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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  December 28, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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testing centers or no test to be found at all the issues with covid testing around the bay area amid a surge in positive cases. gunshots ring out in the leone burr hood. police say the victim is a man who confronted a homeless woman trying to break into cars. we'll hear from that man's family. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth welcome to the four i'm greg lee and i'm brooks jarocz. we begin tonight with a winner treat for the bay area. the cold front brought more snow to our region from mount st helena to mount diablo to mount hambleton bay area. mountaintops were just covered with snow. this is the most snow we have seen in the bay area so far this season, and it wasn't just the higher elevations. here's video from the santa rosa fire department of snowfall there this morning. ktvu is tom baker joins us live now from calistoga, with more on all the
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excitement caused by the snow, tom all that low level. still all of it is both a rarity and a novelty, and that's why so many local folks just have to go and see it. how low can snow go ktvu toward the beria's dominant peaks to give you a look in the east bay mount diablo speak is 3800 and 49 ft. tall in the south bay, mount hamilton's 4200 and 65 ft high and in the north bay mount st helena, the bay area's highest stands at 4342 ft . tall, all of them, plus others were snowcapped, though the milk will come fast. local reservoirs will benefit somewhat in the shadow of mount st helena angwin in napa county population 3200 was far more than dusted even at a mere 1749 ft. all along how
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mountain road this chevron station had cars laden with snow while the snow is wonderful here. the real message from all of this is this water. still a serious problem in california, but the snow is precisely why the boy family came all the way from sebastian poll in sonoma county to robert louis stevenson state park on mount st helena on the napa county lake county line . closest place. you can find some snow, considering their home is 35, mostly winding miles away in sebastopol. their reason for coming was more than compelling. my wife and i aren't really cold weather people. and so this is the first chance they've had to get up and see the snow. this is our first time bringing them to the snow. and so it was close enough that we thought now is the time robert louis stevenson park up here on mount st halina isn't exactly like tahoe. but the roads are a
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heck of a lot better. yes definitely. it was consideration and tahoe is out, obviously, because of how crazy it is to get there. nonetheless, charles delight is a priceless site. it's fine. why is it fun? catches you get additional flights and make a snowman. now, with the weather looking to more cold front range next week, more snow is very likely on top as it gets colder, reporting live tom vacar ktvu. fox students one day for those kids and those families, tom. thank you. but we're on the snow rain and some town right called temperatures out there. let's get over to meteorologist roberto gonzales. roberta hi there, greg. and you know tom nailed it because, he said more snow locally. the key point is, we're going to have to see the moisture come in, and the temperatures overlapping that as they are dropping, and that's when we'll see more local snow in our mountain ranges right now, let's go in and take
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a bird's eye view outside. this is splendid, isn't it? it's gorgeous. we have mostly cloudy skies. the ceiling deck, however, is pretty high at three and 4000 ft, so no reports of any local airport delays. from manetta through oakland into san francisco. international airports. temperatures yes, they are chilly 40 degrees in novato , 48 fremont and also in oakland and at sfo. when you look at these numbers are averaging about 10 to 12 degrees below where they should be for this time of the year. okay, let's get to it. this is future cats and you'll see by seven o'clock tonight towards the tail end of the evening commute. we start to see some rain showers in the north bay and also just outside of sfo into daly city and as a time progresses here, that's a frontal boundary that is going to slice across the area from mendocino county through sonoma county into the city by the bay streaming across towards the tri valley and into the santa cruz mountains. now all of this precipitation as it continues to scatter by the morning commute is going to be very light and
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nature. but with the colder temperatures and place that's when we'll get the local snow down at 1500 ft in the north bay and east bay mountains, as well as the santa cruz mountains. and speaking of snow. yes this is what we have on tap right now. hard to continue to update these numbers because they just can't get to the sites where the snow has fallen to measure it. we do have, however, 13 ft of snow at bear valley up to 18 ft of snow easily and boreal and we still have snow on the way there as well as hear your full forecast is still coming up. roberta thanks cruise with caltrans are still working to clear snow and debris off major roadways to tahoe. caltrans posted a video a little earlier today along i 80 were fallen trees down power lines and heavy snow blocked the roadway just minutes ago, officials said. interstate 80 has officially reopened in the eastbound direction to passenger vehicles and essential commercial vehicles only. 80
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westbound remains closed with no estimate of reopening highway. 50 also reopened this afternoon . but it's incredibly slow going and people are advised not to make the trip. reminder you can track the local weather and the sierra snow using our ktvu weather app. it's free to download right in europe store. all right now to the covid-19 pandemic, the highly contagious omicron variant today prompted contra costa county public health officials to require masks in all public indoor places without exceptions for certain indoor settings. previously fully vaccinated. people were allowed to remove their face coverings under controlled conditions, gyms and other indoor venues. the new order goes into effect at midnight tonight. and we just got word that san francisco has canceled its new year's eve fireworks show because of a surgeon covid-19 cases. this was the first time the celebration was going to be held since the
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start of the pandemic. but city officials say protecting san franciscans and essential frontline workers against the omicron variant is the top priority. traditionally hundreds of thousands of people turn out at the embarcadero to watch the show. the city of sacramento also canceled its new year's eve fireworks show due to a spike in covid cases. the city says they decided to cancel on the advice of public health officials against large gatherings. the city's case rate has risen from about 13 cases per 100,000 on december 16th didn't nearly 23 cases per 100,000 as of yesterday. 165 people in sacramento county are hospitalized with covid, about a third of the number hospitalized during the delta variant peak in september. covid-19 has forced the cancelation of another college football bowl game, the holiday, both featuring ucl ah and north carolina state was set to kick off right here on ktvu at five tonight from san diego.
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but just hours ago, ucl announced the team would not be able to participate in the game due to covid issues. this is the fifth college bowl game to get canceled due to covid 19 cases. other bowl games have scrambled to find new teams to replace teams that cannot play. covid cases linked to the omicron variant continue to rise in the bay area. the number of positive cases per day has more than quadrupled in some areas over just the last couple weeks, that spike has overwhelmed some testing centers. this was the scene at the kaiser in san jose . today long lines of cars with people waiting to get swamped for the virus. doctor saying that data on omicron looks like a vertical wall with cases increasing by so much so quickly . ktvu is amanda kington is here with what experts think is coming next and how leaders are trying to prevent it. well you may remember last year around this time we saw a huge surge cases went up after thanksgiving. then again after christmas and new years, that's
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exactly what experts expect to see again. but this time the good news is we have the vaccine. so we aren't seeing as many people in the hospital and while some people are getting really sick for most, this omicron variant seems to be milder. with the other variants . it was a much slower uptake like delta alpha, but this goes fast. dr peter chin hong infectious disease specialist at ucsf, says that surge will likely continue into the new year. but the good news is that if you look at start africa, it's already signed to come down very dramatically goes in really quickly but also believes very quickly and that's what i'm hoping will happen. the latest data from last week in san francisco county shows an average of 305 new cases a day. just two weeks before that, it was 81. it's a similar story across the bay area, and numbers are likely much higher. with so many people testing at home not being reported, but there is a
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silver lining. we're seeing people diagnosed with infection , but that's throughout the whole community, but not people. who are ill in the icu ventilator like one year ago, dr chen hong says hospitals are doing okay thanks to such a high vaccination rate in the bay area and a culture of mask wearing but where we're seeing a problem is testing long lines of cars here at skywest golf course in hayward and at the drive up site at kaiser in san jose. and empty shelves rapid at home test sold out in pharmacies like cbs and walgreens. yesterday we had to close the site and 12 30 because we ran out of tests that site. so our pharmacies are stretched. our county resources are being stressed after seeing the empty shelves himself. sam mattel county board president david canopus says he knew they had to make a change going from 5000
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tests a week to 9000 this week counties throughout the bay area have to double down and double down because we're seeing a sixfold increase, six fold increase. and people who are testing positive and the only way we're going to meet demand is to make sure that we test people. the biden administration is promising 500 million free at home tests next month, but cannabis says they're needed now , but he knows testing can't be your only way of protection. this is no time. no time. for people to be complacent. if you haven't been vaccinated now is the time no judgment. macron symptoms may seem like a cold or allergies, dr. chin hong says the risk of getting infected with covid should not be minimized. i just worry that the next variant may not be quite as mild as omicron again. i asked
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dr chin hong about new year's celebration, and he says there's no need to cancel all of your festivities. but be responsible cut down the size of the group that you're celebrating with indoors. and if you're in a risky setting get tested three days later. amanda i'm wondering even if you do feel okay. if you have big plans of going out for new year's eve, is it a good idea to get one of those rapid tests? it is a good idea if you can find one, which is proving to be very, very difficult. but i did talk to dr chen hong about this for christmas. a lot of people were trying to get that rapid test before christmas, he said. if you're vaccinated if everyone in the room is vaccinated, you should feel pretty good about it. so don't freak out if you can't get a rapid test, but also there's not a lot of tests out there. so really, you should keep it for if and when you do have symptoms. good advice. amanda king tana. thanks so much. santa clara county is expanding on the state order for healthcare workers to get booster shots with covid cases rising
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exponentially, officials say new cases have jumped from 250 december 16th. two more than 1000 1. week later, the new county requirement accelerates the state mandate for boosters announced last week for health care workers to january 24th, and it includes people who work in higher risk congregate settings such as skilled nursing and long term care facilities, jails and homeless shelters. and it prohibits unvaccinated workers, including those with approved religious or medical exemptions from working in higher risk settings altogether effective february 1st. these workers may still be accommodated in non higher risk settings by their employer. the county also made several strong recommendations for the public. they are urging businesses to require vaccines and boosters for their workers and asking places like restaurants where people remove their masks to require that patrons show proof of vaccination. they're also calling on people to wear masks indoors at home if they are gathering with groups outside
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their households. an argument caught in heard on camera ends in a deadly shooting and a stolen truck coming up how vallejo police say they tracked the suspect the victim's family is coping. and a teenager killed by a stray bullet fired by a police officer while she was christmas shopping in l. a coming up. her family describes their tragic loss. year old girly
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a stray bullet fired by los angeles police last week calling for justice police responded to the burlington coat factory in north hollywood on a report of a man hitting two people with a bike lock. the suspect was shot and killed along with valentina oriana peralta. this morning, her grief stricken father held up a skateboard that was one of valentino's christmas presents. it arrived the day after her death. her mother says they were out shopping for christmas
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clothes when her daughter was struck in a dressing room. when something impacted my daughter, valentina. it threw us on the floor. and she died in my arms and there was nothing i could do. yesterday the lapd released body camera footage showing an officer firing inside the store , killing the suspect, 24 year old daniel lopez. the team's family was joined by civil rights attorneys who are calling for transparency in shooting investigations. vallejo police say a man was shot and killed by a homeless woman he's suspected of trying to break into cars. ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke to the victim's family today and has this report. it's so senseless, like. it's just ridiculous. angeles images heartbroken. her boyfriend, matthew allen, was shot and killed near her vallejo home, allegedly by a homeless woman they suspected of trying to break into samantha's cars. surveillance video obtained by
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ktvu shows the victim pulling up in his pickup truck on bella vista way late sunday night. moments later, you can hear smith, arguing with the woman summit was at home and on the phone with her boyfriend at the time. she was real loud. uh, yelling a lot. after about two minutes. gunfire rings out because i heard was gunshots. i ran to his location as fast as i could. tried to. get him stay alive, and i couldn't do it. i saw the man on the ground and his girlfriend was over him, giving him compressions and talking to him, but he looked really unresponsive. vallejo police say this woman, yolanda harris, who was homeless, fired the shots and then took off in the victims for pickup truck as seen in the video. officers arrived soon after, but allen died at a hospital, police say with the help of automated license plate cameras, they found the suspect in the victim's truck. hours later in vallejo, officers arrested her
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on suspicion of murder, carjacking and weapons violations. allen's parents are also struggling to come to terms with their loss makes me set. i'm just hard to cook. can't sleep. his life is gone now. in her life, whatever is left of it. is ruined. my wife and. our life is going to big void in it. now dale allen says he finds some solace that the suspect is in jail, so she's not going to hurt anybody. anymore or kill anybody anymore, and she's right where she should be. the solano county d. a will review the case before determining whether to formally filed a murder charge in vallejo. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. we are following breaking news. the nfl has confirmed legendary coach and commentator john madden has died . his a pro football hall of famer and a coach. he led the oakland raiders to a super bowl
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victory. he was also an innovative sports broadcaster and the man behind the popular madden nfl video games for now. for more now on madden's life and legacy. let's go to ktvu sports anchor joe fonzi, joe, this really is a heartbreaker. yes no question about it. maybe the hardest thing to do when it comes to john madden is to come up with the words that accurately portray his job description. one of the most visible people of his era. madden had been living a relatively quiet life these last few years. in his later years in life, the public rarely caught a glimpse of the guy who at one time was one of the most visible faces in america. what you could always count on from john madden is that when it came to one of his players, he would be there. like the day kenny stabler was enshrined in the pro football hall of fame and they started calling him he's going to be a first vote hall of famer. 40 years later, he gets 10 years
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earlier, it was john's time to be honored a moment that touched him and was shared with his former boss. and many of his players between 30 and 40 x rated players play all stand up . stand up my family! stand up! stand up! just take your day. i went from player to coach to a broadcaster, and i am the luckiest guy in the world. players and coaches will tell you being elected to your sports hall of fame is the ultimate honor. signifying a career accomplishment. but with john madden, it's hard to precisely define his career. to a generation of young people. madden is the face of a video game first started in 1988. people say i'm going to play mad. you know what i mean? that's what they say. i'm going to play mad boom, tough acting connected to a generation before
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madden was a pitchman for everything from hotels to hardware to beer. excuse me. i'm not the same crazy coach who used to storm around the sidelines, yelling at the officials. i've learned to relax and i drink light beer from miller lite beer from miller everything you always wanted him to beer unless as i was saying, i don't care what anybody else and it hardly stops there. it makes a little basketball twist there and pivot and boom the balls here. madden also revolutionized the way football games are broadcast. montana looks more like barry manilow. he knew the game as well as anyone. 49ers play. i'm running down 234 defense, but his style was one of a kind across him. the left goes to the right. the right goes to the left. this guy crosses here. he crossed here. they have no idea where we are who we are, where we're coming from, or who were throwing to very interesting. in his broadcast career, madden
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eventually worked for all four major networks teeming with two giants of the industry. al michaels and pat summerall. as enjoyable as he was to watch thinking madden was some kind of football cartoon character would be a big mistake. there's never been anybody in this industry anywhere in the broadcast industry that worked at the trade that he loves any harder than john madden. but there's nobody more loyal once he becomes a friend, you've got a friend. who you could call it any time of the night and he'd be there. another man who knows about madden loyalty was his childhood friend and fellow coach john robinson. i didn't have a brother. so john was more like my brother. i think i was a john's house more than he wasn't mine. his mom was. i think it's my thought. maybe she got had had adopted me. john earl madden was born in austin, minnesota, in 1936. when he was in grammar
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school, the maddens moved to daly city. madden played baseball and football at jefferson high, but it was clear football was his future. madden played two seasons at colleges and mateo and then transferred to cal poly san luis obispo. he was drafted by the philadelphia eagles in 1958, but his playing career was quickly ended by a knee injury in training camp, his rookie season. madden returned to cow polly to get a master's degree, made his wife, virginia and then at 23 began his coaching career at allan hancock college in santa maria. in 1967. madden was hired as an oakland raider assistant and two years later at the age of 32 became at the time the youngest head coach in nfl history if you have it in you to be a head coach it doesn't make any difference if you 30 to 40 to 50 to 62 or 82, you can do it. madden inherited a talented team with a reputation for defying
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conventional thinking. they want to say the raiders are dirty. yeah, yeah, we're dirty. are you gonna do about the raiders were known as renegades involved in some of the most memorable and sometimes controversial plays in nfl history. there was the sea of hands game against miami. david, his little ladies and gentlemen. australia liquid the holy roller against the chargers. smart on the most seeding. unbelievable. madness on the field. he wants to know if it's real. they said yes. get your big butt out of here. he does. and, of course, the immaculate reception against the steelers. his past is broken up by taito tipped off. thanks. harris has it. from 1969 to 75,
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the raiders one division championships, but couldn't win the big one. that all changed in 1976. in the rose bowl stadium in pasadena, california it is super bowl 11. this is bill king with the welcome, undoubtedly the biggest moment in madden's coaching career was the team's 32 to 14 win over the minnesota vikings. in super bowl 11 madden got a short victory ride that day were super bowl champions of super bowl 11, and they can never take it away from you. and no one will ever take away john madden's incredible legacy. the kid who grew up in daly city, raised a family and coached a team to a super bowl. the guy who retired from coaching and built multiple careers after that. he rode the rails and later the madden cruiser, putting his unique spin on consumer products. all the while preparing to broadcast the game he loved before national tv audience in a way that will
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never really be duplicated. long time coach, broadcaster and american original john madden dead at the age of 85. joe i know you've spent considerable amount of time with madden. so what are some of your greatest memories or moments with him? well, you know what? i actually got a chance at one time when he was riding the rails on amtrak. people didn't know that he didn't like to fly. and then all of a sudden he'd be showing up in the city where his next game was, and they'd say, well, we'll pick you up at the airport, he said. now there's no need for that. he'd been there a couple days already, so i flew to chicago met him there and then we did a story with him on the way to dallas. and at that time, obviously the people on the train all knew him and he was happy to kind of mix it up with them and tell stories. it was at the beginning of his broadcast career, and then i just remember him also, as someone who was always very loyal to his local
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roots, whether it was growing up in daly city, whether it was his longtime friends, as we expressed in that piece, very loyal to people that he had had contact with. in his various different things throughout his career. yes, joe. i want to read a statement the nfl just released in the last couple of moments reading in part. nobody loved football more than coach. he was football. he was incredible sounding board to me and so many others. there will never be another john madden and we will forever be indebted to him for all he did to make football and the nfl what it is today, joe your reaction to just the legacy that that man leaves behind. no question. i think the biggest, you know he had so many phases of his career, but the people that remember him as a broadcaster. he really defined the way football is broadcast prior to his time it had been all exes and ohs. if you are a former coach or player, and he put those exes and ohs in a form that i think everyone could understand. you know, he had
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that ability to say, see that big guy there that it's all dirty. he's boom. he's you know all that stuff that he would do that made it entertaining while he was also informing us about some of the x's and oh's and the specifics of the game, but putting it in a way that i think all of us who were television viewers could understand it. that's probably as far as i'm concerned, the biggest contribution that he made to the game of football that he made it understandable and enjoyable for everyone. yes. really a bit loss
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