49ers are expecting the wind chill factor to be below zero on saturday in green bay sports director marco banderas with that story next in sports, but first check this out. a
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colorful sunset lit up the sky tonight. this is what it looked like from our roof camera here in oakland. you're watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu will be right back.
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there, but it is mason crosby with the game winning field goal, and the 49ers was much prefer these memories 2019, you know they've beaten the packers three straight playoff games. raheem mostert went off for touchdowns and the best touchdown celebration in the business, but yeah, that's kind of what it looked like saturday. game time could be right n degry have no choice. they've got to be ready. it's football. you can't really use a coal as an excuse. you've got to go out there and perform at a high level. that's just gonna be really fun. just a little bit more adversity for us to try to battle through. you know, we have a good mindset going into this thing and we know it's going to be like on saturday, so it'll be a #### of an atmosphere. hi let's talk some more. your basketball. they got back to backers coming up indiana tomorrow and then on friday night, they'll take on the houston rockets and some very positive news last night. a
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guy who knows how to score points in a hurry. clay thompson goes for 21 tonight guy who remember clay when he scored 60 points like 29 minutes. how about joel embiid for the sixers this evening? 50 points in 27 minutes, going back? to the bucket. he was 17 out of 23 from the floor high percentage shot right there, but he's also got the three game working, and that's seven ft. £280 physical specimen leading the sixers. to victory. what you might say slim pickens for bay area college basketball tonight as one team in action, and they were probably sorry they were san jose state of wyoming. shaun robinson trying to keep the spartans in it. he puts it down. he had 14 but the cowboys you don't think of them necessarily as a basketball school in wyoming, but jeremiah odin shows you different with the jam cowboys taken 84 69 there 14 to
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the spartans. meanwhile oh and four in conference, alright, we've come to that point of the evening. where we must check. this out. what do we got shaken at this celtics game tonight. bon jovi. let's turn up the volume and some people can't jump. some people can't dance doesn't matter. he's rocking out and watch the guy's reaction. yeah he's like, oh, wait. i'm on camera to yeah, i like that. the air guitar. it's all happening in the celtics game, and they think they want to. hey let us see what else is shaken. check this out. this is a weird sport . you can help me out. feel free . it's on ice. they appear to be in stocking feet. and you know what? that is kicking a bowling ball. oh that's a injuries. i don't know what you call it. but maybe bowling ball soccer.
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whatever the killer bruises in the world, not real bright. in my opinion, pop look fun at all this wording life for tonight, such as it is, mark. thank you. thanks everybody for joining us thanks everybody for joining us tonight.k you. ding! ding! ding! ding! ding! samples! mmm! mmm. excuse me, do i know you? i don't think so. you look so familiar. why am i picturing a bench ad? minor celebrity. guilty as charged. oh! you're the "accidentes" guy. mm. no. no, no, no. um, i'm, uh... (chuckles) i'm mr. real estate -- phil dunphy. oh, right. i am actually looking for a house right now. wow. well, if i could be of any service... i don't -- i don't have any cards. i'm in my gym clothes. oh, i see you earned that hot chocolate. yeah, i rocked a pretty intense shake weights/power walk combo. morning, neighbors. saw your daughter yesterday. boy, she is growing up fast. my name is angie. here is my number. if you find any good three-bedrooms in the neighborhood,


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