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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  January 11, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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the warning for all residents and the ban on certain indoor and outdoor gatherings. the latest surge in covid cases continues to play a big role for many schools that challenges some districts are facing when it comes to staffing. at schools try to keep those students in the classroom plus top administration. health officials testify in the senate as covid hospitalizations, reaching all time pandemic. hi lauren blanchard on capitol hill all have more on what they had to say coming up. this is katie fox two news at noon. and good afternoon, everyone. i'm mike mibach gasia mikaelian social event organizers and venues in sonoma county are scrambling to make changes ahead of a new covid restrictions set to go into effect tonight. kate easily. rasmus live to explain the ban on some indoor and even outdoor gatherings alley and what's included in it. garcia new health order bans gatherings of more than 50 people indoors
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and gatherings of 100 or more people in outdoor settings. the rule applies to any public or private event held at places like wedding venues, meeting halls, conference centers, gymnasiums, stadiums and auditoriums. that means things like indoor athletic competitions, school performances or assemblies. an indoor weddings and events need to be limited to no more than 50 people or be postponed or canceled. sonoma county health officials say they're doing this because of a spike in covid cases. there are 121 positive covid cases for every 100,000 residents in the county two weeks ago, it was just 24 cases per 100,000. i'm making an appeal to all residents to stay home as much as possible for the next 30 days limit travel outside the home, just going to work or to school. and only making necessary trips that is going to the grocery store or the doctor's office. sonoma county is the only bay area county enacting this order neighboring wine country. napa
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county is not the chair of the healdsburg tourism improvement district says this means more tough times ahead for the already struggling tourism industry in that county. this is kind of a unilateral decision to close down. um you know, events in our county alone. i'm not quite sure of that. the wisdom of it, it will certainly impact our economy. now there are a lot of exemptions to this particular health order. for instance, family gatherings are exempt events at any house of worship as well. workplaces restaurants , shopping malls, businesses, cafeterias, museums are also not included in the order. neither are any school classes or outdoor recess. sonoma county has one of the highest vaccination rates in the state. 78% are fully vaccinated. 53% boosted this order goes into effect midnight tonight and will remain in effect for at least the next 30 days. february 11th live in the newsroom. ali rasmus ktvu box to me. all right, ali. thank you for that. san
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francisco demanding that health care providers step it up when it comes to testing and at the same time pledging to keep the city open as omicron cases continue to spike ktvu christian captain, joining us live this afternoon there in the city and christian hick. city leaders recognizing that they are in the middle of what is described as an unprecedented surge. yeah that's exactly right bike. these omicron surge in the city is pushing the city's numbers through the roof with an estimated 1250 people per day. testing positive. all this is happening even as san francisco scrambles to gather more tests and administer those tests. now, even with the search, health leaders are saying they are not looking at an acting the same kinds of restrictive measures that ali was just talking about taking place up in sonoma county. at this time. i am not considering additional restrictions in san francisco. but as i said, we continue to follow the data closely and make adjustments to that, if needed. the city has issued a new health care directive pushing health care providers to provide access
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to covid-19 testing for people with symptoms and for people who have had close contact with those who have symptoms, and the hospitals have to get that testing underway within 24 hours of those requests from patients, hospitals will also have to submit proof that they're taking those tests to the city twice weekly. this is all part of a push to increase testing capacity in san francisco. health leaders say they're averaging 10,000 tests per day, with about one in five of those tests, turning up positive, health leaders say as challenging as the situation is right now in san francisco, it is likely to get worse before it gets better. it is likely that that rate will continue to increase over the next few days. next slide, please. and in keeping with these very high case numbers are hospital census continues to climb. and finally , when it comes to san francisco's public schools, school leaders are pledging to
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keep those schools open for emperors instruction, saying that schools are the safest place for students to be. the school district is also pledging to distribute. 56,000 rapid home tests with students. they're hoping to send those home with students. by the end of this week. we're live in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu fox two news, christian. thank you. across the bay here is students in the west contra costa school district are back in the classroom. now many teachers are still out sick due to covid infections. ktvu james torres reports about the protocols in place. that are meant to keep the spread of covid to a minimum. students spent four days away from the classroom. today is their first day back after a deep cleaning after covid break. we're doing everything in our power to keep everyone safe doing this surge west contra costa superintendent dr kenneth hearst asked families an a covid-19 tests before returning to the df members tested positive for
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covid 19. last week, the district used to smoke days friday and monday. those are days that can be used for any emergency purpose. so i think this was the perfect, appropriate time to use those days to superintendent of the contra costa county office of education. lynn mackey says west contra costa had the right idea but still thinks students belong in the classroom. we need to try to keep schools open for all those families who want to be in school. all the students who want and need to be in school and then have options for those parents that want to keep their students at home on independent study. have those options for them. we spoke to a pair of professional at hercules middle school this morning, who says she would like to see the district shut down for longer? until omicron infections settle down. do you feel about being here? no but i got to work. you know, superintendent mackey doesn't like the idea of shutting down schools. schools this morning continued to report staffing shortages. we are asking that anybody with
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symptoms or anybody who test positive does not come to work, so that can be the case where, as there's more testing going on , or there's more contacts in the community. there might be some even greater staffing shortage staff are now required to wear medical grade masks like kn 95 students will be required to be fully vaccinated next month. the district canceled most of its in person board meetings. but a special meeting is now called from next week. reporting in contra costa county. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. we did reach out to west contra costa unified about the school day. today the district has yet to respond for comment will have much more on the story for you. of course today on the four, the nation's top infectious disease expert and the head of the centers for disease control and prevention is facing no shortage of questions and criticism. from u . s senators today. as lauren blanchard reports, some are questioning how things are being handled as the us recorded nearly 1.5 million new positive cases just yesterday. boosters
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will play a major role in protecting our population, at least from severe disease. doctor anthony fauci of the national institutes of health and head of the cdc doctor rochelle wolinski, facing the senate health committee over the quickly spreading a macron variant has covid hospitalizations reach a new pandemic high. we're all alarmed. by how quickly i macron has spread lawmakers laying out where they believe the federal government has missed up during the pandemic. the way this administration rolled out boosters was a disaster. you created skepticism. and mass confusion. the cdc has been criticized for confusing americans with changing quarantine and isolation recommendations, but i just want to know straightforward if someone is exposed to or has covid-19, and they're vaccinated . what do they do? our science has demonstrated that your maximum infectious two days before and 2 to 3 days after so by five days after your symptoms
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if you're feeling better if your fever is better if your coffins or throat or better than on day six, you can go out. but you have to wear a mask. the availability of testing also remains a problem. the white house is working to make half a billion free at home tests available, but some say they're coming too late. i think the american people deserve answers . why doesn't joe biden have a plan he promised. america he would have a plan starting saturday. the biden administration says insurance companies will to cover the cost of eight at home covid test per perso today, stae lawmakers will start debating whether to create the nation's first universal healthcare system. democrats have already introduced two bills one would create a government funded health care system, the other would lay out how to pay for the coverage with higher taxes on wealthier people in big business. if the bills are approved, voters would then have to approve them in a statewide election. governor newsom will highlight his proposal in current county today at 1 15
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president biden in atlanta this new time how he's paying tribute to dr martin luther king jr and he plans to discuss the urgent need to pass legislation to protect the right to vote plus a blast of arctic air invades the northeast. i'm eddie hicks, the details ahead. no arctic air around here a pretty nice day across the bay area, maybe even some mid sixties out there. we're going to check in with meteorologist rosemary oroczo for the forecast in your neighborhood. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie...
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limited availability in select areas. voting rights legislation. just a few minutes ago, they visited the doctor martin luther king jr center for nonviolent social change. they paid tribute to dr king by laying a wreath that script the nation commemorates the civil rights leader's birthday, january. 17th the president and vice president are set to deliver remarks this afternoon on the importance of passing federal voting rights legislation, which has been stalled in congress. we have more on the voting rights legislation for you today on the floor, dangerously cold weather gripping much of the northeast right now, as midi hicks reports that has prompted alerts for nearly 15 million people. the northeast region getting hit with extreme cold that is expected to reach wind chill value of minus 40 degrees. in some areas. the national weather service has issued when chill warnings and advisories from
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northeastern pennsylvania and upstate new york into central and northern new england, where any exposed skin could get frostbite. in a matter of minutes, you would start feeling any kind of exposed skin. start to get frostbite. boston's public school system announced on monday that it will be closed the high end boston is expected to be 12 degrees with wind chills, making it feel as low as minus eight, according to national weather service forecasters just to prioritize the safety of our students and especially given the staffing issues that we are seeing in schools and with our school bus drivers as well. we want to make sure there's no risk of students being either out in the cold on the way to school. i have a high school kid. i understand for the younger grades it maybe, you know, then it may not be able to deal with the cold. it could kill, as well as minus 15 and other areas of massachusetts, and it could be even colder elsewhere in new england, as forecasters say the windshield
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could approach minus 40 in some parts. of western maine. the trick to staying warm is to have a lot of loose layers, so if you can have a thin layer on the bottom, and then maybe a couple more thinner, thicker layers for many locations, this is the code is air they felt in about three years in boston media hicks, ktvu, fox two news well here in the bay area, you know, we barely need a jacket rosemary oroczo, especially as we get into these later afternoon hours. yes temperatures are well above average in many spots of this afternoon low sixties over areas of half moon bay. so a beautiful day over the coastline giving you a live look here at sf over. we do have blue skies here as well. mid and high level clouds is sweeping through from time to time, and that's about it. temperatures at this time in san francisco 59 degrees we have oakland reporting 55 60 degrees in livermore, as well as san jose in santa rosa. upper fifties outside your door. santa
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rosa started out with the fog this morning that has since dissipated and you can see here from 24 hour temperature change. half moon bay, one of the spots seven degrees warmer at this hour. compared to yesterday. livermore four degrees warmer in san jose, you are up by justice smidge san jose going to be one of the spots center. enjoy some of those mid sixties for today as well. stormbreaker to a three hour time lapse. you can see how the high clouds just kind of move through and then we clear out with blue sky and then more high clouds. this as the ridge of high pressure sets up over the west coast, and we've got those clouds just kind of spilling over the top of it outside of that dry weather in the forecast with that storm track well to the north of us for the days ahead. the feature cast here also shows you what i'm talking about. when it comes to those clouds. we will have the soft sun line at times and as we get into your tuesday evening, mostly cloudy skies again. those high clouds overhead afternoon highs for today, ranging from the low sixties and santa rosa san francisco will go 64 expected for oakland today. 63 in
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livermore and san jose 66, which is six degrees above the seasonal average into the bay area forecast for you there we've got in the north based 63 expected for napa. and 63 expected in concord on what yout for the rest of the week, including your bay area weekend coming up in just a little bit. alright see you soon. rosemary oroczo. john madden, how members of congress paid their respects today at the u. s. capitol.
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madden this morning he spent congressman eric swalwell was joined by three other representatives on the house floor to speak about the accomplishments of the late legendary coach. madden grew up in daly city and lived for many years in pleasant tonight. which falls within swallows district, he says maddin's influence spread far beyond the football field. it can be stated that few if any, individuals have had a greater impact on football and popular culture in the last 50 years. madam passed away last month at his home in the east bay. he was 85 years old. while it may take weeks until we know the official cause of death for actor bob saget. there are reports from law enforcement that say it could have been a medical emergency, such as a heart attack or stroke. in the meantime, tributes continue to pour in for the actor and comedian ktvu elissa harrington shows us how people here in the bay area are remembering the man. we all remember as full
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house dad, full house fans gathered outside the san francisco home made famous by the show to pay tribute to its star bob saget said it was found dead sunday in his florida hotel room. he was 65. he's just touched so many people and it was such a beautiful person that i figured i'd come out here and pay my respects. whatever happened to the intro to the famous sitcom shows the fictional tanner family at famous san francisco landmarks driving over the golden gate bridge and enjoying a picnic in alamo square park as an eighties nineties kid. this show is such a big piece of our childhood. and as someone who grew up here , knowing that it was set here and, you know, wake up. san francisco is not real. but in your heart you like. think that all these things are happening in your hometown fans say sag. its character, danny tanner was one of the greatest tv dads of all time. within the laughter's . there is always this heartfelt moments and really good character development. saget was
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best known for being an actor and a comedian, but he was also very active in a nonprofit here in the bay area. the scleroderma research foundation. he just had a way of bringing out the best and chairman luke adnan said saget was dedicated to finding a cure for this disease. sagittarons sister died from scleroderma, and he served on the board of the foundation for the past 20 years. bob tremendously elevated the profile and raised and helped raise tons of money that have really advanced. um you know what we can do for patients today? evidence said zag. its contributions helped raise millions and his advocacy will continue to make an impact, even in his death will carry the torture that of it. you know, it'll be a huge hole in san francisco. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. more information is coming out about actress betty white's death. her death certificate indicates that she had a stroke six days before she died, tmz, sources say. in
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the days following the stroke, white was alert and coherent before dying in his sleep on new year's eve. she was 99 years old. betty white would have turned 100 years old next week. the investigation continues into one of the deadliest fires in new york city. last night, dozens of people gathered at a mosque in the bronx. just a few blocks from the high rise apartment fire department, where at least 17 people died, including eight children. many of the victims have ties to the west african country of gambia and attended religious services at the mosque. investigators say faulty space heater ignited the fire in that 19 story building sunday morning, york city's fire commissioner says the first firefighters who arrived on scene encountered thick smoke. on every floor of the building. fire. was contained to the hallway just outside this two story apartment, but the smoke. traveled throughout the building and the smoke is what caused the deaths and serious injuries.
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more than 60 people were injured, with many of the victims listed in critical condition. san jose's increasing police presidents on a section of the coyote creek trail to encourage more people to visit the area. this patrol program is being launched at a three mile section of the trail between william street and totally road , which was once the region's largest homeless encampment. two officers on bicycles will be patrolling the trail about 10 hours a day, seven days a week, the city of san jose and the water district there are paying for this program. nearly 20 million people are locked down in their homes in china. today the country just put a third city on lockdown following two cases of the omicron variant. 5.5 million people who live in the city of anyang are not allowed to leave their homes. stores have been shut down. it's not clear how long the lockdown will last. authorities say the action is necessary to conduct mass testing. another 13 million people are locked down in the city of xi'an and 1.1 million in you show. the sfo san francisco airport that is mineta, san jose and 48. other airports across
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the country will have buffer zones to protect them from five g signals. the faa along with wireless companies, verizon and at t and t agreed to shut off transmitters for six months to help minimize possible interference with aircraft instruments used in low visibility landings. that expanded five g service goes online next wednesday. the 19th oakland international is not among the airports that will have those buffer zones. a north carolina judges ordered google to turn over hundreds of internal documents in the case that involves the firing of several employees. the judge says google and its parent company alphabet, originally refused to give up the documents claiming attorney client privilege and work product privilege. the judge called that an overreach. the employees claim they were fired because they were working to form a labor union. the company says the workers repeatedly breached security protocols to confidential information still to come in new new state guidelines for health care workers who test positive for covid what the new guidelines allow and why it's creating some confusion. plus. he's left a
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legacy. and it's going to be hard for our officers to go back to working without him and el sorrento police officer being remembered how family and friends are honoring his life after he was killed in a crash while driving home from work. isd
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hospitalizations both reached record levels this week. jonathan syria has the latest from atlanta, including the growing concerns surrounding staffing shortages at hospitals nationwide. the ah macron variant of covid-19 is propelling a massive surge of cases and hospitalizations across the nation. the us reported a record 1.3 million covid-19 cases monday, the seven day average of daily hospitalizations rose by 83% from two weeks ago. and hospitals nationwide are now reporting critical staffing shortages, a trend expected to continue over the next several weeks. we are kind of very facing a lot of burnout. as you know, a lot of nurses have been at this for over 20 months now the global community is also feeling the stress of the current surge. japan france and
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australia have shattered daily records as cases have risen more than 48% worldwide in just one week. um officials are pleading with nations to take mitigation efforts to prevent their health systems from being overwhelmed. meanwhile fighter says the vaccine targeting the omicron variant will be ready in march. new data from the cdc show the um akron variant accounted for 95% of new covid cases reported in the us last week. i'm a crown is also creating problems for children, some of whom are too young to receive a covid-19 shot . we're all very concerned about the fact that we still have a pretty significant population of unvaccinated kids who are at risk for serious complications with covid. the cdc is considering updating its mass guidance in the coming days to recommend the highly effective in 95. or k n95 masks in atlanta . john serry, ktvu fox two news.
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new state guidelines for health care workers test positive for covid or causing some confusion . as ktvu jesse gary explains, the latest policy would allow asymptomatic workers to return to work right away. we were beyond this belief that they would make a decision like this . the president of the california nurses association says she and her members were blindsided by saturday's change , governor gavin newsom and state health officials now saying vaccinated healthcare providers who are covid positive, but asymptomatic can return to work without quarantining for five days, unvaccinated and un boosted workers would still need to quarantine for five days and then face prioritized staffing placement. the changes necessitated by a critical shortage of health care providers due to sick calls from the omicron variant surge. i think one of the challenges with all things covid. there's been a extraordinary challenge to balance all of the competing interests, and jose state university bio technologist, dr
12:32 pm
mark schwarz says, having asymptomatic covid positive workers returning could lead to more infections, but running out of hospital workers are running critically short of hospital workers would create a significant number of issues for patients and the hospitals as well. union nurses fear one issue could be increasing the covid infection rate. and subsequently the death toll if we go to work, knowing that we are infected with the virus, we can further in fact our patients and our co workers as well. so that puts our most vulnerable patients and immunosuppressive patients at greater risk of getting, uh, very, very ill. state health officials say the temporary change is only for the most dire staffing shortages. asymptomatic nurses would only treat other people who are already covid positive, and they continue to use precautions such as n95 masks and gloves to limit the potential spread. there is
12:33 pm
no best right answer, but it is . it is a challenging balance of risk that needs to be taken. we cannot allow further transmission more transmissions of this virus to happen. the changes in effect until february, 1st at which point, state officials say. bill check the omicron variant numbers and adjust as needed. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news public school classrooms in hayward are all closed this week , the school district took the step to return to distance learning due to the recent spike in new covid cases. the board will meet on friday to decide if the online classes should continue beyond this week. last week. the district says it did not have the staff to cover dozens of classrooms as 365 teachers called out sick. we had as a shortage in the number of staff we had available at our schools in order to be able to maintain that type of safety that we'd like to maintain. what
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is the threshold? what is the breaking point for saying, okay , this is not quality instructions. the alameda county office of education had advised the district to keep schools in hayward open. it didn't the school district could l lose an estimated $2.5 million a day and daily attendance money it gets from the state. the san francisco unified school board will meet tonight to discuss its ongoing plan to respond to the growing number of covid cases tied to the omicron variant. this weekend, the district handed out 4000 covid-19 test gets to parents and teachers who waited in long lines outside district headquarters tonight, the board will consider a plan to offer covid tests at some school campuses on weekdays at least until the end of this month. a school district along the peninsula, turning to parents now to help keep the schools open. the palo alto unified school district is asking parents to volunteer on campuses to help with the increased staff absences. the one palo alto campaign launched over the weekend, and the palo alto online is reporting that more than 500 parents signed up
12:35 pm
on the first day. people move here for our schools. they love our schools, and they need our schools to stay open. our biggest challenge is staffing right now, people doing the jobs that we do. we can't keep up. there's no labor pool. no amount of money can solve this issue. we need your help. parents are being asked to help out in the school offices, supervised students during lunch and recess . hellbent covid-19 testing clinics or even work with teachers in the classroom. public school students in chicago could be back in the classroom tomorrow, the leaders of the chicago's teachers union approved a new covid-19 safety plan for what is the nation's third largest school district. this agreement reached last night is expected to end and at times bitter dispute over remote learning, covid testing and other issues that has forced the cancelation of classes for the past several days. the deal still must be approved by the union's 25,000 rank and file
12:36 pm
members. the oakland school for the artist shut down for the rest of the week. the charter school blames staff shortages due to quarantines from exposure or infection. the school says it's exhausted all options, including using all certified staff and substitute teachers school says it's not allowed to offer distance learning like it did last year due to changes in state law. teachers will post self guided work on google classroom for students to complete during the emergency school closure. meanwhile the push continues to get people vaccinated here in the bay area, the vaccine clinics being held today in the parking garage across the street from the city center bishop branch in san ramon. it's hosted by contra costa health department. the san ramon fire department and volunteers are administering the fighter vaccine to both adult and pediatric patients. we spoke with a 10 year old girl who just got her first dose of the vaccine today. when only crime came. did my family started getting worried? and i was the only person that my whole family to not get vaccinated and so we started
12:37 pm
getting worried when people in the cow high student school started getting turn in getting the virus. so that's why i'm getting the vaccine. the clinic will be held until six o'clock tonight. it is by appointment, but there are a few spaces available for walk ins. the parent company of facebook is now delaying plans to bring employees back to the office officials that medicine they they want to give employees flexibility during this latest virus search and allow more employees to get booster shots before coming back to the office. the company had planned to bring workers back january 31st that's now been pushed back until the end of march. civil rights leaders are demanding justice for the 14 year old girl shot and killed by a los angeles police officers stray bullet family and friends remembered valentina perrotto or alana at her funeral yesterday, the teen and her mother were in a dressing room of a north hollywood store when she was killed civil rights attorney ben crump and the reverend al sharpton spoke out in honor of the family at valentino's service. we come to break. plea
12:38 pm
for justice. because justice is to represent okay, who has represented. protection of the innocent. sharpton also called for justice and delivered in emotional eulogy for the young girl. the december 27th shooting , which also killed an assault suspect at the store is still under investigation. the el cerrito police department is in mourning after one of its officers died over the weekend. jared bernstein was killed on his 26th birthday while driving home from work. as ktvu is amberleigh reports, his colleagues are remembering him as someone who was genuine. caring and hard working. el cerrito police officer jared bernstein's body was transported from the coroner's office to a funeral home in richmond monday afternoon. his sudden death
12:39 pm
sunday morning stunned his colleagues and friends. i'm at a loss for words, we are completely devastated again when i saw him yesterday never expected something like this to happen. bernstein had just gotten off work and was driving on interstate 80 eastbound near the san pablo, wrote exit in san pablo, about 6 15 sunday morning. chp says the driver of a fan in front of bernstein lost control and struck the center median and ended up facing the wrong way, causing a six vehicle crash, killing bernstein and seriously injuring two others. he's left a legacy. and it's going to be hard for our officers to go back to working without him. bernstein joined the force two years ago, his colleagues say he made a big impact in a short time that he will be remembered for his ever present infectious smile. he had so much potential for greatness , and we could just see it in the short amount of time we worked with him. he was just he was a person that was going to
12:40 pm
accomplish really great things. the police chief tells me bernstein never lost a foot chase, with the suspect, likely drawing on his athleticism. he was a track star at hercules high the banners that we have hanging right now at our school. is because of him. hercules vice mayor alex walker griffin tells me he's known bernstein since they were in elementary school, he said. bernstein attended chico state and worked a variety of jobs, including as a home care giver before becoming a police officer. that's what i'm definitely gonna miss that person that is always going to be in your corner that no matter what you can always call for help, and he was such a blessing to the world. bernstein turned 26. on sunday. the day he was killed. he had planned to get a master's degree and just moved into a new home. his family is now planning his funeral. in el cerrito amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. still to come it nearly historic experimental organ transplant. how a man is now
12:41 pm
living with the heart of a pig and what it could mean for other people moving forward. then warmer weather for much of the bay area. ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo will have your full forecast coming up.
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get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. trafficking prevention month san francisco collaboration against human trafficking is holding its annual modern day abolitionist
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award presentation. award recipients are being recognized for their vital work and preventing human trafficking. the collaborative is also holding its annual news conference to discuss its ongoing effort in the bay area to combat what it calls modern day slavery. we have really not been able to abolish them more than 10,000 years of slavery, forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation in the world. still you are here. you were here as responsible, concerned, compassionate community members, leaders. and advocates. san francisco collaborative against human trafficking was established in 2010. it represents a coalition of over 50 law enforcement agencies, government departments and community based service providers. now to a first for medicine. doctors in maryland successfully transplanted the genetically altered heart of a pig into human 57 year old david
12:45 pm
bennett was too sick to qualify for a human heart transplant. so doctors at the university of maryland school of medicine offered the experimental surgery to save his life. earlier attempts to put a pig heart into a human failed as the patient's bodies quickly rejected the pig's heart. patient was given an opportunity for this, um, this experimental transplant with the idea of mind that we didn't know what the outcome might be. in this surgery. the pigs hard was genetically altered in hopes of preventing rejection. so far, doctors say bennett is doing well and that the next few weeks will be critical as he recovers from the surgery. well just about eight more weeks left in our rainy season and at least two water districts say the recent storms have been thinking about loosening their restrictions on customers. water usage. miranda municipal water district says it's seven reservoirs are at 95% of capacity. and in santa cruz. loch lomond reservoir is just 10 ft. short of releasing water
12:46 pm
into the san lorenzo river. if block loman is full, and we're good for at least that part that next year if it's not full as but you know, pretty full, then you know, we take a little bit more cash, cautiously optimistic, kind of point of view. but not every water district around the state is in such good position. historically california's five largest reservoirs are more than 60% full on this date. right now, the average is just about 36% so most of the state is still in what is considered. a drought conditions. there is a new system at the port of oakland to improve air quality and safety ships will now wait 50 miles off the coast in a safety and air quality zone until they're scheduled arrival time at the ports officials say the new system will better organized ships calling on the porch while reducing emissions in the bay. it will also allow more space between ships at sea, increasing safety, especially in the stormy winter months. i think we can get outside as the afternoon starts to get a little prettier and warmer with every passing
12:47 pm
hour, rosemary. yes garcia and i happen to know that this is pretty much the end of your day. so you will be able to get out and enjoy that sunshine and the temperatures feeling quite nice for this time of year outside our doors at this time. plenty of blue sky. we are tracking high clouds that spillover from time to time, not any rain. unfortunately in that forecast, here's a look at storm tracker to where the ridge of high pressure now over the west coast and you can kind of see how that curvature there with the storm track being pushed to the north of us not going to see any rain in the coming days. in fact, we look dry through the weekend also want to pull you back and take a look at what is happening over baja california. that system. there is also going to help provide a little bit of cloud cover for us in the coming days. here's a look at the future cast notice the rain, the greens and the blues sticking way to the north over areas of washington even farther north into canada. we don't see any of that. but if you're watching, you can see how the clouds are coming from the south, as well as some cloud cover from the north, so we will continue with
12:48 pm
this mild weather. we will continue with the blue skies mixed in with high clouds overhead, and that's about it. we seem to be fairly quiet as we move through the next few days. here's a look at some of the rainfall for the season 180% of average in san jose to 197% of average in oakland. san francisco reporting 179 161, so we're in good shape for the for the season. but as you heard mike mentioned a moment ago, of course, and as we all know, we are still dealing dealing with very high drought. temperatures outside and around the bay area. half moon bay a gorgeous day 64 right now. burkly reporting 62. we have 62, walnut creek and fremont reporting 64 into the afternoon. for today. most of us have. not all of us in the sixties will go upper fifties to upper sixties expected, with morgan hill expected to hit 66 in the north based 63 expected over san rafael. your extended forecast. if you are enjoying this weather, not much change coming our way into your a area wednesday, even a tad warmer before things drop off just
12:49 pm
slightly thursday friday saturday into sunday, chilly mornings followed by relatively mild afternoons. back to you. thank you. rosemary state senate passed legislation that seemed at helping live music venues during the pandemic. the bill is introduced by san francisco state senator scott wiener. it creates a new live music entertainment venue license. see currently, if music venues want to sell alcohol, they have to qualify for a restaurant license. that means they have to install expensive restaurant grade kitchens. even if they don't need them. the bill would also allow bars and restaurants to sell alcohol during street festivals that people can buy and then take with them. the bill now heads to the state assembly. still to come in noon niners cowboys playoff sunday afternoon, i'm fired up what the team is saying, despite being underdogs headed into the big game out in texas. we learn about covid-19,
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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omicron variant. researchers at ucsf say at least one test. abbott's buinaksk antigen test is highly effective in detecting the variant. researchers tested hundreds of people at a san francisco walk up test site. they had a by next now tests and a pcr lab tests, the study says . the by next test correctly identified the virus in nearly 90% of people who did not have coronavirus symptoms. and for people who did have symptoms. the test was more than 97% accurate. the state is considering in order that would suspend elective surgeries because of hospital staffing shortages. some hospitals are already examining which types of procedures can be delayed. elective does mean a surgery that is not in emergency, and that does include operations for cataracts, replacement and even removing kidney stones, people across the bay area and well beyond continued to line up for covid testing. medical professionals are warning people to be careful about who they give their personal information to for the last week, bob soto
12:54 pm
has been setting up a testing tent and san francisco and people have been lining up for tests after ktvu took a closer look. we showed him that his permit was expired. one of the people waiting for a test, said that he's more concerned about not getting tested at all, much more so than out of date license. have kaiser, but they ran out of appointments and i happened to drive by and just working out perfect for me, and it doesn't bother you that they're that they're a licensing appears to be out of date or expired. no i think there's still medical professionals, soto said. that will point out the expired license to a supervisor. we tried contacting the supervisor. but when our reporter identified himself, the supervisor hung up the phone. the surgeon covid cases is being felt at covid test sites and it labs that process the pcr tests . ktvu jana katsuyama got a tour of a covid testing lab in berkeley to show us how they process thousands of tests every day. u c. berkeley's innovative genomics institute. we met the covid testing lab director dr petros giannakopoulos. we can
12:55 pm
process over 4000 samples a day, he says. they've seen a big increase in demand for pcr covid tests. he took us inside the i g lab, which analyzes those pcr tests that are considered the gold standard, but take more time to process than at home antigen tests. so what arrives is like literally hundreds and hundreds of samples all at once. and these machines that do all the work. they're called liquid handlers. they basically process these hundreds of samples that are on these plates, pcr or polymerase chain reaction test can detect even small amounts of the coronavirus by amplifying the samples as many as 35 times . we have a fully automated laboratory that has robots that do all of the work. most pcr test can be analyzed within a day or average turnaround times about 24 hours. but dr giannakopoulos says the reason some labs are seeing 3 to 7 day delays in results is that they might not have the same barcode system or automation and
12:56 pm
therefore have to process identification labels are sample tubes by hand, requiring twice as many technicians. personnel are out sick. and you're down a person that can also increase that could generate delays. volunteers at west oakland community church of christ say their pop up covid test site is seen overwhelming demand. it put a lot of strain on every sector on the, um. testers on the test kits on the transportersthe church says their samples are going to a lab in southern california turnaround time has gone from one day to around two days averaged in three days average. and now with the numbers, it's about 5 to 7 days . jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. a new study shows that children and teens are set up with the latest diabetes treatment devices shortly after their diagnosed, they're better than those on traditional treatment plans. monitoring the lifelong disease can be overwhelming. it involves insulin treatment 6 to 8
12:57 pm
fingerprints a day, plus diet and exercise changes. but a recent study from stanford children's health found the early use of continuous glucose monitors. which measure blood sugar every five minutes lead to greater improvements in the children's health. those who were started on c g. m at the end of a year over half had in hemoglobin, a one scene within the target range. and in our historic controls, that number was only 35. researchers say that early education and treatment are key. they say their findings also make a case for broader insurance coverage for continuous glucose monitors . since the devices are usually not included under public insurance plans. another well known san francisco restaurant is about to close because of the pandemic. the family cafe in north beach is shutting down at the end of the month. the japanese restaurant on columbus avenue is known for vegan sushi , as well as comforting curries and sandwiches. the new york giants have asked the 49ers for permission to talk to assistant general manager adam peters for their vacant gm position. game
12:58 pm
against the dallas cowboys. seventh grade. eighth grade. ninth grade. 92 93 94 every single year i thought we were the best team in the league. i think it was 14 14 and to steve young wins the championship and we played dallas. so i think was 10 and six or 11 and five and i've never being on that sideline and just watching how good the cowboys were, and it was unbelievable and next year, going to dallas for the home field advantage. and, um we all know what happened there. that one wasn't even close. niners head coach kyle shanahan talking about renewing this historic rivalry now more recently than those playoff games in the nineties, the niners cowboys actually played each other last season. that was one that 1 41 33. now we're gonna beat the cowboys eight happened. it happened. it was a great game. it's going to be vintage games this season feels really special . we fought really hard to get back in on track. they don't call us 49ers faithful for
12:59 pm
nothing so we always believe. always believe niner fans very excited here. they're actually three point underdogs, though for this road game in texas on sunday, two stars with the golden state warriors will be receiving some of their salaries in bitcoin, clay thompson and andre iguodala told reporters that they will take a portion of their salaries. in bitcoin. they have partnered with cash app that allows users to purchase bitcoin. the two will also each donate $1 million in bitcoin to fans. they are not the first athletes to make the move to cryptocurrency. football players aaron rodgers and odell beckham jr. have both been paid in bitcoin tickets now on sale for the bottle rock napa valley music festival three day general emission tickets are still available. headliners include metallica, pink and country star luke combs. this year's event is scheduled for memorial day weekend at the napa valley expo. organizers say they are optimistic that the number of covid cases will improve in time for the summer concert season.
1:00 pm
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