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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  January 3, 2022 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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have xfinity, you havwhich is kind of ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch. verdicts have come in, you've had some time to think about this. do you have anything to say? elizabeth holmes leaves san jose courtroom after a jury convicts the former theranos ceo of duping investors, a verdict that could send her to prison. it was a split decision in the big silicon valley case after
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three months of complex evidence and dozens of witnesses. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes and i'm alex savage. frank and julie are off tonight. holmes was found guilty on some charges, not guilty on others. here's the breakdown. the jury found holmes guilty on one count of conspiracy to commit fraud and three counts of fraud against investors. they found her not guilty on another count of conspiracy and two counts of fraud against patients. the jury, though deadlocked on three counts of fraud related specifically to deceiving investors. we get live coverage now from ktvu zach sauce, who's been at the federal courthouse in san jose all night, zach. good evening, elizabeth holmes not answering any questions as she left the courthouse earlier this evening found guilty of duping investors behind her failed startup. there are notes. disgraced elizabeth holmes bowing her head several times but expressing no visible emotion monday as a jury read her verdict allowed in the san jose federal courthouse. the
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founder of darren knows convicted of four of the 11 counts. he faced two counts of wire fraud and two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud legal analyst michael cardoza monday sending a loud message. ah to silicon valley not to do things like this. the jury unable to reach a verdict on three charges remaining deadlocked in the wake of the verdict, their nose whistle blower tyler schultz taking to twitter saying, in part i am happy that justice has been served and that this saga is finally in my rear view mirror. meantime u s attorney stephanie heinz, releasing a statement saying, in part quote. the guilty verdict in this case reflects miss holmes culpability in this large scale investor fraud, and she must now face sentencing for her crimes. the verdict comes after seven days of deliberations following a three month trial featuring dozens of witnesses, including homes herself. these verdicts do not surprise me at all. they're well founded on the facts at trial, federal prosecutors presenting evidence painting
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homes as a young ceo obsessed with fame and fortune. brazenly behind a sophisticated sham to deceive billionaires into backing her blood testing startup startup promising to provide revolutionary medical technology flawed from the outset in which never worked, as promised. holmes meanwhile, directing much of the blame at her business partner, who she alleges failed to fix laboratory problems with the technology. but i think this is a very, very unusual case because by facts evidence in this particular trial elizabeth holmes straight up like two people, she said that the addison that's her blood machine was used in helicopters and war zones. when that was not true. still unclear right now whether those who invested millions in her company will get any of their money back. that's up to the judge. you know whether the judge orders victim institution and there's 100, approximately 144 million if you add up the accounts, and she was convicted
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of and that's the judge's call to make us to what the terms of sentencing and elizabeth holmes now faces up to 20 years in prison for each of the four counts. he was found guilty on. but legal experts say it's highly unlikely she'll face anywhere near the maximum liven. jose san jose is excess ktvu fox two news, all right, we'll wait to see what happens at sentencing, zack. thank you. fbi special agent in charge. craig fair responded to today's verdict. in a statement, he said elizabeth holmes chose fraud over business failure. a jury has determined beyond reasonable doubt that she intentionally misled investors. i want to thank the fbi, san francisco agents and analysts who spent years investigating allegations of fraud within theranos to uncover the truth and ensure justice in this case. new attend . san jose police are investigating a double shooting tonight. it happened just after six o'clock this evening on north first and west rosemary streets, not far away from mineta san jose international airport. police are telling us a
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man and woman were both taken to the hospital, but they are expected to survive. there's no word at this point on a suspect or a motive. california is among a number of states shattering records now for new coronavirus cases. the state health department says more than 56,000 new cases were reported. as of yesterday, the average of 46 cases per 100,000 residents has now exceeded the peak of the delta search of 34 per 100,000. test positivity spiked to nearly 16% from just over 9% a week ago . here in the bay area, san francisco has one of the highest transmission rates in the state. the chronicle reports its average case rate of 104 cases per 100,000 residents is third after los angeles and mono counties. kate who's elissa harrington joins us now to tell us how this spike is affecting some employers. including a place that many of us get her coffee. well, that's right. you know, starbucks is
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among the major corporations now telling employees to get fully vaccinated or do regular testing . one doctor i talked to around here also said that now is really not the time to return to the office. if you don't have to. terrible doctor. john schwartzberg, clinical professor of infectious disease at uc berkeley, reacts to the latest covid numbers in california cases and hospitalizations are climbing and doctors schwartzberg believes we have some tough weeks ahead. it's what we unfortunately expected. once we saw how transmissible covid was, and of course, with christmas and new year's in all the celebration, travel and parties and so on. um this is the this is the consequence of all of that the surge in cases has made a mess of air travel and cause some businesses to close coffee giant starbucks is requiring all its workers, all 228,000 of them across the country. to be fully vaccinated by february, 9th those who don't will have to get tested weekly
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people shouldn't be afraid of the shot. it doesn't hurt. one customer we talked to said the surgeon cases caused him to cancel a trip to see family. he said. it's about time to get aggressive about getting people vaccinated. it's sort of like you're exposed to the public. you should protect yourself as well as the public. starbucks new rules are in line with osha requirements, although those requirements have faced legal challenges. dr schwartzberg said the booster shot is more important than ever and thinks it's time for the government to mandate covid vaccinations. i think we really need to even stop talking about a booster shot. think we should be saying that the series you need a three dose series? those starbucks employees who decide to do the testing will have to pay for those regular tests. reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. alright alyssa. thank you for the update . healthcare officials, meantime , in napa county say they have run out of intensive care capacity. authorities tell the napa valley register that this doesn't mean hospitals can't take new icu patients, but they are adjusting staffing to handle
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the rise in patients. they say the state has issued a waiver to rules that icu nurses can only take care of two patients at a time. the county dashboard shows that 12 people are currently hospitalized in napa county with the coronavirus. we could soon see yet another change in isolation recommendations from the cdc ktvu christian captain, reports tonight. the cdc could soon require asymptomatic people with covid-19 to have a negative test before leaving isolation. health officials say soon they'll be revisiting just how long people who test positive for covid should quarantine and whether a negative test should be required to get back to daily life. it was just a week ago that the centers for disease control shortened the period from 10 days to five days for asymptomatic patients. now after a backlash, the cdc is signaling that it may revisit the rules. i think the way it might end up being as if you have a test within that 10 days. you get it. it's negative. you can exit the strategy after five days. you
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still wear your mask? you know for that full 10 days, but you can exit isolation. doctor peter chen hong is a professor of infectious disease for the university of california, san francisco, he says part of the reason the cdc's made that move too short and quarantine times last week was because after five days the amount of virus patients shed drops significantly. the cdcs original thinking was that if you're wearing a mask you're out and about at risk for the vast majority of people will be zero and for a small number of people . it will be a little virus, but it will be trapped by the mosque, the city of san francisco shifted its guidelines following the federal government also shortening the recommended isolation time after a positive test as well. dr chen hong says the cdc is walking at proverbial tightrope trying to prevent the spread of the contagious omicron variant at the same time, allowing the country to get back to some semblance of normalcy. it's not just the economy, it's education. it's healthcare because we're all getting sick right now, and the more people
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who can cut that time down safely. it's better for all of us and all spheres of our life. dr fauci indicated that the cdc may change it's guidelines so you can leave isolation after five days, but only with the negative covid test on that fifth day. the problem is with students returning to class in a rush on testing due to the holidays. finding a reservation for a covid test or even locating an at home test could be close to impossible. i think if you can't get a whole of a test, um you know, the safest thing to do is to isolate for 10 days. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu, fox two news. children as young as 12 years old are now a step closer to being able to get a covid-19 booster shot. the fda is expanding the use of fighters booster for children ages, 12 to 15. they're also allowing the third shot for some children ages 5 to 11 with immune deficiencies today, it also authorized the booster for both adolescents and adults as early as five months after their
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second dose rather than six months. the booster dose is the same strength as the dose approved in the first series. the cdc must still sign off on the booster authorization that's expected to happen later this week. it has been another day of chaos at the nation's airports, where airlines continued to cancel flights due to bad weather and workers recovering from the omicron. vary it according to the flight tracking platform flight, aware there were 50 canceled flights at sfo today. 28 mineta, san jose and 12 at oakland international. i was visiting family in minnesota over the holidays and have been trying to get back to seattle for the last seven days. so hoping it works out today, there have been a ton of people like we're in this line for an hour yesterday with a ton of people who are also just experiencing these pretty bad airport conditions. industry experts say the usual post holiday travel lull should give airlines a chance to catch up. the flights for travel, leisure and business
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are quickly being booked for the months ahead. two big wireless carriers tonight delayed the rollout of new five g c band spectrum and this averts an aviation standoff. a t and t and verizon say they will delay their deployment for two weeks after airlines warned that it may interfere with aircraft electronic imposes safety hazard. it has been scheduled for wednesday, or it had been scheduled for wednesday. the carriers that we're facing pressure from the white house and others, airlines say possible interference could lead to thousands of flight delays or cancelations. airlines sandy faa say they'll use these two weeks to minimize the potential impact. an effort to test every student for covid before they get back to class is falling short at 10 30 tonight the challenges that they area districts are facing in the return from winter break. and a persistent sort of light rain drizzle out there, but it's
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adding up in the marine county area there over a couple of inches of rain, the rest of us not so when i come back, we'll show you the disparities and the next rain to come. also the force behind a popular musical movement has died after the break tonight how friends and fellow musicians are remembering bay area music producer tracks. a million he wasn't really trying to be famous. i wasn't i wasn't his thing. he don't want fame and he want to respect. i think new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with
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responsible for the cultural phenomenon, known as the hi fi movement tracks a million died yesterday, but those he worked with say he will live on through his music. ktvu zambelli joins us live tonight with more on his impact, amber alex tonight, i spoke with his manager and a fellow music producer. both say he was multi talented and brought something unique to the bay area music scene. sirens a project featuring all female artists was tracked for millions last before his death from cancer on january 2nd. some of the music was created at this studio in emeryville, where we met with his manager, prashant pk kumar. it's like a classy guy , you know, great demeanor, you
10:16 pm
know, not a big talker, extremely humble. um. he let his work speak for himself. million the artist was the force behind the bay area, hip hop music and cultural movement known as hi fi . in the early two thousands, he received top billing for his slap attic album in 2000 and six, which featured barrier talents such as too short and mister fab slap addict that he put out a lot of people consider that to be the soundtrack to the hyphen movement. new jersey native grew up in san jose as sultan banks, fellow musicians and friends described tracks a million as a musical powerhouse . he's a mastermind. well he takes his time. he understands music. he understands frequency he understood how to make hit songs. he was just very talented and brought people to him. e 40 , who had worked retracts a million posted this video in a tribute to him on social media.
10:17 pm
a lot of these guys he worked with kumar shows me a poster tracks a million made featuring many barriers artist he worked with, he says the music producer had fought a rare form of cancer for the past four years while continuing to create music. that tracks a million did most of his work quietly behind the scenes that the beat you don't get inspired to make the song you know, so it always starts with him. he wasn't really trying to be famous. it wasn't it wasn't his thing. he didn't want fame and he want to respect. i think he got that. tracks a million died at a relative's home in san jose. he would have turned 43 years old next month. kumar tells me he hopes to hold a public memorial service for his friend date to be decided. alex what an incredible legacy he leaves behind amberleigh live tonight in oakland. amber. thank you. we're learning more tonight about the death of a young woman who was seriously injured in the 2015 berkeley balcony collapse. in a statement, the family of
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fifa, barry says she died as a result of injuries suffered in that collapse. they say she had a number of health challenges since the fall. she died on saturday at a dublin ireland hospital because of a stroke. a small memorial has appeared at the site of the collapse in berkeley, including one sign that says our ip berkeley seven. that refers to the seven people who have now died as a result of the collapse. seven other people were injured in that 40 ft. drop down to the street below. berkeley mayor jesse a. diggin tweeted his condolences, saying , i am saddened to hear of the passing of fifa barry, who was instrumental in advancing state legislation to make sure such tragedies never happen again. we will always honor her memory and those we lost in the june 2015 balcony collapse. barry was 27 years old. king tides cause some flooding today want to show you what it looked like in marin county because he a lot of standing water was in the
10:19 pm
roadways building a transit had to reroute some bus service around the flooded areas. and in san francisco, there was flooding along being marketed aero small crowds gathered to watch water from the bay lack over the seawall onto the sidewalk. king tides are expected to continue into tomorrow. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. now with a look at more of what we can expect high bill hi, heather. yeah we got some showers out there. now the king tides will continue to be the minimized a little bit each day. but there's still high tides in the in the mid morning hours, so they're still going to be up over seven ft or so six ft. or so what we've got right now is some scattered showers. very light and san jose is 60.1. but if you go into marin county look at some of these numbers is stunning. i mean, marin county is a magnet, especially that mount tam area is a magnet for water. look at 3.5 inches, right. and if you're in even milk valley is under an inch, but then go over to san jose 0.0 and oakland point to redwood city, point zero's three san francisco what 10 miles is eight
10:20 pm
miles as the crow flies. six months the crow fly from mount tam 27.27. so it's amazing how much rain came out there. most of us are real light. scattered showers. light sprinkles drizzle that lasts a few more hours than it dies off and we get into a pattern that will be um well, clouds kind of cool. kind of mild, maybe a sprinkle here and there until we get to friday and then friday is our first chance for like a frontal passage in a real weather system. this system , though, is still dropping some light showers inside those green areas. i was checking the rainfall rates. it's like 0.0 to an hour to hundreds of an inch an hour, which is nothing in a big storm. we're looking at an inch and a half an hour, not 0.2. so it's real widespread spread. sprinkles got weather. winter weather advisory in the lake tahoe area. they're getting a few inches of snow. they were changing up on 80 earlier. when i come back, we'll put it all together and look at their computer model and the five day forecast. all right. thank you.
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bill. thousands of people in the sierra are still dealing with power outages now for an eighth straight day, a major storm knocked down power lines and trees last week. across several counties in the mountains. some customers told us today that they still don't know when they'll have electricity again. but more than a week later, crews are making some progress. residents in the town of alta had their power restored earlier today. frustrating because it didn't look like they were doing anything, but i think they just had a major trying to figure out where everything was broken. um like i said, i'm actually because of all the damage surprised that we got it this quick. in addition to pg and e cal fire was also out today, lifting trees off of propane tanks and clearing out walkways coming up tonight a police shooting in the east bay after a burglary at a cannabis dispensary. plus it's been nearly three months since a homeless man was killed when someone lit his sleeping bag on fire. the reward that's now being offered in this case. and
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coming up a little later tonight , the california school district that is requiring its teachers ditched the cloth masks. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost.
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tonight they are investigating the city's first homicide of 2022. police say a man died in the shooting that happened today along brandon street near the embarcadero. there's no word at this time on any suspects wanted in connection with the shooting . i knew it tends tonight. also in san francisco, police are offering a $25,000 reward leading to the arrest of the person who killed a homeless man. happened on the morning of october. 8th man, later identified as 43 year old louise fema. tom to mosque was asleep in a sleeping bag at 25th street in south venice avenue. police say that's when someone let the sleeping bag on fire. the man was taken to a hospital where he died the next day. new data from
10:25 pm
oakland police shows a flurry of crime as we closed out 2020 and ushered in the new year in a tweet. the police department said that since december 27th there have been 46 instances of gunfire. officers have recovered 11 guns. there have been 32 robberies and one homicide. a man who was shot and killed outside of a liquor store on 34th and hollis streets on new year's day. police in san leandro shot two men who they say were stealing from a marijuana dispensary. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us police say one of those suspects was armed with a handgun. san leandro police officer opened fire outside this cannabis dispensary in an industrial part of the city. it happened during a burglary at the silver streak. dispensary on fairway drive at about 10 40 sunday night. san leandro police captain ali khan says an officer spotted a masked man running back to an infinity with two other men sitting inside a suspect crawled from the passenger. side to the driver's
10:26 pm
side and armed himself where they have. police say the handgun had an extended magazine and the officer believed he was in danger. this result in the office for officer firing multiple rounds into the vehicle , but two men ended up getting shot. the man with a handgun was shot twice in the chest passenger he had climbed over was also shot in the chest. both are expected to survive. police say a second gun was found in the infinity. the third man in the car was arrested. the shooting happened just days after oakland police asked for the public's help in identifying these cars that were seen casing marijuana dispensaries, and it may not just be one caravan that's involved. sometimes there will be three or four of them simultaneously hitting different targets. james anthony is an attorney representing the cannabis industry. it's caravans of 10 15 20 cars. of armed individuals will attempt to break into not only retail dispensaries but other cannabis businesses. he says the criminals probably assumed that police will be focused on
10:27 pm
fireworks and gunfire on new year's weekend. the police were aware of the chatter and as they've done in the past sounded the alarm to officers and the pot industry. we did receive information from the oakland police department that over the new year's weekend there was a significant intelligence and spike in crimes. police tell me that they do employ security, but that they weren't physically there at the time of the shooting. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. still to come hours long testing lines here in the bay area after many school districts do not receive at home test from the state, i was causing problems for the return from winter break. and in the space city that could give its police officers hero pay for working during the pandemic, also one of the nfl's biggest star says goodbye to pittsburgh fans for the final time, we'll have highlights of big ben's final home game coming up tonight in sports. also we'll get the latest on the devastating colorado wildfires at 10 45 tonight what
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limited availability in select areas. reminding everyone to book your appointment and not procrastinate and do a walk in the rise in coronavirus cases is prompting long lines of testing sites across the bay area, including this one in oakland. ktvu photographer captured this video of people waiting outside a ucsf benny off children's hospital building on martin luther king jr way. one family said they needed to get tested because the entire household had to produce negative results. as a requirement to get their daughter back into preschool after the holiday break. the state had hoped to get at home
10:31 pm
covid testing kits out to every public school districts statewide before classes resumed after the holidays. but as ktvu is rob roth reports, with many students returning to class today, some districts still have not received their tests. even as san francisco public schools reopened monday after the holiday break. some families were lining up early in the morning to get tested for covid 19 at this mobile testing site at district headquarters. i still just want to be safe. and make sure that we don't spread it to the other kids through my child. this is one of three mobile testing sites in the city , while the numbers of those tested were not available monday afternoon, the district says about 1000 people weren't tested sunday. san francisco is still waiting for the rapid at home test kits to arrive from the state, which is city millions of kids to all school districts in california. oakland school officials say they distributed 41,000 at home kits before the
10:32 pm
break. it isn't full proof. it may not catch every single case , there will be kids who test negative, but are, you know positive the next day, and so certainly that's going to happen, but we know that kids need to be in school, but one special education teacher from grass valley elementary school said there was a big problem. problem is that not our students recieved it. they should have been given to the classroom teachers to be able to give to the students. i do know of a couple of schools where we did have some hiccups that maybe didn't get out to everybody. and so we're working to make sure that all of that gets out this week and it shouldn't be different from school to school, and that's what we'd like to work with the district on in santa's. a families also lined up to get the pcr tests at one of three sites. classes here don't resume until tuesday. at home. kids have gone out throughout the district. we visited with family over the holidays and we tested at home before we visited them. but we also know that the pcr tests are in general more reliable. the school districts all stressed that while the covid tests are
10:33 pm
highly recommended, they are strictly voluntary. in the newsroom. rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. teachers with the l. a county school district are being required to upgrade their masks in order to control the spread of covid 19 updated guidance from county health officials says teachers should be wearing surgical grade masks or better masks will also be required outdoors where physical distancing isn't possible. students and staff have been told to undergo mandatory covid testing before returning from the winter break on january. 10th a nationwide nursing shortage continues to plague the healthcare system. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us how it's affecting patients in need of care. in some respects, the new year seems a lot like the previous two years. this as the old problem of too few nurses continues haunting hospitals and health care providers. we have had a long
10:34 pm
standing problem with the demand for nursing being higher than our capacity to generate nurses . we've had longstanding issues with nursing education. a recent survey by the american association of critical care nurses finds 92% believe the covid pandemic depleted hospital staffing and two thirds considered calling it a career last year. there's been a recent expansion of duties once the domain of nurses now being done by l. p n s and other patient care technicians to lessen the strain on the system. officials with the santa clara county health department say while we currently have adequate nursing staff and are able to manage the current patient volumes we are concerned and are actively monitoring the changing situation as covid-19 cases and illnesses increase. i think it's worthwhile recognizing that we all have to think seriously about whether or not a need we have right now for an elective surgery needs to be met. at this moment that may need to be delayed. it's a continuation of
10:35 pm
an old reality into the promise of a new year, even with vaccines and testing. the effects of covid linger on in san jose jesse gary ktvu fox two news in clayton, the city council there, we'll consider tomorrow a request from the city's police union. for covid-19 related hero pay for officers of the money would come from the city share of american rescue plan funds and could extend to other city employees, city officials say. if approved, they would make one time payments to workers employed by the city before last march. 20 employees could be eligible for going above and beyond. during the pandemic, clayton has received $1.45 million in rescue act funds with less than 200,000 already spent. cupertino based apple has now become the first u. s company to reach a market capitalization of $3. trillion apple briefly hit that benchmark today when its share price hit $182.86. now it dropped back
10:36 pm
under the mark shortly afterward , in closed just above $182. the market cap number is largely symbolic. but analysts say investors are showing confidence in the company and its stock's ability to grow on wall street stocks were broadly higher. on the first day of trading of the new year. the dow and the s and p 500 both set new records at the close. the dow was up 246 points, the nasdaq gained 187 points and the s and p was up 30 points. shares of tesla were up more than 13% today on strong delivery numbers for 2021. the electric carmaker, now based in austin, texas, says it delivered more than 936,000 vehicles last year, despite a chip shortage that's been impacting the auto industry. that's almost double the numbers from 2020. tesla delivered a company record of more than 308,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter alone. coming up tonight. 11 twins born 15
10:37 pm
minutes apart. well, that happens all the time, but one family, those 15 minutes made a big difference will explain at 11. and it's still read it out there. just light scattered showers for most of us, but marin county, another story over two and three inches of rain, all have that end the five day forecast coming up. first after the break tonight. another social media site is taking action against congresswoman marjorie taylor green how she's responding to facebook, blocking her for 24 hours. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get
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sorry, one sec. doug blows several different whistles. doug blows several different whistles. [a vulture squawks.] there he is. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ only pay for what you need. green is accusing facebook of censoring her, claiming she was blocked from posting on the social media platform for 24 hours. a spokesperson for meta, facebook's parent company, said
10:40 pm
the company removed one of green's post about covid-19. just yesterday, twitter permanently suspended one of green's accounts for repeatedly spreading misinformation about the virus. court filings revealed today confirmed that new york's attorney general suspended donald trump and his two eldest children as part of a civil investigation into the family's business practices. the subpoenas demanded testimony and documents from the former president, as well as his son, donald jr and daughter ivanka. last month, trump sued new york's attorney general, hoping to put an end to the investigation. the filings also indicate that donald jr and ivanka trump plan to fight the subpoenas a settlement agreement between the late jeffrey epstein and a woman who accused him of sexual abuse and trafficking her to prince andrew has now been made public. it shows epstein paid virginia guiffre a $500,000 to drop her 2000 and nine lawsuit. without any admission of liability or fault. the
10:41 pm
document was unsealed as part of her separate lawsuit against prince andrew. she accused epstein of making several arrangements for her to have sex with men, including the prince when she was a minor. prince andrew has denied the allegations. his attorneys say the lawsuit violates the terms of the settlement agreement with epstein. president biden met virtually with farmers and ranchers today as americans continue to struggle with higher food prices. the president laid out several steps to try to fight inflation at the grocery store, blaming for large meatpacking industries of monopolizing the market and driving prices up. the meeting came as consumer prices rose in november. 6.8% over the previous 12 months, 39 year high capitalism without competition isn't capitalism. it's exploitation. that's what we're seeing in meat and poultry and those industries now small independent farmers and ranchers are being driven out of
10:42 pm
business. now using $1 billion from the american rescue plan divided administration says it will help independent meat and poultry producers trained workers finance infrastructure and provide loans and support to businesses. the government also announced a new effort to better enforce competition laws, including a portal to report potential violations. still to come tonight how the port of oakland is addressing supply chain issues for agricultural workers. plus investigators are trying to pinpoint exactly where the colorado wildfires first broke out on max gordon in lewisville, colorado, all of the latest coming up. round another round of rain on the way our chief meteorologist bill martin, breaks it all down with your
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10:46 pm
area where a burning shed was spotted on the morning. the fire broke out. we don't know that that shed or anything around. it was the actual started the fire or whether it was secondary. something ignited the fire. in that wind on a red flag day, the denver post reports. investigators were seen coming and going from buildings owned by a religious sect in the neighborhood. the group denies the fire started on their property. wind gusts, topping 100 mph pushed flames into the suburbs north of denver, where nearly 8000 homes were destroyed . this man returning to find his house reduced to its foundations. firefighters helping him crack open this safe . just ashes left inside. i had all my papers my home papers and figured hey, these things this thing won't burn. the fast spread was fueled by drought conditions which have persisted since last summer. grass and vegetation dry out and burn quickly. climate experts say. it's the latest indication of a climate crisis. this kind of event that happens in december with a lot of rain to increase
10:47 pm
fuels early in the year and then no rain later in the year that drives them out is very much associated with climate change climate change. is here now. but this is not some future threat that we have to deal with at some point some day, but this is here and now, as of monday, search teams were still looking for two people still missing. if you're dead after their houses were found it consumed by the flames in lewisville, colorado, mexico, gordon ktvu, fox two news. more than 750,000. people were without power today as a winter storm battered the south and the mid atlantic. this storm kept millions of children from returning to school grounded the president's helicopter and caused treacherous road conditions. all federal offices in the washington d. c area where closed today except for emergency personnel. the storm was so strong, it grounded president biden's chopper, forcing his motorcade to drive to the white house from joint
10:48 pm
base. andrews heavy snow in the d c area is not uncommon this time of year, but it came just one day after temperatures were in the sixties. it's been quite some time since we've had a substantial snow, but as i stated before we prepare for year round more trouble is also expected tomorrow, with lows in parts of the mid atlantic predicted to be in the teens. all right, just marveling again at the rain disparities classic marine county on this drizzle light rain event ends up with 3.5 inches up on mountain town. santa rosa, just quarter of an answer. san francisco just about a quarter of an inch as well, so look at mount tamil pius as the crow flies to san francisco. certainly not more than 10 miles , and look at that. the disparity and rainfall came and then, of course you got san jose , right? 100.1 there so much lighter oakland almost 2/10 so just an interesting aerial distribution of the showers that
10:49 pm
are still going and should begin to die down. here is the model. i want to just take you through here we go tomorrow. morning tomorrow afternoon. then we get into wednesday morning. then we get into wednesday afternoon thursday. see everything just kind of cloudy kind of murky. that's the forecast like it's hard to really pin anything down. what's going on now is probably our best shot at showers until we get to friday when we do have rain in the forecast with a quarter inch to half inch kind of event. maybe not that dissimilar from this, but i think we'll see more rain in more areas like san jose. oh, get some rain instead of 0.1 flight scattered sheriff's all those greens represent rainfall rates that are it's just drizzling and trickling out. but again, mountain town pious man the way you know it faces a little south and parts of the west peak. and it grabs that moisture and just rings it out. it's warmer tonight by 13 degrees in fairfield. it's warmer tonight by 18 degrees in livermore. so those of you
10:50 pm
worried about plants and vegetation. and what have you that's done for a while. with the cloud cover this week, temperatures are going to stay off the bottom. these are the forecast overnight lows for tomorrow morning. and it's just going to be kind of kind of a like it's a wintry kind of a week. coming up. here's the model. we looked at it real quick. now i'm gonna slow it down. so here we are. now here we are. tomorrow morning. so your morning commute. maybe a sprinkle or two, just real light. and then your afternoon looks like that. partly cloudy mostly cloudy. partly sunny in san jose. then wednesday morning, we do the same thing. few sprinkles little jerusalem in santa rosa. sad wednesday afternoon. looks good right? partly sunny. partly cloudy thursday morning, so we are just in for kind of a mix of clouds and sun and a little bit of sprinkle activity until we get the friday and that was what was sitting up there. that green area if i should have stopped on that, but that area that friday system will come down that be a full frontal system. maybe a winter storm warning in the
10:51 pm
mountains, but it'll just be more of a typical weather pattern or typical system. so after this rain gets through, this light stuff goes through. we are going to be looking at kind of just clouds and jacket weather with a sprinkle here and there until we get to friday. there is the five day forecast and again i'll tell you what marine county never ceases to amaze me with that rainfall cumulation we have parts of up around account can we can't field in those areas are already at almost two inches as well. so i'll be back here at 11, and we will update the forecast. impressive numbers there, bill. we'll see you in a bit. the port of oakland is planning to help alleviate the supply chain disruption for exporters of agricultural goods. plans are underway now for 25 acre off terminal yard to be used to store containers for fast pickup. report of oakland's executive director, says the portal along with its federal and state partners is ready to do everything it can to help provide room and relief for agricultural customers. the art is scheduled to open as early as march. coming up tonight in
10:52 pm
sports. the warriors get a huge effort from draymond green and jordan's pool, but was it enough to give golden state to win against the heat? sports director mark cuban is will let us know next in sports and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news . more information on the death of actress betty white. however representatives are dispelling rumors about how she died at a lot.
10:53 pm
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- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. is with you tonight. the vinyl room. golden state warriors best record in the nba and look out league. they're about to get even better, thanks to the worst kept secret in the league. clay thompson is coming back on sunday. we'll have more on that in just a minute. but first, what did they do against the
10:55 pm
miami heat tonight? with drama back off the covid list of the heat, missing several of their key players go to work. jonathan coming up with a nice steel auto, porter jr will get it to jordan's pool, his fouls it counts. he is into it, embracin% his new role, which will be up the benches of sixth man when clay comes back third quarter now miami is digged up already, and they're going to lose their star guard jimmy butler. that's a nasty looking ankle sprain right there. he was taken off and did not return. fourth quarter up. five warriors andrew wiggins will clank from outside hustle. you can teach it dream on getting back to the wig. man ain't going to miss that he had 22 tonight. miami stays closed draymond block. he had four of them tonight. he is the defensive player of the year. so far other end of that sequence pool will finish a one unhand jam hit 32 points again. he's fouled it. scout warriors win
10:56 pm
this thing 1 15 1 away against a very stubborn and good wealth. coach miami teams warriors, 17 and three at home. did you notice? no steph curry highlights yet only nine points . three of 17 shooting one for 10 from three still contributes 10 assists in this game. was all about the ascending jourdan poop warriors. 39 is the fact that he stayed ready. he was working out in his room every day and then to come come back, rejoined the team. and have his the role change and to respond the way he has, um it's just amazing and shows you how much he's grown and matured. and what a good player he is. all right. meanwhile word is leaked out that klay thompson's coming back a little sooner than many of us thought one of the great shooters in the nba be ready by sunday against the cleveland
10:57 pm
cavs. everything has gone well in his rehab. he's missed just about two years with the knee surgery in the achilles tendon rip a final decision on his return expected by the end of the week, but it does look indeed like sunday's the time. so if you've got a ticket, you are one lucky person because that's going to be an emotional evening. hey, with regard to san francisco 49 years eight, we started the regular season talking about the quarterbacks situation. that's how we're going to end the regular season. although come on jimmy garoppolo , who sat out sunday in the victory of the texans. doesn't figure to be able to come back from the thumb wrapped as you see from the victory yesterday, and it's going to go to trade lance, it would appear in this must game against the l. a rams, 49ers have not clinched the playoffs, but the rookie lands slow to warm up through a pick in the first half, but then got into it a couple of touchdown passes. he was in control in the
10:58 pm
end, as were the 49ers. it's a team here's coach shanahan's assessment of the rookie's first home start ever. i traded some really good things is thrown in a real tough situation. in terms of this where team was at how big of a game that was basically being a playoff game at that he went in there handled the pressure real well to watch them just respond, especially after that pick i thought he had a real successful day and to get his first went off his back. all right. it's coming right down to it first time we've ever had 17 regular season games and go into it. 49ers need another victory, and the steelers are still alive monday night football this evening. it was all about ben roethlisberger. he's going to retire after this year, his last home game in pittsburgh, where he's a hero. not a hero everywhere, but he's certainly is there in the first quarter. get the steelers on the board with little shorty to deontay johnson five yards on the night,
10:59 pm
ben 24 46 for only 123 yards through 40 60 counts is also a pick and an interception. gotta talk about najee harris busted it. nice stiff arm, 30 yards breaks, franco harris says rookie rushing record. for the steelers and then late in the game now, as he puts it away, breaking at 37 yards touchdown, he had 188 yards rushing steelers still alive. 26 14. the browns are long gone as far as a playoff situation. is baker, mayfield and company are out that is the sporting life will have more and about 25 minutes for you, warriors and clay thompson, the big story back to you guys. alright alright. thanks so much. mark. see you next at 11. it's what we unfortunately expected. um, once we saw how transmissible covid was covid-19 spreading faster
11:00 pm
than ever tonight the push to vaccinate as the state's case count reaches alarming numbers. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. california is among a number of states shattering records for new covid cases with more than 56,000 new cases reported just yesterday. hello again, everyone. i'm alex savage, heather holmes frank and julia off tonight, many employers are now revising their return to office plans and vaccination policies. ktvu elissa harrington is here now to tell us how starbucks is responding to this latest covid search, you know, starbucks is just one of the major companies requiring all employees to either get fully vaccinated or take weekly covid test. female one doctor. i talked to said this surge in cases is very concerning and now is not the best time to return to the office. if you don't have to. terrible doctor, john schwartzberg, a clinical professor of infectious disease at uc


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