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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 30, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. before new year's eve, some last minute changes from event organizers putting off holiday parties because of the rise in coronavirus cases. we don't want our folks to be apprehensive is supposed to be fun. it's supposed to be an enjoyable gala. the uss hornet, just one
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of many new year's eve parties now affected by the omicron variant. good evening, everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener, but other event planners say they are able to pull off parties safely. ktvu is amber lee joins us now she's live in alameda with a look at two different events. amber. julie one event planner tells me there is a demand for parties. now we visited the uss hornet, where the crew made the decision today to postpone its largest annual fundraiser. the uss hornet is almost three football fields long with plenty of open space you can see by the number of microphones that we were going to have a decently, sarge, a sized swing dance band here. the naval ship is decorated for its annual new year's eve celebration. fundraiser almost 400 tickets sold. half the number of people it could have hosted. we had three dance floors, a big stage. and it was going to be a really fun event. then came the decision thursday to postpone the event due to
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covid concerns. we don't want our folks to be apprehensive about attending a veteran, a hornet is supposed to be fun. it's supposed to be an enjoyable gala. now the hornet is offering a refund or credit towards a future event. we thought this was the most prudent thing to do. but the party is scheduled to be held on the fume blanc commodore will go on as planned, according to toby pressure with sf events dot com. the event planner tells me it is among the party boats set to sail from san francisco new year's eve, he says, even though san francisco canceled its annual fireworks show he hasn't received any cancelations. not one call. i feel it has been somebody saying that they want to cancel the calls i get is hey, i'm driving three hours away. is this still happening? he tells me there's been an uptick in ticket sales in the last 72 hours, he says. proof of vaccinations and masking are required unless eating, drinking and dancing outdoors. normal capacity 340 people on this ship reduced the
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30 for social distancing he expects about 250 people there wrestling with the conscious should i go out and have a good time or should i stay home and that the best ideas? whatever makes you feel good back at the uss hornet? disappointment since the museum was shut down twice during the pandemic for a total of six months now resilience in the face of challenge we've had to retreat and lick our wounds before we made it through the covid. we're going to do it again. we actually the new years we've got just sort of hope and optimism. the new year's eve celebration on the uss hornet, was expected to raise $60,000. the ceo tells me he hopes to reschedule the fundraiser for this coming spring. julie there are a lot of challenges but also hope and optimism like that gentleman said amber lee reporting live tonight in alameda. amber. thank you. well many people gearing up to celebrate new year's eve say they have taken extra precautions this year, even for
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a quiet night at home with family or if you friends my friends and i'm visiting with are in their own bubble a knife when i flew in after three days , took a rapid test to make sure i was negative. this year. we're going to probably just do just the family at home. you know, with everything that's going on, probably best just to stay home is here. many restaurants and party venues have scaled back as covid cases affect their ability to serve customers, a company festival, scheduled for next month in san francisco has now been postponed. sketch fast was scheduled iran from january 7th to the 23rd. but a statement on its website says rising numbers of covid cases forced organizers to postpone the event. they say some of the artists expressed concern about traveling and performing. a new date has not yet been set, but organizers say ticket holders will get details soon. that festival by the way, is in its 20th year. the nba today decided to postpone tonight's warriors game against the temper nuggets. the nuggets
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did not have the league minimum . eight players available to start due to injuries and a covid outbreak. the nuggets coach has also entered the covert protocol. this is the second nba game postponed in as many days due to the pandemic are sports director market baniyas will have more on tonight's crisp moment. including reaction from warrior stars coming up a little later in sports bay area school districts are getting ready for students to head back to the classroom after winter breaks, and as ktvu christien kafton tells us, they have varying approaches to keeping the coronavirus from spreading on campus. as 2021 draws to a close students will be returning to class next week and are facing returning to school amidst the surge of the omicron variant in oakland school resumes january 3rd and all students 12 years and older will be required to be fully vaccinated to return to class after the holiday break. place the swab into the tube. oakland unified also sent home 41,000 at home test kits with online instructions on how to
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use them. and are strongly encouraging families to test their students before they resume in person instruction across the bay in san francisco school also resumes january 3rd. the district is strongly encouraging students five years and older to get their vaccination shots. we are strongly encouraging but not requiring that people get tested before coming back to school. on monday, one students come back, the district will be hosting a series of testing clinics. open for ongoing testing. we've expanded our opportunities for people to get tested. we're offering mobile rapid testing beginning this sunday, january 2nd through january 9th at locations throughout the school district. college students are also navigating the path back to class following the winter break , university of california's president issued a letter to the 10 uc chancellors to come up with a plan for back to school. you see wide students are required to be vaccinated and boosted as soon as they're able . uc berkeley says it expects everyone to get tested for covid
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before returning to campus. cadena wilhite attends uc santa cruz. it's still a bit stressful. to go to campus and interact with people without knowing for sure, she says she's planning on returning to her apartment next week. the school is also strongly encouraging tests but finding a testing location or even an at home test is proving nearly impossible. every place is filled up right now, with the test. there's no available to us for the rest of the week. however i want to go back to campus this week. um kaiser doesn't have its cbs and the state is also announced that due to the surgeon omicron cases , it will be distributing some six million tests to kindergarten through 12th graders as they return from the winter break. in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news. santa cruz county is responding to the increased demand for coronavirus testing. officials announced today that they will be expanding testing capacity. starting next week on monday, a mobile testing facility in depot park and santa
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cruz will expand its operating hours and a mobile testing site will return to felton. the testing side at watson bills. ramsey park will also double its number of testing appointments every day starting on wednesday . people looking for a test are encouraged to make appointments ahead of time. here's an example of just how high demand is right now for tests in our region. this is what it looked like today at the testing site at the san mateo marriott near sfo, and you can see cars lined up for several walks, waiting for a drive through test. much more coverage on the over crown driven surge coming up later in this newscast, a 10 30 why some very hospitals say the number of beds isn't the biggest problem that they're facing. tonight more than 500 homes, a hotel and a shopping center have all burned down and tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes due to wildfires near denver. the fires are being fueled by wind gusts of up to 105 miles an hour,
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authorities say at least one first responder and at least six others have been hurt in the fires. the first fire started just before 10 30 this morning and was attacked pretty quickly. contained later in the day in his currently being monitored a second wildfire 30 minutes later ballooned and spread rapidly, sending people scrambling for cover. and by the time i made the decision to leave, everything was pretty much landlocked. unfortunately until you have something like this, you don't really realize how unprepared things are. but you know you do the best you can. the fire currently spans about 2.5 square miles and filled tonight sky with a smoky orange color. officials say down power line may have started the fire, they are hopeful that calmer overnight winds will help. in the firefight. back here in the bay area. the recent rain and snow is finally having an impact on california's drought conditions, according to this week's drought monitor. most parts of the bay area have now
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moved out of the exceptional drought category. you can see what it looked like just last week on the left, where there are many more areas in that darker red color. today's lighter image on the ride means the drought conditions were downgraded. the first year. a snow survey was held today and it confirmed a strong start to our winter season. water managers found california's mountain snow holds 160% of the water that it normally does this time of year. but it's great for use tom vacar reports. the drought will still linger, especially if we don't get much more rain or snow this winter. the california department of water resources went to philip station in el dorado county, one of many places that measures sierra snow each month to understand the true size of the snowpack as of this morning. or ah automated snow sensor network is reporting that the statewide snowpack is 160% of average to date, according to uc berkeley's sierra snow lab, the current snowpack is about what's normal
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for march 2nd a very good depth and hopeful for right now we have about 70% of our total snow pack up here and a little bit less of our total precipitation , and we're going into those rainier and snowy or months that january and february when we could really bulk this up, but what really counts is the final measurement. at the end of the snow season. april 1st is the official measurement that everyone's after for you know what it means for our water resources for the year. so what's the biggest worry now? the big concern here is that we don't get any more precipitation , and that would obviously kind of be a worst case scenario. we also have the next three months to hope this early, big dump of snow will not be washed away by heavy rains. or melted by warm weather. that's because we need the water to feed into the reservoirs for at least into early summer. if things go well by april, the snow will be very compact and dense depending on
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the density and everything, but yeah, if you have 100 inches of snow pack 40 inches of water is pretty likely. but for now, great for skiing great for snowboarding hard to snowshoe in looking at the national weather service is three month long range precipitation outlook for the northern sierra calls for neither above nor below precipitation. a balanced and hopeful view. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. an emergency declaration from governor newsom about recent winter storms why tens of thousands of people are still dealing with power outages in the sierra s pg and e says it may be january. 10th before service is restored. in the showers have ended. for now. it's going to be cold tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. we'll look into that, plus that rain does return at the end of the weekend early next week. we'll look into that, too. also it's happened again. tourists visiting san francisco have their car broken into, and this
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time the thieves took something close to the victims. hearts their pet cat. we're gonna pet was a couple of tourists visiting
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from southern california are pleading for the return of their beloved cat. their pet was
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stolen out of their car in san francisco during a smash and grab burglary. ktvu elissa harrington is here now with how it happened, alyssa. well, i got a chance to speak with one of the owners. he was absolutely devastated and said the cat was still in the carrier. so he thinks someone may have just grabbed the bag without realizing there was an animal inside. now that couple is trying to get the word out and get their cat back. these lost cat signs are posted all over san francisco's cal hollow and marina neighborhoods. they show one year old mina lusa, a short haired tabby cat wearing a green sweater. her owners say mina lusa was stolen in a smash and grab car burglary more than that. it was part of our family because of the pandemic in just a hard time and she was always with us accompany. this happened at the public parking garage on 1 to 8 molton street back on december. 20th caesar granados told me he and his wife, carla, were visiting the bay area from southern california and brought their cat along. we've been try
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rolling with our cat for a while. she prefers to car over the house. they sometimes take the cat out on a leash. but say they decided to leave her in the car in her carrier. while they ran some errands. we decided to keep her warm and cozy, so we started to put some dark blankets just to conceal her view and the same time provides some shelter. when they returned , they found the rear window broken and their pet gone. someone had stolen the carrier but left other valuables behind . granados thinks the thief was scared off by the car alarm and quickly grabbed the bag, not even realizing a cat was inside. he shared this picture of his devastated wife calling for help . we find the heartbreaking scene that, um the window was smashed and when we try to look for like you know why was it broken and try to see if there's in belongings missing? um you know, we eventually realized that armenia glusac and also with the head care was stolen, coronado said. they have not stopped searching. they posted
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hundreds of flyers checked local shelters and shared information on lost cat websites. they also filed a police report. there are surveillance cameras at the garage, bro. granado said police would not let him see any video . i just remain hopeful, pretty best outcome and it worries me that, you know. it's just one of the most wonderful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful citizen us and i don't understand why, you know there's so much incidents and crime. the couple is offering a cash reward. their cat was not microchip, but it was wearing it's green sweater with a blue leash strap at the time. i also reached out to the san francisco police department to ask if they had any additional information but have not heard back. porting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. i know how much people love their pets. i hope they get it back. alyssa thank you. thank you. well, napa police are searching for a man they say robbed a pharmacy. police say it
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happened last night at about 9 30 at the cvs on tranqs street. police say the man pictured here jumped the counter of the pharmacy and then demanded access to a safe where narcotics are kept. he got into a dark colored car and drove away. police say he had an object in his pocket that witnesses believe was a gun. if you recognize the man, you're asked to contact napa police. all right. it's going to be a cool night out there tonight. clear skies pretty light winds, so that means cold. we can take a look at a live picture of san francisco. the embarcadero is lit up earlier. they were they were blinking those lights, but i don't know if that was an error. or what? but anyway, you got some traffic on the bay bridge and you got some cold temperatures or low temperatures inland right now, and kelsey ville 33 degrees wow. pope valleys 34 napa's at 39. so you know, for instance, kelsey bill is going to get down into the upper twenties, probably cloverdale probably make it to freezing. santa rosa is going to
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get down to just about freezing as well. and you see a little bit warmer in the east based in north bay is going to have much cooler air, but even alameda right now is 45 degrees. that's cool. pacific is 45. 44. belmont or 45 in belmont and then 44. morgan hill. so just a really cool night out there cold night, not a hard freeze, particularly see frost in the morning and most inland spots and you're going to see temperatures below freezing are at freezing or just above freezing and many, many inland bay values not just tonight. but again as we head into the friday morning or partly saturday morning and even a little bit on sunday morning, so we come back. that's the current forecasts for the overnight lows how cold they're gonna get. but highs tomorrow. warm up and we've got some rain in the five days. ok bill. thank you. governor newsom today issued an emergency proclamation for several counties affected by our recent winter storms, and they include eldorado, plaster and sierra counties. the damage
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has been so severe in some areas that is knocked out power to tens of thousands of people. pg and e says. as many as 60,000 people are still without power tonight in the sierra, including 17,000 in nevada and another 17,000 and eldorado county. customers have been told that they have that they could be waiting until january, 10th for their power to be restored. despite the problems, p genie maintains it was prepared for the storm. ppe genie is always prepared for winter weather and in order to respond to winter weather. the challenge that we have is when roads are closed and we can't access our equipment to make those repairs , and we want to make sure that we not never put our crews in an unsafe situation. and so those route roads have to be clear so they can gain access. pg and e says another roadblock that it's facing is the number of different locations with damage and outages, highway 50 and
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interstate 80 are still open to traffic at this hour, but authorities continue to ask people to stay off the roads unless they must travel. this is a live look right now at eastbound interstate 80 at donner summit where you can see, it appears as though a lot of people are heeding that warning. very few people out there on the roads right now. caltrans says drivers should be aware of the wet roads. and be prepared for plenty of traffic heading east southern california was hit with winter snow, massive flooding and soggy mudslides. today the highway patrol closed the grapevine section of i five in the mountains north of los angeles before dawn this morning due to snow and ice on the roadway. traffic was then backed up for hours before it was reopened this afternoon. and along pacific coast highway in santa monica and malibu. mudslides were another threat. caltrans work through the day to secure the areas. also 50 people were rescued from flooding at leo korea state park in malibu. the water was so high that cars and rvs were partially
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submerged. the whole campground is completely inundated. everybody's up to the waist high and cars are ruined. trailers are ruined, so it's a disaster in there. search and rescue crews used inflatable boats to pull people to safety. thankfully, no one was hurt. well coming up tonight, a set of data regarding the skier missing in the sierra and we ride along with the chp. one. officers say they're looking forward to try to keep the roads safe this holiday weekend. also ahead tonight, doctor said she had just a 1% chance of surviving a horrific accident while on vacation at 10 45. a look at a bay area bloggers road to recovery. the search for a skierg
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at lake tahoe ski resort tonight . the plaster county sheriff's office says it has suspended the search for 45 year old rory angela to they say there is no
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realistic possibility that he survived the severe winter conditions and jolanda of truckee disappeared at northstar on christmas day, the sheriff's office says. as many as 220 people have been out there looking for him. as well as snow cat snowmobiles and helicopters. the sheriff's office now plans a scaled back recovery effort. authorities are warning people against drinking and driving ahead of the new year's eve holiday. just last night, one woman was killed and four others were hurt and a head on crash near sacramento. three of the injured were children. the chp says more officers will be out there on the roads in an effort to prevent these kinds of crashes are crime reporter henry lee wrote along with one officer today. and has this holiday warning. california highway patrol officer dimitriou sanchez took ktvu on a ride along on thursday. let's do this 12 year veteran who is based in oakland, gave us a taste of what the chp
10:26 pm
will be looking for this weekend. i sat in the back of the officers, dodge charger were primarily focusing on the y enforcement and try to reduce the deaths that happened on our freeways every holiday season. there are those who choose to drink and drive with often deadly results. let's think about what the holidays for us to be around your family and loved ones. so i'd like to put that out to people to just remember that there are people that would like them to get home safely. the officer says. many people assume they're okay to drive and sometimes people i feel like it's a little bit easier. i've had maybe one drink two drinks. i'm okay to drive. i just want to go home, but some never make it home, whether it's the drunk driver or an innocent victim on the freeway, the impact of a small lapse in judgment can affect people for their entire lives, some telltale signs that a driver is drunk, weaving speeding up, then slowing down, making unsafe lane changes and following too closely, there's a plethora of
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violations that can be associated with the white. we didn't come across any drunk drivers during our ride, but it didn't take long for the officer to find a violator on 5 18 year seminary avenue in east open. we're gonna make it enforcement stop on this black sedan up ahead. it's traveling at over 80 miles an hour posted 65 mph zone . you need mariana. testing, eliminating five. we're going to exit the freeway exit the freeway. it turns out the driver had a permit, but no license while speeding in his dad's lexus. he was given a warning on his speed. and he was ticketed for being on license. the chp's maximum enforcement period will last through new year's weekend in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news. the virus continues to throw curveballs that even the people with the best predictive models couldn't have forecasts. bay area hospitals, preparing for the worst their plan in case of a surge in hospitalizations. also one doctor weighs in on how
10:28 pm
many asymptomatic people can have covid in san francisco. also the warriors made a trip to denver all for not but clay thompson makes an appearance in the mile high city. find out how coach kerr plans to use him to come back very, very soon. also millions of people petitioned to have a truck drivers 110 years sentenced reduced today's decision from colorado's governor next
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and at genesys, officials say the test positivity rate in california is now 12.9% on monday. that number was just 5.4% the average daily case count over the past week has increased to more than 12,000. and over the past week, an average of 45 people have
10:31 pm
died each day, and we've also seen 300 new patients hospitalized statewide since yesterday. the latest numbers have area hospitals preparing for an influx of patients. but as ktvu is, brooks jarocz tells us doctors say hospitalizations are just a quarter of what they were during last winter's surge. i think we're going to be very busy. unfortunately as covid cases skyrocket, there's also an uptick of patients at california's hospitals. steam data shows more than 5500 right now, an increase of 6% since the previous day, doctors and healthcare workers anticipate a sharp rise in the next couple of weeks similar to other surges. we've always been vigilant. and we've always also always been cautious. i mean, the virus continues to throw curveballs that even the people with the best predictive models couldn't have forecast with the omicron variant driving cases to record breaking levels. kaiser and ucsf both say their hospitals are prepared getting beds, supplies
10:32 pm
and gear ready to go. but already some emergency rooms have seen more patients. especially among the unvaccinated and even children. there has been an increase in pediatric hospitalizations, um, not unexpectedly. but you know, it's something we would like to be able to turn off if we could. the problem is the virus is so infectious and transmissible at john muir medical center. the biggest concern is not having beds. it's having enough health care workers. currently staffing is our biggest issue. we have a large number of staff either. out with mild covid symptoms or with exposures awaiting testing in bad has really led us to have to limit some of our services. that means no new non urgent surgeries. elective surgeries are canceled and no more visitors in the hospital waiting rooms, given that a lot of the patients are coming in with covid like symptoms. we don't want our waiting rooms to be inundated with potentially
10:33 pm
infectious patients and visitors . but doctors say don't hit the panic button with omicron hospital stays are shorter and symptoms are milder. and the patient numbers don't reflect who's in the hospital specifically for covid versus those with covid. so you come in within an auto wreck and you get and you get screened, and it turns out that your covid positive where you come in for some elective procedure, and you get screened in your covid positive you coming to have a baby and someone screens you and your covid positive, but you have no symptoms at all. i think that's what some portion of this is that's really hard to sort out, those health experts say. go back to the basics. mask up, wash hands, get vaccinated and boosted and keep the hospital wave from rising. already some hospitals have doubled the number of patients from just a week ago. so if you're feeling sick, doctors say, don't wait to get medical help. right now, they say we're also seeing a surge in flu cases, and it's not too late to get that flu shot in the newsroom. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. for more on
10:34 pm
just how dire this current spike in covid cases is. we spoke earlier with dr bob wachter. he's the chair of ucsf's department of medicine. we test all of our people who are coming in for anything. if you're coming in for symptoms of covid , obviously we test you, but you also test you if you're having heart surgery or cancer, surgery or colonoscopy. and that's the group right now. 8% of those folks who have no symptoms of covid whatsoever are testing positive for covid. so implies that about one in 12 people who feel fine are currently carrying covid with them and might very well be infectious. so it's a it's a wild number far higher than any time we've seen in the last two years. dr walker said that judging from how the omicron variant has spiked and plateau and other countries, we could see a leveling off come february, the cdc warned today against going on cruises, regardless of your vaccination status, officials say dozens of ships are either under investigation or observation and
10:35 pm
as a result of covid-19 cases. but as fox news math in tells us some argue that cruise ships are actually safer than other places. warning to travelers from the cdc avoid all cruise ship travel, even though it's fully vaccinated. the updated guidance comes as health officials revised the cdcs covid-19 travel advisories placing cruise ships in its level four very high risk category, given the recent surge in covid cases, it's perplexing because quite frankly, the cruise industry does more. um then any other industry out there to make it as safe as possible for clients to enjoy their product, the cdc said it made the decision given coronavirus quote spreads easily between people in close quarters on board ships, and the chance of getting covid-19 on cruise ships is very high. yet some say cruise ships are safer than other groups settings. i've even gotten phone calls cruising. can
10:36 pm
we stay an extra week? we feel safer here than we feel. at a grocery store locally, you know what i mean and more in our hometown, but for some travelers , it makes sense. ashley peterson's eight day cruise from miami canceled it stops earlier this month due to reported cases of covid onboard. it was a bit of a nightmare. it was i would say it was very frustrating, and i definitely did feel like i was sailing on a petri dish. but the same warning doesn't hold for the airline industry. right now. we feel that the masking requirement and the degree of filtration on a plane is sufficient to keep people say, the cdc says. if you do choose to cruz get a vaccine booster and where a mask and shared spaces while on board in los angeles, matt finn fox news amtrak is reportedly reducing its schedule because of a spike in the number of coronavirus cases among employees in a memo obtained by the washington post , the company says it's forced
10:37 pm
to cancel some trips between tomorrow and january. 6th. about two dozen trains will be impacted. that's about 1.5% of amtrak's trains scheduled for the week, and 97% of amtrak employees have received at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine. the monthly child tax credit payments will expire tomorrow. the monthly payments were part of the american rescue plan. but will now stop because congress has not taken action on president biden's build back. better spending plan 36 million families across the country received up to $300 for each child under the age of six. and up to $250 from children. 6 to 17 years old. those monthly payments began on july 15th. the last payment was two weeks ago. coming up at 11 thieves target a san francisco antique store for the second time in just one month. a look at the damage and how much they got away with in this latest incident. and we are tracking the cool overnight lows
10:38 pm
and that chance of some rain late in the weekend. i'll be back with the five day forecast next president biden and his russian counterpart vladimir putin, have their second high stakes phone conversation in a month. i'm david spent in washington with more on th - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok.
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that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch. with russian president vladimir putin today as fox news david spot reports they spoke for nearly an hour with president biden urging president putin to de escalate tensions with ukraine. president biden wrapping up the end of 2021 with a high stakes phone call conversation with his russian counterpart vladimir putin, their second call this month. the discussion requested by putin comes amid mounting
10:41 pm
concerns russia has been building up its military presence on the ukrainian border , stoking fears of a potential invasion. there's speculation that potentially it's because putin wants to deescalate the situation or potentially the exact opposite that he wants to lay out a list of aggressive demands. president biden says he's pushing for a diplomatic solution to the crisis in ukraine. he says he warned putin in their video conversation earlier this month. the u. s is prepared to respond with severe sanctions. and other measures. if russia should invade. i made it very clear, different fact. he invades ukraine will be severe consequences. severe consequences yet since that call, there have been no signs of de escalation on the ukrainian border. we have to support the sovereignty of ukraine. meanwhile russia is demanding guarantees. nato will never offer membership to ukraine or place forces or weapons in former soviet states.
10:42 pm
ukraine doesn't even have a seat at the table in russia's demanding that we guarantee that they never joined nato. the topic of ukraine is expected to be raised again next month in geneva, when u. s and russian officials meet face to face in washington. david spent ktvu fox two news in colorado, a truck drivers prison sentence has been drastically reduced from 110 years to 10 years. colorado's governor made that decision today after widespread outrage over the original sentence. 26 year old will gell gilera. medeiros was sentenced earlier this month over 2019 crash that killed four people. police say he was driving a semi truck at least 85 miles an hour when his brakes failed, and he sped past a runaway truck ramp. he then crashed into stop traffic. five million people signed an online petition seeking his clemency. beloved poet amanda gorman
10:43 pm
releases a new poem for the new year, plus i want out of rock and plan to drink water and i need to get better. but we're giving them an incredible story of survival. how a bay area travel blogger is recovering after an accident left her critically injured while overseas and our chief meteorologist bill martin will be back right after the break with what yo
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south bay, who was seriously hurt in an accident overseas this summer. as ktvu is, rob roth tells us she still has a long recovery ahead. but she says she is ready to take it on. kailyn mccaffrey has traveled to most of the world getting popularity for her travel blogs . but this short trip from the santa clara valley medical center to her home in santa clara thursday was perhaps her biggest mccaffrey's voice is still weak, but she says she's getting stronger. i'm really grateful. mccaffrey spent months of difficult rehab at the hospital at all stems from last july, 31st the day that changed her life. while traveling in bali. she's somehow fell off her motor scooter and struck her head. doctors say she had severe brain trauma. two men found her on the road. she was comatose.
10:47 pm
word reached her family in the south bay. the doctor said she had 1% chance to live. and so, um, you know, we kind of thought that was it. the family could go to bali because of covid and insurance wouldn't cover the cost of a medical airplane to the bay area. the family raised more than $300,000 through go fund me was part of the people. wasn't very helpful through her medical care in rehab. mccaffrey has gone from a near vegetative state to being able to function . i want time to drink water. i need to get better, but we're giving them at least and i am motivation is even yesterday. i was just amazed to see the courage that caitlin's brought to the process of, you know, doing the sorts of things the things that we take for granted every day, but carefree, still faces more therapy and rehab as an outpatient. it's unclear if she can ever be the same as she was. as for traveling the world again. i don't know, but i used to love it so we don't know.
10:48 pm
we'll see. i used to stupid super keep so i know i don't want you were overjoyed as you can imagine there's gonna be a lot of changes and a long road ahead. but we're just happy to have her home. mccaffrey says she has no recollection of how she crashed her scooter in volley, and there is no surveillance video. so how the accident happened remains a mystery. rob roth, ktvu fox two news. alright picture of the oakland estuary definitely cold out there tonight around the bay. we've got temperatures in the mid and low forties temperatures overnight will get down into the upper thirties, even mid thirties and parts around the bay. inland areas will be cooler than that significantly cooler at freezing or below freezing. so there's a satellite map. a few clouds the north of us that's going to keep us from getting below way below freezing. going to see a little bit of wind is what i'm trying
10:49 pm
to say, and that little bit of breezy conditions overnight or some wind overnight will help keep the temperatures up a little bit. that's set radar loop down in southern california course where they had the flooding. concerns for heavy rain, urban and small stream flooding there and then around here, radars clean for the first time in a while, right, not showing much of anything little green to the north of us, so weak system moves by, but overall, we're waiting for hold overnight. the winds are dying down a little bit, but we still in fairfield. we still have eight miles an hour kind of out of the south. west we've got liver morgan with the west wind. we've got samples over the north wind, so that helps the temperatures stay. manageable you know, and so right now it's 37 napa napa easily gets down into the low thirties 32. 33 degrees, maybe even a little cooler than that and some of the outlying areas. it's colder colder tonight than it was last night by seven degrees and napa by three degrees in oakland by four degrees in santa rosa, so the trend is cooler. these are the forecast overnight lows. 32 in fairfield, just it freezing
10:50 pm
and 32. we might see a little patchy valley fog. we certainly see frost and we'll probably see some areas in the north bay, with some freezing conditions like for more than an hour or two in the morning. so forecast tomorrow clouds when you wake up for a few clouds partly cloudy, partly sunny. then it clears off temperatures in san francisco and oakland and san jose easily into the mid fifties by lunchtime or by the end of the day lunchtime. most of us have been a low fifties. but by the end of the day, most of us mid fifties so here we go into tomorrow morning friday morning. and then friday afternoon. and then saturday morning. and then saturday afternoon. right looks good. and then here comes sunday , and that's the system that's going to change everything and bring us back into a weather regime will be looking at cooler or mild temperatures essentially but we will be looking at the potential for some rain, probably mostly into monday in tuesday. all right, bill. we'll
10:51 pm
see in a little bit. thank you. poet amanda gorman released a new poem today to quote celebrate the new year and honor the hurt and the humanity of the last one. so let us not return to what was normal but reach toward what is next. what was cursed, we will care what was playing. we will prove pure where we tend to argue, try to agree those fortunes we far swore now the future we foresee where we weren't aware. we're now awake those moments we missed our now these moments we make because. 23 year old from los angeles, captured national attention at the inauguration of president biden with her poem the hill we climb at the age of 22. she was the youngest ever inaugural poet. coming up in sports. the senator sharks try to end the 2021 season in the winner's column. sports director mark ibanez is up next with the
10:52 pm
highlights and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news outrage over yet another tiktok trend. why some parents say it's putting their kids is with you. the vitam
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
sharks back from christmas vacation rested, rejuvenated and, most importantly, couple of back to back spirited victories tonight at the tank welcoming the flyers and an old buddy of theirs. remember him? former goalie martin jones gets a nice hand doing some netminding for the flyers these days down one. nothing though. sharks shorthanded as well. second period logan couture with a steel put him on open ice. that's dangerous as he scores his 11th does the captain to tie
10:55 pm
it up 11. couple of minutes later, watch bomasch hurdle. he will get it to brent burns. that is a good idea. little rocket right? there is a third goal of the year. sharks leading to one. philly was able to tie it in the third, and this thing's going to overtime. so 4 29 in it's another steal a turnover by the flyers two on one break. erik karlsson, look at the patients just waiting to get it to tomas hertl, who is relentless at the net is 16th goal back to back games, he scores the game winner punch it in and overtime. 32 sharks with skate off victory. ending 2021 victoriously. they are 17 14 and one and i know you're saying hey, well, what happened to the warrior highlights? well if you didn't hear they were postponed tonight. you think they've had problems with covid? how about the denver nuggets? they had only seven players available. even their coach mike malone
10:56 pm
couldn't make any tested positive. that the warriors well, not completely wasted trip to denver for the most part this week had a chance to see another other than clay thompson work it out. they've got to work out in tonight. up in denver fully participated in the practice, and i'll tell you what clay looks spry and ready to go, and we could have a comeback for him in less than two weeks now and what he does, he ain't gonna be sitting around on the bench. clay is going to start when he comes back. i'm not gonna mess around and bring him off the bench for a period of time not doing any of that. he's going to start out 2.5 years and scrimmages are not the same as game time. we're going to have more than half the season ahead of us after once he comes back, and it'll it'll come and do time. this time of year. they're all huge games when you're in playoff contention, talking about the 49ers against the texans this sunday at levi's,
10:57 pm
and i'm just going to call it a perfect example of gamesmanship . they're not telling anybody who's going to start at quarterback for sure. jimmy gee says he's optimistic that will play. i think the guy who's been could be a quarterback for the 49 ers when the game starts. is that young man? trey lance working out. jimmy garoppolo didn't practice this week. the thumb injury on his throwing hand is not allowing them to even participate in drill, so i don't see how he's possibly going to start. as for the texans, don't take them lightly . they scored 41 against the chargers to win last sunday, only their fourth victory of the year. but fred warner knows this time of year. you can't just brush and everybody off. this is a week or we got to be hyper focused. it's got to be our best performance. you know, we've got to come in and start fast finish finishing faster. i think that's my mindset. you know, it's a one game season right now. and you
10:58 pm
know our whole entire focuses on the texans offense. it's gotta fall on our shoulders on defense. that's how i'm taking it. so many college bowl games to talk about. we don't have time for all of them, so we just pick the one with the strangest name the mayo pull the winning coach gets 4.5 gallons of gooey , gooey mayo poured on him. as for this game against south carolina versus north carolina, first quarter, zeb nolan zipping it to jaheem's bell. he will go 66 yards. quick 15 lead for south carolina and they wind up winning 38 21. true to his promise. the gamecocks coach shane beamer doused. with all that wonderful, gooey stuff, all right. we have had a lot of strange videos throughout the year of 2021 check this out that this is a particular favorite of mine. you do need to check this out. you've heard of rudolph the
10:59 pm
reindeer. this is ronaldo, the deer pretty good soccer player. but look at that. tell me he doesn't know what's going on there, right. he scored a goal, and then he celebrates. just like a true soccer player. that dance? yeah little victory lap right there. and, you know eventually, heather julie, we're all going to be replaced by robots. even in the nba. maybe this is the international basketball federation releasing this video, the robot who can move it and dribble as well, even with the left hand right there a lot of buttons on that machine, but no handles. i would say if you're a basketball star , but heather said, clear, so i said that that's at least one player that i could get a steal from all right. is reveling so slow lane. i agree with you. raymond could easily do with his blindfold. right that's the sporting life. all right, thanks
11:00 pm
so much mark coming up next here at 11. i feel so the athletes of the people in the home. specter. it's tens of thousands of people forced to evacuate homes and businesses in colorado today after flames fueled by 100 mile an hour winds spread rapidly burning hundreds of homes in their path. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. officials say at least 580 homes , a hotel and a shopping center of all been destroyed by too fast moving wildfires burning in suburban areas of colorado. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank, the more destructive marshall fire is burning in the towns of lewisville and superior about 20 miles. northwest of denver. the middle fork fire is burning north of boulder. at last check. the fires have burned about 1600 acres. and as fox news, ian oliver tells us officials don't yet kno


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