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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 13, 2022 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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pretty crazy, but it's you know what it is, and it's what we have to do in order to make sure that everything is good and safe. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. but first we begin with some breaking news this afternoon, governor newsom rejecting the release of robert f. kennedy assassin sirhan sirhan. welcome everyone to the four this afternoon. i'm heather holmes alex savage governor, newsom rejected a recommendation from a two person panel of parole commissioner saying sirhan poses an unreasonable threat to public safety. governor. newsom said factors in his decision includes sirhan's refusal to accept responsibility for his crime and the accountability required to support his safe release. now we spoke with the governor just before today's announcement. i personally went and i reviewed the archives. and saw the gun. and read through the diaries,
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sirhan and looked at all the evidence. in this case we took this door whole another level of consideration. robert f. kennedy was shot at the ambassador hotel in los angeles, moments after he claimed victory in california's democratic presidential primary . back in 1968. he was 42 years old when he was killed. sirhan now 77 years old, will be scheduled for a new parole hearing, where he's expected to ask a judge to overturn governor nuisance denial. we will have much more on this breaking story coming up in our next hour of news at five o'clock when out to another top story that we're following this afternoon students in oakland staging a sick out today the action for some schools to close completely for the day. many teachers also staying home in solidarity. the students are demanding more safety measures demanding that the school district says demands rather, the school district says it is in the process of meeting
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is rob ross spoke with students and the teachers union as well as the district and joins us now live from the newsroom. rob heather the exact numbers of students and teachers. absences won't be available until tomorrow. but the students sick out cause nine schools to close for the day. many other schools stayed open, but very few students showed up. at skyline high school thursday, one student said the classrooms were practically empty and it oakland tech. it wasn't much different. most classes only got like 5 to 6 people in it. so it's like a lot of people missing. students staged a sick out thursday, which many teachers supported. the students are demanding n95 masks and more covid testing availability. it's nice to see a lot of people supporting what the causes for and trying to make sure that students are adequately prepared for and safe and just, like, feel comfortable on campus. we want our students in class. we want our teachers with them in class. and so you know, this is an unauthorized
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sick out by the teachers. the district says it has received 200,000 k n95 masks and is in the process of distributing them. the teachers union supports the sick out but did not organize it. the work that has been done and it's because of, um, the advocacy of our students. and teachers that, uh , mask have are are being delivered. the sick out comes on the heels of an agreement reached wednesday between the teachers union and the district . under the terms friday, now will be what the district is calling a teacher wellness day and will not be used for staff development, which had been previously planned. we encourage that. but all usd community use , uh, january 14 to get back to nated or get your booster shots . the union says staffing shortages, it's some schools have become critical. do we need to look at school by school
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where we determined because of staffing issues. we need to offer some alternatives for families that could be distance learning. there's no move to close schools here. has some students are circulating an online petition calling for another sick out next week, but the district says it expects students and teachers to return to class tuesday following the mlk holiday on monday. heather holmes rob roth. thank you schools in marin county have relaxed some of the rules about when and how long students and teachers have to quarantine after being exposed to a positive covid case, marin county schools are doing away with the automatic 10 day quarantine for kids and staff who test positive for covid. if a person test positive but has no symptoms or their symptoms, resolve quickly. they can test again on day five. if they test negative, they can then go back to school. it's becoming more
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more nuanced, um, so that people would be able to return to school. um rather than automatically, um, being out for 10 days. this is actually something that's a statewide guide, and we are applying that here in our community. students who are fully vaccinated do not need to quarantine even if one of their close contacts tested positive and schools will send exposure notices only if a close contact test positive. and that's defined to someone in their car pool or sports teammates, or maybe a close friend. a coalition of essential workers is calling on the state legislature to provide covid-19 supplemental paid sick leave workers, union leaders and state lawmakers gathered today to urge the legislature. to provide two weeks of paid sick time. now the previous supplemental, sick leave and option expired last september. since then, workers have had access to the state mandated three paid sick days.
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the coalition, though, says that's not enough time to recover or quarantine if they become infected with covid-19. unless these policies are extended. parents with children who've been infected or quarantine because they've been exposed well, oftentimes have no other option but to leave their jobs entirely. if we're going to tell people to do that, and we are telling them to do that, make no mistake. and then we have to pay them. anything less would be some form of indentured servitude. during the rollout of governor newsom's budget blueprint on monday. he said a new emergency paid sick leave law is a top priority. it would use funds from the state's budget surplus. today president biden announced new measures to slow the spread of macron and support hospitals in this country. he had asked his doubling the number of free test that will soon be available to the public for a total of one billion at home test to meet
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future demand. starting next week, the federal government will deploy 1000 military medical personnel to six of the hardest hit states to help overwhelmed hospitals. they're part of a major deployment of our nation's armed forces to help hospitals across the country manage this surge of their crime virus. surges have an impact on hospitals. like all healthcare workers. they are heroes, and i'm grateful for what they do. those teams are in addition to the more than 800 military personnel already deployed in 24 states and more than 14,000 national guard members activated since thanksgiving. the president said the government also plans to start manufacturing n95 masks to provide to the public for free, adding the more details will be released next week. meantime the supreme court today delivered a big blow to the biden administrations vaccine mandate it ruled against the federal vaccine or test requirement for
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large companies. the regulation on big businesses was estimated to apply to more than 80 million private sector employers with 100 or more workers president biden, saying that he was disappointed that the court chose to block quote common sense life saving requirements for employees at large businesses. stay with us coming up at 4 30 this afternoon. we're going to take a closer look at today's ruling with the constitutional law expert. millions of union nurses across the country are holding a day of action today. the goal here is to draw attention to demands for safe staffing levels and priority when it comes to covid protective equipment. ktvu south paid reporter jesse gary joining us now live from regional medical center in san jose, where a rally is taking place, jesse alex, as you said this day of action began earlier in the day and within the past hour about 20 demonstrators made their way outside of regional medical center here in east san jose. their message matches that
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of other nurses who say they and their work conditions need to be a priority. thursday sees multiple demonstrations spread across the bay area from north to south and points in between the purpose, drawing attention to the plight faced by nurses. we need more staff. we need more nurses, we need more nurse assistants. respiratory therapist all around in the healthcare industry. we need more staff to safely care of take care of patients. many nurses say the covid pandemic, coupled locally with the high cost of living has left them short staffed and vulnerable nurses working. don't get any help. they don't get any rescuing work hours. there's nobody will take over their patients during their working times. excess having give you a safety because again in extra i and if extra hands to help you with your patients, others decry the recent decision to allow covid positive healthcare workers to return to the workplace under certain
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conditions. the move is meant to address critically short staffing levels. but many nurses say it's a prescription for problems. if we have covid positive employees, they should stay at home, recover and then come back to work. they should not be coming here. and risk spreading covid to their staff and their patients. in a statement to fox, two officials with san jose's good samaritan hospital say safety is a paramount importance to good samaritan hospital. no one cares more for our colleagues than we do, especially in the face of this evolving pandemic more when do we want it? frontline picketers outside regional medical center, a sister hospital of good samaritan support their institutions, but say more needs to be done didn't care, but they're not doing enough for us to be get help. one of the things union members point to is competitive pay. they say a lot of their peers have left the area because they can make more money elsewhere, they say, raising pay people
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back into the industry. and to the area. we live in east central jesse guarantee you fox two news. we'll head back to you up. all right. nurse is making a strong statement today, jesse. thank you. governor newsom was also in the south bay today, talking about some of the transportation and infrastructure investments. proposed in his latest budget, the governor made a stop at the caltrain station in santa clara to push for climate friendly clean transit projects. he also talked about the state's ports and speeding up the transition to zero emission vehicles. newsom says increasing funding for clean transportation is necessary to future proof california because the transportation sector is responsible for more than half of the states greenhouse gas emissions there is an integration and intentionality in this year's budget to focus on bringing together issues related to climate. health economic development workforce development. and no greater place to connect those dots in
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the areas of infrastructure and notably transportation. governor newsom's budget blueprint calls for $9 billion in additional funding for transit projects the final round of state stimulus payments now on their way out coming up next, just who is eligible for the extra cash and said ramon police on the lookout for thieves who have stolen thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. what you should watch out for and who police say they have been targeted. at a barrier whether some scattered high clouds for today are dry weather stretch will continue, and it looks like tomorrow it could be tracking some stronger winds will have more. your forecast the update coming up
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they knew the victim. and that the car was speeding. there was a car speeding. car speeding and she walked guests walk out on the road and they were going to fast and they hit her. they didn't stop. they just kept going like they so young for a second. they just they just took off. so far, police have not provided a description of the suspect's vehicle. witnesses at the scene have only said that it was a white car. san ramon police are searching for thieves who stole tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry while tricking older people into trying to help them. police say it's happened at least four times in the past two days, investigators say a man and a woman of southeast asian descent pull up in a dark colored suv with the child in the back. they say the woman gets out to ask the victim for directions, then uses sleight of hand to steal their jewelry or else distracts them with similar looking costume jewelry. next thing you know, the person is putting on
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these this costume jewelry. and then when they take the costume jewelry off, they take the valuable piece of jewelry. the most recent victims ranged from 60 to 85 years old. they were immigrants from india who were out walking and wearing valuable pieces of jewelry. police say the crimes are very similar to others reported here in the bay area. and that they are working to identify the thieves. the final stimulus payments from the state are now heading out and with this final round of the golden state stimulus payments program, california has now issued more than eight million checks and deposits valued at more than $5.9 billion. families who are less than $75,000, a year where eligible for the $600 payments, along with an extra $500 for their dependence now hero the qualifications for receiving that money. you had to have filed your 2020 taxes by last october, 15th. you had to have a california adjusted annual gross income of less than
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$75,000. and have dependence, and you also need to be a california resident for more than half of the 2020 tax year and also a state resident. on the date. the payment is issued and you cannot be claimed as a dependent by someone else. a new report shows people living in santa clara county are exceeding goals to conserve water in november. water use countywide fell 20% beating the 15% emergency goal issued by valley water when the district declared a drought emergency back in june. the san jose water company made the same request, but after months of failing to meet the target, it announced plans for a $7.13 surcharge for each unit of water above that amount. the company tells the mercury news. the possibility of higher bills likely helped in the conservation efforts. and a barrier whether we haven't tracking quite a few high clouds throughout the day today, but no raindrops falling from those
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clouds. it looks like our dry weather stretch will continue, not only as we head towards the weekend, but beyond the weekend as well. every week we get the latest map with the drought update. and actually, you know, after weeks of showing you scary graphics, this one we're still obviously in a drought. we have a lot of catching up to do some improvement. we have been talking about exceptional about a drought and extreme drought. right now. you can see some improvement up to a severe drought. that's the good news. but the bad news is, we don't have any real rainfall in sight. so probably next week and the next next few weeks. we'll probably regressive bit with the drought updates will probably fall back at least into the exceptional drought across portions of the state. here is the satellite where you can't see the high clouds moving in from the pacific, mostly from the south and from the west. so it's kind of that filtered sunshine effect. that's what we have right now across the region. current numbers. we're expecting a little bit of a cool down compared to yesterday, and in fact, it looks like that forecast verified san jose right now. 59 degrees yesterday at this time, santa's a in the sixties. conquered right now. 60
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nevado 59 in san francisco in the mid fifties. here's our live camera looking out toward the ocean estuary out toward san francisco, and you can still see some of those high clouds drifting in this afternoon with a few breaks in the clouds as well. so going to hold on to some of the high cloud cover for tonight. and into your friday, probably partly sunny skies throughout the day. here is the plan tomorrow morning. you will see temperatures at least expect temperatures, most neighborhoods in the forties cool spots. that could be the upper thirties up in the north bay. i know we have been dealing with some patchy fog for the morning hours, and that could be the case once again locally dense to start out your friday now what will change tomorrow will be an increase in the wind speeds the winds out of the northeast and you can see those brighter colors will try to point them out to you right now. you can see moving in toward fairfield in calistoga. we could have winds in the bay area hills, maybe topping 30 miles an hour throughout the day tomorrow, most areas winds around 10 to 20 miles an hour, so a bit breezy in those neighborhoods, but some stronger winds and the area hills,
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especially after the north bay and the east bay. weekend is just right around the corner. we'll talk more about that. with your full forecast coming up in a little bit. okay. see you, then. mark coming up here on the floor. the return of empty store shelves how supermarkets are being hit hard by supply issues right now. and when we could possibly see some
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or seeing shortages right now because of a combination of bad weather, labor shortages and supply chain issues. in some places, it's leading to less for rieti and produce and meat as well as canned and packaged goods. employees calling out of work sick. it's not having enough truck drivers till it's not having full capacity as far as the trains and the cargo moving from one part of the united states to another part. consumer experts say stores in general are reporting a 15% rate of products being out of stock compared to the usual 5 to 10%
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earlier this afternoon, i spoke with ellen davis from the consumer brands association to find out just how widespread the problem is and when the situation might improve. going shopping right now is a little bit of a game of whack a mole most of the time. when you go out to the store, there is about a 5% out of stock rate 5 to 7, meaning. that's how often you can't find what you're looking for. today that number is 15% so if you've got seven or eight items on your list when you go to the grocery store, there's a pretty good chance that one of those items won't be available and the challenges it's really hard to know what that might be. today it might be yogurt tomorrow, it might be open heel or gatorade or cereal baby formula. it's just really hard to find. predictably a lot of the staples that were used to just being able to go to the store and pick up these days. the good news is there's almost always a substitute if that is something that possible for you, and with a few steps, consumers can take some measures to make sure that they've got some predictability on what's in
4:24 pm
their pantry if they plan ahead and not wait until the last minute, all right, so it sounds like we're obviously talking about the pandemic related supply chain issues that we've been seeing for quite some time, but this also has a lot to do with some of the weather we've been seeing in this country. what is driving the shortages at this moment? this is really just a perfect storm of the supply chain has been strained from two years of companies having to deal with covid that consumer packaged goods industry which makes the things that you and i eat, or consume or use everyday toilet paper toothpaste, bananas has really been stretched thin with huge demand because we've all been staying at home, right . we kind of got used to industry being able to deal with that. now you have two big things happening. you've got omicron, which is a variant that is taking a lot of people out of the workforce at a time that we already needed hundreds of thousands of additional employees. and you've got a lot of winter weather, at least on the east coast where we're
4:25 pm
located other places that is making it hard to move goods around the country in a predictable way, which is also creating some shortages, so in addition to the production challenges, the macron related kind of supply chain challenges. you've also got a lot of retail doors. who have many workers out , fix themselves and are having a hard time finding people literally stuck shell so many different things happening right now. we're trying to plug a lot of different gaps to try to solve for some of this, but it truly is a perfect still room for the supply chain and for you know, getting things onto the shelves in stores across the country. clearly the pandemic and the weather taking a toll on food production lines right now in this country, so obviously the big question that a lot of folks want to know as you try to, you know, look, look toward the future here is how much longer do you think that we will see the shortages at grocery stores in this country? do you think things get worse before they get better? earlier this week, we had a call with about
4:26 pm
30 ceos of consumer packaged goods companies, and we asked them that question. you know what are they forecasting? many of them said. we'll probably be in this situation for the next 4 to 6 weeks, which is you know unpredictability on being able to find things whether that's making things complicated, high outrace due to employees either quarantining or being sick or schools being closed and then hopefully we'll start to get back to return to normal, sometimes the middle of february two and february, um and unfortunately, we're not in a panic state. this is not a go out and buy everything you see, because it's going to get worse. it is about shopping with a mindset of flexibility and shopping. with the mindset of looking a few days ahead to what you might need for the weekend or what you might need for your children, so that you're not in panic mode when you need to go to the store, but it's going to be about this like this for a little while, but hopefully then it starts to look better in about a month. coming up here on
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the floor, a new study says the covid-19 vaccines have made a big difference in deaths and hospitalizations in early 2021. how many lives the vaccines may have saved. and the supreme court blocks president biden's vaccine mandate for large businesses. we break down the ruling and look at what it means for covid
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workers are vaccinated or where a mask and get tested weekly. however the court said that a separate mandate requiring vaccinations for an estimated 20 million healthcare workers can be enforced for more on today's ruling. we welcome back constitutional law professor david levine david the workplace rule, which osha announced last fall applied to companies with 100 or more employees. the court's conservative majority, said the administration had gone too far and i want to read just an expert from the that the conservative majorities opinion they wrote, although congress has indisputably given osha the power to regulate occupational dangers. it has not given that agency the power to regulate public health. more broadly, the conservative justices went on to say, requiring the vaccination of 84 million americans. selected simply because they work for employers with more than 100 employees certainly falls in that latter category. so david did osha overstep its
4:31 pm
authority. uh well, six justices thought they did a lower court judges did not think that they did that. the problem is that it was a little bit of a push in the sense that what the justices seem particularly concerned about. is that by the venture by the nature of the vaccine, you can't simply control the workplace. so, for example, imagine if you were required to wear certain boots while you're on the job, or you're wearing safety goggles or something like that. as soon as your shift is over, you can take those boots off. you can take those goggles off. you can't take a vaccine out of your body. and that seemed to be part of the concern and then also the question of whether congress had adequately delegated power to osha to impose this kind of mandate, and the majority thought the answer was no. uh the court does leave open the possibility that osha could regulate more narrowly, they could pick out particular industries where there's a
4:32 pm
particular issue where people are of necessity. working closely together, maybe the meatpackers or something like that. that could still happen. but this broad mandate just saying everybody who works for a company more than 100. employees that's out the window now because the supreme court while it blocked that regulation, david, it did say that a separate agency could issue a rule to protect the health and safety of medicare and medicaid patients. so again, a little bit more narrow, it seems, is what the supreme court was looking for here. well that's part of it . the medicare medicaid rule applies to only 10 million people and the ocean rule would apply to about 84 million, but it was the theory of the case that was different and the and the reason is that the medicare and medicaid rule was framed as a spending requirement. the idea is that it's hospitals and other health facilities that have agreed to accept medicare and medicaid payments and the government. the federal
4:33 pm
government is spending money on behalf of patients in those places, and they can impose conditions on accepting the money. so if a health facility does not want the vaccine mandate, they don't have to accept. the medicare money. so that difference the difference between what the majority thought in the osha case was just taking too much of a run at the power question and versus using the spending power. that was enough to move two justices . it's cavanaugh and roberts, who saw the difference between these two cases and so shifted from a 63 majority in the one case to saying the mandate was no good. 254 majority, saying that the mandate with respect to health facilities is acceptable alright, as expected president biden today saying that he is disappointed with the supreme court's ruling when it comes to his vaccine mandate. david levine. always a pleasure. thank you. good to see you, heather. a new study says covid-19 vaccines
4:34 pm
have saved an estimated 240,000 lives and prevented more than 1.1 million hospitalizations here in the u. s during the first half of 2021 researchers at yale university and the university of maryland conducted this study the team notes. the study was done at a time when less than half the population was fully vaccinated against coronavirus and his new variants emerged. continued vaccine push will be crucial to keeping case numbers down. the findings were published this week in the journal jama network open. the san francisco unified school district is distributing rapid at home covid test kits this week to students across the district. we were at west portal elementary school earlier today when kids received their test kits. the district says having a rapid test kit to use at home means students can come back to the classroom faster after quarantining. those kids are part of a massive supplies sent to the school district from the state. so we're telling our
4:35 pm
families when we send them home today to hold on to them only use them if you are showing covid-19 symptoms or your unvaccinated and may have been in close contact with someone who did recently test positive for covid-19. the district is also distributing k n95 masks and surgical masks to students, teachers and staff. well san jose state university is the latest college to delay its return of in person instruction due to the increase in covid cases, classes will be fully remote when they begin on january 26th. in person instruction is set to resume on february. 14th san jose state is the latest college to delay in person learning here in the bay area, so no mistake cal east bay and cal berkeley have delayed in person classes from the new term. volunteers were in classrooms again today across the palo alto unified school district. a plea went out to parents last week to help fill in the void left by covid-19 six calls. since then, more than 750 parents have signed up to help.
4:36 pm
a number of other bay area school districts are also pleading for volunteers. berkeley unified sent out a request, saying the ikhwan surges straining its staff and that it too, needs pair of volunteers over the next 3 to 4 weeks. coming up today. here on the four president biden takes his voting rights push to capitol hill by it might not be enough to unite democrats in his favor. and in weather. high clouds continue to stream into the bay area, but no raindrops expected. in fact, this dry weather pattern could stick around for quite some time. we'll have the forecast update
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push to capitol hill today, but will his in person presidential visit be enough to unite democrats boxes? lauren blanchard has more for us now from washington. as long as i have a breath in me, as long as
4:39 pm
i'm in the white house, as long as i'm engaged at all. i'm going to be fighting to change the way these legislatures have moved, it said a shared meal can unite , but it's unlikely president biden's visit to a senate democrats luncheon will bring his party together enough to pass voting rights legislation or convince them to make changes to the filibuster. to allow democrats to move forward without republicans if we missed the first time we can come back and try to second time we are going to do everything we can to pass these two bills the parties to senate holdout votes not likely to budge. we need changes to make the senate work better. not getting rid of the filibuster. in a passionate floor speech, senator kirsten cinema says she supports voting reform but cannot support changing the filibuster to get it while i continue to support these bills i will not support separate actions that were sent the underlying disease of division infecting our country. republicans say the president's
4:40 pm
focus on the voting issue is meant to distract from a failed agenda. nobody in this country is buying the fake hysteria. the democracy will die unless democrats got total control. republicans are pointing to new quinnipiac poll numbers with a 33% approval rating for president biden. they say it shows the administration is focused on the wrong issues in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news and former president obama also issued a rare op eds . supporting president by did not changing the filibuster and passing voting rights legislation, democrats and republicans are working together right now on a new bill that would simplify the language that's found in service agreements on websites so that users can actually understand what they're agreeing to. the bill called the terms of service labeled labeling, design and readability act was introduced today in washington, d c. it would require websites to provide a summary statement, which explains its terms of
4:41 pm
service in simpler language. among other things, it would also explain where your data or sensitive information might go and options to delete your data. i'm talking palace announced today that prince andrew has now been stripped of his military affiliations and royal patronage is with the approval of queen elizabeth. it comes amid allegations that he sexually abused a teenage girl supplied to him by financier jeffrey epstein. the palace statement came after more than 150, navy and army veterans wrote to the queen. asking her to strip andrew of all of his military ranks and titles. at a very weather from all the sunshine yesterday. the mild temperatures today we're tracking more high cloud cover and temperatures cooling off a little bit out there. these were just some minor day to day changes. it looks like the next change was in tomorrow, and that could be some stronger winds moving in from the north and from the east. but regardless, we're still talking about a dry weather pattern here in the bay area has been a little little
4:42 pm
bit of a stretch so far, and we're to add quite a few more days. as we take a look at the graphic. we're showing you the calendar for january. 2022 last rainfall was january 7th as you can see here, so it has been dry this week, and it looks like kind of high confidence that next week will be dry as well. and put dot dot dot because there's a high likelihood that will continue as well. some of the forecast models hinting at maybe a pattern change. the last week of january, so we'll keep an eye on that potential change . take a look at the satellite as you can see some high clouds streaming in not much the way of green on the radar. most of that is to the south of the region. so we still have just a few high clouds moving in and medicine hayes to a deal with for this afternoon. current number is out there. you can see san jose 59 oakland 55 degrees. santa roosevelt and we had some dense fog this morning. right now, 61 will likely have some patches of some dense fog regroup overnight tonight into your friday morning. here's a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. you can see some of
4:43 pm
those clouds off the distance over the marin headlands, so not completely up crystal clear blue skies for today, probably tomorrow we're gonna have that sun cloud mixed once again into your friday. now speaking of the winds they're expected to accelerate, especially in the north bay and probably strongest in the north bay hills in the east bay hills, where winds could be topping 30, maybe approaching 40 miles an hour, but even as you can see closer to a fairfield out toward calistoga, we could have winds approaching 20 miles an hour, and that would be the case throughout the afternoon hours. this is the area that will have the strongest winds. those winds coming in out of the northeast throughout the afternoon hours on your friday now there is a storm system. it's just not here in the bay area. it's up to our north and this will be sliding to the east of the region for tomorrow. so at least for right now, all day long today we have the high clouds moving in and then as that system kind of moves out to the east, we see an area of high pressure develop in the pacific. that pressure difference will help help us set up that north to northeast wind. and that's why we could have
4:44 pm
some gusty winds around maybe 20 to 30 miles an hour. probably not as strong. stay down to south bay for place like san jose could be just around 10 to 15 miles an hour. in lake tahoe, currently in the clear temperatures in the forties to right around 50 degrees with really pick up in the sierra for tomorrow, winds could be approaching 75 miles an hour for the highest peaks of the sierra by tomorrow. evening into the weekend of things die down. we're expecting partly to mostly sunny skies and that's kind of the plan for tomorrow. your friday forecast here in the bay area, partly sunny even to mostly sunny conditions by the afternoon temperatures upper fifties to the sixties and the look ahead your five day forecast. clearing skies for your saturday it is a dry weekend and then just partly sunny skies since the next week from monday and into a tuesday these dry weather stretches typical this for this time of year by a mid january. hopefully though, we can open up that storm door. once again. it's nice to have the brakes, but we definitely need more rain and hopefully that change could actually develop later in the month. yeah, let's see. alright, enjoying the sunshine in the meantime, mark thank you. city
4:45 pm
officials in san francisco estimated around 15% of office workers will continue to work remotely into next year. the city says. this is projected to hurt business tax revenue, with many offices empty business tax revenue is predicted to grow just 1. from $957 million in the current fiscal year to 966 million in the next fiscal year, which starts in july. well that shift to more remote work is also a huge blow to restaurants. it means more people ditching morning coffee runs and foregoing grabbing lunch near the office. i spoke with jot condie, president and ceo of the california restaurant association. about the ongoing challenges for the industry, including the omicron surge. this latest one has really battered our industry. i mean, it is not uncommon to see restaurants closing down for days on end, eliminating, you know, lunch, lunch service dinner service, and you know a lot of times. it's because
4:46 pm
either an employee has, you know has the variant calls in sick. you know a lot of times the restaurant owners are are getting sick and having to just sort of a just and then you know, it's a lot of supply chain challenges. we're seeing a lot of not just in the restaurant industry, but every every industry is being battered by this, but you know our suppliers and vendors are now we're starting to see a lot of challenges with you know, shipments and distribution disruptions because of, you know , lack of truck drivers. i've been talking with a lot of restaurant owners in the bay area. they are desperate for federal help. we did hear from governor newsom about something . you know the state is going to try to do but do you do you think, though, that that money will just come too late? for some folks, the congress appropriated what what is called the restaurant relief funds, and these were grants that were issued to restaurants that met a certain test, usually that they were in jeopardy of closing. about 15,000 restaurants in
4:47 pm
california received those grants . um and just a quirk in the state law said that those grants would be taxable as taxable income. and so the governor through his budget had accounted for, you know the fact that those shouldn't be taxed. they were basically relief rescue funds and shouldn't be counted as income. i mean, these are just to keep these restaurants open. and so that is a huge win for the restaurants, those that receive the funds. so like i said about 15,000 restaurants in california, um, received the funds. another 20,000 restaurants also qualified for being you know, at risk of closing. but received restaurant relief funds because the federal fund read out and our hope is that congress will propose a second round of restaurant relief funding here in the next several months. and if they don't, you're likely to see
4:48 pm
another wave. you know in, you know, probably around the springtime where you'll see you know another wave of closures. that you know, unfortunately, have been able to survive. you know throughout most of the pandemic, but you know, when the dust settles, we just don't even know what the new normal is going to look like a lot of it has to do with you know, in a lot of dense urban centers like oakland, where you have a lot of office space that you know is empty and restaurants at canada on that lunch crowd. um to come back. we just don't know at what at what capacity will most of these office buildings be, you know, filled with customers. and that really is sort of the unknown for us that likely will play out over the next six months. we sort of as an industry go where the people are. you know where people have appetites where they eat and a lot of these urban urban cores, high density office spaces that
4:49 pm
may not necessarily bounced back completely. you know that's going to fit out a lot of the restaurants that have lunchtime business or, you know coffee. you're going to see a shakeup of the industry, you know. you know a significant shakeup of industry not just in terms of customer preferences, but i think you're going to see you know significant. your change of the business model. you know the lasting impact of covid-19 on the restaurant industry. all right. we are now just a few weeks away from the beijing winter olympics, but covid may throw a wrench into plans. coming up the safety precautions being taken to protect athletes and those attending the games. ta
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
remains in limbo. the australian government is nearing its decision on whether or not to deport the men's number one ranked player because he's not vaccinated against covid-19.
4:52 pm
minister why has the decision about novak djokovic visa yet to be made? and how long is your government going to let this drag on for? well i referred to minister hawks most recent statement and that position hasn't changed. there are these personal ministerial powers able to the exercise by minister hawk and i don't propose to make any further comment at this time. djokovic had his visa canceled last week when he arrived in melbourne and his vaccination exemption was questioned. he later won an appeal and acknowledged his travel papers contained incorrect information. djokovic wants to stay in the country and compete in the australian open. the decision, though, will ultimately come down to australia's immigration minister. the grand slam tournament begins monday. january 17th and we're now just weeks away from the start of the winter olympics in china, but there is concern about whether the games can go on with the current surge in covid cases. reporter alex hogan has a look now at the precautions that are
4:53 pm
being taken. the beijing winter olympics are less than a month away, but there are mounting questions over whether the games can be held safely. china is battling multiple coronavirus outbreaks in half a dozen cities more than 20 million people are in some type of lockdown, and in several cases they're banned from leaving their homes. the international olympic committee is assuring that public safety protocols will be in place the preparations for the olympic winter games are well underway. the athletes to organizers and fans are very much looking forward to when the games will finally begin, beijing officials say they're doubling down on preventative measures. tianjin officials have canceled almost all flights, suspended train services and sealed off several residential communities and universities. anyone leaving must present a negative covid test and receive a special permission. during the actual games. officials athletes and staff will be confined to a strict bubble with no
4:54 pm
interaction between those inside and outside of it. attendees will travel between hotels and competition venues on designated vehicles. they'll also have their food made electronically and delivered by robots. beijing organizers and the ioc believes strictly enforcing these measures should prevent the spread of covid 19. it is really important that that those preventive measures are in place for everybody from now to avoid to contract the virus and spoiled what is coming up, which is a travel in the next days in the next weeks. the winter olympics officially kick off on february 4th in london. alex hogan, ktvu fox two news. okay well, now we've got some really cute news out of germany to share with you. five oriental small clawed baby otters born in november, making their public debut this week. they have been lying inside their den with their mother for the past two bonds, oriental small clawed otters are endangered species
4:55 pm
and normally only give birth to one or two cubs in a litter. so zookeepers were pleasantly surprised to find that this mother had given birth to five babies. when the otters are fully grown, they will be distributed to other zoos around the world to help preserve their species there, so guilt sure are . mm hmm. coming up here on the floor of mural to honor the life of betty white. how this new tribute to the hollywood icon is helping adoptable dogs to find helping adoptable dogs to find - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att.
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4:57 pm
honor her life. there's a new mural on melrose avenue in los angeles. the pieces also promoting a cause close to her heart animal rescue. this mural was already in the planning stages before white died two weeks ago. the artist then sped up the display upon her death.
4:58 pm
the artwork took 15 hours to paint and includes the mission statement. be more like betty. i think buddy would love it. i think the idea of the doves is, you know, spreading hope. enjoying being kind is what we all need to start doing. the mural also includes a qr code that directs onlookers to a donation website for wag more pets and organizations supporting dog rescues. i do believe the world would be a better place if we were all a little bit more like that. i agree with that. absolutely all right, well, a lifesaving rescue to tell you about it seen it was all caught on camera today. miami dade police released body camera video showing the moments and officer helped free a young dolphin that was tangled in fishing nets. fox's robin simmons has more you see one angle in this story from miami dade police marine patrol officer nelson silva's body camera. he was on biscayne bay, december 10th when he got a call. little guy. come here,
4:59 pm
come here. young dolphin trapped off miami's short crest neighborhood. it's okay. it's okay. i got you. i got you. after pulling the animal to his vote for the save, he reaches down to cut it free of the net, dammit! ouch the dolphins splashes away, but the work isn't done. officer silva tries to drift closer. it's okay. bless my knife out after refused her t gic swipes with that knife on the net and whatnot, so strategic one on himself. wow the dolphin is free. gotcha. yeah. so i just went around the boat and her enough he had
5:00 pm
popped over on the other side of the boat. i was able to re grab him again and cut away the net. and finally, once i cut that last string he just started and took off. and because he took all that i knew he was helping. he was going to be ok at that. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. off the top of five sounds of support for millions of nurses across the country. what they're pleading for two years into the pandemic campus closures in the east bay, a concerted effort by teachers and students, causing nine schools to keep children away today. plus a major announcement from the governor sirhan sirhan, the man who was assassinated robert f. kennedy will not be released from prison. governor newsom came to that decision. good evening to you. i'm andre senior. and i'm cristina rendon today marked a day of action for union nurses across the country . their goal is to draw attention to demands for safe staffing levels


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