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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 20, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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about to fight. and then all of a sudden, i just see the kid with his girlfriend. he pulled a gun out of his bag inside to shoot you. breaking news tonight . investigators search for the person who pulled out a gun and started shooting today at oakridge mall in san jose. good evening. i'm julie julie haener , and i'm alex savage in tonight
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for frank somerville, a large number of police officers who remain at that mall tonight. and several roads are closed in the surrounding area. we get the breaking news now from ktvu elissa harrington, who's been following the investigation all night, alyssa. yeah. really scary scene here. i mean, picture this this mall was full people are doing their holiday shopping. then suddenly people hear the sound of gunshots. everyone is screaming, even hiding in some back rooms of these stores. now i want to show you what's happening. now there's still a heavy police presence. we did see quite a few officers pack up and leave about 20. minutes ago, san jose police gave the all clear they have been spending the past few hours. searching the mall right now again, they gave the all clear and they're even saying that employees who need to return to their stores and secure them can do that, and they're going to be sending those instructions in a bit. now. what we know at this time is that they still have not found the shooter. we did speak to witnesses who told us this
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all started. with an argument. he pulled the gun out of the bag decided, like lighting up shots. these shoppers witnessed the shooting inside the westfield oakridge mall in san jose. they say some teenagers were arguing and pushing and shoving near the store forever. 21 when a guy in the group pulled a gun out of his backpack and opened fire, you were walking and they were just yelling at each other, and we just thought they were about to fight. so we just sat there and watched and then. when he put out the gun. we kind of backed up against the walls and like felt on the floor just to make sure we can get shot. witnesses shared this video of shell casings on the ground. they said the shooter ran toward the food court. other shoppers heard the gunfire and hid inside the mall. hannah mock shared this picture from inside a church and m. she said employees they're brought them back to the stock room. we heard really loud noises like shots firing. it was really close to the store. it was that because i was in the h and m. you just see people starting to scream and run in all directions, and luckily, the
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employees of the store were really good. a chef at the cheesecake factory shared this video. it shows workers they're sheltering in place. police swarmed the area. we saw the swat team and armored vehicles in the parking lot. streets in the area were closed off right now we are doing a systematic search of this entire mall. what we're trying to get people out of here as quickly as we can and still trying to use all our officers. safety tactics there still could be an armed suspect in the small or victim. now the scene as you can imagine, was very chaotic, and police said that there was a bit of confusion at the beginning. initially they said that there was a victim now they are not sure they have not found a suspect they have not found a victim either the witnesses that i spoke to said that when those shots rang out, everyone ran and they did not see anyone. fall to the ground or any sign that anybody was hurt. but again, we are still trying to confirm all
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of those details. reporting live in san jose, i'm elissa harrington ktvu. fox two news. you can just imagine how scary that situation would be. all right, alyssa. thank you. oh macron's quick work to become the country's most dominant strain of the coronavirus has the white house and others now taking action today, contra costa county announced it has detected three cases of the omicron variant, and that brings the number of a area counties with confirmed cases to seven in san mateo county health officials say they've discovered traces of the strain in wastewater. the spread of the virus has president biden preparing a speech to the nation ? the white house says tomorrow he plans to discuss the new steps being taken to limit the spread of the virus. and some members of congress want to limit who can travel on planes, senator dianne feinstein and representative eric swalwell, along with others have sent a letter to federal officials. asking them to implement vaccine or negative test requirements for all air travelers. we begin tonight's coverage of the
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omicron variant with ktvu jana katsuyama, who's live in the newsroom, janna. alex this was a huge jump in omicron cases that we saw in the united states from 13% of cases to 73% in just one week. genomic sequencing has shown that the omicron variant has been skyrocketing, rocketing and those cases and contra costa county or showing that it is circulating here in the bay area. the omicron varied, sudden surge has many people worried about a new crisis in the new year in the bay area, contra costa county announced monday. it's detected its first three oh macron cases, one was not vaccinated to re vaccinated but not yet boosted. um also far have been having mild symptoms, county health officer dr chris farley itano says none of the people had traveled. i think this gives more evidence that the quran is here circulating in our community somewhere between 15 and 25% of all. cases get hold gene sequenced so there
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there certainly could be more cases out there. we just haven't picked up on monday, a pop up covid testing site at diablo valley college was fully booked . i am concerned about macron variant, um. just that it is so much more, um contagious. no, i'm not. exposed and i have no symptoms. but i just want to make sure my parents don't get you know any chance of contracting it for me, doctor fonda thanos says the omicron variant has a much shorter incubation period. it's probably around three days, whereas with delta it was four days and with previous. um strange. it was five days or more, so it spreads just really, really wrapped right now, health experts say booster shots are the most important protection. moderna released data monday, saying it's half dose booster shot increased, neutralizing antibody levels by about 37 times the pre booster shot levels but in contra costa and other beria counties, less than half of the eligible residents have received booster shots only about 34.
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have been boosted. well, that's the really the key number. we're going to be following now, some health officials say, even if omicron leads to milder illness , it could still overburden the healthcare system with a shortage of staffing, provide us with adequate staff. in order to safely take care of our patients . we are asking for continued optimal ppe so that we could be protected. and today in response to the omicron surged, los angeles canceled its new year's eve celebration, and rhode island is reinstating indoor mask mandates, dr fontana says it's very important to continue to get tested. if you have any symptoms, or if you plan to travel or have a gathering with other people, a lot of new safety measures being put in place, janet thank you. another sign of the toll this virus is taking. solano county reported its first pediatric death today related to covid 19. health officials did not say whether the patient became infected with the omicron variant. the baby
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was under the age of one and not eligible for a covid vaccine. bay area congressman eric swalwell, along with several other house democrats are voicing their support tonight for a federal covid-19 vaccine requirement. in order to board airplanes. congressman swalwell flew back here to the bay area over the weekend and tweeted this on a flight now to the bay area, and it is 100% batty that the unvaccinated are allowed to fly. it is unsafe in the cabin and we are transporting this virus. requiring the vaccine to fly is the least we can do to stop the spread. i'm frustrated because i have three unvaccinated children three in diapers who can't get the vaccine just yet, and it's the unvaccinated adults who can get the vaccine who are creating these variants and keeping us in this position and just sitting on the plane. it just occurred to me. got 200, plus people taking their masks off to eat and drink transporting this virus all over the world. shouldn't we at least take
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precautions to ensure that everyone on the plane is vaccinated? this vaccine is available. you can't. go 20 ft without finding someone who's offering it, so there's really no excuse not to take it. and if you don't want to take it fine. that's your choice. i just don't think it should be transported it all over the country and contributing to new variants. the biden administration did say this week it is not ruling out an air travel vaccination requirement with the new omicron variants circulating rapidly. conservatives though, have been very outspoken about their opposition to federal vaccine mandates, calling them government overreach. and as we mentioned earlier, the white house is preparing tonight for a national address on the pandemic . white house press secretary jen psaki insists tomorrow's speech from president biden won't include calls for new lockdowns. we will take you to washington for the build up to tomorrow's speech coming up later tonight in this newscast. all right, taking a look outside . it is chilly out there right now, and changes are on the way
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as rain is once again heading toward the bay area. ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin joins us now with a look at the timing for this next round of wet weather. we've got a good pattern developing. we've been talking about after the last few days, and it's going to set itself up. been setting up. it's going to set up firmly tomorrow by afternoon. the commute the afternoon community. we'll see a few showers developing tonight. it starts off with more valley fog. it's cold out there. mostly cloudy you wake up in the morning. same deal we had this morning except fog picks up lifts out in the showers begin late in the day tomorrow after lunch time in the north bay around three or four o'clock for the rest of the bay area. that's the beginning that salvo number one and then the mountains are going to get the same event. but they're going to get snow snow snow. they're gonna get a lot of snow, and that's going to go right through the week. so what's happening is we've got a weather system. that is the same . remember that one? i showed you yesterday. it's just spinning and when they spend like that, that's the parent low and it's just going to sit there . it's going to spend like it's still use that rotation, so it's
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going to grab stuff from all the way back here these impulses and drag it through like here's a little something here. seattle splurge. so these will develop these little vorticity maximum will develop under this low and they'll come in and bring a showers. the first round of that will be tomorrow afternoon, and after that we got another one set up for wednesday and thursday. then for friday, little break here a little shower. their little wind here. we're going to see a little bit everything umbrellas will be needed. starts tomorrow afternoon. i'll see you back here with all the details. all right, bill. thanks in a reminder you can use our weather app to track the rain and temperatures all this week. the app includes interactive radar and a breakdown of conditions. our by our temperatures are expected to drop to dangerous levels for those who are experiencing homelessness. that's prompted the city of san jose to open up to warming centers tonight. one of them is located at the evergreen branch public library that's on a born road in san jose. the other. the other is that the lining their community center and that's on center road. both of those
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centers will stay open until seven o'clock in the morning to attend tonight. governor newsom is putting $50,000 towards solving a homicide last year in san pablo. investigators hope to generate clues and the killing of 27 year old sean tillis on june 12 2020. tell us was fatally shot inside his vehicle . it happened outside an apartment complex on rum real boulevard in san pablo. police have released this sketch of a possible suspect. they say he was driving a black 2015 volkswagen passat when he fled toward oakland. a bullet flies right through in oakland apartment barely missing the couple inside. coming up tonight at 10 30. the victims open up about their frightening ordeal plus days after california cannabis entrepreneurs sounded the alarm about being unable to compete with black market sellers, the state is taking action coming up how regulators are trying to offer some relief. oh, here we go. little bit of. cupboards broken glasses knocked
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all the dishes in the sink. also see the damage left behind after a 6.2 magnitude
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my new tiny tacos big box with 25 of my tasty tiny tacos and three delicious dipping sauces. perfectly sized to share with a friend, coworker, or the ceo of your favorite restaurant. my new $6 tiny tacos big box. only at jack in the box. relief is coming to cannabis industry workers who say they're being punished for playing by
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the rules following the approval today of emergency regulations issued by the department of cannabis control, cannabis entrepreneurs can now have their license or renewal fee waived. the waiver comes just days after more than two dozen cannabis industry workers. signed a letter to governor newsom, saying the state's legal pot industry is on the verge of collapse. they told the governor taxes and regulations have made the industry unable to compete with the illegal pot economy. the northern california coast was shaken this afternoon by a large earthquake, according to the usgs. the 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of humboldt county at 12 10 this afternoon, people reported feeling it as far as south as san francisco and as far north as medford, oregon. whoa, whoa, whoa. holy windows just shocked. quite the reaction there from a driver who quickly pulled to the car pulled the curtain the car
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over to the curb. this dashcam video is from fortuna, just south of eureka. officials say there was some minor damage to buildings, including broken windows. in this picture here, you can see products knocked off a store shelves at a grocery store in the town of ferndale. and independent journalists there was outside when the quake hit and thought the sound was a big gust of wind. was pretty violent. uh you know, i've been through six is where it's more of a rolling. this was pretty violent. and then we realized holy. you know what? it's a big one. independent reporter caroline titus documented the damage in her own home with her kitchen coverage, thrown open, broken dishes and house plants that didn't ride out the shaking all too well. in downtown ferndale. she captured businesses with shattered storefronts and quite a bit of cleanup left behind inside. the good news is no one was hurt and the community rallied to help pick up the pieces. volunteers going into the grocery store going to the liquor store going
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into the murk until helping merchants cleanup mop up, i would say within an hour people were back shopping and inside the stores. and the california office of emergency services says quake alerts did go out today to 2500 people, with some of them receiving warnings. 15 seconds before the shaking started. oh, yes, says it is helping local authorities right now to evaluate any damage that might have been caused to roads , bridges or other infrastructure. the wet weather heading our way will come with snow for the sierra. here's a live look right now. at highway 50 in the town of myers. it's pretty deserted out there right now. you can see there is some snow up after out on the roads to the side of the roads following last week's storm. so if you're thinking about heading that way, it's not going to be an easy ride. the chp is reminding anyone heading up to the mountains on interstate 80 and highway 50 to be prepared because road conditions they say, can change in a matter of minutes and caltrans says,
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always check the road conditions before heading up to the mountains. sure you hire chains and that your car is in top condition. officials say that means checking your breaks, windshield wipers and tires. they say it's also a good idea to take along some water, food and warm blankets in case of lengthy delays. have a full tank of gas when you head up and don't be in a hurry. just take it slow. already it's a school night out there tonight, and it's going to be a cool morning when you get up and by tomorrow afternoon, we're back into some showers. warm up a little bit with the showers, but it's going to be kind of one of those. one of those weeks where the umbrellas will be needed quite a bit. so as you look at the live camera shot will move your right into the model here. here's the showers offshore. we'll get you right into the morning hours about six a.m. right there, and you can see that line of showers. and then you get in around two o'clock right after lunch time it starts to show up in the north bay. it's taken it's time and then somewhere around 45 and six it moves through the central bay area. is it a strong storm? no. not not
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at all. but it's the beginning of a few of these are going to go through at least three or four systems. they're going to go through the bay area and you can see i just wash it through. you see, you keep going like this. i didn't time that out, but that's how it's going to look. so that low that's sitting offshore is going to continue to spin and give us a wet weather weeks. tomorrow starts off pretty nice well, like it did today cold and cloudy kind of starts to get fog out of there. and then the, um the rain moves in the afternoon. i'll see you back here a little bit. bill. thank you. oakland police announced today they have recovered the possible getaway vehicle used in the killing of retired police officer kevin nishida. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has the update from police as well as a new plan to increase the number of officers in east oakland. oakland police chief laurent armstrong said monday that detectives recovered this white accurate sedan believed to be the getaway vehicle in the killing of retired police officer kevin nishida. we are
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making progress in this investigation. machida was fatally shot last month during an attempted robbery while working as a private security guard for kron four news in downtown oakland. he died at a hospital. three days later. community members have been very helpful in this investigation, helping us get information to actually secure this vehicle. armstrong did not say whom the car belonged to or if police have identified a suspect or made any arrests in the case. nasheed is death stunned bay area law enforcement and the journalism community, which has been targeted in several recent armed robberies. nishida worked as a police officer in san jose hayward and coma before retiring and working in private security forever. only you might not see the sun. his family in the community he helped protect paid their respects at a public memorial earlier this month in san jose. over the weekend, oakland saw its 133rd homicide.
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the chief addressed the violence while announcing a plan to add an additional policing district in east oakland, where he said 60% of calls occur. we know that the vast majority of the violent crimes happen in east oakland the plan to add nearly 50 officers on the city's east side was welcomed by neighborhood city council member lauren taylor. the fact that we will have. 48 more officers on the ground in this half of the city will go immensely to addressing the inequities in the call volumes. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. it definitely feels like that first wave of the pandemic without anxiety. all these long lines around the city people getting tested, um, exams are getting canceled for people in grad school like myself, so it kind of feels like that really part of the pandemic. we didn't really know what was happening, but we do know what's happening. we have vaccines. we have masks. we know how to keep ourselves safe images of long lines forming for covid-19 tests in new york's times square, and what some people are saying in those lines
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gives you a sense of how the recent uptick in the number of coronavirus cases is making some people feel nervous. state officials and healthcare workers across the country are anxious to hear what president biden will say tomorrow during a highly anticipated covid briefing at the white house foxes kevin corke tells us the president is expected to discuss the omicron variant and his administration's response to a nationwide surge in covid cases. the us grappling with a rise in coronavirus cases. the cdc says. the omicron variant is now the most dominant strain of the virus in the country, president biden said to deliver a speech tuesday outlining new measures from his administration to get things under control. the white house says the president will deliver a warning to americans who choose to remain unvaccinated. arguing that they will continue to drive up hospitalizations and deaths. this is not a speech about locking the country down. this is a speech outlining and being direct and clear with the american people about the benefits of being vaccinated,
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vaccinated and some cities, holiday and end of year celebrations are at risk of being canceled. in new york city , for example, the fate of the times square ball drop will be decided this week. officials there are working to increase their testing capacity. we recognize that the data and the science changes, so we're going to be ready to pivot and the mayor has promised a decision by christmas, health experts are still closely examining the new omicron variant and whether it causes more severe illness. whether you're vaccinated, boosted or not. you are still able to get covid-19. thankfully in those vaccinated and boosted it is likely going to be a very mild illness. maybe even just a cold, i'll going. nih director francis collins warns the u. s could hit a million cases a day. if americans don't remain vigilant in washington. i'm kevin corke fox news. and we will have live coverage of president biden's speech here on ktvu. he's expected to start speaking at around 11 30
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tomorrow morning, and the president has much more than the pandemic to manage tonight. coming up how an announcement from a senator in his own party has the white house and democrats on capitol hill scrambling. their push to keep the president's build back. better plan alive. also ahead tonight, the prosecutor who got a conviction of empire actor jesse smollett for staging a fake attack, is now facing criticism for how she handled that case. details
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attorney for how she handled that case, the report found prosecutors handling of the initial case against the former empire actor represented a major failure of operations in details multiple instances of false public statements about the case . by kim foxx in 2019. that's when small that was first prosecuted for staging a fake attack. the report says that some of the office's actions may be violations of legal ethics.
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fox's office says there was no abuse of discretion. a jury recently convicted small it of lying to police about the staged attack. jury deliberations got underway today in the lane maxwell sex trafficking trial. the jury received the case this afternoon after prosecutors and maxwell's defense attorneys delivered their closing arguments. the british socialite is accused of helping jeffrey epstein sexually abused teens. a prosecutor said epstein could not have preyed on teenage girls for more than a decade without the help of maxwell. the defense attorney told jurors during closing arguments that maxwell is an innocent woman. and jurors in the manslaughter trial of suburban minneapolis police officer kim potter ended their first day of deliberations without a verdict. potter is charged with killing black motorist dante right after she says she mistook her gun for his her taser. potter's case went to the mostly white jury this afternoon, state prosecutors argued that potter violated 26
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years of training when she shot and killed right during a traffic stop in april. the defense argued potter made a mistake. a stray bullet flies into an oakland apartment buildings, shattering a window and one couple sense of security . the steps there now taking to stay safe. also ahead. we have a better idea tonight how the country's new infrastructure law will send money to the bay area. and raiders fans see firsthand how the country's uptick in covid cases is impacting the nfl. and the oakland a's have found their new manager, and they didn't have far to go. joe fonzi has that and the rest of sports coming up a bit later.
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hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. a bullet inside their bedroom. they say it came through the
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window of their downtown apartment early sunday morning. ktvu zambelli joining us slot tonight from oakland with more on their ordeal, amber. alex the couple tells me the violence here in oakland has gotten out of control. they hope that by speaking out, police will step up patrols. over who songs in se a bullet came through his bedroom window in his fourth floor apartment in downtown oakland sunday, shortly before two a.m. he says he and his wife , chen yu ying, were asleep when the sound of gunfire woke them up. we obtained audio from a shot spotter that indicated two shots were fired from 14th in harrison across the street from their apartment. the couple tells me they didn't realize the bullet had shattered their window and landed inside until hours later in cantonese tells me her husband discovered a bullet and shattered glass at the foot of their bed. then the realization that one of them
10:32 pm
could have been struck and killed just two months earlier there bed have been positioned in front of the window husband and wife 71 70 say they're afraid for their safety. their apartment building is housing for seniors what they say because they don't speak english . they didn't know how to make a police report. but an off duty law enforcement officer tells me he heard about the incident. from the couple's neighbors while he was in the area and help them call police officers came to take a report and took the bullet as evidence talking tells me. just last month, she heard the shots that killed retired police officer kevin nishida while he was working as a security guard and saw the police response. it happened just a block away. the couple says both incidents have left them shaken. yeah pardon me. now
10:33 pm
put a table up to the bedroom window as a barrier in case there's another shooting. the couple tells me the retired and cannot afford to move elsewhere . they hope to move to a unit that's on a higher floor. facing away from the street. alex you can certainly understand why they're taking precautions. amberleigh live force tonight in oakland. amber. thank you. the state of california is now suing walmart, accusing the company of illegally disposing hazardous waste. state attorney general rob bonta announced the lawsuit today, he says over the past six years, walmart has violated california's environmental laws and regulations. walmart has allegedly disposed of hazardous waste products at landfills that are not equipped or authorized to receive hazardous waste. the waste includes alkaline and lithium batteries, pesticides, toxic cleaning supplies, latex paints and light bulbs. we're not talking about a few batteries and a can of insect killer here. walmarts own audits
10:34 pm
found that the company is illegally disposing of hazardous waste in california at a rate of more than one million items. each year. wal mart is not cleaning up its act, and we're all paying the price. it's time for this unacceptable behavior to end. bonta also says some of the illegally dumped toxic waste may seep into our drinking water . a walmart spokesperson says they plan to fight the quote unjustified lawsuit in a written statement, walmart says the state is demanding a level of compliance regarding waste disposal from our stores of common household products and other items that goes beyond what is required by law. democratic lawmakers are scrambling to figure out their future plans after west virginia senator joe manchin said he is a no on the president's build back better legislation. i think i still represent the centers, moderate wing of the democratic party that has compassion but also has reasonability. mansion also responding to criticism
10:35 pm
from the white house and his fellow democrats, some of whom have called his opposition of betrayal. the white house is frustrated with the senators decision. we do not act to get this legislation done and the components in it not only will cost and prices go up for the american people, but also we will see a trajectory and economic growth. that is not where we wanted to be eaten. despite mansions. opposition senate majority leader chuck schumer is considering holding a vote on the nearly $2 trillion bill early next year. some moderates are still hopeful they can make adjustments that would bring mansion back on board. house speaker nancy pelosi was in san francisco earlier today, touting the infrastructure bill that was recently signed into law in washington. ktvu christian captain tells us the funding plan includes money to help improve safety on local streets. much thank house speaker nancy pelosi joined with east bay lawmakers in san francisco's mayor at the busy intersection of second and folsom streets, speaking out in
10:36 pm
support of a new infrastructure bill, a plan supporters say it would divert billions nationwide to make the streets safer, including five billion to the bay area. as we always say on these infrastructure and transportation issues. there are health issue clean air for our children their safety issue in terms of what we're talking about here today. there are jobs issue among those at the event. families of those killed in crashes in the city and those who survived when a driver who was speeding ran through a red light. ricocheted off of a card making an illegal left turn came into the park and hit me throwing me 20 ft and leaving me with a broken back broken neck. going through that experience really opened my eyes to the preventable health crisis of traffic violence. those survivors say they believe the bill will make the streets safer for all this is a preventable health crisis that is getting worse. not better. san francisco
10:37 pm
officials say they've already invested local dollars trying to make the streets as safe as possible, but they say they really need federal investment to try to make the streets safer for everyone in the 21st century. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. san francisco retail theft bus recovered a lot of merchandise back in 2019 coming up tonight at 11 prosecutors get an indictment in this case. and we are tracking. the raindrops are not here for a little bit, but they will be here tomorrow, just in time for that afternoon commute. the five day forecast is next and see how the nfl juggles changes to games because
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. ktvu southwood reporter jesse gary reports on what police are revealing so far. right now, it seems to be a completely unprovoked attack monday morning , multiple san jose police officers investigating a crime at a homeless encampment just south of san jose's airport. around 9 30. detectives say a homeless man with a machete attack the volunteer working for goodwill industries. we don't know why it seemed like it was an unprovoked attack. of the victim received some moderate injuries to his hand. the victim was treated at the scene and then taken to valley medical center for more care of his injury. the suspect, identified as 43 year old charles hightower , is being held at the main santa clara county jail representatives of goodwill industries of silicon valley say they're working with the victim in this case and that there was no security with the volunteers. as they removed trash into brie from the encampment for a few 100 on housed people. the more you put people into, you know, crowded faces, the more volatile
10:41 pm
than become, we all know there's a big mental health. crisis on the streets. advocate scott waitress says the city's closure at the behest of the federal government of part of this encampment is part of the problem. worsening winter conditions is another piece. many on house residents have cheap weapons, such as machetes for protection wages, says hightower, who is charged with making criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon may not have realized the volunteers weren't thieves, but doing trash cleanup. you have a formula for disaster, right? a lot of people living in a small space who are losing what little bit they have who are protecting what they have, like the rest of us and then when someone comes onto their property that they don't know. they go off. and of course, a lot of it's not rational. pastor scott wagers says he and other advocates will be out at the encampment tuesday , doing outreach ahead of the next rainstorm. he says they may consider bringing security. san jose police say they do provide security to large groups of people when they go out, doing outreach and clean up that area encampments. outside san jose
10:42 pm
police headquarters. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. the jury in the elizabeth holmes criminal fraud trial ended its first day of deliberations without a verdict. the one time silicon valley billionaire is accused of scamming investors who bought into her company, which promised easy to use blood testing kits. homes is facing 11 fraud charges over three months, the jury heard witness testimony from insiders who worked at the blood testing startup. and patients and investors who prosecutors say were defrauded by homes. if convicted on all charges homes could face decades in prison. the pandemic shaking up the nfl schedule, including a raiders game coming up tonight, we'll take you to las vegas for a look at how the league is handling all of this, and ktvu chief all of this, and ktvu chief meteorologist bill martin w enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪
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game between the las vegas raiders and the cleveland browns was pushed back to tonight. that's because 100 nfl players tested positive for covid 19/3 days. we get more now from fox news, ashley soriano in las vegas. the las vegas raiders should be back in vegas by now from playing the cleveland browns. but covid concerns push the game two tonight for the second year in a row. professional sports teams aren't just worried about their opponent. they're also worried about whether there are enough
10:46 pm
players to play the game. last vegas raiders first year with fans in the stadium, second year in sin city in second year dealing with covid-19 just like anywhere else you have to think about. can you operate your business? if everybody's sick, the nfl is no different. ah they have to think about how they're going to manage this when there is a pandemic going on, the nfl saw a record high of covid positive players last week. 100 over three days, including the browns quarterback baker mayfield, the nfl postponed three of its week 15 games, allowing time for some of the players to receive a negative test results. the problem the nfl is saying is that they started testing a lot of people and they were finding positives , and they had to deal with that , then and cancel games postponed games do things like that, which is affecting their ability to play it. since then, the nfl announced it would reduce testing to only non vaccinated players fully vaccinated. asymptomatic players no longer have to test weekly. all parties should be. in the
10:47 pm
same book in the same bold regardless of if you're vaccinated or unvaccinated, i think everyone should follow the same protocol. lippert hobley is a former nfl player for the miami dolphins and the president of the nfl alumni dallas chapter . if he had played in 2020, he would have played in front of cardboard cutouts, and if he were playing this season, he says he would do his part in the fight against covid irresponsibility follows on all parties, including the players and, of course, being responsible enough to make their due to make the right choices. the national hockey league also announced that games played between us and canadian based teams would be postponed as well , and the nba postponed five of this week's games in las vegas. ashley soriano, fox news. alright tomorrow winter solstice shortest day of the year, eight hours and 46 minutes long, which
10:48 pm
is five minutes shorter than on the that doesn't work out, right? it's a hours and 46 minutes long. that's how long it is sunrise tomorrow. 7 59. shortest day of the year, and then we start to gain some speed days. get a little longer as we get into late december and january, february, so outside we go beautiful night. there's gonna be fog is or has been. this low system has been sitting offshore and will continue to sit there for the entirety of the week. and bring us showers and scattered showers and clouds . now we're into friday more scattered showers. you see that ? it's just he's just pulses coming through this line that are going to continue right into the weekend. don't look so much at the numbers on this forecast only because the numbers will be all over the place will get. we're gonna get a bunch of rain . but thomas, then we'll get easily 34 inches of rain in a lot of places around the bay area, probably 6 to 8 inches in the in the hills of the coastal areas. but look at the world. the red is look at the reds. that's where the that's where the focus rain is going to be or snow and right now, sierra nevada is set up to be. the
10:49 pm
beneficiary of most of the really good precipitation, which is going to be coming to form a lot of snow. lots of snow and we'll get rain. but it's not. this is no atmospheric river. so as you go into tomorrow morning. and then you go into tomorrow afternoon about two o'clock it starts to show up raining. and then the afternoon commute might be a little bit wet, not a big gully washer. no urban small stream flood advisories but still wet and there were into wednesday morning's commute wete wet but you see how the scattered showers sort of aspect of this and then then you're into thursday, so it's just going to keep going and it goes beyond thursday to that low is just setting up shop. going to keep spending these in and we can manage this. we can manage this this rain and even the snow because there's going to be bricks. you're going to see a little bit of sunshine here and there. you're going to see a lot of cloud. you're gonna get some wind. you're going to get some heavy rain. we're going to see it all in the next four or five days, but none of it. is expected to be, you know, code code red stuff. it's just going
10:50 pm
to be here. it's raining right, but the community are going to be kind of sketchy all week. there's a five day forecast and you can kind of just see you. i'm just showing you you know what i just showed you, basically but with easier ways to easier way to understand it. i guess there saturday and sunday and i hope if you will, um saturday and sunday, we're looking at temperatures generally in the mid fifties. in the warmest spots, the mountains will get a bunch of snow. the winter storm warnings go up there in effect tomorrow night. they stay in effect pretty much through the weekend, and i know everybody's wants to get up there for the holiday weekend. please be safe driving around on the highways and byways because it's going to be wet. it's going to be snowy. even around here. i'll see you back here at 11. alright, bill, let's see it a bit. thank you. volunteers came together in the south bay today to help carry out a holiday tradition. 80 volunteers from the farmworker caravan made 2400 tamales in san jose to give to farm workers in half moon bay. for last posadas and al campo. it's a traditional but unique celebration that will go from farm to farm delivering those tamales to farm workers for
10:51 pm
christmas celebration. it's a type of reenactment of jesus and mary's journey into bethlehem. we're going to go from farm to farm and half moon bay and sing the songs is traditional and then give them the tamales. there is not a single person in america. it does not benefit from a farm worker, and so we just wanted to show our appreciation to them. those tomatoes will be delivered on wednesday. the group farmworker caravan started last year by distributing emergency supplies to farm workers, who they say were overlooked at the start of the pandemic as essential workers. coming up in sports. the warriors have a new good luck charm. we will introduce you to him right after the break. then coming up tonight on the 11 o'clock news. see how some bay area police officers are working to catch package thieves in the act.
10:52 pm
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tonight at sports is nothing like two years ago with the national hockey league has announced tonight that due to covid concerns it will shut down two days before its scheduled christmas break. with 15% of the league's players in virus protocol. the league will postpone games wednesday through christmas day on saturday that have players returned to their respective facilities. on sunday. the 26th with play to resume on monday. the warriors are missing jordan's pool and andrew wiggins both in covid restriction for tonight's game against the kings, the warriors equipment man giving an assist tonight from draymond green juniors before he was playing with the lead most of this game, this pretty slick move by andre iguodala to go up and under the hoop iguodala had 10 points in 24 minutes. and got the approval of one, mr curry. more magic around the hoop by curry this time off the pass from cuban
10:55 pm
loony corey had 30 points. the warriors up eight at this point. absolute leading by 15. the warriors fell behind late in the third quarter. they're tied here until draymond green finds gary payton second for two, plus the foul a triple double for green, the franchise record 31st of his career green strong to the hoop. here's the warriors regained control in the fourth quarter. green had 16 points, 10 assists and 11 rebounds. and one more for the highlight reel. this is what you call good passing. iguodala gets the assist behind the back to otto porter porter, one of three players off the bench and six overall and double figures tonight. the warriors win 1 13 98 25 6. that's the reason for that guy who was helping with the equipment. we'll wait for him. to dance with joy. this is not a well kept secret, but it was made official today. warrior coach steve kerr will take over from gregg popovich, the coach of the u. s basketball team. kurt was already on the staff of the team
10:56 pm
that won the gold medal at the tokyo olympics this summer curl will have miami's erik spoelstra , the sun's monty williams and gonzaga is mark few on his staff. true to his character. kirk credited others with the fact that he is so highly regarded. and most importantly, the players steph draymond, andre clay down the list. um. those are the guys who were responsible for me sitting here because you don't reach this level unless you have success and you don't have success unless you have players. the oakland a's have been without a manager since bob melvin joined the san diego padres a couple of months ago, according to reports tonight. that's about to change . mlb network is reporting that mark cuts will be hired to be oakland's new manager. it will be the first managerial stint for the 46 year old cot say. who was the a's third base coach this past season but has been in the a's organization as a coach since 2015 cots they played in the major leagues for 17 years for them with the age 2000 and four through 2000 and seven
10:57 pm
well, the raiders were not happy that they're scheduled game in cleveland was postponed until today. due to covid concerns, the browns might have been more penalized with nick mullens pressed into duty as the quarterback with both baker, mayfield and case keenum out. raiders scored the only points in the first half. derek carr throws to the end zone where brian edwards makes a fine place to haul into touchdown pass. raiders added. a second quarter field goal went to the locker room ahead. 10 nothing. the raiders. clinging to a 13 70 in the fourth quarter. mullins bison time then spots harrison bryant all alone on the goal line. brown's going front 14 13 with 3 45 to play. raiders got the ball back with a minute 50 left and no timeouts. it's card as they jones for 15 yards. just like that. they're in field goal range. they clocked the ball with three seconds left. and that's enough. daniel carlson for 48 yard field goal. brown's iced him with one time out called, but as mullins couldn't bear to watch. carlson was right down the middle, and the raiders
10:58 pm
had pulled one out. 16 14. both teams are seven and seven right now. neither would be in the playoffs. minnesota chicago was the scheduled monday night game and some fans allowing themselves to daydream about what might be the bears were missing 14 players on the covid reserve list, and the game went pretty much as expected. kirk cousins stands in 12 yard touchdown pass to justin jefferson for the first score of the game. the bears threatened but never really mounted a serious threat. third quarter cousins to a very open. amir smith. marce edt. vikings win 17 9 is the bears lose for the eighth time in nine games? vikings improved to 7/7 right now. good for the seventh and final spot in the nfc playoffs. we've got time for a little check this out fun on this monday night. trey smith, your hard work and dedication to this program has not gone unnoticed. nice moment at san jose state basketball practice today,
10:59 pm
that's coach tim miles informing walk on trey smith that he has been awarded a scholarship. smith has played 74 games for the spartans over four years. has 10 starts this season, he had a career high 24 points and 83 pointers on friday, and the spartan 92 78 win over portland's good for him. just in case you weren't familiar with it, there is a national lacrosse league. well the goalies are from albany and rochester and all these two guys just don't like each other. apparently this is a little like hockey. when two guys decide they want to mix it up. they let him go kind of. both goalies. i don't know who won the fight, but both were rejected. those punches were flying some serious didn't know they did that. lacrosse. i thought that was kind of a gentleman sport. barely. not now across is rough. yes it can be rough professional across. looks even referee. think. think so. yes, joe. thank you. next at 11 when he pulled out the gun. we kind of backed up against the wall is in like, fell on the floor. developing tonight in san
11:00 pm
jose. investigators are searching for the person who opened fire in front of a crowd at oakridge mall, prompting panic shoppers to run for cover. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener . and i'm alex savage. and tonight for frank somerville, the scene outside of san jose's oakridge mall is beginning to calm down tonight after roads were blocked in that area for hours and police now say it's unclear if anyone was actually hit by the gunfire. ktvu is elissa harrington has been following the case all night. he pulled the gun out of the bag decided, like lighting up shots . these shoppers witnessed the shooting inside the westfield oakridge mall in san jose. they say some teenagers were arguing and pushing and shoving near the store forever. 21 when a guy in the group pulled a gun out of his backpack and opened fire, you were walking and they were just yelling at each other, and we just thought they were about to fight. so we just sat there and watched and then. when he


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