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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 17, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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economic justice and for the freedom that unlocks all others the freedom to vote. a call to action this martin luther king jr day, with some elected officials, saying now is the time for congress to pass voting rights legislation. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. and voting rights. take center stage at events honoring the late dr king. hello again. i'm clotting. wang and i'm julie julie haener. people around the bay area took the time to give back to their communities on this holiday in san jose. volunteers distributed things like sleeping bags, blankets and clothes to the homeless. people in richmond packed more than 10,000 meals, and students in oakland, worked on a cleanup project. also dr king's family and activists called on lawmakers to pass voting rights legislation. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now from our newsroom with more on that debate, janna well. julie house democrats already passed the
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bills, which would establish nationwide standards for voter access, allow voters to request mail in ballots and make election day a national holiday . but republicans say that states should not control voting procedures and rules and the senate rule could mean democrats won't be able to pass the bill, even with a 51 to 50 majority. across the nation monday. people used mlk day to march for voting rights, saying 19 states have passed laws restricting voters. they kick people off the voter rolls, so they show up to vote and find out they're not registered. they close polling stations and limit voting hours . so working parents and folks without access to transportation can't get there in time in washington, d c. martin luther king, junior's oldest son, called for action to voting bills passed the house last week and are scheduled for debate tuesday in the senate republicans, including the only black senator, tim scott, opposed the bills. and senate republicans could block them
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with the filibuster rule, which requires 60 votes to overcome to conservative democrats. senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema have said they won't vote to suspend the filibuster rule siding with republicans. the idea of saying blow up bipartisanship. and just let who's ever got the slight majority to do whatever they want. that's not the right way to get things done in america. democratic leaders say the filibuster is an unnecessary custom. it is not the constitution of the united states. i think the idea of 51% should out rule 49% that's getting rid of the filibuster. i do think a little bit more than the majority is od idea. votingat recent laws will leave voters out in the next election . they've already proposed another bill that would go even further than last year's bill in terms of eliminating drop boxes in san francisco about 150 people marched monday through downtown to your balbuena, saying senator dianne feinstein hasn't done enough, but she should have been out on the
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front line. she's a conservative democrat. who should have been talking to senator cinema talking to senator manchin. politicians on both sides of the aisle have expressed some concerns that if the filibuster rules dismantled, some people say there would be no need for negotiation. others say in this era of partisanship that the filibuster allows a small group of lawmakers to block laws supported by the majority. the senate is expecting to begin debate on the voting bills tomorrow. julie jenna. thank you . dozens of mental health workers walked a picket line today outside kaiser's oakland medical center. workers say they are frustrated that martin luther king jr day is not a paid holiday for them. they say kaiser originally told them it would be a holiday. kaiser says it will recognize martin luther king jr day next year across the organization, the company apologized to employees who may have viewed the mistake as in any way conflicting with kaiser's quote, deep commitment to equity inclusion. and diversity. new at 11 o'clock, hundreds of people may have
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received a lower dose of the covid-19 pfizer vaccine at the kaiser permanente walnut creek medical center. kaiser says some patients who visited the location between october 25th and december 10th may have received up 2.4 ml less than the recommended 0.3 millimeter does , kaiser says the amount is not likely to reduce protection against the virus, but patients can choose to receive another dose. case numbers indicate that the winter omicron serge, maybe slowing down numbers from the state department of health show that the seven day average is down about 4% for the bay area. the state's positivity rate is also down from 23.1% on wednesday. to 21.5% on friday. health experts warn, though, that the transmission levels will remain very high in the bay area for the next several weeks, and hospitalizations will likely keep rising for another couple of weeks. students in the hayward unified school district will return to the classroom tomorrow after a week of distance learning the school board voted to reopen hayward
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schools during a meeting friday night. the district switched to remote learning last week after more than 200 teachers and other staff tested positive for covid. all teachers will now get medical grade masks and have access to more testing. we're following some developing news right now in san jose. that's where firefighters are on the scene of a fire at an abandoned home on west john street near north all madden. firefighters say the flames started just after nine o'clock tonight. one building was damaged. that fire is since been contained. the official cause is now under investigation. but witnesses on the scene told a dispute between a homeless people are between homeless people may have led to one intentionally starting the fire. new tonight, the family of a bay area native who was shoved to her death on the subway tracks in new york is speaking out the parents of 40 year old michelle elissa released a statement calling her death a senseless act of violence. ktvu elissa harrington has been following the story and she tells us to vigils are planned
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for go tomorrow. michelle goes, family members say they are in a state of shock. the fremont native who was living in new york was shoved in front of a moving train saturday at the times square subway station. she was pronounced dead at the scene . her family released this picture of michelle with her parents and brother, part of the statement reads. she was a beautiful, brilliant, kind and intelligent woman who loved her family and friends loved to travel the world and to help others. her life was taken too soon in a senseless act of violence, and we pray that she gets the justice she deserves its horrific. russell jiang, professor of asian american studies and co founder of stop api hate. said he grieves with the family, he said there has been too much violence against the asian american community in recent years, scary time for our community, jiang said. stop ap i hate has received thousands of reports of attacks on asian americans, and it's more
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important than ever to look out for one another. we need to continue to support one another to breathe. and provide solace for one another. we need to continue to gather allies because protecting our community safety is an effort that's going to take all of us back in november, another asian woman was shoved onto the tracks at that same new york station. she was rescued by good samaritans before the train came police say a homeless man shoved go and that attack appeared to be unprovoked. her neighbors in new york said the attack has left them stunned. it's jarring. it's a tragedy. it's mortifying. i mean, it's definitely something that i think about every time i go in the subway vigils are planned in both new york and the bay area in san francisco. a candlelight vigil is scheduled for tuesday evening at chinatowns, portsmouth's square. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. well. the suspect arrested after the attack on goal faces a second degree murder charge. police say he admitted to the crime. the 61
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year old has an extensive criminal history, including prison terms for robbing taxi drivers. in santa rosa. people have donated more than $31,000 to repair the holocaust memorial fountain at the city's memorial park for the second time in two years. that fountain seen here on the go fund. me page has been vandalized. money will go toward repairing or replacing the fountain and a video surveillance system. the fountain and the memorial wall were commissioned by dennis judd in 2000 and 16 to honor his mother and father. both holocaust survivors. $2500 reward is now being offered for information that leads to an arrest. well group of employees and back will get together to quit their jobs. the viral video that now has millions of views and why minority owner of the golden state warriors is under fire tonight for c
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♪ at usaa, we've been called "too exclusive" because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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palihapitiya is facing criticism tonight for comments he made about the weaker genocide in china during the all in podcast saturday, palihapitiya said. nobody cares about what's happening to the biggers and until we can take care of ourselves, he would not prioritize them over us. his comments reignited criticism of the nba's deep business ties to china. in a statement, the warriors tried to distance themselves from palihapitiya, saying as a limited investor who has no day to day operating functions with the warriors. mr
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palihapitiya does not speak on behalf of our franchise, and his views certainly do not reflect those of our organization. officials with the u. s olympic committee have issued a warning to athletes headed to beijing for the winter games that start just 18 days from now the u. s olympic committee is telling the athletes not to bring their personal cell phones or laptops with them. the committee says those devices could leave athletes open to electronic surveillance by the chinese government. canada issued a similar warning to its team. china says it takes seriously the importance of protecting personal information which would only be made public if it quote is necessary. but it didn't say what those circumstances might be. somebody area airports are awaiting this week's rollout of the new five g c band service from verizon and at and t ktvu is tom baker explains why the rollout could cause headaches for travelers starting wednesday. on monday, bad weather played a key role in the cancelation of well over 1600
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flights in the u. s in bad weather, pilots and passengers want every bit of safety technology working when the plane is landing and close to the ground. as of monday, the faa says only 45% of all u. s commercial passenger and cargo aircraft have authorization for low visibility landings at many airports. those airports are where telecom giants such as a t and t and verizon have deployed five g c band equipment that goes active on wednesday. resident ceo george homes of five g expert spoke to our chicago's sister station. when this ability is low, it might have to wait either land or fertile training. airport five g is simply the faster fifth generation of cell phone signals . it was acquired by phone companies when tv stations exchange them for digital tv bands. the faa is concerned that potential interference between the high speed and powerful telecom equipment might
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interfere with aircraft systems like altimeter is critical to safe operations when visibility is low. but the issue may really be a turf battle between the faa and the fcc, not aircraft and telecom systems, says bay area tech analyst bob oh, donald, with those things potentially interfere with each other. of course not so the science of it is absolutely clear that there's not going to be any problem. the five g c band was used in satellite television for decades without aircraft incidents. these exact same frequencies are being used in many countries all over the world. world around the airports. and there have been zero issue the faa has yet to fully disclosed which airports already have adequate buffer zones well away from five g towers, some with upper zones do include san francisco, san jose and 48. others no mention was made of oakland airport. tom vacar ktvu fox two news.
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well, video from back ville is going viral on tiktok clip shows a group of employees at noah's bagels going together to quit their jobs. it was posted just two days ago. and already has more than 3.5 million views. beyonce sarmento posted the video she and 15 of her coworkers all quit over the weekend. they say the general manager was wrongly fired. and say that was the final straw. not replaceable. we're not disposable, and you can't just fire somebody and not let them know i have never seen anything like this as well. but that shows you how tight our bond is and how close we are together, not just as a team, but as a family. noah's bagel says they take the treatment of their team members seriously and pride themselves on providing a rewarding work experience. a documentary aims to shine a light on bay area use of force incidents. the changes some hope the film will inspire. and the here and when i come back word to take a look at the forecast,
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several deadly police shootings across the country, including the case of a young man shot and killed by vallejo. police says he slept in his car. ktvu zambelli spoke with the man's brother and the filmmaker about that film. corey mccoy shows me a photo of a vallejo police officer aiming a gun at his brother, willie mccoy, while the 20 year old was asleep in his car at a fast food restaurant drive through an image mccoy says he took from the body cam video released by police are family. is still somewhat stunned about the lack of outrage but grateful that willie's story will be among
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those told in a new documentary use of force the policing of black america. police pull in front and behind the car, the driver fast asleep during this time, and then police realize he has a gun on his lap. on the night of february, 9th 2019 willy was shot and killed by six police officers, and none was charged. 50 plus bullets. directed at you when you had not a chance to even beg for your life, a special prosecutor found that all six officers were legally justified. we're going to keep working and fighting to uncover the true facts. 84 minute documentary looks at several police killings across the country and features interviews including law enforcement. the family of those who lost their lives and people in a position to make change. it's the work of bay area filmmaker cary grant junior. i learned a lot about the complexity of law enforcement. um, about the history of the relationship between police. the
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prosecutor's office and, um people of color, but it's been enough. yeah. the story itself. it's not just about racism. it's cultural like i said, and i believe that the more people get to talk about this issue. even though it's uncomfortable to talk about the more we can come up with solutions. mccoy says his brother overcame a difficult life having lost both parents before he was 10. well. he was killed just one month before turning 21 hurtso the soul to know that he's just not here to have that opportunity to live out his life. the filmmaker says the documentary will be screened in oakland and across the country. starting next month. i reached out to vallejo police, they did not directly address the willie mccoy case, but did say the department is reforming policies, procedure and training. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news in the south bay. a man was safely taken into custody tonight after an hours long standoff with police officers
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responded to the 4500 block of the woods drive in san jose around 11 this morning after receiving reports of a man screaming and brandishing knives from his balcony as well as breaking a neighbor's window. a young family member was confirmed to be inside the home . police say the suspect finally surrendered this evening and will receive a mental health evaluation. already had a pretty nice day today. pretty nice weekend overall holiday weekend for many or most, i hope, and now we're getting back to the business of the work week, and it's going to be more of the same and the weather. has been mild, mostly sunny and nice. we've got a little patchy fog at the coast. now we're going to see temperatures overnight just into the forties, so it's not. it's going to be above freezing . we're going to see temperatures tomorrow. like these, probably a little bit warmer than it was today. so morgan hill, i think morgan hill yesterday was 67. today. they're 65. i think tomorrow it could be probably 65 66 again as you look
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at a live camera shot, you can see that's the oakland estuary. kind of out by their, um, where the container ships come in as you look out towards san francisco. there is a little bit of patchy fog out in san francisco and out in the avenues. there's a little bit of potential for some valley fog tonight. just patchy stuff. and then tomorrow it's business as usual, which means jetstream going right over the top of us. and missing us and sending all the rain way away from here. we do have showers coming up from this system that is really produced a few light showers down around san luis obispo. but we've had some light showers here to some sprinkles. some showers. real light stuff. nothing measurable. so you may have got some of that today. you might see a little bit tonight, but for the most part, it should be kind of just hanging off shore. the live camera shot just shows plenty of clear. mild temperatures like i said 47 in nevada, 52 in san francisco. it's pretty warm, so it's about where temperatures are about where they were last night. at this time. these are the forecast overnight lows and you
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can see you've got well above freezing and most of those inland spots so san francisco a few clouds in the morning, and then you end up partly sunny, mostly sunny in the afternoon. and then as you get into the later part of the day around three or four years, 60 degrees for daytime high. other places will be warmer down by the ramp and mission rocky could easily be into the mid sixties. 60 64 63. so these are the forecast types for tomorrow to me. nice day. we are looking forward to some rain. it does not happen for us. until late in the month . so the last two days of january. there's a potential for some rain, so that means pretty much we're going through the rest of this month like this, which is, i guess it's okay considering we would be nice to get some range snow. but we did so well early. we're just fortunate we will break this pattern. hopefully at the end of the month and into february. that's what the model suggests. so let's hope for that. in the meantime, just enjoy it. um can't think of anything to be worried about. i mean, there's no fog to worry about the surface. dropped temperatures
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are on the mild side. yeah just enjoy it. when i come back tomorrow night, we'll go looking for rain again. i'll see you back here. okay sounds good. thanks, bill. well let's give resort in the sierra wants to thank local firefighters. homewood is offering free skiing or riding for firefighters and other first responders on january 30th. reservations will open at 10 a.m. on wednesday and will be available for the 1st 200 people who sign up homewood says they can never repay firefighters, especially for all of their hard work during the fire season in the tahoe area. a french bulldog is back home tonight after being taken at gunpoint in oakland's adam's point neighborhood last week, police say seven year old daisy was found after someone spotted the dog roaming around in the neighborhood. the dog's owner tells ktvu. she is overjoyed to be reunited with her pet. well new center is set to open in san francisco's u. n plaza as part of the mayor's tenderloin emergency initiative. starting tomorrow, the new tenderloin linkage center will be offering services and resources for people battling drug addiction. and struggling with mental
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health. the sites opening comes one month after the mayor officially declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin to address the city's overdose epidemic. and coming up in sports. the nfl wild card weekend wraps up with the cardinals and rams on monday night football. joe fonzi is here with all the highlights next, but first a look at tonight's beautiful sunset from oakland. a nice way to end this martin luther king jr holiday. you're watching the 11 o'clock news on ktvu will be right back.
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♪ at usaa, we've been called "too exclusive" because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military,
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we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. are we still exclusive? absolutely. three day wild card weekend is in the books and the 49ers, the only visiting team that won the rams matthew stafford in the spot the rams expected when they traded for him facing the cardinals and collar murray
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teams that split their two games this year. this game all la from start to finish stafford odell beckham in the back of the end zone for the game's first scoren the second quarter. murray makes a terrible mistake. he's about to get sacked for safety flings the ball right into the arms of david long, who makes about the shortest return for a touchdown . you'll see nobody wants to take a safety, but it's better than this 21 g. at halftime, the rams having some play calling fun in the second half its stafford on the backward pass the beckham, who floats the ball in the perfect spot for cam acres. that's a 40 yard play to the cardinal 11 rams in business again that led to this stafford beats the rush dumps the ball, the cooper cup who makes a nice catch on a low ball. the rams win 34 to 11 next week's pairings now set. the rams are going to tampa to play the bucks on sunday. the emotion and the thrill of the 49ers playoff win yesterday over dallas is now in
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the rear view mirror. as far as the 49ers are concerned their immediate priorities health as they prepare for the rest of green bay packers on the short week, quarterback jimmy garoppolo had a nearly perfect first half for the 49ers yesterday in the second half, in which he air mailed a couple of passes that allowed the game to be the heart stopper that it was today comes word that garoppolo strained his right shoulder and that may have affected his accuracy. garoppolo is expected to practice this week. two days after the raiders second playoff game in 19 years, the house cleaning has begun started today with the firing of general manager mike mayock. maack was hired in 2000 and 19 and will probably be best remembered for the 2000 and 20 draft, in which the raiders took henry rugs and damon arnette. neither of whom are still with the team owner mark davis will now begin interviewing head coaching candidates. interim coach rick masaki will be one of the candidates. the guy who was the first coach hired mid season. to lead his team to the playoffs in 60 years. sharks at home today
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for a matinee. they got a record breaking performance from timo meier. it's about the only time all day meyer wasn't scoring because he's kind of on a power play in the first period. brent burns to mayer here's burns back with it. to the other side. miners got one, nothing. santa's a now it's two nothing still in the first meyer on a rebound, nothing santa's a less than 30. seconds later, meyer turned back once, but not twice. and he's got it and there's your hat trick, but he wasn't finished another power play. meyer tees off. sharks are on the move here with the three on two better go to myra again, meyer told drag. five goals from myers as a single game record in sharks history, one short of the nhl records. sharks win 62. they are 21 17 to which right now is number eight. in the lowest life. that would be in the
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playoffs. but those are long time from now. some serious fire on ice tonight wow to watch joe. thank you. thanks everybody for joining us tonight. have a good joining us tonight. have a good night. well, how do i look? big day. i'm going to see alex. i'm, uh -- i'm a little nervous because she's been pulling away lately. calls don't get returned. i don't get asked to visit as much. maybe it's hitting me hard 'cause i never went through that with my dad. after my junior year, we -- we rode a tandem bike across mykonos. come to think of it, there were lots of fathers and sons there. phil, sit. we need to talk about the ducks. we hate the ducks. (duck quacks) (duck quacks) (duck quacking) again? you have a problem. i'm hearing a lot of negatives, but we're overlooking the fact that feathers can now fetch. honey, she pulled a wet hot dog bun out of the sink,


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