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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 17, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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of that character honoring the life and legacy of dr martin luther king jr family members of the civil rights leader marked this day by marching for voting rights, while here in the bay area, mental health workers walked off their jobs as part of a day of action over their employer. not making the day paid holiday. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and welcome everyone to the four on this monday afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. it was a day of action all around the nation to mark the mlk holiday. but many people also took the time to give back to their communities. ktvu is james torres has to look at how bay area volunteers rolled up their sleeves in honor of dr king. for most people today is considered a day off of work or school, but it's supposed to be considered a day on when it comes to community service. at least that's how about 60 to 70 people felt here in san jose. three game, diverse fleet of wheel barrels, tools in hand and
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a sense of giving back. that's all volunteers needed this morning to get outday , we had the day off, so come o. the city of san jose's parks and recreation department hosted a day of service at mary jane hammond park volunteers cleaned around the playgrounds. the city made sure anyone signing up to help today states safe. we are very strict on keeping everybody super safe with the covid verifications masks, making sure everyone's social distance. we sanitized the tools before and after especially outdoors, i can say right? and we've over mask. everybody had the vaccination card check, so i think the protocol procedures are very safe over here. the history of the mlk holiday goes back to the civil rights leader's death in 1968. it took 15 years for legislation to pass through congress, and the bill was signed into law by president ronald reagan in 1983, the first mlk federal holiday happened in 1986. but it didn't become a day
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of service until 1994 you know, so our kids, you know, it's good to get back to the community. the message of getting kids out echoed in oakland at a similar cleanup event put on by students from oakland tech. we're just going to be out here picking up trash. cleaned up the community and just beautifying the area. it'll be really fun. i'm excited more than 60 student volunteers did their part. it impressed mayor libby schaaf and that love of community that sense of power because when you can make positive change herself as a child that makes you feel like you have agency. that is what led me on my path to being the mayor taking a day on to give back volunteers carry on the message from martin luther king jr. to empower americans to make the world a better place for everyone. i'm james torres, ktvu, fox two news. really great work by all of those volunteers today, dozens of mental health
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workers meantime, at kaiser permanente in oakland, went on a day long strike today, holding a picket line right outside the company's medical center and later marching down broadway. they are frustrated that this martin luther king jr day is not a paid holiday magus live now for us in the newsroom and emma. these workers demanding greater support as well for black therapists and patients. that's right, heather. one reason for frustration today was that kaiser had originally told therapists today would be a paid holiday but later backtracked on that, saying they'll recognize martin luther king jr day next year across the organization. we want our freedom. morita holding holding signs with dr king's iconic face and memorable words . mental health professionals at kaiser permanente picketed monday outside the kaiser medical center in oakland. they thought they'd be getting today off as a paid holiday, but last month learned that wouldn't be happening after all, kaiser telling us that they can't give it to us for 2022, but they've
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given it to other unions who bargained it. by the way, it shouldn't be a bargaining issue. it's a civil rights issue, and then they're telling us you'll get it. january 2020 2023 in a statement, kaiser permanente said there was miscommunication within one department over martin luther king day being a paid holiday. citing operational factors that made it impossible to implement this year, adding quote. local leaders have apologized to employees who may have viewed the mistake as in any way conflicting with kaiser's deep commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity, but it's an insufficient response and frankly, it's infuriating because they had so many months. this is not something that was just out of the blue that we asked for. like i said, we've been asking for this since may of right after george floyd was murdered in 2024 chicano therapist jessica dominguez, recognizing mlk day for kaiser therapists was meant to be a first step. in a list of anti racist practices she and other therapists have spelled out now. she questions kaiser's
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commitment for me. this is very much a tipping point. if my organization kaiser can't step up and do the right thing. when our communities of color and crisis when are they going to step up to the right thing? i can't recruit my friends to be therapists. in oakland, for example, when they learned that we don't have martin luther king's day is a paid day off to them. that means their needs aren't valid and aren't important. so it's it hurts our recruitment. 8% of kaiser therapists are black higher than the national average, but not high enough to meet the needs of black patients, says therapist sabrina show met. it also hurts retention. we lose black therapists and therapists of color often call us sometimes the supremes because i'm usually one of three kaiser permanent employees who are represented by other unions do have today off as a paint holiday and rather than the traditional day of service this year, kaiser has an expanded week of service opportunities to commemorate martin martin luther king junior's legacy, heather alright and biggest force this afternoon
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in the newsroom, emma. thank you. members of martin luther king junior's family led a march in washington d. c this morning they were joined by members of congress to honor dr king on the holiday that marks what would have been his 93rd birthday. the marchers remember dr king as a champion of voting rights during his lifelong fight for social justice, and they say the right to vote is now facing one of the biggest challenges in u. s history. while we no longer have to count how many marbles in a jar or recite backwards. the declaration of independence. today's modern day voting suppression is no less pernicious. the freedom to vote john lewis act would dramatically overhaul american elections with the goal of making sure everyone who is eligible has the right to vote. it passed the house last week and is scheduled for a vote in the u. s senate tomorrow. however its passage is in doubt because democrats lack the vote
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to change the rules in order to avoid a filibuster by republican lawmakers. well some new information this afternoon from tonga where one person is confirmed dead. following that massive undersea volcanic eruption of this morning surveillance planes from australia and new zealand headed out to survey the damage. so far , there has been very little communication from the island chain. they're only underwater phone and internet cable is believed to have been severed by that eruption. members of the bay area's large tongan community or among those trying desperately to reach loved ones , and lydon says she was talking to her mother on the phone when that eruption happened. you have to hang up to save the battery because we were not sure if they can, if they're going to have it enough for that night for us to call back, but that was the last time. really, we don't know. we have no communication at all. we know that they're okay. you know, even though that we don't know, but but we trust god.
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that's the only thing that all tongue its head. of the person who died as a british citizen who ran an animal rescue. her brother says that she was swept away by a wave. san francisco is now working on bringing back its outdoor emergency alert system. the sirens, which were meant to warn about tsunamis and other disasters were taken offline two years ago for repair. ktvu christian captain is joining us now live from ocean beach, where christian most people learned about saturday's tsunami advisory on their cell phones. yes, that's how i learned about it. that's how most people around the bay area learned about it. the sirens here behind me those are going to be silent for the next two years. the city's department of emergency management says they're an important redundancy to help warn people about tsunamis or other major disasters. hundreds visited san francisco's ocean beach just days after a volcanic eruption near tonga sent waves 5000 miles to california's coastline. most learned about
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the tsunami advisory on their phones and a few who are already at the beach. heard about it from first responders. the police officer told me, he says , we're closing the area. i go. what's going on? he says. oh, there's a tsunami warning. what people didn't hear was the outdoor alert system, which has been in place since the 19 fifties. right now the sirens are offline, and they are offline due to the fact that there was some significant security issues related to the technology, and so we had to take them off line about two years ago, the city's department of emergency management says this tsunami advisory would not have triggered an outdoor alert even if the system were up working. because of the low risk to the area. director mary ellen carroll says the department relied on first responders securing the beach and existing wireless technology to push alerts to the mobile devices of those who have opted into alert sf and if necessary, even to those who have not, we would not have sounded the sirens for this alert. and we did use sf alert
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are texting alert to let people know what was going on the outdoor alert system was supposed to be back online this year, but covid put the project on the back burner. now the city is working to secure funding to get the outdoor alert system. up and working again. we would love to have the sirens back online. um we love redundancy and emergency management and preparedness and we'd love to have that redundancies, so we're hopeful that we'll be able to get the funding. to get those online. the department of emergency management says that while the tsunami advisory did not pose a risk to people living here in the city, it does serve as a reminder that we live in a seismically active areas. well, they're encouraging people to text their zip codes. 2888777. to get updates about any kinds of major emergencies that affect the city. in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox two news. alright so christian, if we have all of these other high
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tech ways to alert people about a tsunami or another disaster, why is it even necessary to get those sirens back online? right, so that's part of it. alex's hole. it's a whole system of redundancies. one of the reasons that it might come in handy is if there were a large enough disaster that took the radio towers. cellphone towers offline . this is another way yet another way that they can try to reach people, so that's one of the reasons why they want to have multiple layers of ways of reaching people to notify them. in the case of a major disaster. major emergency have a number of options available to you. alright, christien kafton. live at ocean beach in san francisco. christian? thank you. i threw a chair at the gunman. and i headed for the door. a rabbi describes a dramatic escape after an 11 hour hostage standoff at a synagogue in texas. but we're now learning about the gunman who just arrived here in the united states two weeks ago. and a homeless man arrested in new york city accused of shoving a
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woman right into the path of a train at the subway station for no apparent reason. that victims connection to the bay area. a beautiful day around the bay area on this holiday. partly cloudy skies a very slim chance that maybe a few sprinkles better and deadly crime in new yk
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city this weekend. new york police say 40 year old michelle go, was pushed to her death in front of a subway train in a random attack on saturday morning. her family lives in fremont, according to the new york times, the man believed to be responsible surrendered to police a short time later, he's been identified as 61 year old simon marshall. marshall who police said is homeless, was charged with second degree murder. this incident was unprovoked, and the victim does not appear to have had any interaction with the subject. it's super concerning to me like
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the state of the us like as someone who's just who's asian americans. the attack comes just days after mayor eric adams announced plans to boost a subway policing and outreach to homeless people in new york city. the alleged attacker does have a criminal history, including what are described as emotionally disturbed encounters . we're learning more now about the hostage standoff at a texas synagogue over the weekend, the rabbi of that synagogues were counting the frightening moments before the hostages managed to escape. and as alex hogan reports law enforcement authorities on both sides of the atlantic are now ramping up their investigations into the suspect. you just don't know if it's going to happen at your church residents of colleyville , texas are still in shock after this man 44 year old malik akram took a rabbi and three worshippers hostage during saturday services at the congregation beth israel synagogue. he died at the scene
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after the hostages escaped, and now the investigation is ramping up with two teenagers detained in the city of manchester late sunday night, akram was from blackburn and industrial city in northern england and allegedly suffered from mental illness getting banned from british courtrooms after yelling in court and making comments about 9 11. but he wasn't on a terror watch list despite having what his brother calls a long criminal history in the uk. he arrived in new york about two weeks ago on a tourist visa. and now president biden is asking tough questions about how he was able to obtain a gun just ridiculous, and it's because of the failure us to focus as hard as we should, and as consistently should on gun purchases. we're also learning more about the final moments of the standoff. the congregations , rabbi says akram was becoming increasingly agitated as it became clear his demands would not be met. that's when the
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hostages started looking for an opportunity to escape. i told them to go. i threw a chair at the gunman. and i headed for the door. and all three of us were able to get out without even a shopping fired. fbi investigators are now working with scotland yard to determine if akram had any accomplices in the uk in london. alex hogan, fox news. well the major storm is blanketing parts of canada and the eastern us in toronto. i see snowy conditions brought traffic to a halt in many areas, their vehicles and roads were covered amounts of snow. what powerful wind gusts reduced visibility to near zero. the storm is expected to bring as much as two ft of snow to the toronto region here in the u. s. heavy snow rain and strong winds also slammed the northeast and new england today as many hicks reports that system arrived after first blanketing parts of the south with severe weather. the eastern us taking a direct
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hit from mother nature as a messy storm strikes parts of the south and northeast, dumping heavy snow pounding rain and damaging high winds. some are spending monday shoveling out, while others are still seeing snowfall. totals rise. including parts of ohio, pennsylvania and new york, or more than a foot has already fallen and more snow is expected to accumulate in some areas of the northeast and new england through wednesday. crews across the region working to clear the roads. we know that we still have a lot of streets to head but they're out there. in other places. the flakes replaced by rain drops steady rain soaking the northeast, especially the coastal areas. the winds were unbelievable driving conditions from georgia to maine have been messy winds and ice responsible for a widespread loss of power crews on monday, working to restore service to hundreds of thousands
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of customers. most in the carolinas, west virginia and georgia. meanwhile the massive storm system stretched all the way to southern florida, spawning tornadoes, which damaged more than 100 homes around the state. there was no front of my house any longer and there was no roof on the hills of this storm. forecasters are expecting another round of cold in the midwest and the east later this week in atlanta, midi hicks, fox weather. all around the bay area this afternoon. we are enjoying mostly sunny skies and seasonably warm weather, at least for some. we will continue with this pattern of dry weather. now when i say dry weather camera without the possibility of maybe a few sprinkles. explain here in just a moment. a live look from ktvu across the oakland estuary towards san francisco, where you can see all those high clouds overhead once again and here,
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repeat of what we have seen in recent days. and we are looking at another pretty sunset. we're about 40 minutes away or so temperature wise right now. 60 degrees in san francisco 60 in oakland low sixties and livermore areas over at santa rosa and napa in the upper fifties at this time, and in the south bay of san jose 63 san jose a tad warmer than yesterday. at this hour, livermore, you're up by four degrees or so half moon bay, a few degrees cooler and over areas of the north bay napa reporting. a few degrees cooler over yesterday's highs. the winds have been generally lighter napa right now reporting five mph oakland coming in from the northwest at nine and conquer, reporting a light breeze at about three mph onto the cloud cover there where again we're enjoying a partly cloudy skies. if you do notice areas over south of a santa cruz over the last few hours, we have dried out. but a few sprinkles reported early on in through the morning hours as the system off of the southern california coast works its way inland and you can
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see this is definitely a central california southern california type of event. but we are seeing just the northern edge of that move into the bay area. so this morning we started out with a few sprinkles mostly cloudy skies, but at this time were mainly trying. i do expect us to be mainly dry for the rest of today and into tomorrow morning where we start out with partly cloudy skies and perhaps a little bit of patchy fog. i'll have a look at the temperatures expected for your area tuesday and the rest of the week ahead, including your weekend coming up in just a little bit. all right. thanks so much, rosemary oroczo . okay? the 49ers now moving on in the playoffs. after that, 23 to 17 win over the dallas cowboys, san francisco just dominated the first half of the game, running all over the cowboys defense and when deebo samuel scored midway through the third quarter of the 49ers lead 23 to 7. but dallas battled back , and it all came down to one final play for the cowboys down by six points with just 14
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seconds left and no timeouts. they try to quarterback draw bad decision as the clock expires on the game and the cowboys decision. cowboys season. excuse me. the 49ers, though, are moving on, and their head coach could not be more proud of his team. i just i think it says so much about our guys all year. like just ah, i mean to lose two of our best players are captains, um, you know, and be able to protect a lead like that, too. i mean, it was just the guys that come out and finish that game, especially in that environment, just a little bit of a roller coaster like it was wild. lot of ups and downs. a lot of unknowns. um i think the niners make for great tv. i agree. the 49ers have a short week, though, for star players like nick bosa and fred warner to recover from injuries. san francisco plays on saturday against the packers in green bay, where it may be in the single digits come kick off. these two went head to head earlier this season, with the packers winning on a last second
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field goal. one niners fans across the bay area could be heard celebrating after yesterday's big win niner nation right here. we're going to make our mark this year. going to go down to the super bowl. win the super bowl. this is it. the athletic club in oakland, packed with people wearing red and gold , now saturday nights nfc divisional playoff against the packers will mark the ninth postseason meeting between these two franchises. all told, they split the eight games for four. i'm pulling to move that those statistics to 54, right. alex sounds good to me. yeah, that game was a lot of fun. it was all right, coming up here on the floor. today hospitals and nursing homes are stretched thin nationwide amid the omicron surge. how long until experts say will return to the classroom
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tomorrow after a week of distance learning the school
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board voted to reopen hayward schools during a meeting on friday night. the district says it switched over to remote learning last week after more than 200 teachers and other staff tested positive for covid. the district says enhance safety measures will be in place when students return to school after the martin luther king jr holiday. all teachers will now get medical grade masks and we'll have access to more testing. below macron has been fueling a staffing crisis at workplaces nationwide. and nowhere is that shortage more stark than at hospitals as new patients continue to come in healthcare providers are struggling to find enough people to care for them. all of this, as the surgeon general says, we are still a few weeks away from the peak of uncle cron cases. foxes. jonathan serrie has the latest for us. a crisis on the horizon for healthcare systems dealing with a new surge in covid patients, with hospitalizations expected to peak across the country during the next 3 to 4 weeks. right now
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we're about 150,000 people in the hospital with covid. that's more than we've ever had. i expect those numbers to get substantially higher nursing homes are being hit particularly hard by the latest wave quickly approaching a record for new cases with nearly seven times the number from just a month earlier. while macron is the latest variant, it likely will not be the last nearly two years into the pandemic, health officials are preparing for covid to ultimately become an endemic disease that won't go away permanently but can be managed. moderna ceo says they're working on a single shot booster that will protect people from both covid-19. 18 and the flu. the goal is to streamline the vaccination process as much as possible. we really don't want to get into the whack a mole approach towards every new variant where it comes up and you all of a sudden have to make a new, uh, a new booster against a particular very and it gets up because you'll be chasing it forever. meanwhile the white house is working to address the nation wide shortage of
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available covid testing kits. president biden has pledged to allocate one billion free tests for americans, the administration says those will be available for people to order online starting this week. that website covid tests dot gov is expected to be up and running by when's day. the white house says each us household can order up to four tests free of charge. in atlanta, john and sarah fox news. do not celebrate. legislative. continuing dr king's legacy his family today calling for lawmakers to act on election reform up next, a conversation about what's at stake. and betty white would have turned 100 years old. today the social media campaign where you can donate to a cause that was very
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be in your moment. now by a thread. the senate is set to take up the legislation tomorrow as foxes caroline shively reports. two democratic senators are still standing in the way. after marching into washington with the d. c. peace walk. the family of martin luther king jr had this message for congress on mlk day. do not celebrate. legislate the senate is set to take up voting rights legislation on tuesday. last week, the house passed a bill that would give the justice department power over election law changes in states to have a history of discrimination and set requirements from malin and early voting. the effort is aimed at countering new state
4:32 pm
laws, the democrats say make it harder for minorities to vote. these laws are being passed with knife like precision. to cut black and brown voters out of the process, and they're exactly what the voting rights act wants . protected against. republicans are defending those state laws and say they'll block democrats from passing the voting bill in the senate. they're willing to strip people of some of their rights strip are states of their constitutional authority in order to get the power they want just about democrats win elections. senate leaders also plan to vote this week on weakening the filibuster, a custom that requires at least 60 members to agree on most bills. without the change. democrats don't have the numbers to pass any voting legislation. i've making calls meeting with not going to give us to change the filibuster. democrats would need the support of all 50 of their senators, and they don't have it to have said they are hard nose
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in washington, carolina shively fox news. for more on the push to pass meaningful voting rights legislation in this country as a way to honor the legacy of dr king. we're joined now by cliff albright, who is the co founder of black voters matter, cliff appreciate you taking the time today. thank you very much. dr king often spoke about the fierce urgency of now in this moment we're in now. how much urgency is there to pass voting rights legislation and restore the full power of the voting rights act of 1965. yeah thanks for having me. no. i mean, this is definitely a fierce urgency of now a moment. it's incredibly urgent. it's really past urgent . we've already seen bills that were passed all throughout last year. we're now seeing another wave of bills that are being proposed in states, including my home state of georgia, which just went session last week. and they've already proposed another bill that would go even further than last year's bill in terms of eliminating drop boxes. we've also seen maps have been
4:34 pm
gerrymandered, some that have already been paid. there's some that are still pending. and so it's incredibly earned that we get this done before. any new maps are drawn before any new laws. or enacted, and it's got to happen this week this week. really? i mean this past time, but, um, senator schumer said that there will be a vote this week originally said it would happen by today on martin luther king day. but then you know, a couple of things came in a way of that. but there's going to be a debate, and that's the thing that we want everybody to keep in mind. um there's going to be a debate like it's not going to be enough that those two senators that you just mentioned have expressed that think that they don't support it. they're going to have to go on the floor and engaged in debate, and ultimately, they're going out the cast the vote during the week that we commemorate dr martin luther king, we're gonna they're gonna have to cast the vote against one of his biggest legacies, which is voting rights. what happens, though, if the voting rights legislation that is going to be up for debate, as you said in the senate starting tomorrow. what happens if it if it stalls once again? obviously you know that
4:35 pm
the votes don't appear to be there to change the rules of the filibuster to pass this legislation. what happens if it stalls? how do you continue applying pressure to lawmakers on this issue? won't continue to some of the same things that we've been doing that we're doing this week. um we're doing hunger strikes were doing obviously we're doing marches i was at the arizona march on saturday was at the d. c march. today there'll be more marches, there'll be more hunger striking will be more phone calls were encouraging everybody to call their senators. every senators, especially democratic senator, but here, including even republican senators. but calling democratic senators even if they've come out and support of voting rights, or they've come out in support of filibuster reform. they still need a phone call because at the end of the day, they are going out to play a role in advocating and influencing their two senate colleagues. so phone calls marches. um rallies all of that pressuring the white house tonight. turned her back. they had a decent week. last week, he
4:36 pm
gave an important speech. he went to the democratic caucus. but there's more that the white house can do. everybody has a role to play in this, and we believe that as long as we faint, not that in due season, we shall wreak. we will get the bills that we're trying to get. but we can't faint. we have to keep on pushing cliff. let me speaking of the president and his role here in these ongoing negotiations. once again president biden spoke out today on this mlk holiday and renewed his call for congress to pass voting rights legislation and to change the rules of the filibuster. here's a bit of what the president had to say. and on this federal holiday that honors him. it's not just enough to praise him. we must commit to his unfinished work to deliver jobs, injustice to protect the sacred right to vote the right from which all other rights flow all right. so you spoke about it briefly. president biden went to atlanta last week. he gave that much talked about speech on the importance of passing voting rights legislation. yet nothing
4:37 pm
has been done. and i want to point out here, your organization and another civil rights organizations in this country. chose not to attend president biden's speech to talk about why you are so frustrated with the way president biden has moved on this issue, and what should he be doing that he's not doing? yeah well, we're frustrated because we wanted to see some of what we saw this week. we wanted to see that all throughout last year and now with that said he gave the speech. he came out in support of modifying and filibuster. he went to the democratic caucus meeting. there's still more that he can do. i was little dismayed where after senator senator gave her speech, um you know the next day, the white house kind of pivoted. they went back to talking about infrastructure and build back better. and so, um, we don't want him to do such a quick pivot. just because of what senator soon, cinema said. there's still things that you can do. he can still advocate with them. he can still have said, you know, i have to openly but part seriously. he could. he could bring them to camp david, right. if camp david has been a place where there have been
4:38 pm
international peace treaty signed certainly if they spent a couple of days up there, we can find a way for between him and them to work out something right to find out. what it is that they want. at the end of the day is not enough. it shouldn't be enough for anybody, not voters that not senators and not the media for them to just say i'm not against us. tell us what you would be for right if you're not for when you say you're not for filibuster reform. does that mean no formal filibuster reform ? there's absolutely no proposal that could be make that you could get behind. they have got to be specific and we have got to force them. mm. to give those kinds of answers instead of just giving speeches, but they don't really go into details, and then they don't have to debate and so we want the president to leave into that process. he started last week. we give them credit for that, but we don't want him to just do that. and in turn back right back around, just like when he gave a speech in philadelphia last year in july, and then for six months, we didn't hear anything else out of what we can't have another six months. yeah but again, it's not just the president. everybody has a role to play the president, senators, voters,
4:39 pm
community members, activists and non activists. we all have a role to play in this and we will get it done. alright appreciate your time and your perspective here on this martin luther king jr holiday, cliff albright, co founder of black voters matter. thank you for taking the time we appreciate it. thank you. oakland police say one person was killed in a crash on frontage road near 10th street early this morning. investigators say the ford explorer collided with a trailer that was parked in the center divide of frontage road. just before to this morning, the driver, a 50 year old man from oakland was killed. no one else in the explorer was no one else was in the explorer. it's not clear why the trailer was parked there. san jose, police say a pedestrian who was injured in a hit and run crash earlier this month, has now died to have a 10 days ago. one center road in south san jose investigators say the victim was walking outside the marked crosswalk. when he was struck by a blue or green pickup truck. the driver of that truck then sped off. and so far
4:40 pm
there have been no arrest. this death is san jose's fifth traffic fatality. so far of the new year. many people may be hitting the slopes this long holiday weekend coming up next to look at conditions that sugar bowl resort after what's already been of wild winter. final nice and dry up over areas of tahoe this weekend and into the holiday and for us to dry weather moving forward. i'll have a look at what you can expect for your area tuesday onr
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1/100 birthday with a call to donate to animal charities in her name. why dedicated much of her life to working as an advocate for animal welfare? so a social media campaign called the betty white challenge has been launched asking people to honor her legacy on her birthday
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by donating $5 to animal charities. we can do a lot with $5. we can feed animals. we can give medical care. we can continue our rescue efforts and all of this we can do and betty white's memory to pay it forward for her legacy of compassion, kindness and love. for almost 75 years, white was actively involved with american humane, the group says one of her favorite programs was it's pops for patriots initiative, which provided companion dogs for veterans. many people are celebrating this holiday on the slopes. the three day weekend provides a big boost to resorts who are still trying to make up for what was at rocky start to the season. so let's see how things are looking up in tahoe and bring in drew jackson marketing and communications manager at sugar bowl and royal gorge. cross country resorts. thank you so much true for being here. what are the conditions like right now? you know, we've had a beautiful weekend. you know, it's been a little while
4:44 pm
since we had that big storm, so the snow has set up to be a little firmer. the skin's pretty fast and the groomers of the place to be. but when the sun comes out each afternoon, the snow has softened up and the skin has been pretty darn good. okay, so what did you see in terms of mlk crowds typical and noted that things really aren't typical because we're still in the midst of covid. but but we're the crowds pretty good this long weekend. yeah, it was a busy weekend, but i would say it wasn't overwhelming. the weekend prior was actually a lot busier and probably the reason why is most ski areas have blackout dates on a lot of their season passes for the holiday weekends and that actually served its purpose and dimension attendance a little bit, but it still was a healthy crowd and at sugar bowl we focus on not overwhelming the place we limit our ticket sales and that that did good things for a holiday weekend made sure everyone here had a good time and wasn't standing into along the lines. that's perfect. all right. there was a lack of snow at the first of the season. we all know that then all whole lot of snow last month those storms. obviously a big boost, but drew, how are things looking right now? i
4:45 pm
mean, are things revenues looking strong now? yeah you know, ever since we had the big storm and then well, we were closed for a few days in a pretty unfortunate time over christmas. but then once we recovered from that, you know, business has been strong. good. and we've got plenty of snow. now you know, 6 to 9 ft. on the ground, you know, we could use another storm to get a refresh, but until then, he continues to be fantastic. okay and what about staffing shortages? drew? obviously we know just about every industry has been hit by a number of sick calls due to covid. how are you guys doing there at sugar bowl? well, we're certainly not immune from that. we are dealing with some of the same struggles that just about all businesses are started the season a little bit low on the staff side, you know, we've prioritized certain departments like lift operations so that folks could come up here and do the thing they really wanted to do, which is key. and then the sick calls have been, you know, high recently, but we're hanging in there. we're doing all right, and hopefully we'll cross our fingers. i think we all hope that this democratic variant surge that we've had. well
4:46 pm
hopefully it will start to turn the corner on that things get better. you mentioned that obviously you've got enough snow right now. always could use a little bit more, but are all of your runs open. yeah well, 99% i would say we have one area of the mountain that really can only open so steep that it can only open. it may be the top 10% of snow years other than that, yeah, we're fully open. oh that's great. okay so your message to folks here in the bay area who might be thinking about heading up that way? well first of all plan ahead. you know, we're still in this environment where we're wanting to carefully managed number of people that are here to not overwhelm the place you got to buy online in advance. that's really important this season up here at sugar bowl. okay keep that in mind, folks, but the skiing does look great. drew jackson really appreciate your time this afternoon. stay safe and happy times there on the ski trails. thank you. gorgeous and lake tahoe this weekend. gorgeous here is well, we started out with a few sprinkles over the bay area at this hour, though just beautiful weather and getting ready to see a beautiful
4:47 pm
sunset sun will set right about 5 17. here's a live look. at the golden gate bridge, and you can see just a little bit of blue amongst all that cloud cover those high clouds again providing us with a nice sunset . getting into the temperature is at this time and napa reporting 57 degrees lost the reading in oakland for the time being, but temperatures in oakland in the upper fifties as well conquered at 60. we have palo alto reporting 59 san jose s 63. the winds have been generally light today. nevada reporting calm conditions. oakland and northwest breeze at nine mph just a very nice one out there for outdoor enjoyment . hopefully you had a chance to enjoy it, and hopefully you had the day off. here's a look at the storm tracker to started out this morning with a few sprinkles. we had trace reports over areas near oakland and portions over the south bay that is winding down as the system is going to be moving across california and out of here showed you this in the last half hour, but if you are just joining us, you can see the
4:48 pm
brunt of the moisture there off the central southern california coastline. again this is going to be moving inland and we cannot rule out the slight possibility and maybe a sprinkle or two, but if we get anything, it's not going to be much, unfortunately, nothing in the way of accumulation. just some nice, mild weather as we work our way through the days ahead and into the weekend. we are looking dry. take a look at the future cast model here you'll notice over southern california a little bit of blue there that system that we saw just a moment ago on the satellite radar. and then as you look to the north, we have a little bit of action going on just on the north edge there of washington and farther into canada. notice. what happens wednesday thursday friday, all the way into your weekend that storm track is so far north looks like the pacific northwest is going to remain dry for the week ahead, so unfortunately, we have a dry stretch coming our way. we'd love to see some rain. not going to see it in the coming days. here's a look at the overnight lows for tomorrow morning going to be a chilly start 39 in santa rosa 46 to start your day in san
4:49 pm
francisco and 40 degrees in concord as we get into the afternoon temperatures right about average upper fifties to low sixties expected there's a better look at some of the afternoon house for tomorrow. 58% matteo 59 in polio and 60 degrees for the inner east bay of antioch. as we get into the extended forecast temperatures slightly warmer on wednesday thursday into friday, feeling quite nice middle upper sixties perhaps in is we start into the weekend and then temperatures coming down just slightly. but not a whole lot of change. upper thirties too low forties for the overnight low sixties in the afternoons under partly cloudy conditions back to you. all right, rosemary. thank you. well a french bulldog taken from a family at gunpoint. the investigation into the latest dognapping incident and what appears to be a growing trend here in the bay area coming up tonight at five o'clock, how did critical gear to fight the pandemic on the peninsula and up as soggy supplies plus will faster phone service result in
4:50 pm
less safe landings at the less safe landings at the airport? ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! thirty-four miles per hour! new personal record, limu! [limu emu squawks] he'll be back. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪
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castro valley grandmother trying to fight off those thieves with her cane. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with her family. this is tito, a one year old french bulldog who was stolen from his owner at gunpoint in castro valley. this happened saturday around 5:30 p.m. on don and nor bridge avenue. we treat him like a part of our family. he has his own instagram. we take him. everywhere we go. we treat him like a kid like he's he has his own little personality. you know, joshua, who did not want to give his last name, spoke with us about the incident. he said his mom and grandmother were walking tito near their home when a car pulled up beside them. five men hopped out, um, two of them pointing guns at my mom. one point a gun at my
4:53 pm
grandma. they demanded to, uh, for my mom to give my dog tito to them. the women tried to get away. joshua's mom grabbed tito and his grandmother hit the men with her cane. my grandma had like a walking stick with her, um, and she was trying to hit them with it. joshua said his mom finally let go of the dog when she saw one of the men point a gun at his grandmother's head. the suspects took tito into purse. a wallet and car keys were inside that purse, and a few hours later, the suspects went to the women's home and stole a mercedes benz right out of the driveway. the alameda county sheriff's office said they canvass the area and said they were able to get some video footage that could help. now tito is just the latest frenchy targeted by thieves. thursday daisy was taken from his owner at gunpoint in oakland near lake merritt. and earlier this month , rosie was stolen while on a walk in san francisco's marina district. rosie was later found
4:54 pm
and reunited with her owner, joshua said he thinks it's ridiculous. thieves are after dogs, he said his family just wants tito home safe. they took my mom's purse. they took her car like we don't care about the first. we don't care about the car. those are all replaceable things. a dog family member that is not replaceable. that is our pet. that is our person. that is our like comfort. he's one of like he's a part of our family. elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. and we do have an update on daisy, the french bulldog who was taken from near lake merritt last thursday. police are now telling us the dog was found roaming in that same area, and daisy has been returned to its owner least happy ending there. well, pal itand will soon be adding hundreds of dollars in fees to both their bikes and treadmills. starting on january 31st, the company will be adding an additional $250 in delivery and set up fees for its bikes
4:55 pm
and extra $350 for its dread. treadmills this will bring the cost of those products to $1745 and $2845, respectively. the company says inflation and heightened supply chain costs are the reason for those additional fees. ghosts of the holidays where you may not expect it will tell you how dead christmas trees play a critical role in a t duty in louisiana. it
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
of a mission called the christmas tree drop boxes. rebecca castor tells us how the national guard is using them for training, and they're also providing new habitat for wildlife. it's a mission, unlike any other for the louisiana national guard pilots hall
4:58 pm
bundles of old christmas trees and drop them in the bayou. the operation not only helps rebuild the state's eroded coastline, but also allows crews to practice the valuable skills they'll use in more serious missions. repetition is the key to success. if we get to, the more we get to do with the better we get at it, chief gabriel ruiz says dropping christmas trees is similar to deploying water generators and food after hurricanes. to prepare for those situations. where used his mission just to train that is the exact same type of slings. it's exactly the type of communication training mission prep. for christmas tree all the way to a very heavy generator. the mission also helps the state's wildlife in two decades, the national guard has added about 200 football fields of marshland. we use those trees to help rebuild habitats for different wildlife for waterfowl and crabs and shrimp. all those things that you like about louisiana, and they have they'll have more area to rebuild those habitats. everybody normally wants to jump
4:59 pm
in this mission people already asking about who's going to be in the roster for this flight cities will be collecting discarded trees for the next several weeks. the mission takes flight this spring. and hammond , louisiana. rebecca castor ktvu, fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. and on this federal holiday that honors him. it's not just enough to praise him. must commit to his unfinished work. now at five, a day before the us senate is expected to take up significant legislation on voting rights, the president is pushing to protect the right to vote on this martin luther king jr day. questioning the commitment of kaiser permanente. what dozens of frustrated mental health professionals are calling out the medical center plus an outdoor emergency alert system in san francisco, taken offline two years ago for repairs days after a terrifying tsunami in the pacific caused a slight scare here in the bay area. what is the status of those alarms? good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm claudine wang americans marching
5:00 pm
with a message on martin luther king jr day from coast to coast. it was a day to honor the holidays namesake while calling on congress to protect voters. in washington, d. c a peace march took place across frederick douglas memorial bridge. dr king's family took part in that march. it was a similar site in arizona demonstrators are urging congress to pass voting legislation. meanwhile in south florida, the annual wheels up guns down unsanctioned demonstration. those taking part in the ride out, say it honors dr king before delivering a speech on voting rights legislation in atlanta. president biden and vice president kamala harris paid tribute to civil rights battles of the past. they took part in a wreath laying ceremony at the crypt of the late reverend king and his wife, coretta scott king. cnn higher ground and all these students want to come out and help you know where it matters. most down here is just amazing. it's a great feeling, and i'm really excited to get to work today. back here. in the bay area


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