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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 30, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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at 11. i feel so the athletes of the people in the home. specter. it's tens of thousands of people forced to evacuate homes and businesses in colorado today after flames fueled by 100 mile an hour winds spread rapidly burning hundreds of homes in their path. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. officials say at least 580 homes , a hotel and a shopping center of all been destroyed by too fast moving wildfires burning in suburban areas of colorado. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank, the more destructive marshall fire is burning in the towns of lewisville and superior about 20 miles. northwest of denver. the middle fork fire is burning north of boulder. at last check. the fires have burned about 1600 acres. and as fox news, ian oliver tells us officials don't yet know the
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scope of the damage. it's just black and windy, and there's embers blowing and i mean, coming over your car, and it was just like, where am i? devastating wildfire sweeping across boulder county, colorado , destroying roughly 500 homes and charring at least 1600 acres as of thursday, prompting tens of thousands of mandatory evacuations. officials believe knocked over power lines triggered the blaze as fierce winds clocking in at more than 100 mph whipped up massive flames across several heavily populated neighborhoods. boulder county is right in and around suburban sub developments and so 1600 acres near population centers. can be and is, in this case absolutely devastating. but once the fires are extinguished , and cruz determine it's safe to evaluate the damage. officials say they're concerned with what they may find among the debris due to the magnitude
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of this fire. intensity this fire and its prisons in such a heavily populated area. we would not be surprised if there are injuries or fatalities. but no matter how scary the situation, many community members say their main concern is about each other's well being. it sounds cliche ish, but houses and things can get replaced hope. my neighbors are have all heeded the warning. a state of emergency has been declared for boulder county data from the u. s drought monitor list this area as currently experiencing severe drought, creating tinderbox conditions which allow fires like this to explode. ian oliver fox weather governor newsom issued an emergency proclamation today for a number of counties impacted by recent winter storms in the sierra pg and e says as many as 60,000 people are still without power tonight, and some may not have their power restored until january 10th because of road closures and in southern california, the grapevine was temporarily closed today because of snow and ice.
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also 50 people were rescued from flooding at leo carrillo state park in malibu. the water was so high in some places, the cars and rvs were partially submerged . the first sierra snow survey of the season shows a strong start. water managers took a manual reading off of highway 50 near echo summit today and found 78 inches of snow. with the water content of 20 inches. that's 202% of average, thanks to the series of strong storms to hit the sierra in recent weeks statewide, the snowpack stands at 160% of average. but researchers say we need the rain and snow to continue through spring to erase the effects of california's drought. you know, the big concern here is that we don't get any more precipitation , and that would obviously kind of be a worst case scenario. on average, the sierra snowpack supplies about 30% of california's water needs. and you can track the snow and our local weather by downloading our
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ktvu weather app. it's free right there in europe store. only. six 4321. 2022 is just around the corner and his millions prepare to celebrate the new year cruise in new york city. we're out testing the city's iconic new year's eve ball. the nearly £12,000 ball was sent up 130 ft atop one of times square's polls to make sure all systems are a go. for friday nights. new year's eve celebrations and ball drop due to the pandemic. the number of people who will be allowed in the in the square has been scaled back, and those who do attend will have to wear a mask and show proof of vaccination. here at home. some new year's eve events are altering their plans also because of the coronavirus ktvu is. amberleigh spoke with two organizers in alameda and while one is canceling their party, another says they can pull it off safely. the uss hornet is almost
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three football fields long with plenty of open space you can see by the number of microphones that we were going to have a decently, sarge, a sized swing dance band here. the naval ship is decorated for its annual new year's eve celebration. fundraiser almost 400 tickets sold half the number of people it could have hosted. we had three dance floors, big stage. and it was going to be a really fun event. then came the decision thursday to postpone the event due to covid concerns . we don't want our folks to be apprehensive about attending a veteran, a hornet is supposed to be fun. it's supposed to be an enjoyable gala. now the hornet is offering a refund or credit towards a future event. we thought this was the most prudent thing to do. but the party is scheduled to be held on the fume blanc commodore will go on as planned, according to toby pressure with sf events dot com. the event planner tells me it is among the party boats set to sail from san francisco new
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year's eve, he says, even though san francisco canceled its annual fireworks show he hasn't received any cancelations. not one call. i feel it has been somebody saying that they want to cancel the cause, i guess. hey, i'm driving three hours away. is this still happening? he tells me there's been an uptick and ticket sales in the last 72 hours, he says. proof of vaccinations and masking are required unless eating, drinking and dancing outdoors. normal capacity 340 people on this ship reduced to 300 for social distancing he expects about 250 people. you're out there wrestling with a conscience. should i go out and have a good time or did i stay home in the best ideas? whatever makes you feel good back at the uss hornet. disappointment since the museum was shut down twice during the pandemic for a total of six months now resilience in the face of challenge we've had to retreat and lick our wounds before we made it through the covid. we're going to do it again. we actually the new years we've got just sort of hoping
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optimism. the new year's eve celebration on the uss hornet was expected to raise $60,000. the ceo tells me he hopes to reschedule the fundraiser for this coming spring in alameda. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. the surgeon covid cases in the bay area has now hit the oakland police department. the department says it currently has 23 officers with active cases of coronavirus, all city of oakland employees, including officers must be vaccinated as a condition of employment. opd has roughly 700 officers on the force and about 1100 total department employees. in response to this outbreak, the department says it's implemented its contingency plan and reassigned officers to ensure there is no impact. to public safety. israel has approved 1/4 coronavirus vaccine dose for its most vulnerable populations. officials say the doses will be available first for those with weakened immune systems. heart transplant patients will begin receiving the doses. on friday,
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israel was among the first countries to roll out the fighter vaccine a year ago and began administering boosters last summer. around two thirds of israel's population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. the fda will likely authorized fighters covid-19 booster shot for those aged 12 to 15 by next week. the news was first reported by the washington post and the new york times today. the fights are vaccine would be the first booster shot to receive emergency authorization for young teens and preteens. right now it's only for people 16 and older. this would be an important step since child hospitalizations are reaching near record levels right now. health officials say most of the children who have been sent to the hospital are not vaccinated. johnson and johnson says it's booster shot gives strong protection against the omicron variant, a study of more than 69,000 healthcare workers in south africa. found two shots reduced the risk of hospitalization from the variant by 84% the study found that
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immune cells and people who received the j and j vaccine targeted omicron almost as well as other variants. the cdc warns against rare blood clots with this shot. packed house at a holiday show in the south bay later tonight, we'll take a look at tonight's performance of a magical cirque christmas and tourists just heartbroken after visiting san francisco. after thieves got away with their beloved pet. when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium
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and at genesys, dealing with a second break in in just one month. but everything's on the floor broken and destroyed and the door is broken and the gate that we just had replaced his missing. it's locks and everything and yeah, well, this is video from inside the beretta and company antique store there on fillmore street. the most recent break in happened just yesterday morning at six. the first break in happened back on november 30th, but the suspects just damaged the gate and we're not able to actually get inside this time, though, the business owner says there is a minimum of $30,000 in damage and another $35,000 worth of merchandise was stolen. the owner tells us that he took over the business just at the beginning of the year to store, though, has been around since 1983. a couple from southern california is pleading for the return of their beloved cat. their pet was stolen out of their car in san francisco during a smash and grab burglary
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. ktvu elissa harrington spoke with one of the owners and has our report. these lost cat signs are posted all over san francisco's cal hollow and marina neighborhoods. they show one year old mina lusa, a short haired tabby cat wearing a green sweater. her owners say mina lusa was stolen in a smash and grab car burglary more than that . it was part of our family because of the pandemic. just a hard time and she was always with us accompany. this happened at the public parking garage on 1 to 8 molton street back on december. 20th caesar granados told me he and his wife, carla, were visiting the bay area from southern california and brought their cat along. they sometimes take the cat out on a leash, but say they decided to leave her in the car in her carrier while they ran some errands. when they returned, they found the rear window broken and their pet gone . someone had stolen the carrier but left other valuables behind . we find the heartbreaking scene that, um the window was
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smashed. and when we try to look for like you know why was it broken and try to see if there's any belongings missing? um you know, we eventually realized that armenia glusac um and also with the pet care was stolen, coronado said. they have not stopped searching. they posted hundreds of flyers checked local shelters and shared information on lost cat websites. they also filed a police report. there are surveillance cameras at the garage, bro coronado said police would not let him see any video. i just remain hopeful pretty best outcome, and it worries me that you know. it's just one of the most wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful citizen us and i don't understand why, you know there's so much incidents in crime. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. alameda county prosecutors charged a suspect today in connection with
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an armed robbery in berkeley. last month, berkeley police made that arrest and this photo shows some of the weapons, including two ghost guns. that they found in the suspect's possession and in his home. police say he's responsible for an armed robbery outside of a fast food restaurant in berkeley. back on november 29th. that's where he threatened a man with a gun and robbed him. a suspect has only been identified as a 44 year old man from oakland. oakland. police meantime, say that two suspects are now under arrest in a shooting at lake merritt that killed a 22 year old woman. officials say that 33 year old lashawn price and 32 year old torren do. klay had been arrested and charged with the murder of michell sanchez during an apparent robbery last month there on lakeshore avenue. the two men were also accused of other robberies in oakland. sanchez was the mother of a two year old little girl. coming up another potentially dangerous social media trend how tiktok is responding to the latest challenge that some parents say
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limited availability in select areas. magical sir christmas in san jose. presented by broadway san jose. the high flying show at the center for the performing arts included breathtaking aerial performances by artists and juggling all set to holiday music. looking forward to seeing a great show. this is always a great performance, regardless of where you see it, or what time of year. um and you know it's an
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opportunity to get out which which we don't do as often anymore, you know, while tonight show in san jose was just a one night event, circus olay will be coming back to the bay area in 2022. okay beautiful day out there today. tomorrow we'll follow suit, as well as saturday and sunday is not going to be bad either. and then on monday and tuesday, the clouds will come in and there's a chance of a stray shower. nothing major, but it would just be a market change in the weather, but not before the weekend. the weekend is going to be beautiful, so new year's day stunning the day after we really nice as well. so these are the highs from today highs tomorrow will be about where these are or were there'll be mid fifties. market street. san francisco can be a cold one out there tonight. we're already seeing temperatures in parts of the bay area into the thirties. upper thirties mid thirties, there's southern california. they had that heavy rain that
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has died down. they're still getting some showers there, but they're getting a bit of a break. and then you see where we are. some ranges to the northern , not rain, but just really some cloud cover and a little bit of shower activity in eureka. that's a very weak system. it's gonna flush through here. tomorrow and now creates sort of northwesterly wind believe it or not, and that will help keep temperatures from getting too cold. still kind of a little bit of wind out there now, but currently we're 35 in napa worth 39 fairfield 49 in san jose. that's running way cooler than it was last night. that's one of the trends. you look for writers. what's how much cooler is his than where we were last night minus eight degrees from where it was last night in santa rosa. so these are the overnight forecast lows. 30 in santa rosa 32 napa 32 fairfield. so you're freezing temperatures and some areas just above freezing. and of course, frost will be a thing. you don't need freezing temperatures to get frost. i know you know that so you can have you can get frosted 35 36 37 degree temperatures maybe
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even 38 in some cases, depending on the atmospherics. so the forecast highs tomorrow are going to be generally in the fifties san francisco lunchtime in the low fifties, but at the end of the day, san francisco ends up about 53 degrees, and then we've got just a really nice period ahead where we've got conditions that will be clear and dry through the weekend and forecast numbers like this, really, for the most part right into the weekend, and then on sunday, that's when things changed. then monday tuesday, wednesday will be a noticeable change in the weather with a chance of some showers. some light scattered showers. light snow in the mountains as well. i'll see you back here with more tomorrow night. okay thanks so much, bill, by the way, happy new year to you all right. for a lot of people, the holidays are not complete without fresh dungeness crab there on the table and take a look at this ground in half moon bay. i mean, very long line of people all lining up looking to buy fresh crab this morning of the only boat that was offering it. we're told that people also
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headed to pier 47 in san francisco, where you could also buy grab right off the boat this afternoon. the social media app . tiktok is the center of a new controversy. a mom says a challenge from the app is encouraging kids to play with electrical outlets. fox news mark barrett tells us it is the latest in a string of criticism. of this app. currently 36 degrees. amazon smart speaker could do a lot, but kristin lived all never thought it would encourage her 10 year old daughter to play with electrical outlets. it was a simple challenge and that she needed to plug. uh cell phone charger part way into that plug. and then touch the prongs with penny. and when i heard that i was like, no thanks so knowing luckily her daughter did not get hurt. amazon says it's since removed the challenge and is quote taking steps to help prevent something similar from happening again. you may have heard of it tiktok's experiment. the whole
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thing appears to stem from a trend which went viral on tiktok. the social media app, which boasts a billion monthly users is owned by chinese based bite dance, the company is facing a barrage of bad headlines. lawmakers have called for the app to be banned while warning about potential privacy problems. yet most americans have absolutely no idea. it's a chinese communist party is getting their information. this month, a former tiktok moderator filed a lawsuit against the company alleging moderators are required to watch hours of animal abuse, violence and sexual content without proper health safeguards in place. tiktok has not commenting on the specific case. but in a statement to, fox writes quote we continue to expand on a range of wellness services so that moderators feel supported mentally and emotionally. the controversy comes as the wall street journal reports a growing number of teens are self diagnosing themselves with mental disorders because of
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videos viewed on tiktok. child safety experts say it's a clear warning for parents. they should know what their kids are posting , they should have access to his who choose viewing what their kids and who is also reacting to what their kids are posting. just this month, tiktok announced new efforts to ensure users don't see too many videos, which may reinforce negative personal experiences like extreme dieting or sadness. but it's unclear if those changes are working so far in washington, mark meredith fox news. nfl commissioner roger goodell has asked all home teams to hold a moment of silence before each game this weekend in honor of john madden, the hall of fame coach and broadcasting icon died tuesday at the age of 85. in a memo to all 32 teams. today, the league requested that each home team have the honorary silence just before the national anthem. madden gained fame as the coach of the oakland raiders, making it to seven nfc title games and winning a super
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bowl following the 1976 season after he retired from coaching, madden entered the television booth. doing nfl broadcast each week from 1979 to 2000 and. nine how the warriors hit with bad news today after their game was postponed, but steve kerr shares some silver linings with clay thompson and his return spo got s
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with you. the vital room tonight warriors fly all the way to denver for nothing. if you hadn't heard the game tonight, scheduled between golden state and the nuggets postponed, denver couldn't even feel the team. they had seven healthy guys. my opinion travel all that way. you deserved to get a four ft. you can't feel the team. you
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give up the game, but that's the story for a different night. that's something good came out of it. the warriors got to practice tonight. which means we got this video earlier this evening, and clay thompson is starring in it. he made the trip to denver, and it was working out fully with the team. he looks pretty spry, ready to go, and i'm figuring we're going to have this come back to talk about in less than two weeks. they're going to do it at home. and when clay finally returns to the team and his activated he will not. be coming off the. clay is going to start when he comes back. i'm not gonna you know, mess around and bring him off the bench for a period of time not doing any of that. he's going to start. it's been about 2.5 years and scrimmages are not the same as game time. you know, we're gonna have more than half the season ahead of us after once he comes back, and it'll come and do time. that is going to be a great night in san francisco. can you imagine the
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two years nearly that he's been out? hey, sharks, looking great since they had that long christmas vacation planned or unplanned, two straight victories and excited they go to overtime tonight against the flyers, who bring with them. the former shot. remember martin jumps former goaltender in the net these days from time to time with the flyers. san jose don't want nothing short handed to second period. logan could tourist steal you get him on open ice lookout opposition. he nails it his 11th of the year. captain has the sharks even 11. couple of minutes later hurdle, we'll get it to mid ice for brent burns. short rocket is third of the year put him up to one philly tied it in the third. at 22, and we go to overtime. it's nearly over were 4 29 into it still leads to a two on one break. look at erik karlsson. just wait patiently into the middle for tomas hertl a couple
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of shots at it relentless his 16th of the year second straight game, he scores the game winner, sharks at ot. 32 winners of skate up victory and they are 17 14 and one nice way to close out the year 2021. alright, we've come to that point of the evening where we must check this out back. by popular demand one of the greatest soccer players from the animal kingdom ever haven't named him yet, but i'm kind of going with ronaldo. i like it, dear. you know what? i like other julia like the celebration afterwards because that indicates that he knows he's done something special celebration. no question. all right, let's check this out. this was my favorite bowl game of the day. the mayo poll of the just looks the winning coach shape beamer from the gamecocks of self, carolina. yeah, that is
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kind of gross. i think he was gatorade on my own. me too, even though it's cold. if he was bravery wouldn't award a hat. that's what i say. 40 life. that's what i say. 40 life. goodnight, everybody tomorrow hi. hey. evening, folks. come on in. hi. wait, wait! hang on, guys! wait! don't you need to check i.d.s? oh, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. huh? sorry, we don't offer a senior discount. no. no, it's not for me, and now i really need a drink. go on, honey. show him your license. go on. picture! oh? somebody 21 today? yes. yes. military gal. welcome, private dorchester. uh, oops. that is the wrong one. i am so very sorry. hold on a second. put that away! haley: yes, i'm a huge dork for celebrating my 21st with my family, but my mom was crazy excited to go to a bar with me. or just to go to a bar. [ dance music plays ] aw, it's so nice what you two are doing. my mother would have never taken me out for a drink. why? was she super strict? no, she would never see me as an adult. well, except when the police came to the house.


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