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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 18, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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say. even if the surge is easing , people need to keep up their guard. we're already seeing reports out of south africa and the united kingdom that people are getting their second episode of covid. and that's in a relatively short period of time. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two
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news. well, the white house is set to distribute 400 million free, nonsurgical and n95 masks . they are going to be available at pharmacies and community centers in the coming weeks. the cdc last week updated its guidance to say cloth maps provide the least amount of protection from the omicron variant of the coronavirus and that high quality kn 95 95 respirators are the most effective. the free masks will come from the government's strategic national stockpile and free covid tests can now be ordered online through the website. covid test dot gov americans can request one set of four rapid antigen at home tests for household thanks to a partnership between the white house and the u. s. postal service, the soft launch one day ahead of the official launch is working out any kinks and operating in a limited capacity . orders will ship in 7 to 12 days starting in late january. coming up an unusual move from the ceo of airbnb how he's getting even more familiar with
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are we still exclusive? absolutely. of professions continue to have a hard time filling jobs. the job site indeed dot com, says postings for positions such as deli worker baker and barista have been open for much longer in the bay area when compared to jobs in other parts of the country. industry experts cites several possible factors from people looking for better opportunities to concerns about the coronavirus and concerns over the effect of inflation and interest rate hikes on the u. s economy led to a big selloff on
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wall street today. the dow plummeted. 543 points about 1.5% nasdaq dropped 386 points 2.6% as text shares took a beating and the s and p was down 85. traders expect the federal reserve will raise short term interest rates as soon as march. when i kind of diner in berkeley has closed its doors. but he's ocean view diner on fourth street in berkeley has been in business for 40 years and says a covid related shortage. labor shortage forced the closure. it's not clear if the closures permanent or if the diner is going to reopen when more workers can be found. the longtime business closed once before the start of the pandemic in march of 2020, but after three months, the community rallied and the diner reopened. a 17 year old ordinance in the south bay is getting new pushback. it requires a permit for people to hand out food and supplies to the homeless in san jose's parks, ktvu is jesse gary has more. i think it's a way to like, make things harder as
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things are hard as if things are hard enough for the homeless already and their advocates and average sign posted in st james park is generating a groundswell of opposition item five lists, handing out food and clothing to the house residents as illegal except by permit. how you doing man? nearly five years ago, resident complaints about trash from feeding the and housed prompted the city to threaten enforcement of the 2000 and five ordinance. they have to put a stop to it. i know. i know. they just it's hard for him, but they do have to stop. the city never did issue citations and fines but has left the signs up and still requires a permit of at least $50. many people feel like they need to do. um something good for the community and we want to help them do that, but we want to properly help them. do that ok, city spokesman ed bautista says the fee helps ensure food is healthy and safe to eat. and trash is removed, helped design designated area that's more conducive to doing
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something like this. political scientists say government partnerships with third parties to solve problems such as food insecurity. our common permits to accomplish this, and it's also something that really comes at the discretion of bureaucrats and doesn't come at the discretion of solving a public policy problem. it's ridiculous . at least one advocate says he'll continue helping and ignoring what looms overhead. we need all the help we can get. don't make it harder on us because we're not going to pay that fine. earlier in the day, the city's website had a message, saying the special use permits were being paused. city officials say that's a mistake that they are working to rectify. the permits is still required, and to date no one has been cited for failure to have a permit. outside san jose city hall, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news while airbnb ceo announced today that he'll be working remotely and living in a new rental every two weeks in a tweet, brian chesky said. starting today i'm living on airbnb. his plan is to move to a
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different town or city every couple of weeks but says he'll return to san francisco. often this week. chesky is living in atlanta. he calls it the decentralization of living and emerging trend that he says is reflective of the rising number of long term bookings on airbnb. are we are looking at some pretty mild temperatures from today. it was a little cooler today. temperatures tomorrow be mild again, but a little bit warmer. so instead of 59 conquered like we had today, conqueror probably goes 63 or 64 tomorrow and by the end of this week, potentially, we could see temperatures. in the around the bay in some of the warmer spots south bay into the mid and upper sixties, so kind of a warm pattern for sure and a dry pattern. we haven't seen rain in 10 or 12 days. we're not going to see brain again for another 5 to 10 days easy, so we are in this holding pattern, which means we got some, you know, a little bit of patchy valley fog a little bit of patchy coastal fog. just a little bit of
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everything out there, but not rain. the rain is all going the other way. you can see this just massive plume of moisture going right up over the top, and that's why that's an atmospheric river. if this thing was focused , i keep saying this, but it's just sort of what if what if but if this thing was focused, coming straight across, like those ones earlier and this year we'd be we'd be in for it would begin a ton of rain probably haven't had some price hydro problems, actually, because of the potential the potential for this thing to really drop the rain. we do have a few light sprinkles showing up around point arena. some cloud cover as well. forecast for tomorrow will be just like today. these are the current temperatures. this is the current live camera. but these are the forecast overnight lows, so you're going to see numbers above freezing significantly above reasons as a matter of fact. i don't even think forrest hill might get just at freezing some of those real cold spots in the north bay up towards geyserville. but it's not not. a lot of us will be in the thirties. i think most of us tomorrow morning will be in the low forties. so tomorrow
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morning. san francisco oakland san jose looks like that. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. the whole day is going to be partly sunny, mostly sunny, and then the forecast highs a little bit warmer. mid sixties low sixties and a little warmer each day as we head into the bay area weekend, a 66 is on saturday in the warmest spots could mean 68 in a place like salinas or morgue until maybe even 70 degrees. so a dry five day hopefully, something shows up at the end of this month into early february. probably will, as far as rain forward doing okay, we'll be by the time the range come again will be about 100% of average. we will be 150% about 100. maybe 98 i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right, bill. thank you. new at 11, a california high school student and his family are celebrating after the team got a perfect score on his s a t 17 year old. poor mishra is just months from graduating davis senior high school, and he recently found out he scored a perfect 1600 on his s a t. mr is vice captain of
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the robotics team student body president and is a software engineering intern. he said he studied for the s a t whenever he had time, and he said one section in particular had him nervous. the third section, for sure the reading sections so i think the big thing for me was that like i really do want to go to, you know, like a college where i can make the most of myself. college board, which administers the exam, says only a fraction of a percentage of students accomplish a perfect score. pretty amazing what worries fans stick around because the splash brothers are having fun once again, and that spells trouble for the warriors f
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seven straight games at home tonight, and after one and three road trip, they're glad to be back on familiar turf. draymond green will not be playing for a couple of weeks at least recovering from a back injury. matchups will determine the starting lineups. with jonathan dominga getting the start tonight. the detroit pistons didn't put up much of a fight tonight. they don't even hustle over to pressure the best three point shooter in the league. he makes them pay with three of his 18 points. the warriors of 16 in the second quarter, every healthy warriors saw action tonight. jordan's pool to the hoop for two plus the foul. wars in front by 21 at this point is taken away here they'll run the floor. steph curry with a nice bounce pass for the assistant, andrew wiggins, who does a little high flying wiggins had 19 the rot was on. the warriors in front by 26 really given the pistons and then just before halftime, they get it to clay thompson in the corner. nice to be able to say that again. thompson hits three of his 21. he was the warriors leading scorer tonight in 22 minutes, the whole arena happy for this
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side as the warriors went to the locker room up by 28. and not much drama in the second half. dominga make a nice baseline move here for two of his 12 points with 10 rebounds. the rookie gets his first double double the warriors win 1 to 86 there back to 20 games over 532 and 12. 24 nfl teams are home for the season of the eight that are still playing. you can bet none of them have all their players healthy, was disclosed yesterday that the 49ers jimmy garoppolo strained his right throwing shoulder and sundays went over dallas. the injury came in the second quarter that may have affected his accuracy. garafalo looked like an entirely different quarterback in the second half, garoppolo was limited practice participants today. says he expects to play on saturday. but maybe trey lance should be standing by. like me in the shoulder. yeah being a quarterback, it affects every throw. so uh, yeah. definitely had some impact. but
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i you know if i'm out there, and i'm being put in that spot i got, you know. still make the place that i normally make. so no excuses or anything like that. just i mean, injury is what it is. just we're all dealing with stuff now. are you confident you're going to play saturday? ah yeah, i mean, well, feel it out throughout the week, but, yeah, just feeling good right now. and time for a little check this out action on a tuesday night we take into the city of brotherly love. flyers hosting the new york islanders islanders goalie semyon varlamov blocks the puck and it spends the goal and his mother's it in the nhl. the entire podcast to clear the line which just buck does not varlamov sells out for the save. did it matter? yes, his team won 4 to 3 in a shutout. now you like that play between the pipes. how about this one? the stars. michael raffl has a one on one against montreal goalie sam montalvo montalvo stops the momentum of the pack as it trickles. he just lays on it from clearing the line. that is not the technique 18, but in this case it works and you know, it's really hard
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to put the biscuit in the basket when the guy between the pipes is standing on his head. how's that person? talkie whatever work. i mean, that was my milliliters. they're just like that much good stuff. thanks joe. thanks everybody for joining e to come to these family meetings? i'm an adult. she said, emerging from the basement in her pajamas at noon. get off my back. it's saturday. right? what is this meeting about? are the ducks back? 'cause that was weird. your mom starts her new job running grandpa's closet company on monday, and you know how she gets when there are big changes. (groans) claire: (english accent) knockity-knock! oh, no. not -- mrs. clutterworth. who's ready to take everything we don't want and toss it in the bin? i am! you get her arms, i'll get her legs. (normal voice) i created mrs. clutterworth when the kids were little as a way to make home organizing fun. so fun. super fun. maybe a little confusing. why? well, the name is clearly inspired by mrs. butterworth, right? mm-hmm. yeah. but somehow she has a british accent. yeah, well, the kids were super into mary poppins back then.
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