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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 17, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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community once again in mourning after a bay area native is pushed to her death onto the subway tracks in new york city. really need to continue to support one another to breathe, um, and provide solace for one another. the victim, michelle go
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grew up in fremont and just recently celebrated her 40th birthday. good evening. i'm julie julie haener and i'm claudine wang. tomorrow vigils are planned in both san francisco and new york. three days after she was shoved onto the subway tracks and into the path of a train new attend. ktvu elissa harrington is here with how goes family and the asian american community are reacting. well, we're learning more about that woman who was pushed onto the subway tracks, her family said that they are absolutely in shock, and they want their daughter to be remembered how she lived, not how she died. it's horrific here. russell john, professor of asian american studies and co founder of stop ap hate expressed his shock over the death of michelle. alyssa, go go. a bay area native was pushed in front of a moving train at the times square subway station in new york city. women lost her life due to a senseless act of violence. go grew up in fremont.
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her parents still live there. police say a homeless man shoved go in the attack appeared to be unprovoked. but jiang said there has been far too much violence against the asian american community in recent years, a scary time for our community, zhang said. stop ap hate has received thousands of reports of attacks on asian americans, he said. it's more important than ever to look out for one another. we need to continue to support one another to breathe. and provide solace for one another. we need to continue to gather allies because protecting our community safety as an effort that's going to take all of us only a couple months ago. in november, another asian woman was shoved onto the tracks at the same station. she was rescued by good samaritans goes , neighbors said the attack has left them stunned. it's jarring . it's a tragedy. it's mortifying. i mean, it's definitely something that i think about. every time i go in the subway goes, parents released a statement that included a picture of their family on vacation. part of the
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statement reads. she was a beautiful, brilliant, kind and intelligent woman who loved her family and friends love to travel the world and to help others. her life was taken too soon in a senseless act of violence, and we pray that she gets the justice she deserves. go, had just celebrated her 40th birthday vigils are planned in both new york and the bay area this week in san francisco. a candlelight vigil is scheduled for tomorrow evening at chinatowns ports. this square that starts at six pm porting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. alright very tragic story. thank you, alyssa . thank you. the suspect arrested after the attack on go faces a second degree murder charge. police say he admitted to the crime. the 61 year old has an extensive criminal history, including prison terms for robbing taxi drivers. dr king wasn't just a dreamer of that promise. he was a doer and on this federal holiday that honors him, it's not just enough to praise him. we must commit to
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his unfinished work to deliver jobs, injustice to protect the sacred right to vote the right from which all other rights flow president biden today mark martin luther king jr day by praising the civil rights leader and committing to his fight against voters suppression tomorrow. voting rights bills are scheduled to come up in the senate. ktvu is jana katsuyama is here. now with the heated debate over that legislation, janna julie the bills already have passed by house democrats, and they would establish nationwide standards for voter access, including allowing voters to request mail in ballots and make election day a national holiday. republicans say they oppose federal intervention and say states should control voting procedures and rules and that is setting up a showdown this week in the senate. across the nation monday. people used mlk day to march for voting rights, saying 19 states have passed laws restricting voters. they kick people off the voter rolls, so
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they show up to vote and find out they're not registered. they close polling stations and limit voting hours. so working parents and folks without access to transportation can't get there in time in washington, d. c. martin luther king, junior's oldest son, called for action. we're here to call on president biden and the senate to pass the freedom to vote. john r. lewis act to voting bills passed the house last week and are scheduled for debate tuesday in the senate republicans, including the only black senator , tim scott, opposed the bills, and senate republicans could block them with the filibuster rule, which requires 60 votes to overcome to conservative democrats. senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema. have said they won't vote to suspend the filibuster rule siding with republicans. the idea of saying blow up bipartisanship and just let who's ever got the slight majority to do whatever they want. that's not the right way to get things done in america. democratic leaders say the filibuster is an unnecessary custom. it is not the constitution of the united
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states. voting rights activists worry that recent laws will leave voters out in the next election. they were already proposed another bill that would go even further than last year's bill in terms of eliminating drop boxes in san francisco about 150 people marched monday through downtown to your balbuena. saying senator dianne feinstein hasn't done enough, but she should have been out on the front line. she's a conservative democrat who should have been talking to senator cinema talking to senator manchin. and politicians on both sides of the aisle of expressed concern that if the filibuster rule is dismantled, there would be no need for negotiation. but some people worry in this era of extreme partisanship. that the filibuster allows a small group of lawmakers to block law supported by the majority. the senate is expecting to begin debate on those voting bills tomorrow, and we'll be watching it. jana katsuyama reporting live in the newsroom. janet. thank you. many people here in the bay area took time on this martin luther king jr holiday to get back to their communities.
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we had the day off, so it's a good opportunity to come out, you know, so our kids, you know, it's good to get back to the community. the san jose parks and recreation department hosted a day of service at mary jane harman park volunteers removed dead leaves and cleaned up around the playgrounds in richmond. volunteers from bay area a hills church honored dr king's legacy by packaging more than 10,000 meals and in oakland , students from oakland tech high school work outside on another cleanup project. we're just gonna be out here, picking up trash, cleaned up the community and just beautifying the area. volunteers said they were proud to carry on dr king's message to make the world a better place for everyone. dozens of mental health workers at kaiser's oakland medical center walked off the job today as part of a day of action. they are upset that kaiser did not make today a paid holiday. as ktvu demagogues reports, the employees want more support for black therapists and their patients. we want our freedom. morita holding holding signs
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with dr king's iconic face and memorable words. mental health professionals at kaiser permanente picketed monday outside the kaiser medical center in oakland. they thought they'd be getting today off as a paid holiday, but last month learned that wouldn't be happening after all, kaiser telling us that they can't give it to us for 2022, but they've given it to other unions who bargained it. by the way, it shouldn't be a bargaining issue. it's a civil rights issue, and then they're telling us you'll get it. january 2020 2023 in a statement, kaiser permanente said there was miscommunication within one department over martin luther king day being a paid holiday. citing operational factors that made it impossible to implement this year, adding quote. local leaders have apologized to employees who may have viewed the mistake as in any way conflicting with kaiser's deep commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity, but it's an insufficient response and frankly, it's infuriating because they had so many months. this is not something that was just out of
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the blue that we asked for. like i said, we've been asking for this since may of right after george floyd was murdered in 2020 for chicano therapist jessica dominguez, recognizing mlk day for kaiser therapists was meant to be a first step. in a list of anti racist practices she and other therapists have spelled out now. she questions kaiser's commitment for me. this is very much a tipping point. if my organization kaiser can't step up and do the right thing. when our communities of color and crisis when are they going to step up to the right thing? i can't recruit my friends to be therapists. in oakland, for example, when they learned that we don't have martin luther king's day is a paid day off to them. that means their needs aren't valid and aren't important. so it's it hurts our recruitment. 8% of kaiser therapists are black higher than the national average, but not high enough to meet the needs of black patients, says therapist sabrina show met. it also hurts retention. we lose black therapists and therapists of
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color often call it sometimes the supremes because i'm usually one of three reporting in oakland, emma goes ktvu, fox two news. oakland public school students say they are going to strike tomorrow over covid safety. the students are calling on the district a shift in distance learning until the omicron surge subsides in a petition signed by more than 1000 students. they also said they want n95 masks n95 masks and weekly pcr tests. the school district says it has already received 200,000 k n95 masks and is in the process of handing them out. the district has said it supports students remaining in school. the students say they will strike outside district headquarters until their demands are met. san mateo county says it's looking into how millions of dollars in surplus ppe and other supplies got left outside in the rain from sky fox, you can see that soggy looking boxes of equipment at the event center the county manager says those boxes were moved outside during
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the event last fall, and then we're never brought back inside the gear included nonmedical grade isolation gowns, face shields and goggles. there were also cleaning supplies such as bleach and mop buckets. the county says its supply of masks and gloves is stored indoors. they are planning to donate any undamaged goods to a nonprofit. you may be able to take care of flu and coronavirus vaccinations with one shot as early as next year. moderna's ceo spoke today about his company's planned offer a combination vaccine, he says it's designed to make everyone's life easier. our goal is to be able to have a single annual booster so that we don't have compliance issues where people don't want to get 2 to 3 shots the winter, but it gets one those where we're getting a booster for corona and the booster for flu and honestly, to make sure that people get their vaccines. the combination vaccine will need to get approval from u. s regulators before it is approved for use. well, there's some new evidence
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tonight that 1/4 shot is not effective enough to prevent macron infections. preliminary data from a study out of israel shows 1/4 dose of fighters and moderna shots does not protect people from getting the variant , but the extra dose does help boost antibody levels. israel is already offering 1/4 fighter vaccine does to health care workers and those 60 and older right now israel is reporting far fewer seriously ill patients in the hospital compared with previous waves. a new documentary aims to shed light on use of force incidents in the bay area up next why one man whose brother was shot by police says the film is a step in the right direction. they not going to see it anytime soon. but we are going to see some pretty mild spring like temperatures all have, though those numbers when i return, we'll see you back here and addressing drug addiction and mental illness in san francisco's tenderloin, the new seven story center that aims to
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by a bay area filmmaker looks at several deadly police shootings , including the case of a young man shot and killed by police in vallejo as he slept in his car. police said he had a gun in his lab. ktvu is. amberleigh spoke with the man's brother and the filmmaker about the film amber.
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claudine it's been almost three years since willie mccoy was shot and killed by filet ho police. his brother tells me he hopes the new film will bring more attention to police killings and help bring about change. corey mccoy shows me a photo of a vallejo police officer aiming a gun at his brother, willie mccoy, while the 20 year old was asleep in his car at a fast food restaurant drive through an image mccoy says he took from the body cam video released by police are family. is still somewhat stunned about the lack of outrage but grateful that willy story will be among those told in a new documentary use of force the policing of black america. police pull in front and behind the car, the driver fast asleep during this time, and then police realize he has a gun on his lap. on the night of february, 9th 2000 and 19 willy was shot and killed by six police officers, and none was charged. 50 plus bullets. directed at you when you had not
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a chance to even beg for your life, a special prosecutor found that all six officers were legally justified, the attorney representing the mccoy family says relatives have filed a civil lawsuit against the city of vallejo and the police department. we're going to keep working and fighting to uncover the true facts. the 84 minute documentary looks at several police killings across the country and features interviews including law enforcement, the family of those who lost their lives and people in a position to make change. it's the work of bay area filmmaker cary grant junior. i learned a lot about the complexity of law enforcement. um about the history of the relationship between police. the prosecutor's office and, um people of color, but it's been enough. yeah. the story itself. it's not just about racism. it's cultural like i said, and i believe that the more people get to talk about this issue. even though it's uncomfortable to talk about the more we can come up with
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solutions. mccoy says his brother overcame a difficult life having lost both parents before he was 10. well. he was killed just one month before turning 21 hurts, you know to the soul to know that he's just not here to have that opportunity to live out his life. filmmaker says the documentary will be screened in oakland and across the country next month. i reached out to vallejo police, they did not directly address the willie mccoy case, but did say the department is reforming procedures policy. and training claudie. all right. amber lee reporting live. thanks so much for that report. and a new center is set to open in san francisco's u. n plaza as part of the mayor's tenderloin emergency initiative. starting tomorrow, the new tenderloin linkage center will be offering services and resources for people battling drug addiction. and struggling with mental health. the sites opening comes one month after the mayor officially declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin to address the city's overdose epidemic. people in the northeast and upper midwest are
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still digging out this evening after a powerful winter storm left two people dead parts of ohio, pennsylvania and new york saw 2 to 3 ft of new snow while the storm surge threatened the coastal areas. the storm also hit the southeast. this was atlanta's first major snowfall in four years. numerous car accidents were reported on icy roads, including one that killed two people in north carolina. black ice and you have trees coming down. not in any way a good recipe for travel. the severe weather also caused more than 1600 flights to be canceled today and the storm knocked out power to tens of thousands of customers. that's not the story out here and we've got just beautiful weather. we had a bunch of rain. we had a good early winter and late fall and now we are dry and we're dry really through this week, probably through the next week and then as we get towards the very penned of january. we're going to get back into a sort of an inclement or productive
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precipitation patterns. so that's the hope anyway. but again, we've done so well with rainfall that it's this is manageable. i mean, it would be would be kind of code red right now, if we were at 20% of rainfall, as we so often are or have been these last few years. but this is the live camera shop. there's market street. beautiful night, maybe some patchy fog out there just just a hint of it, but not not a lot. um it's been mild overnight. that's the other thing. i was just stepped outside to do the garbage and i was singing god, you know this time of year. it's usually pretty cold. when you step outside. it's chilly, but it's not the thirties and the forties. it's still in the fifties. in many places. these were the highs from today. highs tomorrow will follow suit. mid sixties, maybe even some upper sixties down towards salinas and king city. certainly but lots of sixties even at the beaches, mid sixties surface dropped off significantly. still dangerous. so be careful if you're out. and about that way, i guess the holidays over so folks will be back kind of getting back into the groove of things. but as far
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as commute concerns with weather nothing. i mean, the only thing we got really is some pretty darn warm days, mild nights and maybe just a little bit of valley fought. so when i come back, we'll take a look at the specific forecast highs for tomorrow, and then we'll take a look at the five day forecast and then i'll look at the long range rain model and we'll see if we can find something. i'll see you back here. all right, keeping looking out for rain. thanks so much bill. while many people marked the martin luther king jr holiday on the lake tahoe ski slopes, whether is now plenty of snow and the three day weekend provided a boost to the resorts, which are still trying to make up for a rocky start to the season. add sugar bowl managers tell ktvu there is plenty of snow and 99% of the mountain resort is open. businesses smith strong excuse been good, and we've got plenty of snow. now you know, 6 to 9 ft. on the ground, you know, we could use another storm to get a refresh, but until then, skiing continues to be fantastic. now jackson says it is important to buy tickets online so sugar bowl can manage crowds and follow social distancing covid
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protocols. coming up why amazon has been hit with a wrongful death lawsuit, plus, a rabbi described how he was able to help himself and to others escape a man who had taken them hostage. all three of us were able to get out without even a shopping fired. and a major crash in the north bay leaves a teenager dead and his brother seriously injured at 10 30 how dr
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workers was killed last month. it happened when a tornado collapsed the facility where he was working. the family of 26 year old austin mcewan filed the wrongful death lawsuit today. it claims amazon failed to warn employees about the dangerous weather or provide safe shelter before the tornado slammed into the facility. mcewen and five others were killed. it's believed to be the first lawsuit in response to the deaths. osha is investigating the collapse and amazon says it plans to
10:24 pm
cooperate fully with the probe. well the fbi is reversing itself regarding saturday's hostage standoff at a synagogue near dallas. the bureau now says the jewish community was targeted after initially saying it wasn't fox news. dan springer has the latest now from texas. these are the final dramatic minutes of saturdays. 11 hour hostage standoff, the last three held at gunpoint, able to flee their colleyville, texas synagogue, among them, rabbi charlie citrine walker, who credits the active shooter training he and the congregation received for saving their lives, he said in the last hour, the gunman was getting increasingly agitated. with the situation and the hostages. i told them to go. i threw a chair at the gunman. and i headed for the door. in all three of us were able to get out without even a shopping fired. the fbi's hostage rescue team, then breached the building. there was gunfire and the suspect, 44 year old british nationals, malik faisal akram
10:25 pm
was dead during his rent caught on livestream akram demanded the release of afia siddiqui, known as lady al qaeda. she was convicted by a new york jury in 2010 of trying to kill american officers in afghanistan. she's in this federal prison in fort worth about 20 miles from the synagogue. we do believe from our engagement with this subject that he was singularly focused on one issue, and it was not specifically related to the jewish community. that comment, denying anti semitism played a role despite siddiqui, being a rabid anti semite was sharply criticized and later walked back by the fbi, which wrote quote. this is a terror related matter in which the jewish community was targeted. president biden also condemned the attack and extremism. this was an act of terror. is an act of terror. biden also said the suspect bought the gun he used illegally on the street and akram reportedly stayed in this dallas homeless shelter the week leading up to the attack. the fbi says he acted alone. but last night, police in
10:26 pm
manchester, england, arrested two teenagers as part of the terror investigation. those british teenagers are being held in england for questioning. meantime akram's brother condemned the attack and said his brother was suffering a mental health issue. but we've also learned that akram was part of a group that was under u. s surveillance from which terrorists have come in. colleyville, texas. dan springer fox news. train derails in southern california in the same area where there's been an explosion invest from cargo containers. an expert weighs in on whether there's a connection , and it's happened again. older people targeted in jewelry theft schemes where the latest incidents happened after the break. also ahead, the san jose shark who scores a team record five goals will have all the highlights coming up in sports. also today would have been betty white's 1/100 birthday how animal shelters are taking part in a nationwide challenge to honor her, including here in the bay area.
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are we still exclusive? absolutely. different incidents of older people being targeted for their jewelry that that's happened last thursday and friday, and the victims ranged in age from 59 to 79. police say they are searching for a middle eastern man in a middle eastern woman. it is unclear if these incidents are connected to similar ones in san ramon reported last tuesday and wednesday. in all of the incidents, police say the woman gets out of to ask the victim for directions. then uses a sleight of hand to steal their jewelry or distracts them with similar looking costume jewelry. now to sonoma county, where the chp says two teenage brothers are among the victims of a four car crash. one was killed the other hospitalized our crime reporter henry lee tells us they were passengers in a car whose driver is now accused of driving under the influence. this video
10:30 pm
shows a chp helicopter getting ready to land on highway 1 16 and sonoma county along lush green fields. the view from the sky, though, transformed into a horrific scene. this is what's left of a cadillac that crashed on the highway near walmart road. a 16 year old boy riding in the cadillac was killed. so there was one fatality. i believe at the moment. we have two other major injuries visible in the mangled wreckage, a child safety seat. there was apparently no small child, though. in the car. csp sergeant cruz korea said the cadillac had been heading west on the highway at about 11 15 sunday morning, weaving in and out of traffic. it was recorded as driving recklessly crossing over solid double yellow lines, passing other vehicles that were traveling westbound. the cadillac then crashed into and ricocheted off an oncoming car. that vehicle collided with the first vehicle, which was traveling eastbound that caused a chain reaction that involved a total of four vehicles. the chp determined that the driver of the cadillac 24 year old genesis alexander of nevada, was under
10:31 pm
the influence of drugs. he suffered major injuries and was trapped after the crash. he was taken by ambulance to a hospital. one of his passengers , a 16 year old boy was killed. another 16 year old boy in the cadillac was hurt. a chp helicopter landed on highway and the flight crew took them to santa rosa memorial hospital. it looks like it was a severe impact. there was major damage to the vehicle. major structural damage all around. chp says the deadly crashes serve as a warning for those who decided drive while under the influence. it's a tragic event that happened. um i'd like it to serve as a reminder of before the people out there just to be careful and drive at the speed limit don't drive while under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, and the chp tells me the 2 16 year old boys are from mill valley. the surviving teenager has since been transferred to ucsf benioff children's hospital, oakland. the sonoma county d a will review the case before determining whether to file charges against the driver . henry lee ktvu, fox two news
10:32 pm
police in pleasant hill or asking for the public's help in finding a teenage boy who has been reported missing. police say they believe 15 year old brandon abbott, left sometime between 10 last night and nine this morning. he is described as five ft five inches tall and weighs £107 and has brown hair and hazel eyes. brandon's father says he was last wearing reddish brown sweat pants and possibly a bans branded sweatshirt. well trains are running again in los angeles after 17 train cars derailed over the weekend. it happened in the same area where officials have seen a spike in people stealing from the cargo containers on those trains and leaving the debris on the tracks. reporter christina gonzales takes a look at whether there's a connection. trains running again after workers spent most of the last two days clearing the tracks where a union pacific train derailed saturday. most of what they picked up was not stuff from the derailed containers but material left over from cargo thefts.
10:33 pm
that have exploded recently. it's not unusual to see people going through stolen packages that clutter the tracks along a good mile of the lincoln heights quarter. train officials explain more people order online because of the pandemic unless people are being prosecuted for thefts like this, and while heavy locomotives can generally drive right over most debris as investigators look at the tracks damaged in saturday's derailment . here's the question can debris end up causing a derailment? yeah augustino baldies, a civil engineer specializing in forensic trained rail mint investigations. he looked at the images of saturday's derailment and says it's not likely but possible. if you have a strong compressed material caught between tracks or the switch point, the debris keeps that switch point open just a little bit, and now in the wheel comes through and we call it picking the point. it goes behind the
10:34 pm
switch point. so one set of wheels goes this way, and one set of wheels goes that way. and you start getting you actually start getting zigzagging. if you were looking at it. what would you be looking for? i've been looking for something that would show me your your cia. mark uh, where did the train start leaving the track. is this damage to detract because the train derailed or is this damage to attract the reason the train derailed union pacific, saying they are investigating? meanwhile, as you can see, the tracks are open. and the trains are running. i'm cristina gonzalez and lincoln heights, fox 11 news. a beloved nurses dead just days after a brutal and unprovoked attack at a bus station in los angeles. police say sandra shells was assaulted last week by a homeless man at the union station bus terminal. police say she fractured her skull when she was knocked to the ground for no apparent
10:35 pm
reason. today co workers at l. a county usc medical center are remembering shells for her kind heart and passion for the job. she worked so hard to do the best for our patients, and we have sometimes very difficult clientele. um, at our hospital, and she just took the best care of them. police say they found the suspect identified as 48 year old carry bell sleeping nearby after the attack and arrested him. the results of an investigation in europe, shedding new light on who may have betrayed jewish teenager and frank and her family to the , a team that included a retired fbi agent and 20 historians say it was a jewish man who was living in amsterdam. who disclosed anna frank's hideout in order to save his own family. that man has been identified as arnold vandenberg and frank died in a concentration camp in 1945 after two years in hiding the 15 year olds diary published after her death. is the most famous
10:36 pm
firsthand account of jewish life under rule. coming up at 11. millions of people have watched the video on social media, a group of employees in the north bay, putting their job together the reason for that mass exodus at 11. and it's back to work for a lot of us. i'll have the details on what you can expect on the upcoming week. weather wise, i'll see you back here at first after the break, a new study shows the world's richest people doubled their wealth during the pandemic. how one charity wants them to spend some charity wants them to spend some of can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm.
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people fall into poverty. the charity oxfam says the wealth of the world's 10 richest men has doubled from $700 billion to 1.5 trillion just since march of
10:39 pm
2020. at the same time 160 million more people fell into poverty. oxfam is calling for a windfall tax on the world's wealthiest people to fund a global covid vaccination campaign. well gas prices gone up for the third straight week, according to the tech company gasbuddy, the average national price rose 1.3 cents from a week ago to $3.31 a gallon. industry experts say demand for gas fell last week. but the rising price of crude oil continues to push prices up. oklahoma had the lowest average gas price at $2.89 a gallon. california had the highest at $4.63 per gallon. and peloton is soon going to be adding hundreds of dollars in fees to their bikes and treadmills. starting january 31st. the company will be adding an additional $250 and delivery and set up fees for its bikes. and an extra $350 for its treadmill, so that is going to bring the cost of the bikes to
10:40 pm
$1745.02 for the treadmills. the company says inflation and heightened supply chain costs are the reasons for those additional fees. the late betty white is being remembered today on what would have been her 1/100 birthday with a call to donate to animal charities in her name off screen. white was known for her love for animals and dedicated much of her life as a champion and advocate for animal welfare. so a social media campaign called the betty white challenge has been launched its asking people to honor her legacy on her birthday. by donating $5 to animal charity is and many animal rescue groups and humane societies here in the bay area took part in that challenge. today ville in san francisco was among them. the organization rescues more than 1000 senior dogs each year and then relies on donations to keep operations going. it has monthly donors with its guardian program says every penny counts and helping care for these dogs. what we do
10:41 pm
with that money as we spend it on veterinary care for all of these wonderful senior dogs, just like captain jack, who just arrived yesterday. um and your support makes that happen. it saves lives and what a lot what? what better legacy to leave. for betty white. betty white was a champion for all types of animals. but one of her favorite programs was the pups for patriots initiative, which provides companion dogs for veterans. only look at the aftermath of this weekend's powerful volcanic eruption near tonga, the satellite images captured today and how the bay area is preparing for the next tsunami warning and take a look at this. we captured a gorgeous sunset tonight at ocean beach in san francisco. chief meteorologist bill martin is back right after the break with a look at your five day forecast.
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but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank or when they were in. a marine just out of boot camp or a petty officer from '73 and even his kids and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their eligible family members. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. south pacific island nation of tonga after the massive eruption of an underwater volcano on saturday. a satellite took pictures just before that eruption. and then two days later in the same locations, and you can see how much darker those second photos are. likely from all that ash and debris. the u. n says the main island suffered significant damage to
10:45 pm
infrastructure and axios is reporting that at least two people have died. the eruption knocked out phone and internet service. i feel like nothing is good back in the island right now. i don't know how they're going to have food, water. we know that they're okay. you know, even though that we don't know, but we trust god. that's the only thing that all tongue is happy. officials say. one of the victims is a 50 year old british woman who ran an animal shelter. her brother says she was swept away by away while she was trying to save the rescue dogs. and most people here in the bay area learned about saturday's tsunami advisory on their cellphones, ktvu christian captain tells us san francisco is now working on bringing back its alert sirens, which have been offline for two years. hundreds visited san francisco's ocean beach just days after a volcanic eruption near tonga sent waves 5000 miles to california's coastline. most learned about the tsunami advisory on their phones and a
10:46 pm
few who are already at the beach. heard about it from first responders. billings officer told me, he says, we're closing the area. i go. what's going on? he says. oh, there's a tsunami warning. what people didn't hear was the outdoor alert system, which has been in place since the 19 fifties. right now the sirens are offline. um and they are offline due to the fact that there was some significant security issues related to the technology. and so we had to take them off line about two years ago. the city's department of emergency management says this tsunami advisory would not have triggered an outdoor alert even if the system were up and working because of the low risk to the area. director mary ellen carroll says the department relied on first responders securing the beach and existing wireless technology to push alerts to the mobile devices of those who have opted in to alert sf and if necessary, even to those who have not. we would not have sounded the sirens for this alert, and we did use sf alert
10:47 pm
are texting alert to let people know what was going on. the outdoor alert system was supposed to be back online this year, but covid put the project on the back burner. now the city is working to secure funding to get the outdoor alert system and working again. we would love to have the sirens back online. um we love redundancy and emergency management and preparedness and we'd love to have that redundancies, so we're hopeful that we'll be able to get the funding. and to get those online department of emergency management says that while the tsunami advisory did not pose a risk to people living in the city, it serves as a reminder that we live in a seismically active area as well. they're encouraging people to text their zip codes to 888777 to receive automatic alerts about emergencies. in their area in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. well and you know, to christians story. you know, this stuff of tectonic
10:48 pm
activity is all around us. we're on the pacific rim. it's called the pacific ring of fire, and that includes tonga. and so we do see big underwater volcanoes . we see underwater earthquakes . we see landslides underwater, so the potential for all of this exists in historically not recently, but 1000 years ago, 800 years ago, there were all sorts of these types of events, so yeah, it's good to be aware that that can happen. and how powerful this this whole thing is extremely powerful. okay so last week was dry this week is going to be dry. following week looks dry and then right around 30 and 31 of january. we're gonna just going to say it. we're going to get some ray. i just hope we do. i think we will. the pattern changes completely. these are the highest from today, and you can see that they're pretty mild for this time of year. 65 morgen hill, so that's pretty warm a little bit of patchy fog right along the coast or right and it's coming in through san francisco. you can just barely see it there. but that's the
10:49 pm
first hint we've seen so potential for a little coastal fog. certainly in the offing, the winds of changed around there a little bit more onshore right now, not quite as offshore as this low pressure center down here. kind of throws the clouds in. actually it's way off wasn't it's over here. i'll tell you a secret. i don't have a monitor here, so i'm looking at just my wife's desk. so i can't really see anything. but i can only monitor i have is here so sometimes i'll miss by a long way. and so okay, so right here that system, those clouds are wafting in overhead. give us a great sunset actually added a few sprinkles to the mix, and we're seeing a few sprinkles now down around the san luis obispo and in santa barbara, and there it is right there. but the story for us next few days will be continued dry, a little patchy. coastal fired little hint of valley fog as well potential for tonight and then we're looking at temperatures tomorrow that will be very similar to today. overnight lows, mild to say the least, now is cooler than it was
10:50 pm
last night by seven degrees and napa, but napa is going to end up at 42 degrees for an overnight low. that's nothing that is not that cold at all for this time of year, so that's a fall overnight, low basically early fall, so san francisco as we head into tomorrow morning, partly cloudy kind of like today partly cloudy, fair skies. mostly sunny. mostly cloudy. it's going to be a little bit of everything. i always like to say i'd call that mostly sunny just because that's how i do it. 60 degrees tomorrow in san francisco, maybe 62 no, we valley or southdown by mission rock. 62 in santa rosa 62 in the antioxidant e five and morgan hill. really nice weather pattern. don't sweat it. we've got tons of rain. fortunately if we didn't we would be sweating it for sure. this run of dryness is not unusual to get a running dry like this, but we are getting a signature you know, in in the winter in california. we almost every year have a nine or 10 or 12 day run, and that's what we're seeing. okay so when i come back, we'll update the forecast. i'll see you back here at 11. okay thanks, bill. well,
10:51 pm
the first full moon of the year made its appearance tonight, and it has a special name based on a common myth. the wolf moon, as it's known, lit up the sky about four hours ago. our rooftop camera captured these pictures. it was named such because wolves were thought to how more frequently in the winter months due to hunger. the full wolf moon will be visible through wednesday morning, and the next full moon is expected on the evening of february. 16. bay area food banks are experiencing severe shortages in volunteers right now because of the surge in covid cases. five bay area food banks serving 12, northern california counties are calling on the public now to help after reporting alarming volunteers, shortages in their warehouses and at their food distribution sites. volunteers are critical for bay area food banks, who estimate that they are still serving about a million people every month. many food banks are also reporting an increase in requests for home delivery of free groceries as more community members are forced to isolate. coming up in sports. the nfl
10:52 pm
wild card weekend wraps up with cardinals and rams on monday night football. joe fonzi is here with all the highlights next. been on the 11 o'clock news thousands of people in the east bay given a lower than normal dose of the coronavirus vaccine, the letters going out to kaiser we learn about covid-19,
10:53 pm
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
10:54 pm
call 833-317-4673, happening tonight in sports. the nfl's first three day wild card weekend is in the books and the 49ers are the only visiting team that won the rams matthew stafford in the spot the rams expected when they traded for him facing the cardinals and kyler murray teams that split their two games this year. this game, all from start to finish stafford odell beckham in the back of the end zone for the game's first score seven la after a quarter beckham's first career postseason touchdown 14
10:55 pm
here in the second quarter, murray makes a terrible mistake . he's about to get sacked for safety flings the ball right into the arms of david long, who makes about the shortest return for touchdown. you'll ever see. nobody wants to take a safety, but it's better than this. 21 nothing. rams at the half, saving the rams having some play calling fun in the second half its stafford on the backward pass to beckham of floats the ball in the perfect spot for cam makers. that's a 40 yard played the cardinal 11 yard line in the ramsar and business that led to this stafford beats the rush dumps the bother cooper cup who makes a nice catch on a low ball. the rams win 34 to 11 next week's pairings now set, they will go to tampa to play the bucks on sunday. well the emotion and the thrill of the 49ers playoff when yesterday over dallas is now in their rear room mirror. as far as the 49ers are concerned, their immediate priority is health as they prepare for the rest of green bay packers on a short week, quarterback jimmy garoppolo had a nearly perfect first half of the 40 niners yesterday and the
10:56 pm
second half in which he air mailed a couple of passes that allowed the game to be the heart stopper. that it was. today comes word that garoppolo strained his right shoulder and that may have affected his accuracy. garoppolo is expected to practice this week. and so is linebacker fred warner. 49ers leading tackler. warner re injured his ankle on this fourth quarter of play without any contact. he did not finish the game. and here's what warner said today in a tweet. he actually was apologizing for the scare. says he'll be good to go for the game at lambeau field, nick bosa, who also left the game after an injury, remains under concussion protocol. on saturday. the 49ers let's see a team they faced on sunday night and week three in that game after falling behind 17 nothing garoppolo injured, engineered the fourth quarter comeback. 49ers going front 28 27 on that touchdown fast and kyle used check just 37 seconds left. but that was enough time for aaron rodgers to get mason crosby into field goal range. crosby. down
10:57 pm
the middle with a 51 yard or the packers had 32 28 win, handing the 49ers their first loss. well that game was in santa clara saturdays will be on the frozen tundra of lambeau field. you can dread that type of game or you can relish being what could go down as a playoff classic. i mean, it's pretty cool. anytime you can go play there in the winter. i mean, i would prefer not to tell you the truth. um it's a little a little bit cold for me, but you know, i'll be dressed warm. i don't have to play so i can load up with a bunch of layers and it is going to be a real special game. it could be a huge challenge, and it's gonna be something that by myself, and i know everyone involved with us is member for our lives. two days after they were eliminated from their second playoff game. in 19 years, the raiders have begun a housecleaning. it started today with the firing of general manager mike mayock. mayak was hired in 2000 and 19 but will probably be best remembered for the 2000 and 20 draft in which the raiders took henry rugs and damon arnette, neither of whom are still with the team. owner
10:58 pm
mark davis will now begin interviewing head coaching candidates. interim coach rich bisaccia will be one of the candidates. the guy who salvaged what could have been a disastrous season when jon gruden resigned in october. the sharks at home today for a matinee and they got a record breaking performance from timo meier. it's about the only time all day meyer wasn't scoring sounds down a power play in the first period, brent burns to meyer back with it. to the other side. one nothing. santo's a now it's still in the first meyer on a rebound. three nothing san jose less than 30. seconds later, meyer turned back once, but not twice gets after it. and he's got it. so there's your hat trick, but he wasn't finished. another power play admire tees off. final half and the sharks are on the move here with a three on two. better go to meyer again. don't drag five goals for
10:59 pm
myers is a single game record in sharks history. one short of the nhl record. the sharks win 62. when you're hot, there's just one thing to do. just keep shooting the puck and yeah, i know it's a huge credit to the guys. you know, my linemates made some great place. so thank you really special and you know, it's great that do in front of our fans. and you know such a great great group of guys and get this win. i think it means and little time for check this out on monday evening. this happened earlier today with the bulls in memphis. the grizzlies john moran takes a hard foul from chicago's tony bradley. bradley moran lockup grizzlies 6 10 £247 steven adams there to make sure that there won't be a mismatch between guys who aren't close to the same size. steven adams grabs you. you are grabbed you back up. get out of the way, joe. thank you. next at 11. he
11:00 pm
pushed for racial justice. for economic justice and for the freedom that unlocks all others the freedom to vote. a call to action this martin luther king jr day, with some elected officials, saying now is the time for congress to pass voting rights legislation. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. and voting rights. take center stage at events honoring the late dr king. hello again. i'm clotting. wang and i'm julie julie haener. people around the bay area took the time to give back to their communities on this holiday in san jose. volunteers distributed things like sleeping bags, blankets and clothes to the homeless. people in richmond packed more than 10,000 meals, and students in oakland, worked on a cleanup project. also dr king's family and activists called on lawmakers to pass voting rights legislation. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us now from our newsroom with more on that debate, janna well. julie house democrats already passed


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