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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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your experience? what would you like to learn more of what kind of books with certain characters do you want to hear from just hearing from them? it. it makes them more connected to the world around them, and like i said, they have something to say, and i feel like these poems i gave them kind of gave him a platfor. thanks for joining us for voices for change 2021 a year of change from our small team, scott, cameron, edwin and myself happy holidaysbox tube. the storm doon with storm tracker to showing widespread showers across the bay area. at this hour. ktvu cameras captured this rain in the east bay tonight, the first in a series of winter storms that will keep us wet all the way through christmas. good evening, everyone. i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville and i'm julie
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julie haener. we could see several inches of rain this week. let's get right to chief meteorologist bill martin. so, bill, what's it looking like outside right now? it's just kind of as it has been julius been raining on and off moderate to light at times, maybe a little bit heavy, but really just kind of a moderate rainfall around the bay area. these are the totals. there we have acquired in the last six hours or so and. you know, compared to our atmospheric river, this point to one and ben loman, santa cruz mountains, not a big deal. ken field coming in nearly half an inch santa rosa, nearly half an inch male, tama nearly half an inch san jose at 1/10 of an inch. now these showers continue throughout the evening hours. you can see the display here. showing you where the heaviest rainfall is. that's the areas in yellow in this pattern along the back it up when i want to show you that this pattern, so it's just sort of diffuse. this is kind of what goes on all night. scattered showers break scattered showers, light and heavy. so it's really kind of all over the papers all over the place, and that gives you areas like santa rosa right now where you're saying some pretty significant downpours down just east of santa rosa out by rincon valley. that's an internet 0.8
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8/10 of an inch and our that's really heavy rainfall just south of clear leg out by middleton, middletown, half inch of rain in our winners, saying about a quarter of an inch san francisco right now. let's see where they are at the san francisco's got real light. let's check out sausalito give that number ago. so point oh, seven. so you get the idea and then we'll take one more. look out here. you can see that area to the east. and that's doing about my almost an inch an hour. that's by mount hamilton's. so the plan here the next couple of hours is going to be for more of the same more of this shower activity. the mountains will get into a winter storm warning tomorrow. this is the beginning of a series of whether systems just like this when they're cold. they're not incredibly wet because cold air cold air systems don't hold as much water. as those atmospheric rivers that come from at latitudes. so there's of course , but there's a bunch of these right, so they're gonna keep spinning through is, as alex said they're going to spend through throughout this week and into the weekend and into early next week. when i come back, we'll get more specific, but that's the general layout. all
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right, bill saying a bit. thank you. and a reminder tonight you can track the rain using our ktvu weather app. it has an interactive radar. your seven day forecast as well as hourly updates for the area where you live. president biden unveiled a new plan today to tackle the rapidly spreading oh macron variant. as fox news, madeline rivera tells us the president is still urging vaccinations but will now send hundreds of millions of free at home test to households across the country. i know you're frustrated. we all want this to be over. or still in it, president biden doubling down on the fight against the coronavirus and making another plea to unvaccinated americans to get the shot. your choice can be the difference between life or death. with the rise of our mccrone infections, part of the country are seeing long lines of people waiting to get tested. the biden administration is buying 500 million free at home rapid tests to send to any american who wants one new
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testing sites will also be set up and hundreds of ambulances and paramedic teams will be deployed to help hospitals seeing a rise in the number of patients. despite growing precautions, the president believes schools are not in jeopardy of being shut down. we're prepared today for what's coming. in march of 2020. we were not ready. critics argue the administration should have made rapid testing a priority and invested more resources into expanding it. months earlier, the demand for tests fell off and neither the states nor the federal government. put billions of dollars into the industry and the industry cratered. health experts stress americans can still feel comfortable gathering for the holidays of they and those around them are vaccinated . and we don't have to cancel holiday season christmas and new year's all about this year. president biden also says he is considering reversing a travel ban placed on southern african countries, adding he will be speaking about it with his advisers later this week in washington, mother of era ktvu fox two news. the christmas
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holiday is fast approaching, and many families are looking for at home test to keep their celebrations going. jana katsuyama joining us live tonight with the concerns about test supplies. they are hard to come by janna. they are. alex demand is so high. we actually found some stores with no at home. covid tests in stock and source such as walgreens and cvs say that they are now putting limits on how many customers can purchase at a time. it looks like a food truck but stepping up to this window in downtown berkeley, got you a swab for your nose and a free covid pcr test? yeah, they just give you the little swamp and then you just do it yourself and then you can't attend. how was it? it was fine. i mean, it doesn't really hurt. i just wanted to get tested in advance of the holidays and getting together with family with the holidays and the macron fueled surge in covid cases converging president biden's plan to send out 500 million at home covid tests to americans nationwide got nods of approval. i think that we should be prioritizing testing. and not
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just relying on vaccines. that's the only strategy. i think it's great use of taxpayer dollars because you can't really get them at the store. we tried yesterday they're sold out down the street. the walgreens pharmacy was sold out of at home . covid tests, the shelves empty and a sign of the pharmacy windows, saying they were out of stock. shoppers faced the same shortage at the cbs pharmacy nearby, where the shelf was bare demand has been high as people prepare for trips or gathering. my wife just bought like a ton of those, like two or three weeks ago. so we've got the most october i feel like that would be really useful and helpful, because it would be always nice to just the state of mind of being sure that. you're not going to endanger anybody else. the at home rapid antigen tests detect small antigens or proteins from the coronavirus in your nose and take about 15 minutes to get results. but dr michael stacey of lifelong medical care says timing is important. you know the timing of that test matters. so if you were exposed today and you get a negative test. today uh, that's
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not likely to be meaningful. it's going to be more accurate. if you test you know, maybe 3 to 5. days after that exposure, some studies found antigen tests can catch about 89% of covid infections, but they are less sensitive than the pcr lab tests and only one tool of many to help fight the pandemic. testing not perfect. they're not the only answer. we use all of the tools that are disposal testing vaccination, wearing masks, avoiding. and health officials recommend that you buy at home tests that have received authorization from the fda. we have set up a link to those 41 authorized tests kits that are on our website. you can just go to ktvu .com. and click on web link. alright, important information is omicron continues to spread, jenna. thank you. governor. newsom says he is taking steps to make sure california is prepared for a new surge, including its healthcare workers. and that's why today we're moving forward to require all healthcare workers to be
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boosted to get that third shot or at least the second shot. if they got the j and j and we'll be talking more about that tomorrow. the governor will be holding a news conference in alameda county tomorrow at the vaccine and testing site where the 70% vaccination rate california is doing better than the national average in terms of new cases and hospitalizations. but there are concerns about staffing shortages at hospitals up and down the state. u c. santa cruz is among several u. c campuses that have announced their classes will go remote for the first two weeks of the winter quarter in january, u. c san diego and you see irvine are also holding classes online until mid january, out of concern about the search at omicron cases, santa cruz county just confirmed the first case is linked to the variant today. u c . santa cruz says students are still encouraged to return to campus and so far u. c. berkeley is still planning for in person instruction. and in oakland, the
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city passed an ordinance today that will require customers show proof of vaccination at many businesses. ktvu is brooks jarocz tells us the new rules cover bars, restaurants, gyms and museums. as bay area cases of covid continued to rise . oakland city council grappled for hours with an effective action plan to prevent a serious surge just voted and approved an emergency ordinance requiring proof of vaccination in almost all indoor public settings. the purpose of this ordinance is to encourage more people to get vaccinated. to increase our vaccination rate in oakland and to reduce the risk to some extent of covid spread by reducing the number of unbanked unvaccinated people in certain indoor locations. proof of vaccines will be mandatory in nearly every place. the public goes restaurants to theaters, museums to gyms and senior centers. public libraries and dentists. offices were also originally part of the ordinance
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but were cut and are now exempt . all of this was met with some community opposition. this proposed ordinance will bring about a new kind of segregation. you are basically excommunicating people from society in our home. we approach choice. we are against discrimination of all kinds, but doctors saying doing nothing could put the city hospitals and healthcare workers in a bad spot . other cities across the country are already seeing cases skyrocketing. i think this is one of those times that we have to be thinking about our communities. vulnerable people in our communities and really making a choice that helps all of us stay to, medical experts say, requiring proof of vaccination in nearly all public settings. it's definitely a good thing because doctors say it can improve comfort levels boost the number of vaccinated people and reduce fears. this is a proactive step. that can really try to keep all life as normal
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as possible by keeping these businesses as open and keeping these workers as healthy as possible. children 12 and older must show their proof of vaccination card or a picture of one adults will also be required to show an i d. the oakland emergency ordinance officially goes into effect. february 1st in the newsroom. brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. restaurants around the bay area are once again bracing as omicron cases surge right at the holiday season snail bar in oakland posted on social media that it is starting a planned winter break early because of covid exposure. it's just one of a number of restaurants around the bay area affected by the rapid spread of omicron. the golden gate restaurant association is also urging restaurant workers to get booster shots. we've told our staffs and most of our board is pushing this as well, um, you know, really everybody. that's that's restaurants, staff and certainly their families that are eligible should go ahead and get the booster shots.
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restaurant owners are also asking the public to help keep their favorite businesses opened by getting vaccinated and dining out safely. east bay congresswoman barbara lee has contracted a breakthrough case of the coronavirus today, representative lee released the following statement that says in part this week i received a breakthrough positive covid-19 test results. fortunately i have only mild cold like symptoms. but i know it could have been much worse. had i not been vaccinated and boosted, she says she is now isolated at home. there were 10 in canada. british columbia has ordered closures due to the omicron outbreak, starting at 11 59 tomorrow night bars, night clubs, gyms and fitness centers will all have to close. additionally all seated events will be reduced to 50% capacity. restaurants will be allowed to continue with indoor dining, but also at a reduced capacity. health officials in british columbia say the seven day average of new daily cases
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has doubled in one week and the measures are necessary to not overwhelm health care services. been hard for our whole family. just to like, go through one thing after the other. two years ago, 16 year old ashley parker was shot and left paralyzed while leaving a high school football game now a new challenge at 10 30 why her family is at risk of losing their home that was built specifically to accommodate ashley's needs. also ahead tonight, a unique art display in san francisco how a doctor is using photography to shine a light on the city's homelessness , crisis and much more on our weather. the sierra expected to get hit hard in this next round of storms. how it could impact your travel plans.
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gotta go! take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season. coming down this afternoon, and this is what it looked like in san jose by sundown. you can see many people had their umbrellas out and their hoods on you can see the wet roadways there. everyone ready to face a week of rain. let's bring in our chief meteorologist, bill martin. now so, bill, where is it raining the hardest right now. you know, it's real patchy out there, julie. some places like right now we're seeing some heavier rains in the east bay. i'll show you that in a minute. but really , it's just sort of this
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persistent rain light. moderate light, moderate, nothing. it's just kind of doing that. and so we're seeing rainfall accumulations. like i say. quarter of an inch in the north bay and the heaviest spots and the rest of us some areas almost like marin county, up in the watershed, their 0.4 almost a half inch of rain, but most places under 1/10 of an inch of rain. it's going to continue all night, though. okay so as you go outside, there's oakland live and you can see the jaclyn and christmas tree all lit up, and it's pretty wet or slightly wet. there here is the totals are here are the total rainfall. as of now, these will double or triple by time we get to the morning hours. but you can see like a half inch or nearly half inch up on mount town. and then those areas of yellow. i spoke of those are the areas where the rain is coming down hardest, but it really is just a persistence thing, and that's what we're going to see. so this area heading off towards napa next 13 minutes. place called lumbered. i don't know where lombard is. i guess it's a little community there. cordelia in 15 minutes, you'll get hit heavy, heavier with rainfall as that cell moves through this area and livermore now this is some significant
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rain. this is the strongest sell. these are the strongest cells i've seen. rainfall rates of for that and that sell up by mount hamilton's. you're looking at almost an inch and a half an hour. that's torrential quarter of an inch outside livermore. so that sell if you're under that, and livermore area, you're probably feeling it right and that system i'm gonna put a loop on it here. and you can see which way it's going back it up. you see, it's kind of moving towards the north and the east. okay and then we got one more area of yellow kind of down here by santa cruz. and so these these energy package are moving through the bay area and they will continue all night. you can actually see him, right? you can see one. to essentially three areas of vorticity or areas of disturbance that are muslim through the bay area that's going to continue through the evening hours into the morning. commute. flooding. no. crazy winds. no but just persistent wept. when i come back, we'll look at the whole forecast will time out the five day when we see you back here, okay? see it a bit bill. one thing is for certain it is going to be a white christmas up in tahoe. the sierra could see so much snow,
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the chp and the national weather service. are warning drivers to expect some hazardous conditions out of the roadways. ktvu zach sauce has been speaking with the experts about how to navigate the upcoming storms and joins us now with some advice tonight, zach. yeah well, it may be raining down here. that certainly won't be the case soon up in tahoe, where again plenty of snow is expected. and if you're planning to drive up there those i spoke to say this is storm is not one that you should take lightly. we definitely went from zero to hero around here. you know, two weeks ago, we were staring at dirt everywhere. that's until mother nature blanket at the tahoe area with several feet of snow, and all indications are she's not done yet kind of looking at our long range forecast and everything that's going on. we're looking at quite a bit of snow every day, going forward through christmas, the national weather service warning that travel could be difficult to impossible at times over the sierra through the week. prompting some like jeffrey wang to rethink his plan to who get away with this son. we were
10:19 pm
going to go up today and stay overnight and then found out that the road conditions are gonna be really bad, weighing picking up his skis tuesday at sports basement and berkeley but after being stuck in other large storms in tahoe, deciding to put the trip on hold, i don't think it's worth taking a 14 year old and getting stuck up there. if you haven't left yet, you need to leave early tomorrow morning. know what's going on up here? un around that weather window for those still making the trip up chp reminding travelers to practice putting chains on their cars ahead of time to take it slow and just stay up to date on the latest forecast, and road conditions have emergency water and food blankets in your car because sometimes the summit shuts down for a while. meantime those already up in tahoe welcoming the additional snow, a number of area hotels at capacity, with guests arriving once again on mass for the holidays. people really i haven't. gone out and gone at to
10:20 pm
a destination for christmas in awhile, two years some longer, so it's uh yeah, it's joyous time a joyous time for the ski resorts to but with more snow on the way, be prepared for some operating delays. we'll let the ski patrol do their jobs are gonna be doing a lot of avalanche mitigation, especially if we see seven several feet. let the patrol get out there. they'll open the mound as safely as possible and as quickly as possible for their gas and everybody to have a great christmas experience. it's the holidays again. the #### over a decade. and if you're playing to change your plans and head up earlier to beat this know some good news, that hotel manager i spoke to said there is still some lodging available this week . for now, i'm live in oakland. saxena's ktvu fox two news. alright, planned ahead. be prepared. if you're heading up to the mountains, zack. thank you. an uptick in holiday travel this season comes after many families passed on family gatherings last year over coronavirus concerns, even with increasing cases of the omicron
10:21 pm
variant travelers are willing to deal with long lines at airports and traffic jammed roads. triple a says more than 109 million americans are expected to travel between now and the new year with 6.4 million of those people flying to their destination. that's up nearly 200% over last year. u. s officials have approved two new solar projects in southern california, the developer of the projects in riverside county east of los angeles, say they would generate enough power for about 132,000 homes. approval of a third project is expected in the coming days. the u. s bureau of land management is also calling for new projects and solar energy zones. in colorado, nevada and new mexico. coming up tonight here at 10 o'clock, a protest in front of an east based safeway how demonstrators say an employee is being punished for trying to stop a shoplifter plus. a new photo exhibit here in san francisco, telling the stories of the telling the stories of the homeless
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to learn more about cost, have opened his eyes to the plate of those who are homeless . he took their photos and interviewed them. ktvu zambelli gives us a look at his photos that are now on public display. you're looking at the combination of two years' worth of work, interviewing and photographing my homeless neighbors. dr eduardo pena. dolan is a family physician in san francisco. on as many walks to and from work he'd see and talk to homeless individuals. there are human with a story that is often very different than what you might think. most everybody up here. has dreams, and they haven't given up. the first homeless person he photographed was reginal, a u. s. air force veteran. such a kind individual, very eloquent. um not on drugs. ah not a criminal. just a good person.
10:25 pm
now one of 31 portraits displayed on two sides of a san francisco unified school district building on franklin street fell. men and women from all walks of life from across the country and beyond third from the left. he was one semester away from getting his law degree. his name is yoda. the exhibit is in partnership with jazz. dolan tells me as a doctor. he's treated many homeless patients and that this project is an extension of that work, and i think medicine begins with getting the right story. and that means listening their stories in their own words captured on cellphone by dolan. what's the hardest thing about being homeless man? my grandmother. she. unfortunately, guy mixed up with the wrong people. i never thought i would be homeless. i've always had a job they want to be seen and heard. a collection of these interviews has evolved into a 15
10:26 pm
minute documentary to be premiered at sf jazz on january 21st. i made a promise to them and i wanted to keep my promise. if their photographs and the stories and bring it to the world. this photo exhibit will be up through january. 22nd dolan hopes to take it across the country after that, fulfilling his promise to the homeless people he interviewed to tell their story. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. san francisco has been awarded nearly $55 million to buy a property to house the homeless money from the states project home key program will allow the city to purchase of 160 room residential building on mission street. operate as permanent, supportive housing. the acquisition is part of mayor. london breeds homelessness recovery plan, which includes buying former hotels to convert to permanent housing. the city established more than 360 units of permanent housing through last year's home key grant program. it's been two
10:27 pm
years since teenager ashley parker was hit by a stray bullet at a high school football game, leaving her paralyzed. i'm literally feels like yesterday like i like, look back. and like , sometimes, i think like, you know, you always wanna like focus on what you can't do. after the break tonight, an update on her progress and the latest challenge her family is facing. also ahead. two men arrested in the south bay authorities say they're responsible for dozens of car burglaries, but another suspect is still on the loose, also ahead, a rare tuesday doubleheader in the nfl sports director market bond is will tell us what today's games meant in the nfc playoff
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as she left a high school football game in richmond. she survived but was paralyzed from the waist down. she's faced the last two years feeling optimistic and determined, but recent months have brought on another health crisis for the family. new attend ktvu clotting . wang with the latest challenge and the new community effort to help keep the parkers in a home that has been built to meet ashley's needs. home for ashley parker is a place surrounded by flowers and filled with love. it is a home that has literally been built for her and once she says, holds her future. i think that some people. like this is to most people who are in militaries who are paralyzed. they think that walking is the end goal, and i've learned to see that like that is not the angle of the angle of cb healthy. and um, to live life,
10:31 pm
just healthy optimism and strength to things we have seen from ashley since we met her almost two years ago. just weeks after she had been hit by a stray bullet at a high school football game. the bullet almost took her life. i wasn't able to talk for a week. i would like bang my arm that's the only or like, squeeze the hands because that's the only communication i had. were you confused. i was so confused and i was frustrated because. no one would tell me what happened to me. she recovered, but she is paralyzed from the waist down. and yet even then she found light in the dark. it's like a big difference. i'm like. well it's different, you know, but i'm fine with it because there's still a lot of stuff i can do since our first interview with ashley, we've checked in from time to time on ashley and her family back. as she returned to school and on the one year anniversary of the shooting. two
10:32 pm
years later, ashley tells us the memories are still fresh. no i'm literally feels like yesterday. like i look back and like, sometimes i think like. you know, you always want to, like focus on what you can't do the fact that she has stayed optimistic even more remarkable in the face of what the last year has brought their family. ashley's mother teresa has been there through it all her faith getting her through the shooting . she quit her job to care for ashley, and then this year she suffered her own health crisis. what doctors told her was an a v m, a brain condition that can lead to headaches and seizures. the condition, she says, lead to weight loss and depression as she tried to come to terms with the fact that she was a caregiver who needed care herself. she doesn't know how long she had the condition, but she says she is grateful the problems didn't start earlier. because that's when her daughter needed her the most. i mean, god
10:33 pm
is good because windows, the doctor said when ashley was on the emergency that night, i'm screaming at the top of my lungs . i could have a stroke. but i'm glad i did it and then good prepared me for another year and health. that actually will be able to help herself before it happened to me. and so now comes the latest challenge. the family rents the home that has been built for ashley, the owner of the house has been supportive. but he's elderly and now needs to get his affairs in order. so uh, the owner has been a client of ours for a number of years. dairy phegley phegley realty, says the owners hope is that ashley and her family stay in this home. it's a situation more complicated because ashley's mom can't work anymore. so the owner slash the price of the home to try to find a way oh, yeah, it's probably as much as a 30%
10:34 pm
discount. really it's subsidies it is. yeah so everything seemed right about it. jerry phegley and realtor cindy wilson say they are volunteering their time working with the banks and have started a go fund me to raise money for the down payment. they're just good. ah what i call salt of the earth people that deserve an opportunity to, uh own their own home. and i know they'll they'll make us all proud, if in fact that we can make this happen, um. the other thing is, of course, ashleigh is such an inspiration to me personally because of her her will to continuing and go and grow. it is the hope that they can continue to stay here in this place that has grown with them. doorways have been widened for ashley's wheelchair ramps spilt and a pool added for therapy. it has been a place of shelter, they say, do their darkest times it for them. is
10:35 pm
home. it's been hard for our whole family. um just to let go through one thing after the other very, very difficult. um. yeah i just difficult but like we know at the end of the day that this is what god's plan for us and. i promised myself a long time ago that i would not i would try to live my life happy and not. so sad and angry because that's just going to get you nowhere. claudine wong ktvu fox two news. san francisco supervisors are expected to vote in a special meeting this thursday on mayor breed strategy to address drug use and overdose deaths in the tenderloin. last week, the mayor declared a state of emergency there. she wants police to crack down on drug dealers and connect addicts to services. san francisco district attorney chase a. boudin says more police will not solve the problem. he's calling for better
10:36 pm
drug treatment programs as well as more housing, education and jobs programs. boudin, who is also facing a recall election, addressed the wave of retail thefts as well, saying his office has charged every person arrested. in an op ed in the chronicle, he said, quote preventing these crimes before they happen and ensuring long term public safety requires that instead of unilateral focus on law enforcement responses or rolling back reforms, we must shift our focus to supporting victims and addressing root causes of crime. coming up at 11 . a woman's father died of covid 19 and was unvaccinated how she says she is honoring his life while trying to save others finish writing out in the bay area. right now, we'll take a look at storm tracker to where it's raining now and let you know how much longer we're going to be dealing with this room. up first tonight, though supporters say she tried to stop a shoplifter at the safeway store where she worked, and now she's
10:37 pm
being suspended tonight's protest after the break. really?f
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
safeway workers in discovery bay rally tonight in solidarity with a cashier. they say that she was suspended for trying to stop shoplifters. rally organizers sent us this video. they say employee, maria chappelle held the shopping card of a person who was trying to steal about $600 worth of groceries, organizers say yesterday after 20 years on the job, she was suspended and will likely be fired. safeway has not yet commented on the situation today marked the second day of jury deliberations in the elizabeth holmes case. the panel has now
10:40 pm
been weighing the fate of the theranos, founder for 15 hours. prosecutors along with homes and her attorneys briefly entered court toward the end of the day after the jury sent a note to the judge. jury members wanted to know if they could take the jury instructions home with them. the judge replied no, saying the jury instructions are part of deliberations, which must be done in the jury room. the panel has tomorrow off returns for day three of deliberations on thursday. jurors deliberating in the kim potter manslaughter trial, asked the judge today what they should do if they can't reach a verdict . that question came after 13 hours of deliberations. potter was facing manslaughter charges in the shooting death of dante right during a traffic stop. he was killed back in april when potter says she accidentally used her gun instead of a taser while trying to subdue him. on that question from the jury, the judge told the panel. they must keep deliberating and make a decision. you should not hesitate to re examine your
10:41 pm
views and change your opinion. if you become convinced they are erroneous. but you should not surrender your honest opinion simply because other jurors disagree or merely to reach a verdict. in closing arguments earlier this week, the defense argued the shooting was a mistake and right was to blame for trying to evade arrest. but prosecutors say that is no excuse, and they alleged potter was negligent with her weapon. if convicted, the former brooklyn center police officer could face up to 15 years in prison. former national security advisor michael flynn is suing the committee investigating the january 6th. u. s capitol riots . flynn was subpoenaed by the house committee last month. based on a meeting he had with former president trump in december of 2020, the committee says. the retired general also spoke in a televised interview about seizing voting machines and declaring martial law to re run the election. flynn's
10:42 pm
lawyers say he was not involved in the organization or the actual events of january 6th and that his first amendment rights are being violated. still to come tonight, the search is still on for whoever opened fire inside a busy bay area mall. in a situation that evolved like last night happens here pretty traumatizing for the community. up next tonight, the latest on the investigation and how police officers made their presence felt at that mall today. during this busy shopping week, the rain has arrived and it's here to stay. chief meteorologist bill martin breaks down our holiday forecast right after the break.
10:43 pm
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under arrest in sunnyvale. officers say they responded to a parking lot on el camino real last night to investigate a burglary when they saw the suspects driving off. they followed their car to another parking lot where police say they witnessed another break in when an officer tried to stop the suspects. the driver allegedly rammed the police vehicle. three people ran off. two of them were arrested and booked into county jail on charges including assault with a deadly weapon. instead jose police tonight are still searching for the person who opened fire at a busy mall late yesterday, sending shoppers and employees running for cover as
10:46 pm
ktvu. jesse gary shows us there were extra officers on hand today at oakridge mall. days before christmas, and oakridge mall is living up to expectations. shoppers are searching for deals less than 24 hours after a shooting inside this center. it's not going to make me stay away. i mean forever, but it just. unfortunately that's kind of how things are in the world right now, especially at christmas time, witnesses say. monday night. a fight between two people outside forever 21 escalates. one person grabs the gun and fires several shots. the crowd is panicked, with some people hiding in retail storage rooms for safety officers quickly formulated a plan. and went into the mall. to ascertain what was occurring. we did not locate any shooting victims. san jose police confirming shots were fired and showcasing are evidence of the crime. but they're still in the dark as to who was fighting and firing. the
10:47 pm
day after, and police are on patrol outside the mall and inside situation that evolved like last night happens here very traumatizing for the community. we understand that we're sensitive to that. captain jason dwyer said the department has rotating foot patrols inside the mall during business hours through christmas. the first thing we want them to see when they come in here. the next few days or police officers. we want them to feel comfortable. and know that they're saying it is the other gift many people have on their wish list this season, a sense of security in an increasingly insecure world. it's almost like i'm i don't want to be a hermit inside my house, afraid to go anyplace. san jose police detectives ask anyone who may have seen the two suspects running from the mall to give them a call. you can leave a tip anonymously. san pedro square here in san jose, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. already tracking the rain showers around the bay area. some heavy showers moving onshore on the peninsula right now, widely scattered showers.
10:48 pm
almost all nigeria counties have some form of wet at this hour, half inch in the north bay and the heaviest locations up around mount tam. and then 1/10 of an inch. maybe 1507 inch for the rest of us all working our way towards about a quarter to a half of an inch in the morning hours. they're saying, alina getting some heavy rain. you see that yellow blob. right there. so that's where the heaviest rain is, obviously, and in fact, a bill to your getting hit with some heavy rain right now and then you'll get a break. there's a big wad of increased moisture moving on shore here. you can see it on the peninsula and we can track that a little bit as it goes out towards redwood city , redwood city in the next 12 minutes, you're going to notice some significant rain increases in the next 11 minutes. sam ato and foster city as well. the rain will pick up. for about 20 minutes or so. and then it will die down. and then as you look at the redwood city cemetery bridge area, you see some rain there, so it's going to do this pretty much all night on and off . scattered showers. the morning commute will be slightly wet. on this map. it shows the next 56 days of rainfall. but just don't
10:49 pm
worry about the numbers because those are going to be all over the map. they're going to be more they're going to be less. but look where the yellow is right. that's the west slope this year in nevada and northern california in the santa cruz mountains. those are the areas. that will get the heaviest heaviest rain accumulations over five or six or seven days, and that's why this storm really is being for the spirit of adam. this is just going to be the storm of the year, maybe potentially hopefully not, but it could be. it's going to really, really going to deliver a lot of snow. some of the models up there and i just showed you the current temperatures, so it's cool storm so snow levels are pretty low. it's down below past level and the snow level will continue to drop over the next couple of days and will continue. to see snow day after day after day, some models say as much as 10 ft . tomorrow in san francisco and oakland. it looks like this at lunchtime all day. this is your day tomorrow. scattered showers of sun might even come out a little bit. but most of the day it looks like this seven a.m. and then there's five pm so afternoon commute might be a little bit damp as well. and then we get back into it thursday morning thursday night
10:50 pm
. we're going to get a nice little break on friday. that might mean there might be a sprinkler, too, and then we go right back into its saturday sunday monday and looks like tuesday and wednesday has the potential for more as well. so these are the forecast highs. periods of rain tomorrow. very uh, mild system as compared to what we've seen with those with those atmospheric rivers in terms of. rainfall intensities street flooding or whatever. this is just going to be one of those deals where it's wet everywhere. really, the brain accumulations will add up, but the roads will be slick. you know when it's just got that life's little glaze on it. so be safe driving around out there. mountain travel is going to be a bear. certainly starting tomorrow when that winter storm warning goes into effect. i'll see you back here, 11. we'll see them, bill. thank you. well, with christmas now, just days away all around the world, people are dressing up as santa and spreading holiday cheer in uniquely festive ways in italy, dozens of santa clauses and helpful elves or. converting one of venice's famous canals into a winter wonderland santa's in
10:51 pm
brazil or swapping their sleigh bells for scuba gear, swimming with sharks and stingrays at this aquarium in rio. but besides being bringing smiles to visitors, the divers are hoping to also inspire optimism in the new year. message we bring is don't stop believing let's have hope for 2022. then it will be much better than 2021. and take a look at this. thousands of runners in spain also took to the streets of madrid over the weekend for a santa themed charity run. they are raising funds for the victims of this year's volcanic eruption on the spanish island of la palma. alright a big time matchup in women's college basketball tonight could number two stanford upset number one south carolina sports director mark cuban is up next with the highlights. then on the 11 o'clock news, the most popular city in the united states. for people looking for real estate is right here in california will tell you about it at 11.
10:52 pm
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and at genesys, is within the vinyl room tonight two for tuesday, you might say in the nfl all the covid related reasons for the nfl having to have a doubleheader. and can't you just see the executives at both the tv networks and the nfl samha? let's check the ratings tomorrow and see if this tuesday night thing is the winter. we could have football every day of the week, right? this is a good one, though. russell wilson against matt stafford haram's seattle. and the rams, 10 10 and the third stafford will let it loose for and this is always a good idea because this guy is always open. cooper cup 29 yards . let's dance 17 10. he had nine more catches, 136 yards and two
10:55 pm
touchdowns. 17 10 in the fourth quarter. seattle reason the great though wilson trying to get him back in it for the seahawks, long for deejay dallas . no interference. that's just the terrible call. ernest jones gets away with one right there. there was a flag thrown, but it was on dallas for unsportsmanlike conduct right there. so the rams get a break. 22 10 is the final ramsar 10 4 established five and nine and pete caroline company no winning record this time around the other game. well semi watchable . it's washington. our old friend ron rivera, cal linebacker back in the day 2017 . that is a heck of a throw by jalen hurts, and it even better catch, man. can you imagine kitchen a rocket like that? it's greg ward did 19 yards. touchdown 27 17 final forget about washington. they're six and eight. philly barely
10:56 pm
breathing at seven and seven. let's change the subject. little bit. talk some college hoop stanford. they're the defending national champs yet kind of the underdog when you're taking on south carolina these days because the gamecocks are undefeated and ranked number. one stanford. you might say on the wrong side of history tell you why, but first hey, that's sonja curry step smoke in the house. why her god daughter cameron brink. stanford is there and she watches cardinals smoking hot early. haley jones. that's kind of a euro step was spin will college she scores and stanford. up 18 points in the second quarter, but it falls apart. south carolina destiny henderson of the steel laying on the other end, she had 17 that's brought them within two and stanford outscored 22 to 7 in the third that did him in. this time. it's destiny. henderson
10:57 pm
two bastards! 18 points. 11 rebounds 104 left, they take the lead for good. south carolina never trailed after that biggest comeback in their school history . that is the history. stanford didn't want to be part of there were 18 down. they went at 65 61 cardinal 83, south carolina, 12 and out the local courts men's basketball tonight. partners of san jose state hosting santa clara, and it was rough. they had to deal with this guy broncos handle their business. jalen williams six ft six inch guard working it he had 20.79 57 broncos now 10 and five spartans very respectable six and five. i guess you could say for an organization that hasn't really been fan friendly of late, raising ticket prices not signing, for instance. marcus sent me and do not contract id, threatening to move to las vegas every other week. the a's at
10:58 pm
they've got this one. very right , mark kat say if you have to replace a great manager like bob melvin, he's the guy to do it hard to argue with this selection cuts, say the new manager, great baseball acumen. he was a major league player for 17 years. as a coach with the a is for six years. it's a three year deal to keep him on as the oakland a's manager. well, i'm sure you've been hearing about all the covid problems related to it all across professional sports and hockey, probably getting hit the hardest right now the latest they're pretty much going to break it until after christmas for sure. and the problems include brent burns told my shirt all there on the list right now league basically and shutdown mode, and they also announced the big news. they will not be furnishing players for the winter games in china. in february. get a little tired so with it, why not check this
10:59 pm
out? last week? we told you about travis hunter, number one recruited high school football. here's an example of why is that a great catch? what he's going to play for dion sanders that little jackson state and florida. he's going to put him on the map. you see why he can get up and prove is the number one recruit. all right? i love this. the idaho potato bowl. wyoming clubbers can state no gatorade bath for the coach instead of french fry bath? sure i think they were curly fries is a matter better than garlic, for it is a lot more fun for the coach. i guarantee you that kind of gatorade value getting all that's the sporting life. see a little bit, guys. okay, mark. thank you. next at 11. feel like that would be really useful and helpful because it would be always nice to just the state of mind and being sure that you're not going to endanger anybody
11:00 pm
else. the fast moving omicron variant has a lot of people looking for tests in the days before christmas, as those much anticipated family get togethers are about to happen. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. at home covid test kits in short supply all around the bay area. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm alex savage. and tonight for frank somerville. today, president biden said his administration will greatly ramp up production of covid test kits in the new year. in an address to the nation earlier today, president biden said the government will provide 500 million free test kits. he said those at home tests will be sent to americans who request one starting in january. also more testing sites will be added in regions that need additional capacity. the president also trying to offer some reassurance that americans who are vaccinated and boosted can safely go ahead with their holiday plans. almost everyone


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