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i'm greg lee. i'm andre senior san who took off from the scene. it happened a little after eight tonight in the area of south white road and east hill strive the victim who died was a pedestrian. we're told, investigators are still on the scene. they have south white road closed in both directions. investigators want you to avoid the area vehicle caught on camera with flashing hazard lights in the area was not involved in the crash. if you know anything that can help investigators find the driver. contact san jose police and new at 11. police in milpitas are investigating a homicide after a man was found with his unresponsive ex girlfriend. in the back seat of his car. police were called to the north millipedes boulevard area about 12 45 this afternoon to do a welfare check on the woman because no one had heard from her police spotted the suspect's vehicle speeding out of the area and followed him into fremont where he crashed that vehicle.
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well, there they found the 35 year old woman in the car. first responders tried to save the woman's life. but she was pronounced dead at the scene now that the suspect or the victim's name were released into this travelers need to brace for more flight cancelations and delays well into this new year. ktvu zach sauce joins us live from the oakland international airport after speaking with area travelers who are among the thousands of travelers facing delays across the us tonight, zach. yeah, sort of a perfect storm for the airlines today, a combination of staff shortages and some bad weather, basically , resulting in a day of cancelations and delays here at oakland airport. just really tired and like, kind of exhausted and alexa alone, not alone in feeling that way among the thousands of air passengers caught up in sunday's travel mess in the skies, first mike flight got canceled flight from tucson to oakland airport, then changed to delayed and the departure time pushback twice. some 2600 flights canceled
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across the us today and more than 8800 delayed. that's according to travel site flight aware keeps changing. it was earlier today was 40 minutes. now is 10 minutes. let's see if it will be, and i think it's the last flight for the night, so hopefully we're out of here, and we're not going to sleep in the airport, shearing and tobias headed back to phoenix after spending new year's in the bay area airlines, blaming the problems on staffing shortages due to covid 19 and bad weather across the country. days of cancelations having a trickle down effect making normally crowded holiday flights. even worse, the whole flight was booked, like every single seat airlines say they're taking steps to reduce cancelations. united is offering to pay pilots triple or more of their usual wages for picking up open flights through mid january. meantime spirit airlines reached a deal with the association of flight attendants for double pay for cabin crews. through tuesday at oakland airport. steve manning also delayed flying out , chalking up the whole experience to another example of
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life in the new normal. not too bad for me. i was i was expecting a little bit worse than that holiday travel rush that came as the omicron variants surged across the country and here in the bay area, you know it's nerve racking, especially when you're found travel with your family and small kids and stuff, but, um so far, we haven't had any difficulties or issues. everyone seems to have been respectful and wearing their masks back at check in sharing in tobias, keeping a close eye on their delayed flight to phoenix on the departure board their trip out here a few days ago. no better. we were ready to get on the flight, and it was just canceled the airline automatically moving the couple to a later flight. we were, like, kind of okay. we have to leave now and then? no we don't both able to take almost any airline mishap in stride. going back home now we're just happy. it's just 10 minutes. and here at oakland airport, more than 100 flights were delayed today. 25 canceled at sfo more than 60 were canceled and at san jose airport
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around 15 were canceled overall , pretty bad day for air travel here in the bay live in oakland airport's access. ktvu fox two news. tough start to the week for a lot of travelers, zack. thank you. well bay area travelers may have it bad, but not nearly as bad as travelers in chicago this weekend. the winter storm that hit the midwest yesterday made chicago the worst place in the country for travelers throughout the weekend. about a quarter of all flights at o hare in an international airport or canceled today are we are just two days into the new year, and the oakland police department already investigating the city's first homicide of 2020, it happened. new year's day on 34th street in west oakland. ktvu is elissa harrington has more on the investigation and how anti violence groups are reacting to a violent start to the new yeare citizen. app shows a crime scene in west oakland around nine pm new year's day, a man was shot and killed outside a liquor store at 34th and hollis streets. he was pronounced dead
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at the scene. this first homicide of the year is upsetting for anti violence groups in oakland, but please put down your guns. you pastor jim hopkins with lakeshore avenue baptist church is involved in the city's ceasefire program. he was with many others . new year's eve for the service of the crosses to remember the 134 homicide victims lost in oakland in 2021 1st reaction has to be one of grief and lament. and certainly for boarding of here we go again after for 134. homicides last year. five people were also killed on freeways in oakland, there was a 21% increase in shootings, pastor jim said. people are desperate and many need resources like job training, recovery and support for families. he said. in the new year, they will do more outreach and try to intervene in the lives of young people at risk of being involved in violent crimes. i've just got to fall back on what's worked before. there's evidence that when the ceasefire philosophy is
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worked is implemented, is trusted. ah the number of homicides goes down significantly on new year's eve , opd discussed its commitment to making oakland a safer city. the department released a statement that said public service and safety are in the highest tradition of the oakland police department, which we will continueprogram that is becaused restrictions made it hard to do the outreach and to build relationships with people in the community. opd has said that it is still dedicated to this strategy in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. in any argument is facing felony charges now, after police and pleasant hill say they found a homemade bomb in his vehicle during a traffic stop. it happened late last night around 9 30 when police stopped a vehicle. at a gas station and contra costa boulevard equipment violation. the driver, later
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identified as 27 year old mark navy of antiochus was on probation, so police searched his car. and that's when they found the explosive device. they say the gas pumps were shut down at the gas station closed at the time of the arrest, but the walnut creek bomb squad they were called in to make sure the explosive device did not go off. who would love him parents in the sierra foothills there wondering now when they can send their children back to school, pollock pines along highway 50 has been without power for a week due to last week's snowstorm. children are scheduled to return from the winter break on tuesday, but it is unclear if the power will be restored. by then. roughly 600 students are enrolled in the pollock pines school district. majority of the work in terms of handling the snow has been done. now we just need power. later in this newscast will take a look at how some people in this community have been coping without power for an entire week . well as kids head back to
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school this week across the country, there are growing concerns now about sending them back because of the spread of coronavirus is oh macron variant. fox's charles watson explains what schools are doing to make sure kids won't be spending their semester spring semester, at least behind a computer screen and distance learning. the acceleration of cases that we've seen is really unprecedented, gone well beyond anything we've seen before. the highly contagious alma cranberry in has fueled the rapid spread of new covid cases across the u. s so far, much of this has happened while americans are at home for the holidays. but starting monday, schools around the country will welcome back students and staff while being tasked with keeping them safe. this time around, schools are doing whatever they can to avoid going remote. the goal is full time in person learning for our students. they've suffered enough as pediatric hospitalizations for covid approach. record highs. schools are stocking up on rapid test to stay ahead of potential outbreaks in new york city, the nation's largest school district
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. students will get tested if there's an outbreak in their class. those who test negative can return to class. while positive cases and those who don't opt into tests will stay home. many parents don't have the luxury of staying home, so we have to do everything possible to keep them in school as our plan a plan b and plan c . meanwhile many colleges aren't taking any chances. stanford harvard in several other major universities are going online only for the first few weeks of this spring semester. health experts say the best safeguard is for parents to get their kids vaccinated. they're currently available for children, ages five and up. in atlanta. charles watson, fox news online college classes are expected to return it some schools in the u. c system. those include uc davis and uc santa cruz. meanwhile u c. berkeley says it expects everyone to get tested for covid before returning to campus. other schools that could also require remote remote school learning. rather yale columbia and rice university. thousands
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of students in the west contra costa county unified school district received covid-19 at home testing kits. today. the kids were provided to the district by the california department of public health district officials are asking that students take the test before returning to school tomorrow. the district was given 30,000 tests and has made available videos in english. spanish. cantonese arabic and vietnamese on how to administer the tests. um we're recommending that they test before they come back tomorrow morning, and they will upload their test results into their school database. and then each school site also does weekly testing that families often too, and our students have the opportunity to test weekly at school as well. starting on february 18th all students, ages , 12 and older will need to be fully vaccinated to continue in person learning unless they haven't approved medical exemption. the activist groups equal opportunity now and by any
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means necessary, held a news conference today to push for the return of distance learning. they say schools right now are not safe due to the spike in covid cases in the bay area. we need parents. not to be sending their young people, their children to school. we need everyone to be standing up against this. in addition to virtual learning, the groups are pushing for pandemic economic assistance for families and mandatory vaccinations and testing for all teachers. staff and students. new at 11. defense secretary lloyd austin has tested positive for covid 19 in a statement, the defense department says austin has mild symptoms. he is fully vaccinated and received his booster in october. austin says his staff has begun contact tracing all of those who came in contact with him over the past week. the defense secretary says he'll follow cdc guidelines and quarantine at home for the next five days. he also says he'll be attending meetings. virtually
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president biden returns to washington tomorrow after spending the holidays in delaware. his return comes as americans return to work in school and a surge in covid cases. some waited in line for hours over the holidays to get a covid test. the administration is trying to buy 500 million tests to send out free, though it's unclear when this month that program begins. the administration also faces criticism over evolving covid guidance. i do think there is some confusion out there because you've got one set of rules for healthcare workers. you've got another one for those in the school systems, and now you've got one for the general public. president also faces a series of covid related court challenges. on friday, the supreme court will hear cases including federal mandate for employees at larger companies. coming up on the 11 o'clock news and new year's day crashed. alejo claims two lives. more than a dozen people spend a very cold night
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limited availability in select areas. overnight into train cars. the cars got stuck in the mountains overlooking albuquerque after ice formed on the tram line friday night. cruise used ropes and other equipment to lower the
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passengers. 85 ft to the ground before escorting them to a nearby landing zone. there were then ferried by helicopter to the base of the mountain rescue took several hours, but the passengers were given blankets and other supplies as they waited. no one was hurt. getting back to the power outage impacting people across the sierra. right now, some people have been struggling to get by without service for an entire week. now this map from pg and e shows how widespread those outages are as reporter or co. mana tells us some people in the community are stepping up to help those without power. a generator chugs along in the backyard of this georgetown home , powering only a few things inside single light right here. that helps us to see sarah johnson has been living in darkness since the power went out on sunday because of the massive winter storm. but what's more concerning to her or the downed power lines and fallen trees? we saw these power lines in the middle of the road, and these branches fell into the
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wires in front of johnson's home sleepless nights, a lot of them because you here the snow coming down, and you're not sure if it's going to be a branch or a tree. others are still stuck in their homes because of the damage. that's why logan rush has been using shovels, chains and chain stars to help those in need clearing debris from the roads and driving people to get much needed supplies. these are photos rush took earlier this week before he cleaned up the streets. i've been leaving my house at about around eight and then coming back around eight. and just all day running back and forth to the gas station to the grocery store, you know, just getting keeping people moving, and this isn't part of russia's job. he's doing this all out of the goodness of his heart. it's just what you have to do appear, you know? people if there's people that can't make it, you gotta do what you can to help him. it's just really important in this community. appreciate exam. thank you. georgetown gassing go set up this donation box for people like rush who they're calling unsung heroes. they're your friend doing endless work
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around here, cutting trees getting people out of their driveways, bringing supplies to families and they're doing it. all on their own time. and so we thought we could get back to them a simple way to say thank you. that's not going unnoticed. it's just been really eye opening. how how great the great the community is up here. these acts of kindness, a reminder that there can be light. even in the darkest of times. it really truly gives me hope that there are good people in this world. that was or co manner reporting as we saw earlier in this newscast, the power outages may delay children's return to some schools in the sierra. alright beautiful night in san francisco beautiful night around the bay area, not going to be as cold as it has been because we got a little bit of cloud cover coming in and a slight chance of a shower tomorrow morning and then again tomorrow afternoon, especially in the north bank. cooler weather system coming our way doesn't have a lot of
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moisture with it so you can see the snow level would be kind of low. we might see a little bit of snow on bay area peaks in the morning, especially in the north paper amount, saying halina. maybe diablo by the afternoon in the clouds increasing now over the top of us are helping to keep us a little bit warmer than we were last night at this time, and in fact, temperatures are warmer by a few degrees. these are the current temperatures and you can see in some cases there were intended grease warmer than they were last night. well, 11 degrees warmer in oakland, so it's a cloud cover moving in, even though it's a cold system coming from the north. the clouds are enough to keep the warmth from the day in and so forecast overnight lows be well above freezing in most locations you could find you might find a couple of free spots, especially in the north bay, but overall pretty mild overnight compared to those really cold mornings we've been experiencing upper twenties. right. so you had a couple plants you probably had to cover. not so tonight different story. so here's the system. here's the model. this is tonight. here it comes for tomorrow morning, right? you
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kind of see some talking about maybe a few sprinkles on the morning commute. and then tomorrow afternoon as you go through the day it just brings in a few showers over the top of us by around five and six, and they're relatively light. san jose, you may just see trace amounts, and then we move on into tuesday morning. right? they're supposed to be a sprinkle. that looks pretty minimal to me. if there is, i wouldn't worry about it. and then then again on tuesday afternoon, not bad. few clouds again on wednesday, so you can see we got we got. we got a bunch of nothing coming really? tomorrow will be a little something. but after that tuesday wednesday thursday, not a lot going on. in terms of precept, but then on friday, we actually have a real weather system, a frontal system that's going to come in and that will set us up with the best opportunity for rain all week. albeit we could see and probably we'll see if you scattered showers. as the week wears on, especially tomorrow afternoon, and tomorrow morning. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. all right, bill. thanks. police in the lake hill are investigating a fiery car crash
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that left two people dead. officers say it happened at about 9 20 last night on shasta street near the nebraska street. when officers arrived. they say they found the car fully engulfed in flames and her firefighters arrived and extinguish the fire. they confirmed that two people inside the car died. there's no word yet on the identities of the two people. in the irish woman who was severely injured but survived. the 2015 berkeley balcony collapses died, according to a statement from the university college dublin, antifa barry died at a dublin hospital yesterday. media reports say the cause of her death was a stroke. now. it was not immediately known if that stroke was related to the head and other life threatening injuries she sustained in the balcony collapse. it was barry's 21st birthday that was being celebrated on the balcony when it collapsed. six young people, mostly visiting u c. berkeley, irish students died. and seven others were injured in the 40 ft. drop to the street below. berry was 27 years old. sports
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wrap is coming up at 11 30. here's a look at what joe and jason are working on. trey lance leads the 49ers to win over the texans will talk about his performance and what the coach is saying about his chances to start the season finale against the rams with a playoff spot on the line. that's right show with one week left the regular season. the 49ers are one of three teams vying for the final two playoff spots in the nfc. we're gonna break it all down. as well as what the raiders need to do to make the playoffs. it is a full half hour of sports coming up at 11 30 on sports report trap first after the break. we'll show you how technology is changing the way some people think about what qualifies dominated the early dae
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smartphone. i had one and they will soon stop working forever. the original original smartphone on tuesday the old devices will no longer be able to use data, send text messages, access the internet or make calls even to 911. the company says it now wants to focus on providing security software and services to enterprises and governments around the world under the name blackberry ltd. the last version of the blackberry operating system launched eight years ago. this week's consumer electronics show in las vegas is being cut short due to the recent spike in covid 19 cases tied to the omicron variant, the world's largest technology show is now scheduled to run from wednesday
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until friday. one day shorter than originally planned and all in person. attendees are required to show proof that they are fully vaccinated. they must also mask during the show and tested negative for covid 19 less than 24 hours before entering any si es venue. when they get their show registration credentials will be given the opportunity for free tests and throughout the show, they'll be able to take them. so it's something that's that's just one more layer added on so people feel comfortable and safe, but when you're on the show premises themselves, i think people will feel pretty comfortable. shapiro said. the chip shortage, in addition to covid concerns, is keeping many vendors away this year about 2200 vendors are expected at the show. that's compared to about 4400 and 2019 before the pandemic. speaking of high tech as technology advances, there are always
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changes. in the way people do things, including how they participate in sports socks is danielle miller has more on why being labeled a gamer has becoming a thing of the past. a lot of it from the mental side of it to the training side of it to the business side is very, very sports like scott smith talking about esports. the industry has completely taken off and there's no sign of it. stopping there's a competitive platform. people play for money for sponsorships for glory. some of these players and some of these games are making hundreds of $1000 a year millions in prize purse. again much like you and i can play basketball. we don't play in the nba. you and i can play legal legends, but you have to get all the way up here to play in their nba, the lcs smith proving you can make a career out of the sports, even if you're not a pro gamer, his company do not peek entertainment is helping to promote, grow and support the industry. gamey news sports news roster moves all that kind of stuff. what we're prepping for today is i do a weekly show
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called the breakdown that is kind of a weekly roundup of gaming and e sports related news . smith says the stigma of being a gamer is becoming a thing of the past. he credits that for its rise in popularity, daniel miller fox news college programs . yeah i mean, it is a thing of the past. you can become a gamer, and it's totally cool and you make a lot of money to make money and get scholarships from exactly right. i mean, there's you know, everyone's doing. that's not becoming a thing of the past. i think it is a thing of the past my playstation at this point i know right. alright thank you so much for joining us tonight. sports wrap with joe
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after their rookie quarterback has them one win away from clinching a playoff spot. so who will start the all important regular season finale? my name? jimmy is 100% healthy and could do everything i would definitely go with jimmy. no debate with the raiders. it's all about derek carr on a team that also controls its playoff fate. then there's never been a doubt there's never a finger pointed a sad and sudden ending to antonio brown's tenure in tampa. he has no longer a buck. on the
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positive side. i can't wait to come back. it's coming.


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