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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 18, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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after she was pushed to her death in the new york city subway, the vigil being held in her honor tonight, right here in the bay area, plus up and running a day early, how you can register for free at home covid test. made available by the white house, and the five g rollout is expected tomorrow. but it has airlines very concerned with the bidet administration is now doing to help prevent disruptions and the decision. my two wireless carriers. the news at noon starts now. this is katie fox two news at noon. and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach i'm gasia mikaelian the website to register for free at home. covid test is up and running one day early tomorrow is supposed to be the day free at home covid test. we're going to be available on the covid tests dot gov website. when we visited that site this morning, it was already letting people register. the white house said today's early launch was in a limited capacity and its beta
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phase and was designed to test the website before the official launch tomorrow morning. now there is a limit of four tests per household. the white house expects it will take between 7 to 12 days to ship them out. thousands of students stayed home from oakland schools today . teachers also called out sick, shutting down three schools. ktvu is james torres reports. just outside the campus at united for success academy, a group of teachers were telling students were walking into the classroom either go back home or join the protests today because in person instruction was just not happening. these teachers say they are standing in solidarity with students who are protesting against the oakland unified school district. redivided teachers stood in front of the school instead of in front of students. parents forced to pick up their kids from a school day. that just didn't happen because teachers and subs didn't show up. teachers are supporting the student strike, and they're welcome to come. and um, but
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there's not going to be that much instruction happening, as there hasn't been for last couple weeks. now half of our students are outside of the classroom. sick out. shut down three schools, you have to say bridges academy and acorn, woodland elementary. about 1200 . students signed this petition, saying they would not show up to school today, either. they say the district needs to supply them better access to medical grade masks on site testing at every campus twice a week. and create outdoor spaces to eat lunch when it rains. these safety demands are something that teachers, staff and the wider community have been asking for since the start of this school year. the school district says they are meeting these demands. the district distributed more than 200,000 k . n95 masks last week and says more will be delivered to students this week. rain protected outdoor spaces are in the making, but materials have been backlogged for months, and
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the district calls they're testing system robust. there are 10 testing hubs with plans to have on site testing at every school at least once or twice a week. teachers here say they've heard guidance from healthcare professionals suggesting in person instruction is safe. but they are not convinced. i think that there are some, um professionals that are kind of being persuaded by big business that has put pressure on institutions like the cdc and others to get their parents working and, oh, usd spokesperson says they will continue to follow the guidance from the alameda county department of public health. i did reach out to the student group organizing the weeklong protest, they say if they don't feel their demands are met, they will hold a rally on friday that will go on until they are satisfied with the district's response. reporting in oakland. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. students in the hayward
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unified school district are back in the classroom this afternoon after a week of virtual learning . the district switched to remote learning last week after staffing and testing shortages. roughly 200 teachers and staff across the district tested positive for covid after the holiday break, and others were quarantined while waiting for delayed test results. the district says enhanced safety measures are in place for today's reopening, but some parents who spoke to at burbank elementary say virtual learning should have actually been extended. i wish they would have extended it at least to the end of february to make sure that the kids lives were, you know, not at stake, but we're back. um everybody seems to be back, but i feel like they go down a little bit more. the state of california brought in a testing unit for our staff to be able to offer them specifically testing . the county provided home tests for our staff. hayward schools are also providing surgical mask for students and k n95 masks
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staff. and this week elementary school students are on a minimum day schedule and secondary students. are on a block schedule to help limit exposure. 3900 people may have been receiving a lower dose advisors covid-19 vaccine at kaiser permanente walnut creek medical center, kaiser says some patients who went to the location between october 25th and december 10th may have received less than the recommended dose. kaiser says the amount is not likely to reduce protection against the virus, but patients can choose to receive another dose. moderna hopes to launch a single shot the flu and the respiratory virus. rsv moderna ceo announced the work on a combination vaccine in a speech at an international economic forum. he says it would provide broad protection against common respiratory illnesses before a winter surge all in a single shot. our goal is to be able to have a single and your booster so that we don't have
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compliance issues where people don't want to get 2 to 3 shots the winter, but it gets one those where we get a booster for corona and the booster for flu, and obviously to make sure that people get their vaccines. if the combination vaccine is developed, it would still need approval from u. s regulators before public use. the bay area is mourning the death of a 40 year old asian american woman who grew up in fremont and was pushed to her death on saturday on a new york city subway track. members of the asian community in the bay area are calling it a hate crime. ktvu is m aghast. live now, with reaction from michelle goes family and friends . garcia visuals are scheduled today from coast to coast to honor michelle's memory. a candlelight vigils planned for tonight at six pm in chinatowns , portsmouth's square and one is being held in times square. near where the attack took place. goes family released this picture of michelle with her parents and brother, along with the statement that reads in part, she was a beautiful, brilliant, kind and intelligent
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woman who loved her family and friends love to travel the world and to help others. her life was taken too soon in a senseless act of violence, and we pray that she gets the justice she deserves. go worked at deloitte consulting in new york and has degrees from ucl. ah and y you a classmate of goes from american high school in fremont was shocked to learn of her death, she said in a statement. center ktvu. in part, i was just reading her yearbook messages and emails to me, and i think what ultimately sticks out is that she's just so friendly and always seemed to be having a good time. which was infectious. police say a homeless man attacked go at the times square subway station, and that attack appeared to be unprovoked. he initially fled from the subway station, but later turned himself into transit police. the investigation is ongoing, and police have not yet determined if the attack was racially motivated. still russell junk, the co founder of stop ap, i hate and a professor of asian american studies at sf state
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sees this attack in the context of increased violence against the asian american community. really need to continue to support one another to breathe, um, and provide solace for one another. we need to continue to gather allies because protecting our community safety is an effort that's going to take all of us. and back in november, another asian woman was shoved onto the tracks at the same time square station. she survived, thanks to good samaritans who were able to rescue her before the train arrived. reporting in the newsroom demagogues ktvu fox two news, but thank you today, 80 and t and verizon announced that they would delay activating their five g signals right near a limited number of airports. now this comes as the white house says it's working with airlines, wireless providers and federal agencies on a solution to a dispute over the rollout of five g service scheduled to start tomorrow. airlines claim the five g service could interfere with navigation systems and also forced them to cancel flights. ktvu tom baker
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as the story on monday, bad weather played a key role in the cancelation of well over 1600 flights in the u. s in bad weather, pilots and passengers want every bit of safety technology working when the plane is landing and close to the ground. as of monday, the faa says only 45% of all u. s commercial passenger and cargo aircraft have authorization for low visibility landings at many airports. those airports are where telecom giants such as a t and t and verizon have deployed five g c band equipment resident ceo george homes of five g expert spoke to our chicago sister station when this ability is low, it might have to wait. either land or diverted alternative airport. five g is simply the faster fifth generation of cell phone signals . it was acquired by phone companies when tv stations exchange them for digital tv bands. the faa is concerned that
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potential interference between the high speed and powerful telecom equipment might interfere with aircraft systems like altimeter is critical to safe operations when visibility is low. but the issue may really be a turf battle between the faa and the fcc, not aircraft and telecom systems, says bay area tech analyst bob oh, donald, with those things potentially interfere with each other. of course not so the science of it is absolutely clear that there's not going to be any problem. the five g c band was used in satellite television for decades without aircraft incidents. these exact same frequencies are being used in many countries all over the world. world around the airports. and there have been zero issues. the faa has yet to fully disclosed which airports already have adequate buffer zones well away from five g towers. some with buffer zones do include san francisco, san jose and 48. others no mention
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was made of oakland airport. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. we continue to follow the latest developments out of tonga as people from across the world are coming together to provide support following the volcanic eruption in tsunami there, what's being done here in the bay area to help provide much needed supplies? plus. voting rights, the filibuster and something nicknamed the nuclear option. it's a complicated week on capitol hill. i'm caroline shadley in washington. i'll explain it all coming up, and after a great start to the day, the sun is out across the bay area. oakland estuary sparkling in the noontime sun. ktvu meteorologist. rosemary oroczo is next and she has your full forecast.
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the aftermath of this weekend's underwater volcanic eruptions to local residents and a british woman living in the island nation were killed after the blast caused a tsunami. australia and new zealand sent surveillance planes to get a closer look. the main island suffered significant damage to infrastructure and houses on the smaller islands were destroyed. the eruption also knocked out phone and internet service. new zealand is hoping to send essential supplies to the island nation of tonga today after plans for an initial delivery were delayed due to ash on the runway. berry shipping company also planning to sell help send
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supplies to tonga. sf enterprises and logistics is accepting donations of water masks, medical supplies and non perishable food at its oakland warehouse. the company specializes in trips to tonga will be loading the supplies on the ship this friday to be sent to the island nation. will be accepting supplies today from 1 to 4 at the site on mandela parkway near campbell street, and most people in the bay area learned about saturday's tsunami advisory on their cell phones as ktvu christian captain. reports san francisco is working to bring back it's alert sirens, which have been off line now for two years. hundreds visited san francisco's ocean beach just days after a volcanic eruption near tonga sent waves 5000 miles to california's coastline. most learned about the tsunami advisory on their phones and a few who are already at the beach . heard about it from first responders. the police officer told me, he says, we're closing the area. i go. what's going on? he says. oh, there's a tsunami warning. what people didn't hear was the outdoor alert system,
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which has been in place since the 19 fifties. right now the sirens are offline. um and they are offline due to the fact that there was some significant security issues related to the technology, and so we had to take them off line. about two years ago, the city's department of emergency management says this tsunami advisory would not have triggered an outdoor alert even if the system were up and working because of the low risk to the area. director mary ellen carroll says the department relied on first responders securing the beach. and existing wireless technology to push alerts to the mobile devices of those who have opted in to alert sf and if necessary, even to those who have not. we would not have sounded the sirens for this alert, and we did use sf alert are texting alert to let people know what was going on. the outdoor alert system was supposed to be back online this year, but covid put the project on the back burner. now the city is working to secure funding to
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get the outdoor alert system and working again. we would love to have the sirens back online. um we love redundancy and emergency management and preparedness and we'd love to have that redundancies, so we're hopeful that we'll be able to get the funding. to get those online department of emergency management says that while the tsunami advisory did not pose a risk to people living in the city, it serves as a reminder that we live in a seismically active area as well. they're encouraging people to text their zip codes to 888777 to receive automatic alerts about emergencies. in their area. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. well let's drive. mild weather continues here. this new time, rosemary oroczo were not able to find much rain anytime soon. are we you're right, garcia. michael audible to you. and yes, we are continuing with this dry pattern not only for today tomorrow but the rest of the week. we are in this dry spell giving you a live look from ktvu across the
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oakland estuary. towards san francisco. we start out with a little bit of low cloud cover a little bit more patchy fog this morning as a result of some of that moisture that did stream across california yesterday, we had a few sprinkles in and around the bay area. nothing beneficial. in nothing. what? we're what we need giving you a look here at the numbers. still a chilly one in some spots where we had some fog lingering this morning, 46 degrees reported in santa rosa 49 for napa for the inner east bay mid fifties and livermore and around the bay 52 for you, oakland 53 right now reported in san francisco in areas over santa rosa and napa, where we had patty dense fog this morning. temperatures a lot cooler over napa down by seven degrees down by a few degrees over santa rosa. meanwhile for half moon bay, your five degrees cooler and san jose also had some fog this morning and six degrees cooler reported at this time. the visibility in around the bay area has improved considerably since earlier this morning when we again had some of that really thick fog in our
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valley's right now santa rosa reporting three miles visibility, everybody else between eight and 10. so finally seeing some clearing about their and our clouds are beginning to part as well as we do have a little bit of sunshine to go along with it. the winds are light in concord, calm in napa. and over areas of santa rosa, just a light light breeze there so pulling back here for you showing you the a partly cloudy skies notice over towards the north. we are seeing a little bit of mid and high level clouds drift our direction, so we'll call for partly cloudy skies this afternoon. and again, the dry conditions are afternoon highs for today, right about average a little bit cooler than yesterday. 60 degrees for santa rosa today, 56 in areas over san francisco upper fifties in oakland, 60 degrees livermore and 61 over san jose. temperatures will warm up just slightly getting into the second part of the business week. i'll have a look at those numbers. plus the bay area weekend coming up in just a little bit. rosemary thank you still to come here at noon the investigation
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into the hostage situation at a texas synagogue is expanding to the united kingdom. the new information we're learning about the hostage taker and his past criminal history. with his russin
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switzerland this week as tensions between the us and russia escalate over a possible russian invasion of ukraine. the state department says secretary blinken will travel to creative on wednesday to meet with president vladimir zelensky.
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moved to berlin and then meet russian foreign minister sergei lavrov in geneva on friday. earlier this month, the u. s and russia held diplomatic discussions on the growing number of russian troops along the ukrainian border, but the two sides are no closer to a solution. some nato members say they think russia could be preparing to invade ukraine. russia is asking for written guarantee that the former soviet republic will not be allowed to join the nato alliance. the investigation into saturday's hostage situation at a texas synagogue has now expanded to the united kingdom, the white house says. the gunman who took four people hostage in that 10 hour standoff that ended in his death was checked against law enforcement databases before entering the united states, but raised no red flags reporter alex hogan as the story. the british man responsible for taking hostages at a texas synagogue on saturday had a lengthy criminal record. uk justice department official confirming to fox news that 44 year old malik akram was convicted in 2012 of theft and
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harassment. a judicial band was also issued against akram in 2000 and one after he ranted in a courtroom. a friend of the akron family says he was also known in the community to have mental health issues. yeah mental health issues, which were not really diagnosed or possibly there's an issue where he wasn't given the relevant support. from the authorities. there's questions to be asked their stormed into congregation beth israel during saturday services holding three worshippers and rabbi hostage for hours. his criminal record is raising new questions about how the uk and us allowed him to travel. he was reportedly investigated for possible terror activity by british officials. in 2020, and just several weeks ago, detectives were reportedly at akram's house. and it was around that time that he left for the us back in texas. hundreds of people attended a vigil monday
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night to support the jewish community. those gathered there say it's up to them to help establish peace. gotta really work. to stop hating each other. we've got to really work to end the tropes that we say about each other. akram traveled to new york about two weeks ago on a tourist visa in london. alex hogan, ktvu fox two news. a group of 15 workers at a noah's bagel shop in vacaville, quit together in video of their walkout is going viral on tiktok . this video clip shows. what happened it was posted over the weekend has already been seen 3.5 million times. beyonce sarmento posted the video. she and her co workers quit over the weekend. they say their general manager was wrongly fired and they say that was the final straw. not replaceable. we're not disposable, and you can't just fire somebody and not let them know i have never seen anything like this as well. but that shows you how tight our
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bond is and how close we are together, not just as a team, but as a family. noah's bagel says it takes the treatment of its team members seriously and prides itself on providing a rewarding work experience still to come at noon, keeping police on campus at the marin county school, we take a look at the new rules being put into place and the restrictions that come with the extra security after some wanted them removed. plus. we're going to keep working and fighting to uncover the true facts. documentary shedding light on use of force incidents here in the bay area we hear from the family member of one of the men who was shot by police. s
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still playing a big role across the country. jonathan serrie has the latest from atlanta. the omicron search could be peaking just over 700,000 new cases reported in the us on monday. that's down from more than 1.4 million a week ago with the biggest drops being seen in states hit early by the macron variant, but hospitalizations and deaths, both lagging indicators are still on the rise, especially among children . we're now averaging more than 5000 pediatric hospitalizations every day up 48% in the past two weeks, our health care systems are still under tremendous pressured 95% of intensive care
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beds and 95% of intermediate care beds are currently in use the surges, prompting more americans to roll up their sleeves for a booster shot and demand is rising, especially among 12 to 15 year old, but a new israeli study shows a macron is so contagious it can break through, even after four doses of the fighter or moderna vaccine level of antibodies needed to protect and not to get infected. it from only cron is probably too high for the vaccine, even if it's a good vaccine. moderna responding with the vaccine booster, specifically targeting a macron , the company says it hopes to have data available for regulators by march, and it's also working on a plan to combat vaccine hesitancy by mixing it with the annual flu shot. how do we make it possible from a societal standpoint that people want to be vaccinated? in what way to do this by offering combinations. moderna says the combination covid flu shot could become available as early as
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fall of 2023 in atlanta. johnson sarah ktvu, fox two news and here in the bay area for the first time in a month, the average number of new daily covid cases has dipped across the region, according to the chronicle data from the california department of public health shows the seven day average of daily cases dipped about 4% over the weekend compared to january. 9th health officials say this might suggest that the bay area could be near or possibly passed the peak of the omicron winter search. a new report shows only 38% of vaccinated californians have had that booster shot, the chronicle reports. some rural counties are reporting as few as 23% of vaccinated people getting boosters. the bay area does average the highest rate at 55% studies show. an additional dose in highly effect is highly effective in preventing severe disease and hospitalization, even against the omicron variant. nearly two thirds of older adults in the state have been boosted. medical workers in los angeles are mourning the death of a nurse who police say
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was the victim of a brutal, unprovoked attack. police say seven year old sandra shells was assaulted last week by homeless men at the union station bus terminal for no apparent reason . police say she fractured her skull when she was knocked to the ground. she died sunday night. her coworkers at l. a county usc medical center say she had a kind heart and a passion for helping others. he worked so hard to do the best for our patients, and we have sometimes very difficult clientele. um, at our hospital, and she just took the best care of them. los angeles police say they found the suspected attacker identified as 48 year old carry bell, sleeping nearby after the attack and arrested him. they say he has a long criminal record. here at home. the sonoma county d. a is reviewing the facts related to a car crash that killed a 16 year old boy. it happened on highway 1 16 year. what mma road not far from downtown sonoma sunday morning. investigators say 24 year old menaces alexander of
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nevada was driving a cadillac heading west on the highway. there are reports the car was crossing the double yellow line and passing other cars and trucks heading westbound. before hitting a car that was headed in the other direction. that vehicle collided with the first vehicle, which was traveling eastbound. it looks like it was a severe impact. there was major damage to the vehicle. major structural damage all around. the teenager who died was in the cadillac and other 16 year old boy was seriously hurt. the chp says the driver of the cadillac , who was also seriously hurt, was driving under the influence of drugs. police in sacramento county are searching for a burglar who killed a homeowner. using the homeowner's gun has happened yesterday morning in the community of north highlands near roosevelt. investigators say someone broke into the back yard of the home and saw a gun inside a large guesthouse. police say the intruder used that gun to shoot and kill the homeowner when he came outside to confront him. just really safe place to live, but then
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live once in a while. this stuff happens and it just becomes a little you know? little scary. sacramento county sheriff deputies say they hope the home security cameras will help them identify and track down the gunman. union city police are investigating reports of older people being targeted for their jewelry. three thefts were reported between thursday and friday, with the victims ranging in age from 59 to 79. in all these incidents, police say the thieves started conversation with the victim's distract them by showing them costume jewelry or while they are stealing their own jewelry. it's still unclear these incidents are connected to similar thefts in san ramon. a new documentary by a barrier filmmaker looks at several deadly police shootings, including one in valeo, in which a young man was shot and killed by police while he was in his car. the filmmaker tells ktvu amberleigh that he wants to put a spite light on police killings and bring about change. corey mccoy shows me a photo of a vallejo police officer aiming a gun at his brother, willie mccoy
12:35 pm
, while the 20 year old was asleep in his car at a fast food restaurant drive through an image mccoy says he took from the body cam video released by police are family. is still somewhat stunned about the lack of outrage but grateful that willy story will be among those told in a new documentary use of force the policing of black america. police pull in front and behind the car, the driver fast asleep during this time, and then police realize he has a gun on his lap. on the night of february, 9th 2000 and 19 willy was shot and killed by six police officers, and none was charged. 50 plus bullets. directed at you when you had not a chance to even beg for your life, a special prosecutor found that all six officers were legally justified. we're going to keep working and fighting to uncover the true facts. the 84 minute documentary looks at several police killings across the country and features interviews including law
12:36 pm
enforcement, the family of those who lost their lives and people in a position to make change. it's the work of bay area filmmaker cary grant junior. i learned a lot about the complexity of law enforcement. um about the history of the relationship between police. the prosecutor's office and, um people of color, but it's been enough. yeah. kind of story itself. it's not just about racism. it's cultural like i said, and i believe that the more people get to talk about this issue. even though it's uncomfortable to talk about the more we can come up with solutions. mccoy says his brother overcame a difficult life having lost both parents before he was 10. well. he was killed just one month before turning 21 hurts, you know to the soul to know that he's just not here to have that opportunity to live out his life. the filmmaker says the documentary will be screened in oakland and across the country. starting next month. i reached out to vallejo police, they did not directly address the willie mccoy case, but did say the
12:37 pm
department is reforming policies, procedure unified schl district leaders have a new plan to keep police on school campuses. the marine independent journal reports. trustees voted 7 to 0 last week in favor of recommendations by a community committee. the plan is a compromise for those who wanted police removed completely due to student fears and those who wanted them to stay to maintain security and safety. school resource officers will no longer be involved with disciplined cases or intervention for non criminal incidents. their offices will also be removed from school campuses. democrats in congress are facing some pressure to pass a voting rights bill this week, but to lawmakers from their own party are opposed to the legislative maneuver that their leaders have planned in order to get those bills passed. caroline's lively reports from washington. the future of how the nation votes is on the line on capitol hill this week, with democrats trying to push their
12:38 pm
long shot voting reform bill through the senate and republicans vowing to block it in my mind in my heart. we're continuing to fight to protect voting rights. the senate measure would put federal rules in place for early and mail in voting, make it easier to register and requires states with the history of discrimination to get the okay from the justice department before changing their election laws. house democrats passed similar legislation last week, saying it's in response to new state laws that make it harder for minorities to vote. republicans have decided to adopt voter suppression as an electoral tactics. republicans defend those state laws, saying there about election integrity, but the democrats really don't care about anything but rr this country. passage in the senate seems doomed because it would need a change to the filibuster accustomed that requires 60 senators to close debate and move for a vote. democrats joe manchin and kirsten cinema are opposed to the change along with all 50 republicans getting rid
12:39 pm
of the 60 vote threshold in the senate. in my judgment would be like giving whiskey and car keys to a teenage boy majority leader . schumer is expected to press ahead with efforts to change the filibuster and move nicknamed the nuclear option. in washington. caroline shively, ktvu. box two news state lawmakers in sacramento are considering legislation that would make juneteenth paid state holiday here in california. juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery in the united states. it marks the day in 18 65. when enslaved people in texas were among the last to learn that they were freed by the emancipation act, which was signed two years earlier. this proposal would give all state employees and school workers in california time off with pay on june 19th. the city of san jose may soon have its own monument to honor soldiers who fought in the vietnam war. the proposed monument would honor both american and south vietnamese soldiers who fought in the war which ended in 1975. the project
12:40 pm
was supposed to start two years ago but was delayed by the pandemic. san jose is one of the largest vietnamese populations outside of vietnam itself. a monument in san jose honoring soldiers who died in vietnamn 2e north bay, where santa rosa people have donated more than $31,000 to repair the holocaust memorial fountain at the city's memorial park for a second time in two years, the fountain was vandalized. money will go toward repairing or replacing the fountain and a video surveillance system. the fountain and memorial wall were commissioned by dennis judd in 2016 to honor his mother and father, both holocaust survivors. $2500 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest. still to come here at noon, graduating college with little or no college debt, the new program announced by governor newsom and who's expected to benefit and giving you a live look outside here on this tuesday afternoon, down an interstate, 80 and berkeley and emeryville sunshine starting to break through the clouds here, we're going to check back in with rosemary.
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where your forecast in the neighb
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out a new program to help students pay for higher education, the californians for all college core is designed to give financial aid and experience in the working world to low income students. here in the bay area, u c. berkeley san francisco states and jose state and c sus bay are among the 45 colleges statewide, where students can receive as much as
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$10,000 in grants and scholarships. for the first time . we are very proud to announce that the college score will include 85 40 eligible dreamers in a state service program. as many of you may know. americorps programs are not currently including dreamers because it's federally funded so in california with state funding, we are changing this. the students will do work in three priority areas. k through 12 education, climate action and food insecurity. each university will provide students with information on how to apply this program will launch in the fall. today. pg and e begins work on a san francisco project that's meant to make it electrical system more reliable. the utility will reroute to heavy duty underground power lines. now they currently connect to a substation in daly city. when this project is finished, those lines will hook up about four miles away at a new switching station near hunters point. that work starts today on egbert aven people
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living in parts of the northeast and canada dealing with severe winter weather that has dumped feet of snow, forcing schools to shut down, even causing power outages, many in parts of the northeast and upper midwest are still digging out from a huge storm where two people were killed. parts of ohio, pennsylvania and new york saw 2 to 3 ft of snowfall while storm surge threatened the coastal areas. the storm also hit the southeast. this was atlanta's first major snowfall in four years. numerous car accidents were reported on icy roadways, including one that killed two people in north carolina. black ice and you have trees coming down, not in any way a good recipe for travel. the severe weather caused more than 1600 flights to be canceled yesterday. tens of thousands of customers at last check are still without power. the three day martin luther king jr holiday weekend was a busy one at lake tahoe ski slopes. the crowds provided a good boost to the resorts that are still
12:46 pm
trying to make up for a rocky start to the season. at sugar bowl managers tell ktvu there is plenty of snow. they say 99% of the mountain resort is open. business has been strong. excuse has been good. and we've got plenty of snow. now you know, 6 to 9 ft. on the ground, you know, we could use another storm to get a refresh, but until then, skiing continues to be fantastic. jackson says. it's important to buy your tickets online so sugar bowl can manage crowds and follow social distancing and covid protocols escape resort this year is thanking local firefighters by offering free skiing or snowboarding for firefighters, m t and other first responders on january 30th. reservations at homewood will open at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning for the 1st 200 people to sign up workers at home would say they can never repay firefighters, especially for all their hard work during the caldera of fire in the tahoe area last summer. well. today a large asteroid will make what astronomers are calling a potentially hazardous passed by earth. the asteroids about two thirds of a mile wide travels
12:47 pm
that some 45,000 miles an hour now, the closest it'll get to earth is going to happen in about an hour. 1 51 this afternoon our time. that's when it will be five times as far away from earth as the moon in space terms that is considered close. it will come that close again, mike for another 200 years. that story can say very far away. we don't need any close calls here. the rain is far away rosemary oroczo. yes it seems like either we get a whole lot or we get nothing and we are in that nothing face for sure. dry today dry tomorrow dry through the rest of the week. hello, mike garcia. hello to all of you after a cloudy start a bit of a foggy star. we are breaking away to partly cloudy skies giving you a live look here from ktvu across the oakland estuary towards san francisco or those high clouds are overhead and san francisco right now. 58 degrees we have upper forties reported in santa rosa 56 in concord, 54. san carlos and san jose at 52. most of us are anywhere from upper
12:48 pm
forties to upper fifties or if you are in the upper forties, chances already had some of that lingering fog out there this morning, including areas over santa rosa, as well as napa. the air quality out there is good to moderate. this is going to remain the case for today. we do have good air quality reported right around the base. san francisco oakland over towards red with city hayward fremont, all reporting good air quality san jose in in the santa clara valley. it's moderate and over areas of santa cruz. we have a combination between good and moderate for your afternoon. here's another check on the visibility work continues to improve anywhere from 5 to 10 miles, so we have finally have gotten rid of that. patchy dense fog in our valley's. meanwhile the winds have remained generally light, even calm over. napa novato, oakland reporting calm conditions so for the afternoon will call for partly cloudy to partly sunny skies. and temperatures seasonal a little bit cooler than yesterday . but still in the ballpark. as we look to the north, you can see some clouds coming our way drifting in from the north. that's going to be about it.
12:49 pm
we're not expecting any rain. take a look at the future cast. as i really used to your tuesday your wednesday your thursday friday, saturday and sunday. even going into monday. there you can see just how far north that rain line is so the ridge of high pressure remains locked over us for the next several days with that we are still a little bit above average in san jose for the rainfall season this year, 126% 186 at oakland 1 69 in san francisco 150% in santa rosa for the season. we're not bad, but we know we are in a severe drought. we need more rain. here's a look at the afternoon highs in a dry conditions, 60 degrees in santa rosa upper fifties for san francisco, oakland, 60 degrees livermore and low sixties expected over san jose. for the coastline. today 56 in pacifica and for the inner east bay 60 degrees in antioch. your extended forecast a slight bump in the numbers on wednesday, even a little bit warmer thursday friday, holding steady on saturday. temperatures drop
12:50 pm
ever so slightly on sunday overnight lows in the upper thirties, too low forties we have mid sixties for our inland cities under dry conditions back to you, rosemary. just how much they have gone up in the reason why allegations against google ad
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
facebook accused the companies of collaborating illegally to get control of online advertising. a new complaint says that the ceos of google and facebook or meta, made a deal in 2018 that allegedly guaranteed facebook would bid on and win a set number of ad auctions now. the lawsuit also claims google inflatedlate future auctions and
12:54 pm
expand its digital announced thg that it was buying video game publisher activision for $68 billion. activision is known for its call of duty series and tony hawk's pro skater video game. gaming is the fastest growing form of entertainment in the world, and the deal will send microsoft past nintendo in terms of gaming revenue. this deal comes after some controversy, though in the past few months executives at activision have been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct. you've likely noticed the gas prices have gone up for the third straight week, according to tech company gasbuddy. the national average rose 1.3 cents from a week ago to now, $3.31 a gallon. industry experts say demand for gas fell last week, but the rising price of crude pushed prices up. stocks fell today. broadly bond yields surged on wall street amid renewed jitters that the fed will lift interest rates to tackle rising inflation. you see , the dow jones is down by more
12:55 pm
than one and one half percentage points, losing 570 plus points right now s and p is down by almost two full percentage points. nasdaq is down by two and two thirds markets close here in just minutes. very food banks are reporting a severe shortage of volunteers due to the surge in covid cases. five bay area food bank serving 12, northern california county say there's an alarming shortage of volunteers in their warehouses and food distribution sites. volunteers are critical for barrier food banks, of course, as they work to serve some one million people every month. many food ban home delivery of food as more people are forced to isolate. we will do everything to make sure that everybody gets fed that includes spending more money to get pre box produce or hire additional temporary labor. the community will not suffer because of this, but we do need help. zapata says volunteers make up 25% of the workforce there at silicon harvest. excuse me. second harvest up silicon valley venture capitalists and part owner of the golden state
12:56 pm
warriors, is facing criticism for comments he made about the wigger genocide in china. during the all in podcast saturday, part owner mammoth, palihapitiya said. nobody cares about what's happening to the wingers and said that he would only care once the problems such as inflation, the american healthcare system and climate change are addressed. his comments reignited criticism of the nba's deep business ties in china. in a statement, the warriors said, as a limited investor who has no day to day operating functions with the warriors, mr pelley italia does not speak on behalf of our franchise, and his views certainly don't reflect those of our organization it was known, a poll finds oakland voters do not want the city to spend public funds to build a new ballpark for the oakland a's the current plan would have the city of alameda. excuse me, city of oakland and alameda county. invest $800 million for the project at howard terminal. a survey of 509 registered voters finds 46% opposed spending any taxpayer money on a new stadium. 37% say they support the idea.
12:57 pm
the east oakland stadium, allianz commissioned the poll. of course, they want to keep the aid and their current spot at the coliseum. they say even a fans don't seem very enthusiastic. even those people who identify in the poll as fans of the oakland a's baseball team , um, are fairly supportive of using tax dollars to make the new stadium happened. 44 42. so it's incredibly weak endorsement among the people in the city who would care the most about keeping the a's in town? 81% of those poll losses said they want the a's to use their own money to provide the community benefits fund that would pay for new housing offices, entertainment and other development around the ballpark. it was a record breaking night on the ice in san jose mayer said. the san jose sharks franchise record with five goals in the shark six to win against the los angeles kings. now mayer notched a hat trick before the first period even ended, scored his fourth goal less than two minutes into the second period. and broke the sharks record with
12:58 pm
his fifth just 27 seconds before the second intermission. the 49ers returned to the practice field today, but the health of some key players is up in the air head coach kyle shanahan says quarterback jimmy garoppolo injured his right shoulder in the second quarter of sunday's win against the cowboys. the team says garoppolo should still be able to put in some practice time this week and play in saturday's playoff game against green bay. he did in the second quarter. um they had to play through some pain and stuff, but, um, he's ended up checking out all right side shoulder sprain, and you should be good for wednesday's practice. linebacker fred warner sprained his ankle but does have a chance to practice this week. past russia. nick bosa is in concussion protocol team doctors are hopeful both the players will be back for saturday's game. which, of course you'll see right here on ktvu fox to 49ers versus packers kickoff 5 15 saturday night the las vegas raiders have fired general manager mike mayock. after three seasons, the raiders had a 25 24 record during those seasons. on
12:59 pm
saturday, the cincinnati bengals defeated the silver and black 26 19 in the wild card playoff game. espn is reporting the team has requested an interview with new england patriots director of player personnel dave ziegler, while cemetery native tom brady is looking to take his tampa bay bucks to another super bowl, the star quarterback is making sure a special young fan will be at the big game. brady surprise 10 year old noah read with a video message. no at first caught the attention of his role model when the young cancer survivor traveled from his home in utah home game, no held up a sign that read. tom brady helped me beat brain cancer. worked with both the bucks and the nfl to get you and your family super bowl tickets this year in l a. we certainly hope could be there, but i know you're going to be there. it's going to be really cool problem. tom brady had the super bowl tickets fedex to noah and his family super bowl 56 is that so far the stadium down in los angeles on sunday. february 13th. very nice gesture. they're absolutely
1:00 pm
let's get past this saturday, right when it comes to stressful things. all right, thanks for joining us have a great tuesday or next newscast is right here at four. news is always on the ktvu news after we'll see you, then.. we're kicking things off with a big surprise. >> i don't mean the interrupt. daphne: drew barrymore. then insane stuffed burgers you'll want to make tonight. and we're dishing with the one and only andy cohen. >> i love these buns. daphne: and he's not afraid to stir the pot. >> that's the andy effect, daphne. daphne: that's next. ♪ daphne: let's dish! the kitchen has always been the center of my world because life is more delicious when it's full of food and fun. everybody knows me as a culinary expert and food judge on television. but also i'm just a mom trying to get dinner on the


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