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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 31, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ trip of the year, ending in chaos when someone opens fire inside the sun valley mall, people scrambling to get to safety and we saw someone who was wounded being taken away by an ambulance. everybody running. start running out. everybody is running out. the window was
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there and he's a buggy, half dead. is building a lot from his left side. chaos a new year's eve. good evening to you. i'm andre senior, and i'm greg liggins cristina rendon has the night off. we begin tonight with gunfire inside the sun valley mall in concord. it happened at around 3 40 this afternoon less than 90. minutes before the malls early closing time for new year's eve. ktvu s elissa harrington talked to shoppers and vendors who were inside the mall. when this happened. she joins us live now from concord, alyssa. at the small was packed when the shooting occurred. police won't say what exactly happened but employees. i talked to said that the shooting happened during an attempted robbery, and they saw at least one person injured, injured who was shot in the upper abdomen. i heard a bang and i knew right then and there i was like that's a gunshot jr. zinke and jade bell were working inside conquered sun valley mall
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at the store box lunch when they heard gunshots by a nearby kiosk . i saw a girl in a green tracksuit running and i was like this is not a drill, they say shoppers started running. they brought as many as they could inside their store and locked the doors. that's what we heard a pop me and my manager here, actually, um, we ran up to our door and maybe we had actually ran out of our story because i saw two children like running by themselves. so i told we're getting our store they were like behind the pictures. they were just out of sight. like as long as they couldn't see out the window. you can't see them from the window. that's what we told them. just make sure you stay away from the windows. concord police put them all on lockdown and did a sweep. officers and canines were seen searching for the shooter. employees sheltered in place for about 45 minutes. when i pulled up all of this road there was about 30 cop cars just on this side long. everybody was running out of the doors. bells mom, michelle waited nervously in the parking lot, then hugged her daughter when she finally emerged from an
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emergency exit row wishing called i was my heart sink. you know, my heart's just i'm like trying just looking at my daughter right now. just trying not to grow. paramedics were seen wheeling someone out of the food court area on a stretcher. that person was then taken away in an ambulance. bell shared this picture from inside. it shows where the shooting happened. the victim's shirt is seen on the floor. i put in a call to the concord police department tonight to see if there are any additional details but have not heard back. they did confirm earlier today that they were investigating a shooting at the mall. with at least one person hurt. reporting live in concord. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news, melissa. thank you. well. congressman mark desaulnier, who represents conquered shared this short statement on twitter. our office is closely monitoring reports of a shooting at the sun valley mall and keeping all those affected. in our thoughts.
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better this the new year's eve celebrations across the globe here on the west coast. we still have just under two hours left until midnight, but many regions across the world already rang in the new year. from thailand to russia to dubai and hong kong. large fireworks displays were held as the clock struck midnight, but many major cities played it safe and canceled celebrations because of a recent rise. and covid cases and here in the bay area, san francisco, one of those cities that chose to play it safe by canceling the fireworks show on the embarcadero, this is the second year in a row, the waterfront celebration has been canceled. many residents and tourists are also keeping it low key this year we spoke to a couple visiting from the east coast and they tell us they were going to have a big celebration, but now they're having a small dinner with friends. i think we're hoping to be able to see all our friends at once and really have a big, big, big new year's. but again better to be safe than sorry. hopefully 2022 is better. it feels like co has been around
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for a while, so hopefully we're reaching the tail end of that. many people hoping that will some restaurants are also canceling parties tonight, but not water bar exam. francisco the manager there says the menu is set and staff fully vaccinated. and ready to serve. got champagne on ice, so you know we're going to we're going to give it the best go that we can, uh, given everything that's been thrown at us. guests must still follow covid-19 protocols , and that means wearing a mask when not actively eating or drinking, and only those fully vaccinated will be allowed inside per city rules. despite official celebrations being canceled. many bay area mass transit agencies are still offering free rides tonight writers and san francisco can catch a free ride on munich until five a.m. tomorrow. a c transit sam trans vita and caltrain are also providing complimentary service for new year's eve. hobart is the only one that will be charging fares
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tonight, but the transit agency will be running its trains later than usual. the last east bay bound bart train running through downtown san francisco will leave the city at around 1 30 in the morning. the last south bong train heading toward milbury. is scheduled to run through downtown san francisco shortly after two in the morning. well it's officially 2022 in new york city. there we go. this year's times square. well, it was open to 15,000 spectators. that's down from the nearly 60,000 in years past, everyone in attendance had to show proof of vaccination along with id. but for many they were just happy to be there in person unlike last year i've been trying to get here since i was 25 years old. yes i'll be 58. joe this is one of my bucket list. it is amazing
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, like it's kind of overwhelming when you like when you first like kind of get, you know when you first get here but then like it, yeah, it's really good. well. visitors were not allowed entry into the area until three in the afternoon. police set up more than 1000 security cameras to monitor her threats, along with deploying uniformed and plainclothes officers. starting tomorrow, it's going to cost more money to cross. most bay area bridges. tolls on the seventh state owned bridges will go up to $7 for passenger cars starting january, 1st. this includes every bridge except for the golden gate carpools and clean air vehicles that use fast track. will still qualify for a discount during commute hours and estimated $4.5 billion in extra toll money will fund projects for bart fairies and the capitol corridor. also tomorrow, the state minimum wage is going up good for a lot of people. businesses with 26, or more employees will have to pay
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their workers $15 an hour. employers who had 25 or fewer workers will have to pay at least $14 an hour here in the bay area workers in several cities, we'll see a pay bump, among them mountain view and sunnyvale, where the minimum wage will go to $17.10 an hour. san jose's hourly rate will go to $16.20. this is surreal scene just outside of denver. today, snow fell in neighborhoods less than 24 hours after ferocious flames chase people from their homes and burned thousands of acres. yeah, as many as 1000 buildings may have been destroyed, but the governor says a new year's eve miracle may have occurred. so far. no deaths have been reported. jeff paula fox news has the latest from boulder county. go back. running for their lives. thousands in the cities of superior in lewisville, colorado, had mere
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moments to get out before the fast moving wildfire swept through. this is the first time i've really been involved in anything like this and i'll tell you it is really scary. the largest fires are now smoldering and snow is helping calm the flames, but the damage is enormous. more than 500 homes destroyed, and officials saying they wouldn't be surprised if that number reached 1000 many families having minutes minutes to get whatever they could their pets their kids into the car. and leave. the last 24 hours have been devastating. it's really hard to put the destruction in towards you have to see it. you know, there was a home here behind that. a home there. this was a massive neighborhood home after home home. their whole line of them right here, burned down to their bricks, and then you look off into the distance and you see burnt trees and yet more homes. burned down to the ground, and you have to think about the families. each one of these homes tells a unique story. i would imagine this is what a nuclear attack would look like.
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the cars of the fire is still under investigation, and while it will take some time to rebuild their stank, sex and all the lives that were saved, it's unbelievable when you look at the devastation that we don't have a list of 100 missing persons, and that's a miracle, because, um, it would be given the circumstances. there's some confusion surrounding the cause of the fire officials originally thought that maybe a downed power line caused a fire at this point, they don't know for sure the origin is still under investigation, but they certainly believe the strong wind gusts and dry conditions played a major role. in lewisville, colorado. jeff paul fox news to southern california where miles of beaches are closed tonight because of a huge sewage spill sky foxx showing what's visible of the 6 to 7 million gallons of untreated sewage. authorities say a sewer main failed thursday in the city of carson, spilling that sewage into the dominguez canal or
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channel rather, which empties into the l. a harbor long beach has close seven miles of its features, and elliot orange county's also closed a number of beaches until testing shows bacteria levels are safe. and iconic comedian beloved by generations. look back at the life of betty white, who died today just weeks shy of her 1/100 birthday. we're just under a couple of hours away from the ball dropping and how low will it go? well, pinpoint the cold temperatures where you live. and thousands of homes and businesses in the sierra still without power tonight in freezing temperatures after this week's storm. the tough work ahead of pg and e to get electricity back up and running . you have to snowshoe in too many of these areas literally snowshoe are pouring in to honore
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actress betty white. dozens of people went to see her star today on the hollywood walk of fame, where many left flowers she was a beloved actress whose career spanned several decades. even president biden and first lady jill biden had kind words. do you see there's a lovely lady. always loved betty white
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were so sad about her death 99 years old. my mother would say god love her. yeah. why does we mentioned die today? just weeks before her 1/100 birthday, jonathan hunt of fox news takes a look at her life and legacy. betty marion white was born january 17th 1922 in oak park, illinois. during the depression , her parents moved with their only child to los angeles, where she attended hollywood high school and later got her start on local tv break came in 1949 with hollywood on television variety show that ran five hours a day, six days a week. that success led to a sitcom. very white. in life with elizabeth and her own variety program. the betty white show little lamb, who's lost in life. after that, she took a job that would change
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everything as a celebrity contestant on the game show password. she met the man she called the love of her life. third husband, host allen ludden, and i'll give the first password tonight. to the white. then in 1973 betty landed the first of two landmark roles. i'm sorry, billy, but i cannot do it. chocolate souffle with only two cameras and nivens. they're happy homemaker who was anything but on the mary tyler moore show . go ahead, lou. you're stronger than i am pressured vantage. it was supposed to be a guest appearance, but it became a full time job and earned her two emmy awards in 1980 husband, allen was diagnosed with stomach cancer. he died the following year, but he never remarried and never had children. she continued taking guest starring roles and game shows until she once again found a perfect part . i got a call from a lowest niland. that's rosen island, rose. as in a series of seats in
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a movie theater. i'm golden girls. betty's character was the opposite of sueann, the kindhearted scatterbrain rose, known for sharing stories from his small town upbringing lost the little miss signed all of pageant. 23 years in a row, along with acting. betty was passionate about animal welfare . she spent more than four decades working with the morris animal. foundation and the los angeles zoo and won a lifetime achievement award from the jane goodall institute. my life is divided absolutely in half half show business in half. animal business and i'll do anything i can make life better for these guys are guests of honor, miss betty white in recent years career enjoyed a renaissance first appeared in a hard hitting super bowl commercials playing like betty white out there. it's not what your girlfriend said then an internet campaign helped
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her land a hosting gig on saturday night live. it became snl's highest rated show in nearly two years here tonight because you wanted me to be then , when her new show hot in cleveland premiered, the pilot said a ratings record for the tv land network the caretaker of this house for 50 years. but you can kick me off. in all. betty earned more than half a dozen emmys three american comedy awards grammy and three screen actors guild awards, including a lifetime achievement. this is the highest point of my entire professional life with her quick wit, impeccable timing and generous personality betty white leaves behind the lasting legacy of love. and laughter. jonathan hunt, fox news. end of the sierra. tens of thousands of homes and businesses will mark the new year in the dark after losing power during this week's
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massive snowstorm. it's all hands on deck with outside utilities coming in to help pg and e. but it's ktvu tom baker reports they face an uphill battle. because december snowfall totals have broken records in many areas of the sierra. damage to the pg and e system has skyrocketed so much so p genius still assessing all of it. we expect to see over 5000 separate locations with damage that our crews will have to safely work. to restore power outages are widespread with about half of the 70,000 foothills and mountains dwellers restored from this week's storms , but the relative slowness of restoration lies in access endangered crews, including high avalanche risk. extremely cold temperatures deep snow icy nous , sudden falling trees down trees down power equipment and terrible terrain. we have to snowshoe in too many of these
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areas literally snowshoe in because the remoteness of some of our assets assessing the damage, let alone repairing. it is proving to be a monumental task. they're breaking weather that we've seen here recently was yesterday was the very first day that we had clear skies to be able to fly our lines. that is going to continue to help us assess our facilities, even with six helicopters combing the lines for damage, it still adds up to big delays and actually getting the lights back on. even with massive mutual aid on the way we have reached our 2 100 other utilities because of the remoteness, almost everyone will be restored by january, 5th. but those few in the most inaccessible locations may have to wait another two weeks. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. what a night it is here. and you know the thing that concerns me about this fear is that they have single digit overnight lows moving in, and they have an experience that credit cold in
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five years, all right, but let's show you what's happening back at the ranch back at home. this is our live weather camera. it's looking out towards the bay bridge and all the way into the city of san francisco, and we've got clarity out there. it is bright. it is clear and we have temperatures right now. spanning anywhere from a very chilly 36 degrees in livermore to 48 degrees in san francisco. it's 46 apiece in palo alto and san jose, with a couple of clouds floating nearby 13 mile per hour winds in novato at this hour you toss that in with an air temperature the forties. it feels like it's in the thirties. we do have winds are beginning to become calm and the hayward erin in san jose when you see that that's when the temperature is going to plummet with declare conditions overnight freeze warning in effect for the north bay interior valleys 26 degrees in santa rosa. freezing in the tri valley free month at 33 freezing and morgan hill through gayle. right tell you what we're gonna do, or to talk about your new year's eve forecast for san
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francisco 44 degrees with a bit of a breeze. it is chilly, colder inland. the five day forecast is still coming up later on in this newscast. gentlemen. even a little chilly inside the studio. thank you, roberto. and you certainly know about these king tides. they are making a return this weekend, which means we may see some flooding in low lying coastal areas. king tides happen when the earth the moon and the sun align and create higher than usual tides. in the past, we have seen flooding along san francisco's embarcadero and in marin county, and that could also be the case with this next event. the king tides will last from saturday to monday with the highest tides speaking sometime around 10 o'clock sunday morning. a mural in hayward that has been targeted by thieves was repaired and dedicated this afternoon. andrewjkahn knight says people keep stealing the giant butterflies that are bolted to the mural on tennison road. the mural called freedom from borders, depicts the
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migration of the monarch butterfly between the us and mexico. knight who was a hayward native, says he feels a responsibility to fix up the mural after the theft of several large butterfly panels. to see something happen to evangelized . yeah it's really hard on the heart. it really it really hurts because. you know, i know people enjoy it, and it becomes their mural. people in this neighborhood. see it every day. more more than so that i do. knight who grew up in the neighborhood, dedicated that mural today to his mother, who passed away at the age of 90 earlier this month. he said she always encouraged his art. well the rose parade makes a comeback tomorrow. how some enthusiastic fans are already making sure they have a prime viewing spots along the route. and it's one of the most anticipated electronic shows. but how covid is once again throwing
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tomorrow, and roberta says there'll be lots of sunshine there. the game will be played between ohio state and utah reporter jessica oh tells us people started camping out along the parade route today just to get an up close look at the floats. we're building our matches. we got blankets. we have games we have spotted. we have settlers of catan camping out all night for the best seats to the rose parade is a big tradition for some people in pasadena just asked the blake family who's been spending the night along colorado boulevard on new year's eve for eight years. they say being up close really is something special. it's so great to be back out here. when you're this close to the rose parade floats, you can smell them when they go by. the bands. when they go past you could reach out and touch them. and he says this year's parade feels even more meaningful because the event did not happen last year, with covid canceling last year's we want this year to
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be more memorable and to be more spectacular, and some people say camping out for the rose parade is an opportunity to create a new family tradition. we want her to experience the roast trade. this is our first year. this is our first time doing this, so we're not really quite sure what to expect. we're all vaccinated, oliver kids, all of us so after another difficult year during a pandemic camping out into 2022 excited to have a front row seat for what's to come. it's worth braving the cold. it's worth everything you've got to do to come out and do it. and building family traditions like this. it's just something that was really missed last year, even though we're going through the pandemic, still have faith and just keep going. well the consumer electronics show in las vegas is being cut short due to you guessed it. coronavirus concerns . the event is set to run from january 5th to january 7th one day shorter than originally
10:27 pm
planned. a number of participants have pulled out of the convention. t mobile ceo was supposed to deliver the keynote address in person, but now it's going to be online. there are still thousands of companies that will be attending participants. will have to be fully vaccinated and where masks alright, ringing in 2022 12 hours early here in the bay area. the reason why that happened today at chase center. and some of the resolutions people shared with us for the new year. plus returning to school safely after the new year , the effort to distribute millions of coronavirus test to school children statewide anticipation building for clay thompson's return later we'll have plays. new year's aspirations in gm speak jmc sports weekend. and the trouble in the sky continues why experts say flight delays
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big ben london's countdown to 2022. the fireworks did go on as scheduled, but many other events were canceled because of recent surge. in copan cases. the city squares were also barricaded to prevent people from gathering. lord falls in your little boy on this side of the palm. the warriors kicked off the holiday weekend with an early new year's eve celebration thrive. city rang in the new year earlier today with a new year's or noon. noon year's eve party at chase center. the event was a family friendly gathering with live music, balloon animals, face paintings and especial ball drop
10:31 pm
at noon. some warriors players even made a special appearance on the jumbotron. wishing everyone a happy new year. as we get ready to bring in the new year. it's time again to make those resolutions. we spoke to people in the east bay and for some, they say the goal is to make it through 2022. survive 20 years 20 to the bar is on the ground at this point, so if we get if we get through this we are we have succeeded workout, go to the gym shed some pounds. yeah everyone needs a shed that covid-19 right working out. well, it's a typical response for most people we spoke to, as well as staying healthy and avoiding covid lose £10. i make the same resolution every year. 2020 well. tahoe is expecting a big crowd for new year's weekend after getting pounded with snow. businesses are seeing an increase in tourism son was out
10:32 pm
today and there were more cars on the roads now that major highways are back open hotels are also filling up and the streets are packed. it's crazy. it's so busy. there's so many people. i mean, i love tahoe, and it's so snowy, but it's like a lot of snow. this week has been unbelievable. i have never . i've seen a lot of snow, but we have so much. no, i've never seen anything like this. my whole life. the traffic combined with the snow is making travel the number one concern for law enforcement officers this weekend. they're worried about emergency vehicles being able to get around and snowplows having nowhere to put all that snow. speaking of travel air travelers are having a rough time. this new year's eve, more than 1400 flights canceled so far as he covic surge and winter weather cost chaos nationwide. as foxes , marc meredith tells us experts say the trouble could continue into the new year. america's
10:33 pm
airlines are ending 2021 with mounting delays, cancelations and confusion about what lies ahead. and for thousands of passengers, the friendly skies are becoming anything but it's a panic and then you go online, and then they want you to reschedule. i supposed to find a different airline. that was like, no, i'm not going to try to wade coming into the airport. there's just anything like a lot of shortage of staff. so we start in line for quite a bit. a surgeon covid cases is adding the staffing shortages at airports nationwide, and there may be more turbulence ahead. new york based jet blue is scaling back its scheduled through mid january, canceling nearly 1300 flights and airline spokesperson telling fox business we expect the number of covid cases in the northeast, where most of our crew members are based. to continue to surge for the next week or two. the faa says it to expect staffing shortages due to covid, and it's warning delays during the busiest travel times are possible in seattle winter weather is wrecking travel plans for thousands my plan was
10:34 pm
supposed to land in seattle is sex. it was canceled. we've been trying to get home since then see tax largest carrier, alaska airlines is now reducing its flights by 20% alaska, calling it the perfect storm of severe winter weather, coupled with crew members and aircraft being displaced around the country. meantime americans hoping to escape the cold on cruise ships are being told to stay home. on thursday, the cdc urged people to avoid cruise travel, regardless of vaccination status . health officials say ships are reporting a spike in covid cases , but the cruise industry is pushing back, calling the warning quote particularly perplexing. the industry argues the majority of people testing positive are either asymptomatic or have mild cases for travelers. the federal mask mandate remains in effect until mid march and could be extended past that federal health officials say they're also debating whether or not to require people prove their vaccination status in order to fly and this is a debate that is expected only to intensify in the new year. at reagan national
10:35 pm
airport. marc meredith fox news they area school districts are starting to hand out home covid test kits to all students as schools get ready to reopen on monday. as ktvu is, rob roth tells us the goal is to get every student tested before the end of winter. break the schools may be closed for the holidays, but testing continues. school officials were heading parents covid-19 at home antigen test kits at this drive through here in the canyon middle school parking lot in castro valley friday. the fact that castro valley school district is making the efforts that make sure the kids are safe and protected. it's great for me as a parent, one teacher also has three children of her own, attending school a lot of testing at home this weekend. yes they won't be happy about it, especially if it's the nose one with covid cases soaring again, governor gavin newsom announced last week he was sending six million at home testing kits to all districts in charter schools in
10:36 pm
california. one shipment arrived in alameda county friday afternoon. this was no small logistical feat. i know that the weather also played a role. in getting the test here in a timely manner among those handing out test kits with state superintendent tony thurman. we want this to be replicated throughout the 58 counties in our state. and throughout all the districts in our state and to continue to provide our schools with the resources that they need to keep our children safe and to keep our students in school, the hope was to get all students tested before most school districts reopen on monday, but with kids still being a ship statewide, that won't be possible in many districts, so perhaps that can happen by the end of next week. it is all voluntary. there is no mandate around testing the one to continue the message of getting vaccines even as we are focused on what's going to happen for most schools in the state in the next few days, and that's opening students who test positive are asked to stay home
10:37 pm
and have their families called the school as soon as possible. in castro valley. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. a violent end to the year. two shootings at separate shopping centers at opposite ends of the country. a total of eight people wounded, the latest on the investigations . it's a beautiful view. it's a bird's eye view from emeryville . looking out towards the skyline is san francisco will pinpoint your neighborhood forecast? it's still straight ahead. timothy age 43 on june 14th 134 names read aloud in oakland today. the effort one priest is making to be sure every victim of homicide is remembered. while outside a groch
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los angeles. the shooting happened at around four this afternoon in front of superior grocers market that's in the green meadows neighborhood. of south la police say some of the injuries may have been caused by people being trampled over while trying to run away. someone was shot and another person has a graze wound to the head. shattered glass littered the floor and you can see a bullet hole. two suspects remain at large. well in minneapolis. two people have been shot and wounded after a fight broke out at the mall of america. shoppers scrambled for safety as the mall was placed on temporary lockdown . police say the shooting happened at around 4 30 this afternoon. one man was shot in the leg. another person was grazed by a bullet. police say the shooting did not appear to be random. so far, no one has been arrested. felt today in oakland city leaders gathered to pay tribute to the 134 people
10:41 pm
killed in homicides. they held a special ceremony honoring each victim at st columba church. ktvu evan sernoffsky has more from north oakland. eric age 28 march 22nd. hernando 34 january 20th. power. age 30. january, 15th. lindsey. 33 july, 7th. one by one, they read the names allowed age one. april 17 each one a life cut short in a homicide in 2021 in oakland. our goal is to be assigned to the rest of the city to have a heart. of something that affects us all for the past 12 years, father aidan mclennan has held this ceremony of crosses at saint columba church on san pablo avenue. well we're going
10:42 pm
this far face. throughout the year, they honor each lost life with a cross in the church's front garden. at the end of the year, they take them down and begin a new i can tell you times. you see people coming here and standing and crying homicides in oakland had been steadily decreasing up until two years ago, when the pandemic hit. by friday, they hit the grim milestone of 134, the highest toll since the church began marking the killings. kind of want to just throw your arms up in the air and walk away from it because it seems so enormous . there's nothing you feel you can do beyond prayer and prayer is pretty useless of a doesn't come along with action. saint columba church has been working with city leaders and violence prevention advocates to help stem the bloodshed. vincent age 34. on february, 21st mayor libby schaaf joined the small
10:43 pm
group of dignitaries on friday, including state senator nancy skinner and police chief laurent armstrong. one mother came to read the name of her fallen child. represent shiny strains. 13 2000 and 14. almanor. for seven. after reading the names, they carried the crosses into the church and placed them in front of the altar. the hope of everyone here is to one day only have one cross left in front of the church. it's heart wrenching, and it should affect everyone. for human at all in oakland, evan sernoffsky ktvu fox two news. so how did the job market handle the troubles of 2021? what might 2020 to look like on the job front? we'll hear from an expert up next, and meteorologists roberto gonzalez
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