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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 16, 2022 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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control the rest of the way they win. 1 1999, the warriors are back home tuesday night. after one entry trip lots more coming up on sports draft with jason appelbaum cnn. at least we did have some good news today. thank you so much job alright. next at 11. they started to kind of wrestle over the dog. um until my mom noticed that there was a gun pointed at my grandma's head. it's a crime that's become all too common. once again. a french bulldog has been stolen at gunpoint. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. and the low again, everyone. i'm alex savage and i'm andre senior. investigators want to find a group of people who use guns to steal a dog in castro valley grandmother tried to fight to these with her cane when the thieves approached her on north bridge road, but they got away with the dog and the woman's purse. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with their family today and alyssa. no doubt they must be traumatized. that's right. the family is devastated. they told
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me that they had heard about other armed robberies of french bulldogs here in the bay area. but they were still shocked. it happened to them. this is tito, a one year old french bulldog who was stolen from his owner at gunpoint in castro valley. this happened saturday around 5:30 p.m. on don and nor bridge avenue. we treat him like a part of our family. he has his own instagram. we take him. everywhere we go. we treat him like a kid like he's he has his own little personality. you know, joshua, who did not want to give his last name, spoke with us about the incident. he said his mom and grandmother were walking tito near their home when a car pulled up beside them. five men hopped out, um, two of them pointing guns at my mom. one point a gun at my grandma. they demanded to, uh, for my mom to give my dog tito to them. the women tried to get away. joshua's mom grabbed tito and his grandmother hit the men with her cane. my grandma had
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like a walking stick with her, um, and she was trying to hit them with it, joshua said his mom finally, let go of the dog when she saw one of the men point a gun at his grandmother's head. the suspects took tito into purse. a wallet and car keys were inside that purse, and a few hours later, the suspects went to the women's home and stole a mercedes benz right out of the driveway. the alameda county sheriff's office said they canvass the area and said they were able to get some video footage that could help. no tito is just the latest frenchy targeted by thieves. thursday daisy was taken from his owner at gunpoint in oakland near lake merritt. and earlier this month , rosie was stolen while on a walk in san francisco's marina district. rosie was later found and reunited with her owner, joshua said he thinks it's ridiculous. thieves are after dogs, he said his family just wants tito home safe. they took my mom's purse. they took her
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car like we don't care about the first. we don't care about the car. those are all replaceable things. a dog family member that is not replaceable. that is our pet. that is our person. that is our like comfort. he's wanted, like he's a part of our family. the suspects were driving a black 2019 kia niro suv when they took tito. that car was reported stolen out of oakland reporting live in the newsroom. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news targeted twice by criminals, elissa thank you. okay that was stolen during a smash and grab burglary last month in san francisco has been found safe. seether granados and his wife were visiting the bay area from southern california. that's when they left their cat ballou. excuse me lucilla in their car briefly while they transparent. someone stole the cat left the valley business behind the car, though the couple put up flyers everywhere number stop searching told us today, an anonymous good samaritan reached out to them, and they drove back to the bay area this weekend to pick up their cat unharmed. new tonight
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. police in stockton say a shooting this morning left a 42 year old man dead, police say officers responded to reports of a person shot around 5 30 this morning. in a residential area of funston avenue in bradford street. that ban was pronounced dead at the scene. police have no information tonight on the suspected shooter. anyone with any information should put in a call to stockton police also new tonight in santa rosa 31 year old man is dead after and another man rather has been arrested on murder charges in connection to a fatal shooting. what happened early yesterday morning outside of business on suggestible avenue. the victim was taken to an area hospital with a single gunshot wound and later pronounced dead. he was identified as brianne perez, loro, santa rosa. today police service search warrants at the santa rosa home with the suspect 27 year old and a senior dona win, was arrested after a short standoff. no word yet on a motive for the shooting. well psychologists, mental health therapists and social workers at kaiser permanente are planning
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to strike tomorrow outside kaiser headquarters in oakland. therapists say they're upset that kaiser permanente is not making martin luther king jr day a paid holiday for them. until next year. the union that represents the therapist also said kaiser is not doing enough to provide culturally sensitive care to communities of color. in a statement to ktvu kaiser confirmed that martin luther king day will be a paid holiday across the organization next year, and they went on to say this quote. we understand the disappointment that this was not possible to institute in 2022 because of the many operational factors that go into planning and implementing a new paid holiday. zealand's military sent us surveillance flight to tonga to assess the extent of the damage from that huge undersea volcanic eruption. the volcano caused a tsunami warning across the pacific in that that warning stretch to the bay area as well as other parts of the us west coast. this is a look at the damage along the new zealand shore line, where many boats were submerged in high water. we
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understand it could take several days to get the full scope of the damage in tonga itself. video streamed live on social media yesterday gives you an idea of how swells of water overwhelmed neighborhoods after that volcanic eruption. australia has already promised aid to help the island recover and the bay area is home to a large tongan community. ktvu greg liggins spoke to some bay area tongans who are still awaiting word tonight from loved ones. tokyo marijuana's in redwood city was serving up traditional tongan comfort cuisine sunday to local tongans who can use all the comfort they can get because they are waiting to learn the fate of loved ones. really, we don't know we have no communication at all. anna leiden splits her time between utah and the bay area and showed us a picture of her mother's birthday gathering in tonga. taken just hours before the eruption and tsunami. she was on the phone with family when it began but hasn't heard from them, since. they have to hang up to save the battery because we were not sure. if they can,
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if they're going to have it enough for that night for us to call back, but that was the last time edward michael and his family live in the bay area, but he has a dear friend in tonga he's desperately trying to reach oh, yeah? oh, yeah, yeah. every hour every hour. i hope she's fired. the undersea volcanic eruption triggered a tsunami that hit the remote nation. the literal ripple effects were even seen here in the bay area, where places like santa cruz harbor saw flooding. there are early reports of damage to parts of the main island and it's not sitting well with tongans here. i feel like nothing is good back into ireland right now. i don't know how they're going to have food water. the tongan community is close knit and largely religious right now they are clinging to two things each other. and their deep faith. one thing we know that we just got god have us, you know, um we know that they're okay. you know , even though that we don't know , but but we trust god. that's
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the only thing they're all tongues have. new zealand has already sent a surveillance flight to assess the damage. so far, there are no reports of injuries or loss of life in the newsroom. greg legans ktvu. fox two news. well there tonight. one homeowner in silicon valley is doing something unique, welcoming buyers to buy in cryptocurrency ktvu gasses live in mountain view with details on how and why someone would want to sell or even buy a home using cryptocurrency emma well, andre , this sign went up on wednesday. it's caught the attention of the neighborhood. it says that the listing is taking offers that are in cash loan, or cryptocurrency and neighbors around the condo complex. want to know what it all means? in mountain view, this two bedroom, one bathroom, fully renovated condo is on the lower end. as far as bay area. real estate prices go well, this price is right at a million dollars 99 9 99, but you don't have to use dollars to buy it.
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what's unique about this one is , of course, that the sellers willing to accept cryptocurrency as part of the offer. the whole offer crypto currency like bitcoin, for example, it's the digital decentralized type of current scene that's made some investors rich in the last decade, and for some, it's their nest egg full of gains that if sold, what saddle them with hefty taxes. that's where a home like this comes into play, says real estate agent greg bryant. being able to go with companies like my own that are able to help them diversify and defer taxes makes it so that it's fantastic that they can maintain their buying power pay their taxes later, at the same time, being open to crypto offers lets the sellers stand out and rack up competing offers to sell at a higher price, but it may be risky from the buyer's perspective. if you look over the history of cryptocurrency, it's extremely volatile. and nobody believes that it's going to zero but were happened to be in these dips right now where it's you know, it's gone down
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significantly and nobody you know, nobody knows when the next spike will be when the spike hits. it's usually pretty dramatic, so it's for most people who are holding onto crypto currency. it's not the time of the liquidate right now , with interest rates still extremely low. this east bay mortgage advisor says the safer option when buying a home is still to borrow, although he's seen a noticeable shift in the last year towards more crypto deals, so we've had a lot of borrowers really trying to stretch and squeeze to try to get into the house that they want and all of a sudden clients of mine who help krypto had a incredible windfall and a tremendous amount of money sitting into the in those accounts and wanted to use that as down payment to increase their buying power. a digital downpayment, taking bay area real estate to a whole new level. the mortgage advisor also recommends that prospective homebuyers consult the realtor and their lender. if they're looking at buying a home and using a cryptocurrency investment, andre certainly a
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unique move. we'll see how it works out for him. thank you so much. i magus some california hospital workers say they need to make changes to keep up with the states. surgeon covid cases coming up here at 11 how that's impacting services that people depend on. and investigators make new arrests in connection with this weekend's hostage situation at a synagogue in texas. and we are tracking this week's weather. hope you have week's weather. hope you have tomorrow off this tiny tacos big box is perfect- [speaking in unison] to share... jinx... tiny tacos big box... triceratops... get out of my head! my new $6 tiny tacos big box with three delicious dipping sauces.
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changes? reporter hal eisner spoke with healthcare workers who are struggling to keep up with the virus that is spreading at its fastest pace since the start of the pandemic. so the covid admissions are growing astronomically astronomical, says dr bernie klein. he's the ceo of providence holy cross hospital. two weeks ago, when we spoke, only cross had approximately 18 patients. which was triple what? we had had a couple weeks prior to that we now have over 95 patients in the hospital at this time, and that's just in holy cross. they're bursting at the seams that other hospitals too. especially in the overloaded ers . it's so stressed. it's stressed. we have very long wait times in the emergency department. we have long wait times to, uh, go up to a hospital bed. if you admitted to the hospital, we've canceled elective surgeries. providence
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saint joseph hospital in burbank. er doctor angela kampen says the problem is made worse by a growing number of healthcare workers getting sick and that has an emotional impact a couple of weeks ago after work her son took this picture of an exhausted mom. after a day in the er. you are emotionally down . you were in a rabbit hole. are you still there has gotten better hasn't gotten worse. i would say morale has gotten significantly worse. we are working harder. we are working against a lot of high emotion of our patients. people are tired. they're frustrated. um staff is they're exhausted. and that was how eisner reporting for us. we did reach out to bay area healthcare systems to get their take on how they're managing. oh macron surge. kaiser permanente spokesperson got back to us,
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saying that kaiser hospitals are asking people to use ers only for non routine medical emergencies. the spokesperson also said that kaiser hospitals are employing traveling nurses adjusting elective and non urgent surgeries and procedures as needed and offering our industry leading telehealth capabilities. in addition to in person care all to try to keep up with demand. we're still waiting to hear from other healthcare systems on this issue. alright beautiful weekend again. many folks, a lot of folks have tomorrow off as well. so long weekend and it's going to be a nice one another day tomorrow a lot like what we had today. a few more clouds out there. temperatures generally in the low sixties. we even saw some mid and upper sixties today and some of the southern districts. so it's going to be a beautiful day, except more clouds. no fog to speak of. maybe some hint of some valley fog, but very, very little. these are the highs from today. so tomorrow be about the same little warmer in some places.
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morgan hill 67. that's sort of the highlight. but just beautiful weather and along the coast, the swell has dropped down quite a bit, so it's not a high surf advisory. but it's still it's winter, so there's still quite a bit of swollen the coast will be safe. you're going out to the beaches and a lot of folks are your head outside. beautiful on the oakland estuary can see one of things you can tell when you see the water was glassy and reflective and smooth. that's indication. obviously, there's not a lot of wind, not a lot of onshore wind, not a lot of offshore wind, just flat, calm conditions. so this system right here has brought some scattered showers. bite showers. two parts of central california, monterey santa cruz mountains. just real light sprinkles. you can see the system here. it might pull off a little scout scattered shower activity up north up towards the peninsula. but it would be very light. just not a big thing at all. so don't don't change your plans, so that's tomorrow, but we'll notice tomorrow will be the clouds from that system. so more classes. of monday holiday
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going to be beautiful overnight . lewis on the mild to cool side , but not cold, not freezing well above freezing. this is tomorrow, but it works for tuesday, wednesday thursday friday. we're in a dry weather pattern. that's going to last, probably until the early part of february. so we're very fortunate that we had a lot of rain and a lot of snow. we will . i mean, this could change, certainly, but right now, the next five days next six days it's not going to rain. maybe beyond that something changes, but the long range model suggests no, it's going to stay dry for the foreseeable future into early february, probably the first couple days of february should be wet. so with that in mind before senate we got so much rain right off the top. this is the model for tomorrow tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon clouds. tuesday morning. right there tuesday afternoon and then wednesday, so not a bad set up at all. it be beautiful week ahead. beautiful weekend coming up this on the tail end and then
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hopefully something breaks loose , and we get some rain in here sooner than later. but right now , it does look late this month early next month, so there's the five day forecast. hope you got the day off tomorrow and enjoy it. i'll see you back here tomorrow night or phil, thanks so much appreciate it. new details tonight in the hostage situation in a texas synagogue over the weekend, police in the uk have arrested two teenagers in connection to the incident. earlier today, the fbi identified the hostage taker is 44 year old british national malik veysel akram. he was pronounced dead yesterday opera , um, had demanded the release of a pakistani neuroscientist convicted of trying to kill us army officers in afghanistan. regard to texas and synagogue. i spoke this morning with the attorney general. and you get a rundown, he said there was overwhelming cooperation. with the local authorities and the fbi, and it did one #### of a job. this was an act of terror. i wanted to make sure we got the
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word out to synagogues and worship that we're not going to tolerate this that we have this capacity. to deal with salt on particularly the semitism is growing up. now all four hostages are safe. following that 10 hour standoff. dan springer has the latest on the investigation. texas breathing a sigh of relief after a tense situation that could have ended in disaster, all of the hostages held inside the synagogue in colleyville, ultimately escaping unharmed after a tense standoff. this is something that you don't ever expect to have in your own city. ah! the rabbi is a personal friend of mine. the attacker identified as british nationals, malik faisal akram first came in during the synagogue saturday morning service the rabbi among the four people held as the hostage taker could be heard on a livestream demanding the release of aafia siddiqui, a pakistani neuroscientist believed to have ties to al qaeda. she is currently serving an 86 year sentence in a federal prison in
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texas for trying to kill us military officers in afghanistan . one hostage was released about six hours after the standoff began. the other three got out about four hours after that swat team entered the building, and police announced a short time later the gunman was dead continue to investigate. about this. the hostage taker will continue investigate his contacts. our investigation will have global reach, though it's not clear why the synagogue was targeted. both president biden and the israeli prime minister released statements praising law enforcement for their quick response. the fbi is not indicated whether the gunman shot himself or was killed by police as they entered that synagogue. none of the hostages were hurt. and colleyville, texas. dan springer fox news, one of the last of the remaining two ski g airmen, has died. highly decorated brigadier general charles mckee has to wait today at the age of 12. the things aviator was among the black military pilots who flew pete 51 mustang fighters escorting bombers across europe
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during world war two. mcgee flew more than 400 combat missions over three wars. between 1944 and 1968. us defense secretary lloyd austin today paid tribute to mckee on social media, calling him an american hero, he said in part, while i'm saddened by his loss, i'm also incredibly grateful for sacrifice. his legacy and his character. north korea has fired a projectile into the ocean, presumably it's fourth missile test of the year , south korea's military reported and unidentified projectile off the east coast of the korean peninsula. north korea launched two presumed short range ballistic missiles on friday and another week earlier. north korea has defended the missile tests as its sovereign right to defend to self defense and accuses the us of escalating the situation with economic sanctions. alright sports wrap is coming up at 11 30. here's jason appelbaum with a preview. the 49ers dominate
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and then hang on for a crazy win in dallas. we'll hear what the team is saying about their next opponent, aaron rodgers and the green bay packers. plus no staff. no draymond. no win in minnesota as the warriors rough road trip continues, will break it all down. hope you'll join joe fonzi and me at 11 30 for a full half hour of sports wrapped but after the break they will viral challenge said to take place tomorrow wor - hi mommy! - hi honey!
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limited availability in select areas. honor of betty white on the day she would have turned 100 years old. we spoke with one organization white was involved with for decades about her passion for working with animals and this way of paying tribute to the late star fox is ashley devore can has more. my life is divided, absolutely in half half show business and half animal business. betty white dedicated much of her life working for the welfare of animals. one organization she was involved with was american humane as volunteer and board member, benny white was worked with the american humane, almost 75 years , so half of our organization's existence. we were so fortunate because betty white has been part of our history and i had the privilege and pleasure of working with betty white for 12 years, white also received their national humanitarian medal and legacy award. we honored betty
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for her lifetime of commitment to protecting animals. and let me tell you she was the real deal when she met an animal. they instantaneously bonded with her. a social media campaign called the betty white challenges inspiring many to honor her legacy by donating $5 to animal charities on what would have been her 1/100 birthday january 17th. dr robin ganz. art says when she heard of it, she thought it's a great way to pay it forward. your favorite one or american names. we were one of her favorite charities and recognize that we can do a lot with $5. we can feed animals . we can get medical care. we can continue our rescue efforts and all of this we can do and betty white's memory to pay it forward for her legacy of compassion, kindness and love. american humane also works with companion animals through their pups for patriots program. we serve veterans, but pts and tbi and give them a service dog is so like changing and betty told
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me that that was one of her favorite programs as well. go to american humane dot org for information on getting involved or donating in hollywood. ashley devore kin fox news. so interesting to see betty's legacy live on in this way. i mean, you know what better way than than helping animals across a great way to honor her life and what she did for the world? absolutely. all right. thank you all for joining us tonight. well sports wrapped with joe and jason up next.
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to get your taste buds tingling. try my new $6.99 spicy cluck sandwich combo. order on the jack app today. takes off 10 49ers dominate early and then the clock runs out on a cowboys comeback official gets in the way over game is over. just a little bit of a roller coaster like those wild up next saturday night matchup with aaron rodgers and the green bay packers. kick out to clay three on the way yes, sir clay has his moments in minnesota, but with no staff for draymond, the warriors limp home after a rough road trip. disappointing obviously for the team of our caliber, thers


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