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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 20, 2021 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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at oakridge mall, prompting panic shoppers to run for cover. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener . and i'm alex savage. and tonight for frank somerville, the scene outside of san jose's oakridge mall is beginning to calm down tonight after roads were blocked in that area for hours and police now say it's unclear if anyone was actually hit by the gunfire. ktvu is elissa harrington has been following the case all night. he pulled the gun out of the bag decided, like lighting up shots . these shoppers witnessed the shooting inside the westfield oakridge mall in san jose. they say some teenagers were arguing and pushing and shoving near the store forever. 21 when a guy in the group pulled a gun out of his backpack and opened fire, you were walking and they were just yelling at each other, and we just thought they were about to fight. so we just sat there and watched and then. when he put out the gun. we kind of backed up against the walls and like felt on the floor just to
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make sure you can get shot. these witnesses shared video of shell casings on the ground. they didn't see anyone get hit, but did see the shooter run toward the food court. a lot of people were screaming running, and then everyone was just scared. other shoppers heard the gunfire and hid inside the mall . hannah mock shared this picture from inside a and m. she said. employees brought them back to the stock room. we heard really loud noises like shots firing. it was really close to the store. it was that because i was in the h and m. you just see people starting to scream and run in all directions, and luckily, the employees of the store were really good. marks said they heard for about an hour. the police ended up coming into the store. and you know, knocking on the storeroom door and told everybody to put their hands up. and then they were going to clear us all out. so we got all got in a single file line with their hands up and one by one. you know, they had a trail. a chef inside the
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cheesecake factory shared this video. it shows workers they're sheltering in place. police swarmed the area. streets around the mall were shut down. swat teams were seen entering the building. an armored vehicle drove through the parking lot. hopefully you know the worst does not happen, and the worst is over with. right now. we believe this was an isolated incident. by definition. we don't have what we can call an active shooter. it appears it was an altercation between a couple of people here within the mall. just before 10. pm san jose police gave the all clear here at the mall. they even started letting some employees go back inside to secure their shops. at this point, they don't have a suspect. they also don't have a victim, but they want to speak to anyone who may have been involved in san jose. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. the cdc announced today. the omicron variant has now become the dominant strain and makes up 73% of all new covid cases here in the us ktvu
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jana katsuyama joins us now she's in the newsroom with the latest development, jonah. julian at alex. just one week ago. the omicron variant was just 13% of the case is now 73% so today, los angeles decided to cancel its new year's eve celebration. rhode island is reinstating indoor mask mandates and more cases right here in the bay area are showing that it is circulating here. in the bay area, contra costa county announced monday. it's detected its first three oh macron cases , one was not vaccinated, two were vaccinated, but not yet boosted. um also far have been having mild symptoms, county health officer dr chris farley itano says none of the people had traveled. i think this gives more evidence that the quran is here circulating in our community somewhere between 15 and 25% of all. cases get hold gene sequenced so there there certainly could be more cases out there. we just haven't picked up on monday, a pop up
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covid testing site at diablo valley college was fully booked . i am concerned about the macron variant, um. just that it is so much more, um. contagious and i have no symptoms. but i just want to make sure my parents don't get. you know any chance of contracting it for me doctor far, netanyahu says the omicron variant has a much shorter incubation period. it's probably around three days, whereas with delta it was four days and with previous. um strains. it was five days or more, so it spreads just really , really rapidly right now, health experts say booster shots are the most important protection. moderna released data monday, saying it's half dose booster shot increased neutralizing antibody levels by about 37 times the pre booster shot levels. but in contra costa and other bay area counties, less than half of the eligible residents have received booster shots. well, that's the really the key number. we're going to be following now, what percentage of our county popular elation is boosted, some health officials say, even if macron leads to milder illness. it
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could still overburdened the healthcare system with a shortage of staffing, provide us with adequate staff in order to safely take care of our patients. we are asking for continued optimal ppe e so that we could be protected and as people are traveling for the holidays, doctor found, itano says it is very important that you get tested. if you have any covid symptoms if you plan to travel or get together with other people, he says, availability of booster shot important appointments should improve within the next few weeks. julie jana katsuyama reporting live tonight. thanks, janna. the spread of the omicron variant has president biden preparing a speech to the nation tomorrow. the white house says he plans to outline new steps being taken to limit the spread of the virus. this is not a speech about locking the country down. this is a speech outlining and being direct and clear with the american people about the benefits of being vaccinated. vaccinated he will restate
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tomorrow. i should say that well vaccinated individuals get covid due to the highly transmissible in a certain nature of omicron. their cases will likely be mild for asymptomatic. we continue to see in our health experts assess that you're 14 times more likely to die of covid if you have not been vaccinated versus vaccinated. look for live coverage of the president's speech on ktvu. his speech is expected to begin at about 11 30 tomorrow morning. when it begins , we will bring it to you. area congressman eric swalwell, along with several other house democrats are voicing their support for a federal covid-19 vaccine requirement. in order to board airplanes. the congressman flew back to the bay area over the weekend and tweeted this on a flight now to the bay area, and it is 100% batty that the unvaccinated are allowed to fly. it is unsafe in the cabin and we are transporting this virus requiring the vaccine to fly is the least we can do to stop the spread. shouldn't we at least
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take precautions to ensure that everyone on the plane is vaccinated? this vaccine is available. you can't go 20 ft without finding someone who's offering it, so there's really no excuse not to take it. the biden administration said this week it is not ruling out an air travel vaccination requirement with the new omicron variants circulating rapidly. conservatives though, have been very outspoken about their opposition to federal vaccine mandates, calling them government overreach. and we have an entire section up on our website dedicated to updates on the pandemic to get straight to that information. just go to ktvu .com/ covid. oakland police announced today they have recovered the possible getaway vehicle used in the killing of retired police officer kevin she to machida was fatally shot last month while working as a security guard for a local television news crew. ktvu evan sernoffsky has more tonight on the investigation, as well as a new plan to increase the number of officers in east oakland. oakland police chief
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laurent armstrong said monday that detectives recovered this white accurate sedan believed to be the getaway vehicle in the killing of retired police officer kevin nishida. we are making progress in this investigation. machida was fatally shot last month during an attempted robbery while working as a private security guard. for kron four news in downtown oakland. he died at a hospital three days later. community members have been very helpful in this investigation, helping us get information to actually. secure this vehicle. armstrong did not say whom the car belonged to or if police have identified a suspect or made any arrests in the case. nasheed is death stunned bay area law enforcement and the journalism community, which has been targeted in several recent armed robberies. nishida worked as a police officer in san jose hayward and coma before retiring and working in private security forever. of you. why not shoot a son? his family in the community
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he helped protect paid their respects at a public memorial earlier this month in san jose. over the weekend, oakland saw its 133rd homicide. the chief addressed the violence while announcing a plan to add an additional policing district in east oakland, where he said 60% of calls occur. we know that the vast majority of the violent crimes happen in east oakland plan to add nearly 50 officers on the city's east side was welcomed by neighborhood city council member lauren taylor. the fact that we will have. 48 more officers on the ground in this half of the city will go immensely to addressing the inequities in the call volumes. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. a new indictment goes after retail theft suspects in san francisco still ahead, the value of merchandise in this case runs into the millions of dollars also see what police are doing to catch package thieves
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into an organized retail theft operation with international ties is being called a success. san francisco's district attorney chase a boudin is speaking out about the 2.5 year investigation dubbed operation focused lens today, saying that investigation led to two criminal indictment along with arrest warrants for five people. $2 million in suspected stolen property has already been recovered. authorities say. these are some of the items harvested at chop shops for
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parts. the investigation was launched in december of 2019 following a series of thefts at the union square. macy's packaged theft is on the rise, especially with people buying online and shipping more gifts. ktvu investigative reporter. brooks jarocz has worked to find out exactly how often this is happening and what's being done to stop it. in plain sight. within seconds. stuff can be stolen. if it comes into our city, then we'll flood our normal. which is why every december day in sunnyvale starts with a game plan. they've been having package staffs and. people breaking into their mailboxes the last few weeks mapping and tracking the trends of thieves. the same guy had the catalytic converters, right. this group of officers waste no time. out the door and on what they call their annual holiday burglary, suppression detail, potentially catching crimes as they happen and keeping an eye out for those who may be on the naughty list. we don't want to just be reactive. we don't want
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to just respond to calls for service. we want to do something that, um you know, we can proactively put a dent in this kind of problem. that means present patrol, preventing porch pirates from preying on packages with permission from some homeowners. police are planting decoys on several doorsteps, sometimes filled with trackers to catch the crook will be on your right hand side and a couple houses, other times, keeping watch for anything or anyone suspicious guys, don't because theft and burglary is our up this time of year. so they're baiting the bad guys. and with people shopping online , more than ever, this crew is even trailing santa's elves to ensure special deliveries arrive safely. it can be heartache if you have your your property stolen. we can all we can all connect with that. and we probably know someone that's been victimized, so we kind of take a personal motivated to be on the lookout for leeds license plates and sometimes a little luck it really unfortunately, it is a needle in a haystack if i'm being completely honest. we've
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caught a couple people over the last couple years, but it's also about advertising and deterring criminals interacting and educating neighbors on ways to prevent theft, all while sending a message that thieves beware. we'll do our best to find you su because that's stolen gift may give a porch pirate more than they ever wanted. that specialized team in sunnyvale works from thanksgiving through christmas statistics show it has helped reduce theft related crimes, police say to prevent theft, trying to arrange having packages delivered when you're home and avoid letting them sit in a visibly open area. a lot of people have invested in cameras , which police say can really help them crack cases of porch pirates in the newsroom. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. gas prices continue to drop nationwide, the average us price of regular grade gas dropped by six cents over the past two weeks to 3 41 a gallon and industry analysts says prices have been falling for a month. as the crossed of crude
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oil continues to drop nationwide , the highest average price for regular grade gas is here in the bay area at 4 77 a gallon the lowest average prices in houston at 2 83 a gallon. a stray bullet surprises in oakland couple inside their apartment coming up tonight what they're doing to stay safe after this frightening experience and see what a magnitude 6.2 earthquake did two parts of northern california today. him back here with that rain forecast that we've been talking about. it can get wet. you're gonna need the umbrellas you're gonna need the umbrellas as early as tomorrow af everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st.
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the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body. that's why it's so important for us to have health insurance. and now, we can afford it. we've got a plan that covers the kids' checkups and my regular screenings. enroll by december 31st at bedroom, they say, came through the window of their downtown apartment early sunday morning. ktvu zambelli spoke to the
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couple about what happened. over four lean at all who songs in shows me where a bullet came through his bedroom window in his fourth floor apartment in downtown oakland sunday, shortly before two a.m. he says he and his wife, chen yu ying, were asleep when the sound of gunfire woke them up. we obtained audio from a shot spotter that indicated two shots were fired from 14th in harrison across the street from their apartment. the couple tells me they didn't realize the bullet had shattered through window and landed inside until hours later. cantonese shin tells me her husband discovered a bullet and shattered glass at the foot of their bed. then the realization that one of them could have been struck and killed just two months earlier there bed have been positioned in front of the window hang the husband and wife 71 70 say they're afraid for their safety. their apartment building is housing for seniors.
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what did you think about being a man? what they say because they don't speak english. they didn't know how to make a police report but an off duty law enforcement officer tells me he heard about the incident from the couple's neighbors while he was in the area and help them call police officers came to take a report and took the bullet as evidence. hold talking jail tells me just last month she heard the shots that killed retired police officer kevin nishida while he was working as a security guard and saw the police response. it happened just a block away. the couple says both incidents have left them shaken. yeah they now put a table up to the bedroom window as a barrier in case there's another shooting. the couple tells me the retired and cannot afford to move elsewhere. they hope to move to a unit that's on a higher floor facing away from the street in oakland , amberleigh ktvu, fox two newst
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was shaken today by a large earthquake, according to the usgs. the 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck right off the coast of humboldt county at 12 10 this afternoon. people reported feeling the shaking as far south as san francisco and as far north as medford, oregon . there were no reports of injuries, but there was some damage shares a photo of products knocked off store shelves at a grocery store in ferndale. at least eight earthquakes measuring less than 3.5 have struck in that area since the initial quake. temperatures are expected to drop to dangerous levels for those experiencing homelessness , and that's prompted the city of san jose to open to warming centers, which the city refers to as owls. one owl is located at the evergreen branch public library on a born road. the other is that the linenger community center on center road , both centers will stay open from eight pm until seven am through april, 30th. so the owls
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off for a couple of things, in addition to warm, safe place for people to sleep at night, they also offer snacks and they also offer basic needs, such as cots, blankets. other things. perhaps that people may need access to showers and restrooms, etcetera. each warming location has 30 beds and can sleep 60 people across the two locations individuals who want to secure a spot at one of the overnight warming locations must first get a referral walk ups will not be provided services, but santa clara county has close to 2000 additional shelter beds that are open year round to accommodate anyone who needs to get off the streets. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now with a look at the timing for the next round of what weather heading our way, bill. it's getting getting ready now. you saw the clouds this evening. you can see the clouds out there. now. it's thickening up fast, and by tomorrow afternoon , it's raining, showering and most of the bay area that will be on the afternoon community tonight more fog. this week. rain hangs on through the
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weekend of the weekend and in the mountains and lots of snow. this is the system and this is the reason the forecast is going to go like it's going to go. there's just this low here. it keeps spinning, right? and so these little pulses like there's one right here, that little pulse that's that's got some spin to it, so these little areas are going to slide through and keep rotating around so thaa little wind might bring a little clearing might bring a bunch of snow just depends. these things are going to slide through a different different times. some stronger, some weaker and with that in mind showers on and off all week and the accumulations could be significant in the coastal hills, maybe six inches . when all said, and done, maybe a little more in the mountains. they could see 56 ft of snow pretty easily. um because this system really favors them because as it clears out here is one slide through and we clear out. it just hangs on up there. they get stuck. so here is seven a.m. tuesday morning. here's three o'clock that's when it starts to rain. that's tomorrow. and then tomorrow afternoon. and then wednesday morning and then
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wednesday afternoon and then thursday morning and then writes just right and timing. these is gonna be difficult to do, mainly because they're just not well formed yet they're just kind of like. happening there, just getting put together out in the pacific, and as they get closer to shore, they'll start to develop the characteristics of a cold front, perhaps, or some kind of a warm front or something. but right now, right now, they're just blobs out there waiting to become something. the forecast highs tomorrow. little warmer than today. showers in the forecast and those showers are going to set us up right through the week . i mean, look at wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and in the mouth like you see son in these five days panels in the mountains. it's just going to pile up up there. so that's just gonna be one big snow. you know if this was a five day for truckee, it would just be snow snow snow snow snow with no sun, so they're going to really be the benefactors of this this system and we're doing great man. we're doing really good for rainfall. we're doing really good for snow far really? well, we're going to get a bunch more as we go in the next five days. just travel carefully as
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you drive around for the holidays, especially in the mountains. as you know, i'll see you back here tomorrow night. we'll see them. bill. thank you coming up next in sports. the warriors go for their sixth win in the last eight games as they face the king's sports with joe fonzi is neck. this tiny tacos big box is perfect- [speaking in unison] to share... jinx... tiny tacos big box...
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as risk of bleeding or bruising at the treatment site is increased. talk to a urologist about what your manhood could look like. find a xiaflex-trained urologist at my new tiny tacos big box with 25 of my tasty tiny tacos and three delicious dipping sauces. perfectly sized to share with a friend, coworker, or the ceo of your favorite restaurant. my new $6 tiny tacos big box. only at jack in the box. were missing jordan's pool and andrew wiggins both in covid restriction for tonight's game against the king's words, equipment, man getting an assist tonight from that's draymond green junior warriors playing with the lead most of this game. pretty slick move by andre good allowed to go up and under the who figured out i had 10 points in 24 minutes. we've got the approval of one mr curry after the play. more magic around the hoop now by curry this time off
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the pass from kevon looney curry had 30 points. the warriors have eight at this point the game. after leading by 15. the words fell behind late in the third quarter. they're tied here until draymond green finds gary payton the second for two plus the foul or triple double for green franchise career. 31st and that's a record green strong to the hoop. here's the warriors regained control the fourth quarter, green had 16 points. 10 assists, 11 rebounds and one more for the highlight reel. this is what you call good passing iguodala against the assist behind the back to auto porter porter, one of three players off the bench and six overall in double figures tonight, the warriors went 1 13 98. they're 25 6, and that is reason for that guy who was helping with the equipment. to have a little joy in his dance. but it wasn't that well kept secret. but today warrior coach steve kerr was officially named coach of the u. s basketball team. her will take over for gregg popovich, who coached the u. s to the gold medal in the summer olympics. kerr was an
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assistant on that staff, according to an mlb network report tonight. mark qazi will be hired as the new manager of the oakland a's the aids have been without a manager for a couple of months since bob melvin left to join the san diego padres. be the first managerial stint for the 46 year old qazi was the a third base coach this past season, but it's been in the organization as a coach since 2015 shots they played in the major leagues for 17 years for them with the aids 2000 and four through 2000 and seven covid at the cleveland browns hard, who started nick mullens at quarterback tonight against the raiders, with both baker mayfield in case keenum out, raiders scored the only point of the first quarter. derek carr throws the end zone where brian edwards makes a fine play to haul in a touchdown pass . the raiders added his second quarter field goal went to the halftime locker room leading 10 nothing. the raiders clinging to a 13 7 lead in the fourth quarter. mullins by some time, then spots harrison bryant all alone at the goal line. the browns going front 14 13 with 3 45 to play. raiders got the ball back with a minute. 50 left no
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time outs. it's card as they jones for 15 yards just like that. they're in field goal range. they clocked the ball with three seconds left. that set of daniel carlson for 48 yard field goal. brown's iced him with one time out call. but as mullins couldn't bear to watch, carlson was right down the middle, and the raiders had pulled one out. 16 14 both teams 77 right now. neither would be in the playoffs. the vikings were winners tonight over the chicago bears. time for a little check this out on this monday night. last night in minneapolis . with the lakers in town, they held an eggnog chugging contest . both participants were blindfolded. now that's the timberwolves mascot, filling up the glass of the laker fan. no surprise that the timberwolf guy will does that surprise. the laker. guys say wait a minute. he's shaking his head. i drank a lot. i'll come. my cup is still full. i think this. contest was ready. well played. yes. all right, joe. thank you. good night, everybody. thanks for
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joining us, everybody. our next newscast will be tomorrow morning at four. am with morning at four. am with mornings on too good night.jay: one of my best efforts. have at it. mm, i can't eat that. why not? the pickle's touching it. there. the juice got on the bread and, ew, what's that stuff? spices. they look like sea monkeys. have you ever really examined a jar of pickles, jay? it's like a swamp in there. i'll pass. what happened? i made him a beautiful sandwich, and he won't eat it. yeah, 'cause it had pickles on it. joe is taking a nap. i'm gonna go to the dry cleaners. well, if you're passing a sushi restaurant -- she's not. i've never heard of anyone not liking pickles. aw, big day for you, then. i'm just gonna make myself a grilled cheese. i think i saw some gruyere in there. do we have any fig? unh-unh. sit down. this whole persnickety thing is not gonna fly in the world. never hand people another reason to make fun of you. you mean like all the cool kids with their leather jackets and their pickles? well, you're gonna sit there until you at least try a pickle.


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