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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  January 11, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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of the rapid spread of the crime vary. plus schools in west contra costa county reopened today after a covid outbreak there, but staffing shortages members students missed out on yet another day of learning. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. and welcome everyone to the four on this tuesday afternoon. i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage schools in west contra costa county reopened today after the district closed them friday and monday in the wake of the covid crisis. but classes resumed with a new mask mandate in place and some familiar problems, particularly at one school, where some teachers were organizing a sick out. ktvu is rob roth visited that school today and joins us now from the newsroom with more rob. alex the west country crossed a unified school district deep cleaned each of its schools during a four day weekend and classes resumed today with a new mask mandate afternoon. thanks so mucr
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bearing with us as we worked out those technical issues we want to get you now back to our top story this afternoon, and it involves schools in west contra costa county. they reopened today after the district closed them on friday and yesterday in wake of the covid crisis classes did resume with a new mask mandate put in place and a lot of familiar problems. particularly at one school, where there are some teachers who organized a sick out ktvu rob roth went to that school earlier today and joins us now from the newsroom with more on what he saw rob. well alex, the west country across the unified school district, deep cleaned each of its schools during a four day weekend, but classes resumed today with a new mask mandate and teachers calling in sick. that car monsoon middle school in el sereno tuesday school was back in session after a four day weekend, but how much actual
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learning went on is unclear. i just volunteered all morning and kids were telling me about half the teachers are here legally. camellia is the mother of an eighth grader. she wasn't sure what to expect. when she first arrived this morning. it seems surprisingly organized. the kids are not getting their normal. schooling definitely. the pe classes were three classes there together in the yard and just kids were kind of board the west contra costa unified school district reports for carmen soo. teachers were sick with covid. but nine teachers stayed home more than a quarter of the teaching staff. that comes after a letter from a teacher to korematsu families that went out monday evening. it reads quote due to the rising covid cases, lack of safety protocols and staff shortages. teachers at korematsu middle school will not be coming to school tomorrow or the rest of this week. the superintendent issued a response quote employees coordinating with one another to call in sick together is unacceptable and
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will not be tolerated. but it is disappointing to me that there wasn't some way to pull together and just do whatever it took to work together and also beginning tuesday, teachers and staff must wear k n95 masks, which the district is providing. students must wear surgical masks beginning next week. no cloth masks allowed. one pair of professional with the district says she doesn't feel safe in school. regardless of the mask. i think we should go back to distance learning. because they're the big outbreak everywhere. but district and county officials say they are committed to keeping schools open. alex all right, rob roth live in the newsroom. rob. thank you. governor newsom announced today that keeping schools open across the state is one of his top priorities. few weeks ago, we announced that it was our goal to find and procure and distribute some six million over the counter test to our school children as of yesterday, where
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all of the schools finally opened in the state of california. we actually exceeded that goal. 10.9 million. over the counter test 10.9 million. the governor says the state is working to get even more testing kits to schools. he also addressed school staffing shortages, announcing a new executive order that will give districts more flexibility to hire replacements. that executive order will expire at the end of march. new covid rules go into effect later tonight in sonoma county, banning large gatherings and advising people to shelter and place ktvu. tom baker is joining us now live with more on why the county made this call. and also tom, you have reaction from people who live in sonoma. indeed it is a reality resurgence. there's no question about that, and it is a resurgence that is setting record high infections. sonoma county's health officers says she's tired of dealing with covid to dr sundar e. mays did
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the math this for nearly two years now, and it's frustrating to still be dealing with all the masking social distancing and other safety measures. i get it , macron patients are less likely to need hospitalization. there are so many cases, hospitals still could be overwhelmed. i'm making an appeal to all residents to stay home as much as possible for the next 30 days limit travel outside the home to just going to work or to school. and only making necessary trips that is going to the grocery store or the doctor's office, where sonoma county prohibits people gathering until february, 11th. our wedding venues, meeting halls, gyms or auditoriums. they have you all over again. it's as if we didn't get anywhere in the last two years. i kind of wish they just took a stiffer stance at the very beginning if we can tamp down the spread and the rise in cases, i think it would
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be worth it. sure we don't like to get back to normal. the extremely popular mystic theater and music hall. had to cancel the two concerts on the marquee and everything for another month. and this is the third time during the pandemic, they've had to close. the sonoma order is rife with exceptions. family gatherings are not included, nor any event in a church nor in workplaces. shopping malls, restaurants, cafeterias, museums, school classes and outdoor recess. i support that because we need to get it down the cases too many cases. going around and sonoma marin. all this north bay like to follow the guidelines. i think they're doing a good job of, uh, you know, keeping up with the changes in the in the variant. while we may all be done with covid covid is not done with us. again this request
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is supposed to be over by february. the 11th. but you must remember, covid does not keep a calendar reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox. two news. whole lot of exceptions to order . certainly tom vacar live in sonoma county. thanks, tom. informal reaction to the sonoma county band. we're joined this afternoon by heidi, who get of the california events coalition and ceo of coast side couture and event planning and design company. heidi. thank you so much for being here this afternoon. of course, this is another major setback for the wedding and live event industry your take on this band. well you know, we're disappointed. um, we have been already through a 15 month shutdown as an industry. we just all got back to work in mid april and spent eight months proving that safe events are possible. um this came very sudden, with no warning. we spend a lot of time trying to keep in touch with cd ph and
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know if these things are coming, and so people who had social events planned for the next month are now scrambling to postpone. okay talk about what that is like. i mean, i can only imagine, you know, having a wedding. let's say there was planned for earlier last year. looking forward to a new date. here it is. and then now you get word that sorry you can't have an event for the next 30 days. yeah and we just went through two years of this, so i was lucky as a planner here. i'm in carmel, california. we were able to reproduce 10. postponed weddings that were postponed for over two years. um but it's not just the wedding industry. it's still live event industry as a whole that's really being affected. no corporate was slowly trying to come back and this is going to push it back more. and as an industry that already lost a lot of businesses during the first shutdown. we really cannot weather another shutdown. we will lose quite a
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bit without any kind of targeted aid, which are industry really hasn't received and i want to get to that request in just a moment, but back to the events that you were planning and that you were really looking forward to. how are things going before this? most recent covid surge and how have you been dealing with the cron variant? well i have to say that we really proved the season that you know, safe events are possible. we as a crew, my own personal business . we rapid test before going on property. we do vaccine only events. i'm very lucky to do majority of my events outdoors. which is another layer of safety . we also all wear masks as a vendor team, and we've really come up with protocols for all of the vendors to come together on. and then make sure that these are safe events. so i feel like we've proven to the state that it's possible. we've asked over and over again for, um, you
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know, across the board guidelines for the entire state instead of these county by county because the counties have the opportunity to be more restrictive than the state but with the statement has 58 counties, and that's a lot of changes that can come up suddenly, and it's hard to be prepared for and hard to adjust to. heidi. i did see that your organization signed onto a letter to congressional leaders just last month, asking for additional financial relief for the industry. you mentioned this a little bit ago, but explained the consequences if that funding doesn't come through. yeah i mean, we've been advocating for a year and a half now, and we're the california chapter for the live events coalition, which is a countrywide as advocacy group . we did not have a lot of representation before the shutdown. unlike other parts of hospitality, like the restaurant industry and the hotel industry , we didn't have a lot of representation and we're really asking for some targeted aid. there has been a lot of
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restaurant relief and there was the saber stages but it doesn't really trickled down to those of us that do social and corporate events and community routes. so we're really asking it's time for that targeted specific aid for this part of the workforce and heidi before i let you go. i just want to ask you back to that sonoma county band. have you yourself as a planner been getting calls from frantic brides to be or other folks who are planning big events wondering. okay, what do we do now? yes i will tell you. this news came out yesterday afternoon. we put it out to our because essentially, it's really, really quickly because it was so um out of nowhere, and we have a lot of people who are scrambling right now trying to decide if they need to move if they need to postpone again, and like i said, we already did this for 15 months back in 2020 and the beginning of this year. and so it's unfortunate we're still getting those postponements down the aisle and then to have to postpone again and this is supposed to be the largest year
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for weddings, you know, and quite some time, and so, um, usually this would be a quiet time of year. but it's not this year because we're trying to cramp so much backlog. yes really trying to make up for the last let's say two years.
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be in your moment. governor spoke at lamont community health center at current county alongside elected officials and longtime labor leaders were to the governor said it's time for california to extend care to undocumented residents who do essential work in farm fields and other industries. being in this position to once again lead on health care and provide a pathway and a framework for 1.1 million undocumented residents in the state of california to avail themselves to high quality comprehensive. medical care. the
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governor said the estimated cost of expanding healthcare to undocumented people is $614 million in the first year, state lawmakers are looking at paying for the measure with higher taxes on the wealthy and large corporations. federal reserve chairman jerome powell promised to use all of the fed's powers to find inflation if he is in fact confirmed for a second term. we will use our tools to get inflation back. and the main reason is this a reason. is this that to get the kind of very strong labor market we want with high participation, it's going to take a long expansion. powell said. if inflation persists, the fed will raise interest rates over the course of the year to try to cruel down inflation. analysts expect the government will report tomorrow that consumer prices jumped more than 7% over the past 12 months. powell is expected to keep his job as fed chair for a second four year term, with a vote coming in with a vote in the coming weeks. on wall street,
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while traders seem to take the prospect of those higher interest rates in stride, sending stocks higher today the dow was up 183 points. the nasdaq rally. 210 points. and the s and p added 42. well. california voters might soon be able to decide whether to raise the state's minimum wage to $18 an hour. it just went up at the beginning of this year to $14 for smaller businesses and $15 an hour for larger businesses and now in los angeles investor and activist is spending his own money in an effort to get this initiative. on the ballot for the november election for more. we're joined now. by joe sandberg. the man behind this effort, joe appreciate you taking the time today, so let's start off with this. why do you believe now is the right time to push for this increase in the minimum wage. for a long time. everything has gone up in price. but wages have stayed flat. and when that happens, that means people who are working full time can't afford life's basic needs. and i think we can all agree
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that someone who works full time shouldn't live in poverty. but millions of people in california who are working full time and in some cases are working multiple jobs can't afford rent, food, education, transportation. and that's not just bad for those workers and their families. it's also bad for their whole economy. we have a consumer economy. when people who need to buy things don't have enough money to buy things. the whole economy grows more slowly, so raising the minimum wage. $18 is going to be great for working families. it's also going to be great for all businesses that rely on customers to buy their goods and services. alright, so layout. what's your plan would be if courses approved by the voters? your initiative would gradually increase the minimum wage. starting next year. talk about where we stand now and how things would slowly increase for smaller businesses and for larger businesses. that's right right now, the minimum wage in california for businesses with over 25 employees is 15 bucks
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after the living wage at 2022 passes, it will increase by $1 year until it reaches 18 bucks. for businesses with fewer than 25 workers. right now, the minimum wage is 14 bucks. it'll rise to 15 next year and under the living wage active of 2022, it will also rise by a dollar. a year thereafter until it reaches 18 bucks, and then this is really important. the minimum wage will rise at the rate of the rising cost of living. what's happened every time past where we've raised the minimum wage is that we have not made the law require that it continues to increase every year with the rise of cost of living. and so every decade then we have to go back on behalf of working people and begged, just get them back to where they should have been as the result of the rise of cost of living. this initiative will take us to 18. and then everyone coded ma that the minimum wage will rise by 3.5% year thereafter to make
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sure that it keeps up with the pace of cost of living. you just talked about how expensive it is to live here in california almost feel secure, sort of behind the eight ball already here. i mean, $18 an hour. you know, you're still well below the median income here in california and theoretically struggling to get by. why not aim higher with this initiative? well it's the minimum wage was increased at the rate of productivity since 1960. it would be over $24 right now. 18 is not enough, but the reality of leading in the real world with scale and efficacy is that we have to meet public opinion where it is and right now we can win and increase in the minimum wage to $18. and then over time. we need to educate people that we need to take it. farther from 18, but the popular will isn't quite there yet to raise it above 18. so we're going to win 18, which will mean an extra $24
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a day and pay for over five million workers will mean and actually $6240 year and pay for over five million california workers and then we'll keep on going until we get the minimum wage to where it ought to be. which is this everyone who works full time should be able to afford life's basic needs. that's something that democrats , republicans, progressives and conservatives can all agree on. work in america should pay joe, you are planning to bankroll the signature gathering process all on your own here to try to put this on the ballot and put before voters this november here first of all, how much money are you planning to spend on your own? if you don't mind us asking here, and how confident are you that this gets across the finish line? we'll spend what it takes , and i won't be doing it alone have a lot of great allies in the private sector across lots of different industries, who are going to be with us because they agree that work should pay and they also know that when people
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have more money in their pockets to buy the life's basic needs, the whole economy does better. so we're gonna have a big coalition. but i'm going to personally make sure that we have the money we need. and we will qualify this for the ballot and it will be on the ballot in november, and i believe that it will pass. all right. a really important conversation. appreciate you coming on today. joe sandberg. thank you for doing well, check back in soon. i'm sure thanks. take care. well. meta employees will continue to work from home for a little bit longer. the parent company of facebook is postponing its return to office state to march. 28th employees were previously set to go back on january 31st. and before those employees can return to the facebook campus. well they will need to show proof of their booster shot of the company says it wants to give their employees choices as overgrown spreads here in the bay area. president biden makes another push for congress to pass legislation on voting rights that change to senate rules. he's proposing as an alternative if he doesn't get
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tells us the president traveled to georgia to rally support for voting rights legislation, which remains stalled in congress. president biden is using the bully pulpit of his office to call for the passage of new voting rights legislation while he addressed voters in georgia. his remarks tuesday are mainly directed towards lawmakers in
4:45 pm
washington, where the fate of two bills are unclear today. we call on congress to get done? what history will judge past the freedom to vote act. pass it now frustrated with a lack of action on an issue he championed on the campaign trail, the president is now backing a limited change to the filibuster, a rule that requires 60 votes to advance most bills in the senate. but the move is facing resistance from moderate democratic senators. kirsten cinema and joe manchin. we need some good rule changes to make the place work better when they get rid of the filibuster doesn't make it work better republicans are blasting democrats, several are accusing senate majority leader chuck schumer of flip flopping on the filibuster. he tried to preserve the measure in the early two thousands when democrats were the minority. fast forward to now, and the same democratic leaders are the ones that are now singing a far different tune
4:46 pm
. at least 19 states have passed voting reform law since the 2020 election, georgia among them our bill makes it easy to vote and hard to cheat. senator schumer is setting next monday mar luther king day as the deadline to either pass voting legislation or consider whether to change the filibuster rules in washington. mother of era ktvu fox two news all right. here was another beautiful, sunny january day here in the bay area, but of course we are hoping for maybe another rainstorm or two before the season is over. mark tamayo joining us now and mark all those rainstorms. they seem to be moving just north of us any chance that we get something that kind of slides down our direction. alex. i always like to be optimistic and say there's a chance, but it looks like those chances are pretty minimal to non existent. so it looks like this dry weather stretch, which is not completely unheard of this time of year. these dry stretches move in mid january,
4:47 pm
something like that, and that's what could be happening over the next few days with no real sign of rain just yet, so hopefully we'll count on february to bring in some more beneficial rainfall should also say we should embrace each and every past storm that produced the rainfall here in the bay area and, of course, some of the cr snow pack as well. take a look, though. with those numbers across the country, we're talking about the really bitterly cold air and the portions of the northeast right now. in boston, it is 11 degrees . if we were a factor in the windshield right now, you can c minus three in boston. out towards the south out toward miami. not too too cold now toward the west. that's 75 looks very warm in los angeles back here in the bay area, we'll call it a mile tuesday temperatures average temperatures would be the upper fifties to right around 60 degrees, so everybody a few degrees up above the average for today, and we're gonna hold on to this pattern as we head into your wednesday current number of san francisco checking in 61 san jose right now. 63 fairfield 16 back out the maps. on the satellite. you probably noticed a few high
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clouds drifting in throughout the afternoon. hours in the satellite is picking up on some of those changes, at least over the past. 2 to 3 hours. here's a live camera kind of an each shot looking out toward the golden gate bridge, the marin headlands and you get the sense that we do have some high clouds. still paying us a visit for tonight and tomorrow kind of the same story with partly cloudy skies expected and your wednesday forecast. now we are taking a look here long range 6 to 10 days only you can see the areas in green. they have a higher chance of wetter than average conditions out toward the west. though this is something we do not like to see. it looks like a fairly high chance of drier than average conditions. in fact, it looks like a bunch of zeros over the next week or so. storm track is alex mentioned his focused up to our north and we just had this big area of high pressure trying to rebuild so another mild forecast for tomorrow. lots of sixties out there could be a little bit cooler and a few spots and then this front, just bringing in a few clouds for your thursday and a slight drop off in those numbers in your thursday outlook. here is the plan for tomorrow. kind of a sun
4:49 pm
cloud mix filtered sunshine throughout the day on your wednesday and then in the thursday will bring in quite a few clouds out there, and those clouds will gradually probably thin on out by friday morning into friday afternoon temperatures for word tomorrow. once again, it's warmer than average. lots of sixties in your wednesday forecast. santa rosa 64 san jose 65 fairfield 61 degrees, we could have some patchy fog to start at the morning. but then if you high clouds paint us a visit mostly cloudy skies in the thursday partly sunny and friday it is kind of a cruise control forecast into the weekend. hopefully i can point toward the one day eventually have one of those panels to bring in a rain cloud. but that day is not happening just yet. this dry weather stretch will continue through the weekend and into what highly likely into next week. alright, well, we'll hang in there and hope for some brain mark. thank you. studies show that exposure to art and music does more than provide a creative outlet for kids. it helps them to improve mentally emotionally. it also has educational benefits as well.
4:50 pm
that's right. uptown jazz workshops has been helping young people appreciate the power of music since 1994 and i spoke with executive director robby epicurean. about growing the audience for jazz. it's a really authentic way of for music for jazz to be taught with collaborative teaching from multiple instructors, so it's not just say me in front of the class, telling them what i want to hear. but they get to see the instructors working together which is very much in a extension, of course of the collaborative nature of the music itself. what is the response like from from the kids that enrolled in these programs? well they really like it. they like it because it's something that they feel. is their own. i mean, we really give them that
4:51 pm
voice in the program, and so they come in, and it's great to see them grow up and to see them start to say, bring in their own compositions or make suggestions or lead the classes or workshops or rehearsals. and so we get to see that and then, of course, what that means to the other young musicians. is that they, you know, they see and you know a role model or and it's just kind of a seamless continuation of tradition, and that's that's what the instructors and i really find special about this program. and when those 10 to 18 year olds come into the program , are they in love with jazz already or they just wanted to find out a little bit more? not always. sometimes they're very ambivalent about it. sometimes they have their own ideas about what jazz is, and of course, it's a it's a very wide category
4:52 pm
of music, so you know, not all jazz is for all you know, jazz aficionados. but they they grow to see that it's something that has influenced. whatever music is that they like right, so whether it's r and b rock and roll or hip hop or whatever that has, that is something that really can trace its roots back to jazz music back to blues music. and once they start to see that, then it all comes together that they can learn jazz music, and then it becomes something that they can apply to any other type of music, really open what about the importance oakland? yeah wes part of one of the great things about it is that it goes year round. so there's we go through the summer. we go through most breaks. and it's just it's a it's a supportive environment
4:53 pm
that the musicians just can count on. and then they know that they can go there and have people that know them that welcome them but brings together communities it brings together children from our neighboring cities. and the young musicians are able to meet people that they wouldn't meet otherwise and you know, get to and also we get to perform it a lot of community events, and so that's a really exciting way. for us to, um, celebrate the community that we live in the city that we live in the bay area and for the kids to be able to really show off the hard work that put into the music. so talented and the kids love it. organizers make it a priority to try to keep the tuition affordable. they also offer scholarships to low income students, and i'm told about half of the students in the program do receive such financial aid. so if you would like to help uptown jazz workshops. just go to our
4:54 pm
website, ktvu .com/ giving day. and also read a police officer, wiping away tears after the sudden death of a colleague how family and friends are honoring the officer who was killed in a crash while driving home from work. introducing the all-new gillettelabs with exfoliating bar. it combines shaving and gentle exfoliation into one efficient stroke, for a shave as quick and easy as washing your face. gordan ramsey this is a cold call! nfl teams are turning to cold with tide. will you? that will never work! if it works on nfl jerseys it'll work for you. and it's cold. so you will turn to cold? fine! that guy needs to chill out!
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mourning after one of his officers died over the weekend, jared bernstein was killed on his 26th birthday while driving home from work as ktvu sam. burly shows us his colleagues are remembering him as someone who was genuine caring and hard working. el cerrito police officer jerick bernsteins body was transported from the coroner's office to a funeral home in richmond monday afternoon. his sudden death
4:57 pm
sunday morning stunned his colleagues and friends. i'm at a loss for words, we are completely devastated again when i saw him yesterday never expected something like this to happen. bernstein had just gotten off work and was driving on interstate 80 eastbound near the san pablo, wrote exit in san pablo, about 6 15 sunday morning. chp says the driver of a fan in front of bernstein lost control and struck the center median and ended up facing the wrong way, causing a six vehicle crash, killing bernstein and seriously injuring two others. he's left a legacy. and it's going to be hard for our officers to go back to working without him. bernstein joined the force two years ago, his colleagues say he made a big impact in the short time that he will be remembered for his ever present infectious smile. he had so much potential for greatness , and we could just see it in the short amount of time we worked with him. he was just he was a person that was going to
4:58 pm
accomplish really great things. the police chief tells me bernstein never lost the foot chase with the suspect, likely drawing on his athleticism. he was a track star at hercules high. so the banners that we have hanging right now at our school. is because of him. hercules vice mayor alex walker griffin tells me he's known bernstein since they were in elementary school, he said. bernstein attended chico state and worked a variety of jobs, including as a home care giver before becoming a police officer . that's what i'm definitely gonna miss that person that is always going to be in your corner that no matter what you can always call for help, and he was such a blessing to the world. bernstein turned 26. on sunday. the day he was killed. he had planned to get a master's degree and just moved into a new home. his family is now planning his funeral. in el cerrito amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. well now and five and urgent call for help in the south bay. hundreds of parents performing
4:59 pm
critical work to keep classrooms opened. also it was back to campus for students in west contra costa county. but not all educators were on board. so how is the district responding and stricter? covid rules go into effect in the north? big in just a matter of hours. what this means, if you have any plans over the next month and good evening to you. i'm andre senior and i'm julie julie haener. starting tomorrow, the palo alto unified school district will get reinforcements on the front lines of its workforce. this all comes while districts around the bay area are deciding whether to keep kids in class because of the rise in covid cases, we have team coverage on all the questions swirling around school , we begin with ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary, who is live in palo alto, with details, jesse the superintendent tells me the volunteers are needed to keep the schools open. he sees the massive response he's gotten so far as a positive i'm really happy. that we have parents that
5:00 pm
are willing to help. so i'm thankful to have a community that i know i can reach out to covid pandemic fueled workers shortage has forced businesses and nonprofits into a perpetual help wanted status added to the list sunday, palo alto unified school district superintendent dr don austin, posting on the district website and urgent need for volunteers for us to finally be able to look people in the face and say, forget about us closing. we are not going to close. austin says 670 parents so far have registered to volunteer. assignment areas include, like custodial work, assisting in covid testing lines outside of schools and serving as classroom assistance. first thought it's like, oh, no, what's happening right like because if they're asking for parent volunteers, that means staff is, you know this is sorted sorted of staff. raylene sand. voinovich tura helps out during lunch period at addison elementary. i want to support my kids and their education and also the community in general, the kids here, experts say, using parents to fill gaps.


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