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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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have who all over again. it's as if we didn't get anywhere for the last two years. sonoma county bands large indoor gatherings and asked residents to stay home as much as possible for the next month. that ban goes into effect at midnight, and so far other bay area counties have not followed suit. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm andre senior. despite the omicron variant being a milder strain of covid county, public health officials are concerned that even a small percentage of a highly transmittable virus could overwhelm hospitals. ktvu is tom vacar has reaction now from sonoma county. sonoma county's health officers says she's tired of dealing with covid to dr sundar e. mays. did the math been at this for nearly two years now, and it's frustrating to still be dealing with all the masking social distancing and other safety measures. i get it . oh macron patients are less likely to need hospitalization. there are so many cases, hospitals still could be overwhelmed. i'm making an
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appeal to all residents to stay home as much as possible for the next 30 days limit travel outside the home to just going to work or to school. and only making necessary trips that is going to be grocery store or the doctor's office, where sonoma county prohibits people gathering until february, 11th. our wedding venues, meeting halls, gyms or auditoriums. they have who all over again. it's as if we didn't get anywhere in the last two years, um i kind of wish they just took a stiffer stance at the very beginning if we can tamp down the spread and the rise in cases, i think it would be worth it. sure we don't like to get back to normal, the extremely popular mystic theater and music hall. had to cancel the two concerts on the marquee and everything for another month. and this is the third time during the pandemic they've had to close. the sonoma order
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is rife with exceptions. family gatherings are not included, nor any event in a church nor in workplaces, shopping malls, restaurants, cafeterias, museums, school classes. an outdoor recess. i support that because we need to get it down that cases too many cases going around and sonoma all this north bay. i'd like to follow the guidelines. i think they're doing a good job of, uh, you know, keeping up with the changes in the variant while we may all be done with covid covid is not done with us. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. this new band means couples who planned weddings in sonoma county may have to cancel again for more on what this means for upcoming events. we spoke today with an event planner for the california events coalition. we have been already through a 15 month shutdown as an industry we just
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all got back to work in mid april and spent eight months proving that safe events are possible. this came very sudden , with no warning. we spend a lot of time trying to keep in touch with cd ph and know if these things are coming, and so people who had social events planned for the next month are now scrambling to postpone event planners say leaders are now looking to lawmakers for some industrywide guidance and financial aid to keep the live event business afloat. in oakland public school students said oakland unified or staging a district wide sick out on thursday. in a message. they're asking teachers and staff to take part in this saying quote. please call in sick, stay home and send a message updating families about our demands and current events and quote. now the oakland unified school district says it is meeting most of the covid safety demands that were outlined in a petition by high school students last week,
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including ordering k n95 masks for all students. all 22,000 students in the hayward school district were out of class and back the distance learning. the school board voted on friday to make the switch to online classes due to the recent spike in covid cases. the district says it did not have the staff to cover dozens of classrooms after more than 300 teachers called in sick. students who can't log in at home can attend online classes at one of six learning hubs across the district. the board will meet again on friday to decide whether the online classes should continue beyond this week. starting tomorrow, the palo alto unified school district will get reinforcements on the front lines of its workforce as ktvu is jesse gary tells us the district has enlisted parent volunteers to help keep schools open. i'm really happy. that we have parents that are willing to help. so i'm thankful to have a community that i know i can reach out to covid pandemic fueled workers shortage has forced businesses and nonprofits into a perpetual help wanted
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status. added to the list sunday, palo alto unified school district superintendent dr don austin, posting on the district website and urgent need for volunteers for us to finally be able to look people in the face and say forget about us closing . we are not going to close. austin says 670 parents so far have registered to volunteer assignment areas include, like custodial work. assisting in covid testing lines outside of schools and serving as classroom assistance. first thought it's like, oh, no, it's happening right like because if they're asking for parent volunteers, that means staff is you know this is sorted sorted of staff. raylene sand. buenaventura helps out during lunch period at addison elementary. i want to support my kids and their education and also the community in general, the kids here, experts say using parents to fill gaps promotes a seamless educational experience. we know that districts were really stretched with staffing, so it is actually not all that surprising. given what we're
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seeing now in the rising case numbers that this is an approach that some districts are able to take. we're trying to be prepared for the bad day. that hasn't happened yet. instead of waiting for that day to occur, and then scrambling, all volunteers, you just show proof of covid vaccination and submit to health screening before entering a school site. if you'd like information, our website ktvu .com we'll link you to the p a usd in palo alto, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news public school students in chicago are set to return to the classroom tomorrow after the teachers union struck a deal on covid-19 safety, the nation's third largest school district will provide k n95 masks to all students and staff. an additional health screenings will be conducted through the end of the school year more than 340,000 students missed four days of classes after winter break when teachers voted to teach remotely, and the school district decided to cancel classes altogether. classes resumed today at west contra costa unified school
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district, each of its schools were told, was deep cleaned during a four day weekend. ktb is rob roth tells us schools are back in session with a new mask mandate and more teachers calling in sick. that car monsoon middle school in el sereno tuesday school was back in session after a four day weekend, but how much actual learning went on is unclear. i just volunteered all morning and kids were telling me about half the teachers are here legally. camellia is the mother of an eighth grader. she wasn't sure what to expect. when she first arrived this morning. it seems surprisingly organized. the kids are not getting their normal. schooling definitely. the pe classes were three classes there together in the yard and just kids were kind of board the west contra costa unified school district reports for car amancio teachers were sick with covid. but nine teachers stayed home more than a quarter of the teaching staff. that comes after a letter from a teacher to korematsu families that went out monday evening. it reads quote
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due to the rising covid cases, lack of safety protocols and staff shortages. teachers at korematsu middle school will not be coming to school tomorrow or the rest of this week. the superintendent issued a response quote employees coordinating with one another to call in sick together is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. but it is disappointing to me that there wasn't some way to pull together and just do whatever it took to work together. also beginning tuesday, teachers and staff must wear k n95 masks, which the district is providing. students must wear surgical masks beginning next week. no cloth masks allowed. one pair of professional with the district says she doesn't feel safe in school. regardless of the mask. i think we should go back to distance learning. because they're the big outbreak everywhere. but district and county officials say they are committed to keeping the schools open. rubber raft. ktvu fox two news. united airlines has some
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positive data related to its employee vaccine mandate. the airline says about 4% of its u. s workforce or about 3000 workers have tested positive for covid, however, according to the united airlines ceo scott kirby since united vaccine mandate went into effect, there have been no employee hospitalizations. and for eight straight weeks, there have been no covid related deaths among its vaccinated employees. prior to the mandate, more than one united employees on average per week was dying from covid and we have a special section on our website focusing on covid-19 just log onto ktvu .com/ covid. well known chef is closing her famed oakland restaurant why brown sugar kitchen is going out of business for good. also had things got personal today on capitol hill still ahead, the heated exchange between doctor anthony fauci and senator rand paul. i'm checking in on that
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weather. we've got some pretty mild temperatures to talk about . i'll see you back here just a couple minutes. not so mild back east folks are dealing with an arctic blast still ahead. they're handling the bitterly cold sub zero temperatures and taking a live look right now at the tuesday evening commute who ? it's crowded there in the right hand side, actually slow going on the opposite side heading toward the macarthur made maze. this is interstate 80 and emeryville looking toward berkeley that commute direction there on the right is slow going there on the right is slow going back with more in just a moment. can you see my wall of smiles? when i first started using genesys technology i was kind of embarrased at all the love and attention i got from my customers. people are so moved by how much i understand about them. they start including me in their lives. that's helen and her friends. i arranged a wellness retreat for them. look at those ladies. such wisdom. mmm. but it's really genesys that helps me understand people and what they truly need. i'm just glad i can help.
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brown sugar kitchen in oakland, known for its soul food officially close today, ktvu cristina rendon spoke with chef tanya holland. about the closure and what's next? i mean, it's where i ended up chef tanya holland built brown sugar kitchen from scratch 15 years
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ago. now it's goodbye. you can't just, you know, keep throwing good money after bad and but it was it was hard. this is my baby. you know, i birthed this i created this brown sugar kitchen served its last meal the day before christmas eve. holland and her partners made the decision not to reopen on monday as planned. she filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy last year while offering take out during the pandemic, staying open no longer feasible. nobody got to plan their last meal, you know, which makes me sad. there's just so many factors that contribute to why we're closing covid, you know, high price to rent empty storefronts, empty offices. um some crime, you know, lack of police force. it's just all compounding. and that's kind of you know where we are. yeah perfect storm. exactly holland always envisioned opening up a soul food bistro. she first worked her way up through kitchens in new york, boston and france. this is from 1992. and
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these are my notes from cooking school for agra. you know salmon terrine. i was cooking much fancier food, and i thought that was the food that i was going to end up cooking. but it was her crispy fried chicken and cornmeal waffles that put brown sugar kitchen on the map. the restaurant spent 10 years in west oakland before moving to uptown on broadway in 2019. she made appearances on a number of television shows, including top chef and master chef looking back now, holland says she was under resourced from the start and things compounded. i don't and you know, the sad thing to me is like meyer sound put in the state of the art sound system for me, and i can't take it with me. and whoever gets this, it's such a gift. the tables and chairs are staying one opens, holland has projects in the works. she's releasing a third cookbook in the fall. some television appearances are set to air and she'll keep people posted on social media, all of it her next recipe for success. i just want to say, you know,
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thank you to everyone for all the continued support, and i'm sorry you can't have you know your chicken and waffles right now. what's sad? yeah that you know, i have to leave this but at least like i got to do this which a lot of people don't have a chance to i just think taking this breather. well you know, who knows what could happen, which is the beauty of it all in oakland, cristina rendon ktvu, fox two news. well, local and mayor libby schaaf released a statement on brown sugar kitchen closing reading, in part quote oakland will truly miss every ingredient and more so that came from tanya hollande's brown sugar kitchen. tanya's world famous soul food brought so much joy to so many residents and visitors, it's hard to imagine a world where brown sugar kitchen isn't on the menu. and l sorry toe police officer who died in a car accident over the weekend is being remembered as genuine caring and hard working. a procession was held as jared bernstein is body was taken to a funeral home in richmond. yesterday he was killed on i 80 in san pablo when a driver lost
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control ahead of him sunday morning. bernstein sudden death stand his fellow officers who say he made a big impact in his two years on the force. i'm at a loss for words were completely devastated. never expected something like this to happen. he's left a legacy and it's going to be hard for our officers to go back to working without him. bernstein was killed on his 26th birthday. we're told he was planning to get his master's degree and had just moved into a new home. already taking a look at the big picture. what's going on across the country? it's winter, and it's acting like in a lot of places up in the pacific northwest over here on the left side of the map. that's where all that moisture is going. missing us. it's going up in british columbia. out here and the upper mississippi and ohio valley. she's got this really, really cold air. and in between this you've got this moisture that's going to slide down here
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over the next 72 hours and pick up some gulf moisture. and paul north and become a northeaster and create snow in places like atlanta and the carolinas. so a couple big things going on for us. nothing big. just more nice. you know more sunshine. more temperatures like today in the mid sixties there live camera shot. this isn't our best set camera shot. it's a great camera stuff. you know that one i always always pump up. is that the future of this same camera, but san francisco with the bridge and the bay bridge. i think that and i challenge you to find a better city. highlighted live cam shot anywhere in the world. then that's neutral camera tower. that's not the shot. but you know what i'm thinking. i don't you think it's obviously about today? there's no other city that has that texture and that the bridge and the treasure island and so on and so forth, tam, so these are the highest from today. temperatures generally good 545 degrees above the average 65 in morgan hill, 61. in fairfield temperatures
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tomorrow about the same maybe a little cooler thursday back into the low sixties, lower sixties because we'll see more clouds. and then friday, we warm up again a little bit, so we've got a really nice weather pattern dry. we've got a bunch of days in a row of dry. looks like going to go 10 days here, at least with dry weather, not to panic. this is very typical for a northern california winter. this is all we always get a big long couple weeks of dry and we all kind of wonder. that's why that early rain which so important and we're doing good, i showed you those rain 5% of average over 150 some places 180. of rainfall average so good stuff. i'll see you back here. that's just kind of the big and when i come back, we'll do the small. i'll see you back here a little bit, bill. thank you. still ahead at six. medicare makes a major announcement on whether it will cover a controversial new drug for treating alzheimer's disease and details on the new legislation that would expand medical to everyone, regardless of everyone, regardless of immigration status. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you!
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limited availability in select areas. invasion bring some of the coldest air seen in years. the national weather service says the high in boston is expected to be around get this 12 degrees. with wind chills, making it feel even colder and in some parts of western maine, the windshield there could make it feel as much as minus 40 schools in massachusetts have canceled classes, saying they do not want children standing
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outside for extended periods of time. low temperatures tomorrow are expected to be in the single digits and teens as well. new at six. tonight medicare is limiting coverage for an expensive drug to treat alzheimer's. biogen's ado helm medication cost $28,000 a year and it's benefits have been widely questioned. patients taking the drug will have to be part of research efforts to assess the drug's effectiveness. medicare will determine its future coverage following a public comment period and further evaluations by this spring. well, governor newsom stuffed in current county today, highlighting one of the major items from his newly proposed budget calls for an expansion of medical coverage to all californians, regardless of immigration status. ktvu political reporter, greg lee has more this is a very historic moment. it's a day of celebration with the blessing of civil rights icon dolores huerta governor gavin newsom touted his healthcare access plan in the central valley. the proposal
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could make california the first state in the nation to offer health care coverage to all low income residents, regardless of immigration status. this is about saving money. this is about strengthening families. and as i said, strengthening communities and the economy here in the state of california, and it's about time the health care plan is part of his $286 billion budget proposal revealed monday . the medical expansion would cost about $2.2 billion a year. if approved, it would go into effect january 1st 2024. it would close a gap in the states healthcare system right now, undocumented people are eligible for coverage up to age 26 starting in may. it will cover those 50 and over the state estimates this new plan could cover 700,000 more people. why not invest in treating people and preventing the most acute conditions that tend to manifest on the back end and as taxpayers be out of pocket as a consequence of that, just having
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the peace of mind to know that if something happens, you've got a place to go. it's a better way for the patient to get health care, and it's a better way for our health care system to deliver health care to people. immigrants. rights groups cheered the plan one they've lobbied for since 2014. republicans approved of some of the budget items, but we're generally critical assembly member vince fong wrote. it is time for an open and transparent debate on the need for permanent tax relief and more accountability and oversight for the spending of taxpayers money on programs that actually produced solutions, not just political statements, a reminder this spending plan is for the fiscal year that begins in july. in the newsroom. craig lee ktvu, fox two news in santa clara county supervisor susan ellen berg and otto lee today are asking the full board to proclaim mental health and substance abuse as public health crisis or crises. they say record increases in suicides and drug overdoses at statewide shortage in behavioral health
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workers and inadequate number of beds in treatment facilities is driving the crisis. the supervisors want a series of studies done about the issue over the next three months now, santa rosa is also responding to mental health needs. today, city leaders held a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the launch of a new mental health support team. the team includes a licensed mental health clinician, a paramedic and a homeless outreach specialist that will travel together and want to six vans to people in crisis and in need of mental health services. the team is bilingual and bicultural and leaders say will focus on the city's growing. let next community. this is a moment that's going to be a game changer for us. we're going to be able to assist vulnerable members of our community. i think we're going to see more people who are calling out for the services they need. when they're in crisis. we're going to see reductions to our local emergency rooms, and we're going to see reductions even to our county jail. civil leaders say the new response team was created over the course of about 18 months and will now service as a service model for other cities nationwide. coming up on
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ktvu news at 6 30 new developments tonight in the case of a pop up covid testing site in san francisco, which appears to be operating without proper certification. the investigation now underway. head coming up the stanford cardinal handy unbeaten usc trojans, their first loss of the season sports director market baniyas has the highlights, plus president biden is in georgia pushing for voting rights legislation and his backing changing senate rules to get something done. i'm mala rivera in cases and hospitalizat.
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sonoma county has issued a 30 day bed on public indoor gatherings of more than 50 people. they include wedding venues, meeting halls, gyms and auditoriums. family gatherings are not included here. religious gatherings, workplaces, shopping malls, cafeterias, museums, school classes and outdoor recess are also exempt. the ban goes into effect at midnight. the palo alto unified school district will be getting reinforcements tomorrow in the form of parent volunteers. the district is dealing with serious staff shortages that prompted the superintendent to put out an urgent call for help from parents. volunteers must show proof of vaccination and we'll be doing like custodial work, assisting in covid testing lines outside of schools and working as classroom assistance in the northeast, the national weather service has issued a windchill
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advisory warning rather and advisories as an arctic blast bring some of the coldest air seen in the years. it's prompted some of the biggest school districts in massachusetts to cancel classes and forecasters say wind chills could approach minus 40 in some parts of western maine. you're watching ktvu fox news at 6 30. we have new information tonight about a story that ktvu brought you last night about a company performing covid testing without the proper certification in the mission district of san francisco ktvu christian captain tells us the city attorney is now stepping in last week, and as recently as monday, a man representing community wellness america set up a covid testing tent at the intersection of 18th and delores street, performing dozens, if not hundreds of covid tests per day. on monday. we stopped by and asked to see the licensing any test facilities required to have on hand called clinical laboratory improvement amendments. the licensing provided at the site was for a company called crestview clinical laboratories, and it expired in november of last year. it appears that the
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permits are expired or out of date. because that one is that i think that one's okay. i'll point that out because we found out that out today. but i pointed out to her and then i'll get new ones. and i think tomorrow now san francisco's city attorney is stepping in demanding community wellness. america produced the appropriate paperwork to operate legally, we have sent a letter to community wellness, asking for documentation to show that they are indeed a legitimate licensed , lawful testing facility. we have not yet received information back from them. uh we have investigators who are looking into this and i would say at this point state student we reached out to crestview clinical laboratories, the name on the expired license, and in a twist, a company representatives said they aren't operating any covid testing sites in san francisco and an email crest you said quote if those people who operate those test sites use crestview name or any other credentials, they must have obtained it illegally. without our knowledge, they must have
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used our license without our approval, and we will never let anyone use our license. we understand that they are in a number of instances providing licenses reportedly from crestview. crestview i know has has told the press that that they have not had a relationship with community wellness, so we are investigating this as we speak. the man operating the site monday told us to reach out to his company's supervisor, a woman named jennifer. when i called monday, she hung up on me as soon as i identified myself, but monday evening at 9 24 pm, she texted a copy of a valid certification again from crestview and tuesday left a voicemail. how does it feel that you just denied your whole community? thousands and thousands of tests you will be. you will whole story that you did at this proof they have the appropriate licensing to perform medical tests. it would be utterly unacceptable if there
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were rogue actors who are trying to exploit the situation, setting up unlicensed testing facilities to make a quick buck. and we reached out to the ceo of community wellness america based out of san diego, but have not heard back at this point master where this goes now, the city attorney's office says. this is all still under investigation. the city attorney says the overwhelming majority of testing is above board and patients can always ask for current licensing at a testing site. that information should be provided in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. nationwide covid-19 hospitalizations have hit record levels, according to new data released by the us department of health and human services. more than 145,000. people are in the hospital with covid and number that has doubled from 2002 weeks ago. the u. s also has seen a new record of your daily cases at nearly 1.5 million yesterday . several states are now deployed or developing rather or deploy the national guard to help overwhelmed hospital staff. there's no question at this
6:34 pm
point in time, the staffing remains an enormous challenge. for many of these providers. this activation will alleviate some of the pressure in those places. starting this weekend, insurance companies and health plans will be required to cover the cost of at home covid-19 tests. under the plan, americans will be able to get eight at home test kits for free under their insurance. well things got heated on capitol hill today when kentucky senator rand paul and white house chief medical advisor dr anthony fauci sparred over covid policies. madam chair. i would like just a couple of minutes because this this happens all the time. you personally attacked me and with absolutely not a shred of evidence of anything you say so i would like to make something clear to the committee. he's doing this for political reasons what you need to do is he said in front of this committee, do you think your takedown of prominent epidemiologist was not political? you don't want me to finish. you know what i'm going
6:35 pm
to say. we have faced with a different challenge. doctor doctor factory went on to accuse senator paul of a public smear campaign that has affected his family, citing obscene phone calls and threats on his life. today, president biden called in the u. s senate to pass a pair of voting rights bills, even if they have to change the rules to do it as foxes. madeline rivera tells us the president was in georgia, which passed sweeping voting rules. following the defeat of president trump. president biden is using the bully pulpit of his office to call for the passage of new voting rights legislation while he addressed voters in georgia. his remarks tuesday are mainly directed towards lawmakers in washington, where the fate of two bills are unclear today. we call on congress to get done? what history will judge past the freedom to vote act. pass it now frustrated with a lack of action
6:36 pm
on an issue he championed on the campaign trail, the president is now backing a limited change to the filibuster, a rule that requires 60 votes to advance most bills in the senate. but the move is facing resistance from moderate democratic senators. kirsten cinema and joe manchin. we need some good rule changes to make the place work better when they get rid of the filibuster doesn't make it work better republicans are blasting democrats, several are accusing senate majority leader chuck schumer of flip flopping on the filibuster. he tried to preserve the measure in the early two thousands when democrats were the minority. fast forward to now, and the same democratic leaders are the ones that are now singing a far different tune . some democrats skipped the event, saying they want less talk and more action on the issue. stacy abrams, who was running for georgia governor wasn't there either, but she and the white house blamed a scheduling conflict. senator schumer is sitting next monday,
6:37 pm
mar luther king day as a deadline to either pass voting legislation or consider whether to change the filibuster rules in washington. mother of era ktvu fox two news federal reserve chairman jerome powell promised to use all of the fed's powers to fight inflation if he is confirmed for a new term. we will use our tools to get inflation back. and the main reason is this a reason. is this that to get the kind of very strong labor market we want with high participation, it's going to take a long expansion. powell said. if inflation persists, the fed will raise interest rates over the course of the year to try to cool down inflation. analysts expect the government will report tomorrow that consumer prices jumped more than 7% over the past 12 months. powell is expected to keep his job as fed chair for a second four year term with a boat coming in the coming weeks on wall street traders seem to take the likelihood of higher interest rates in stride, sending stocks higher today. the
6:38 pm
dow rose 183 points, nasdaq jumped 210 and the s and p. added 42. apple of cars stolen in oakland with the beloved pet chihuahua inside coming up, we talk to the dogs, heartbroken owner and a woman goes into labor at work coming up here. what happens when her shocked coworkers realized this baby was not going to wait for
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our crime reporter henry lee tells us the dog taken in oakland belongs to a homeless man who was just about to move into his new place. i would love for somebody just to bring my dog back to me. he's all i got. gregory branscum is worried sick after someone stole his car in oakland with his dog rough inside. he was in the car. he had his leash on. he was waiting for me to come back and get him out of the car and told him to hold on a minute. branscum who had been homeless for a decade, was moving into his new home at about 7 30 monday morning. by the time i came back down, my car was even visible. it was hard headed up the road. i imagine it happened to the corner of galindo and carrington near 35th avenue in oakland. alright, the first thing i did was i didn't drop because i like to think about it. like dog. branscum had the keys to his 1998 white nissan altima the whole time, but the car's ignition have been broken, and he thinks someone used a screwdriver to start it. has a little compassion because he's my service animal and have been our first night together last
6:42 pm
night. rough is 2.5 years old. the mix to our company. i think sweeney and it's like a wing ugandan chihuahua mix. the dogs helped him through some difficult times. well, he yeah. he does a lot just keeps me content and have a lot of issues and he's like a kid to me, my kids. do anything. i don't care about the car. i just want my drug back medical issues caused branscum, a former forklift operator become homeless. he'd been living in his car until recently hotel through section eight. rebecca kaplan of adobe services help brands can find his new home, but now it feels empty without rough. the dog is never known that house yet because he was just literally moving in that morning. so unfortunately, i mean, all we can do is just hoping to pray that the dog might reappear. for now, all brands can do is walk the streets passing out flyers looking for me. definitely looking for me is probably very confused right now. one more about gregory can't afford a
6:43 pm
reward, but as desperate for rough to return home, anyone with information is asked to call the oakland police department in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news. local police are asking for help in finding a missing elderly woman who's at risk. they say. this is leon. you see right here in this picture. she is 90 years old and described as four ft nine inches tall. she weighs £70 and has white hair and brown eyes or family says she is in good mental and physical health. she was last seen at 10 yesterday morning on the 3100 block of minute avenue. or the alan dale recreation center. if you see her, you're asked to call oakland police. and we are tracking the next shot at rain around here, which isn't coming anytime soon. but we sell these warm temperatures or high temperatures to talk about. i'll see you back here with the five day let's go to ktvu s. alex savage. now, with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus julie, thank you.
6:44 pm
we will continue our coverage of president biden's push for voting rights legislation. tonight, we'll talk live with east bay congresswoman barbara lee about the pressure the president is putting on congress to pass two bills that republicans have repeatedly blocked. plus it could take weeks to officially learned what happened to bob saget after he was found dead in an orlando hotel room tonight. we hear from tmz about how investigators are piecing together his cause of death. we'll have those stories and much more coming up tonight. live at seven over on ktvu plus screaming and a lot of another one's anger, but pain going on still ahead employees spring into action after their coworker goes into labor here how they goes into labor here how they hern about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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call 833-317-4673 fire in new york city. neighbors are dropping off donations as crews are clearing and removing debris from that building there , leaving bags filled with blankets, winter clothes, personal hygiene items and other essentials. cast donations are also being made to the salvation army's bronx fire relief fund. bye boy. new pair of sneakers, some blankets. my grandkids had some went to colts. that was too small. we had several of them. and this little arts and ends and i think this is one stable. we can take part and make a change and start helping out. well fire officials say a malfunctioning electric space heater started the fire, according to the medical examiner, all 17 victims of the fire died of smoke inhalation. a colorado woman was at work and getting ready to leave for a baby shower when her own baby just couldn't wait to see the world. we didn't have any towels
6:48 pm
we didn't have. we're business. we were not in the business of babies. a very pregnant alicia deborah rowe was at work at the car hop auto sales office in lakewood, colorado, when she began going into labor. that's when her coworkers pulled together and unexpectedly became part of her birth story. a lot of screaming and a lot of another one. say anger but pain going on. um but you know, a lot of it was on my end just remaining calm, trying to keep her calm and trying to keep her breathing. baby jersey came into the world wearing £5.09 ounces in both mother and baby are doing great. as for the people who helped deliver the baby at work, they say it's work history that will not go on the resume but will be retold to their own children as a treasured memory. it's funny, so when i was younger, i'm super old now, but back then back in like the sixties there you seem to hear
6:49 pm
about stories like that. more often. you know where the cop would have to deliver the baby. you know, it just seemed like i think health care hospitals were further apart. there's more rural society. so you hear a lot of stories i've ever seen. you bump into several. yeah, i delivered a baby. you know, somewhere upon the ranch or something, but, yeah, it's a beautiful story. okay so there's the golden gate bridge. plenty of clear skies out there. no fog. gonna be a beautiful day again tomorrow. these were the highest from today, and you can see that there's certainly warmer than what you would expect for this time of year higher than you'd expect. 65 more gun hill and then you've got 64. i think tomorrow's temperatures might be a degree cooler. we'll see a few more clouds. and then you can see all these clouds. they're all going up into the north and to the top by vancouver and british columbia, where again i mentioned this subtropical moisture. it's an atmospheric river. this is warm. it's going to where it's cold, so it's going to rain, a warmer rain and we're going to see in vancouver and washington around the cascades. we're gonna see a lot of snow milk. and then we're going to see a lot of flooding,
6:50 pm
and that's the big concern in the big rivers up there that they've already had a historic in many parts of the northwest historic rainfall events through the early part of the fall and early winter. and now they're going to see a lot of snow melt , so that's going to cause some problems, most certainly for us a few clouds. overnight lows like they were last night. another beautiful day tomorrow like it was today temperatures. off the freezing. you know, this time of year where you could get really cold and freezing temperatures and we're not. we're going to see overnight lows generally in the forties 40 below 39 in fairfield, but above freezing by a significant amount. so that's always kind of refreshing and then valley fog, certainly south of stockton, but we could easily see some fog patches of fog around here as well. just not ice. not widespread, noticed that this morning, but i think they'll be some slots of fog. and then tomorrow partly to mostly sunny. mild little cooler on thursday because that system is it drives to the north would drive some clouds in here, big surf along
6:51 pm
the coast. we talked about that. so be safe next couple of days. pretty good size, especially ocean beach. um pacifica sharp park places like that happening big. it's the forecast model there's tomorrow morning. there's tomorrow night. there's thursday morning clouds right and then thursday. it's gonna be beautiful week and we don't see rain for a while. we're not freaking out because it's often that we go with these longer dry periods in winter. almost every winter, we have a run of 10 or 12. days of no rain, and we've had such a good early winter that it's worked out really well for us. here is the five day forecast and you can see dry right through the weekend, maybe into the next five days as well. but just suffice to say days getting a little bit longer, about two minutes a day is how it's going. if you're noticing that, and i'll see you back here at 11. all right. we'll see them. bill thank you. coming up. next the warriors go on the road to try to stop the red hot memphis grizzlies, who have a nine game win streak, sports director mark cabana say
6:52 pm
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6:55 pm
the basketball. in other words, don't throw it around wildly and its cost of the warriors in the early going 12 turnovers in the first quarter of this game, james wiseman, meanwhile, traveling with the team getting closer to coming back from the knee surgery, and clay look at the healthy drive into the bucket to finish it, and he's in double figure scoring again that j to here's one of the turnovers. i'm talking about trying to save it. can't grizzlies quick, smooth transition? that's one of the rising stars job, moran. he had 18 in the first half of the memphis grizzlies, who kind of muscle control this game up as many as 18. but clay will strip moran here and what step behind the back to gc two. that's beautiful. for the warriors cut into that deficit. by halftime in the final seconds. yeah this looks like clay thompson of old up the inbound there within eight at halftime and the warriors right now, trailing 85
6:56 pm
83 in the final moments of the third quarter, so tight went against the grizzlies out on the road college basketball tonight. the stanford cardinal. the men have not played since december. 23rd they came across against usc as rested, not rusty behind their coach and ready to go and late in the first half. stanford down three spencer jones, forcing the turnover keeps us letting gets the transition dunk . he had 21 2nd half cardinal down to trojan sloppy again. this time, it's harrison ingram, the steel and suing sway only had 21 points and 10 rebounds, looking good two minutes left in the game. now the cardinal up on u. s c. jaden delaire doubles that lead with a nice drive off glass. he'll get it to fall, and now there's 10 seconds remaining. usc down six with being on the inbounds there. spencer jones. will take care of
6:57 pm
that. thank you very much. stanford upsets number five u. s c. 75 69. the trojans had been 13. so it's the stanford cardinal first win over a top 10 teams in 15 years. alright football. we gotta talk about that, of course, and this is the time of the year when all the failure teams kind of raid the playoff teams coaching staffs, hoping to improve the niners offensive coordinator mike mcdaniel has caught the eye of the miami dolphins. as they fired their coach brian flores. yesterday they have asked the 49ers have the dolphins for permission to talk to mcdaniel regarding their head coaching job, so we'll see what transpires there. now the passionate fan base of the new york football giants getting what they want the firing of the very unpopular joe judge after just two seasons is 10 and 23. 0
6:58 pm
progress. giants fired three straight coaches after two seasons. the new york football giants are kind of stuck in a loser twilight, so it would appear no progress there. we've come to that point in the evening where we can check this out, and i'll tell you what this guy is one of our favorites. fabio huebner. we've shown him many times, barely downstairs . now he's in austria. let's just let this video player is this straight. stunt riding through a ski resort, and that's something bells look at that soul and games until it's not. this is the ultimate cheating. you know those arcade basketball? this guy is just camera in that thing. and you know what? i don't mind that he's cheating because you know what? those things are unfair
6:59 pm
what? those things are unfair anyway, so i'm good with him whatcha doin' there? working on a new plan to catch the roadrunner? the humorous implication being that i am wile e. coyote? yes. and this is a schematic for a bird-trapping device that will ultimately backfire and cause me physical injury? yes. (quick chuckle) what i'm doing here is trying to determine when i'm going to die. a lot of people are working on that research. so what is all this? my family history factoring in longevity, propensity for disease, et cetera. interesting. cause of death for uncle carl was kbb. what's kbb? killed by badger. how's that? it was thanksgiving. uncle carl said, "i think
7:00 pm
"there's a badger living in our chimney. hand me that flashlight." those were the last words he ever spoke to us. i don't think you need to worry about death by badgers being hereditary. not true. the fight or flight instinct is coded genetically. instead of fleeing, he chose to fight barehanded against a brawny member of the weasel family. who's to say that i don't share that flawed dna? you can always get a badger and find out. (quick chuckle) but seriously, even if i disregard the uncle carl factor, at best i have 60 years left. that long, huh? 60 only takes me to here. i need to get to here. what's there? the earliest estimate of the singularity, when man will be able to transfer his consciousness into machines and achieve immortality. so, you're upset about missing out on becoming some sort of freakish self-aware robot?


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