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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 27, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps, all in one place. find live sports faster just by using your voice... sports on now. touchdown irish! [cheering] that was awesome. and, the hits won't quit, with peacock premium included at no additional cost. all that entertainment built in. xfinity. a way better way to watch. breaking storm hits the sierra and a cold front comes to the bay area, bringing chilly temperatures, wind and even some snow here at home. it's been a really cold winter. and it's been super rainy. we are freezing. every can't feel her fingers. temperatures will be
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dropping tonight into the thirties and forties for much of our area, and the cold weather could bring some snow to the hills. good evening, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight from frank as we prepare for the cold temperatures. the sierra is already dealing with a major snowstorm. this is a live look right now at interstate 80 near donner summit. it is still closed from colfax to the nomad , a state line because of the very dangerous conditions. some parts of the sierra have already seen several feet of snow over the last couple of days here at home. the showers have moved out of the bay area. for now. here's a live look outside, looking toward the bay bridge. there it is. let's go now to meteorologist roberto gonzales for more on just how low temperatures are expected to go , roberta near record low in san francisco tonight, overnight they have not experienced in san francisco 39 degrees since 2017 and tonight just maybe the night but right now, let's focus our energy on this right there. storm tracker. pick it up. one
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more cold front. you see it. banking up against eureka in the northwestern quadrant of the state of california. we had a little bit of a batch of energy roll through about seven o'clock to eight o'clock and now some lingering showers. south san francisco digging into happen bay and look to your east. you see that tiny little shade of pink that is snow falling in the eastern foothills of the diablo mountain range, just outside of livermore. now this is it. future cats has been spot on nailing each and every storm since december 22nd what it does right here have us under mostly cloudy skies by tomorrow morning's commute. and then as we advance forward by nine a.m. you start to see the cold air. the cold rain showers and the snow. it will begin to cross the central bay. right around the afternoon hours, and we still will be in the thick of things by tomorrow night. rain snow, gusty winds. we've got it all plus the cold temperatures will have the detailed report coming up and a couple of minutes from
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now. all right. we'll see you then. roberta thank you. now let's go to ktvu s elissa harrington. she's live in oakland with more on this cold snap, melissa. well if you haven't stepped outside tonight , and you're planning on doing it definitely grab a jacket and i really wish i had some gloves and hat right now. it is really cold, and when that wind blows, it is even colder. now. some forecasters say that we could see even a dusting of snow at levels. 1500 ft. we are freezing . we can't feel our fingers. so we were going to run back to the car. rachel johnson and emma fridge bundled up to watch the sunset along grizzly peak in the oakland and berkeley hills. they drove in from the tri valley and found the wind chill a bit painful. it feels colder than usual to me like i was like, i literally feel like it could snow here. it actually could. snow grizzly peak summit is just above 1700 ft. overnight meteorologists are forecasting low snow levels. jan null,
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adjunct professor of meteorology at san jose state, said in the bay area places as low as 1500 ft could get a dusting or a mix of rain and snow. with the colder air, though some of that could end up as some snow showers on certainly those higher peaks, and i think a lot of places that 1500 ft or so that could be the summit going over to santa cruz. it could be skyline along the peninsula. some of the mountains in and around the interior valleys. i mean, i'm shocked vials think it's super cool. and if it is going to smell i want to come see it. yeah. some other bay area peaks already looked like a winter wonderland. this is video from mount hamilton's and this from mount diablo could also be some black ice later on tonight , so certainly there are certainly some hazards associated with it not like
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going to the serious but certainly people need to use a little bit of extra caution. pg and e warns the cold and snow could lead to outages. the company sent out some storm safety tips. those tips include keeping cell phones charged and using flashlights instead of candles. he said. it has already restored power to more than 50,000 customers since christmas morning reporting live in oakland. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news, julie time to bundle up, melissa. thank you. well many people who spent the holidays in lake tahoe are now unable to make it home tonight. highway 50 reopened to traffic in both directions earlier tonight, but interstate 80 remains closed. uc berkeley snow lab near donner pass says this is the most snow that's fallen in the sierra for the month of december since 1970 in addition to the snow crews are working around the clock. declared down trees and power lines. hopefully we get a break in the weather tomorrow, and, more importantly, don't hit the road until you actually hear
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that. it's open because otherwise you're gonna find yourself sitting at a closure point for a long, long time. some of the roads around lake tahoe have reopened tonight, including sections of state routes to 67 89. well ski resorts are working as fast as they can to welcome people back. several were closed today due to the blizzard conditions. palisades tahoe workers were digging out as much as they could palace, a palace aides, alpine and sugar bowl all expect to reopen at least some of their lifts and runs tomorrow. but ski resorts are asking people to be patient and be prepared for delays as they may be short staffed. many of their employees are relying on roads to reopen so that they can get to work. a reminder that contract the local weather and the sierra snow using our ktvu weather app. it's free for you to download, health officials in contra costa county announced today that first responders will be required to get a booster dose of the covid vaccine. they say boosting is the best protection from infection and transmission of
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the omicron variant. the requirement takes effect january 10th and applies to enforcement officers, firefighters and medical workers who respond to emergency calls at high risk facilities. workers at homeless shelters will also be required to get boosted. the cdc is changing its quarantine guidelines. the agency announced today that people who test positive for the coronavirus and do not have symptoms will have to isolate for five days instead of 10. those who come in contact with someone who is infected will not have to quarantine if they have received a booster shot. however they still have to wear a mask in all settings for at least 10 days. the cdc says the risk of spreading the virus dropped substantially after five days. governor newsom's office announced tonight that the state of california will be adopting these new guidelines. dr anthony fauci said today that the u. s may want to consider requiring people to be vaccinated. to flying domestically. when you make vaccination requirement
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that's another incentive to get more people vaccinated. if you want to do that, with domestic flights, i think that's something that seriously should be considered. dr fauci says he does not expect such a mandate to be implemented soon, but says it is on the table. it's been another day of canceled flights with more than 1000 cancelations across the country and whether is playing part in some areas playing a part in some areas, but major airlines are also blaming the spread of the omicron variant. airline employees are getting sick, preventing flights from taking off as they're forced to quarantine. lines are full of passengers now trying to get re booked after being notified. there is one of about 3000 flights that canceled over the holiday weekend. they said for me to watch my email and that's why we're here i am i have called alaska and i'm waiting for callback from them. i'm in line here. and i've already rebooked on another airline. and once again, dr anthony fauci says, with all of the flight
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crew's getting sick, the us might want to think about mandating vaccinations for domestic flights, not just international and our coverage of the omicron variant continues on our website just visit ktvu .com slash covid-19 for the very latest developments. a new attend tonight. the future of the large mural in san francisco is now uncertain after someone to face it in recent weeks. it was created more than 20 years ago to honor the aids crisis, and many of those artists have since died. was enbrel a live now for us in the city after talking to the nonprofit behind this project, amber heather were in the castro neighborhood across the street from the defaced mural that supporters say it's a cultural landmark that needs to be restored and protect it. and this is a very large mural that tells a story. there's so much history crammed in this mural hope for the world cure at the corner of market in 16th streets in san francisco. tells the stories behind the
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aids epidemic, remembering lives lost. this is like gay folk art . it's been here for 23 years time has faded, its vibrancy and in recent weeks defaced by graffiti in large black letters. i was kind of horrified because i thought that there was a code among taggers that you don't tag over somebody else's mural. these photos illustrate what the mural looked like when it was created in 1998. 17 artists with art from the heart heals, who were suffering from aids, designed the mural and collaborated with proceeded eyes muralist. here's some of the artists in front of their parts of the mural. susan cervantes oversaw the project. she tells me it was made possible through a grant donations and volunteer work from dozens of artists. there was probably a couple of 1000 hours that was put into it . many of the artists have since died. she says the mural has been tagged before, but nothing this large was just stunned. it
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helps, you know, because we have gone a couple of times and taking the graffiti off of it at our own expense. in time. but this was just too much. there is also a homeless encampment frequently at the mural, so fontes says the mural was a gift to the community and will need its help to restore it. this is a cultural asset to this this neighborhood, it tells our story. it tells the story when i was coming of age being gay and to see that it's just in this state right now. really sad. this is our history. and i really would hope that we could be better stewards in the future. proceed er eyes muralist estimate will cost $50,000 to repair and restore the mural. heather all right. our amber lee reporting live for us tonight in san francisco. thank you, amber , also in the city police are searching for a missing woman. police say that 44 year old be xi'an. lou was last seen on
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christmas at her home. near geary and broaddrick streets. she was wearing a burgundy top in yoga pants. police say that lou frequents the target on geary street and the walgreens on to visit aero and o'farrell streets. police say she is considered at risk because of a medical condition. if you see her, please call police. very, very nice people. i mean, always with a smile. the couple who died after driving into deep standing water in millbrae have now been identified up next, how their neighbors are remembering them. also ahead. five people are dead and a police officer is hurt. after a shooting spree in colorado at 10 30 tonight. what we're learning about the series of shootings there and the change. apple is making its stores across the country due to
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crash that killed 29 year old male pedestrian. it happened around 7 15 last night on sonoma boulevard. police say the driver of this car that you see here on your screen a wide sedan with significant front end damage did not stay on the scene. after hitting that man. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. his name was not released pending the notification of his family. this
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was vellios 10th deadly traffic collision. this year, the sonoma county sheriff's office is looking for a 19 year old man who they say attacked and stabbed a rideshare driver on christmas day. tristen matthew harden of santa rosa is described as six ft. one inches tall £150 with a thin build, investigators say the rideshare driver took harden to shiloh ranch regional park. around six p.m. saturday night. they say that's when harden attacked the driver from the back seat, stabbing him twice in the neck and once in the elbow. investigators say harden then got out of the car and left the scene. the driver was able to drive himself to the hospital, and he is expected to survive. anyone who sees hardened should call 911 and we are learning more tonight about the two people who tragically drowned last week after their car became submerged in deep standing water in millbrae. as ktvu zach sauce tells us tonight, the married couple in their sixties lived just a few blocks away from that underpass that was flooded. his
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tragic lewis hazard still in disbelief over the death of his next door neighbors and millbrae 63 year old rolando ortigas glorioso and his wife, 62, year old susanna glorioso found out there was a truck stuck down there. but i didn't know it was them. the couple's pickup truck traveling along hemlock avenue in hillcrest boulevard on thursday morning when it became overcome by rising floodwaters, that this underpass that morning. it was raining real hard and my girlfriend was leaving and she said, it's turning me back from the from the overpass, and i said, why i think it's flooded down there. firefighters were in the process of rescuing another person standing on the roof of their car when they noticed the glorioso submerged. pickup truck crews managed to rescue the first person, but they say the water was rising so quickly that they had to retreat or risk drowning themselves. once crews were able to pump the water from the underpass, they found the glorioso is inside neighbors
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starting a small but growing memorial at the site. very nice people. i mean, always would have smiled their home on cordova street, now empty, still decorated for christmas. she's always working on the yard. i will see them. they always waved to me. hazard says his girlfriend, who was close with the couple is still reeling from their death, and also she's shaking. it could have been her. thank god the cops came. after that happened, they turned her away, neighbors say when it does flood here, they can usually make out the standing water. but that morning, it was still dark, and the light was reflecting off of it like it was the pavement so you can't really see the how deep it was. still, hazard says he's never seen flooding like that. they're not like it was 20 ft. deep that day, neighbors trying to figure out why the underpass became so flooded if something went wrong. it should have been draining out in millbrae. zach sauce, ktvu fox two news and we did reach out to
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the city of milbury to find out what if any, measures are being taken to prevent future flooding accidents at that underpass. and we'll be sure to update you once we hear back. rescue crews are searching for a missing skier in plaster county. the sheriff's office says 43 year old rory angela to truckee was last seen on saturday. he works at a ski shop at north star, which posted photos today of the blizzard conditions. the man is described as an experienced skier who skip past was scanned at a lift at the resort saturday morning. he never showed up for christmas dinner with friends that evening, and his car is still in the resort parking lot. we've had some localized snow this evening alone around portola valley and the santa cruz mountains and also a little bit of light snow and the eastern foothills just outside of livermore. good evening. this is our live weather camera looking at right now towards the oakland tribune building. you could see it there with the red tip top of
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the building currently under mostly cloudy sky. we have dropped 38 chilly degrees in santa rosa. san francisco's sitting still at 45. it's been 45 degrees for the past three hours. same in oakland, livermore low forties. it is now 44 degrees in san jose. so this is the next incoming system. this is the core the center of the area. low pressure. the frontal boundary will sweep through first and we have more rain and local snow tonight overnight into your tuesday, primarily tuesday is going to be the main event now here is right now, our latest radar imagery and we've had some hit and miss scattered showers around san francisco. also there you have it again, a little bit of snow on the fly in the eastern foothills at the diablo mountain range. and over here is mount hamilton's where we've already seen 2 to 4 inches of snow. this has been fantastic. it's our future cast. this is how you can plan your tuesday mostly cloudy skies for the morning commute upstream. here you have the
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incoming frontal band and then it should be in the san rafael area by nine a.m. hit and miss scattered showers throughout the day and snow showers down to 500 ft. elevation no accumulation, but 1500 ft. in above sure, we'll see at least a light dusting of snow and right there. that's when we will see some snow in the santa cruz mountains by nine o'clock tomorrow night lingering showers into your wednesday under mostly cloudy skies. now today, right now again, temperatures are in the forties. we do have with this approaching system a winter storm advisory. that's an effect anywhere from humble county, lake mendocino and trinity snow level. they're down to 500. ft you got uk at 660 ft elevation. about an inch of snow is anticipated overnight. sierra forecast we still have that winter storm advisory now in place from 10 o'clock tomorrow night until 10 o'clock thursday evening, more snow in the forecast their local like snow
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here 40 degrees overnight tonight in san francisco, when the record low is 39 degrees. the last time they experienced 39 degrees is back in. 2017 could see it tonight. we're going to get a good shot at it tomorrow highs only 41 napa. 50 redwood city. i'll tell you what we are going to have your new year's day forecast and that's still minutes away. all right. we'll see in a little bit, roberta. thank you. in san francisco tonight, people celebrated the second day of kwanzaa by listening to some good old fashioned blues music. wow. the celebration was put on by the village project with help from adrian williams. in addition to music, it featured african culture rituals and drinks to celebrate black culture. the village project is a non profit, community based organization, which provides a safe haven for academic, cultural and enrichment activities for young people. the
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latest surge in covid cases, disrupting plans heading into new year's eve celebrations. i'm david stanton, washington with a look at that and what dr look at that and what dr anthony fauci wants americans there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again. enroll by december 31st.
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check now to see your new lower price. retail locations in new york due to a surge in covid cases in the city. however customers will still be able to place orders online and pick up their items at stores. no word on how long the closure will last. apple has also closed in store shopping at its retail locations in washington, d c. l a and in other cities due to rising covid cases, cities around the world are changing their new year's eve plans due to the rapidly spreading oh macron variant. but as fox news david spent reports some metal well, experts say canceling outdoor events is unnecessary. in times square, the famous new year's eve ball getting its finishing touches
10:25 pm
largest crystal ball in the world, but with covid cases on the rise, new york city officials this year are scaling back capping attendance at 15,000 spectators down from the normal nearly 60,000. plus organizers are requiring attendees be fully vaccinated. we will be checking vaccinations status, but new york isn't the only city scaling back or canceling this year's festivities heading into the new year. across the world. other major cities are doing the same, including london, paris and rome. meantime white house chief medical advisor dr anthony fauci suggested the biden administration consider vaccine requirements for all domestic flights while urging americans to steer clear of new year's eve parties. due to the omicron covid variant. there will be other years to do that, but not this year. but critics question whether canceling celebrations slated for outdoors. goes too
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far, even as u. s officials announced they are cutting the recommended quarantine time from 10 days to five for close contacts. all it really does is decrease morale. it hurts the industry. it's workers cancels plans, and it's not really going to do much to lessen the spread of this virus. in washington. david spun fox news. four shootings in oakland over the holiday held. the police chief is addressing yet another violent weekend across the city , even in the midst of rain, even in the midst of a holiday season. you know there are individuals that are still out there committing crimes. also ahead tonight, the new report that shows just how much climate change is costing and we'll hear from the warriors as they continue to juggle their roster due to a spike in the number of corona we learn about covid-19,
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for retail theft. police say the theft happened at a retail store inside the tampering mall back on december 16th at around 1 20 in the afternoon. an employee says two women entered the store placed a large amount of high end merchandise into their bags and then left. one of the suspects got into getaway car. police were able to quickly pull that vehicle over and identify the 16 year old passenger. as one of the suspects who ran out of that store. they say she took more than $16,000 in merchandise . the driver of the getaway car was also arrested, but police have still not located that sex. six second suspect who stole from the wall, another violent weekend in oakland. police say there were four shootings over the holiday, including one right in front of children's hospital . a crime reporter henry lee tells us the police chief addressed the violence today
10:30 pm
that doesn't appear to be slowing down. busy and violent christmas eve in oakland. it began with the shooting by police at about 4 30 in the afternoon, officers were investigating a report of a man waving a gun near 98 the needs in the brookfield village neighborhood in east oakland. police chief laurent armstrong says an officer opened fire on a man who had attacked him and brandished a weapon at him. officer discharged his service weapon three times, but the officer missed the individual was not shot. was not injured. as a result of the shooting. the officer was not injured, nor was the community member injured. then at about 8 20 that evening, a man died after being shot on lecture avenue near first avenue. it happened at the edge of lake mirror, not far from where a woman was shot and killed last month. it's a scenic area with views of the lake, but police say the beauty has been marred by the presence of people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. sometimes the results in confrontations or arguments that escalate, unfortunately
10:31 pm
into violent crime. also on christmas eve, police responded to several shootings, including one outside ucsf. benioff children's hospital, oakland at about 10 30 that night, a teenage boy who had been shot was taken to the hospital and a car and a second car pulled up. the individuals in the second vehicle fired multiple rounds into the vehicle right in front of children's hospital, and so very obviously concerning for us , and in another shooting that night, more than 30 rounds were fired near fruit ville in east 18th street, peppering homes. with gunfire, even in the midst of rain, even in the midst of a holiday season. you know, there are individuals that are still out there committing crime. oakland please tell me they've had uniform and undercover officers as well as technology around that part of lake merritt. but on christmas eve at the time of the homicide, many officers were diverted to that shooting involving police. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. and in san francisco, police say shooting in the financial district early today left two people injured. officers responded to the shooting at 2
10:32 pm
15 this morning near the corner of battery and jackson streets. two men were sitting inside their vehicle when two suspects began shooting at them. police say the suspects, then got into another vehicle and drove away. the victims were taken to the hospital and treated for non life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. and no word on what led to that shooting. well tonight we are getting a look at dramatic body camera video released by los angeles police and it shows the moment an officer fired inside a north hollywood burlington store. accidentally killing an innocent teenage girl who was in a dressing room. officers say they responded to a call of a man assaulting people at that store last thursday, they encountered the suspect upstairs , and one officer fired the suspect, 24 year old daniel lopez, was killed. the so was 14 year old valentina orelon. oh peralta, a bullet went through a wall and struck her while she
10:33 pm
was in a dressing room. community activists say the shooting never should have happened. you've got many, many problems. even the lapd has admitted. we're going to have to take a hard look at this. our tactics are training all the things that happened that went wrong. many things went wrong and as a result of that, the most important thing that went wrong was a 14 year old that lost her life on necessarily. and the parents of that he needs your are planning to hold a news conference tomorrow. the los angeles police chief has promised a thorough, complete and transparent investigation. a new attend tonight. four people are dead in colorado after a series of shootings in two different cities. authorities believe the incidents are connected and say a suspect is also dead. the gunfire began near an intersection full of restaurants and bars in denver and then moved into the neighboring suburb of lakewood. lakewood police officer was hurt
10:34 pm
in the shootout with the suspect and is in stable condition. police say the suspect was later shot and killed but have not yet said by whom. no word yet on a motive. also in colorado, a judge has scheduled re sentencing hearing for a truck driver who is facing more than 100 years in prison. millions of people signed a petition calling for that sentence to be reduced . fox news anna iliopoulos has more a colorado district attorney is asking a judge to reconsider the 110 year sentence of a truck driver convicted in a fatal interstate wreck. 26 year old rachel aguilera medeiros was sentenced in december for the crash that killed four people and injured several others. district attorney alexis king is suggesting a range of 20 to 30 years behind bars instead. on monday, a hearing to reconsider the sentence was scheduled for next month. the prosecution knew when they charged this case, there was 41 charges altogether. they knew how much exposure meaning how much time this defendant potentially could get.
10:35 pm
if you were found guilty, police say, a gilera medeiros was driving a semi at least 85 miles an hour before the crash in april 2019. he drove past a runway truck ramp after his brakes failed and then crashed into stop traffic. he was found guilty in october of four counts of vehicular homicide and nearly two dozen other charges. at his sentencing, judge jones says he was bound to them. mandatory minimum sentencing laws in the state, but the decision drew widespread criticism. nearly five million people signed an online petition. urging governor jared polis to grant clemency. protests were also held at the capitol in denver. this type of injustice has to stop that has to stop at every level. starts with the legislation. governor pull us office says it's reviewing the clemency request. anna iliopoulos fox news. the jury in the criminal fraud trial if their nose founder elizabeth holmes will continue deliberations tomorrow after
10:36 pm
failing to reach a verdict today following a three day break for the christmas holiday weekend. the panel has now been deliberating for more than 30. hours after gathering over four days to go over the evidence. in this case, there were no signals from the jury about whether it was close to reaching a decision in the case. holmes trial spanned nearly four months with 32 witnesses taking the stand. attorneys wrapped up their closing arguments on december 17th. holmes faces nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy for allegedly defrauding those investors as well as patients in her company. coming up at 11 tonight. changes coming to how you can get a passport. what you need to know if you're traveling out of the country. we've had rain. we've had localized snow. we've had wind and we had hailed this morning now near record cold temperatures, the full weather report is still ahead. also more than 100,000. kids across the country have lost a parent or caregiver to covid up next h
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and my regular screenings. to have lost a parent or primary caregiver to covid in california . there are an estimated 20,000 children affected by this now state senator nancy skinner, berkeley has introduced a plan that would help them hope savings accounts would be for children from low income families up to $3000 would be deposited for kids up to nine years old and up to $5000 for children, 10 to 17. earlier this evening. we spoke with senator skinner about how this will work. so these hopes savings accounts, they'll have access to them at age 18, and then they know that they have some security in the future. um in the meantime, most of them are
10:40 pm
receiving federal survivor benefits, though there are some children whose parents didn't qualify, so we also want to make sure that if we have children in california whose parents didn't qualify for federal survivor benefits. we also take care of that. senator skinner says the hope for children act is the first of its kind that seeks to provide support to children. the senator says she plans to introduce the measure when the legislature session begins in january. well president biden met virtually today with a group of governors to address the omicron variants surge, the president said the us is mobilizing doctors and nurses to help in places where hospitals may be overwhelmed. fox's rich edson has more on today's meeting. governors can you hear me? ok in a virtual meeting with governors, president biden highlighted his administration's plan to buy hundreds of millions of at home covid tests. we went from no over the counter test in january. 2 46 million on october 100 million in november and
10:41 pm
almost 200 million december. but it's not enough. it's clearly not enough. president says his administration is ready to help states in need. emergency response teams are already in a handful of states providing more hospital beds were prepared and we know what it takes to save lives. state and city leaders have grappled recently with how best to control the spread of the omicron variant. in new york city of vaccine mandate is in effect requiring private sector workers to get the shot in florida governor ron de santis has rejected mandates and instead says he supports treatments like monoclonal antibody therapies. people didn't even know this was even something that was available, and so we were able to do keep tens of thousands of people out of the hospital and no doubt save thousands of lives. health experts say early treatment is another critical tool to help those with covid. and now we have the two new drugs by merck and pfizer. each cut covid desk to zero. the president didn't even mention it in a speech today, the president is also
10:42 pm
pushing unvaccinated americans to get their shots and stay out of the hospital at the white house rich edson fox news. goldman sachs is requiring its workers to show proof of a covid vaccination booster shot. that requirement will take effect february 1st and applies to employees and visitors coming into the bank's us offices. goldman sachs also plans to double mandatory testing to twice a week starting january, 10th. the changes come as companies try to navigate the return of office workers amid a surge in covid cases on wall street stocks made steady gains today, enough to mark another record high for the s and p 500. the dow gained 351 points. nasdaq rose to 17 and the s and p jumped 65 1.4% and is now on pace to close out the year with a 27% gain. record snowfall causing problems in the sierra how neighbors came together to help travelers who got stuck in all that snow and break in the
10:43 pm
rain, but temperatures are dropping meteorologists roberta gonzalez has a look at your five day forecast mmm. hey jack, how'd you get this spicy cluck sandwich to have the perfect amount of spice? i call it, jack's spice squad. who's in the squad? [whispering] it's me. my new spicy cluck sandwich combo. it's my best chicken ever.
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10:46 pm
seeing right there all of that snow and ice. and debris there on the interstate. we're hearing from a lot of people affected by the highway closures in the sierra. many can't get where they need to go. either work or home reporter melanie wingo is an auburn with the trouble that this snowstorm is creating. a break in the snowfall around donner lake means mercy. galvin and her neighbors can get down to the business of digging out. this is a neighbor's car. they're digging out right now. uh, if you can see that pictures and video clips, mercy sent to us show just how much snow is piled up lots and lots of snow. this was down to the deck, uh, last night, so this is just since last night. this neighborhood also helping friends who can't get home because of the i 80 closure. they're now snow blowing and clearing paths, so it doesn't all have to be done at once. it's rough, because when you come home to this many feet of snow, it's daysking out living a
10:47 pm
for almost 30 years, mercies survived many a snowstorm. storms like this caused major obstacles, but those of us that have been here a long time. you know, we're we've got everything we need were prepared in another part of this era. we came here friday morning and supposed to do yesterday. carmichael couple stranded in self like tahoe after a holiday trip, working with family to help cars that got stuck on the roads. we don't have nothing to do inside. i mean, we have to help people, and they appreciate it back up at mercy's place on donner lake. she understands it's an inconvenience, not being able to get home. but she's glad the highways are closed, so wrote, an emergency crews can get to where they're needed most as much of a problem that causes for people. and it's so unsafe, you know, to be out there for those that are coming up in two wheel drives and wearing their tennis shoes. yeah not a good combination at all. that was reporter melanie wingo reporting
10:48 pm
for us. it is getting cold, really cold here at home. ktvu meteorologist verte. gonzales joins us once again with more on what we're expecting over the next few days. heather, you nailed it. it is getting cold. in fact, tonight. san francisco could drop down to 39 degrees. it hasn't been that cold since january of 2000 and 17. so we'll show you those overnight low temperatures. but right now, bird's eye view looking pack jack london square looking towards the pristine seaport. the ports of oakland, and i just love the conditions right after a clean coal from brushes through an area where left with a lot of freshness, and that's how it feels outside right now, i hope be it on the cold side 38 degrees in santa rosa 45. oakland 44 san jose, low forties and throughout the tri valley. this is the next approaching cold front. i promise you it's the last one of the week, but it's pretty vigorous. okay so we have the departure of this morning's rain showers and right behind it is some instability.
10:49 pm
so we have some scattered rain showers in throughout the peninsula, backing through half moon bay and over here, what do you say when you see the different shades of green? that's rain, then sleet, then snow atop mount hamilton's, which is 4200 ft. tall. so we've already had a couple of inches of snow there more tonight more tomorrow and through wednesday morning this morning, we did have a blast of rain. in fact, oakland saw 3/10 of an inch of rain, a very healthy 4/10 incentives a and devenport with over an inch of precipitation, you know devenport, just seven miles to the north of santa cruz. dublin wow, good number there and nearly an inch in mill valley and also castro valley. i'm just loving me some future cats because it has just been spot on with a series of storms that have been rumbling through the bay area since december. 22nd here is some clearing out over the eastern foothills that already have a light dusting of snow around the diablo mountain range. and here is your tuesday morning. here. it comes after a
10:50 pm
dry morning commute. we do have the frontal band the leading edge. ending on the north babe. we'll start to see some snow levels dropping to about 1500 ft throughout the north bay mountains and the eastern foothills, we could see a few flakes as low as 500. ft but no accumulation. so here you go at two o'clock in the afternoon, mainly in north bay event, some hit and miss scattered showers across the south bay. and then as we approach the evening commute we began to fill in. it will be a wet evening commute the frontal boundary slices through about this time tomorrow night. that's when we'll have a combination of some range. some sleet, some localized hail, 1500 , ft elevation and the center cruz mountains. we already solved few flakes tonight in portola valley. so by wednesday lingering showers, then we set the stage for a dry thursday. meanwhile we do have a winter storm advisory in place for humbled lake mendocino and trinity counties, right here in the northwestern quadrant of the state of california as we bump
10:51 pm
up against oregon. at sea level. is the snow level. 500 ft. elevation right around the uk and you guys, that's 600 ft, so about an inch of snow anticipated their winter storm advisory for the greater lake tahoe area has been downgraded for the warning only a couple more inches to five inches of rain or snow expected at the lake level. thirties forties overnight tonight 40 degrees in san francisco. chasing that record of 39 tomorrow, our highs will only be in the forties. a few fifties near the peninsula. so you have the rain returning tomorrow breezy. local snow and extended forecast does call for yes, sunshine returns for the first day of the new year. julian heather, berta. thank you . global insurance losses from extreme weather fueled by climate change top $100 billion this year. that's according to a report by the british nonprofit christian aid that was released today. deadly hurricane ida in louisiana topped the list at $65
10:52 pm
billion. the floods in europe were second at 43 billion. this year, insured losses from natural disasters again exceeded the previous 10 year average, continuing the trend of an annual 5 to 6% rise in losses seen in recent decades. all right, coming up next in sports . 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo has been diagnosed with a significant thumb injury . our sports director market, bond says is here with the very latest then on the 11 o'clock news covid once again taking a toll on the legal system, the bay area county that has
10:53 pm
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with you. the bottle room tonight. alright. hit her mission is over in the whole tray lands jimmy garoppolo saga little plot twist today and we're going to be talking about
10:55 pm
it. you can bet until the end of the regular season, so as it turns out, jimmy garoppolo has been diagnosed with a serious thumb injury. it's a bone chip and a torn ligament. on the time of his right hand, of course, his throwing hand. he didn't participate in practice today. he's in some pain you'd have to say got to be extremely questionable for the game sunday against the text, and the injury actually happened. when he was sacked in the second quarter, according to reports, jimmy told coach shanahan about it during the game shortly after it happened. shanahan didn't happen to mention that the media after the game, but he had this to say about it earlier today. i think it affected his throw. just talking to him and stuff on the, um first play the third quarter. um i would say that was one plate affected him on the most. it's a thumb sprain, so i think you guys know how those are. i
10:56 pm
mean, they didn't feel great today wasn't able to throw today and be out as on wednesday. hope it will get better. darling. so now you can't help but believe there's a great chance. the rookie trey lance will get his second nfl starts sunday at levi's against the texans. lance also sustained a bone chip fracture in his throwing hand in his first start against arizona and alaska. the cardinals in that one, it was his first start. haven't seen really hiding her hair of him since, but shanahan did say today when he met with the press that he has looked better than he has all year in his workouts in the month of december, so we'll see monday night football, dolphins and saints boy the saints ever missed the days of drew brees tonight. going with ian book at quarterback is nfl debut does not go well, his second pass first quarter it is read like a book by miami's nik needham tip and pick six bringing it back
10:57 pm
seven. nothing it only got worse for the saints after that. they couldn't get anything going. but again, that book was sacked eight times. dolphins become the first ever team in nfl history. you have a seven game losing streak and a seven game win streak in the same season. needless to say, they're on the win streak right now and a definite playoff contender. i guess if there's any such thing as good news with regard to covid where is it? living that right now? they have been depleted for a little over a week now, but they're getting guys back as still take on denver tomorrow night with andrew wiggins in the lineup out of covid protocol. jordan's pool is also cleared but needs some recovery times and, of course, as the warriors face things against the nuggets. the big name draymond green. he just went into protocol and he's going to be out for a while. although steve kirk as encouraged by what he heard and
10:58 pm
stop from draymond today, miss he's doing fine, he said. very mild symptoms and in good spirits. he's just disappointed , obviously, um, way things are going the way he's playing. you know, the good news is, um draymond and really everybody. who's gone through this in our organization seems to be one pretty pretty well and pretty mild symptoms and all that, so um, that's that's the good news. um we just have to get get through it. spotlight game in the nba tonight sentence and grizzlies under 10 seconds left in regulation. phoenix down to devin booker will drain a go ahead three. he had 30 tonight for the sons look like a game winner, but the grizzlies have the ball now in the hands of john moran. that's where you want it. he finishes under pressure, and that victory will get snatched away from the sun's
10:59 pm
with 0.5 seconds left. by the way, moran had 33 points. the grizz nip phoenix 1 14 to 1 13 in the spotlight game of the year. let's get back to some football. you come to this time of the year and you need to check this out when frustration start to mount. your team's not doing well case you missed it. teammates during pain, and jonathan allen of the washington team exchange words last night pain put a finger in allen's space punch, and that's what happens last week. season starts going wrong, but they say they cleared it up. as brothers do after the game, and that is the sporting life for right now, we'll have more in about 25 minutes, heather and julie, but that's it for now. all right, we'll see in a little bit, mark. thank you. next at 11. it feels colder than usual to me like i was like, i literally feel like it could snow here. of the potential for snow in parts of
11:00 pm
the bay area as temperatures dip overnight. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. colder temperatures are moving into the bay area combined with scattered showers. hello again, everyone and heather holmes in tonight for frank and i'm julie julie haener. that combination could bring some snow to parts of the bay area. ktvu elissa harrington live now in oakland with where we can expect to see some of that snow, alyssa. heather julie. some forecasters say that we could see snow here in the bay area at 1500 ft. that means maybe up in the grizzly peak area of oakland and berkeley. i got a chance to speak with some people in that area tonight. who told me it definitely feels a lot colder than usual. we are freezing and we can't feel our fingers. so we were going to run back to the car. rachel johnson and emma fridge bundled up to watch the sunset along grizzly peak in the oakland and berkeley hills. they drove in from the tri valley and found the wind chill a bit painful


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