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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 6, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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from these types of claims. regardless the family of a federal officer who was killed outside of the oakland federal building during civil rights protests says that facebook is partially to blame. and now they're suing. good evening, everyone i'm alex savage and i'm julie julie haener. david patrick underwood was shot while protecting the ronald dellums federal building where he works security during the george floyd protests in may of 2020. the man who pulled the trigger is a member of a far right anti government extremist movement, according to investigators, and now his sister wants meta owned facebook, she says, radicalized the gunman to be held accountable views. andre senior , spoke to her attorney and new at six. andre. he told you why he thinks he has a case here. well alex. investigators say the man who carried out the crime as a member of the anti government bucklew movement. now in this lawsuit, attorneys believe that facebook is responsible. but legal experts tell me the suit
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faces an uphill battle. on the night of may 28th 2020 the streets of downtown oakland were packed with people protesting the death of george floyd. when david patrick underway was shot and killed while protecting the ronald dellums federal building by someone using the demonstration as cover to carry out the crime. facebook is much more much, much more. bend just a landing spot. uh a bulletin board if you will, or just a platform attorney theater. leopold represents underwood's sister, angela. under what jacobs, who this week father lawsuit against facebook, now known as meta platforms, claiming the social media company radicalized alleged shooter stephen korea, who also met his alleged accomplice, millbrae resident robert alvin, justice, junior on a facebook group and that facebook kept korea engaged on the platform by using its algorithm to feed into his echo chamber with inflammatory content and spoon feeding him information on extremist groups, a move critics
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say keeps users engaged and in turn drives up at sales. but these two gentlemen in particular and would not have garnered that relationship, but for facebook's, um inferred judgments that they have used in order to bring these people together. the legal complaint also size facebook whistleblower francis haugen, who testified before congress in october that the social media giant knowingly promotes harmful content through its algorithms. but david levine, a professor at uc hastings college of law beliefs, facebook is protected. under section 2 30 of the communications decency act, which says platforms are not publishers of the content posted on their sites to show that facebook didn't just know that far right groups found it useful to use their platform or the algorithms lead people to the to the views of those far right groups. that's just not close. also watching the suit closely, david greene with the electronic frontier foundation. who says
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facebook is also protected under free speech. courts have found that merely knowing that people are using your site for these things isn't enough. no, i contacted facebook today regarding the lawsuit spokesperson kevin mccallister sent me this statement that reads. we banned more than 1000 militarized social movements from our platform and work closely with experts to address the broader issue of internet radicalization. these claims are without legal basis. zakariyah u . s. army air force sergeant pleaded not guilty to shooting and killing underwood. he's also by the way accused of killing santa cruz county sheriff's deputy a man named damon guts waller several days after underwood's death back to you. alright, ondra senior live in the newsroom. thank you, andre. also new at 6 80 transit is now warning riders to prepare for possible delays beginning tomorrow, the agency says covid related sick calls among bus operators, mechanics and service employees are affecting service transit says riders may now wait as long as 30 minutes between
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busses on some rows, and some lines may be canceled entirely. officials suggest checking the transit website for updates on delays. it is a quiet night tonight at the us capitol as people across the country mark a dark moment in our nation's history. right? one year ago today, a mob of trump supporters upset about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election stormed the capital. they made their way into the building, attacking police officers and vandalizing offices. president% biden called attention to the anniversary in a speech today, although he never mentioned former president trump by name, he explained why later in the day it's about the system about somebody decides to put himself above everything. and so, but i did not want to turn it into a contemporary. political battle.
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between me and the president is way beyond that. former president trump fired back today with a written statement that said, in part, this political theater is all just a distraction. for the fact biden has completely and totally failed. do it six people in the east bay remembering the events at the us capitol tonight, and they are calling for change. dozens of people gathered for a vigil at frank ogawa plaza in oakland, starting about 30 minutes ago. organizers say the january 6th riot was an attack against all americans, and they're urging lawmakers. past voting rights legislation to help protect the nation from what they call anti democratic forces area congresswoman jackie speier says she feared for her life on that day one year ago. she joins us live tonight to offer some perspective on what people at the us capitol went through. and congresswoman spear appreciate you taking the time i know. you were in the house gallery one year ago when that mob stormed into the capital,
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one of the most vivid memories you have of that day. and what does this anniversary mean to you? well alex. thank you for the opportunity to talk about this horrific anniversary. really? it's nothing but a sad sad day in our country. i was in the gallery. the officer came up to the diocese and said the capital has been breached and it was like someone had told me someone my family had died. i couldn't believe it. we were then told to pick up these gas mask and open them up and i was trembling. and then we were told to just crawl under the brass railings to get to the other side of the gallery were then told to life flat on the ground . take her member pins off. and i remember the gun shot in the speaker's gallery speaker's lobby go off and i just put my cheek to the floor and oh, my god, i'm going to die. and 43 years earlier, i had been on an
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airstrip in jonestown, guyana, with five bullet holes in me, and i survived and i thought, my god, could i possibly die here? in this tabernacle of democracy. so it was a very painful day, and i must say that a year later it's still very painful because we still have so many members that are now denying that it even happened that are saying that it was, in fact, tourists coming through the capital we have now qanon members who are running for congress. persons who engaged in this vile act who are now running for congress, and we had the privilege last night of a telephone town hall in my district. the two heroes, two of the law enforcement officers who were there who were bludgeoned, one of whom actually had a heart attack and had been hazed five times. uh they're the heroes and when you hear them
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talk about what happened to them. this was a vicious act that went on for hours. we see the snippets and we think well, maybe it was a skirmish for 10 or 15 minutes. this went on for hours and hours, and meanwhile, the president the united states were sitting in the dining room in the white house. watching this doing nothing to stop it and, in fact, rewinding the footage to watch all these people who he said were fighting for him. um he doesn't care about this country. he only cares about himself, and it was vivid. that day, and it's even more vivid today. the fact that some of your republican colleagues continue to downplay the seriousness of what unfolded at the us capitol one year ago at two thirds of your republican colleagues in the house. voted against certifying the results of the election. what does that tell you about where we are as a country here and how far we have to go to #### after the events of january, 6th you know, we are
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very polarized when you have an organization associated press in an exhaustive review of those six states that were in play, and they came up with a total of 475 fraudulent votes that were cast. and in those six states, biden won by over 311,000 votes . he won by seven million votes nationwide, so there was never a question about him winning that election. and yet trump pursued this big lie and there are people throughout the country who continue to believe it, so we are far apart and it's going to take a lot of us speaking up. and telling truth. for this to finally turn around, and i think we're years away from doing that. all right, congresswoman jackie speier appreciate your time and your perspective on this anniversary. thank you. thank you. well. hundreds of people across the country have
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been charged in the january 6th attack, including four from here in the bay area. ktvu crime reporter henry lee picks up our team coverage of this first anniversary of the deadly insurrection. a year after the capital invasion in washington, d c criminal cases against four bay area residents are still pending. u. s attorney general merrick garland says the government wants justice the actions we have taken. thus far will not be our last. we're getting mariposa castro of guilt worry, has pleaded guilty to demonstrating in the capital last january, 6th were inside the capitol house. got inside the capitol, federal prosecutors build a case against her with the help of her own video she posted on facebook and the instagram account for her yoga studio and tea lounge. castro who has made no secret of her support for former president trump is set to be sentenced six months. in a statement, her attorney, a little motto, said she came to the capitol grounds with a peace flag because she believes in peaceful demonstrations, gatherings and
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rallies. daniel goodwin, a self proclaimed member of the proud boys in a san francisco web developer, was indicted also with the help of video footage. in one post fed say, goodman wrote. i didn't break or take anything but i went inside for a couple of minutes. daniel shaw was arrested just last month in santa rosa. the government says he, too, recorded his presence in the capital, and evan newman of mill valley remains at large after being indicted on charges of assaulting law enforcement during the attack. investigators say he was caught on camera inside the capitol wearing a gas mask while punching and violently pushing police officers warrants issued for his arrest. officials say he may be in belarus. the justice department remains committed to holding all january six perpetrators. at any level. accountable under law across the country. 725 people have been arrested and charged in connection with the capital invasion. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. and you can look for
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extensive coverage of this anniversary on ktvu .com. online you can see vice president kamala harris is speech on this anniversary and get reaction from multiple members of congress. our step back. you got it. step back to somebody help somebody help! flight attendants hope new hands on training will help them to manage out of control passengers coming up in our next half hour. see how they're learning to fight back. also ahead, bay area teachers began to stage sick outs coming up the principal who wants students to stay home tomorrow. and rand returns to the bay area forecasts will have some showers for that morning commute. i'll time it out for you after the break. also some cruise lines start canceling trips in the middle of the o ♪ no one knows what we'll see in the future. but i can say one thing for sure. as a vsp premier program doctor,
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francisco school teachers staged a sick out to express their
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frustration without the district has handled the return to school following winter break. ktvu christian captain has more now on what teachers said they hope to accomplish with this sick out. mission high is one of the school's most impacted by a teacher. sick out. students say they arrived at school in the morning after being warned yesterday that many of the teachers would likely not be on campus. i think more than 70 didn't show up. all the classroom doors were closed, and they had signs on them to go either to a little theater or a specific room to get attendance taken, and there was barely even any enough subs to take attendance. at this point, it's not clear exactly how many teachers participated in the protest, but s f usd, says district wide 616 teachers called off work thursday. with substitutes able to cover 29% of those absences. katrina kabila's kairos is a health teacher at raoul wallenberg high school and was one of the teachers using a personal day to express concerns about working conditions. those of us who have days and are not
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symptomatic coming today to show the district that there are certain things that we need in order to keep our schools safe and open. the stick out was not sanctioned by the teachers union, but it says it understands the frustration. workers are feeling the teachers who called in sick, say the district should have tested students and staff before returning from the winter break. they're asking for increased testing going forward adequate safety equipment in sick time for teachers, so they don't feel pressured to come to work. if they're ill. many of us have to work. we have to go, and we only have a certain amount of sick days allotted to us, so this could end up coming out of our pockets back at mission. high school students said the lack of testing had them worried about their own health, and that's why they were getting tested. and i was thinking of the idea of going hybrid. for maybe taking a little break, but i think it's more like having more resources like covid test. um and just like more sanitization for
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everything. and covid is not just impacting public schools. notre dame de victoire, a catholic school here in the city is closed thursday and friday. families tell me multiple teachers called in sick. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. at least one oakland school is asking students to stay home tomorrow due to a threatened teacher sick out this afternoon, the principle of oakland tech high school, wrote parents to say the teachers indicated they will not report to work tomorrow. teachers say the district is not doing enough to keep them safe as oh, macron causes cases rather or causes a huge rise in cases. however the district argues that most employees are vaccinated and that high quality mass are available to all teachers, while the cdc has advised people to avoid cruise travel, people are still taking them. the ruby princess docked in san francisco, and a small number of people left that ship after testing positive for covid. ktvu tom vacar has more
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tonight on why people say they are still choosing to set sail. as big as it is the ruby princess capacity, 3080 loomed over san francisco's pier 27 terminal when it sailed away with 1300 people. who, though they will be careful mean to enjoy sun and fun, despite cdc's recommendations, not to cruise the passengers we met, expressed confidence in princess and their own conduct. none more than one woman waiting to board. my name is sharon. get me on the ship better. sharon pederson. seattle says she and her husband are confident after having already cruised 145 times, including. just last month. i feel very safe ownership because everybody is very responsible. the food situations handled beautifully that they follow all the rules. really stringently. we all have to be vaccinated to go on this cruise. we have to show proof of vaccination. and then we had to get tested before coming on
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board showing we've been negative, according to gerald essence, daughter the eastern family is going on the cruise. well we're celebrating my father's 89th birthday. so that's why we're doing the cruise and you know he really wanted to do a cruise again confident that things are working out and things don't go well. above all, we're looking to lord for his grace eastern beliefs. there's been too much fearmongering way overblown as far as things that i think for me lose media has done us a great business. this service. this is far far different than march of 2020 when i stood for day after day in a remote part. of the part of oakland, where another princess ship, the grand princess, was forced to dock and disembark its passengers who had been infected by covid a deadly disease. 103 people turned out to be infected. seven of them died and make no mistake. social media is playing a powerful role in deciding whether or not to cruise there's a lot of talk. a
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lot of people are following what's going online and seeing that, um the ships seem to be taking care of us this very shipped in march of 2020, the ruby princess had to cut short of 2700 passenger australian new zealand cruise covid outbreak, then ultimately infected. 576 28 of whom eventually died. as of today, this cruise has had just 12 infections, all mild. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. however not all cruise lines are setting sail right now. royal caribbean and norwegian cruise liners announced they were forced to cancel voyages amid the omicron surge employees and passengers with both cruise companies have recently tested positive for covid-19. last week, the cdc advised people to avoid cruise travel after launching investigations into onboard cases on more than 90 ships. already we've got a
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little weather to talk about rain back in the forecast for tomorrow. there is the bay bridge traffics moving along showers. not here yet, but they'll be here in the morning hours, mid morning commute. it'll be kind of wet again. it doesn't look like this is a major event at all. and with that, in mind will be seeing temperatures on the mild side because it's kind of a mild weather system is you look at the day planner for tomorrow. you can kind of see what we got. we've got basically a setup where eight a.m. to 10 a.m. that's kind of the peak. and when i say peak, we're literally talking about 10th of an inch 2/10 of an inch. i mean, it's good. it should be really light in the coastal hills m a c more so when i come back, we'll take a look at the five day forecast and the weekend gadget makers working to generate hype for their products face a pandemic era obstacle this week coming up tonight, see how they're getting the word out at a muted consumer electronic show, and contra costa county sheriff's deputies take out a bowl
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able to count on the type of business boost they were hoping for to get for this week's kick off of the consumer electronics show that show which features gadgets you're expected to want in the future is back in operas back in person this year, but it is scaled down version compared to pre pandemic years. boxes. ashley soriano shows us how all of this is playing out. he was
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going to be a smaller shoe. it was important for us to be able to help people spread out. this is what c e s looked like before the pandemic. this is what it looks like this year. plenty of space on opening day exhibitors spread out across multiple hotels and convention centers and masks and covid vaccinations required they had to pick up their badge and show that proof of vaccination to pick up the badge before they could even get on site, which is different from prior years. smaller businesses and startups need the traffic. morpheus based in france and will launch in the united states this year. and being here in the us give us the opportunity to meet our customers and to meet new clients. new data's so yeah , very happy to be here. morphy focuses on mindfulness and meditation with its portable sleep devices when you're going to sleep you have to put your phone away and this is what we wanted to do to have devices that can help you to fall asleep without choosing your funding. another startup company promotes better sleep for children with
6:26 pm
its smart crib. cradle wise can sense the first signs of a baby waking up and begins rocking to help them go back to sleep. a little bit of technology can augment you and act as an extra pair of helping hands do navigate you through the initial tough years with the baby. and that was fox's ashley. sorry otto reporting for us. c e s will close friday, one day earlier than previously planned because of the country's surgeon covid cases. we've got here at 10 when we expected things to just getting started really slowly, but, um, there ended up being a lot of traffic here, too, and we were stuck in lines for about 45 minutes. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30. people across the bay area are scrambling to get their hands on those at home. covid-19 testing kits. also sheriff's deputies kill a bull after a rancher's death in contra costa count. also receiver deebo samuel gives some promising insight on the health of quarterback jimmy
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limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att.
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limited availability in select areas. killed in oakland is now suing meda, the parent company of facebook, claiming the social media site is partially to blame for his death. 53 year old david underwood was shot and killed outside a federal building in may of 2020. angela underwood. jacobs says the sites algorithm
6:30 pm
recommended extremist content to the alleged killers glorifying violence against law enforcement transit, this warning riders to prepare for possible delays starting tomorrow, the agency says. covid related sick calls among bus operators. mechanics and service employees are affecting service transit says riders may now wait as long as 30 minutes between busses on some routes, and some lines may be canceled altogether. ktvu new or you're watching. ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the fremont unified school district is apologizing today after lines of drivers clogged streets and parents were waiting for hours in some cases for free at home covid tests today the district opened more distribution locations to avoid a repeat of yesterday's mess. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has more now on the reaction from parents. who are trying to get one of those hard to get tests. we think it's really important for the public to get their testing to get tested in so they could return back to you know, day to day
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life. for the second day in a row families of students and workers at fremont unified school district lined up to get at home covid testing kits, tecnica rice the district says it has nearly 34,000 tests to cover its students and faculty. it's better to be safe and sorry , thomas wilson had no trouble picking up a test for his daughter. but things were much different. on wednesday. cars were backed up for hours trying to pick up tests at a loan district building. the congestion was so bad fremont police had to get involved warning drivers to avoid the area. making matters worse, many of the people in line were turned away when the district stopped handing out the tests at two p.m. the superintendent later apologized for the headaches. we do recognize that there was a longer wait than we would have liked. and we appreciate the patience and flexibility of our community in that regard. on thursday, the district opened three distribution sites. they were an
6:32 pm
american high school, irvington high school and fremont adult and continuing education. the district had plenty of people controlling traffic and even used road flares. they were out of other tests and we had to. unfortunately go back home. yudof sharma and his mom were turned away wednesday but came back and got a testing kit. we tried again here today and it was pretty hard because we got here at 10 when we expected things to just getting started really slowly, but, um, there ended up being a lot of traffic here, too, and we were stuck in lines for about 45 minutes. at the end of the day, most parents were happy to get kits. and we're being vigilant about keeping themselves and their families safe with surgery of nikon. we think like testing them before sending them to the school would definitely help control this whole. each of those kits the district gave out, has two tests in it. officials want students to take one test on friday and the second on sunday before school returns on monday morning. in the newsroom. evan sernoffsky
6:33 pm
ktvu, fox two news. in los angeles. hundreds of police and firefighters are now off duty due to a surge in the number of coronavirus cases. they're more than 800. police and firefighters are sidelined after testing positive for covid-19. their absence is leading to slightly longer. paramedic and fire response times in l. a. city officials say measures are now being taken to ensure the safety of the public. an apparent attack by an aggressive bull killed a rancher in discovery bay. these contra costa county fire protection district shared these photos of deputies at the scene near bixler road. first responders were called just before noon on a report that a rancher may have been attacked by the bull. we're told deputies shot and killed the animal, and that allowed firefighters and ems to reach the victim. so far, there's no word on the identity of the man who died here. san jose police are searching tonight for suspects in a takeover style smash and grab jewelry robbery. in this video, you can see a group of people
6:34 pm
storming into the credit jewelers that story and king on monday afternoon around 3 30. they used hammers to smash the display cases and steal the contents before running off. fortunately there are no reports of anyone being hurt here. some state lawmakers are working to reverse parts of proposition 47 , which reclassified several felony theft crimes as misdemeanors when it was passed by voters in 2014. a new bill from democratic assemblyman rudy salis would lower the felony theft threshold from $950 back to $400. a separate bill from republicans kevin kiley and james gallagher goes further repealing prop 47 altogether. a hearing took place today in san francisco on the progress of the seismic retrofit project at millennium tower, which has been sinking and leaning for six years now. that hearing was held by the san francisco board of supervisors, government audit and oversight committee. work on that project has stopped because it was disrupting the soil
6:35 pm
around the building's foundation. the current plan calls for fewer piles being installed to shore up the buildings tilt. as of last october, millennium tower had sunk 18 inches and tilted more than 22 inches. people with tickets on at least 139 flights into or out of the bay area today watched airlines cancel their plans, according to flight aware .com. nearly 100 of those flights were at sfo alone. the travel problems all across the country could get worse with staffing shortages due to covid 19 and more winter storms on the way. so far, there have been nearly 20,000 flights canceled nationwide since christmas eve. that number has been on the decline this week, though today there were about 1700 flights grounded that's down for more than 3000 flights on monday now , though, airports are preparing for another round of snow and ice as another storm makes its way across the midwest. it's just, uh, an unthinkable
6:36 pm
situation. we actually have no idea how long we're gonna be here for, but right now, our flight yes, it was canceled. airlines are urging travelers to build in some extra travel time and always check with your air carrier before you head to the airport. put that mask on. not putting on masks, guys. flight attendants begin new training coming up, see how they're learning to manage unruly passengers and from extreme heat to extreme cold coming up, see how one northern california community is coping with this cycle that appears to be coming appears to be a pattern now.
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get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. attendants often over covid requirements on airplanes. reporter cristina gonzalez tells us the t s a is now resuming its self defense training classes for flight attendants, and she has an inside look now at what they're learning. where's my flight attendant with my drink? very realistic threat of a terrorist taking over a plane mid flight as much part of this is a flight attendant training as the passenger refusing to wear a mask, putting that mask on you're going to stand up and do what? you gotta do that, sir. step back. do about it. step back, work to somebody help somebody help reflecting right here, right here. the climate
6:40 pm
that we're in now. learning how to evacuate a plane and learning how to fight if a passenger are almost equal. now you've seen the explosion of air rage videos posted on social media. according to the association of flight attendants, a fa in 2021 85% of nearly 5000. u. s. flight attendants reported having to deal with an unruly passenger with 17% saying they were physically assaulted. i've been in the airline industry for over 15 years. and i've never seen it like this. i know a lot of it has to do with wearing the mask. definitely the masked masks definitely trigger. everyone has different opinions on it. we spoke to flight attendants taking part in a self defense training in los angeles. the program was created after 9 11 focusing on flight takeover scenarios. training stopped during the pandemic, but has restarted now also including combative passengers. i'm not
6:41 pm
putting that on again. hey, i got this annoying flight attendant right here. just annoying a flat and now she touched me that you touched me take that mask off, and it's our job to enforce these days and we are. unfortunately, the masked police on the plane. her theory on the incidents we've seen on social media, and they want to film themselves. you know, questioning authority and making a scene and you know, but important. fortunately drugs the whole plane with them. a lot of it involves alcohol as well. but that's. the only new thing would be the mask. you can't help help but be alarmed about the number of disruptive oftentimes violent passengers. this is truly a situation where this type of training everybody wins. that's evidence as we follow this group of attendance, even trying outside of the training ourselves. it's as much about the mindset as it's about being
6:42 pm
ready, mentally and physically. there you go. yeah. i just thought it was gonna be like a little. oh like, hey, huh? no, don't do this. i didn't even know that some of these like moves. the item was capable of doing. no one expected our camera to end up being part of the scenario when confused for a threat to fight both camera person and attendant quickly recovering continue and it gets serious. remember that guy refusing to wear the mask? go ahead, flight attendant. we're not just going there to serve your drink or to give you a snack were safety professionals of our main goal is to make sure that we get from point a to point b safely that mescal putting on masks got you definitely feel more prepared out there and ready for whatever that off. good friends real nice to you. and again, that was
6:43 pm
christina gonzales reporting and new rule put in place late last year can strip some privileges from passengers if they behave badly, the fda says. passengers find for bad behavior. can be banned from t s a pre check screening and more. some of the bad behaviors include assaulting , threatening, intimidating or interfering with the flight crew. all right. we are tracking that next round of rain. it shows up tomorrow morning early, the community slightly wet. i will time it out. see you back here. now let's get ktvu cristina rendon in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we're working on for seven o'clock news on ktvu plus christina alex. our coverage continues of the insurrection at the capitol. the anniversary tonight we'll talk live with the state congressman mark to sanya. who was at the capitol that day , plus new developments in the front case against san francisco's former public works director his formal plea on the charges against him those stories and much more coming up.
6:44 pm
live at seven over on ktvu plus , but first after the break, extreme heat and cold take a toll on some northern california communities will take you to greenville for a look at how droe
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
rain and snow officials are warning these extreme weather patterns can become the new normal boxes. giovanni lishi takes a look at the new challenges for northern california town that's still recovering from the dixie fire. on the highway headed into this historic california town definitely been at the hands of mother nature will hear the sound of chainsaws and smell the charred trees. communities are
6:47 pm
the ones that or the foundation of the united states of america. this is the town of greenville, which the dixie fire burned to the ground last summer. there was no stopping it. there was nothing you could do. no fire department on its own could could fight this fire. now families are facing a familiar challenge. the weather, no power , no heat, no reliable water system. our power and water infrastructure had burned. now we're dealing with the snow on top of it all. last year, most of california dealt with extreme drought conditions, fueling the fires that burned an area equal to almost two million football fields. well that building is the oldest building or was the oldest building in greenville. these communities our the backbone of the united states of america, and they cannot be forgotten and they need to be put back to some sort of normalcy. but even with the recent rain and snow 18 states from california to mississippi
6:48 pm
or dealing with extreme droughtk we have to adapt and overcome. the weather patterns are extreme and life in a rural areas. it's rugged, especially now runs a summer camp that was passed down from her family and the kids would all come here and play together with fire season already at california's doorstep , and all that's left is the metal counselor bed and the metal roof and the current weather conditions, she says. she might not be able to ever rebuild. how we do that? i don't know. but. and that was giovanni lishi reporting for us from plumas county. fortunately there were no deaths in greenville during the dixie fire, but most of the town's 1100 residents are still displaced. alrighty here's the long range forecast. i want to get you through the weekend to give you an idea what we got. so here's tomorrow morning's rain right there. and tomorrow afternoon. here comes your saturday. that looks pretty good
6:49 pm
. right? here comes your sunday looks cloudy. and then kind of mostly cloudy all day sunday and then monday. slight chance for sprinkle little break on tuesday and then maybe a little sprinkle on wednesday, all low grade stuff even this deal coming tomorrow morning is not much of anything in terms of some of these storms we've experienced this year because we've had some significant rain events right. we'll have were 200% of rainfall average and in parts of the bay area, 150% of snowfall average and the west slope this year, nevada so we're doing really well. it's because we've had some robust systems. this next system. this guy not robust, just a system but again, if we get a quarter inch to a half inch of rain, that's that's good stuff. it's not bad. i mean, but i suspect most of us will be under 2/10 of an inch. we dry out as we head into the weekend sunday will have more clouds. saturday is your bluebird day in the city or in oakland or wherever you are? and then sunday. i think we'll just see more clouds, so there's the
6:50 pm
atmospheric river heading into the pacific northwest continually, and then it's gonna drape down over us briefly tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow morning. pardon me, and then it just winds right through. outside right now we have clouds. we have dense fog advisories this morning for parts of the bay. not so tomorrow morning. this system will kind of clear that fog out sprinkles and showers just about the time the sun comes up here is the morning. this is about six a.m. you can see the showers moving in. to the north based certainly, and then we get into the afternoon about our mid morning 10 a.m. more scattered showers through san francisco about lunchtime. it's into san jose, and then it's gone. it lingers up in the mountains, so if you are traveling up there, you're going to see some some potential for travel delays. tomorrow morning or saturday morning. some clouds some fog saturday afternoon. here come the clouds on sunday morning and then soups didn't go past this. as far as the model goes sunday afternoon, we'll see more clouds, so it's going to be a beautiful weekend. saturday is the most sunny. it's not gonna
6:51 pm
be hot, but temperatures will be kind of like these mid fifties upper fifties, maybe a couple of those sixties. so the five day forecast as you look at it here you can see friday is showers. there's that monday wednesday think doesn't look real real real potent to me. looks like kind of a non event, but we put in so we can give you an idea. i'll see you back here. tonight attempt. okay. see you then. bill. thank you. the warriors playing without stephan curry and draymond green tonight, sports director mark ibanez is up next to let us know how golden state is doing. trying to handle the pesky pelicans without the two stars and look for the premiere of the reality tv dating series. joe millionaire for richer or poorer tonight on ktvu. the two hours special event gets started at eight o'clock, and it's followed by are 10 when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online.
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vital room tonight. very few things have gone wrong for the golden state warriors this year, the right at the top best record in the nba, but they are dealing with a little bit of adversity right now, trying to make the best of it. there are work in progress right now. in new orleans without steph curry, draymond green and one so it's
6:55 pm
kinda anderson, all dealing with minor injuries. the warriors startup ice cold six minutes into this game. there are only five points, but andrew wiggins drills at three. the warriors get going, rookie jonathan commingle just getting big minutes to date. pure effort. he gives four offensive rebounds on this sequence alone. absolutely relentless. and he will finally get it to go. he's got seven points through three quarters right now for the warriors and come. inga is a guy who can also run the floors. you'll see the warriors get on a break. and of course, it doesn't hurt to have andre iguodala feeding as well. he'll rocket down and the warriors still trail the pelicans, one of the worst teams in the nba by one point. at halftime. right now, they're just entering the fourth quarter. very close ballgame warriors down a couple of points . meantime sharks getting a big dose of winter. you think it's radiant cold right now where we are about? buffalo new york 25
6:56 pm
degrees and snowing heavily. sharks don't care. they're cozy in there a locker room enjoying the fruits of victory over the sabers back there. they did all their work early seven minutes into the first period. great puck movement, nick bonino will get it to andre cougs. liano finding matt nieto light the lamp sharks on top one, nothing and then just a minute and a half later santas in the break, the puck will actually get caught up on the referee and the boards. where is that pink? tebow meyer will eventually find it and ding the post for his 14th of the year. san jose up to nothing still in the first breaking here, alexander barb ana will drop it off wisely for tomas hertl, his 17th goal of the season. so far, sharks took a three nothing lead in the first period offensively kind of took the rest of the night off. and hang on. 32 over the buffalo
6:57 pm
sabers tell you what come sunday in los angeles. the situation is not going to be perfect for the 49ers. no matter what i always say, of course, quarterback most position problematic on the field. most important position, no doubt about that. and either way, you look at it. it's not going to be ideal for the 49ers. they've got some issues. started with jimmy garoppolo who won't be close to 100% of course, the well publicized badly damaged thumb or the inexperienced trey lance in the game. they absolutely have to have lance. if he starts, it would only be his third nfl start. garoppolo limited in practice again, but one of his big weapons deebo samuel was out there with him and wasn't unhappy with what he saw from jimmy g today. jimmy just look like jimmy to me saying confidence. same throw, same ball, same energy. same. everything i don't think you
6:58 pm
took a step backwards. i just think you know, i'm saying home he's gonna do best way possibly don't look like to me that it's doesn't hurt and he's out there doing a good job this week. let's get back to some hockey. alright, some tough love from dad in the backyard. you gotta check this out father and his two sons with some backyard hockey right here. he's not taking it easy on him. he's playing. keep away. well wow. it's kind of rough when your dad is celia cole, check. former number one pick in the nhl trapped back in 2000 and one that makes a little more sense, right and he had a 13 year career in the nhl. so there you go. tough on the kids, you know , dogs aren't the only animals who love to play, right. this is mabel the cow. made that name up , but it sounds reasonable. i don't think she's held fast. why did we show that because we can . that's checking it out. all
6:59 pm
right. maybe all the cowl made right. maybe all the cowl made her debut ♪ six times ten to the eighth atoms ♪ ♪ of a radium in a lead jar ♪ six times ten to the eighth atoms of radium ♪ ♪ if the half-life of radium should happen to pass ♪ ♪ three times ten to the eighth atoms ♪ ♪ of a radium in a lead jar... penny: really hope you're almost to zero. no, see, that's the beauty of half-lives: it's impossible to determine when you'll arrive at zero. it's like "wheels on the bus" if the bus had an unknowable number of parts. yeah, we're gonna need more coffee. yep. i'm with you. leonard, coffee? black and strong, like luke cage. i'm too tired to even be disturbed by that. sheldon? mm, absolutely not, no. the nobel committee will be making the calls to inform the winners at any minute, so the only drug i need is the endorphins pumping through my brain in anticipation of our victory. well, technically, anticipation wouldn't be mediated by endorphins as much as dopamine, but, you know, you've been up all night, so i'll give you that one.
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really? the second he stops talking? well... should we wake him up? well, he did say if he fell asleep, we were allowed to slap him awake. oh, boy. wait a minute. why do you get to do it? 'cause i called it. well, you can't just call it. you have to earn it. oh, and you've earned it? no one has earned it more than me. (amy clearing throat) you have your whole life to smack him around. this is my time. fine. don't miss. it's not a volleyball. i can handle it. oh, wait. hang on. when you're old, you are gonna want a record of this. oh, oh, yeah. do it in slo-mo. i want to see his cheeks ripple. ready... go. (ringtone playing) (gasps) it's happening! unknown caller. it's got to be them. okay, put it on speaker. man: hello. this is sweden calling.


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