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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 18, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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vigil in san francisco's chinatown to honor michelle go the bear in native who was killed when a man pushed her in front of a moving subway train in new york city. i think that was just hurting a nutshell. who was somebody was super caring someone who made friends easily and somebody who was so
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memorable in time. san francisco's asian community comes together to remember the woman who was since like senselessly killed while waiting for her train. good evening. i'm clotting. wang and i'm julie julie haener. it is still unclear if race was a factor in her death, but many said her death is a reminder of the recent violence against asian americans. ktvu zambelli joins us now live from san francisco. after tending tonight's vigil, amber. julie tonight about 100. people attended the vigil here in chinatown. many people tell me it's important to continue to raise awareness about violence against members of the aapi community. every time there's enough bent like this that happens, i boil in anger for days and emotional and somber vigil in memory of michelle. alyssa go the bay area native killed at a new york city subway station. community leaders, friends and co workers of the 40 year old gathered at portsmouth square in san francisco chinatown trying to come to
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terms with what happened, it could have been any of frustrated. she was just so incredibly smart and sweet and carrying because she was thoughtful goes family says she loved life and enjoyed traveling. she lived in new york city and worked for deloitte as a consultant, helping other companies with mergers and acquisitions. she just always was like the light in the room. she was a leader goes, life was taken suddenly and senselessly saturday morning. police say a homeless man pushed her from behind, shoving her to her death in front of a train. it's unclear what his motive was a killing that has shocked people and serve as a sad reminder of other attacks on the aapi community made me angry and sad and frustrated, and just another news of an asian american woman being being killed just to me. just kind of it broke my heart when you take the bus and you see an elder you see, someone you think might be at risk you can verbally. warn them before
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anything happens. amy lee organized this vigil. she's the founder of dear community grassroots movement dedicated to increasing engagement in the aapi community hits you when you're doing everyday things. i really wanted to do something to show solidarity and to show people that this is still happening. friends of the gulf family came to pay their respects and find comfort. when does the shame is that? for 10 years she was advocate for the homeless and there was a homeless person that was her attacker. we should be able to walk down the street without fear of being assaulted or spit upon. or getting cursed at. the organizer urges people to donate their time to help the vulnerable in the community. many at the vigil told me it's important to let the public know attacks on the aapi community. are still happening. julie body heartbreaking. what happened? amber thank you. in new york.
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another vigil was held tonight in memory of michelle. go. michel we will miss you deeply, but know that you will always be in our hearts and memories. hundreds of people gathered in times square, where a towering image of go stood over them all . those who knew go came to celebrate her life. activists and public officials took aim at the circumstances that allowed for her murder. multiple appointment of law enforcement officers match with mental health professionals to identify those who are need are in need and give them the services immediately. according to the suspect's family 61 year old marshall simon was homeless and schizophrenic and has been in and out of mental hospitals for 20 years. new at 10 the chp announced tonight a major bust by its organized retail crime task force connected to the looting in san francisco's union square last november. the chp showed up $185,000 in stolen works and dice recovered here in
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the bay area just yesterday. the seized items include dozens of bags of high end clothing, along with buckets of personal care products and other merchandise. officials say they also recovered items stolen during the brazen takeover robbery at san francisco's louie baton store last year. officers arrested unknown fencing suspect and they were booked on organized retail crime charges. in the span of one week, california recorded one million coronavirus infections. it is the fastest accumulation of reported infections in the state to date with now, more than seven million cases reported over the past two years. the speed of the new infections illustrates the high transmissibility of the omicron variant. the state's positivity rate is slowly dropping, but still remains at about 20% there are some indications that we might be hitting a peak and turning the corner on this latest variant surge. ktvu jana katsuyama spoke with experts at u c. berkeley about this new data, and she joins us now live to explain, joanna.
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julie researchers say that other countries have seen the omicron search peak after about one month and here in the bay area, they say we could start seeing signs of a similar decline in the coming week. at a pop up testing site in berkeley. one man who had covid-19 last year remembers how it felt running nose and lost the test. off your face. yeah, and diarrhea. in there just fell already bad now with the highly transmissible omicron variants surge, the new year can feel like old times, mostly by now are really cutting back a lot and going back into lockdown for now to make sure that um, we aren't spreading it to other people. if there are signs, though, that the only concert might be reaching its peak. the numbers are suggesting that we're just about there. so i think we're gonna probably by the end of this week, maybe early next week. we'll be able to say that we've clearly crested nationwide there were about 700,000 new cases reported
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this week, down from last week's 1.4 million cases. in california tuesday, the positivity rate fell slightly to 21.1% with an average of 110,000 new covid cases per day. still that's higher than during past covid case surges, and dr schwartzberg says it likely won't be until february when hospitals feel some relief even though the cases are going to be dropping. we're still going to be seeing for about 10 to 14 days, more hospitalizations and for about a month more deaths they area wastewater samples also show that we might be hitting the apex researchers at uc berkeley's nelson lab are analyzing coronavirus levels detected in bay area wastewater right now, we are either just cresting the omicron peak or in some cases, continuing to go up is sort of what it looks like. as has been seen with case data . this peak was a lot higher than the delta peak and the previous peaks before that. rose cantera, research engineer at
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the lab says the levels of the virus in certain parts of the bay area seemed to be slightly declining. san francisco as well as some of the other areas of contra costa county and marine county. but we think that in alameda and potentially also in richmond, we might still be seeing an increase. even if the omicron searches easing, doctor schwartzberg says people need to keep up their guard. that's because reports out of south africa and the united kingdom so that people are getting a second episode of covid. in a relatively short period of time. janet. thank you. well the centers for disease control say , oh, macron now makes up more than 99% of new coronavirus cases. the delta variant only accounts for one half of 1% of cases. that's about where oh, macron was when it was first detected in the u. s in early december in san francisco. the omicron variant may cause less severe disease on average, but monitors still say that 50,000
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to 300,000 more americans could die by the time this current surge ends. advisor is looking to ramp up its covid pill production, the company will be investing almost $600 million in france over the next five years . that investment includes building a production facility for their antiviral covid-19 pill. the pill was found to be 90% effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths in patients who are at high risk of severe illness. you can now order your free at home covid test kits, the government's website that's offering the free kits launched a day earlier than scheduled, and his ktvu is cristina rendon reports. the rollout is running smoothly so far. it will officially launch tomorrow morning. it's in the beta testing phase right now americans are already ordering their free covid-19 at home test kits through the website, covid tests dot gov. the south to launch one day ahead of the official launch, is working out any kinks in operating in a limited capacity. every website launch in our view comes with
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risk. we can't guarantee there won't be a bugger to but the best tech teams across the administration and the postal service are working hard to make this a success. the government side takes you to a u. s postal service web page where you can request one set. of four rapid antigen at home tests per household. these tests give you results within 30 minutes. orders will ship in 7 to 12 days starting in late january. the postal service says it can't process duplicate orders for the same address. we're looking forward to getting free tests out to the public. the test can only be sent to a home address, not a business address, which make us problems for those who live in apartments. but the majority of people are reporting no issues, saying they've already received confirmation of their order. if you can't wait for a shipment, you're encouraged to make an appointment at a free testing site. or you can buy an at home test kit and get reimbursed from your insurance company. the hashtag covid testing is already trending on twitter and the a p reports that at one point today, more than 750,000 people were accessing the website. at the
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same time, though it's unknown. how many orders have been placed? cristina rendon ktvu fox two news and now to oakland, where the school district says they're continuing to negotiate with the student group, who held the first day of the walk out today. the district says it doesn't know how many students decided not to attend class but about 1200 signed a petition saying they would not show up to school until their demands are met. they want the district to supply medical grade masks on site pcr testing at every campus twice a week. and covered outdoor spaces. three schools closed today due to staffing shortages, bridges academy, acorn, woodland and united for success academy, where teachers held a rally in support. teachers are supporting the student strike, and they're welcome to come and, um, but there's not going to be that much instruction happening as there hasn't been for last couple weeks. now half of our students are outside of the classroom. the district responded by saying they distributed more than 200,000 k
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n95 masks last week and that more are on the way. rain productive protected outdoor spaces are in the making. district officials call their testing system robust. six doors targeted in just over an hour in a rash of brazen thefts in the south bay at 10 30. the one thing the thieves were after and i'm tracking that forecast. we'll take a look at the warm temperature. the warmer temperatures were saying, i'll have those details after the break. employees patrons shaken here at the san francisco public library after a pit bull attacks as
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osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d to pedestrians were killed and another injured after being hit by a car in san jose. now this all happened just before 8 30 tonight. this was at the intersection of almaden expressway and foxworthy avenue. that is just around the corner from the capitol expressway auto mall. police say the driver did stay at the scene and was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police say the intersection will be closed for several hours while they investigate. the two victims are the 6th and 7th people to die so far this year in traffic accidents in san jose new attend tonight, a terrifying scene at the san francisco public library over the weekend when a dog
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mauled a security guard and the whole thing was caught on camera . ktvu zach sauce tells us that guard was seriously injured. it was a vicious attack. this cell phone video posted to social media capturing the chilling moments sunday is a pit bull turned on a security guard at the san francisco public library . that's about 20 minutes before closing. city librarian michael lambert says a pair of security guards were making routine rounds. that's when they say they noticed a man passed out at a computer desk. his dog roaming around this dog was barking and making noise. hizzoner not waking up. they were unresponsive. and our security team in the course of trying to arouse this individual illegal drug use all too common in the surrounding neighborhood. the guards unable to rouse him began to consider administering narcan . that's when his dog attacked one of our security officers. one other guard not seen in the video also jumping in to help
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when the owner without the aid of narcan regained consciousness. at some point, they were able to get their dog secured animal control, arriving shortly after well, paramedics rushed to the guard, his colleagues speechless. i know this has impacted a lot of our staff that were working that day. the owner was cited by the sheriff's department for failure to maintain control of their animal telling deputies. his dog was a service dog. we don't allow pets inside the library, but individuals who. indicate that they have a service animal and that you know the animal performs, but specific task for them are allowed to bring their animal inside the building animals protected under the americans with disabilities act we have never ever had an animal attack when it works staff the library now reviewing its policies, we're going to exhaust all of our options in you know, looking at how we can keep our staff and our patrons safe working to ensure that this
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never happens again. our focus right now is on our dear colleague and his recovery and we're told the security guard was taken to the hospital to be treated for what's being described as serious injuries. he's now recovering at home. as for the dog, it's now in the custody of animal control. in san francisco's access ktvu, fox two news. of losing the south may have arrested a suspected smash and grab robber who they say help steal nearly $200,000 worth of merchandise from a store in santa clara 19 year old gregory jefferson was arrested at his home in pittsburgh, where police say they found 30 boxes of luxury sneakers. clothing and a loaded ghost gun assault weapon. police say jefferson was part of a group that targeted the fixed kicks store in the senate clara town center twice last november. jefferson is facing grand theft and weapons charges. some top bay area colleges will take part in a new program to help low income students pay for school and build their resumes. 45 colleges statewide will roll out the californians for all college
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core in the fall. here in the bay area. u c. berkeley san francisco state, san jose state and csu. east bay got the nod. one student talked about the benefits of a similar program that he's taking part in at san jose state. is a great way for me to receive a living allowance and education award for my service, which includes providing access to computer science to underserved kids, which is really important to me. the students will work in one of three areas. k through 12, education, climate action or food insecurity. students can get information on how to apply from their schools starting in march. already a pretty nice day spell, and it looks like we're probably gonna go another 8 to 10 days before breaks, so we're in for more of the same type of whether we've been seeing which is just a little bit of coastal
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fog, a little bit of valley fog, and then temperatures like these it will take us into tomorrow. i think tomorrow's temperatures will be a degree or two warmer, mostly 63 62 something like that. we can look at the map here or the calendar and just see last time it rained was the seventh hasn't rained for a week . looks like the next this week. we're in. it's not going to rain and then the following week looks dry as well. late in january. those last couple days 30 and 31 in early february. there is hope of some rain, but the good news is this that we've gotten so much rain or we had gotten so much rain that we have withstood, or we will be able to withstand. this dry period in staying just around 100% will be a little under by the time we get to the rain, but, boy help fortunate are we if we had not had those significant, significant historic ringing up falls in some cases maybe a whole we'd be singing a different tune that's of snow in the mountains as well. so when i come back, we'll get you into the forecast. just know it's going to be mostly about fog and
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temperatures will be mildly. we might even see some upper sixties and seventies in parts of the bay area by the weekend. has been so nice. all right, bill. thank you. well there are new plans now for this year's grammy awards, the awards show, which was originally set for january. 31st in los angeles, has now been rescheduled for sunday. april 3rd at the mgm grand in las vegas. comedian trevor noah will host the show. this is the first time the grammy awards will take place in sin city. 18 t and verizon will be launching a new type of five g service across the us tomorrow except near some airports. the airlines pressured wireless companies and the government to stop the new c band service, saying it would interfere with critical safety instruments on planes and caused massive flight disruptions. they are pushing for a ban on the news service within two miles of runways. the biden administration says it's currently in talks with all the parties involved. committed to reaching a solution around five g deployment that maintains the highest level of safety while maintaining disruptions. more minimum izing disruptions to passenger travel, cargo
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operations and our economic recovery. wireless providers have insisted that their equipment will not interfere with aircraft technology, citing the technology safe use in many other countries. coming up the city that tonight we considered its eviction moratorium because of the omicron variant and the beloved east bay restaurant oliveto was supposed to close on new year's eve. why it's staying open just a little bit longer. that's next. the mom accused of hosting drunken sex parties in the south bay appears in court what some of her alleged victims
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