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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  January 4, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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international airport. casey steagall. fox news. this is katie fox two news at six. we have in hand all the vaccines. we need to get every american fully vaccinated, including the booster shot. there's no excuse no excuse for anyone being on vaccinated. president biden again makes a plea for more people to get vaccinated as the u. s records its highest covid case count since the pandemic began. good evening, everyone i'm alex savage and i'm julie julie haener, public health officials say. nationwide case counts have exploded over the past few days. here's a look now. at the latest numbers. more than a million cases were recorded yesterday. officials say that number likely includes tests that were conducted over the holiday weekend. the seven day average for infections is currently at 480,000 per day in early november. the u. s was averaging about 70,000 cases a day. the cdc says r macron
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accounts for 95% of the new infections and here in california, the department of public health, which had a long weekend without data recorded more than 230,000 new cases yesterday, and the positivity rate has risen above 20% today, president biden met with the white house covid response team , and he outlined the steps he's taking to tackle the surge, including ramping up distribution of the new pill to treat some covid cases. boxes. madeline rivera has more tonight from washington, d. c. if you're vaccinated and boost it, you are highly protected. you know, be concerned about omicron, but don't be alarmed. ask covid cases and hospitalizations surged throughout the country. staffing shortages are plaguing hospitals and schools and confusion is mounting over the cdcs recommendation to shorten the isolation period for people with covid to five days. they're actually working right now on
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issuing a clarification on that. i would expect that any day now. but the president says there's no confusion about the measures people can take to protect themselves like getting vaccinated and boosted, adding that testing an antiviral treatments will ramp up in the coming weeks. the government will double its purchase of fighters. covid-19 pill from 10 million to 20 million dinar supplies going to ramp up over the coming months as more of these pills are manufactured. many though, are still frustrated by the lack of tests as they wait for more details about what exactly the administration will give out the 500 million free at home tests it promised. the problem is that the administration has not yet delivered the rapid test so they didn't want to put out a policy telling you to do something which then reflected blame back on them. the president also urged schools to stay open, saying states should use $130 billion allocated from the american rescue plan to do so. in washington. mala rovera fox news. the governor of maryland announced a 30 day state of
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emergency today as covid surges and that, state governor larry hogan said the next 4 to 6 weeks will be the most challenging time of the pandemic. more than 3000. people are hospitalized with covid 19 in the state. that's a record high, and officials say that number could reach 5000 in the coming weeks. the governor said he's calling in the national guard to help we are mobilizing 1000 members of the maryland national guard. to assist state and local health officials with the state's emergency pandemic response. 250 of those guard members will be deployed to support covid-19 testing sites across maryland. covid cases in the state have jumped nearly 90% in one week in san francisco, where eight out of 10 people are now fully vaccinated. city leaders say the omicron crisis will get worse before it gets better. ktvu is christian captain tells us that officials say they expect this latest covid waved a peak.
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within the next two weeks. after 21 months in the grips of the covid 19 pandemic, san francisco finds itself once again facing a surge in cases this time fueled by the highly contagious omicron variant. these next few weeks are critical. we will see large outbreaks and many people we know and love are getting coated . the latest data show that an average of 829 san franciscans are now testing positive for covid every day, up from 309 cases per day. just a week ago that number expected to increase with more fallout following holiday get togethers. we are expecting a peak in these cases relatively quickly. our projections show again. this situation is fluid. that cases will peak within the next two weeks. the bay area saw similar surge this time last year following the holidays. the difference now and san francisco 81% of the population is vaccinated. most boosted the breakthrough infections tend to be mild. but the sheer number of
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people becoming infected does affect hospitalizations. 70% of the covid patients are being admitted for the respiratory illness. 30% of cases are found in patients brought to the hospital for other reasons with drama crime. hospitalizations are much lower relative jakovic cases. and even as hospitalizations increase again , most people with covid will not experience severe disease. this is good news. the current surge expected to touch nearly every part of the city. businesses around town are seeing employees out with covid or isolating after an exposure in the public realm, uni says operators calling in sick impacting most routes meaning longer wait times for passengers. health leaders, saying they will be keeping public schools open, saying the risk posed by forcing students to return to remote learning outweighs the risk of the omicron variant. we're not shutting anything down. we're not closing businesses, this is
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not 2020 but we do need to do our part to prevent too many frontline workers from getting sick at the same time. that means we need people to take steps to avoid catching covid in san francisco christian caftan, ktvu fox two news. the san francisco ballet announced today that this season's gala events have now been postponed because of the surge in covid cases, performance performances were scheduled to take place at the war memorial opera house and san francisco city hall on january 27th. they're now rescheduled for march. 24th ticket holders can use their existing tickets on the new date. they can also be exchanged for another date or re funded. no, it's six. the latest surge has stanford university restricting attendance at all indoor sporting events, the school's athletic department says only student athletes, families will be allowed inside maples pavilion. the new restriction goes into effect this friday night when stanford's defending national champion women's
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basketball team is set to take on oregon. the cardinal men's basketball team is set to play usc on saturday night at maples. stanford university, says 175 students have tested positive for covid 19 146 of them are isolating right now in campus housing. most of them tested positive when they returned to campus last weekend after the winter break, stanford says its caseload and positivity rate continued to be lower than the overall trends being seen in santa clara county and california. or finding covid test sites with timely appointments or at home test kits range from difficult to impossible. ktvu tom baker looks at the hit or miss situation that many people are facing as they seek confirmation of their covid status. it's a simple but unforgiving matter of supply, being overwhelmed by demand, getting a covid test. any kind of covid test is not a slam dunk in line or online. it was hard
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to find a place that was having tests. we went to one in hayward , but the line was ridiculous. so i missed my appointment here at oakland's native american health center. 500 people get tested each session. including some walk ups. the tests are administered daily except wednesdays, assured online appointments are backed up until january. the 12th people need tests. for many reasons. i need to get a tests because i think i might have been exposed and i felt like i had sniffles so to be safe. i thought i would just check, so i don't give it to somebody else just for the holidays. i want to make sure everything's okay. spent holidays with my family. i worked for the native american health center, and i need to get tested weekly for work tuesday. volunteer noon pop up test site on a college avenue promenade in oakland advertised online. never materialized, and it was not clear what kind of test would be administered. i came to get a
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pcr test. um i'm watching my grandson three year old who tested positive with a rapid test. and so i took a test and also tested positive people are willing to drive long distances to get or buy tests, but verification and efficacy of those tests, including cost beforehand. may not be possible . i apologize. i'm so sorry. moving along line. ktvu employees successfully ordered this available six pack of tests for $150.25 dollars a test plus $40 for shipping all six. i successfully purchased a well rated package of two tests on amazon, which is supposed to come between the 12th and 18th. we'll see how that goes. but many online merchants did not guarantee it delivery date and made themselves proved to be unreliable. facebook by nothing groups found in almost all cities and towns have many posts from folks looking to buy tests or learn where to buy them. so
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we're left with the four b's for now buying bartering. borrowing or begging until supply meets demand. tom vacar ktvu fox two news and for more on this latest covid surge, just go to our website ktvu .com/ covid. coming up tonight. the mayor of san francisco london breed her emergency declaration in the tenderloin may be on hold the meeting that city supervisors are holding right now. also ahead tonight, the new bill introduced in sacramento today that aims to make it easier to install solar panels on your home. and we've got a bit of rain last night. the showers have ended. we might see a sprinkle in the north bay in the morning hours, but that should be it for a while. but back towards the end of the week more ring i'll have back. i'll be back here with the five day forecast shortly. also hundreds of cars become stranded on a virginia highway for almost 24 hours in freezing temperatures coming up a live report on what
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caused the massive backup and taking a live look right now at the tuesday evening commute. this is the san mateo bridge. it's moving fairly smoothly at this hour, especially heading over towards san mateo, which is on the right hand side of your screen will be back with more in when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch.
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to a standstill and stranded hundreds of drivers in freezing temperatures. some people for up to 24 hours it all started yesterday, and as night fell, people stuck in their cars began posting messages on social media about running out of fuel, food and water. well today. around daybreak, road crews began moving drivers off of that highway, finally getting them to safety. fox news caroline shively joins us now live from dumb freeze virginia and caroline. we just got word a few minutes ago that the highway has now reopened. right i 95 now
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going strong. it took them more than 24 hours to get all the people off. you couldn't just fight this woman snowplows, julie, you also had to bring in the tow trucks to tow all the abandoned and disabled vehicles still stuck out there on the road. tomorrow morning rush hour, they say will be cruising as usual. sheer panic for drivers trapped in this massive traffic jam on the i 95 expressway in virginia for hours , unable to move their cars, some leaving everything behind to get supplies and walk their dogs since yesterday. in the afternoon. ever since we haven't moved at all no food or water on monday, a 50 mile stretch of the expressway just south of washington, d. c came to a standstill. police say tractor trailers jackknifed during the winter storm. clogging up the lanes for drivers. the roads were very icy. so have you were driving over? 10 miles 15 miles an hour. you was definitely in the danger zone for sure so many
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drivers forced to spend the night inside their cars in freezing temperatures, many turned off their cars to conserve fuel. virginia's governor says emergency teams have tried to connect with stranded drivers to get them the help they need, but it's been a challenge with the roads covered with ice and snow. senator tim kaine tweeted this photo from his car sharing that he had been stuck since one o'clock monday afternoon. i travel on 95 all the time. i will. i will never forget this. i've never seen anything like it. get stuck in it. virginia's governor said this was the perfect storm. it rained before the snow. that meant they couldn't pre treat the roads. then they only had a few inches of snow predicted, and they got more than a foot. julie back to you. it's just incredible that some people were stuck overnight there for up to 24 hours and those extreme conditions. did everyone did you hear? make it out? ok, were there any emergencies for people who were stuck in their cars overnight? there were, you know, folks stranded in their cars for over 24 hours. there were
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babies. there were diabetics. there were people who were in dire need, but amazingly, the governor said there were no injuries. now it did dip down to 19 degrees. it's 26 degrees. now we went to dinner with a bunch of truckers. you can see the trucks. they just pulled off on the road, not even in proper areas. they have been on the road to many hours. they need to get some sleep. all of the hotel's booked out here, people from up and down the east coast just trying to get home from christmas or the holidays. laser get their truck deliveries on time, but amazingly, no injuries . that is good news. well big relief for many people excited to get off of that highway. caroline child lee in virginia for us tonight. caroline. thank you. some breaking news tonight . cal fire announced late today that last year's devastating dixie fire was caused by a tree touching electrical distribution lines owned and operated by pg and e. those lines were located west of crestor. cal fire's report on the cause of the fire has now been forwarded to the butte county district attorney's office. the dixie fire started
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july 13th and burned for months in butte, plumas, lassen, shasta and tehama counties. more than 960,000. acres burned and more than 1300 buildings were destroyed. new at six. san francisco police are searching tonight for several suspects accused of carjacking a man in the south of market neighborhood . police say a man in his twenties was standing outside of his car near sixth and harrison streets yesterday afternoon around 4 30. when a group of suspects approached him. one of them punched him while two of them stole his car, and two others drove away in a separate car. right now. the san francisco border supervisors is taking another look at their approval of mayor breeds controversial emergency declaration in the tenderloin. the board overwhelmingly approved that state of emergency two weeks ago. it aims to tackle crime and drug overdose deaths in that neighborhood supervisor aaron peskin was on vacation during a normal holiday recess when the board took its first vote. today the board approved
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his motion to hold another hearing. also mayor breed announced the city has entered into a lease for so called linkage center at a vacant commercial building in u. n plaza. in a release, the mayor said they hoped to open the temporary shelter by mid january to offer behavioral health care. and treatment as well as other resources. tonight, the supervisors are expected to vote on whether to affirm or withdraw their support for this plan. have some fundamental questions . i mean about linkage to what? uh navigation centers to navigate to where and i think you know, these are some of the questions that we should ask and continue to be involved and continue. to monitor and to continue to collaborate. this is the reason why i supported it. i will continue to fight against a law enforcement. ah surge in the tenderloin, but i will continue
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to fight for a services health response. to this drug overdose crisis in the tenderloin and in the mission and all over the city. supervisor shaman walton and dean preston voted against the plan. two weeks ago, preston spoke out against the order again at a rally that was held before the meeting started. there is new legislation aimed at getting more solar panel solar power to california and state senator scott wiener introduced the solar access act , which would require local jurisdictions to provide online instant solar permits. the goal is to capture permit wait times and costs for local governments and homeowners. the legislation would apply to counties with more than 150,000 residents. pleasant hill, sonoma county and san jose already use instant permitting systems. already we had a little bit of rain last night. actually, in some areas. it was a lot like up in marin county, ken field was 1.3 or 1.35. inches of rain, san jose saying what's the big deal where
6:20 pm
it to one hundred's? but san francisco came in at a half an inch, and it was just as steady, consistent. hardly even called rain in parts of the bay area. it was just a really consistent missed slash drizzle. but in marin county, as is often the case it unloaded. so when i was talking about last night as san jose ends up at 0.2 mount tamil pious. just if you're a couple of 30, miles 40 miles to the north ends up with four inches of rain over four inches of rain , so it's just a magnet for the for the precepts. so what's that do 4% of average? kind of about where we've been a buck 50 to 200% of average. that's great. i mean, it's exactly what you want to see. we do have a little bit of a chance of a sprinkle late tonight, early tomorrow morning, but it shouldn't add to these numbers. then we've got to break for a few days. tuesday wednesday earth wednesday thursday and then friday we get more rain, maybe if half an inch at the maybe more but half inch somewhere in there, not a huge storm. and it looks like we want to go drive for a while. so this
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is good that we got a little surplus going. i'll be back here in a little bit, and we'll talk about your specific forecast for tomorrow. you were a coward. and you took one of the most beautiful people never do it. a man is speaking out tonight about his devastating loss after his girlfriend is killed allegedly by her ex boyfriend also ahead tonight the challenges this latest covid surge is now creating for various schools returning from various schools returning from winter break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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limited availability in select areas. chase with the body of his ex girlfriend in the back seat. ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke with the victim's current boyfriend about the threats he says she endured for months before she was killed. no breakup worth taking somebody's life. you were a coward, and he took one of the most beautiful people i've ever known. leonard person is in mourning. his girlfriend, christina raymond, was killed in milpitas, allegedly by her ex boyfriend. we've built a foundation, you know, and really just built each other up and just loved on each other. you don't we had a lot of plans, you know, and that was it's all gone. on sunday afternoon, his girlfriend was delivering food for doordash in milpitas and on the phone with her boyfriend when she realized someone was following her, and she's like, oh, my god, babe. ah that's anthony. police say anthony is her ex boyfriend. registered sex offender. anthony
6:25 pm
john. juco person says juco have been sending her some disturbing emails since their breakup. other very threatening emails, and it was just getting worse and worse than the prior month. you know, he just kept saying some really nasty things about when he sees her. it's going to be a problem. i'm going to kill you and your family person told her to call 911. he believes he tried to drive to the milpitas police department but ended up in a public works parking lot right next door at some point. police say the suspect stabbed her. when officers arrived. they saw the victims toyota camry, leaving public works and try to stop it. the suspect led police on a chase into free mile where he crashed. officers found her body in the back seat person has now left grappling with his loss . and it was such a sweet person she harder golden so you always thought of other people you know, ahead of herself. the couple enjoyed going to warriors games together and recently visited universal studios. that, too, had talked about a future together. talking about kids we're talking about. our goal is to buy our own house by 20. 2022
6:26 pm
because we both do real estate. we're going to say that, you know, purchase their first home. you know, we're talking about our you know our dreams or ambitions. he also hopes justice will be served. i just hope the courts, you know, do the right thing hit this guy with the book. the suspect was hurt in the crash and from self inflicted injuries. he's under 24 hour police guard at a hospital. milpitas police also arrested his mother, 60 year old samona tando, for allegedly trying to help her son escape. henry lee ktvu, fox two news state lawmakers will soon consider a measure to allow private citizens to sue the gun industry. san francisco assemblyman filtering introduced the bill today it would empower californians as well as local and state governments to sue manufacturers and sellers of guns for the harm caused by their products. sting says the bill is aimed at compelling the gun industry to take every step possible to prevent illegal gun sales and thefts to reduce gun violence. we absolutely need to change. this industry and that
6:27 pm
starts with accountability. um this is all about making sure the industry is accountable for the products that they are putting on the streets of our state of our country every single day. assembly minting says he hopes to have final bill language ready this month with hearings likely to start in the spring. school is back in session for many pay area students, but it'sar from business as usual. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30 tonight, the challenges districts are facing with testing, staffing and student absences. also ahead tonight, fallout from a railing collapse at fedex field and the letters sent to the washington football team by philadelphia eagles quarterback jalen hurts. sports director marco baniyas will join us later this hour and an increasing number of children are being hospitalized with covid 19 coming up tonight. one bay area families close call with their
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- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok.
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limited availability in select areas. to tackle the spread of the highly contagious omicron variant. this comes one day after the country reported one million new covid cases, the president announced the government will double its purchases of fighters. covid-19 pill from 10 million to 20 million. mr biden also emphasized getting vaccinated and booster shots to help reduce the symptoms of the omicron variant in san francisco, where eight in 10 people are
6:31 pm
vaccinated. the city is still seeing a surge in new coronavirus cases. 829 san franciscans, on average, are now testing positive for covid every day from 309 cases per day a week ago. health officials say cases could peak within the next two weeks. and so far, hospitalizations are lower than last year's january peak. hundreds of drivers are finally free tonight after being stranded on a busy virginia highway for more than 18 hours. drivers got stuck on interstate 95 in the d. c area after a major crash snarled traffic yesterday. some jackknifed tractor trailers caused a 50 miles stand still on that freeway, and that caused many drivers to spend the night in their cars. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the oakland unified school district is also dealing with a serious covid surge. officials report almost 1000 cases of the coronavirus as of yesterday, and san francisco is scrambling to find enough teachers. ktvu is rob roth. has the details on the
6:32 pm
absences that both of those districts are. c. san francisco public schools reopened from the winter break monday with a big problem. the school district is reporting that 625 of its 3600 teachers were absent. that's more than double the typical pre pandemic rate and making matters worse, the district only has about 200 substitute teachers. a third of what's needed. we are making sure that all students are cared for and that the classrooms are covered with other credential stuff. a lack of substitute teachers is a bay area problem. that pandemic is exacerbate. rating we are actively recruiting and hiring substitutes. there is a substitute shortage. covid-19 is also affecting students and staff in oakland, the school district is reporting almost 1000 cases that includes students, teachers and family members. of the families reporting the results of their at home covid testing the rate of positive cases was just 2.2% that's far below the 20% rate
6:33 pm
statewide. the district says it's proactive campaign kept covid positive people off campus. many school districts in alameda county are seeing higher than normal student absentee rates. everything from it's pretty much normal, too. we have doubled the number of students we would normally have out parents and community just informally expressed, um. a concern about wanting to have the ability to test their students in concord, parents and students lined up for hours to get covid tested one day before the mount diablo unified school district reopens. she's got a little bit of a stuffy nose, so we want to make sure that she doesn't have it. and there's a lot of people concerned about sending their kids to school, and so we really wanted to provide the opportunity for students and staff and community members to get tested to show. hey, it is safe to come back to school, while families await results school districts across the bay area are asking that children who have any symptoms to please stay home. in concord,
6:34 pm
rob roth, ktvu fox two news. san mateo county today reopened booster and 1st and 2nd dose covid-19 vaccine clinic for those who are over the age of 12. this clinic will be open tuesdays through saturdays at the san mateo county event center on saratoga drive in san mateo. we talked to people who said the process was smooth and easy, and they were happy to have the chance to get their shots just went smoothly. i just came two months before end of vaccine was done. and they've had it took like three minutes. wait time. that's it. it was very fast went smoothly after i got vaccine, the asked me to take a break for 15 minutes to take like how i behave. organizers say they were expecting about 1000 people today alone. the ah mccrone variant is taking a toll on the youngest in the country, the american academy of pediatrics pediatric, says 325,000 children were hospitalized with covid.
6:35 pm
just last week. ktvu is jesse gary has one family's close call and their message for parents. what was that? that's danny rivera, three month old donny, still a little groggy from a midday nap is nonetheless ready to engage the world too sharp contrast to his condition just days ago. i really truly feel if it wasn't for tricia at john beer medical center. my baby would not be here, natasha johnson says she just brought her son home after a five day stay in a pediatric icu. she says the trouble started with the christmas day family gathering. although everyone had taken a covid test, some of the attendees were not vaccinated. everybody was okay and then my i started noticing after christmas around monday that my son wasn't feeling too good. johnson eventually took her baby to john muir, where he tested positive for respiratory since official virus and covid-19. the american academy of pediatrics says the
6:36 pm
number of kids catching covid increased 64% from the week before christmas to the week after christmas. new variant is extremely spreads extremely easy, very, very burial in that regard. and so, therefore, even a modest exposure can result in infection and therefore given what's going on at this point in the holidays that is not surprised to see cases skyrocketing. donny deteriorated quickly, eventually needing forced oxygen to breathe. natasha feared the worst as her son hovered near death's door. i asked my baby going to die, and she said, i promise you i will not let your baby die. i said okay, i put my hands up. i backed up and said, do what you need to do to save my baby. that promise was kept. donny recovered and rode home tuesday. for johnson. the tumultuous five days are also a cautionary tale for others about the dangers of covid even from family and especially for young, unvaccinated children. i do not think people are taking this very serious at all. say hi in
6:37 pm
san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. no it's 6 30. a new poll finds americans by overwhelming margins see the nation's democracy as in peril since the january 6th attack on the u. s capitol. according to the usa today, suffolk university poll. 51% of americans are very worried about the future of the democracy. just 7% say they are not worried at all. the poll was almost split on whether people think another attack on the capital will happen again. 48% of respondents say it's not likely 46% say it is likely to happen again. ford is planning to nearly double its production of the all electric f 1 50 lightning to meet soaring customer demand, ford says it has nearly 200,000 reservations for the electric truck. customers can start converting them. two firm orders on thursday production of the f 1 50 lightning will begin this spring. ford shares rose 12% today after news of the ramped
6:38 pm
up production. toyota past general motors as the top selling car company in the us last year, breaking in 90 year streak held by gm. the change was driven largely by a global computer chip shortage. toyota sales were up about 10% compared with 2020. by contrast, gm reported nearly 13% slide in results as the semiconductor shortage took a bigger toll on its manufacturing operations and left dealers with fewer vehicles to sell. on wall street. today the dow reached another record high, but a slump in tech shares pushed the other indexes lower. the dow was up 214 points today to set another all time high at the close, but the nasdaq fell 210 points and the s and p was down three points. coming up tonight, lawmakers pull a bill that would ban a certain procedure on babies and children . why it was so controversial plus the latest jobs report shows americans leaving their jobs at a record pace. i'm gerri
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willis with fo new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities.
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♪ no one knows what we'll see in the future. but i can say one thing for sure. as a vsp premier program doctor, my passion is ensuring you see every moment. vividly. all vsp members have access to personalized vision care with the vsp premier program. find a premier program doctor near you. that would bar medically unnecessary surgery for children born with indeterminate gender until until they are old enough to help make that decision. state senator scott wiener of san francisco, says the bill does not have a path forward. last year, a legislative committee voted not to advance the bill. the california medical
6:42 pm
association has opposed similar proposals. more and more americans are walking away from their jobs as the labor market drives up wages and forces businesses to compete for workers. it's what many are calling the great resignation. fox news, geri willis tells us november's jobs report showed those departures are continuing at a record pace. latest jobs report shows the continuation of a trend that has grown during the pandemic. 4.5 million people voluntarily quitting their jobs in the month of november. that's around 3% of all american workers. the hospitality industry saw the most departures with 6% of all employees, quitting people working at the hotels and restaurants, citing low pay and health concerns as their reasons to leave. nearly seven million americans were unemployed in november, while more than 10 million jobs were available, meaning there were nearly 1.5 jobs available for every worker. critics of the white house say continued
6:43 pm
unemployment benefits are to blame. there are you know hundreds of thousands of trucking jobs open. there are factory jobs, open manufacturing about the way david. these are not minimum wage jobs. we're talking about jobs to pay. 18 2025 $30 an hour truckers can make $180,000 a year and people are not going back to these jobs because because uncle sam is paying him not to work. november's data does not factor in the arrival of the mccrone variant, which is accelerated call outs and staffing shortages. the tight labor market is also meant americans can often find a new job quickly . more than five million americans have left the workforce since the start of the pandemic. most were over 55 retired while others opted to switch industries. on the flip side. almost seven million people were hired in november, which could paint a positive outlook for 2022. geri willis fox business. there we are tracking some showers potential
6:44 pm
for late tonight, early tomorrow morning and then some more rain on friday that five day forecast is next. all right. let's get over to ktvu is andre senior now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu, plus andre well, alexey surge of covid cases, putting a strain on hospitals. across the country said tonight we talk live with the bay area intensive care unit doctor, but what he's seeing inside hospitals. plus you just heard about the record number of people who are leaving their jobs, and we will talk live. berkeley labor research specialist on that trend and the types of careers people are now seeking those stories much more coming up at seven over on ktvu. plus as soon as we hit takeoff, there was like a huge boom. some scary moments for passengers aboard a southwest airlines flight coming up what caused the plane to make an emergency landing at a northern california airport.
6:45 pm
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international airport after blowing out of tire passengers on that plane described hearing a loud boom when the plane took off from four from denver yesterday. they didn't know about the problem until they landed in sacramento and were greeted by ambulances and fire engines on the tarmac. that's when passengers say the pilot explained what happened as soon as we landed. you could tell that it was a tire. it was the general, you know, floppy of attire sound like when you get a flat on the highway. southwest says the tire issue was in the main landing gear of the plane at the pilots are trained to deal with these types of landings. the aircraft has been removed from the southwest scheduled now to undergo a review. eight ft. tall king tides hit pacifica earlier today
6:48 pm
, those big waves crashed into the pacific appeared drenching it with water. king tides happened when the moon the earth and the sun all line up in a row and create the maximum force of gravity on the oceans. environmentalists say king tides may offer a glimpse into how rising sea levels will affect our coastlines in the future. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin, here now with a look at the current conditions, bill. all right, alex. yes, we've got to as you look at those ocean shots that we just saw. it's a it's a big swell out there right now. mavericks was breaking today. one of the first times we've seen that this year, and the swells haven't been that large part of it has to do with the jet stream. here it is this atmospheric river. going up into the pacific northwest and misses us. we'll tell you what. seattle portland they're going to get a bunch of rain and then you see that slight split in the jet stream. and so what's going to probably happens. this thing's going to drop a little further south, but when you split the jet stream off, you split the energy and this is where storms
6:49 pm
are born up here, right? so that's where the swells come from. so that when you split the jet, you split the energy and you split the energy. you split the wave heights today it's you know, mavericks looks like it's probably 14 ft. something like that. but you know, it's so not unusual for mavericks to easily get up into the 20 ft range this time of year. you scattered showers showing up right now in oakland. in san francisco will light stuff it's a drive by system might pay a little havoc on the afternoon commute. if you're still out on the roadways , this is friday night party. this is the tonight tomorrow morning event, which is minimal , not a big deal. and then we get into the friday event, which is an event. it's going to rain . it's going to be a winter storm warning in the mountains. we're going to get a half inch to an inch of rain quarter of an inch, something like that. but it's got. it's a classic system. it's not an atmospheric river. it's a frontal passages got a little bit of water with it. it's not a completely cold core system, so it's going to deliver. like i said a reasonable amount of rain, the clouds warmer right so overnight
6:50 pm
lows up off the freezing. we had freezing freeze warnings. freeze watches frost advisories. not the case that tomorrow morning, we will see some patchy valley fog, even a little bit of coastal fog possible, but temperatures are going to say, generally in the low forties and the coolest spots, but tomorrow looks like this. wednesday mostly cloudy partly cloudy. i call it i call it partly cloudy . i don't know it is mostly cloudy, but it's half empty half full. i'd call that i still parked call partly cloudy. i know that's just me, though. okay so here's the forecast for tomorrow. this is right now. here is tomorrow morning looks dry. this is us. and then here's tomorrow afternoon looks dry. and then here is thursday morning. can see the flog and then thursday afternoon continued pretty much dried. and then here comes friday, right here, and that system swings down and does what they do. you know, it's going to be a good system. it's going to kind of clock through the bay area. it'll move it a pretty good clip
6:51 pm
behind it or clear out a little bit and we'll see partly sunny. partly cloudy conditions into saturday and sunday. there is the five day forecast and if you look at it real close, you can see when. there saturday and sunday, right there. friday is the day to think about in terms of mountain travel concerns. certainly they're getting some snow flurries up there now. tonight though, so you just always pay attention to the mountains. but friday, i think travel to mount the kind of sketchy saturday morning will be a much better bet for you. i'll see you back here tonight at 10. we'll see then, bill thank you coming up. we'll hear from the warriors. jordan's pool on his new role once klay thompson returns to the starting lineup market banias up next with sports, and here's a look at the ktvu primetime lineup tonight at eight o'clock, it's a two hour gordon ramsay's road trip. that will, of course, be followed by the 10 o'clock news and the 11 o'clock news all here on ktvu.
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limited availability in select areas. vital room tonight. golden state warriors after the victory last night over the heat up this evening office, they embarked on a brief two game road trip, and in the meantime, it's make way for clay. the secret is basically out. barring unforeseen circumstances, he will make his debut on sunday
6:55 pm
against the cavs, and it'll be in san francisco in front of a home crowd. now in the meantime, some adjustments are going to have to be made and it starts with that guy right there. jordan's fool, you will not be started. and last night, maybe as a way to kind of work him into that he comes off the bench smoking. he hit 12 of 17 shots last night 32 points 14 of those in the first quarter. he came in after about three minutes after the opening tip. this guy is a star in the making, doing it at all. he's going to have to take out a new role, basically as 1/6 man could play is going to be a starter when he comes back and after the game. jordan's pool talked about somebody adjustments that he'll have to make now. i'll be out there with a couple of different players rotation to be a little bit different, uh, trying to find the timing as opposed to starting the game. coming in and got to fill out the momentum a little bit. he was working for us who it isn't see how the
6:56 pm
garden stuff or wigs or clay when they becomes back. so there's a lot of stuff but also was in israel little bit last year. you know his game was beautiful tonight. i thought he was under control. he took great shots. he got his. the guys involved when he had to go, and it was beautiful to see. alright taki town usa. that would be detroit red wings, looking like the team of old as their shellacking the sharks. they're going without their captain tonight. logan couture's put on the covid list, and this was a little wild and wooly for the sharks been a little porous on defensive late and jake middleton and giovanni smith. go at it early on in this game, and there's no messing around and the ref is into his job, to say the least. smith. guys fighting boy, holly and warm five for love that call wes mccauley.
6:57 pm
does he love his job or what? five for fighting one other thing. detroit santa santa power play. brent burns shot on goal then he doesn't play deep. defense and the red wings poised suitor streaking score a short handed goal first shorthanded goal in 100 games for the red wings and 37. seconds later, they scored another one midway through the third. the sharks are trailing 622 in that one. alright the washington football team. i think we can all agree. that's not the greatest name for a team. so they've announced today. finally they're going to come up with a nickname for the team, and it will be announced on february 2nd about a week before the super bowl. some of the early favorites, the defenders the admiral's and the red hogs. my favorite. this is an organization. i mean, pardon me. but do they ever get anything right? this happened at their fedex field the other day
6:58 pm
on sunday. jalen hurts. philadelphia quarterback staying calm. as the stands came down right there, and you know what? he was very cool in the situation later with nobody hurt . he took some selfies and help the fans assisted them. but today hurts actually wrote a long form letter kind of chastising their organization and the nfl. at large, asking just exactly what they were intending to do because many of the fans say that the washington football team offered no medical assistance at all and basically asked them to get home and get out of there. all right. we got a little time, so why not check this out? you've heard of synchronized swimming. don't know if you've ever heard of this quantum ball. a couple of guys name of cote swish and coach henry synchronized dribbling. they are right as well. there had to make the shot
6:59 pm
right to make it work and that they do. that's the sporting they do. that's the sporting life, guys. goodnight, they do. that's the sporting life, guys. goodnight, we conclusively proved super-asymmetry, and yet somehow we-we still feel like imposters. yeah, there should be a term for that. oh, for crying out loud, there is a term for that! it's called "imposter syndrome," and you don't have it, because you can't have it if you are imposters, and you are! we're the ones who discovered super-asymmetry, so if anyone's gonna feel like they have imposter syndrome, it's us because we're not imposters, they are! you're imposters and you're frauds! i think what president siebert is trying to say is that this is a setback and we should adopt a different strategy. i-i'm sorry. i-i just-- i-i snapped. oh, you're sorry. it's all better, then. listen up, you have shot to win a nobel prize, and you're blowing it. i think what president siebert is trying to say is that you have a shot to win a nobel prize, and you're blowing it.
7:00 pm
uh, that's exactly what he said. yes, but i said it in my calming hr voice. so, obviously, i'm really sorry about my outburst. (stammers) calling you frauds was unacceptable. i feel terrible about it. it has caused her a lot of stress. she chewed through her night guard like it was a piece of jerky. what you said was really hurtful, especially because i thought we were friends. why would you think that? ouch. ignore them; they're just mean people. uh, not mean, just sorry. seem mean, are sorry. happens all the time. it's okay. i talked to my therapist, and she made me realize that what you said was really more about your own insecurities. i'm sorry, what? there you go, she's sorry. we all heard it. moving on. yes, obviously, you're angry at all the attention we're getting for our discovery and you're lashing out.


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