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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  January 10, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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california's new guidelines for health care workers who test positive for covid 19 ktvu is jesse gary tells us the states nurses union worries the move could lead to more covid deaths. we were beyond this belief that they would make a decision like this. the president of the california nurses association says she and her members were blindsided by saturday's change , governor gavin newsom and state health officials now saying vaccinated healthcare providers who are covid positive, but asymptomatic can return to work without quarantining for five days, unvaccinated and un boosted workers would still need to quarantine for five days and then face prioritized staffing placement. the changes necessitated by a critical shortage of health care providers due to sick calls from the omicron variant surge. i think one of the challenges with all things covid. there's been a extraordinary challenge to balance all of the competing interests, and jose state university bio technologist, dr mark schwarz says, having
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asymptomatic covid positive workers returning could lead to more infections, but running out of hospital workers are running critically short of hospital workers would create a significant number of issues for patients and the hospitals as well. union nurses fear one issue could be increasing the covid infection rate. and subsequently the death toll if we go to work, knowing that we are infected with the virus, we can further in fact our patients and our co workers as well. so that puts our most vulnerable patients and immunosuppressive patients at greater risk of getting, uh, very, very ill. state health officials say the temporary change is only for the most dire staffing shortages, asymptomatic nurses would only treat other people who are already covid positive, and they continue to use precautions such as n95 gloves to limit the potential spread. there is
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no best right answer, but it is . it is a challenging balance of risk that needs to be taken. we cannot allow further transmission more transmissions of this virus to happen. and that was jesse gary reporting for us now, more than a week after the winter holidays, demand for covid testing still very strong. now this was the scene outside roots clinic in oakland, blocks of people and face masks, waiting their turn. to get tested. we'll demand for testing is through the roof. amid the omicron surge, health experts are warning people to be careful where they're tested as ktvu christien kafton report. san francisco health officials have already sent out a warning about unauthorized sites. since at least last week, bob soto has been setting up this testing tint at the corner of 18th and delores streets and within minutes lines of people wanting covid tests show up many of those patients unaware that this site is not operating with the proper licensing and certification. problem crestview
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clinical laboratories argues, does not endanger patients and patients at all. be concerned. no. how long soto blames the out of date permits on a supervisor who sent him to this location without the proper certification . it appears that the permits are expired or out of date. because that one is no date. i think that one's okay. i'll point that out because we found out that out today. but i pointed out to her and then i'll get new ones. and i think tomorrow we tried calling that supervisor who hung up on the phone as soon as i told her who i was. san francisco's department of public health has been warning that with the increase in demand for covid testing, unlicensed pop up sites are showing up in the city quote. we are aware of groups offering covid-19 testing in this city that do not appear to have the appropriate permits and licensing to set up testing stations. people should use caution and not use testing sites that seem too good to be true because they may not be trustworthy. so far, the health department has not said if there's any kind of enforcement
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effort to stop unlicensed vendors from providing tests. patients that stopped at this location, said the urgency of testing right now has them unconcerned that the vendor that now has their private medical information is currently unlicensed. i have kaiser, but they ran out of appointments and i happened to drive by and work with healthy perfect for me. and it doesn't bother you that they're that they're a licensing appears to be out of date or expired. no i think they're still medical professionals patients at six testing sites in san francisco were turned away as those sites were closed on top of the crush of patients seeking covid tests and a staff shortage that already has the city cutting back on hours for covid testing. color the company contractors perform those covid tests for the city experienced a nationwide computer issue. the city says it's working with its vendor color to try to accommodate those patients who had appointments today. and were turned away. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news, so governor newsom signed an executive order this weekend
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aimed at preventing price gouging on covid at home test kits. the order bans sellers from increasing the price of a test kit by more than 10% violator space of $1000 fine enough to six months in jail, state attorney general rob bonta says anyone who's been a victim of price gouging on a covid test kit. should file a complaint with his office or call. police and east bay school district has decided to reverse course and make a return to remote learning . in the wake of the surge of covid cases, ktvu is rob roth joins us now with the details and rob this is a decision that could cost the district millions of dollars a day. yes julie by closing schools to in person, learning that hayward unified school district is certainly bucking the policies of the state and county office of education, and it's a decision that potentially could cost the district more than $12 million this week alone. for public schools in hayward. it's back to the future. every public school is closed this week in favor of
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remote learning because of covid and hayward high school. one math teacher says more than half her class was absent last week. teachers are out sick or their children are sick, and there's no subs. they're out sick at the urging of many parents and teachers. the hayward unified school board made the controversial decision last friday. to institute in person learning only at least for this week. the district says it doesn't have the staff to cover dozens of classrooms because 365 teachers called in sick last week we had a shortage in the number of staff we had available at our schools in order to be able to maintain that type of safety that we'd like to maintain. what is the threshold ? what is the breaking point for saying, okay, this is not quality instructions, but it shutting down in personal learning. the school district could lose an estimated $2.5 million a day in average daily attendance funds from the state.
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the alameda county office of education advised the district not to do it. they're at risk of losing funding if they're not providing the appropriate educational support to their students, the county offered to help with staffing in covid testing. we've done all of those things in the interest of keeping them in person instruction. and their board made a different decision. the district believes its plan for distance learning will not jeopardize funding. it's been giving out laptops to students who don't have them and his opening supervised learning hubs for students who can't stay home taking these days. you know, and protecting the health and safety of children and staff. was worth it. it's worth it. and if the state feels that they want to penalize for us for that, be it as it may the school board expects to meet friday to decide whether to extend the campus closures into next week. julie rob roth reporting live for us tonight in the newsroom, rob.
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thanks we'll need to have the milpitas unified school district is doing the opposite and now bringing students back to in person learning. the decision comes as teachers and staff for testing positive and landing in quarantine. on friday, the superintendent's office shared that the district had 167 substitute teaching positions unfilled, requiring it to cover classes with other teachers, principals and district office staff. now if parents choose to opt for distance learning either short term or long term, they'll have to sign an independent study contract with their school. i'll teachers and staff in the west contra costa unified school district are now required to wear a medical grade masks while on campus due to the recent surge in new covid cases , kn 95 face masks have been ordered for all 3000 school district employees. district schools were closed friday because of an increase in positive covid cases among students and staff. virtual learning took place today. the classrooms are scheduled to reopen tomorrow. the oakland unified school district now says
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it's meeting most of the demands that were outlined in the petition by high school students last week. the district says it's distributed kate n95 masks n95 masks to all staff and ordered care n95 masks for all students, supplies for new covered outdoor eating space, is it? dozens of schools have also been ordered, but the district says their delivery has been delayed due to supply chain issues. as for tests the district says testing is available at 10 hubs across the district. there is also weekly pulled testing at elementary schools and by weekly drop in testings at secondary schools. for the latest developments son covid-19, including how school districts are handling this recent spike just head over to ktvu .com. california's coffers are filled with billions of extra dollars coming up next. how governor newsom says that money will be spent. joe biden the nick of time. the unlikely collision between the plane and train and the quick thinking
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cops who pulled the bloody pilot to safety. also ahead. many people are grieving the sudden death of comedian bob saget will show you the growing tribute outside the san francisco home that was used in his popular television show full house. turn and feel like winter. today we've got some while our warm and mild weather coming your way this week the rain not
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touches on everything from health care to climate change. ktvu head really is live in the newsroom with the highlights of this spending plan, henry andre . the governor says there are
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five major issues facing california. he called them existential threats, and he addressed those threats with a budget he calls the california blueprint. it's always important to remind folks not every single detail, but 300 page budget is included. governor newsom spent three hours summarizing his proposed $286 billion state budget one, buoyed by a text surplus. the governor's spending plan outlines $10 billion to address covid climate change, homelessness, income inequality and public safety, he said. these are the state's top five threats. these are referred to often by some as existential one headline. the governor wants the state to be the first to offer a universal health care coverage for everyone, including those who are undocumented means full scope med account. including long term care. i just asked behavior health to all low income californians. regardless of immigration status. as for the coronavirus, newsom wants to spend $2.7 billion to ramp up vaccines, boosters, testing and healthcare staffing with science . common sense being open
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argument interested in evidence , not ideological in terms of our approach, and the governor wants to expand community testing, support hospitals and fund so called surge staffing, especially because of the omicron variant. we've been clear we've been forthright. we've leaned in and we've been willing to set the pace and tone and tenor for many other states across this nation, and we haven't waited for permission to governor said california has a lot on its plate but expressed optimism overall and acknowledge that we have to do more and better on homelessness and housing costs and address the issues of reform, which are stubborn and difficult, and it's a point of pride that we continually the nation and our response to covid. the governor's budget, taking advantage of about $45 billion surplus. newsom's budget revision is set for me and the legislature must be you its terms before it's signed this summer, so it might be until july before anything's official line of the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox tuning got some months ahead before we see what happens next, henry. thank you. all san jose residents who are old enough to vote may soon be
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allowed to vote in city elections. despite their immigration status. the san jose city council is considering expanding municipal voting rights measure before the council would allow non citizens to vote in citywide elections. council member magdalena carrasco says the measure would recognize the lasting contributions. of the city's most marginalized communities. those who pay taxes should have a say so in how their city grows a c so as to who will protect their interests. of their children. this moment is about our recovery. it's about resilience in the next 10 years ago, said well look very different, and we need to make sure that the voice of our non citizen community is not suppressed or erased. the san jose city council is set to vote on the measure when it meets tomorrow. southern california pilot is lucky to be alive after not one but two close calls in a matter of seconds first, his small plane crashed shortly after takeoff and then this
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happened. go go. go go! just a terrifying scene there. police body camera, capturing officers acting quickly to get that pilot out of harm's way moments. before train slammed into his plane plane ended up on the tracks shortly after takeoff. what we said when the pilot crash in a suburban airfield in the san fernando valley. you can see the mangled mess of playing there. the pilot being treated now for his injuries at a trauma center while the fda investigates the cause. it's been almost a month now. since the last atmospheric river hit the bay area, and the hope is there will be a lot more rain in the coming weeks so water restrictions can be eased. ktvu tom baker joins us now live from the headquarters of the marin municipal water district in quarter madeira. with some good news for to northern california counties, tom. all of california would like this a fairytale like story from marin and for santa
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cruz eased water restrictions. the two major atmospheric rivers and some other healthy rains that came to the bay area region since october, has worked wonders for water supplies. so the marin municipal water district and the santa cruz water company are both seriously considering easing their water restrictions in santa cruz. loch lomond reservoir is currently at 81% of capacity and just 10 ft. short of where the spillway would actually release water. downstream into the san lorenzo river. loch lomond is full, and we're good for at least that part that next year if it's not full as but you know, pretty full, then you know, we take a little bit more of cash, cautiously optimistic, kind of point of view, given that there's at least 6 to 8 weeks of peak rainy season left the odds are santa cruz will be full and restrictions will be gone. it's on or off. we're not going to phase them in or face them out.
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but santa cruz would continue to ask its customers to continue conserving. which most already do and will like santa cruz marines. watershed has been thoroughly soaked, allowing for more run off to get into the reservoirs in the last nine days . nicasio reservoir, for example , has gone up two ft if all of that water were in a one square acre water tank, it would have to be a tank almost 1700 ft. tall, twice as high as san francisco's transamerica pyramid in marin in the mount tamil pious, watershed. lake lagunitas reservoir has received more than 43 inches of rain. that's more than four times last year's rain and almost twice its historical rainfalls. it's seven reservoirs are 95% of capacity compared to 57% this time last year, as well as above its 77% historical average on this date. fundamentally this year where things are looking kind of good. right the other side of that coin take the five largest
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register register reservoirs in the entire state, the five largest normally this time of year, they'd be at 61% right now. they're just at 36. which means that the drought for most of california goes on and so do the state water restrictions which apply to everyone reporting live. tom vacar ktvu fox two news like bill always likes to say we're never really out of the drought, tom. thank you. thank you, jill. you knew that was coming like a broken record. but it's just how the state is you guys. if you had a lot of people just got here. it's not. you know, there's not that many people lot of people recently moved to the bay area. in california, california's about drought. it's about earthquakes. it's about fire. that's that's that's how it's always been read the old history books, the spanish, the indians. they all talk about those things . so anyway, we're always going to be in this dilemma on this is the outside situation across the country. right now. these are
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the current temperatures. minneapolis at three degrees 16 lemoine. got some icy conditions up in chicago. no real big storminess. the real storminess is up here in seattle up in british columbia, that atmospheric wherever they're going another two days of atmospheric river up there. they've already had 1.5. there basically is going to be about three days straight of heavy, heavy rainfall in southern british columbia. and we have course are on the southern end. and what that means is you see all this rain. this is the model. okay so i'm going to shoot the north. you see, british columbia? everything's going right up there through tomorrow into wednesday, little bit into thursday and then a little bit into friday as well, but it's all well north of us down at our latitude. we're looking at mostly just cloud conditions. partly cloudy kind of cloudy. yeah you know, mostly sunny. it's going to be a little bit. everything today is mostly sunny for my money. so it's a beautiful day. next couple days would be like that valley. fog is a thing. as you know, it was a thing this morning. it will be a thing again tomorrow morning. and the valley. fogle's you
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know, it'll keep things cool in the morning hours, but then the temperatures are expected to warm up. the dry pattern persists. now the long range models are pretty aggressive on dry for at least the next 5 to 7 days in some some a little beyond that. so we're doing good . we've had a lot of rain that a lot of snow. um you know, we just are going to have a dry period. which is can you imagine seeing this today? could you imagine if we didn't have those two atmospheric rivers that tom vacar mentioned if we didn't have those two if we weren't 100 5100 and 60% of rainfall average in a place like vacaville. if we were like last year when we were like 30% and now we're going to this dry period so we're very fortunate. we got the rain. we got the snow. now we just gotta hang on and hope that some of that bread british columbia water comes our way outside. live beautiful shot. that's why we live here. right here. that's why it costs so much to live here in such a beautiful place, and you see the marin headlands now green after a pretty dry summer. no fog media coast days are getting a little bit longer each day. you noticing that usually i show you this shot
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right now, and it's kind of kind of dark. alright when i come back, we're going to look at the long range forecast. we'll try to find the subtleties and the temperature differentials and we'll go look and i'm gonna go dig up in the long range models and try to find you some rain. i'll see you back here a little bit. everywhere you look tributes pouring in for the late bob second america's dad passing away over the weekend. coming up, we're taking a look at his lasting legacy and coming up tonight at six. the state surge of covid cases is making it more
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5:25 pm
netflix is friends and co stars are also remembering him as much for his kind hard as for his sharp wit and humor. fox's ashley. the barkin has a look back on second life and career. coming here coming. he's he'll bob saget, the actor and comedian who brought laughs and fatherly advice is tvs. danny tanner on full house has died at the age of 65. the orange county sheriff's office said in a statement. deputies were called to the ritz carlton orlando grand lakes for a call about an unresponsive man in a hotel room. the man was identified as robert sagon and pronounced deceased on scene. detectives found no signs of foul play or drug use. in this case, saget start on full house from 1987 through 1995. and reprised his role in the reboot fuller house . early work also included hosting america's funniest home videos. in recent years, he focused primarily on his stand up. he also made an appearance on the mass singer in 2020 and
5:26 pm
hosted a podcast called bob saget is here for you. saga was on a comedy tour at the time of his death. his last post on his social media was about his love for his job. he thanked the audience, saying he had no idea he did a two hour set, adding he felt like he was back in comedy like he was when he was 26. celebrities sharing thoughts include longtime co star and friend john stamos, who wrote, i am broken. i am gutted. i am in complete and utter shock. i will never ever have another friend like him. i love you so much, bobby. actor joel mchale called saget one of the most kind and thoughtful people, and he just happened to be one of the funniest on the planet. tv writer norman lear says he was hilarious. we were close friends and i could not have loved him more raising dad co star kat dennings posted. he was generous , protective, caring and wonderful, adding he talked about his kids constantly. bob saget is survived by his three daughters from his first marriage to sherry kramer and
5:27 pm
his second wife, kelly rizzo in hollywood. ashley barkin, fox news. san francisco 49 ers are playoff bound following a dramatic comeback win on the final day of the regular season . coming up next ktvu joe fonzi shares with the players are saying as they prepare for the postseason. plus words of warning for peninsula neighborhood after new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale.
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years ago today, joe montana found white clark in the back of the end zone for the game winning touchdown against the cowboys in the nfc championship game. the catch set in motion of 49ers dynasty that produced five super bowl wins over the next 13 years, and this sunday. a familiar rivalry will be renewed as 49ers face the cowboys again in the playoffs for the first time in 27 years kickoff at 1:30 p.m. sunday in dallas. for this wildcard round matchup. the niners earned that spot in the postseason with a dramatic overtime win over the l. a rams in the final game of the regular season yesterday. ktvu sports saying carry joe fonzi here now and joe. that comeback victory for the niners was everything it certainly was doing. i can't believe that that catch was 40 years ago. today i still love looking at that old footage, no
5:31 pm
question. absolutely not good friend dwight clark to we can't help thinking about him. as you just saw 75 years of 49 are history. there's no shortage of dramatic moments, so game has to be special to call it an instant classic. but that's exactly what yesterday's win over the rams was that game was wild had, um yeah, that's that's that's a special one. for a game to be a classic. it has to have importance. there's nothing more important to a team on the final day of the regular season, then a game that determines whether or not you make the playoffs. falling into a 17 to nothing hole in the second quarter. isn't this suggested method to win a crucial game? i wasn't stressful at all. ah yeah. i mean, our game plan was going 17 0 17 3 a half. that was our goal. it's a testament this team. what that team then did was epic. it wasn't just a matter of pulling even which the 49ers did with the 14 point third quarter touchdown 49ers.
5:32 pm
it was then about coming back from another seven point deficit with only a minute, 27 left to tie and then winning with the field goal and a clinching interception in overtime. that was a game you dream of being able to play in, you know, especially how the game went. and unfortunately it enough to get the win. and as soon as the playoffs besides the score, what will always be remembered about the game was the effort by the quarterback wherever his career eventually ends up, jimmy garoppolo goes down in 49 are lower as someone who engineered an all time moment while working through a thumb injury on his throwing hand to come back in. lead us down there. how many other yards it was like close to contains a little over 80 to tie it up to senator with an overtime. he was unbelievable today. that's jimmy. he's a good football player. he knows how to bounce back. doesn't think snowball and he just flushes. it goes on to the next place a lot of emotions throughout the whole game to just stops and downs. getting off to a slow start and
5:33 pm
then coming back like we did it was it took everything the 49ers have to win or tie this afternoon to get into the playoffs. another reason why yesterday was a day to always remember for 49 or fans. what they did has happened only four times in team history. most memorably three straight years in the seventies and most recently, 36 years ago against sunday's opponent, the dallas cowboys, needing a win in the final day of the regular season and getting it to assure themselves of a spot in the playoffs. this jimmy garoppolo lead team can now be compared to those led by john brody. he'd like now to be compared to the teams led by joe montana and steve young. and it's hard to call it a bay area double because the former bay area team now calls las vegas it's home. but the raiders had an equally thrilling regular season finale last night with just as much at stake, the writers hosting their longtime rival, the chargers, with playoff status in the balance for both teams
5:34 pm
quarterback matchup of the veteran derek carr against justin herbert in his second year down 15 points late in the fourth quarter. herbert engineered to dramatic drives, herbert found joshua palmer for a 23 yard touchdown pass on 4th and 21. two point conversion made it 29 22. then on the last play of regulation, herbert hit mike williams in the end zone. the game was tied at 29 had overtime. both teams kicked field goals in ot, and then the raiders ran down the clock, giving daniel carlson of 47 yard attempt. on the last play of overtime. good holds carlson down the middle, and the raiders had a 35 30 to win. they go into the playoffs to meet cincinnati in the first round. the chargers are out car wants more than a simply a playoff team in his future. i just have this weird feeling in my heart like the job's not done, you know, like like my favorite player, kobe said. job's not done, you know, and it does feel good. it's
5:35 pm
exciting. but i didn't. i don't set out to just make the playoffs. it feels cool. it's awesome. but you know our goals. you know, this is one of them. but there was more after that, too. and next up now is what they're calling wild card weekend, which this year will be saturday, sunday and monday. so let's go back to you now, andre , but, yeah, not just two games anymore. now you can stay there for saturday, sunday and monday and watch football. i was going to say you're going to come to work that day. but you kind of sure to stay with ktvu is the nfl playoffs get underway. we have a section of our website for your 49ers coverage just go to ktvu dot com. well after more than two years of rehab for two different injuries, klay thompson returned to the court last night for the warriors. ktvu frank mallicoat was at chase center to taking the biggest game so far at that arena. it was pretty obvious who everyone came to see on this sunday night. oh, it's just a feeling of having you know a guy
5:36 pm
come back up after all these injuries and just and just come back to the level and he's playing out and just dominating come back and we love playing. he's like part of the warriors. and inside chase. it got louder and larger. dubs fans were on their feet for over a minute. 941 days of rehab over and with 2 52 to go in the second quarter . they fell out of their seats after this now and on the switch , he went to reach. i think he's healthy. it's funny, cause i induct the whole two months of scrimmaging. but when those lights of the brightest i just felt bouncing, and it felt so good and throw that down. i did not expect that and i'm very ah, very pleased. my efforts tonight. emotional was incredible. it's just great to see him back. like after two years. it's just it's overwhelming in the end play
5:37 pm
scored 17 points at 20 minutes of play, but this had nothing to do with statistics tonight. it was all about welcoming, play back to the team and dub nation and boy did they ever and with 43 games had to play the best team of basketball just got a little bit better at the chase center. i'm frank mallicoat ktvu, fox two news. well, daly city police, along with state fish and wildlife rangers, checked out a report of a mountain line citing at about one o'clock this afternoon, police warned people who live in the area of west moorpark to use caution. we're told that police responded to a request by homeowner on pine haven drive to escort him to his car after he said he saw mountain lion under it. so far, there is no word of any other sightings. mountain lions have been in daly city before september, young mountain lion wandered into the back yard of a home. then slipped away. $2500 reward is being offered
5:38 pm
for information on evangelism case in santa rosa. police say the fountain at the holocaust memorial in santa rosa memorial park was knocked over last friday and sustained major damage. the fountain was also vandalized and knocked over two years ago. the case still unsolved. police say they are investigating both cases as possible. hate crimes. anyone with information should call santa rosa police the l sorry toe police department is mourning the death of one of its own. el cerrito officer jared bernstein was killed yesterday morning in a multi vehicle car crash on highway 80 in san pablo . he was 26 years old and from hercules. the police department says bernstein was a model officer humble in personality and tenacious in police work. the crash happened on interstate 80 west of san pablo, down road in san pablo. according to the chp, the driver of a transit van lost control of the vehicle and hit the center divide. the van came to rest in a lane of traffic. three vehicles, including bernsteins crashed
5:39 pm
into it. he died at the scene to other people were hospitalized with major injuries. heavy hearts in new york city one day after 17 people died in an apartment fire coming up the show of support for those who survived this tragedy, also ahead tonight a food recall
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result of the 2019 boat fire that killed 34 people, including many scuba divers from the bay area. the first rule goes into effect includes requirements like installing fire detection and suppression equipment. better escape routes from below deck and a night watchman will also be necessary for boats with overnight passengers. the captain of the dive boat conception is facing 34 counts of manslaughter. and victims. families have also filed a
5:42 pm
wrongful death lawsuit against the boat owners and now to the latest on the deadly fire in new york city. this is video from citizen app. it shows flames coming from the apartment building in the fordham heights section of the bronx, said about 11 yesterday morning. the fire department says that fire was started by a malfunctioning electric space heater that was being used to heat a bedroom in a duplex that span the 2nd and 3rd floors. 17 people died, including eight children, one as young as four years old. the fire. was contained to the hallway just outside this two story apartment, but the smoke traveled throughout the building and the smoke is what caused the jets and the serious injuries. officials say the smoke traveled so quickly because the door to the unit where the fire started was left open. so far more than $632,000 has been raised for the victims. many of them have ties to the west african country of gambia. fox news lisa ever shows
5:43 pm
us what other help has arrived. the prayers and support are ongoing at a mosque close to the devastation. this resident is worried about family members just called me to inform you that there is a fire in the building where my parents are living. the red cross set up a relief center just steps from the fire. people dropped off supplies and elected officials pledged to help the community. we have gotten outreach from a whole host of not for profits from acacia to the bronx community foundation to you, j a to catholic charities, our hearts one the loss of our beloved children. and their family members, and there are several dozen residents right now in area hospitals that are in serious and critical condition. the gambian youth organization has been in this community for years, and since the pandemic started, they've been operating a weekly food pantry for 400 to 500 families in the community. now there are central distribution site for aid for people who are dropping off things to be donated. and
5:44 pm
for other people who need help. i know majority of the victims for probably go gambian, but, uh, there was other families out got impacted as well. so the food relief that we're doing any release. everything was going out to all families that were, uh, impacted by this devastating act. we feel great about that response. we never seen something like this. and we were. we were even surprised. and that was lisa evers reporting for us well, robert durst, the wealthy real estate heir and convicted murderer, died today at a hospital and stockton. he was 78. his attorney says durst died from natural causes due to a number of health issues. durst was convicted in september of shooting and killing his girlfriend, susan berman. back in 2000. he was sentenced to life in prison. durst had long been suspected of killing his wife back in 1990 82 rather, and was indicted in november for second degree murder in her death. helping former inmates find jobs coming up how one chef
5:45 pm
is serving up second chances plus christmas may be over, but the act of giving back is not how leftover trees in arizona are being turned into animal habitat. wow we got a sunset going tonight. we'll talk about that. and the next chances for some rain in the bay area. see yo when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch.
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its recently recalled prepackaged salads and throw them away, says the recalled salads may be contaminated with listeria. the recall comes after two people died last month, and 16 people were infected with listeria linked to its salads. they were processed at dole's production facilities, and soledad, california and springfield, ohio. they were sent to stores in dozens of states, including some here in california. they have a product lot code, beginning with either a w. or b and also have a best if used by date between december
5:48 pm
22nd and january night. well as a nation deals with the labor shortage. there are many who cannot find work, even as millions of jobs go unfilled, and that includes people who have served prison time they face an age old bias at some are now working to change boxes. stephen going joins us live from cleveland with more on this story. stephen andre more than 600,000 prisoners who have paid their dues rejoin society every year, and many are shut out from the labor force. that's why one in cleveland restaurant owner is asking employers to reevaluate highlight how they hire and offer up a second chance. so you take lobster. you take scallops at this french fine dining restaurant driven by local seasonal ingredients, a crash course and hospitality and cuisine is more than just new hire training. the first thing they tell you on your first day is that this will be a place of personal growth. it's a fresh start for some coming out of prison. i'm grateful that i was
5:49 pm
given a second chance by everyone who has employed me since my release, you know. and i've worked really, really hard today, working hard at headwinds in cleveland tomorrow. you guys go out there where chef brandon crossed out. ski has hired formerly incarcerated people for years. i mean, the sky's the limit, right. we have to invest in people first. now he says the u. s labor shortage creates an opportunity for others to do the same. you have to take this approach of saying there's there are people who are willing and able, you have to have a culture that's going to meet someone where they're at with more than 10 million open jobs nationwide , more than half of newly released prisoners still can't find steady employment. as with any higher there's risk, but often actually what people see as the opposite, which is that there are more committed because you gave them a shot. that's why this chef is calling for change. changed. asking employers to look beyond what's on paper to find those hungry to work. anyone that wants to make a difference in their life is going to make a difference if given an opportunity, an opportunity. that's more than
5:50 pm
just a job. it's a new life for those who need it. and the chef. i spoke to said he's helping other employers adapt his model since the start of the pandemic , placing former prisoners in different industries construction to manufacturing anywhere. there is a need in cleveland, stephen going ktvu, fox two news. all right, stephen. thank you for that report. well, millions of people every january make a new year's resolution to lose weight, and this year there is a new push by medical professionals for americans to learn how to eat more healthfully. some are calling it an anti diet instead of restricting certain foods. doctors help them learn how to be happy eating foods they like . experts say it's a form of self care, which teaches people how to choose foods that are good for them and not to overeat . studies show that kind of intuitive eating is also good for mental health because it's more satisfying and less stressful. well hundreds of discarded christmas trees are now at the bottom of suara lake in phoenix, arizona. the arizona game and fish department says
5:51 pm
the trees will help create a habitat for young fish in the lake, including large mouth bass, bluegill and catfish. cinder blocks are used to weigh them down in the water so they don't float away. okay? all right, and we are tracking the weather out there. look at that sunset. that's about as good as it gets. that's why you live here. it's absolutely stunning. we've got a beautiful had a beautiful day today. temperatures got up into the sixties. one of the warmer days we've seen in a while. it's dry . we're doing well for rainfall. we're doing good for rainfall, so let's just enjoy that shot. look how beautiful san francisco looks at that kind of orange glow on it. days are getting a little bit longer, couple minutes a day, and that's why we're seeing the camera quite frankly, normal this time of night. i wouldn't be able to show it to you. i would show it to you, but you wouldn't see a sunset. you would see a dark skyline at least a couple weeks ago. so here are the highs from today and you can see you get 67. morgan hill. that's pretty warm. and then you've got that 65 pacifica. beautiful along the beaches swell is coming up. so
5:52 pm
be careful if you're going out to the beach has been small, so a lot of folks have been out there, but it's really picks up. come starts tomorrow. it's got a lot of west in it, so it's going to be big, like mavericks or break that kind of thing. so be careful at the ocean's edge, because it's going to be nice weather and sometimes people associate nice weather. with the beach and swimming, and probably not a great idea, the next probably two or three days out of the ocean beach pacifica sharp park jetstream pointed to the north british columbia, vancouver. they are getting hammered nonstop and they have and they will continue to. so the weather story on the west coast is all about pacific northwest. we're on the south end of it. so we're seeing some clouds. that's about it. not a lot else going on. except for the night and morning fog, which we've been seeing and again temperatures today warmer than yesterday by quite a bit. six degrees in fairfield, eight degrees warmer and conquered. so nice kind of spring day. it kind of took us all by surprise, and that it was yesterday before yesterday was nice. but it wasn't that warm. sunday was kind of, you know, fifties low sixties today we saw mid sixties
5:53 pm
and los and you know 63 62 63 64. do it again. just because you beautiful you can't go wrong looking at that picture, and as we go into the next couple of days, we're going to see temperatures continue in about the same realm, which means overnight lows in the upper thirties and the forties. apache valley fog, and then here's the model. this model takes us into tomorrow morning tomorrow, mostly to partly sunny can tell you want to look at it, and there's the afternoon there's wednesday morning. pardon me there's wednesday afternoon. and there's thursday, thursday morning, we got a bunch of clouds coming in, but again. dry conditions. no rain expected continued mild to warm temperatures. patchy valley fog overnight, be safe driving up and down the valley. you know how it is certainly around sacramento and by lincoln in those areas. the hello something they throw it there. you got that? the fog. it's real bad. you know that. so be safe doing that and then just know that we don't see rain coming for quite
5:54 pm
some time. our next chance of rain is probably gosh, couple weeks away so well, let's keep you posted. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. we'll see a little later, bill. thank you. demonstrators clashing with police in australia after a court battle to allow novak djokovic on the tennis court judge's decision is not yet judge's decision is not yet enough to allow him to compete ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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olympics next month have ties to the bay area. one is vincent joe , who grew up in palo alto. he will compete in the men's event after winning the bronze medal at the national championships yesterday, and it's considered a medal contender in china. karen chen of fremont and illicit lou
5:57 pm
from richmond will compete in the ladies' olympic event. all three will also be considered for the skating team event. well a wild site out of melbourne as police clashed with protestors law enforcement, using an irritant spray against supporters of tennis superstar novak djokovic after he left attention following a federal court ruling against canceling his visa. djokovic says he's still preparing to play in the australian open while a judge reinstated his visa and australian immigration minister plans to weigh in on whether or not he can stay in the country. fox news. anna iliopoulos has the details. novak djokovic returned to the practice court after winning a legal battle to stay in australia for the australian open. the tennis star tweeting out this photo and writing quote. i'm pleased and grateful that the judge overturned my visa cancelation. but australia's immigration minister holds the power and is deciding whether to revoke the athletes visa. still djokovic's
5:58 pm
family is declaring victory just called it it will stay like this. he will be free and he will play in court monday. judge anthony kelly sided with djokovic's attorneys who argued the athlete had done all he thought he could do to comply with australia's covid-19 vaccine rule from the judge wants to the sky. what more could this man have done? australian authorities pulled djokovic's visa last week when he arrived in melbourne. they determined he did not qualify for a medical exemption from a rule requiring non citizens to be vaccinated against covid-19. djokovic who is unvaccinated, apparently believed he could enter because he had recently had and recovered from the virus . we know he's a truthful and rightful guy, and he will never do anything to across any federal or state law anywhere in the world. the controversy has sparked a debate over australia's vaccination rules. on monday, police in melbourne
5:59 pm
tried to calm crowds of djokovic supporters. and those who believe he should not be allowed to stay in the country. the 2022 australian open kicks off next monday and iliopoulos fox news. this is katie fox two news at six., either they partners are testing positive and then they having to quarantine and i just wanted for peace of mind. like so many people across the bay area. he wants covid test results, but some test sites are being called out tonight. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener . and i'm andre senior. now for weeks, we've watched lines outside testing sites get longer but some healthcare leaders worry people do not understand exactly who's running some of these test sites, and now those healthcare leaders want people to be careful about the test sites they choose. ktvu christian captain tells us some sites are unauthorized. since at least last week, bob soto has been setting up this testing
6:00 pm
tint at the corner of 18th and delores streets and within minutes lines of people wanting covid tests show up many of those patients unaware that this site is not operating with the proper licensing and certification. a problem. crestview clinical laboratories argues does not endanger patients and should your patients at all be concerned. no. soto blames the out of date permits on a supervisor who sent him to this location without the proper certification. it appears that the permits are expired or out of date. because that one is no date. i think that one's okay. i'll point that out because but i pointed out to her and then i'll get new ones. and i think tomorrow we tried calling that supervisor who hung up on the phone as soon as i told her who i was. san francisco's department of public health has been warning that with the increase in demand for covid testing, unlicensed pop up sites are showing up in the city quote. we are aware of groups offering covid-19 testing in this city that do not appear


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