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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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to what we can expect in the coming days. this holiday week when it comes to rain, snow and the cold. chief meteorologist bill martin here now, with the latest on what's in the forecast , bill? yes you know what's interesting here jules is it's going to be a series of storms, so he's pulses are going to come around this law that's sitting offshore. you saw the clouds from that low the last couple of days really, even more so today. but in the evening hours tonight and tomorrow that low will get a little closer and start spinning showers in our direction. none of this is heavy stuff. none of it is flooding, and it doesn't appear to be the place that will be the strongest and the most noticeable is going to be up in the west slope. this year, nevada they're going to get feet and feet and feet of snow five. ft. easy and i've seen some estimates, say eight ft. maybe 10 ft. by the time we get. to sunday monday of next week. this thing's going to keep going, but for us, it's his. these pulses are going to go through the low , so as you go outside, you can see it's kind of a little stormy vibe to it right now. it'll it'll be no noticeable by
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tomorrow night at this time tomorrow night. this time we'll have the radar lit up and we'll be showing you the roads that will be slow and just the wet on the roadways. so here's the deal. i kind of just there's the low, right? and then here, the pulses that are kind of swinging through and they're not timed out, but they're going to be coming all the way from back here, so as they move into this low, they're going to spin up. this is going to go on over the course of four or five days. if even if you look at the satellite image, none of it looks like they don't look like big storms. do they and there really are there. more or less just pulses are going to come through and deliver showers. some rain some moderate, some light some sun and we're going to see a little bit everything tomorrow starts off like today cloudy. with the valley fog, but then in the afternoon, the showers will be in late afternoon into the early evening. i think that afternoon commute will have a few showers on it, and then that begins, this cycle will be back a little bit. i'll see you with the full weather. alright see you then, bill. thank you. there is, of course, already a lot of snow up in the sierra after last week's
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storm, and with a week of snow ahead, a lot of people are heading up the hill looking to hit the slopes, but it is not going to be an easy ride all that snow coming down, maybe good for skiers. but it's not great for driving. the chp wants to remind anyone who is driving up on interstate 80 or highway 50 to be prepared because road conditions can change just within a matter of minutes. here's some simple advice. it may seem a bit obvious, but worth repeating. these are some tips from caltrans always check on road conditions ahead of time and make sure you have chains with you also, make sure your car is in top condition, including checking your breaks, windshield wipers and your tires , and it's a good idea to take along water, food and warm blankets. just in case you experienced some lengthy delays. and also have a full tank of gas when you head out the door, and of course, as always, with conditions like this, it is important to slow down, and those who are flying are not just dealing with possible whether delays but also big crowds and the ever changing covid situation. ktvu james
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torres went to the oakland airport today to check out how things are going in the skies. lines out the door as early as seven this morning from oakland international airport. san diego , um, portland travel picking up nationwide essay reporting two million people a day crossing security checkpoints over the weekend, about double the numbers last year and inching closer to pre pandemic levels. united airlines now predicting eight million customers will be on their planes. throughout the holiday season. that's happening even as the number of omicron cases continue to rise. this year is different. we have technology. we have tools that can make every gathering safer, so it just depends on where they're not people are going to do it. some are doing it. ah been a lot of conversation conversations between travelers and their family members to make sure everyone at the holiday gatherings are safe and comfortable and. to make christmas a little bit better
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than last year. last year, we did not do anything. we stayed home. we didn't see anybody, but this year yes, this year. we're trying to see a few more people still not as much as we used to. i am vaccinators. it was like a requirement for holidays this year area. oakland's travel numbers have been on the rise since october, airport officials said in the past statement. based on the increase in passenger throughput seen at oakland over the thanksgiving holiday and continued growth in leisure travel demand. we expect a strong finish for 2021 through the rest of the holiday season. people flying this morning, say macron is on their minds, but they think they've done enough to guarantee safe travels. we tested actually all of us tested at home last night, and my brother and his whole family tested at home to your good, yeah. yeah we can. we took every precaution. we can do it. the california department of public health now asking any out of state travelers entering california to take a covid-19 tests within five days of their
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arrival and any international flyer coming into the u. s. must show proof of a negative covid-19 tests within 24 hours of their flight. reporting from oakland. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. with the l macron variant spreading around the world and the busy holiday travel season. now upon us, there is growing concern about how to keep travelers safe and how to stop the spread of the virus. now there are calls for a ban to keep the unvaccinated from flying. one of the leaders pushing for that is bay area congressman eric swalwell, and he joins us now live. congressman swalwell. you flew back to the bay area over the weekend and tweeted on a flight now to the bay area, and it is 100% batty that the unvaccinated are allowed to fly. it is unsafe in the cabin and we are transporting this virus. requiring the vaccine to fly is the least we can do to stop the spread, so congressman. all passengers are required to wear a mask. why did you feel unsafe?
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well, i'm frustrated julie because i have three unvaccinated children three and diapers who can't get the vaccine just yet, and it's the unvaccinated adults who can get the vaccine who are creating these variants and keeping us in this position, and just sitting on the planet just occurred to me. i got 200 plus people taking their masks off to eat and drink transporting this virus all over the world. shouldn't we at least take precautions to ensure that everyone on the plane is vaccinated? this vaccine is available. you can't go 20 ft without finding someone who's offering it, so there's really no excuse not to take it. and if you don't want to take it. fine that's your choice. i just don't think it should be transported it all over the country and contributing to new variants. just really quickly. i want to ask a lot of people who are vaccinated and who have been boosted are also coming down with the virus. what would you say to that? that the more vaccinated americans we have. you will see a lesser chance of
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future mutations. it's the unvaccinated who keep this virus circulating around and yes, if you are vaccinated and you. get the virus again. you will not go to the hospital because your symptoms, so it's also a drain on hospital resources that the unvaccinated with the vaccine available are cashing covid and then going to the hospital and then pushing out people who need other procedures. so the best thing we can do is to just get america vaccinated. and here's my prediction drug. i think for many people who are just following fox news or following facebook to take their vaccine guidance. if we require vaccines to fly, you're going to see us go from being a country that 60% vaccinated up to 80% vaccinated . they're going to get the vaccine to take their vacation to see their family members. i think that would be a huge incentive for them. okay, so what would it take to happen? what would have to happen to make this ban a reality? and if it did happen? how long do you think such a ban on the unvaccinated from flying would be necessary. the president or
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the faa could do it without an act of congress. they've already put in place. of course, the mask requirement and so we're asking that you either have to show. a vaccine or a recent negative test, so it could happen immediately, and i would say that we should keep it in place. you know, until we reach much higher vaccination rate among those who are able to get vaccinated in this country, but again i'm just so frustrated. i am not fit to be a pre k for at home zoom teacher, and neither is anyone else who's watching this program? right now. our kids need to be in schools are restaurants need to be open. america needs to be open right now, and we risk all of that being shut down because of the selfish unvaccinated in this country. congressman don't have a lot of time. just want to ask you really quickly before we let you go. there is so much frustration out there. a lot of people say if you push for such a ban to prevent the unvaccinated from air travel, it really doesn't make much sense unless you also extend that
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bantu trains, busses and other forms of mass transit like bart, what would you say to them? i agree. i think public transportation period and again. this is not about. equity anyone can get the vaccine. it's free. so if you have something that's free that is available. you can't walk as i said 10 ft. without someone offering it to you. and you're choosing not to take it then. i'm sorry. you shouldn't be able to fly. you shouldn't be able to get on a bus. you shouldn't be able to risk the public health of everyone else. and he shouldn't make every parent in your neighborhood after teach their kids and not be able to go to work. that's just selfish, and that's why i think we should put these requirements in place for public health and to increase. the vaccination numbers. okay, well, we will let that be the last word. we're going to hear much more. president biden expecting to talk about the spread of the omicron variant tomorrow night when he addresses the nation, congressman eric swalwell. we appreciate your time tonight. thank you. my pleasure. thank you. merry christmas to all. thank you. you too. and or macron has quickly become the most dominant coronavirus variant here in the
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u. s federal health officials announced just today that oh macron accounted for an estimated 73% of new infections last week. the cdc shows nearly a six fold increase in the proportion of infections in just that one week. since the end of june. the delta variant has been the main version of the virus, causing us infections. as foxes . jonathan serrie shows us so macron has been found in at least 46 states, and it's having a big impact on everything from travel to sports. moderna announcing they are moving forward and developing a booster specifically to target the delta and a macron variants. this comes after preliminary data showed their booster shot increased antibody levels against a macron compared to pre booster levels. this is optimistic news as federal and local officials plead with americans to roll up their sleeves. we've come a long way. we have defenses. we are not defenseless against this virus or even the variant. rising
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covid-19 cases are creating challenges across sports and entertainment. the national hockey league postponed several games involving travel between the united states and canada. discussions are also under way to determine whether they will opt out from participating in the upcoming winter olympics in beijing, the nfl, nba and ncaa are also anticipating more postponements as players test positive for the virus. meanwhile local officials are doing what they can to halt a massive surge as we approach christmas and new years in new york mayor bill de blasio says he's considering changing plans for the annual ball drop in times square. at least one million partygoers are expected to attend, prompting fears it may become a super spreader event. so we've been in touch with times square alliance. we're going to make a decision before christmas. we're certainly looking at the new challenge we're facing nearly 80% of icu beds are full across the u. s on tuesday, president
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biden will address the nation when he will lay out its plan for combating the delta and our macron variants. in atlanta. john terry fox news. and it's jonathan just mentioned president biden will be addressing the nation s in this investment battle against macron will carry that live. the president's speech carried live tomorrow. here on ktvu. coming up today. here on the news at up today. here on the news at six o'clock. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. when you open a jar of better than bouillon you open-up dinner time to great flavor.
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ jose was attacked earlier today by a man with a machete. investigators say the attacker, who is homeless, was arrested by police ktvu jesse gary walks us through the attack and tells us how that volunteers doing tonight. right now, it seems to be a completely unprovoked attack monday morning, multiple san jose police officers investigating a crime at a homeless encampment just south of san jose's airport. around 9
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30. detectives say a homeless man with a machete attack the volunteer working for goodwill industries. we don't know why it seemed like it was an unprovoked attack. of the victim received some moderate injuries to his hand. the victim was treated at the scene and then taken to valley medical center for more care of his injury. the suspect , identified as 43 year old charles hightower, is being held at the main santa clara county jail representatives of goodwill industries of silicon valley say they're working with the victim in this case and that there was no security with the volunteers. as they removed trash and debris from the encampment for a few 100 on housed people. the more you put people into, you know, crowded spaces, the more volatile than become, we all know there's a big mental health. crisis on the streets. advocate scott waitress says the city's closure at the behest of the federal government of part of this encampment is part of the problem. worsening winter conditions is another piece. many on house residents have cheap weapons, such as machetes
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for protection wages, says hightower, who is charged with making criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon may not have realized the volunteers weren't thieves, but doing trash cleanup. he has a formula for disaster, right? a lot of people living in a small space who are losing what little bit they have who are protecting what they have, like the rest of us and then when someone comes onto their property that they don't know. they go off. and of course, a lot of it's not rational. pastor scott wagers says he and other advocates will be out at the encampment tuesday , doing outreach ahead of the next rainstorm. he says they may consider bringing security san jose police say they do provide security to large groups of people when they go out, doing outreach and clean up at area encampments. outside channels. a police headquarters jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. it is the season for shopping, shipping and mailing presence are showing up on porches just in time for the holidays, but it's also a time when thieves are prowling and looking to steal christmas
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package theft is on the rise, especially with people buying online and shipping more gifts. ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz has worked to find out exactly how often this is happening, and what's being done to stop it? in plain sight. within seconds. stuff can be stolen. if it comes into our city, then we'll flood our normal. which is why every december day in sunnyvale starts with a game plan. they have been having package staffs and. people breaking into their mailboxes the last few weeks mapping and tracking the trends of thieves. the same guy had the catalytic converters, right. this group of officers waste no time. out the door and on what they call their annual holiday burglary, suppression detail, potentially catching crimes as they happen and keeping an eye out for those who may be on the naughty list. we don't want to just be reactive. we don't want to just respond to calls for service. we want to do something that, um you know, we can proactively put a dent in this
6:18 pm
kind of problem. that means present patrol, preventing porch pirates from preying on packages with permission from some homeowners. police are planting decoys on several doorsteps, sometimes filled with trackers to catch the crook will be on your right hand side and a couple houses, other times, keeping watch for anything or anyone suspicious guys doing because theft and burglary is our up this time of year. so they're baiting the bad guys. and with people shopping online , more than ever, this crew is even trailing santa's elves to ensure special deliveries arrive safely. it can be heartache if you have your your property stolen. we can all we can all connect with that. and we probably know someone that's been victimized, so we kind of take a personal motivated to be on the lookout for leeds license plates and sometimes a little luck it really unfortunately, it is a needle in a haystack if i'm being completely honest. we've caught a couple people over the last couple years, but it's also about advertising and deterring criminals interacting and
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educating neighbors on ways to prevent theft, all while sending a message that thieves beware. we'll do our best to find you su because that's stolen gift may give a porch pirate more than they ever wanted. that specialized team in sunnyvale works from thanksgiving through christmas, statistics show it has helped reduce theft related crimes, police say to prevent theft, trying to arrange having packages delivered when you're home and avoid letting them sit in a visibly open area. a lot of people have invested in cameras , which police say can really help them crack cases of porch pirates in the newsroom. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu, fox two news. already we're getting ready for the rain. it's not here yet. it shows up sometime later in the afternoon. i think tomorrow i think the rain or showers will be on that afternoon commute. the story is this. tonight more fog, right? it's gonna be around a little bit, not as much, but they'll be a little bit mostly cloudy. and then tuesday through friday, it
6:20 pm
gets going. rain begins in the bay area. it's going to last even beyond that, probably a little bit into the weekend. in the mountains. it's going to snow, and it's going to snow a lot easily. five ft over the course of these weather systems, which is more than four or five days in the pattern is even the pattern beyond next week looks. um good. it looks like we're going to have a great opportunity for more showers. so it's kind of kind of a good deal. and like i was just telling alex and julie, you know if you get the weather in here like this, if you get these systems in like this, you can take it all. we can do this all day. right? we can't do atmospheric rivers all day. but an extra tropical storm like this that continues to just sit off our coast. we can do this all day. we can do it all winter if we have to. so that's kind of exciting. the forecast then for tomorrow will be clouds increasing and then we get into the showers and the later afternoon showers into the afternoon commute overnight and then it just kind of keeps going on and off. there is the system offshore. you see, it's been a long range model. just moving through it. when i come back, we'll slow it down. we'll look at the five day forecast as well. all right, bill. thank you
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. and his bill just mentioned it's going to be chilly and stormy this week last week during the cold weather, five people died on the streets of san jose coming up a look at what the city is doing differently this time to keep the most vulnerable safe. the question. so what now key democrats says he will not vote for an important part of president biden's domestic agenda coming up tonight at 6 30 . we'll find out if the president's plan is dead in the water, or if there's a way
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this holiday season, we want to enjoy the gift of being together. for peace of mind, take the first step in knowing. because it might just be a cold, but you want to be confident. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪
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♪ died on the streets in the south bay last week. during those very cold nights now, homeless advocates are angry and looking for answers as to why there are no places for the homeless to go to warm up. those homeless advocates say more needs to be done to make sure the most vulnerable are protected from the cold. joining us now is ktvu roberto gonzalez to show us what's being done this week and just how cold it could get out on the streets. roberta this morning we began, san jose's temp dropped down to 38 degrees. that was at five a.m. when we take those notable numbers. and that was pretty common throughout much of the santa clara valley now 38 degrees, the average high is 42, or rather than average. overnight low is 42 degrees, so it doesn't sound like it was too much off the mark. however over the weekend late saturday night into sunday morning, san jose dipped down at 32 degrees. now that is 10
6:25 pm
degrees, well below average, and it may not sound too frosty to you. but it is to people who live on the streets. we spoke with san jose mayor sam liccardo this morning on two and this is what he had to say. we know it's horrible reality be living on the street at any time, but particularly in this winter season when it can be deadly. we are opening to overnight warming stations, one of the linenger center in south central san jose, another evergreen library. to bring people in from the cold , and we'll be looking at other measures as well. and if you know someone who's on housing needs to be brought in. please give us a call for a weight. 510 7600 and we can get to them. san jose is opening to warming centers beginning tonight. one of them is located at the evergreen branch public library on a born road in san jose. the other is at the leighninger community center, and this is
6:26 pm
located on center road. both centers will be open from eight pm beginning tonight to seven o'clock tomorrow morning. julie alex. a lot is needed to keep people warm. roberta. thank you. the northern california coast was shaken today by a large earthquake, according to the usgs. the 6.2 magnitude quake struck off the coast of humboldt county at 12 10 this afternoon. people reported feeling the shaking as far south of san francisco and as far north as medford, oregon now there were no reports of injuries. but there was some damage. as you can see. here in this photo products were knocked off of store shelves at a grocery store in ferndale. at least eight other earthquakes measuring less than 3.5 have struck in that same area since the initial quake. coming up on ktvu news at 6 30, an important piece of evidence in the killing of former police officer and security guard kevin nishida. coming up after the break why investigators hope this car will
6:27 pm
lead them to his killer and coming up later tonight in sports. the raiders were looking to keep their playoff hopes alive as they take on the browns on a rare monday afternoon game. and nancy pelosi and other bay area leaders are speaking out about the president's proposed build back better plan and what it would do to make various streets safer.
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as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ volunteer working to clean up the streets of san jose was
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attacked today by a man with a machete. investigators say the suspect, who is homeless, was taken into custody. the victim suffered moderate injuries to his hand. he was taken to valley medical center and is expected to survive. authorities say the attack appears to be completely unprovoked. it may not be smooth sailing for travelers this holiday week, a lot of rain and snow is moving into northern california and big crowds are expected at the airports. all this as the omicron variant is spreading. and nearly 80% of icu beds across the us are full as the coronavirus and its variants continue to spread tomorrow. president biden is scheduled to address the nation, the commander in chief expected to outline his plan for combating the delta and omicron variants. and we're following some breaking news tonight in the south bay. there has been a shooting at oakridge mall in san jose. the gunfire was reported just before six o'clock tonight and we are told there is a large police presence at the mall right now, and people are being told to shelter in place. we
6:31 pm
know one person was injured by the gunfire, but we don't have any additional details. on their condition. we do have a crew on the way to that scene, and we'll hopefully have an update for you coming up tonight on the news at seven over on ktvu plus and you are watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 tonight, democratic lawmakers are scrambling to figure out their future plans. after a major announcement from one of their colleagues, democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia says he is a no on the president's social spending package and mansion is also reacting now to criticism he has received after revealing his opposition. fox news. madeline rivera has the details from washington. high drama gripping democrats in washington following senator joe manchin announcement that he's a no on the president's build back better legislation. the moderate democrat from west virginia expressed deep concerns about the bill's impact on inflation and the national debt. i think i still represent the centers, moderate. wing of the democratic party that has compassion but
6:32 pm
also has reasonability. he's also responding to criticism from the white house and his fellow democrats, some of whom called his opposition and betrayal. i'm not blaming anybody. i knew where they were, and i knew what they could and could not do. they just never realized it because they figured shortly that god, we can move one person. well guess what? i'm from west virginia. i'm not from where they're from the white house, frustrated with the senators decision if we do not act to get this legislation done , and the components in it not only will cost and prices go up for the american people. but also we will see a trajectory and economic growth that is not where we wanted to beat. despite mansions. opposition senate majority leader chuck schumer is considering holding a vote on the nearly $2 trillion bill early next year. some moderates are still hopeful they can make adjustments to bring mansion back on board, and they opposed the heavy criticism he is receiving from progressives in their party. let's not give up. we have 10 months until the next
6:33 pm
election leader. schumer also announced that the senate will consider voting rights legislation when congress resumes in january. in washington mall. la rivera fox news, safer streets are expected to be part of that infrastructure deal that's being worked on in washington. that's according to house speaker nancy pelosi. and as ktvu christian captain. report speaker pelosi is among bay area leaders believing that a deal will be reached. much house speaker nancy pelosi joined with east bay lawmakers in san francisco's mayor at the busy intersection of second and folsom streets, speaking out in support of a new infrastructure bill a plan supporters say it would divert billions nationwide to make the streets safer, including five billion to the bay area. as we always say on these infrastructure and transportation issues. there are health issue clean air for our children their safety issue in terms of what we're talking about here today. there are jobs issue among those at the event. families of those killed in crashes in the city and those
6:34 pm
who survived when a driver who was speeding ran through a red light. ricocheted off of a card making an illegal left turn came into the park and hit me throwing me 20 ft and leaving me with a broken back broken neck. going through that experience really opened my eyes to the preventable health crisis of traffic violence. those survivors say they believe the bill will make the streets safer for all this is a preventable health crisis that is getting worse. not better. even with the plan thrown into jeopardy by west virginia senator joe manchin, late change of heart, the house speaker said she's hopeful there will be a way forward. we will not let this opportunity passed. and we wille confidence that senator manchin cares about our country and that at some point very soon we can take up the legislation. san francisco officials say they've already invested local dollars
6:35 pm
trying to make the streets as safe as possible, but they say they really need federal investment to try to make the streets safer for everyone in the 21st century. in san francisco christian captain ktvu fox two news. the president of the san leandro unified school board, has died two days after being struck by a car. cristian rodriguez was walking with his wife marina when the accident happened. rodriguez is survived by his mother, his wife and their three children. he was just elected school board president by his colleagues last wednesday. rodriguez posted on social media saying what an honor it was to be trusted with this responsibility. san leandro police have not said where the crash happened, or reveal the status of the person who was driving the car. a jury began deliberating today in the criminal fraud case against former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes, the one time silicon valley billionaire is accused of scamming investors who bought into her company, which promised
6:36 pm
easy to use blood testing kits. homes is facing 11 fraud charges . so over the last three months, the jury has heard witness testimony from insiders. who worked at the blood testing startup and patients and investors who prosecutors say were defrauded by homes. if convicted on all charges, homes could face decades in prison. the state of california is now suing walmart, accusing the company of illegal disposal of hazardous waste. state attorney general rob bonta announced that lawsuit this morning, he says over the past six years, walmart has violated california's environmental laws and regulations. walmart has allegedly disposed of hazardous waste products at landfills that are not equipped or authorized to receive hazardous waste. the waste includes alkaline and lithium batteries, pesticides, toxic cleaning supplies, latex paints and light bulbs. we're not talking about a few batteries and a can of insect killer here. walmarts own audits found that the company is
6:37 pm
illegally disposing of hazardous waste in california at a rate of more than one million items. each year. wal mart is not cleaning up its act, and we're all paying the price. it's time for this unacceptable behavior to end. bonta also says some of the illegally dumped toxic waste maybe seeping into our drinking water. a walmart spokesperson says they plan to fight the quote unjustified lawsuit in a written statement, walmart says the state is demanding a level of compliance regarding waste disposal from our stores of common household products and other items that goes beyond what is required by law. coming up tonight. here at six. investigators hope they are closer to finding a killer how the discovery of this car may help police find the person who shot and killed a former police officer who was working as a security guard for a tv news crew. and also ahead tonight, a holiday tradition that takes days to get together the
6:38 pm
hundreds of homemade tamales being have recovered the possible
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6:40 pm
getaway car used in the killing of retired police officer kevin dashi to the shooter was fatally shot last month while working as a security guard for a local tv news station. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has more now on the investigation, as well as a new plan to increase the number of officers in east oakland. oakland police chief laurent
6:41 pm
armstrong said monday that detectives recovered this white accurate sedan believed to be the getaway vehicle in the killing of retired police officer kevin nishida. we are making progress in this investigation. rasheeda was fatally shot last month during an attempted robbery while working as a private security guard. for kron four news in downtown oakland. he died at a hospital. three days later. community members have been very helpful in this investigation, helping us get information to actually. secure this vehicle. armstrong did not say whom the car belonged to or if police have identified a suspect or made any arrests in the case. nasheed is death stunned bay area law enforcement and the journalism community, which has been targeted in several recent armed robberies. nishida worked as a police officer in san jose hayward and coma before retiring and working in private security forever. love you. why not? she the sun. his family in the
6:42 pm
community he helped protect paid their respects at a public memorial earlier this month in san jose. over the weekend, oakland saw its 133rd homicide. the chief addressed the violence while announcing a plan to add an additional policing district in east oakland, where he said 60% of calls occur. we know that the vast majority of the violent crimes happen in east oakland plan to add nearly 50 officers on the city's east side was welcomed by neighborhood city council member lauren taylor. the fact that we will have. 48 more officers on the ground in this half of the city will go immensely to addressing the inequities in the call volumes. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. and whether is coming up and a bit. we're going to check out the rain and let you know what you can expect in the five day forecast, alright, but up first after the break running a marathon is tough enough, but try doing it in negative 15 degrees with snow and bone chilling winds. we will take you
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and at genesys, the south carry out a holiday tradition. 80 volunteers from the farmworker caravan made 2400 tamales in san jose to give to farm workers in half moon bay. for last posadas and they'll campo. it's a traditional but unique celebration that will go from farm to table delivering the tamales to farm workers for a christmas celebration. it's a type of reenactment of jesus and mary's journey into bethlehem. we're going to go from farm to farm and half bloom bay and sing the songs is traditional and then give them the tamales. there is not a single person in america. it does not benefit
6:46 pm
from a farm worker, and so we just wanted to show our appreciation to them. those tamales will be delivered on wednesday. the group farmworker caravan started last year by distributing emergency supplies to farm workers, who they say were overlooked at the start of the pandemic as essential workers. well, santa claus, maybe busy running his workshop up in the north pole. but over on the south pole, a group of athletes is running a snow covered marathon. fox news ashley strohmeyer gives us a look. it's one of the most extreme races on the planet at more than 26 miles through slick snow, fierce winds and bone chilling temperatures as low as negative 15 degrees. the antarctic ice marathon pushes runners to their limits. it was never going to be easy coming to the coldest windiest. highest and driest continent on the planet 62 people from 18 countries gathered on the southernmost continent for friday's race, channeling their
6:47 pm
inner sled dogs to glide through this stunning frozen landscape, covered with towering peaks as much as it was brutal, brutal. it's also with majestic, so beautiful. just pristine. what a place. i don't think. i don't think i've ever been anywhere like this. i've been very fortunate to travel most of the world, but. this place is special. 28 of the runners represented the usa but the fastest person to complete the marathon was a polish athlete crossing the finish line with a time of three hours, 53 minutes and two seconds, so very happy. so very, very tired. but yes, today's beautiful weather and. beautiful race. anything beautiful. meanwhile for 11 runners, this race earned them a coveted spot in the seven continents marathon club, an organization for athletes who have, as the name implies, successfully run a marathon on each of the continent's registration for 2022 races now open, but besides taking time to
6:48 pm
train, he'll also need time to say for the entry fee, which will run you nearly $19,000. ashley strohmeyer fox news. alrighty we're getting ready for the rain. it's not here yet. it's a little cloudy today. a little foggy this morning tomorrow morning, we'll start off the same way and then the green that you saw over my shoulder offshore is going to be pushing on shore in the afternoon hours. i think the afternoon commute could have a little bit of wet. nothing big, just kind of opening the door a little bit so that we can get this. show on the road, and once it starts on tuesday afternoon, it's going to kind of keep going on and off through the weekend to some extent, so as you look outside, you see just clear skies for the most part of where clear atmosphere. you don't see clear skies clouds out there. there's that spinner i've been talking about right and those pulses are going to come through this thing right through the weekend and maybe even well beyond that, so they're just little spaced apart. they're gonna get pulled right in. this main center is staying put, so it's a conveyor belt, right? and so it's just in this case is grabbing some tropical moisture
6:49 pm
, which will have some potent potential for showers as well. we will see a little fog tomorrow morning just a little bit. and then we'll go away quickly and the day will seem while it's kind of like it was today and then banks. some showers fill in and when the showers fell in, they're going to stick around for a while. so the rainy day commutes the rainy morning afternoon. evening commutes are all going to kind of be part of our lives for the next week, so drive safely think about that the fog won't be as much of an issue or won't be an issue, but this series of systems will be in it will be in mess in the mountains. in terms of just getting around. i mean, you'll be able to get around. but it's just going to be snowing, right? they're not gonna shut down roads. i don't see that. i'm just seeing chaining up and all the things we're used to. i just ran you through the seven days. i just i didn't stop it down because this is that long range model, but i just wanted you to see that just keeps going right. it just keeps spinning out there in the laws it does. it continues to provide moisture for rain and moisture for snow in the mountains of winter. it's a winter storm watch. but i think quickly will turn rapidly by tomorrow night
6:50 pm
will turn into a winter storm warning. the temperatures right now are generally on the mild the cool side. here's the model and you can see that there's tomorrow morning. and there's the commute three o'clock, and then there's tomorrow afternoon . there's wednesday morning. you see, it's just coming. it's just coming. that looks pretty good. right wednesday. looks like a pretty wet day thursday. it looks like more scattered showers, and there's more beyond that. the five day forecast, then is one that we all like to see. we're happy to see it to the five day gives us rain on and off right through the five day period into the 6th and 7th day period, and even beyond that, so mountain travels will be probably the sketchiest around here. just be safe and give yourself some time to get where you're going. all right, bill. thank you. coming up tonight after the break the oakland a's reportedly have found their new manager, and they didn't look very far. joe fonzi has all won here's whg
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
tonight in sports. the oakland a's have been without a manager since bob melvin joined the san diego padres a couple of months ago, according to reports tonight. that's about to change . mlb network is reporting that mark qazi will be hired to be oakland's new manager. it will be the first managerial stint for the 46 year old caught say, who was. the a's third base
6:54 pm
coach this past season but has been in the a's organization as a coach since 2015 cots they played in the major leagues for 17 years for them with the a's 2000 and four through 2000 and seven well, the raiders were not happy that they're scheduled game in cleveland was postponed until today. due to covid concerns. the browns might have been more penalized with nick mullens pressed into duty at quarterback with both. baker mayfield in case keenum out, radio scored the only point of the first half. derek carr throws the end zone where brian edwards makes it fine, played a hall and a touchdown pass. the raiders added a second quarter field goal. went to the halftime locker room in front tend to nothing. the raiders were clinging to a 13 7 lead in the fourth quarter. mullins by sometime then spots harrison bryant all alone at the goal line. the browns going front 14 13. with 3 45 to play. the raiders got the ball back with a minute 50 left and no timeouts. it's car does a jones for 15 yards just like that. they're in field goal range. they clocked the ball with three seconds left. that set up daniel carlson
6:55 pm
for a 48 yard field goal. the browns iced him with one time out called but as mullins couldn't bear to watch, carlson was right down the middle, and the raiders had pulled one out 16 to 14. both teams are seven and seven right now. neither would be in the playoffs. fourth, real excited for our guys and, um. 20 game in that fashion play with the effort that they played with always to the bitter end. you want to look like you know, probably was going to go the other way well done by our players really excited for them. and, um right now. um. again it's been a long time coming to win a game like that, at the end. the warriors are back home tonight hosting the sacramento kings. they'll be playing without both jordan's pool and andrew wiggins, who were in covid safety protocol. this was not a welcome secret, but it was made official today warrior coach steve kerr will take over from gregg popovich as the coach of the u. s basketball team. her was already on the staff of the team that won the
6:56 pm
gold medal at the tokyo olympics this summer. her will have miami's erik spoelstra, the sun's monty williams and gonzaga is mark few on his staff. true to his character. kirk credited others with the fact that he is so highly regarded. most importantly, the players steph draymond, andre clay down the list. um. those are the guys who were responsible for me sitting here because you don't reach this level unless you have success and you don't have success unless you have players. um so i want to thank thank the warriors and thank all of our players, and that's a good reminder that you've got to get some players for us. and we've got time for a little check this out fun on this monday night, just in case you weren't familiar with it. there is a national lacrosse league. well, these are the goals from albany and rochester and all these two guys just don't like each other. apparently, this is a little like hockey. when two guys decide they want to mix it up. they let him go. kind of. both
6:57 pm
goalies eventually landed some punches and were rejected. last night in minneapolis. with the lakers in town, they held an eggnog chugging contest. both participants were blindfolded. that's the timberwolves mascot, filling up the glass of the laker fan. it's no surprise that the timberwolves guy won the lakers guys saying. i drank a lot. how come my cup is still full? and while you're a little kid at a basketball game, your favorite player is oakland product. damian lillard, who plays for portland's carry assigned to the arena, hoping. and then your hero comes and says hi. that's just wonderful is great. that is what you call making a young fans day. that's what it's all about. you got it, joe. thank you coming up next at seven over on ktvu. plus we continue to follow the latest developments on that shooting at a south bay mall we told you about tonight. one person was injured, and people were told to take cover and shelter in place inside that mall. just a short
6:58 pm
time ago, san jose mayor sam liccardo tweeted out that this was an isolated incident, and he said that this was not an active shooter situation. that's right . but again, one person has been shot again. this is all happening at the oakridge mall in san jose. there is a huge police presence at the scene, as you can imagine this time of year crowded mall in the evening , but again, one person has been shot. we're working to get more details. we do have a crew on the way to the scene, and we're going to have the very latest for you. coming up next over on ktvu plus and again, one person shot at a mall in the south bay at oakridge mall, and obviously it had to be a terrifying situation for people who were there. our crew headed to the scene to speak with police and, of course, with witnesses as well. and of course, we're going to have full coverage on this developing story in the south bay on the news that starts at seven over on ktvu. plus, for now, we'll say good night. thanks for joining us. good thanks for joining us. good night.
6:59 pm
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