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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  December 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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was planning to go and view the fireworks, and i'm sad not to be able to but you understand? from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth welcome to the four. i'm greg lee and i'm andre senior. we'll get to that story, but everyone indoors in the bay area must wear a mask. even if you're fully vaccinated. that's the latest update today after several counties removed exceptions that allow certain people to remove their face coverings in certain settings. tv reporter henry lee spoke to local health officials and is here to explain the latest decision. henry well, greg and andre several counties had allowed fully vaccinated people to go with massless indoors in workplaces, gyms and churches. that will no longer be the case. that was then and this is now. on wednesday, all they area counties announced that everyone even if you're fully vaccinated, must wear masks in all indoor public settings. that means the exceptions that have been carved
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out and sonoma, marin, san francisco, alameda and contra costa counties will no longer apply. all thanks to the omicron variant. no, it quadrupling in cases of in, even in san francisco. astronomical rise in cases of vertical wall in many parts of the country. the state had issued a mask mandate back on december 15th. ucsf infectious disease specialist dr peter chin hong says the indoor mask mandate is key to keeping people safe amid the surge personally, now i would feel more comfortable wearing a mask anytime i'm going indoors anywhere. so again, we're kind of in a different time, he says. there's evidence that the virus might stick around. longer indoors. you can have these virus particles with macron linger in the air for much longer, kind of like dandelions. we realized that ron. it doesn't care necessarily about vaccination status, making situations or gatherings indoors without masks, much higher risk. i recommend this new year's eve
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to really stay at home. if you can do not gather if you can doctor or ismaili contra costa county deputy health officer says it might be wise to ring in 2022 in relative isolation. they're saying, if you're going to throw a party, this new year's that unexpected guests will be omicron. so this is really the time to maybe take it easier this year. so everyone must wear masks indoors in public spaces. as of early tomorrow morning, the state's mass quarter less until at least january, 15th reporting live henry lee ktvu fox studio. henry. thank you. today the warriors and chase center announced new requirements to get into the san francisco arena , including getting that extra vaccine jab beginning february, 1st fans will have to show proof of full vaccination, including a booster if they're eligible. fans under 12, who aren't vaccinated will need to show a negative covid test taken within 24 hours for antigen test and 48 hours for a pcr test. all the requirements include masking
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that will remain in place. zuni cafe in san francisco, asking diners for proof of covid booster if they want to eat indoors. guests are also required to show mass are required to wear masks while interacting with staff members. people who are not eligible for booster can still eat indoors with proof of vaccination. diners without proof of a booster can still dine outdoors , the restaurant says. with cases skyrocketing, it makes sense to make sure people are protected. back to the numbers being really high. it's really important that we do what we can to keep those numbers low because there are people that are less protected in our community for various reasons, and you know those of us who are maximally protected, really need to do our best to keep keep from spreading the virus and protect perhaps you know, giving to somebody who is not protected. the requirement goes into effect today. children who are not eligible yet for vaccine are
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allowed to dine indoors with their party. as we've been telling you, the new year's eve fireworks show in san francisco is off and with no crowds, businesses in the area are going to see a lot less traffic. but that may not necessarily be a bad thing for one important reason. ktvu is tom baker is live now with the reason why tom well. the good reason, of course, is that there's less chance that the virus can get into people's systems and cause more sickness. and that is especially true for people who come from out of town. now the city itself has 84% of its people already vaccinated. 55% actually have their third shot their booster shot. now the other reason and this is really interesting that they're not going to have. this isn't the restaurant's kind of lead the way by saying, look, we've got a lot of people people on our staff that are testing positive for covid, and we're just not sure we can handle the load and we don't want to put anybody at risk our employees, our customers. or ourselves. so as a
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result of that, the restaurants , generally speaking were fearing that they would be overwhelmed. many of those restaurants will still be open, but they'll be expecting the normal traffic that they would on any other given evening than new year's eve. so as a result, you can still come to the city. as a result, you can still go to a restaurant and as a result, you can still have some sort of fun. but the reality of the situation is that you're just isn't going to be the big party that's going on for generations here in san francisco. and in recent years, of course, the fireworks were one of the biggest draws of the entire year . i'll have a full report on video coming up at five o'clock for now. tom vacar ktvu fox two news are tom vacar live in san francisco, tom. thank you. for more on the impact of the cancelation to the city's economy. we're joined by rodney fong, president and ceo of the san francisco chamber of commerce. ronnie thanks for your time. let me start by getting your reaction. to the cancelation of the new year's eve fireworks show and the loss
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of revenue amid the surgeon covid cases. well it's very disappointing for san francisco businesses and as we notoriously new year's eve is a greater economic boost in the city, but two years in a row, this is something we have to do understand. the large gathering in lost large events are spreader events beyond make sure they can't existence i've discovered that doesn't stop us from having some fun and being outdoors and go into the parking christie field, and we've been down to fisherman's wife, small group of friends and family and jones celebrating rules. ronnie are tom vacar just talked about a silver lining, perhaps for businesses who are worried about staffing levels, already worried about putting the existing staff at risk and losing more staff members to omicron, at least on quarantine for a number of days. is that something you're hearing? but i think as we all know, small businesses are having a difficult time retaining employees and so keeping them healthy and available to work is most important. so there is some understanding of wanting to
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limit the flow and making sure that they can staff and provide good service for those customers and you're done. ronnie this is another blow to the business community who was endured quite a bit jpmorgan moving their huge january conference virtual can you just explain how difficult of a time not just this month, but the last two years have really been it's been difficult for all businesses, large and small in the city and itself, except disco depends on tools on for a good portion of economic generation. to keep the lights on in seconds cisco and so you know, if you ask any business person and they'll tell you that that interruption and that's that disruption of business is the most difficult thing to try it out with income. we can overcome seasonality. when we know what's going to happen we can overcome and we know weekends only are going to be busy weekends. i call it we can staff up for that. but when there's this unpredictability that's happened in the last two years. it's the most frustrating and difficult and challenging for our business is obviously a tough time for a lot of folks in
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the forecast is a little gloom, but i would love to hear you talk about perhaps the resiliency of the businesses in this city and perhaps some of the supports the chamber has offered as many try to just stay afloat. yeah, thank you. the chamber of commerce has over 1000 businesses large and small . over the last two years. we've been helping them individually. sp a lungs. various adaptations of how they can try to keep the business is going. san francisco's are incredibly resilient city and i think we're lucky to some degree that so many of our jobs our laptop jobs. they are remotely 10 works from home. if you notice the neighborhood commercial district of san cisco, actually fighting a little coffee shops, the grocery stores where people are sort of living in that closer radius from where they resided and worked with, so i think san francisco while it may seem fight on the street was incredibly productive. or nonprofit organizations are businesses or continuing to bring a bit of business are bad home from from their desks at home and their offices, so i
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know we are all anxious to get back to back to the office. well just get back to his coworkers. and in this case, many of us have to go back to the office. first week of january, but now it looks like we're going to push back so it's become a little bit troublesome to set a new date and be disappointed by that. but we're just going to make sure that we're all safe here and hope it down. mexico trying to get back to normal as quickly as possible. there are many ways to support the small businesses with take out and offering big tips this time of season. san francisco chamber of commerce president ronnie fong. thank you for your time, sir. happy new year. if you happen. for the latest on covid related news, including the new masking restrictions. you can check out our website ktvu .com. well, the verdict is in the decision that just came down in the case of gillian maxwell, the woman on trial for helping jeffrey epstein sexually abused teenage girls will break down the verdict and with all means. plus the historic snowfall and tahoe continues coming up the warning
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from the sheriff's department as new powder accumulates the rain and when will it move out and the sunshine move in the forecast? as the news continues on the floor right after this brief time out. social likely man
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convicted of luring teenage girls to be sexually abused by the american millionaire jeffrey epstein. jurors found her guilty of five out of six counts after deliberating for five full days. defense lawyers say that maxwell was made a scapegoat by the government after epstein killed himself in jail in 2019 while awaiting his own sex trafficking trial. the 60 year old maxwell now faces the likelihood of a years in prison. an outcome along sought by women who spent years fighting in civil courts to hold maxwell accountable. sentencing date has not yet been announced. so joining me now is ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza for some insight into
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this trial, michael thank you so much for joining us. we start with this. jury had too sparse through how several charges lined up with the stories of four accusers, including that maxwell nf steen came to some kind of agreement in her rule to find these women. was this a key link in this trial? well, the key link was the witnesses that testified against her. the women the four women that came into court testified word her role was she was, in essence and aider and abettor. i think a parallel we can draw is the case in was concentrated that young man went to school and shot people and the district attorney back there went after the parent for 18 him and that shooting. same thing happened here. the jury believes she gave you them and abetted. she took these women coerced them into going to the web stings island, and from there, the sex happened and they said she was a very big part of
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it. but you're a believe that the jury able to draw that straight line, but let's talk about the tactics here. ah i want to hear what you think about the prosecution's tactics . they argue that maxwell was to be a buffer between them and epstein. but she did not do that. was this a smart move by the prosecution that got the outcome that they wanted? well, absolutely. i mean, look at look at the results. was it smart? didn't work. absolutely so how can you criticize that? and that's exactly what she did. she was a buffer between epstein. and these young women stomach as young as 14 years of age, she cultivated them. she gave them gifts. she tried to solve their problems, she told them, epstein. what give them money to help them and whatever problems they were dealing with at that young age and you could imagine it 14 how susceptible they are. about sort of coercion, and then you have a woman, which i'm sure
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they would press more than a man at that age stain. epstein's okay, go ahead and do these things. you are good girl. so she did exactly what the young woman sat in. the jury believed it and therefore convicted her and she is facing a whole lot of time in federal prison. and speaking, speaking of which, how long does she face in prison when sentencing comes around? well you're talking about different crimes. i mean, she was convicted of five out of six, some of which carry a 40 year penalty. she's not going to do anywhere near that. but i'm would think she's going to do somewhere and double digits and not get into the 40 year range. it certainly will be up to the judge at this time, probation reports and such there's not very much sympathy given to her by the court, so i look at her getting substantial jail time by that, i mean, 10 years plot and speaking of which we have to
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wait and see what happens there when that scheduling for sentencing does happen, but her attorneys they are expected to appeal this conviction. but what happens to her? in the meantime. well i'm sure they will appeal that. how successful they will be depends on whether any of her rights were violated in the trial. what will happen they will appeal to the court announced that she be released from custody. pending appeal, but the court wouldn't let her out before. wouldn't bail her out would know are her release around enron were cognizance so you can very much count on the fact that that appeal to the court that argument to the court that she let her out pending the field elements affirmed on appeal. then she'll come back into custody. that is not going to happen. but keep in mind all the time that she's kept in custody now and before trial and up through trial and up to sentencing that all counts for her sentence in jail. and we
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know that she is also facing waiting trial on perjury charges as well. so that is another whole issue for her that she is facing on top of this conviction. impossible appeal. cardoza ktvu legal analyst. thank you so much for your insight this afternoon. you're welcome. stay healthy and enjoy the new year to you. the jury in the elizabeth holmes case has ended day six of deliberations at the federal courthouse in san jose without a verdict. they will return on monday. for the last two days. the jury has not sent out a note or ask for any clarifications on the law. but yesterday the judge held a 23 minute closed door meeting with two of holmes's attorneys and prosecutors. the transcript was sealed, so we don't know what was discussed. holmes faces 11 charges, including wire fraud and conspiracy linked to her blood testing company theranos. are moving to this now the tahoe area where more snow is coming down on top of the record amounts we've already seen in the sierra snow blanketed plaster ville this morning. how
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we 50 and interstate 80 both open with chain requirements, and all that snow is certainly tempting for skiers and snowboarders. but this afternoon , authorities urging people not to travel through the sierra unless they absolutely have to. the plastic county sheriff posted this video showing heavy traffic on interstate 80 there. he said. it's causing problems for emergency responders, hampering their ability to get to where they need to go. well oregon and washington, also seeing a blast of winter weather , with several more inches of snow forecast and parts of both states tomorrow, foxes will nelly tells us how people in the northwest are handling the icy conditions. several states are still digging out from a major winter storm coming out of the holiday weekend roads in oregon , washington and california covered with ice making post holiday travel a nightmare. the national weather service in portland's issuing a winter weather advisory through wednesday. many are just trying
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to find ways to stay indoors and keep warm work from home. hot chocolate, maybe a little bit of bailey's the cold front, dumping several inches of snow in washington and the sub freezing temperatures are expected to stay for a few days. the dangerously cold weather has prompted warming centers to open their doors to give some much needed warmth to those most vulnerable. i mean, we've got a tent right down the street only like a block and a half away, and i'm not even wanting to stay in it right now. it's just so difficult. in california. nearly 17 ft of snow was dumped in the sierra nevada breaking a decade old record. the lab at uc berkeley, confirming the state smashed the previous record of 179 inches of snow in december, said in 1970, although the storm caused headaches for many, some say it's bringing them a bit of joy during the holiday season. why is it fun? cadre get additional flights and make a snowman officials in nevada, california and washington are urging drivers to stay off of the roads impacted by this dangerously cold weather. in
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seattle. will nunley ktvu, fox two news? the search resumed this morning for a missing skier at northstar ski resort. 43 year old rory angelotti is an expert skier who works at northstar ski shop. he never returned after skiing christmas day. today the plaster county sheriff's office tweeted out this photo of cruise arriving at northstar. they say crews were out until nine o'clock last night and resumed this morning. the plastic county sheriff has brought in a blackhawk helicopter with infrared imaging to help search teams. right here in the bay area. the umbrellas were back out. today there is more rain falling across our region right now, but it's tapering off. we have even seen a few dry days or we will see some dry days for more on this. let's go to ktvu meteorologist roberta gonzalez. roberta i brought back from miami monday. i had short sleeves on and i walked out of the airport and i'm like, what the heck is this? it's raining and it's cold. oh, that was a shock to your system wasn't
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certainly shocking. your blood already thinned out. yeah, yeah, it was a couple of weeks. you know, i was feeling good. it was warming 85 degrees down in florida that in miami and here it's 49. it's just not right at 85 degrees in december. that's all i have to say about it. do you even know your sunglasses are now because you're going to need them, beginning with tomorrow. good evening, everybody. let's take a look at this right now. it's the last hurrah. this is the cold front pounding the bay area. it's been a rainy day, anywhere from a measly 31 hundreds of an injured precipitation in san jose to nearly a full inch now and the uae aaliyah of the north bay. kent failed and check this out. we have a vigorous cell containing moderate to heavy downpours right now lifting up towards 101 and mill valley and that contains some heavy precipitation. we also have equal amounts of precipitation right there off to 80 making tracks towards san mateo. nasty evening commute portola valley heavy rain and we're seeing a lot of returns here from our radar, so it looks a little
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smudge. but you get the idea here. heavy rainfall lifting up now into saratoga campbell, cupertino came park and also, san jose is finally getting some more rain again after only 31 hundreds of an inch of rain in downtown san jose, but only 1 1/100 of an inch at san jose international airport. very little precipitation in the east bay right now, but you're going to get your fair share within the next 60 minutes. forties across the board 53 degrees at this hour in san jose, after realizing a high of 54, which is much warmer than yesterday's 48 degrees. but boy, is it cold outside just because it's so damp. this is the core of the center of this very latest, and the last cold front of the week it digs out. and as it does, so , watch what happens. look at the clock. this is tomorrow. we're totally clear and with the clear skies of the temperatures overnight are going to plummet. so it's going to get downright frigid below freezing in many of our inland locations by friday,
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two a.m. in the morning all the way through new year's day. nothing but clear skies tonight overnight below freezing in santa rosa, back in all the way through greenville into hills, berg, low forties and oakland and alameda, mid forties and hayward all the way through castro valley. forties comment around the peninsula mid thirties and morgan hill lifting up towards the campbell and cupertino area tomorrow would have daytime highs in the fifties. i tell you what we're going to do next time around, we're going to talk more about the extended forecast. how many days of sunshine you can expect , and when the next batch of rain and there is some batches out there are heading this way. alright, roberta. thank you. the sports world continues to mourn the loss of legendary coach and broadcaster john madden coming up, we'll show you how many are reflec
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- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. bay area native john madden, who passed away yesterday at the age
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of 85 broadcasting colleagues, along with former and current players from patrick mahomes, julian edelman, all expressing their condolences and sharing memories. men's death comes just two days after the new documentary all mad and aired on christmas day. in it. there are tributes from a range of former players and friends and one poignant moment from a son, mike madden. you know, dad, i've been proud of everything you've ever done. and all of your careers have been all of fame careers, and, uh and even even in your role as father, you're a hall of fame guy. the all madden documentary set to air again right here on channel two tomorrow night at eight o'clock. former senate majority leader harry reid has died, read served as nevada's single representative in the house. starting in 1983. he was elected
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to the u. s. senate in 1987. he represented nevada in congress for a total of 35 years. his wife says reid died peacefully after a four year battle with pancreatic cancer. before his political career. he was a boxer and became a lawyer. he was widely acknowledged as one of the toughest dealmakers in congress. he lived long enough to see the los vegas airport. renamed in his honor. read was 82 years old. president biden scheduled to speak with russian president putin tomorrow as concerns grow over possible russian invasion of ukraine. the two leaders last spoke december 7th. and since then russia has demanded that nato denied membership to ukraine. and other former soviet countries and roll back military deployments in eastern europe. russia has an estimated 100,000 troops massed near the border with ukraine. earlier today, secretary of state anthony blinken spoke with the ukrainian president, stressing us support ukraine's independence. home across
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continues to drive a record surge in covid cases coming up. the biden administration defends a recent change to isolation recommendations and outlines the federal plan just like san francisco covid-19, forcing many cities to cancel or scale down plans to usher in the new year. we will show you the changes being made. and why one u. s hotspot is not changing anything. have hit their highests
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since the pandemic began, driven
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largely by the highly transmissible omicron variants. foxes marc meredith is in washington with more on the surge and what the biden administration is doing. bring down those numbers. covid cases are reaching a record high the us hitting a seven day average of more than 282,000 new cases, blowing past the country's previous record of 252,000 daily cases reached nearly a year ago. the new peak comes as the omicron variants sweeps across the world health officials calling the latest spike quote a winter surge. the data that you're looking at is the data for the month of december. this as the biden administration works to defend the cdc's decision to shorten the recommended quarantine time from 10 days to five for those who contracted covid, but become symptom free. what we know is the most transmission happens in those first 1 to 2 days before you have symptoms and then 2 to 3 days after you have symptoms, but critics say the time he couldn't be worse given the search, while others argue the biden administration should
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reconsider imposing vaccine mandates. this hospital crunch that we're seeing right now is man made. that is because of these mandates. that is because they didn't acknowledge natural immunity. and because of this you're saying staffing shortages ? meantime the president is now clarifying his position after he faced backlash for saying there is quote no federal solution to the pandemic. he's now tweeted. his federal plan includes adding vaccination and booster capacities, hospital equipment staff and more. the fda is cautioning that at home antigen tests are not completely reliable when it comes to detecting macron. so health officials say the best thing people can do is where masks for five days. after quarantining even after people are no longer showing symptoms in washington, mark meredith fox news ohio's governor today announced he will send 1200 additional national guard troops to hospitals overwhelmed with covid patients . what we're seeing in our hospitals or hospitals filling up our emergency rooms. is being
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driven by people in ohio who are not vaccinated and the numbers clearly clearly show that if you're vaccinated. if you're vaccinated. um the chances of you ending up in the hospital are pretty darn slim. governor mike dewine says ohio is seeing its highest levels of covid hospitalizations since the pandemic began earlier this week , the world renowned cleveland clinic announced it was postponing non essential surgeries. till january, 14th due to the surge in covid patients there well, stanford is postponing its men's basketball game against cal berkeley on sunday because of coronavirus related issues. the pac 12 opener against cal was slated to be played at maples pavilion will be rescheduled for later date. the cal bears will still play on sunday, taking on arizona state at four pm at hospital, ian that game was originally set to take place in
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berkeley on january 19th. stanford also had to about a out of a championship game against vanderbilt last saturday because of health and safety protocols within the organization. another day of delays and cancelations for air travelers across the country. foxes david lee miller reports from laguardia airport on the 12 punch of the pandemic and winter weather. i like have a job that i want to get back to. and so i'm really scared. the cdc reduced quarantine time for covid exposures from 10 to 5 days, but air travelers aren't feeling a significant impact yet. for the sixth straight day. there are hundreds of cancelations and thousands of delays across the country. airlines blaming the mess on staffing shortages due to the crown varian vaccine mandates and major winter storms in the west. it's also frustrating for the airlines because they've taken a lot of steps. to get through the pandemic. they thought they were through the worst of it. long lines are now the norm at major airports, especially hugs the staffing shortages leading to logistical issues with everything from
4:35 pm
connecting flights to luggage. and frustrated passengers say they're running out of patience , disaster. a lot of families, people inconvenience i've been literally here at the airport is nine pm and just ready to get home especially hard hit by the weather. alaska airlines, which canceled more than 10% of its flights earlier on wednesday. saying they need more time to de ice. their planes united, jetblue and delta also racking up early cancelations, and things could be getting even worse in the coming days, with millions more expected to travel after the new year. covid got us twice and we couldn't come. but this we just said we're coming. it's winter break from school, and we're coming. the t s a says it's green about two million passengers a day every day this week. about twice as many as during the same period last year. in new york. david lee miller, fox news. those cancelations and delays were also impacting passengers here in the bay area. san francisco international airport is reporting 39 cancelations and 153 delays. oakland has seven
4:36 pm
cancelations and tend delays. mineta san jose airport has seen 19 cancelations. 5432. happy it's obviously it's just a test organizers of the new year's eve celebration at times square practicing confetti drop this afternoon. 1.5 tons of confetti will be released as the clock strikes midnight in new york ringing in 2022. now this year new york city, san francisco, along with some other major cities across the globe, scaling back celebrations boxes. rebecca castor has more from new orleans, one of the few cities it's actually going ahead with its plan, new year's eve party. new orleans is one of the few cities that are still full steam ahead for new year's eve. they're not limiting the number of people the florida lead drop is still on. city leaders say that they feel comfortable moving forward with events because of the city's vaccine
4:37 pm
card or negative test requirement for all bars and restaurants in new york city requires a vaccine card as well . but this did not stop the city's mayor from scaling back the celebration in times square. usually over a million people will gather to watch the ball drop there, but this year only about 15,000 will be allowed just another hit to new york city businesses trying to bounce back after yet another year of covid restrictions in louisiana, even though covid cases are high hotels in new orleans are booked to capacity. the general manager of the iconic restaurant, brennan's says a lack of visitors is not the issue here. it's the lack of staff. sure we saw a couple of cancelations we saw some parties go from 12 to 6 or 12 to 8 or 8 to 4, but we saw very few just straight cancelations. i still need staff to come back to work. brandon is very fortunate that we have a lot of guests that want to join us. i just need more staff in order to be able to care for
4:38 pm
them major cities across the globe such as london, paris and rome are slashing new year's events completely in the u. s. san francisco and atlanta have canceled overall, the u. n estimates the world's tourism industry has lost over $1.6 trillion in 2021 locals here tell us they hope that moving forward with new year's eve will not threaten mardi gras. this is another big money making time of year for the area in new orleans . rebecca castor ktvu, fox two news come saturday, drivers will pay a dollar more across the bay area's bridges. the extra money is meant to make improvements to local roads and infrastructure coming up next. how lawsuit is delaying those projects could even force toll money to be returned to drivers. it's raining outside a lot and some areas and now the sun in its return, and when you should expect it's coming up. it's a news that forward continues.
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the signs. a $1 toll hike takes effect on january 1st. all seven of the state owned bridges in the bay area will increase their prices from 6 to $7 for two axle vehicles and motorcycles. i spoke with john goodwin from the bay area toll authority about where the money is going, and why much of it cannot be touched right now. seven bay area bridges will see a dollar toll increase in the new year as part of this three part increased by 2025 approved by voters. just tell us what to expect. that is going to be really transparent to everybody because we're no longer collecting cash at the toll bridges. uh but just by way of background. this is regional measure. three approved by bay area voters in 2018. the first of the three increases went into
4:42 pm
effect january one of 2019. that seems like a whole other time ago, doesn't it? and this is the second of the three increases. the final increase will be january one of 2025. john how much additional money do you estimate has been collected from that first increase and what do you project the new increase will bring in the following year? well, our expectations are that it will generate about $120 million a year. and as of the end of november, the amount that had been collected through regional measure three was about $315 million. as you said voters did approve this, but for people who don't remember explained to them where that money is earmarked to go towards the transportation projects it includes, right. that's um it's a great question, and it's
4:43 pm
approximately three dozen different projects all around the bay area, and these funds will be used to advance some of them. biggest priorities in the region. these include improvements to highway 37 in the north bay, extending bart. from the current terminus in berryessa. through downtown san jose up to santa clara, helping to advance the extension of the caltrain corridor. from its current terminus at fourth and king to the salesforce transit center. more new barred cars, more munich cars, expansion of the burial ferry fleet. creating a direct freeway connector from north punto one. to the richmond san rafael bridge in marin county. uh, and dozens of others. john now, obviously, you know, well, there's a bit of a
4:44 pm
hiccup here and ongoing lawsuit from the harvard howard jarvis taxpayers association. can you give us an update on that and how that is sort of tying up funds or maybe slowing these projects is at work? well it certainly has slowed some projects without question. so, um. suit was filed against regional measure three and senate bill 5 95. so both we, the bay area toll authority and the california state legislature were served with lawsuits. that was some years ago now. and it is still making its way through the court system. so regional measure three was upheld at the superior court level, and it was upheld at the state appeals court level. uh but the california supreme court has agreed to hear the case. we really have no idea when, um, that case will be heard. now
4:45 pm
again since the first increase in 2019 $315 million has been set aside in an escrow account, goodwin says, if the supreme court of california rules against the measure the funds will be returned to drivers. another increases coming in 2025. take a look at this outside right now. this is our live weather camera looking out towards mostly cloudy skies over the estuary of oakland. we do have some very light. drizzle there, but take a look at our radar. we do have heavy precipitation and other areas of the bay right now heavy rain over the mill valley area. this is moderate to heavy downpours, and it's going to be a nasty evening commute. check this out now. rain showers anywhere from 1 to 1 drifting into san francisco. but while we have rain, we have snow and other places. look at this. you know, my dog won't even go outside
4:46 pm
when it's raining. and these dogs are just having way too much fun out there. dog days of summer gone, but these guys are ruling the day there. that is fun. okay let's get back to the radar dear here locally for the snow to the rain from san francisco across the bay waters to bayside over in oakland peninsula is getting hammered. right now you see those areas of yellow that signifies moderate to heavy downpours around the peninsula. we also have some rain now around the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge. this is a lot of us smeared radar returns from the radar side to the south here, but you still get the idea that we have it pouring around campbell and cupertino, willow glen as well. san jose now picking up some light rain showers. e space quiet, but that's okay. everything that you've been noticing over the bay waters, just moving your way, and this is the last cold front of the week. we're looking out towards the city of san francisco, which has received healthy dose in a brain today as well. temperatures currently into the
4:47 pm
forties. so not only is it raining, it's damp, but it's chilly and the winds have been increasing as well. 16 mile per hour winds and fairfield backing through travis tomorrow for our winds and oakland and in santa rosa, these winds will continue to blow up to 15 mph at times. during the evening 14 mile per hours at sfo. oh by the way, i checked in with sfo, manetta and oakland international airports and even with the rain, no reports of airport delays ceiling is currently way up there at 8000 ft, usually when it drops down his 600 ft. it's when you start to see those delays. rainfall amounts today. these are very impressive. except for san jose at 3 107 inch, but it's raining there now . nearly a full inch in canfield , half moon bay over 8/10 of an inch of right now you've got to remember they're only 76 ft above sea level. so when you get that kind of precipitation, all that once you have a lot of ponding on the roadways, here's
4:48 pm
your thursday evening as we forge ahead because this is it. the rain is out of here. clear skies into thursday into friday . we dry out nicely on saturday and on sunday until the next batch of rain. returns temperatures overnight pets, plants and your doggies. okay we need all of your pets inside because 31 degrees in santa rosa 41 degrees in mountain view and 43 overnight in antioch. it'll be colder tonight we won't have that blanket of clouds overhead. part of the cloudy tomorrow temperatures into the fifties, and that's after we scrub out some of that patchy fog tomorrow morning. so here we go as we forge ahead thursday partly cloudy, bright sunshine friday and saturday and sunday partly cloudy to the rain returns by sunday night. back to you, gentlemen, drawing out thank you so much for murder. we've been waiting for it for weeks, but we don't have to wait any longer, while locally caught crab will finally be making its way back to the dinner table and coming up at five from wild animals,
4:49 pm
two children playing or checking out some of the best images from snowstorms across the country. plus a small business in san francisco's mission district, working to amplify the voice of latino authors. we'll hear from the owner and our latest voices for change segment today from thr
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
program, vita officials, including the ceo handed after typically it's at the headquarters in san jose. the graduates successfully completed nine weeks of intense training. where they learned to expect the unexpected. pay petition to traffic signals. pedestrians cars, um, being able to read the road is a vital key for success for vt operator vita says the newly certified bus operators will fill a critical shortage of more than 70 drivers for the transit agency. oakland
4:52 pm
international is in line for upgrades from federal infrastructure act. bay area congresswoman barbara lee says the airport will be getting $15 million from the measure. it will pay for passenger amenities, including gender inclusive facilities. plus more electric charging stations and improvements to airfield safety, airport security and energy efficiency. the airport says the upgrades will also bring jobs to the local community. the long awaited commercial crab season officially kicked off today, crab fishermen usually are allowed to set out before thanksgiving. but this year the start of the season was delayed several times because of wales off the bay area coast. the boats were finally allowed to go out and set crab pots the day after christmas, and the crab fishermen were allowed to return and start checking their catch. at one minute after midnight this morning, members of the crab boat owners association say they'll be relieved to get the first catch in. that's good when you especially when you get the first load into the dock, cause
4:53 pm
you're kind of in rhythm and everything is that you can finally start to relax a little bit. relieved to eat. my first one crab has been available for the past couple of weeks, but it's been from outside the bay area now. crab from the bay area between pescadero and the mendocino county line can be trapped and brought to market. some will end up in the fish markets, while some will be sent directly to restaurants along fisherman's warf alright from the cease to the skies now, nasa has big plans for 2021, the top priority is taking the next big step towards establishing a permanent colony on the moon. artemus one scheduled to take off from kennedy space center in florida next spring. circle the earth head for the moon, then fly 280,000 miles into deep space and then back to earth. the mission could take six weeks . nasa administrator bill nelson says the project will test the safety of several new spacecraft. it's happening. hardware has been built engines have been tested. astronauts are
4:54 pm
being trained, so we're right at the point of beginning the artemus program back to the moon. going to be interesting to watch artemus two is expected to send a crew around the moon and 2023 the following year. artemus three is scheduled to land on the moon. i will say it was very frustrating, and i definitely did feel like i was sailing on a petri dish. a christmas cruise cut short by coronavirus. we'll hear from the passenger who got stuck on a ship after getting sick with covid. ships are once r
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
scrutiny because of covid outbreaks onboard, the cdc says 88 chips are now under investigation or observation. it's still unclear how many
4:57 pm
cases are on the ships, but the cdc says they are not overwhelming medical resources onboard. cruise ships just started sailing again six months ago. some some lawmakers are calling for another pause and one of the ships with infected passengers was the carnival freedom, which left out of florida. it was scheduled to go to bonaire and aruba, but was denied entry boxes. alina shirazi spoke to one passenger who tested positive on board. it was a bit of a nightmare. it was i would say it was very frustrating, and i definitely did feel like i was sailing on a petri dish. i definitely feel like my christmas was ruined. the carnival freedom left miami with over 2000 passengers on december 18th. it stopped in curacao, where she heard about the outbreak on local tv. it was on the curacao news. it started circling that there was covid-19 on our ship, but they carnival denied. denied telling us that there was covid-19 only told us the next morning when we were
4:58 pm
denied entry into bon air that there was an outbreak of covid ownership, carnival cruise line responded with a statement saying the rapid spread of the omicron variants may shape how some destination authorities with limited medical resources may view even a small number of cases. even when they're being managed with our vigorous protocols, pictures sent to us by ashley and other passengers show blocked off corridors, employees in hazmat suits delivering food and trays left outside quarantine doors. stops in bonaire and aruba canceled. only the dominican republic agreed to let the freedom dark eyes spent most the trip like during the day and my cabin or outside, um, i tried to stay away from any indoor activities . i tried to avoid anybody new, so i kind of only hung out with the people that i had already been exposed to, industry analyst stuart shiran says. canceling stops is just part of c protocols. well, i've been to mexico on a number of occasions. recently where we the they
4:59 pm
didn't get allow us to get off the ship. they skipped the porter altogether. it's important to know there are protocols in place and most people. are just happy to be able to get away. alina shirazi fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. and now at five. hope you still have your face masks bay area counties that had the coronavirus under control are now doing an about face. maybe it's overkill. but i sort of understand what the mentality is. i'm bummed, to be honest. concern over covid spread means new year's eve celebrations will be scaled back what this means for businesses and why it actually could be a good thing plus from slick runways, two roads, another winter storm making for a wet wednesday across the bay area. good evening, everyone and heather holmes and again tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener if you were inside a public place anywhere in the
5:00 pm
bay area you must wear a mask starting at midnight, even if you are fully backs in ated. that's the latest update today after several counties removed exceptions that allow certain people to remove their face coverings in certain settings, and it comes as a rise in coronavirus infections has led to a drop in new year's eve celebrations. we have live team coverage on all of this, starting with ktvu henry lee. we spoke with local health officials and is here now to explain the latest decision, henry julie, several counties that had allowed fully vaccinated people to go massless indoors in some workplaces, gyms and churches. that's no longer going to be the case. that was then. and this is now. on wednesday, all they area counties announced that everyone even if you're fully vaccinated , must wear masks in all indoor public settings. that means the exceptions that have been carved out and sonoma, marin, san francisco, alameda and contra costa counties will no longer apply. all thanks to the omicron variant. no, it quadrupling in


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