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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 14, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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the san francisco 49 ers left levi stadium this afternoon, ready to take on the dallas cowboys in the postseason. here at home, the 49 or faithful already to cheer them on. it doesn't get bigger than this. we've been doing it all season, every road game. we're out here together rooting for the team. the stakes are high. the niners face arrival cowboys in a win or go home wild card game this sunday. good evening. i'm cristina rendon and i'm greg lee fans are pulling out all the stops to cheer on the team from afar. ktvu is amber lee joins us live from pleasant hill, where one super fan is working to throw a watch party safely. amber. break we're outside the home of that long time super van , and this is the setup for his outdoor watch party. everyone tells me the 49ers getting into the playoffs is a great boost for spirits. i will let you take this and i'll take the grill to the front. petty could tommy shows me his stadium seats from
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candlestick park that will be put to use sunday for his 49ers playoff watch party on the front lawn of his pleasant hill home. do you want to be together with friends? you want to do it responsibly and fun, safe way. last sunday's game, he hosted 15 friends and neighbors. this time , khatami expects about two dozen, he says only the vaccinated or welcomed and the gathering is all outdoors. let's do it all right. a large screen tv set up in front of his home. very good, long guns, part of the entertainment 39 27 nearby at mvp sports cards. the owner tells me whenever a barry a sports team makes it to the playoffs, it's a win for his business. lot of new customers during that time period, your regular customers will be there. usually day in day out, but it brings a whole new group of people and get caught up in the frenzy, 49ers penance and bumper stickers are sold out. one fan says the home team in the
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playoffs is much needed at this time. hopefully this will. this will help their burial and help everybody. ah, kind of get out of the covid blues and raise everybody's spirits a little bit. got to go with the real charcoal bill when we're playing in the playoffs back at khatami's front lawn, the season ticket holder tells me it's about recreating the tailgate party experience. all you need is for the team. mm hmm. get it done. when the team comes through, man, it is the greatest feeling it makes your whole weekend. the 40 niners fan tells me he's been hosting these small gatherings for every road game this season, he says. it's one game at a time, but it winds sunday means another step closer on the road. to the super bowl break, amber, i would like an invite to that party place every thank you. bears sports bars are also getting ready for the nfl playoffs this weekend. the athletic club on grand avenue in oakland is gearing up for a big
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crowd for the las vegas raiders wild card game against the bengals tomorrow and, of course, the 49ers game on sunday. they say they will have seating outdoors as well as inside playing a big screens to catch the action. so we have 40 screens inside, upstairs and downstairs and private rooms. we have 12 tables outside heating gets really, really packed outside. good crowd should be a good weekend. they are asking people to be vaccinated, where mask when possible, and social distance. they say all their servers and other staff are also vaccinated. the cdc is making a change to its guidance on masks . the agency is now encouraging americans to consider and 95 or k n95 masks. they see the masks filter at least 95% of airborne particles, both large and small . however, health officials say that people should wear the most protective mask they can find that fits them well and they will wear consistently. yesterday president biden said
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the administration was planning to make high quality masks, including and 95 available for free, with more details coming next week. starting tomorrow, health insurance companies nationwide will be required to reimburse people for at home covid test kits that biden ministrations also announced it has doubled the number of tests it will send out for free. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live with the ways you can get a test and some of the challenges ahead, janna. greg the fda has already approved dozens of these at home and to covid test for emergency use, but finding one can be a challenge. so many people are going online. and starting next week, there will be new websites to help you find one swapping your nose to test for the coronavirus might not feel so great. but getting at home test kits for free. take some of the sting out of your wallet. i had already bought some. but if there's free one, i'm going to pick some more. the new policy starting saturday allows americans with private insurance to be reimbursed for
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up to eight of the at home covid test kits for each family member every month. getting tests right away, though, could be a big challenge. many pharmacy shelves are empty, waiting for supplies to catch up after people stocked up for holiday gatherings and travel. my wife's been looking for some because my daughter is getting married and so people want to test because they're traveling being reimbursed. it doesn't matter if you can't get him, some pharmacies say when they have received a shipment of several 100 tests. they've sold out within hours. we usually stop them back here at now are x , a pharmacy delivery service in pleasanton. they sold out after the holidays and are being flooded with calls from customers. checking on supplies, probably 20 calls a day here, but even more to other locations are supplier does not have them . they're going to allocate certain amounts for each pharmacy, so i don't think you can just get an unlimited. supply initially, the white house announced it's launching a
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new website covid tests dot gov . where americans can order free at home tests online starting wednesday, january 19th. president biden says his administration has doubled the original order to boost federal supplies. additional 500 million more tests to distribute for free i made a billion tests in total. thanks, and you can come out pretty quickly. in the first wave of this federal program. the biden administration says that each household can order up to four free tests from the government, and they are expected to ship between 7 to 12 days after you order them. greg janet. thank you. revised cal osha rules went into effect today on workplace covid testing and safety. fully vaccinated people who are exposed to covid but do not have symptoms. can stay at work if they were mask and stay distance from coworkers for 10 work days, people exposed who have not gotten boosters have to quarantine for at least
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five days. employers must provide fda approved tests too exposed workers, including the vaccinated asymptomatic employees. the cal chamber says the requirements cover businesses of all sizes. the cal osha regulation applies across the board to all businesses. so that's that's growing even down to small businesses. the new rules also require that use of an at home test must be overseen by either a telehealth professional or the employer. santa clara county health officials are dealing with the testing shortage, and today they asked healthcare providers to do more to ease the strain. ktvu is jesse gary explains. santa clara county officials say covid test appointments at its site at the county fairgrounds running at least one week behind demand. we don't expect this situation to last for that much longer to midday news conference, county health officer dr sara cody saying antigen tests should be used to determine if quarantine can be ended. when am i no longer infectious? when am i no
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longer a risk to others, and an agent test is the best test to use their a pcr test should be used to determine if you've been infected with the covid virus or one of its variants, using the correct test for the corresponding situation could help ease the overall shortage, according to officials. people who have previously tested positive so considerably, they have a higher loading their body. then those home tests could help that as well. so you don't have to lose the pcr test that you would have otherwise had. yes that's correct. also friday, county health officials called out private health care providers for not doing their fair share of testing. officials say the county serves 15% of the population's health needs but conducts 20% of covid tests. kaiser served 30% of patients but does only 12% of testing. and the palo alto medical foundation serves 16.5% of county residents, but only does a little more than 2% of
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testing. this is a health order. we have in the past taken enforcement with respect to the testing order, we're prepared to do so again. a spokesperson for sutter health, which palo alto medical foundation is part of says in a statement. we have increased our overall testing capacity. the palo alto medical foundation doubled appointment availability for covid-19 testing, including licensed retail and community sites and at home antigen tests, kaiser officials say we object to any suggestion that our frontline healthcare workers are not doing their fair share. we are baffled by the county suggestion. that anyone is holding back. the santa clara county council says he'd like to hear from anyone who's requested it. covid test from their private healthcare provider and has not received a covid test. those private providers under orders since 2020 to provide those tests in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news students and hayward will return to in person
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learning next week after the district temporarily shut down schools due to covid. our district has taken the steps necessary to address the critical staffing numbers to address the testing. you know, lack of availability. we now have more testing and faster turnaround time. in a virtual meeting tonight, school board members voted to reopen schools as planned on tuesday after the holiday weekend. the district says enhanced safety measures will be in place. all teachers will now get n95 masks and have access to testing. the vote was 3 to 2 trustee sarah prada explains why she voted against going back to the classroom is on the line is are the health of our community? uh we're taking under the under consideration that hayward gets hit different. in this pandemic out of all of alameda county, hayward has continuously been in the high numbers. last week, 98 teachers
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and the hayward school district tested positive for the virus. still the alameda county office of education has advised the district to keep schools open with safety measures in place. thousands of empty boxes littered across the train tracks in southern california health thieves are finding a new way to steal merchandise and where the railroad is pointing blame next. and a somber goodbye for a slain sheriff's recruit at 10 30 top alameda county sheriff's officials paid tribute to david wynn plus i know that with every act of cruelty, there's a million acts of kindness and i just want her to look at it has happened again. a french bulldog stolen in the bay area this time at gunpoint. hear from the distraught owner investigating aa
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stolen french bulldog. this time the dog was taken at gunpoint in oakland. in the adam's point neighborhood, ktvu elissa harrington spoke with the owner and joins us live with that woman's message. alyssa. cristina the owner is absolutely devastated. she said that she's had her dog since he was a puppy . he's now seven years old. she's offering a $5000 cash reward. for her dogs safe
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return. i know that with every act of cruelty, there's a million acts of kindness. and i just want you guys to look at. just please, if you could just keep your eyes at all read award of oakland shared these pictures of her seven year old french bulldog desmond, who she also calls daisy. she hopes someone recognizes this face. daisy was stolen from rita at gunpoint while she was taking him on a walk around her adam's point neighborhood. then a man ran up from behind me. he had a gun in his hand. he was blurting some stuff that was gibberish. i don't even know what it was. i was so shocked. he grabbed my dog, and he ran into his suv. and ran off. this happened thursday around 7 30 in the evening near montecito and lenox avenue. now flyers are posted on just about every poll neighbor, pete walton said he was watching tv with his wife when he heard the robbery take place. we were just in the living room watching
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tv, and we heard the screams from across the road, and then he cost screeching on the corner, rita said. she's distraught. she misses daisy and wants him home. she filed a police report posted disease picture on missing pet websites and is offering a $5000 cash reward for her dogs. safe return . it isn't member of my family, okay, and it's not a purse. it's not $10,000. it's not something that someone steals from someone's house. this is a family member. okay it's not like an object different. daisy is just the latest french bulldog targeted by thieves. last year, a san francisco woman was attacked and her puppy chloe was stolen at gunpoint in russian hill. earlier this month , rosie of french bulldog was taken from her owner in the city's marina neighborhood. that dog was found and reunited with her owner. police say this is an
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active investigation, and they want anyone with information to contact opioids robbery division reporting live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news and hopefully she can get dizzy back, and it's sad to see that this keeps happening here in the bay area. alyssa thank you, a dog that was stolen during a car theft in oakland has been reunited with its owner , ralph sweeney is back with owner gregory brandt scam. branscum says ruff was returned to him by a woman who said she got the dog from her boyfriend. ruff was taken monday when someone stole the man's nissan maxima with the little dog inside. the car is still missing . but branscum says he's grateful and relieved to have his dog back. today's san pablo police released body camera footage of a deadly shooting by officers last month. your hands put them up. put them up your hands up. officers were called to a grocery store on market avenue on december 15th on a report of a man waving a gun. the man then drove off in his truck. an officer stopped him.
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he got out holding the apparent firearm, and they say he was racking it. as if he was getting ready to shoot. four san pablo officers opened fire killing him . police say they later determined the man was carrying an air. soft pellet gun state identifies a bb pellet gun is a deadly weapon. to the california department of justice is not investigating that several other investigations are underway. we have new video of a suspect wanted following a break in at a preschool in dublin. the brief image here shows a person wearing a dark coat and blue jeans. police say it happened monday night at resurrection lutheran child development center on amador valley boulevard. the thieves stole everything from diapers to office supplies, even ipads. the keys to the church and school were stolen as well, forcing them to change all of the locks . a go fund me account has been set up to help that school recover, and it has already exceeded the goal of $7000. all right. take a look at this. a huge mess left on train tracks
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in downtown los angeles. officials there say thieves have been stealing from cargo containers on trains for months now. littering the tracks with thousands of shredded boxes. now union pacific says it may need to divert train routes because of the mess and as reporter cristina gonzalez tells us, the company is also calling out the criminal justice system. for being too leaning it on those caught over and over. from sky fox. the images are startling thousands of empty or damaged packages lining the tracks along the union pacific railway, amazon packages ups boxes all meant for delivery to customers along the west coast. they're open by cargo thieves who take advantage of the trains stopping or slowing down to break into the containers. union pacific officials saying they've had 160% increase in cargo theft. in the l. a county area with over 90 containers broken into every day. the arrests are happening.
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we're working with lapd and l. a county sheriff's. they are helping us in terms of arrest. individuals who are in and out like revolving door and come right back to perpetrate the crime. there's no consequence to this type of death because there's now no bail for the most part. and they're put his misdemeanor crimes. they're no longer felonies. can they make the containers more secure? many people may not know that the containers are not owned by union pacific railroad, their own bar customers. and so we are working with our customers to kind of harden. um, the ability for them to break in. but if people are committed to try to break in, they will find the tools necessary to try to break in. union pacific showed us a letter they say they sent to l. a county district attorney, george gascon, asking for help. otherwise they say they're going to have to start diverting train routes. his office, saying they're looking into this in los
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angeles and christina gonzales, fox 11 news. coming up the company that signed the largest least in san francisco since the start of the pandemic, plus we pay into it, and it's something we should be entitled to if we need it. hundreds of thousands of californians going without disability payments. the explanation from e. d d next, and a man accused of sexually assaulting an elderly woman in san francisco, the arrest announced today. plus the warriors saw red in chicago today, the dubs taking out their frustration on the bulls sports director mark ibanez has the hi
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salesforce. salesforce east tower, 3 50 mission street in san francisco. the company is subleasing 286,000 square feet across 16 floors from salesforce. chronicle reports that the deal is san francisco's largest new office lease during
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the pandemic, sephora will consolidate its to existing buildings on market street and move into its new space sometime in 2023. the state unemployment development department is first and hundreds of thousands of disability payments. as ktvu is brooks jarocz reports. the office says it's to prevent fraud. but those entitled to the money say it's unfair. it is amateur irresponsible and just downright wrong are sh words aimed squarely at california's employment development department, nikola gooses filed a disability claim last fall for ongoing pain and problems following a car crash hit head on by a distracted driver, but he's since been hit with a frozen account. without warning , no warning. nothing to plan for boom. they withheld it right right before the holidays. medusa's is one of 345,000 disability claims left in limbo
10:25 pm
, taking action in recent weeks to stop a widespread identity theft scam. a crime ring is suspected of using stolen credentials and filing false claims as a td is put in new filters to prevent fraud and unemployment insurance. um some of these same groups have moved to disability insurance, another large government program, michael burning, is an attorney with duane morris and eat. it is former director. he says something had to be done to stop the scam. 27,000 suspicious medical provider registrants were flagged. affecting people like theresa holt. i am angry. the fact that i'm stuck in this loop hole that they've created for a month and a half, unable to pay bills, rent and make ends meet. i feel it's unacceptable. um it's a hard workers and in california, um we pay into it, and it's something we should be entitled to if we need it. i went down to negative $34 in my
10:26 pm
account. all while e g works to verify legitimate claims versus those filed by fraudsters challenge of balancing paying people quickly and preventing against fraud, so i think what we'll see is a bdd or move quickly to unfreeze these accounts again. they're acutely. acutely aware of the criticism. we want to work. we can't work and they're on the verge of making his homeless, e. d. d says clearing legitimate claims is its top priority. in the newsroom. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. on wall street stocks managed to come back from losses early in the day. the dow was down 201 point , but a rally in tech stocks late in the day lifted the nasdaq to a gain of 86 points and the s and p ticked up three points. all three markets are lower for the week. retail shares shares fell after the commerce department reported
10:27 pm
sales were down nearly 2. in december. why a star studded bay area comedy festival has been moved to next year, plus the tahoe area county that's declared a public health emergency because of the latest surge, but it could mean for your holiday trip. and still to come tonight a motorcade escorts the body of slain sheriff's recruit david wynn, how his colleagues are sexually assaultiy
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woman in san francisco has been arrested. police released this sketch of the suspect after the incident last week, police say 26 year old elian l. garcia. attack 2 71 year old woman near mclaren park at mendel street and visitation avenue. the woman told police the men was hiding in the bushes before he pinned her to the ground. garcia is now
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facing multiple charges, including sexual battery and elder abuse. a somber salute today for the alameda county sheriff's recruit who was shot and killed on an oakland freeway . the body of david wynn was taken from the corner to a mortuary on the peninsula as ktvu is henry lee tells us wins, death has hit the sheriff's office hard. a somber salute by top alameda county sheriff's officials as the flag draped casket of recruit david wynn was taken from the coroner's office. very tragic event. but there's our way to pay respect to one of our best young recruits win was driving home to san francisco from the sheriff's academy in dublin when someone opened fire on his personal vehicle, a prius. he was on the mcarthur maze approach to the bay bridge in oakland. when he was shot on january 4th. we want to make sure that he's not forgotten. you want to make sure that we can try to do our best to represent what he was going to be. alameda county sheriff greg in her and escorted wins casket , along with the recruits, sister barbara wynne and his
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girlfriend, shannon istvan. it's very sad that he never got to experience is real dream of joining law enforcement, and he's going to be remembered as a hard working, dedicated young men win and his parents immigrated from vietnam to the u. s. when he was two. it was also part of the california national guard and wanted to serve in law enforcement, in part to represent underserved communities. the chp is investigating but have not made any arrests. they're working on a couple of leads, and they have, uh, some ideas that they need to develop winds killing has hit his academy classmates hard. who really, really has been impacted by this before their careers have even started. they've already dealt with loss and tragedy, and so are our prayers are with them as well. a small motorcade escorted winds body to a call my mortuary. funeral services are scheduled for january 24th in livermore, but because of covid public access might be limited the event maybe livestream in oakland, henry lee ktvu fox studios. a virtual celebration took place today in honor of dr
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martin luther king jr day. san francisco police chief phil scott mayor, london breed and other city officials and community members took part in the ceremony. it was the san francisco recreation and parks departments 38th annual mlk celebration. mayor breed says the virtual gathering as a way to honor the life and legacy of dr king and recommit to the vision and courage he embodied. dr king once said, our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that truly matter. and at san franciscans we have never and will never stay silent. we will always speak up for the underrepresented. we will always speak up for the victims of hate and oppression. because this is the heart of who we are as a city and at the heart of who we aspire to be as a nation, martin luther king day is coming up on monday, january 17th it's traditionally observed around the country. as a day of service , somebody area mlk day events
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and parades have been canceled due to covid concerns, but an annual oakland event will take place despite the omicron surge . the anti police terror project plans to hold it to annual eighth annual event on monday. it will be a car caravan and drive through giveaway, which begins their middle harbor shoreline park. the quote day of action to reclaim mlk's radical legacy is what this organization is calling the event. we have to understand. attendees will demand an all out war on poverty . that's what they say, and also for healing to bring an end to violence rather than more police. many events have been canceled this holiday weekend in sonoma county, where new covid rules just took effect. the great and casino in rohnert park has canceled and rescheduled this weekend's sold out appearance by cedric the entertainer until march. the 1600 seat luther burbank center has been forced to reschedule 10 events in order to comply with the county's one month ban on large events sort of a state. sonoma state university's green music center also had to cancel and reschedule many events. we
10:34 pm
probably canceled 12 to 15 different public events that were going to happen here. the events. prohibition expires february 11th unless it's extended. organizers of san francisco sketch first comedy festival is have released new dates for 2023 sketch fest was scheduled to run from january 7 to 23rd, but the rising numbers of covid cases forced them to postpone. the festival has been rescheduled for january. 20th through february 5th of next year. people who had tickets to this year's show or asked to hold on to them. the organizers say that they will contact you about your options. alpine county south of lake tahoe, declared a public health burden. see this week due to the covid search schools and other facilities closed as the county's public health officer said the county is in the highest risk category. the county says many businesses have been forced to shut down due to lack of staff. the public health emergency is set to last for a
10:35 pm
week. county facilities will reopen on february. 1st just 62% of county residents are fully vaccinated. a new report finds that a lot of college students are staying out of school during the pandemic, according to a report from the national student clearinghouse. california's undergraduate enrollment dropped by a quarter million students last fall. that's compared to the pre pandemic fall of 2019. the report also saw an overall decline of more than 99,000, or 4.3% in undergraduate enrollment from 2020 to 2021. it was driven largely by a nearly 10% drop in community college enrollment. coming up at 11 unusual sight in the east bay cute 12 alpacas running through a residential neighborhood will tell you how they escaped. at a barrier, whether another mile day out there, but i'm tracking a few high clouds cloud cover as we head into the weekend. we'll have the update coming up after the break and a massive fire
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breaks out at a chemical plant on the east coast, causing residents to hunker down some of them, leaving the area details there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high.
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limited availability in select areas. it's burning at the chemical plant in the city of passaic, you can see huge plumes of smoke have drifted in the sky. authorities have told people to stay inside and keep their windows closed because of the dangerous smoke. but some people on social media say they had to evacuate the area because it was so hard to breathe. so far, one firefighter has been treated for a minor eye injury. the plant manufacturers chlorine for swimming pools. no word yet on the cause of the fire drivers will soon notice speed limit changes on several major san
10:39 pm
francisco streets. work is underway to lower the speed limit to 20 mph. in areas across the city that you see here. this is including polk fillmore hate streets, 24th street and valencia street as well as ocean avenue and san bruno avenue. an earlier this evening in our six o'clock news city attorney david chu told us that lower speeds are shown to save lives. if you're traveling at 20, mph, and you hit someone listen 90% chance that that person will survive if a car is traveling at 40 mph. there's only a 20% chance that that person will survive even an incremental difference of five. mph can be the difference between death and serious injury and not city officials say the pilot project on the seven corridors is rolling out over the next few months. san francisco was also cleaning up chinatown ahead of the lunar new year, public works crews have been busy removing litter painting over graffiti and steam cleaning sidewalks and alleyways. lunar new year begins
10:40 pm
february 1st. it's one of the most celebrated festivals in san francisco and all around the world crews are also power, washing the dragon gate at grant and bush streets. and sprucing up the broadway tunnel. at a barrier, whether another mild day out there with lots of sixties if you neighborhoods right around 70 degrees looks like some clouds will be moving in as we head into your weekend, but these are all just some minor changes headed our way over the next few days. take a look at some of the highs this afternoon. lots of sixties the warmest locations right around 70 degrees out toward the fairfield, and you may have noticed some windy conditions, especially in the berry hill's mount diablo. that's a wind gust of up to 65 miles an hour oakland hills 37 miles an hour in mount tam 27. seven. miles an hour, so still a bit of a breeze out there, but those winds have been backing off. we'll jump right into your weekend forecast saturday. we are expecting that quite a few clouds out there kind of some scattered high clouds and then partly cloudy
10:41 pm
skies for sunday into monday afternoon temperatures not moving around too much, mainly in the upper fifties to the sixties, lots of clouds moving in from the south, even a little bit of some green showing up on the radar approaching southern california, so there's the possibility of some light shower activity to the south of the bay area. current numbers out there for the 10 o'clock hour. we have cooled off into the forties and the fifties, so not extremely cold, but still some pretty chilly numbers out there will probably add some areas of fog to the forecast. first thing tomorrow morning. here's our live camera checking out the golden gate bridge for tonight. so what we are expecting to some high cloud cover two adrift in over the next few hours, so we'll bring in some cloud cover just in time for sunrise tomorrow morning temperatures. most areas will be in the upper thirties or most areas actually be in the forties. cool spots, though. in the upper thirties. here's this area of low pressure down to our south down towards central and southern california . this will continue to funnel in some more moisture, at least some high cloud cover for your
10:42 pm
saturday but as far as a significant change in the overall weather pattern that could usher in the real rank clouds really not showing up in our forecast this weekend, it will be mild and dry weather pattern will continue. in the next week, so it has been extended period of dry weather, and it looks like that dry weather stretch will continue over the next least over the next week or so. here's the forecast model tomorrow morning. it is picking up on some of the high cloud cover moving in from the south. this is four o'clock and then in the sunday we probably should have a little bit more of the way some sunshine with partly sunny skies by sunday afternoon. forecast highs will be in the upper fifties to the sixties. some patchy fog tomorrow morning, maybe of innocent hes out there as well. can they? haze has been developing kind of drifting overhead, and that could be the case all weekend long. here is a story, though. your five day forecast partly sunny skies and the monday that dry weather stretch will continue into tuesday and wednesday. maybe towards the end of the month, and it's still a long ways out.
10:43 pm
but maybe we could be talking about some rain chances. but at least for right now, it's dry and mild. he will enjoy that while we can, mark thank you. the pentagon is promising to clean up a massive fuel leak. it's redhill fuel reserve facility in hawaii. underground leak contaminated drinking water for as many as 90,000 homes, sickening sailors and their families. the massive below ground storage tanks were built in the 19 forties and sit 100 ft . above the islands aquifer, which provides water to three quarters of oahu residents. at first, the navy told sailors and their families to drinking water was safe. now the navy is complying with the state order to empty the tanks and install a water treatment system. the u. s military says the costs so far for cleanup, rebuilding and housing families is more than $250 million. coming up on the 11 o'clock news, someone points a large knife at a family crossing the street in the east bay. the search for the suspect. do worry where your fans your team looking a whole lot more
10:44 pm
like they're winning. subs tonight in chicago, eight completely one sided blowout. forget about that game the other night in milwaukee. we got some sensational highlights and you're going to hear from steph curry. and the highest of honors for a couple of 49ers, including trent williams and the explosive deebo, samuel and you're going to hear a little something from the dallas side of this matchup coming up sunday. nfl playoff weekend ahead, and so is the gmc sports week. cap. we're coming right new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today.
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limited availability in select areas. mark. your body is with you tonight, talk about a quick reboot the golden state warriors in no way resemble the team we saw just last night in milwaukee . i'd call it almost a mirror image of that game. it's the warriors laying big hurt early and just cruising to a lopsided victory against the bulls in chicago tonight. their first win on the road trip game starts with a scare lonzo ball hard foul step. that's his shooting hand, but he stayed in the game . hold your breath. he seems alright. second quarter golden state up 1600 iguodala still look at the behind the back.
10:48 pm
four damian lead to closer you got to see that again between two defenders. be a career highlight for iggy. now the youngster jonathan commingles, showing up big history to steal it and slam it youthful exuberance on display. he had 12 in the first half. 1 10 left in the first half. andrew wiggins gracefully. frees himself up for three he had 20 in the first half 21 all told, they didn't really need him. 73 45 at intermission. they sequence here . come on, looney will follow jordan's pools missed out of porter of the in pounds with a steel get to steph. outer limits. three i think you can safely say his hand feels just find 78. first half points beat goes on in the second half watch jordan's pool worked for his three plus, he's fouled. the barrage continues 1234 point play. he had 22 on the night. very assertive from pool tonight
10:49 pm
. end of the third pool will find come, inga ghost stick. to the bucket. he wound up with 25 highest point total of the year for the warriors won 38 96, of course step who seemed alright at the end of the game. he was smiling. he knows all about that highs and lows in the long nba regular seats. and they the nba season test you too. remind yourself who you are. don't lose confidence never gets too hot. it never gets too low. i was like the way we, uh, this responded, you know, she was great. two shots went down early are defensive pressure and energy was was solid, you know from there, it's just said, well , you know, well, confidence from everybody. so you love to see it and wanna maintain it as long as we can. like a little women's college basketball, the only remaining undefeated team in division one play colorado comes in ready to talk up the stanford cardinal and show out
10:50 pm
big time. cardinal says hello. we are the defending ncaa champs , and they prove it. as a matter of fact, the ranked number two in the country is tara and company, but it was tight 41 all in the fourth quarter jump. we'll find cameo brink with the lay in. she had 10 points. and seven rebounds. they're up to under six left in the game now at four, ashton rectal will size up the three and bury it. stanford 62 52 14th street conference win stanford 30 in conference. it was the buffalo's first loss of the season. getty up nfl fans. what a weekend in store six games wild cards for the first time. i really think the marquee matchups got to be the 49ers in dallas, and it is the first time these two teams in their storied matchup. a bet in a playoff game since 94 little peekaboo with the 49ers as they get ready to get on the
10:51 pm
bus and head to the big d. they were flying. they weren't taking a bus it both sides. i'll tell you what big names all over the rosters. you can analyze it all night long, but basically it's going to come down to what happens in the trenches. jimmy g is seven and oh, are the 49ers when he does not throw an interception, but then again, dallas has dak prescott, who had a big game and the 49ers defensive backfield will be tested. nick bosa could help things out big time there. add the cowboys have this trayvon diggs, who had 11 interceptions this year, so you've got to be careful there. mika parsons is awesome on their defensive line , but debo knows just how much this gave means to the 49ers in their future. what you're willing to do for the guy next to you. you know what i'm saying? we have a great bun. we have a big brotherhood here. i
10:52 pm
don't want this to be the last time that i put on the uniform with all the guys because, you know, not everybody you see on this team right now is going to be a part of the team. so you just take that into consideration is just, you know, i'm saying bomb with your brothers and put it out there for each other and just go out here and give it all 49ers have known to play bully ball. can you bully a liar? no you can't. it's actually funny. you say that i was having fun with the guys and i was telling like i'm from harrisburg, where the bullies get bullied. you know what i'm saying? so you know, there's a bullet in every gym. there's a bully. everywhere you go. but at one point is going to take someone to stand up and you know and fight and i ain't never backed down from a challenge. wait for it great individual news for the niners. couple of players selected first team all pro. you know, it's depot. the dual threat samuel running back or wide receiver equally explosive. give san francisco that breakaway threat every touch. he gets also named the first team, of course. trent williams, the tackle widely
10:53 pm
considered best in the business , didn't allow a sack all season . future hall of famer. no doubt about that. when we come back in the second half of the gmc sports weekend, you're gonna hear the other side of the deal from one of the most popular sportscasters in dallas. the cowboy defense as good as it's been in terms of takeaways events susceptible to giving up big plays in the running game. mike ducey, who always lays it on the line down and dallas talks about where he thinks dallas is susceptible to the niners. we'll can you see my wall of smiles?
10:54 pm
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time matchups. it's always fun to hear what the other side is saying, and mike ducey has been one of the most popular, long running sportscasters down in dallas, and he's always very candid. so let's hear about where he thinks the cowboys might be a little susceptible to designers. the cowboy defense as good as it's been in terms of takeaways. events susceptible to giving up big plays in the running game. i mean there, i think, maybe ninth worst in the league in terms of opposing yards per carry, you know, in the running game, so they can give up some some yardage on the ground. on the other hand, they can make some huge plays defensively with the trayvon digs and that group back they're intercepting the football, but i think he is trying to neutralize that run game, especially early in the game that force jimmy g into some situations where he has to make some big throws. how
10:57 pm
would you imagine that the cowboys offense will attack the 49ers because it's pretty well documented. they've got some issues in their defensive backfield, and you get some big play guys on the outside. yeah and i think you will see amar e. cooper getting involved early in this game when the cowboys have found success. death has gotten it to mari early in football games and use them early and often when they struggled. he's sort of forgotten about about cooper. so you know, dak does have a lot of weapons. it's funny mark. people have worried about that this year because he's been inconsistent. all he's done is thrown 37 touchdown passes to break romo's record against just 10 interceptions. so has he been the picture of consistency? probably not, but i think by and large, he's had a really good year. i always haven't run the ball, though, as well as they would like to, especially late in the year. he has got 1000 yards, but he struggled for much of the season, and when they win, they do run the football well, so they're going to have to do that
10:58 pm
to do you feel like the cowboys overall? are they peaking at the right time? is this a team that could just ramrod its way through the postseason. on one hand, i think this team is talented enough to go to a super bowl. frankly and you know, it's hard to say if they're peaking at the right time because they basically played the eagles jv team in that last game and rolled up 50 points. so on one hand, they do have great amount of talent. on the other hand, they have won a total of four playoff games in the last 26 years. and in order to win a super bowl, they're going to have to win four playoff games in the next five weeks and sort of put that in a little bit of perspective. cowboys fans need to tap the brakes just a little bit ton of talent. but people are pretty skeptical around here. pretty skeptical around here to be honest, mark, okay, i'll let you go on this note. i'm a guy who, you know, have seen a lot of these playoff games. i in fact started my career. one of my first jobs was covering the famous catch dwight clark and always shoot my mouth out with a prediction or two.
10:59 pm
are you one of those guys? you want to play it close to the vest. you got any numbers for me? yeah you know, i'll pick dallas to win this game. i think at home that's probably the tiebreaker. so to speak. in this one, i could see a 34 24 type game for the cowboys in this one. who you got? i've got the niners on the slimmest of margins with another late field goal second consecutive game. they're going to win on a field goal. i'm feeling like 24 21, something like that. so cowboys better hope it doesn't come down to a field vote for them because there's airline hasn't been very good. that's that's another story. hope it's entertaining day. all right. you guys can hold me to my prediction. come monday evening, you guys. that's the sporting life. for now, we'll have more in about 25 minute's gonna be fun, right? it will be fun rivalry renewed. thanks mark next at 11. sensitive badly member. okay, it's not like a dog object. it's
11:00 pm
different. the owner of a french bulldog stolen at gunpoint in oakland is now pleading for her pets safe return. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. a woman in oakland is devastated after she was robbed at gunpoint of her french bulldog. hello again. i'm greg lee and i'm cristina rendon. the incident happened in the adam's point neighborhood while the woman was out walking her dog tonight, ktvu elissa harrington spoke with the owner and joins us live with that woman's message. alyssa. christina yet it's so sad that this keeps happening and in this case, the owner said that she was only about a block from her house when somebody came up from behind her with a gun. she is now offering a $5000 cash reward for the safe return of her dog. i know that with every act of cruelty, there's a million acts of kindness and i just point you can still look at just please, if


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