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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  December 27, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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snow. also the weekend storm pushed snow in the sierra to a new record for the month of december, a whopping 16 ft has accumulated so far. this was taken in tahoe, donner and everywhere you look you see white, even a car completely covered in snow. one family had to clear a path right outside the door so the dog could make it to the bathroom. boy that is a lot of snow there for those not in tahoe and those who are well don't plan on changing that in the near future. i 80 in and out of tahoe is close to drivers all because of heavy snowfall, gusty winds, whiteout conditions and at least one avalanche. the roadways and soda springs, not even visible highway. 50 also closed. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning for greater lake tahoe. the closure came as search and rescue crews in plumas county recalled into action. several cars were stranded because of the wicked weather yesterday, and residents are being asked to stay home. for those not taking that advice. caltrans is asking
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drivers to be courteous. she used chain control to with the chain control personnel. scuse me who are out there in the worst of the worst day after day. doing their part to remind a safe and reliable transportation network for all all right now, there is no estimated time for the highways to reopen and there is so much no even ski resorts have not been able to open. ktvu is tom baker has a look now at the dangerous conditions and the potential impact on california's drought. trying to get to tahoe is a dangerous fools. errand with roads so snowed in passages virtually impossible and extremely dangerous for emergency crews working the roads. andrew schwartz, station manager of the uc berkeley central sierra snow, laboratory, says it's breaking all records. it's the largest december we've ever had in terms of snow lab records going all the way back to 19 seventies got here yesterday. just been stocked went through every possible route, but no luck so gotta
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gotta stick it out. according to caltrans, i 80 s r 20 and r 49 will remain closed today due to down trees, power lines and continued heavy snow. crews are working around the clock to get the highways reopened. chp in truck. he told me that they are so busy that even with all hands on deck they have been are and will continue to be slammed earlier, chp officer peter man told ktvu this hopefully we get a break in the weather tomorrow . and more importantly, don't hit the road until you actually hear that. it's open because otherwise you're gonna find yourself sitting at a closure point for a long, long time, despite all the record breaking snow and the range that accompany it, the state's five largest reservoirs as a midnight remain low. shasta only 49% of its normal historical levels. on this date. oroville 70% of normal trinity 49% of normal new
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maloney's 70% of normal san luis. 48% of normal, but we're in such a severe drought right now that we're really going to need as many of these upcoming months to be above average as well, though avalanches are a present danger, any significant warmup will present a flooding danger. another danger. we cann drought, heat, diseased and infested trees, so these trees are definitely dangerous with all this snow loading on the best advice for skiers right now, don't drive. stay alive. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. and here's a look at the sierra ski resorts that have had to shut down because of the blizzard conditions. north star tweeted that it hopes to reopen tomorrow after getting 35 inches of snow. heavenly closed in nevada side of the resort. today, they signed nearly two ft of snow in 24 hours. palestine's tahoe also shut down with wind gusts of up to 100 miles an hour and visibility near zero for the latest on how much more snow is
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expected in the sierra meteorologist roberta gonzales joins us now with a look. roberta hi there, julie and hi, heather. at least a couple more days of snowfall and the greater lake tahoe area. i was checking in with caltrans and this is the scene right now it is live and look at the people making their way through the snow, and a lot of people have been noticing have been just walking around the area because they can't drive because there's so much no now right now it's 24 degrees in blue canyon, south lake tahoe sports 23 degrees truck is not checking in. but what am i reporting stations suggests it's 21 degrees with the wind gets up to 28 mph. so in the forecast, it's snowing. now it will continue to snow through tuesday and wednesday. the winds will ramp up on wednesday and then just a slight chance of snowfall. on thursday, attorney partly cloudy boy beautiful scene over the tahoe area we've seen anywhere from in the bear valley area. 6.5 ft of snow
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above 7000 ft to nearly 10 ft of snow and boreal sugar bowl and in north star, other notable numbers around the region do report hefty totals from kirkwood. although with your boreal palisades and, of course bear valid so how much more snow to expect from right now through tuesday night, two more inches. now that's at lake level at 6200 ft. and then as we forge ahead through wednesday, five inches of snow at lake level and watch the clock tick on by what do you see? absolutely nothing. the snow does stop by thursday, at least by thursday afternoon. so from now on that frontal boundary that is out of here, we'll just produce a few flurries in the graduate tahoe area, and for us some cloud cover. look at the flag on the fly. it's a bit on the breezy side. in fact, oakland's been picking up winds up to 13 and 15 mph you couple that up with the temperature currently at 47 degrees. it feels raw outside. other temperatures are in the forties, and i've got to tell you what it's going to be a
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downright frigid day for your tuesday we'll talk about when the next storm arise. that's as the news continues right here. all right. thanks so much. roberta appreciate it well, the winter weather is also affecting the entire pacific northwest. emergency shelters have opened up as temperatures are expected to remain well below freezing for the next several days. more than three inches of snow fell in seattle over the weekend, leaving many residents with the rare chance to do some sledding but just north of the city, it was a very different story. the cold weather left thousands without power. do have natural gas fireplaces, so that does keep the house somewhat warm. but when it's 10 degrees out, like right now, it's ah, it must be pretty chilling inside. more than a foot of snow was reported in other parts of washington. snow also fell across oregon, where the unusual weather caught many drivers off guard blouse have been working around the clock to clear the state's roads and highways. and be sure to
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download the ktvu weather app. it is free and can help you track rain and snow now and into the future. it has interactive radar and forecast for where you live. crowds and cancelations. those are the key takeaways for most americans taking to the skies over the holiday weekend, passengers piled up at airports from las vegas to seattle to minneapolis. there were more than 1000 flights canceled across the country today and while weather is playing a part in some areas, major airlines are also blaming the spread of the coronavirus. many airline employees are getting sick, and that's preventing flights from taking off as they are forced to quarantine. ktvu is amanda canton. oh is live now at sfo with how all of this is affecting passengers. and how it changed in guidelines could help amanda yes, well, a group of major airlines has been asking the cdc to change their guidelines for quarantining from 10 days to five days. they're hoping that that can help prevent some of the issues that we have been seen in the cdc.
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they did that earlier today, just a few hours ago, but here it s f l we have seen 72 cancelations that is just today. most from skywest and from alaska airlines, and that's leaving. a lot of passengers just stuck here. i had originally a five hour layover, which turned into like a 11 hour layover. and then the flight got canceled. so back to data trinket on another one out today, david dorin has been at sfo for almost two days, hoping his trip from ireland to san diego ends with him actually getting to see the family he flew all this way for what can you do? you just have to roll with the punches, i guess and you know, i feel sorry for some of the air stuff people as well because they're getting getting so much grieving lines are full of passengers trying to get rebooked after being notified. there's is one of the thousands of flights canceled this holiday weekend. they said for me to watch my email and that's why we're here i am i have called alaska and i'm waiting for a call back from them. i'm in line
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here. and i've already rebooked on another airline. it's bad weather in the pacific northwest and a shortage of airline staff likely a direct impact of covid that has the winter families mexico trip for their son's birthday postponed he doesn't get to have a drink on his 18th birthday, so there's that, but there's tomorrow. hopefully with the new change in cdc quarantine guidance down to five days instead of 10. the hope is that this crisis won't continue. it's not a crisis in so much as people dying, which is very different from a year ago, but it's a crisis in terms of not having a workforce. but dr peter chin hong at ucsf says five days of quarantine won't work for everyone when you talk about 10 days, pretty much more than 90% of people will be fine, so you don't really need to do a test from the old guidance. when you're talking about five days. some people find some people are not fine. you really need to take people symptoms into
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consideration. you need to, you know, use a test cell guide you while the new recommendation means pilots and flight attendants can get back to work quicker. dr chen hong hopes employees won't be forced to work if they still don't feel good. and dr anthony fauci says the u. s. might want to think about mandating vaccinations for domestic flights, not just international. that is just another one of the requirements that i think is reasonable to consider. that new guidance is for everyone, not just airline workers, which is what the union leaders were asking for, so everyone gets to follow that five day quarantine now. live at sfo. amanda quintana ktvu, fox. two news. all right, amanda. thank you. delta airlines says new cleaning requirements at shanghai's international airport are the reason that one of its jets had to return to seattle just hours after it took off, and that led the chinese consulate in san francisco to file a complaint with the u. s
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government. delta says the new rules mean that planes spend more time on the ground to meet the new cleaning requirements and that the airline says it's schedules just don't allow enough time for that. so the plane returned to the u. s. bullets flying across oakland, including from an officer. the police chief shares details about the busy and violent holiday weekend and tragedy striking the east bay last week when two people in a car got trapped in very deep water. tonight. what we're learning about the couple. also ahead tonight help with thousands of california children who have lost a caregiver to covid will speak with state senator nancy skinner about when you have xfinity, you have entertainment built in. which is kind of nice. ah, what is happening. binge-watching is in the bag, when you find all your apps,
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involving police in oakland. and today we heard from the police chief about the very busy holiday weekend. our crime reporter henry lee is here now, with the very latest tendering. heather officers went from call to call to call on christmas eve with shootings by an officer, another that left the man did and other incidents across the city. busy and violent christmas eve in oakland. it began with the shooting by police at about 4 30 in the afternoon, officers were investigating a report of a man waving a gun near 98 the needs in the brookfield village neighborhood in east oakland. police chief laurent armstrong says an officer opened fire on a man who had attacked him and brandished a weapon at him. officer discharged his service weapon. three times, but the officer missed the individual was not shot was not injured as a result of the shooting. the officer was not injured, nor was the community member injured. then at about 8 20 that evening , a man died after being shot unleashed around a new near first avenue. it happened at the edge of lake mirror, not far
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from where a woman was shot and killed last month. it's a scenic area with views of the lake. but police say the beauty has been marred by the presence of people under the influence of drugs or alcohol. sometimes that results in confrontations or arguments that escalate, unfortunately into violent crime. also on christmas eve, police responded to several shootings, including one outside ucsf. benioff children's hospital, oakland at about 10 30 that night, a teenage boy who had been shot was taken to the hospital and a car and a second car pulled up. the individuals in the second vehicle fired multiple rounds into the vehicle right in front of children's hospital, and so very obviously concerning for us , and in another shooting that night, more than 30 rounds were fired near fruit bill in east 18th street, peppering homes. with gunfire, even in the midst of rain, even in the midst of a holiday season. you know, there are individuals that are still out there committing crime. oakland please tell me they've had high visibility patrols as well as undercover officers and
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technology that's cut crime in that part of lake merritt. but on christmas eve at the time of the homicide, many officers were diverted to the shooting by police live in the newsroom. henry lee ktvu fox. yeah henry any information regarding tips regarding persons of interest or have police made any headway on any of the investigations here. yes they've been pretty tight lipped on all these cases that we've talked about. but as with every case in every weekend after a violent time they're asking anyone with information or surveillance video to come forward. unfortunately the police chief, making that plea more often. all right, henry lee reporting live for us tonight, henry. thank you. the chp is investigating after one person was shot on highway four in bay point. investigators say the victim's car was traveling on highway four near bailey road just before seven last night when it was hit by gunfire. the driver is hospitalized in serious condition. investigators don't know if the gunfire came from another car or someone standing on or near the freeway
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. anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the chp. and emergency responders had to take a driver to the hospital this morning after the chp says they lost control of their car and rolled off the freeway in pleasanton. the chp says the vehicle was heading east on highway 5 80 when it rolled over and ended up on dublin canyon road. crews had to rescue the driver from inside the vehicle. the chp says the driver was transported to hospital with minor injuries. officials say the crash appears to be whether related and the jury and the criminal fraud trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes will continue deliberations tomorrow after failing to reach a verdict today following a three day break for the christmas holiday weekend. all the panel has now been deliberating for more than 30 hours after gathering over four days to go over the evidence in this case. there were no signals from the jury about whether it was close to reaching a decision . in this case. this trial spent nearly four months with 32 witnesses taking the stand.
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attorneys wrapped up their closing arguments back on december 17th. home spaces, nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy for allegedly defrauding those investors as well as patients in her company . the weekend storm is turning part of northern california into a winter wonderland. check out this amazing view of the waterfall at mcarthur burney falls memorial state park. it's amazing. this is in shasta county for more on the winter storm. meteorologist roberto gonzales joins us now with an update. roberta that is incredible. just lovely, right? yes and more snow is going to follow there as well. hey you know, i've been reading reports , and it is suggested that downtown san francisco could realize an overnight record low now that record is 39 degrees established back in 2017. i think we'll get close. we won't break that record, but nevertheless, it is going to be frigid. tonight i love the passage of a cold front. look at that. visibility just looks clean and fresh and notice the
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flag. it is on the flights. breezy outside. if you're going to be heading on out tonight, make sure you have a jacket. i believe you can stash the umbrella for the evening hours. temperatures currently in the forties, and those temperatures are pretty much what we realized this afternoon highs today. now that wind is at 17 mph right now in oakland, and when you factor in the air temperatures in the mid and high forties. it is raw outside. for many of us who aren't accustomed to that kind of a chill in the air 13 mile per hour winds and fairfield back into travis, would you have winds at sfo at 15? i'm not seeing any weather related airport delays at sfo manetta or oakland international airport. now right now we see the passage of this morning's very vigorous , aggressive cold fred. it is digging to the south and upstream. we have yet another system that promises us local snow down to 500. ft. i'm talking about sea level, no accumulation. we will see that accumulation about 1500 ft. but as that front passed this
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morning and just caused havoc on the roadways for the morning commute. this is what it left in its wake. 4/10 of an inch of rain in downtown san jose, which is hefty to just about an inch and a quarter at loma prieta, not diablo 8/10 of an inch of rain and just over a quarter of an inch of range of the north at st helena, alright here we go again tonight. we do have that break maybe a random, scattered shower. nothing substantial, very light in nature, but we're looking upstream. the bulk of your tuesday will be mostly cloudy and then the rain arrives by tuesday night. it has a lot of cold air associated with it. so as it passes, we will see snow perhaps up to six inches. in our highest elevation, we will see a coating of snow, perhaps around the sonoma mountains outside of petaluma. overnight, low temperatures in the thirties and in the forties 39 degrees in redwood city with an afternoon high 50. otherwise everybody is going to be in the forties napa with the hive only. 41 degrees. there's your extended forecast showers into your wednesday we begin to dry
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out, which is a chance of rain showers early thursday. that's it and we welcome the new year on saturday with bright sunshine. that's your forecast. thanks so much for the murder, covid has stolen tens of thousands of caregivers here in california. now, one state senator has a plan to when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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us have lost a parent or primary caregiver to covid in california . there were an estimated 20,000 children affected by this so state senator nancy skinner at berkeley has introduced a plan that would help them hope savings accounts would be for children from lower income families up to $3000 would be deposited for kids up to nine years old and up to $5000 for children, 10 to 17, and that's not all we are joined now by state senator skinner to learn more about this plan, senator you plan to introduce the hope for children act when the legislature's session begins in
5:24 pm
the new year. can you tell us how this will work? certainly what the most children and most of us had parents to rely on when we turned 18. so when we needed to go to college, we needed that 1st 1st and last month deposit to get an apartment. you know, our parents could help us. but these children who lost a parent or caregiver to covid, they won't have that. so these hopes savings accounts, they'll have access to them at age 18. and then they know that they have some security in the future. um in the meantime, most of them are receiving federal survivor benefits, though there are some children whose parents didn't qualify, so we also want to make sure that if we have children in california whose parents didn't qualify for federal survivor benefits. we also take care of that. okay explain a little bit more about what children will be eligible for these accounts. so we're we haven't said what the income of the family should be. we're going to tie it to one of
5:25 pm
the programs existing programs so whether it's that their medical eligible or something else we want to talk to the committee, staff and budget staff and such as to what would be reasonable, but it would be would. most of the children would probably qualify because not all but many of the children who lost parents to caregivers were from low income families across the nation. some 60% were from very low income families. we don't have all of that data yet for california, but we will collect it over time. so when you say that the accounts will be held until the children are 18 the count start $3000 for nine year olds, nine and under and 5000 for 10 through 17. how will they access those accounts ? they wait till they're 18 years old and then where will they be held? so we've got accounts like this for other purposes, usually in the treasurer's office. these accounts would be able to accumulate interest over that time. that's why there's a lower
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amount for the younger children in a larger amount for the older children. and we would have our , um the county welfare departments would now notify the children that these are set up and then we would have to track them again. once there be notified now, so they'll know. however once they turn, 18 will also have to get back in touch with them as state senator. is there any other state that is doing something similar to this? this concept was patterned after something called baby bonds, and there are their congressional bills right now, senator cory booker is looking at establishing baby bonds, but i'm not aware of any that are trying to do this right now. for those children who who to note who had this inconceivable loss of looming losing appearance to covid-19. and you plan to introduce this when the legislature begins in the new year. what are the chances? you think that this will pass? well i'm very hopeful we, california's revenues are once
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again higher than projected. so i'm hoping that we would have the ability budgetarily to do this, and i think it just makes sense because all the data shows that when children know that they have some security in the future, they do much better in that interim period. alright, well, we'll be following along as you plan to introduce this act as julie mentioned in the new year. state senator really appreciate your time. and thank you so much happy holidays and happy new year to you. thank you. you too. thank you. well first responders make a deadly discovery in a san mateo county neighborhood last week. what we're learning about the two people inside a car who got trapped by rising floodwaters, plus with record breaking snowfall upon us clearing roadways has become critical. but to the day and body parts ofe
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bay area. the wipers who are on in this dashcam video as rose, roadways were white along 8 80 in union city, just north and oakland drivers splashing water. that had formed a puddle along the roadway drivers around the bay area where advised to avoid the flooded roads if they could well authorities releasing the identities today of two people who tragically drowned thursday after their car became submerged in deep standing water and an underpass in millbrae. the victims a married couple in their sixties who lived just a few blocks away from that flooded roadway. ktvu zach sauce
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has tonight's update. tragic lewis hazard still in disbelief over the death of his next door neighbors and millbrae 63 year old rolando rtgs glorioso and his wife, 62, year old susanna glorioso found out there was a truck stuck down there. but i didn't know it was them. the couple's pickup truck traveling along hemlock avenue and hillcrest boulevard on thursday morning when it became overcome by rising floodwaters, that this underpass that morning. it was raining, brought hard and my girlfriend was leaving and she said, it's turning me back from the from the overpass, and i said, why i think it's flooded down there. firefighters were in the process of rescuing another person standing on the roof of their car when they noticed the glorioso submerged pickup truck. crews managed to rescue the first person, but they say the water was rising so quickly that they had to retreat or risk drowning themselves once crews
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were able to pump the water from the underpass, they found the glorioso is inside. neighbors starting a small but growing memorial at the site. very nice people, i mean, always would have smiled their home on cordova street, now empty, still decorated for christmas. she's always working on the yard. i will see them. they always waved to me hazard, says his girlfriend, who was close with the couple is still reeling from their death, and also she's shaking. it could have been her. thank god the cops came. after that happened, they turned her away, neighbors say when it does flood here, they can usually make out the standing water. but that morning, it was still dark, and the light was reflecting off of it like it was the pavement so you can't really see the how deep it was. still hazard says he's never seen flooding like that. they're not like it was 20 ft. deep that day, neighbors trying to figure out why the underpass became so flooded if something went wrong. it should have been draining out in
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millbrae. zach sauce, ktvu, fox two news. and we did reach out to the city of millbrae to find out what if any, measures are being taken to prevent future flooding accidents at that underpass. we will update you when we hear back. california health officials are urging parents to get their children vaccinated as covid case numbers increased due to the omicron variant. the state has been monitoring an increase in child covid-19 hospitalizations in new york. the overgrown wave hit new york before california health officials are concerned there could be a rise in our state it rather arise in children being hospitalized here in our state as well. and across the country , where are seeing long lines for covid-19 testing the line wrapped around the west tampa florida community resource center, where people were able to get tested without hard to find appointments. the word assault cases more than quadruple last week from the week before, with more than 125,000 new cases, so far, hospitalizations remained
5:34 pm
relatively low in tampa compared to the previous covid surges. president biden promised full support of the government as the omicron variants surges across the country in a virtual meeting with governors, the president said the us is mobilizing doctors and nurses to help out in places where hospitals may be overwhelmed. governors praised the administration for pledging to provide 500 million free rapid tests as soon as next month. president biden acknowledged with a spike in new cases, pharmacies and clinics are being inundated with both at home and laboratory tests. i know the lines have gotten very long in some states. that's why i ordered female to set up pop up sites and places with high demand. to shorten wait. we stood up six new sites in new york city in five days and are more coming. a white house official said the new test kits will come from new manufacturing capacity and won't interfere with existing supply chains. israel is hoping to get the green light for 1/4 dose of the
5:35 pm
coronavirus vaccine. researchers are studying whether the extra booster will be effective against the fast spreading oh macron variant. the first person to get the shot at the clinic outside tell aviv is among 150 medical personnel who received a booster dose in august. a total of 6000 people will be participating in the study. they expect to submit the results of the study to israeli health officials in about two weeks. december snowfall has smashed the sierra record. 16 ft of powder piling up. that meant snowplows or hard at work to clear roadways all around lake tahoe. all along the west coast. winter roads have gone gone from bad to worse now, finding snowplow drivers is falling way short of what is needed boxes. dan springer tells us why interstate 90 and washington state has been a nightmare for motorists with so many spinouts and accidents in the mountain pass. it's already been shut down four days. the state department of transportation blames bad driving. those
5:36 pm
closures have been. we've we've checked to verify those have been due to driver behavior that there were not that the snow levels were too much for a cruise to handler that we didn't have enough crews. you know up at that site, it was that people were driving too fast. it's an ominous start to winter that could be among the most treacherous on the roads above average snow is forecast for the west and midwest. and there's a nationwide shortage of snowplow drivers for many reasons that say, probably the biggest one is it's a pretty hot job market for commercial motor vehicle operators. there's a lot of incentives out there for people to jump ship from one company to another, whether it's signing bonuses or higher initial starting pay. another factor. hundreds of snowplow drivers either quit or were fired for not getting a mandatory covid vaccine. washington state lost 15% of its winter operations staff. oregon is down 13% both fired unvaccinated drivers and mechanics. colorado is down 20% even after offering a $2000 bonus for just showing up to work. when the washington state
5:37 pm
covid mandate kicked in, and the snowplow staffing fell off a cliff. the state d o t warn drivers that the maintenance on the roadways would not be the same as in years past, and it didn't take long for the dangerous and frustrating chaos on the roadways to ensue. in north bend, washington. dan springer, fox news. how much would it take for you to completely disconnect for a month? one company thinks $25,000 could do the trick. democrats are not giving up on passing their legislative priorities, even without full party support. is challenging peo
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disconnect from technology and the internet. kalua the coffee, rum and sugar liqueur will give $25,000 to 1 text are chosen
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couple as part of its stir up your routine challenge. the couple must be internet and social media free for one month. and take a polygraph test. they'll also be getting some free kalua registration is open online. all right, we'll have to see if anyone is able to do that. democrats are working to keep the president's build back better bill alive after democratic senator joe manchin announced before christmas that he remains opposed. now some progressives are suggesting a workaround boxes to hosni is in washington with the latest on where that bill stands. president biden didn't get his bill back. better agenda passed for christmas. but democrats aren't giving up on giving a belated gift to the white house , even if the nearly $2 trillion price tag needs to drop lower. we've got to find that sweet spot while president biden has remained optimistic that he can still reach a deal with democratic holdout joe manchin, progressives are plotting a path forward without him on sunday, house progressive caucus chair
5:41 pm
pramila jayapal again called on the president to take executive action to quote make clear to those who hinder build back better that the white house and democrats will deliver. yet republicans say it's time to move on. i mean, there are real issues that we need to be dealing with, rather than you know, catering to the progressives on the on the left of the democrat party. but it's not just progressives looking for work around past democratic priorities with fewer votes, majority leader chuck schumer told colleagues he is not only planning a vote on build back better next year but also an exception to the filibuster rule in order to pass voting rights legislation. with just 50 votes we will do and look at whatever. is necessary. tube push. for congress to take this issue on and we have to. we have to and when it comes to voting rights legislation, president biden says he supports an exception to the filibuster in washington.
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isha hosni fox news. i still think of her as that same energetic, bubbly kid, that curious kid who would grab people's attention. years after her two year old niece went missing. she is still waiting for answers coming up by a heartbroken aunt says we might know more about the case. if the young girl look different. plus how a south african nobel peace prize winner is being honored for his role in helping to end apartheid. we have rain. we have snow. we even had hailed today and now we have near record cold . the full forecast as
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5:45 pm
eat. we don't sleep or just actively looking for her. the search for 22 year old gabby petito of florida captured the nation's attention with what seemed like unprecedented news coverage. we just wanted to come home. call us, okay? we just come home. please. we miss you, the head of the black and missing foundation says the police and media focus on white women in particular, has long been a trend in this country. we know of gabby protein tau we know of natalee holloway, chandra levy lacy peterson, but you can't name one black or brown person that have actually received mainstream media. the term missing white woman syndrome was coined almost 20 years ago. to describe the public fascination with cases involving white women to the exclusion of cases involving missing people of color. people such as arianna fits. she was just two years old when she went missing after her mother was found dead in san francisco in
5:46 pm
april of 2016. ariana would be eight years old now, but no one knows if she's alive. i can't think of her any other way contest if it's has spent more than five years mourning the loss of her sister, nikki, ariana's mother and waiting for word on her niece. i still think of her as that same energetic, bubbly kid that that curious kid who would grab people's attention because she would smile and wave at people when we were out, you know, out in the street doing stuff. performer partner claire bonner considers ariana family she watched the gabby petito coverage with deep sadness on a number of levels. unfortunately it wasn't surprising to me. i think it was the missing white woman syndrome. i think that if ariana's case and nicky's case had received more media attention. we would. we would be further in the case than we are now. the head of the black and
5:47 pm
missing foundation, who served as a police officer for more than two decades, says police are key in how missing persons cases are handled. oftentimes on enforcement label our black and brown young, you know, children asked right aways. runaways do not receive the amber alert. there's no sense of urgency when it comes to looking for those children. and when it comes to missing men and women, their disappearances oftentimes associated with some sort of criminal activity, and so it and it's really dehumanizing as well. the black and missing foundation sites numbers that show nearly 40% of missing persons. are people of color, even though african americans make up about 13% of the total population. the foundation's mission is to help families of color. get the word out about their missing loved ones. we have families that have had their loved ones to go missing for years, you know, for months, and they can't even simply get a flyer. you know,
5:48 pm
they can't simply get their loved one on the five or 10 o'clock news station last year alone, we had over 1600 cases coming to office for missing persons, the head of the oakland police department's special victims unit says a missing person's race has no effect on who gets a tweet press release news conference or no public notice at all. we can't control what the media covers as far as story wise, other than hey, please release this information about this mr person and have people that have information. contact us. after that, we're not asking for additional coverage unless it helps the case. but you're not putting out a media notice for every single one of those 1600 people whose reported missing a year. no not again only if it is just the case. again more generally, the media alerts will go out for the people that we believe that are at risk and can actually help the case. the media are under scrutiny as well. many questions if newsrooms are giving equal coverage to people who are not reflected in the faces of the editorial staff. the head of the
5:49 pm
black and missing foundation says inherent biases and implicit racism in policing and news coverage are to blame. we need more diversity in the newsroom. we need law enforcement to take these cases seriously, and we need the community to come forward and say something. if they see something there are a lot of us out there in pain and meeting resolutions as she prepares to mark six years since her disappearance. ariana fits. aunt says she still has hope arianna will be found. god arianna, we love you and we miss you, and we want nothing more than to have you home. uh, you know, uh, hope you're okay. trust that you are , but, um, um, we're not stopping until we get you home. gasia mikaelian ktvu fox two news. cape town, south africa is paying tribute to the late archbishop desmond tutu, the city hall, table mountain and st
5:50 pm
george's cathedral are all being lit up in purple this week to honor his life. proper was the color of tutu's clerical robes. the nobel peace prize winner died yesterday at the age of 90. his body will lie in state at st george's cathedral on friday following a funeral on new year's day. people right here in the bay area may remember when desmond tutu spoke at a san francisco church 10 years ago. he described his long battle against apartheid during a sermon at grace cathedral. back in march of 2011. hundreds of people gathered to listen during that sunday service to two was also one of the world's first prominent religious leaders to advocate for lgbt rights and same sex marriage. president biden sent condolences to south africa on behalf of the american people, saying they are mourning the loss of quote one of their most important founding fathers . the president released a statement reading in part quote desmond tutu followed his spiritual calling to create a better freer and more equal world. his legacy transcends
5:51 pm
borders and will echo throughout the ages. the city of berkley is already getting ready to recycle christmas trees. officials asked that when residents are prepared to dispose of their tree, they cut it up and place it in their recycling band. whole trees can damage the city's collection trucks and will not be picked up if left out on the curb. all lights, decorations, tinsel, plastic bags and plastic tray stands. should be removed before putting tree limbs in the green compost, bin flocked or snow covered trees are not recyclable and should be cut up and placed in the greg garbage cart. also berkeley residents can drop off their christmas trees for free at the city's transfer station. that station is located at 12 01 gilman street in berkeley. operating hours are from eight a.m. to 4:30 p.m. monday through saturday. the station will be closed on new year's day. there is a $29 fee for dropping off flocked or plastic trees. the transfer station will take compostable trees through the end of january. since december.
5:52 pm
22nd we have experienced very active weather pattern here in the bay area, and that's kind of visit understatement. we have had rain. we've had thunder and lightning this morning we had hail and some very gusty winds. and we have local snow in our mountains. this is our live weather camera looking out towards 8 80 in the distance there, the tribune building. we have mostly cloudy skies in oakland. right now, there's nothing like the passage of a cold front. you get that fresh, fresh air. it is now in oakland 47 degrees temperatures across the board. into the forties. but when you factor in a wind that's blown at 17 mph. it just feels rod side. it's cold. you need a jacket this evening, you could stash the umbrella. 13 mile per hour winds currently in nevada, back through terra linda 12 mile per hour winds around the peninsula back into let's say right around burlingame in belmont, we do have a 14 mile per hour wind and hayward. okay, so we have another storm. this
5:53 pm
one is the last one. i promise you. it's going to surge into the bay area beginning with tuesday evening. now this is the storm that blasted through the bay area for the morning commute , leaving ponding on the roadways because we had some significant rainfall this morning 3/10 of an inch of rain in oakland, 4/10 in san jose san francisco, 6/10 7 inches over an inch and davenport's approaching an inch of rain and castro valley ended mill valley. this is our future cast. i've been really happy for the past 10 days. how it's been handling our storms. it's time and has been pretty spot on. so you can expect maybe a starry night and throughout the tri valley and then tuesday mostly cloudy skies with the showers beginning in earnest right around the evening hours, and when this blast of cold air comes in with the rain and the snow all the way through wednesday morning, we're dropping down our snow level to 500 ft from the north bay to the east bay foothills, 500 ft. no
5:54 pm
accumulation there. but 1500 ft and up, you could see 4 to 6 inches of snow, perhaps on top of mount hamilton's and diablo. so in its wake, we do have a winter storm advisory in place in throughout mendocino county, all the way to the california oregon border. we do expect it inches snow down to 500. ft. you, kaya! could see some snow. meanwhile the record overnight low 39 degrees in san francisco established back in 2017 tonight, overnight near record called 40 degrees, their interior areas inland valleys into the thirties. these are high temperatures. 41 degrees tomorrow in napa 49 in santa's say, we do have unsettled weather again tomorrow evening through wednesday midday. and then high pressure nudges and partly cloudy skies thursday friday we bring in the new year with bright sunshine, julie and heather. thanks so much roberta. appreciate it. a mass die off of manatees taking place off the coast of florida coming up.
5:55 pm
we're diving into the first of its kind rescue plan to save the gentle to rescue plan is underwan
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
florida to save manatees. this follows a record number of deaths to the threatened and protected species. we get more now from fox's phil keating. there's gentle and cute as manatees are, they are dying a record number this year more than 1000. the mass die off all boils down to pollution from every source. you can think of fertilizer runoff from farms and lawns, leaking sewage and industrial pollution, which makes its way into florida's watershed, creating toxic algae
5:58 pm
blooms. which not only kills tons of marine life, but also clouds out sunlight, killing off tens of thousands of acres of seagrass, the main diet of the big mammals. and that has resulted in this managing carcasses on the shore line for the first time starvation rather than boat propellers accounts for most of the manatee fatalities if the seagrass isn't as abundant as it was, then they have to go a longer distance to try to find food. that takes calories. it takes energy, and it puts a strain on the manatee. most of the 1000 plus managing does this year have happened in and along the indian river. so for the first time, wildlife officials have come up with a new plan on how to help try to save the manatee. feeding them lettuce and cabbage. florida's manatee population is estimated to be around 7000, having rebounded several years ago from the endangered species list.
5:59 pm
they're now listed as threatened so there are still protected 1 74 exhilarated. but there is help florida wildlife and seaworld rescue and rehabilitate manages more than 50 this year like this mom and her calf. big sea cows are fed tagged and released back into the wild. they're a big part of florida down here. everybody knows who they are. they're another species that we're trying to help and make sure that this this population doesn't you know, go down the tank here in the next 10 years or so. florida's save. the manatee club warns regular people not to feed them yourselves. that's against the law and can make manages less fearful of humans and boats. along the indian river and stuart, florida. phil keating, fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. this is a neighbor's car. they're digging out right now. ah! if you can
6:00 pm
see that. people stranded by record breaking snowfall in the sierra. look for any break in the weather right now to start digging out hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm heather holmes in tonight for frank. they're not exactly done with the snowfall just yet. taking a live look now at interstate 80 at donner summit and you can see why traffic managers have been keeping the freeway and a stretch of highway 50 closed now for several days. they don't want people eager to get back home from their holiday destinations to start moving just yet. the newest round of storms comes with a variety of problems in the sierra people are stranded and seeing trees fall around them while we are drying out a bit right here in the bay area earlier today, rain caused some minor street flooding. in santa cruz county. we begin tonight our team coverage with ktvu meteorologist roberto gonzalez, who is tracking all of this activity, roberta and that latest cold front blasted through the bay area during the morning commute , leaving in his wake, a lot of


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