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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  December 20, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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30. detectives say a homeless man with a machete attack the volunteer working for goodwill industries. we don't know why it seemed like it was an unprovoked attack. of the victim received some moderate injuries to his hand. the victim was treated at the scene and then taken to valley medical center for more care of his injury. the suspect is in custody and is being held at the main santa clara county jail. representatives of goodwill industries of silicon valley say they're working with the victim in this case and that there was no security with the volunteers as they removed trash and debris from the encampment for a few 100 on housed people. the more you put people into, you know, crowded faces, the more volatile than become, we all know there's a big mental health crisis on the streets. advocate scott wagers, says the city's closure at the behest of the federal government of part of this encampment is part of the problem. worsening winter conditions is another piece. many on house residents have cheap weapons, such as machetes
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for protection wages, says the suspect, who is charged with assault with a deadly weapon may not have realized the volunteers weren't thieves, but doing trash cleanup. you have a formula for disaster, right? a lot of people living in a small space who are losing what little bit they have who are protecting what they have, like the rest of us and then when someone comes onto their property that they don't know. they go off and of course, a lot of it's not rational. that's the picture of charles hightower, the 43 year old who has been arrested and he's inside the main center clara county jail, again charged with making criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon. pastor scott wages, says that he and other advocates are going to be doing outreach tomorrow ahead of the next rainstorm. they may consider bringing security with them. san jose police say they sometimes do provide security when there are large groups of people who are going out doing cleanup and outreach in the homeless encampments around san jose. we're live outside san jose police headquarters this evening. jesse gary ktvu. fox.
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two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland certainly makes sense to bring security along here in the near future, jesse. thank you. oakland police are releasing new details in the shooting death of retired police officer kevin nishida. today the department announced they recovered the possible getaway vehicle and she did was fatally shot last month while working as a security guard for a local television news station. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has more now on the investigation, as well as a new plan to increase the number of officers. in east oakland. oakland police chief laurent armstrong said monday that detectives recovered this white accurate sedan believed to be the getaway vehicle in the killing of retired police officer kevin nishida. we are making progress in this investigation. machida was fatally shot last month during an attempted robbery while working as a private security guard for kron four news in downtown oakland. he died at a hospital. three days later. community members have been very helpful in this investigation,
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helping us get information to actually secure this vehicle. armstrong did not say whom the car belonged to or if police have identified a suspect or made any arrests in the case. nasheed is death stunned bay area law enforcement and the journalism community, which has been targeted in several recent armed robberies. nishida worked as a police officer in san jose hayward and coma before retiring and working in private security forever. are you might not see the sun. his family and the community he helped protect paid their respects at a public memorial earlier this month in san jose over the weekend, oakland saw 133rd homicide. the chief addressed the violence while announcing a plan to add an additional policing district in east oakland, where he said 60% of calls occur. we know that the vast majority of the violent crimes happen in east oakland the plan to add nearly 50 officers on the city's east side was welcomed by neighborhood
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city council member lauren taylor. the fact that we will have. 48 more officers on the ground in this half of the city will go immensely to addressing the inequities in the call volumes. evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. the president of the san leandro unified school board, has died two days after being struck by a vehicle. cristian rodriguez was walking with his wife marina when the accident happened. rodriguez is survived by his mother, his wife and their three children. he was just elected school board president by his colleagues. last wednesday, rodriguez posted on social media saying what an honor it was to be trusted with the responsibility. sadly andrew police have not said where this crash happened, or given us the status of the person who was driving the car. safer streets are expected to be part of the infrastructure deal being worked out in washington. that's according to house speaker nancy pelosi. ktvu christien kafton tells us pelosi is among the bay
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area leaders who believe a deal will be reached. much thank house speaker nancy pelosi joined with east bay lawmakers in san francisco's mayor at the busy intersection of second and folsom streets, speaking out in support of a new infrastructure bill, a plan supporters say it would divert billions nationwide to make the streets safer, including five billion to the bay area. as we always say on these infrastructure and transportation issues. there are health issue clean air for our children their safety issue in terms of what we're talking about here today. there are jobs issue among those at the event. families of those killed in crashes in the city and those who survived when a driver who was speeding ran through a red light. ricocheted off of a card making an illegal left turn came into the park and hit me throwing me 20 ft and leaving me with a broken back broken neck. going through that experience really opened my eyes to the preventable health crisis of
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traffic violence. those survivors say they believe the bill will make the streets safer for all this is a preventable health crisis that is getting worse. not better. even with the plan thrown into jeopardy by west virginia senator joe manchin, late change of heart, the house speaker said she's hopeful there will be a way forward. we will not let this opportunity pass. and we will oe confidence that senator manchin cares about our country and that at some point very soon we can take up the legislation. local officials say they've invested local dollars and at san francisco is a leader in making the streets safer for all, but they say they need federal dollars to create the drastic infrastructure changes. they say it will be needed to make the streets safer in the 21st century in san francisco, christian captain ktvu fox two news. and as christian mentioned , president biden's infrastructure deal is being threatened by opposition from
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west virginia senator joe manchin. that's leaving democrats scrambling to figure out how to move forward. the moderate democratic senator yesterday revealed his opposition to the roughly $2 trillion build back better act. he expressed deep concerns about its impact on inflation and the national debt. the white house today, said president biden would not stop fighting to get the bill passed. if we do not act to get this legislation done , and the components in it not only will cost and prices go up for the american people, but also we will see a trajectory and economic growth that is not where we wanted to beat. without mansions vote, it's unlikely the legislation will pass despite senator mansions position, though senate majority leader chuck schumer is considering holding a vote on the bill early next year. moderna announced today they are moving forward and developing a booster specifically to target the delta and macron variance. this comes after preliminary data showed their booster shot increased
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antibody levels against macron compared to pre booster levels. this is optimistic news as federal and local health officials plead with americans to roll up their sleeves tomorrow, president biden will lay out his plans for combating the covid variance during a national address. the city of oakland will consider backs a nation requirement tomorrow. that plan would require people to show proof of vaccination at restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, gyms and yoga centers. dental offices would also be required to check proof of vaccination as well as public libraries. a negative covid test by itself would not be enough to get into those places. it would only be accepted if it comes with a doctor's note. many business owners now worry this new restriction could hurt them at a time when they are already struggling. all of this comes as more local officials are asking the federal government for help. as the omicron vary, it continues to spread rapidly. it has now become the dominant version of the virus here in the
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u. s accounting for an estimated 73% of new infections last week . foxes rich edson has more tonight from washington. we're going to see a really fast upsurge in cases were doctors and health officials warn a new covid surges on avoidable as the omicron variants spreads quickly. there are confirmed cases in almost every us state and more than 85 countries. some local health officials say they're overwhelmed with new cases and running short on supplies, prompting calls for more help from the federal government. new york city mayor bill de blasio is asking the white house to invoke the defense production act to help provide vaccines, antiviral pills and, most importantly, test kits. getting tested is absolutely crucial and making sure we have enough sites enough resources. enough test kits. we're working on all these fronts. health officials say vaccines offer the best protection against omicron, a federal judge has reinstated a
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nationwide vaccine mandate. the supreme court monday received consolidated appeals from groups trying to block that mandate. a response from the white house is expected by december. 30th unvaccinated individuals will continue to drive hospitalizations and deaths. that is not trying to scare people. or maybe it is trying to make clear to people in the country what the risks are here of not being vaccinated. meanwhile president biden is planning a major nationwide address tuesday. with experts looking for details on how the administration will try to contain this new strain. what might the president offer? how about if he offers monoclonal antibodies against macron? the nationwide vaccine mandate is set to go into effect. january 10th. in washington rich edson fox news. two starters for the golden state warriors will miss tonight's game against the sacramento kings at chase center because of covid concerns, the team announced. andrew wiggins and jordan's pool will sit out
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tonight to stay in line with the nba's health and safety protocols. wigan says you'll remember was resistant to getting vaccinated before finally getting the shots in early october after it became clear that he needed to be vaccinated in order to play in san francisco. the annual new year's isa eve celebration in downtown los angeles is now being scaled down due to the recent uptick in coronavirus cases and the omicron variant the grand park. new year's eve l. a countdown was supposed to be offered to an invite only audience of frontline workers and first responders. but health officials and the show's organizer have determined. the safest route would be to eliminate the live audience. that celebration will now be shown on grand park's youtube channel. coming up tonight at 5 30 new at 5 30 this time of year, there are plenty of crooks out looking for quick crimes will tell you how one bay area city is trying to prevent package thefts. it is the perfect sight for skiers and tahoe tourism and much more is on the way. and we got rain back
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in the forecast you've been hearing all about. it's taking its time getting here, but it's going to show up and it's going to be umbrella weather through much of the week. i'll have the five day forecast coming up. and a big box store accused of improperly disposing of hazardous waste. now the state of california is coming after walmart. i'll have those details plus by walmart is calling the lawsuit unjustified.
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security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. lawsuit, the attorney general's office alleges the big box store illegally dumps hazardous waste . ktvu is greg lee, joining us live from the newsroom with details and greg this is not the first time the state has sued
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wal mart. actually that's exactly right. the california eggs office settled with walmart over a similar wall suit in 2010. and part, walmart paid $25 million and agreed to stop dumping hazardous materials in the landfills not meant to receive them today, attorney general rob barter announced a new lawsuit joined by the state's department of toxic substances, substances control and 12 district attorneys from counties around the state, including alameda, monterey and solano. fiona says. for the past six years, walmart has illegally dumped an estimated 159,600 of hazardous waste each year, he says. that's in clear violation of california's environmental laws and regulations. the lawsuit accuses walmart of disposing of hazardous waste products at landfills that are not equipped or authorized to receive hazardous waste. the waste includes alkaline and lithium batteries, pesticides, toxic cleaning supplies, latex paints and light bulbs. we're
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not talking about a few batteries and a can of insect killer here. walmarts own audits found that the company is illegally disposing of hazardous waste in california at a rate of more than one million items. each year. wal mart is not cleaning up its act, and we're all paying the price. it's time for this unacceptable behavior to end. now this afternoon, walmart spokesperson said they plan to fight the quote unjustified lawsuit, also writing in a statement, the state is demanding a level of compliance regarding waste disposal from our stores of common household products and other items that goes beyond what is required by law. the spokesperson said the company had fully complied with the 2010 settlement in a court was ready to sign off on it when the egg opened this new investigation data also said some of the illegally dumped toxic waste may seep into drinking water. in the newsroom. gregory ktvu fox two news, julie. all right, greg.
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thank you. airports across the country are reporting holiday travel numbers close to what we saw pre pandemic live. look tonight at san francisco international airport at a lot of folks hopped on planes at the airport over the weekend, with many more planning to do so all throughout this holiday week. across the bridge in the east bay ktvu is james torres reports that oakland international is gearing up for its busiest travel day of the year. lines out the door as early as seven this morning from oakland international airport. san diego , um, portland travel, picking up nationwide essay reporting two million people a day crossing security checkpoints over the weekend, about double the numbers last year and inching closer to pre pandemic levels. united airlines now predicting eight million customers will be on their planes. throughout the holiday season. that's happening even as the number of omicron cases continue to rise. this year is different. we have technology. we have tools that can make every gathering safer, so it
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just depends on where they're not people are going to do it. some are doing it. ah it's been a lot of conversation conversations between travelers and their family members to make sure everyone at the holiday gatherings are safe and comfortable and. to make christmas a little bit better than last year. last year, we did not do anything. we stayed home. we didn't see anybody, but this year yes, this year. we're trying to see a few more people still not as much as we used to. i am vaccinators. it was like a requirement for holidays this year area. oakland's travel numbers have been on the rise since october, airport officials said in the past statement. based on the increase in passenger throughput seen at oakland over the thanksgiving holiday and continued growth in leisure travel demand. we expect a strong finish for 2021 through the rest of the holiday season. people flying this morning. seo macron is on their minds, but they think they've done enough to guarantee safe travels. we tested actually all of us tested
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at home last night, and my brother and his whole family tested at home to your good, yeah. yeah, we can. we took every precaution. we can do it. the california department of public health now asking any out of state travelers entering california to take a covid-19 tests within five days of their arrival and any international flyer coming into the u. s must show proof of a negative covid-19 test within 24 hours of their flight. reporting from oakland. i'm james torres, ktvu fox two news. snow is back in the sierra. recent storms brought some much needed precipitation and return of tourists and more wet weather this week, is expected to bring a lot more snow to tahoe. want to show you a live picture right now of highway 50 in south lake tahoe? pretty active out there on the roadways right now, there are a lot of cars out and about . it's probably a little icy out there at this hour. you can see some snow off to the side of the road. the chp is reminding anyone driving this way to be prepared. if the road conditions
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worsen. authorities are also reminding drivers to always check for chain controls this time of year. before leaving. yeah that's always a good idea, and it is crowded up tall right now. i know a lot of folks up there for the week or for a couple weeks. actually that really those roads aren't set up for as many visitors as they get during the holidays, so it gets a little slow. it'll get a lot slower. when those storms move in. they're going to start by tomorrow afternoon. a winter storm warning around lake tahoe goes into effect. tomorrow evening, and it will stay in effect pretty much through the weekend at some point will either be a winter storm. watch our winter storm warnings going to go in and out, but we're going to have systems or whether systems pulsing through the west coast over the next 56 days, and there's going to come in. some are a little stronger. another summer a little bit weak summer diffuse some. you'll see some clouds. it's gonna be a little bit of everything, but it's one thing for sure it's going to be wet. it's going to be windy. and it's going to be snowy in the mountains. so as you look at san francisco airport airport no real delays today, right? no problems even with fog, but as we head into tomorrow night and
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beyond, you're going to start noticing some ripple effects from other parts of the country . but mainly just because we're gonna start seeing rain, and they have to reconfigure those runways. when you get a pretty decent south wind, they moved that the patterns around a little bit. so just think about that as you go to the airport if you have travel plans, wednesday , thursday, friday saturday, i think sunday to just be you know that there's going to be slight flight delays the setup here for the next few days. more fog late tonight, but then by tomorrow morning, it's going to do what it did. today it's going to go away and then we get into increased clouds all day tomorrow and by 34 o'clock. we start seeing showers show up in the bay area, kind of like to moderate and then pretty much in the mountains. the heavy snow starts tomorrow night with that winter storm warning, and it continues with a heavier snow. the moderate snow right through the bay area weekend. and so it's not gonna be tough for them by the time this is all said five ft of snow is going to be easy. i don't see more than that. but five feet's pretty
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solid on top of the five or six ft. they already have. so they're catching up quickly. this is great news for water watchers as well. this pattern is the pattern you like to see. it's basically look at that. first of all, it's grabbing some tropical moisture. from down around the hawaiian islands. it's got cold air right in here , and i know you can see the low , right? i know you can right? that's right in here, so let's outflow. so in the low kind of sits right in the center, that whole complex that rotation and that low are going to sit there . they're going to stay there and pulses are going to rotate through just boom boom. boom right through the period. so as we go into the weekend, what that means is we'll have a little breaks. then we'll have more rain, little break some more rain and timing. this is tough. tomorrow afternoon is going to be easy, but i would bet definitely suggest just kind of 24 hours by 24 hours. no, it's going to be wet, but in terms of actually timing it for whatever kind of travel you might have, or for whatever kind of concerns with rain you might have so the way it goes tomorrow showers developing the later
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afternoon evening hours and then wednesday morning, scattered showers for the wet for the morning wednesday morning commute. so when i come back, i'll get specific. i just gave you the boom everything, but when i come back, we'll dial it down for you. i'll see you back here a few minutes. all right. see you in a bit, bill. thanks. with temperatures in san jose expected to drop down to dangerous levels, the city has opened up to warming centers for those who are experiencing homelessness. both of them are open tonight. one of them is located at the evergreen branch public library. that's on a born road in san jose. the other is that the lining of community center, which is on center road, both centers are open between eight p.m. and seven a.m. coming up. it's a tamale tradition for those who help every american how dozens of volunteers in the south bay spent the day giving south bay spent the day giving back the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist
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tradition. 80 volunteers from the farmworker caravan made 2400
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tamales in san jose to give to farm workers in half moon bay for las posadas and el campo. it is a traditional but unique celebration that will go from farm to farm delivering the food to farm workers for christmas celebration. it's a type of reenactment of jesus and mary's journey into bethlehem. we're going to go from farm to farm and half moon bay and sing the songs is traditional and then give them the tamales. there is not a single person in america. it does not benefit from a farm worker, and so we just wanted to show our appreciation to them. the tamales will be delivered on wednesday. the group farmworker caravans started last year by distributing emergency supplies to farm workers, who they say were overlooked at the start of the pandemic as essential workers. procrastinators are running out of time. there are only a few days left now to buy those holiday gifts. the national retail federation is expecting a record breaking holiday season, anticipating
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that november and december sales will hit an all time high of somewhere between 834 and $859 billion despite those concerns over coronavirus and high inflation. have the wrecks are few and far between. there's just not a lot of merchandise, and a lot of the sizes are picked over already. and they were even a couple weeks ago. i am surprised just because of covid and everything going on like. i feel like people are just still spending money, which is like surprising to me. whether they are still buying gifts are already done with their holiday shopping. a lot of folks were out and about enjoying the final weekend before the big day coming up on saturday. stories of survival in a kentucky community after tornadoes level neighborhoods were heading to the area to see the next obstacle in their way. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. also heart stopping moments are caught on camera when it earthquake strikes northern california today. plus porch. pirates beware. you may be in
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for a scare. we're along for the ride as police are on present patrol. we'll show you what they're doing to stop thieves from preying on holiday packages. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪
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♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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but this is also a time when thieves are prowling and looking to steal christmas right now packaged theft is on the rise, especially with people buying online and shipping more gifts. ktvu investigative reporter
5:31 pm
brooks jarocz joins us now from the newsroom and brooks you have dug into this before on how often it happens and what's being done to try to stop it. police st package theft is a crime of opportunity, a survey by safe wise and independent security system review site found roughly 210 million packages disappeared from porches across america so far this year, and san francisco actually ranked as the second worst metro area for package thefts. tonight we're along for the ride as one city proactively polices those presents. in plain sight. within seconds. stuff can be stolen. if it comes into our city, then we'll flood our normal. which is why every december day in sunnyvale starts with a game plan. they've been having package staffs and. people breaking into their mailboxes the last few weeks mapping and tracking the trends of thieves. the same guy had the catalytic converters, right. this group of officers waste no time. out the door and on what
5:32 pm
they call their annual holiday burglary, suppression detail, potentially catching crimes as they happen and keeping an eye out for those who may be on the naughty list. we don't want to just be reactive. we don't want to just respond to calls for service. we want to do something that, um you know, we can proactively put a dent in this kind of problem. that means present patrol, preventing porch pirates from preying on packages with permission from some homeowners. police are planting decoys on several doorsteps, sometimes filled with trackers to catch the crooks will be on your right hand side and a couple houses, other times, keeping watch for anything or anyone suspicious guys, don't because theft and burglary is our up this time of year. so they're baiting the bad guys. and with people shopping online , more than ever, this crew is even trailing santa's elves to ensure special deliveries arrive safely. it can be heartache if you have your your property stolen. we can all we can all connect with that. and we
5:33 pm
probably know someone that's been victimized, so we kind of take a personal motivated to be on the lookout for leeds license plates and sometimes a little luck it really unfortunately, it is a needle in a haystack if i'm being completely honest we've caught a couple people over the last couple years, but it's also about advertising and deterring criminals interacting and educating neighbors on ways to prevent theft, all while sending a message that thieves beware. we'll do our best to find you su because that's stolen gift may give a porch pirate more than they ever wanted. that specialized team in sunnyvale works from thanksgiving through christmas statistics show it has helped reduce theft related crimes, police say to prevent theft, trying to arrange having packages delivered when you're home and avoid letting them sit in a visibly open area. a lot of people have invested in cameras , which police say can really help them crack cases of porch pirates in the newsroom. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu fox two news. alright, brooks. thank you.
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police in dublin have arrested four suspects for stealing $4000 worth of merchandise from local businesses. police made the arrests last night and book the suspects into santa rita jail in dublin. investigators said the suspects were found with stolen electronics as well as items from dick's sporting goods store . police also recovered a large amount of illegal drugs, including several 100 ecstasy pills. san jose police tonight are investigating an attempted robbery at the oakridge mall where 15 people trying to run away with stolen merchandise. this happened on saturday night at the macy's store security guard confronted the group and trying to detain one of the people. that's where police say one of those thieves knocked the guard to the ground, kicking her in the head and pulling her hair. those suspects got away but more than $1000 worth of merchandise was recovered. now also 43 year old, a beer hamad, who police say was not part of that group of thieves was
5:35 pm
arrested after police say she got very close to one of the officers trying to handcuff a suspect and refused to back away. ahmed was booked on charges of resisting arrest and assault on an officer. antioch police are investigating a deadly hit and run. it happened shortly after midnight on sunset drive near hillcrest avenue and highway four when police arrived, they found a victim who later died. a preliminary investigation revealed the man appeared to have been hit by a car. there is no suspect description at this time, but anyone who may have witnessed the incident is asked to call any aka police. meantime police in san jose are investigating a crash where a pedestrian was killed. it happened around seven this morning in the area of mckee road and interstate 6 80. police say the incident involved two cars. the drivers are cooperating with the investigation. this was the city's 58 deadly crash of the year. the 23rd involving a pedestrian. the first full day of jury deliberations taking
5:36 pm
place today in the federal fraud trial of elizabeth holmes, the founder of theranos. holmes is charged with misleading investors and the public about the accuracy of theranos is blood testing technology. this trial started three months ago, the judge has told the jury they will have christmas eve off if they are still deliberating at that time. hundreds of quilts are being sent from around the country to help lift the spirits of those whose lives were upended by the calgary fire near south lake tahoe over the summer . colorful ornate hand stitched quilts are being collected at a shop in placerville and given to those who lost their homes in the fire. families are being invited to come and pick up their favorite quilt. we've had a few quotes from great grandparents and grandma's and they all got lost in the fire. we didn't know for a couple days of our house made it or not, but yeah, we lost everything. i'm really, really. overtaken by these women and just the community. the support. organizers of this quilt projects say people from
5:37 pm
everywhere knew of the devastation caused by the kaldor fire and the blankets have been coming in from those nearby and around the country. whoa! holy never. window just shattered. northern california was shaken today by that big earthquake up in humboldt county in fortuna emergency responders at this point have no word the usgs is s was a 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast of humboldt county at 12 10 pm this afternoon, people reported feeling it as far south as san francisco and as far north as medford, oregon. officials say there was some minor damage to buildings including broken windows. in this shot, you can see products knocked off a store shelves at a grocery store in ferndale, at least eight earthquakes measuring less than 3.5 have struck in that area since the initial quake. the
5:38 pm
california office of emergency services put out a statement about the earthquake. and it says in part calloway yes, along with state agencies, including caltrans, chp, the california health and human services agency and cal fire have been working closely with local first responders and emergency managers evaluating damages to roads, bridges, medical facilities and other infrastructure. and coordinating on impacts to communities. in kentucky tonight. it's a slow road to recovery for the families displaced by tornadoes that struck more than a week ago . those storms killed at least 78 people, and for now, many survivors are living off of donations, and many are sleeping in emergency state park housing foxes. stephen gohan joins us live tonight from mayfield, kentucky, a hard hit community. and stephen, this is a hard reality for many of those survivors to face. alexa hard reality indeed, for hundreds of people now living out of that state park lodging for a few days now and emergency housing
5:39 pm
period that was set to last two weeks has now been extended to four and the need will last far longer than that. there's nothing here. this is life for rachel step and ellis mccampbell. now more than one week after an ef four tornado turned their home and mayfield, kentucky to a pile of debris. the whole roof came in she my neighborhood. look this way. my hotel that i've lived in since i was 16. is completely devastated . but where do you go from here ? they survived the storm in their bathroom and escaped only with the clothes on their back. two nights and roll. we slip in our truck me hearing the dogs. then they found shelter at lake barkley state park, one of seven state parks turned into emergency housing for more than 900 tornado victims. a community now relying on donations and the charity of others. and while we are hurting. and while we are knocked down, we are not broken and we do not break over the weekend, governor andy bashir visited two state parks to give
5:40 pm
away shoes and clothes to those in need. bashir saying he's committed to helping western kentucky rebuild. we won't just be here this week. in this month. but we will be with you every single day for however many years it takes those words these lodges and a new pair of shoes comfort to many who lost everything and still wonder if they'll ever go back to the life they had. we can't i mean, we can go back there, but. our house is not even though it's estimated thing, because there's really nothing there everything that historical sites and all that is gone. and governor andy beshear previously asked kentucky into help at the state parks so people are there volunteering to cook clean and do laundry. this as support continues to pour in from all over the country. $21 million has now been raised as part of the western kentucky community relief fund. in mayfield, stephen going ktvu fox two news and stephen. obviously, this tragedy has struck here and
5:41 pm
we're less than a week away from christmas. what kind of outpouring are you seeing from the community there on the ground, folks who just want to make sure that the holidays feel as normal as possible. for those who have lived through these these catastrophic tornadoes. we're actually seeing the state do so many things to help people in this community. the first lady of kentucky is hosting a toy drive to try to get toys together for all of these kids and governor andy beshear just announced today that they're doing sort of a holiday market situation as some of these state parks for people living there to kind of get supplies and more things for their family for the holidays, so a lot of things are coming. from the state level as well as a lot of support coming from other people all over the country, bringing food and things like that amazing to see so many people step up at a time like this. stephen cohen live for us tonight in mayfield, kentucky appreciated steven. troubling details about what some third graders were allegedly asked to do during class reenact part of the
5:42 pm
holocaust how washington d. c school district is now responding also to go alcohol sales and also conditions for farm animals. we are taking a look at a few of the new laws that will take effect here in california. at the start of the new year.
5:43 pm
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quick look right now at a few of the bill's about to become law proposition 12 is an animal welfare law that seeks to improve living conditions for farm animals in the golden state. the ballot initiative was approved by voters in 2000 and 18. it makes metal cages that restrict the movement of pigs and hens illegal. another new law allows restaurants to continue selling to go beer, wine and cocktails through 2026. there is one caveat, though. alcoholic drinks. we'll need to be purchased along with a meal.
5:45 pm
now a number of police reform set to take effect at the start of the year. any officer found to have committed misconduct will be decertified. previously officers could switch departments after being fired. officers could also have their license suspended if they failed to intervene when they see another officer using excessive force. redistricting in the south bay today during morning sun to we spoke with san jose mayor sam liccardo about that key issue that, he says san jose is one of the 30 largest cities in the us and those large cities traditionally have at least one member of congress who represents the city right now, under the current lines, santa's a threatened to be the only major city united states without such a district. they're dividing us in four pieces. which means you tend to have members of congress from suburban towns who do not necessarily take san jose's interests as their primary concern, and that is a concern to all of us here in santa. they're the cardo says the city is appealing to the redistricting commission to
5:46 pm
provide san jose with its own district, like other big cities have. parents outraged after they say their third graders had to stage a reenactment of the holocaust in the classroom. tonight in washington, d c school district is apologizing. plus do you have any of these hair products? dry hair products in your cabinet? we'll tell you why the fda says there are dozens that you should not be using right and get ready for the rain. not here. yes sure feels like it, though. doesn't it? rains coming, though the five day forecast is next. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable
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5:49 pm
and distress. the mother i spoke to didn't want to be identified to protect her child. she says her third grade students had to pretend to die in a gas chamber at school on friday, and we don't understand how this could have happened in a d. c public school in a letter to parents at watkins elementary, the principal says he heard reports that a staff member staged a holocaust reenactment. that included students portraying participants from the holocaust like adolf hitler, digging ditches to serve as mass graves and simulated shootings. and he says the staff member leading the lesson is accused of making anti semitic statements. what do you think about the impact on your child? i think it's traumatic. i think it's a terrible corruption of historical trauma. that was inappropriate for eight and nine year olds to learn about it this way, and i'm outraged, she says . she's talked to other parents of kids in the class. one parent
5:50 pm
said that their child was worried. the teacher in question was hiding at their house. children are having nightmares and generally having a very hard time there was a child that had to play hitler, right, that's right. do you know how that child is doing? to my knowledge that child is not doing well at all. it allegedly happened during library time, and i spoke to the staff member in question by phone. she denied the reenactment saying, i think somebody's misquoting what happened in the library that day. she would provide no details on what did happen. the district says that staff member is now on leave as an investigation is conducted. my child told me at the end of this holocaust reenactment. the teacher told them not to tell their parents in a statement, d cps says in part, students should never be tasked with acting out any atrocity, especially genocide and war. additionally there were allegations of a staff member using hate speech during the
5:51 pm
lesson, which is unacceptable and not tolerated at any of our schools. this was not an approved lesson plan, and we sincerely apologize to our students and families who were subjected to this incident, and the principal says there is counseling available for the students impacted. the mom i spoke to wants to know. could this have happened before? she says an apology from the school district simply is not enough back to you. procter and gamble is now issuing a voluntary recall of more than 30 aerosol spray products. it's because of concerns about levels of benzene , which is known to cause cancer products from the brand, pantene , aussie and herbal essences are included in this recall. p j. r png png says the recall is out of an abundance of caution. the company is asking customers who have these products to throw them out, and reimbursements will be made available. alright. we got an active whether we coming up that very reminiscent of the last active weather.
5:52 pm
we've had a really good run here as we move into early december of whether and the potential for rain this week and this weekend. in snow in the mountains. so the story here is there's the low, right? i just put the little and that's going to hang out there. and then these pulses. here's a little pulse right here going through, right? and then there's another pulse back in here. that's tomorrow afternoon. there was one back in here, and then there's one back in here, and they're going to come all the way around and swing through the bay area through northern california and in central california. pretty much right through the bay area weekend, so we've got a wet weather pattern is going to stay with us this type of pattern very, very productive for snow, really productive snow pattern. so here we go. you can see that low. just spend this long range model and i just want you to see we're going to go all the way through the week keeps spinning stuff in at us spring summer and what i just showed you is again not very granular. so it's real broad brush, so it's not real, detailed and focus. it will get more detail than focused as we get in start looking at the 24 hour model output, which will do
5:53 pm
in a minute. the long range stuff is always like that. but the idea that the jet stream is going to be really far south and that we're going to have an opportunity to be wet through for a number of days is there and intact. so these are some of the forecast numbers, but you know, through next monday, but here's i would not look at that map. just look at the colors look at who's going to get hit the hardest because those numbers are. you know marin county? it was santa cruz. you know, you know how those santa cruz mountains are hectic could easily get a buck 28 in santa cruz. that could be 6.5 inches, not in town. but up on the hill in the same anywhere, so you see , the heavy areas are going to be up here up and, uh, mendocino county, sonoma county, marin county. not so much for right not so much for santa cruz and then a heavy hit areas over the course of a week that west slope and that i'll tell you what that is money for us. that's what you want, because you get the west slope. you get enough snow up there. that's. that's money in the bank. right? so here's the winter storm warning. you know, that's coming that will be on and off all weekend. here's the forecast tomorrow morning. and
5:54 pm
then here comes around tomorrow afternoon commutes wet. more rain wednesday morning more range that it's not organized. more rain on thursday morning, and then it kind of continues on so the plan will be keep the umbrellas handy. be prepared for some wet commute and think about if you're traveling to the mountains. think about the snow. i'm just jamming to a bunch of graphics here because they got behind. 48 napa tomorrow 52 in santa rosa shower start for most of us around three o'clock in the afternoon, two o'clock in the afternoon and then the forecast the five day forecast. takes you right into the next weekend with an unsettled weather pattern, which is exactly we need. plus the last thing i'll say alex and julia is that we can take this much water , right? this is these aren't atmospheres day in we get a little bit here. a break break. more rain, more rain break. and we can. we can take a lot of rain when it comes to so we can do this for a month. if we have breaks like this nice little pattern. thank you, bill. well antarctica may be freezing cold, but it's one of the hottest spots for marathon runners
5:55 pm
coming up tonight. we're checking out one of the most extreme races on the planet and coming up new at six. there is a growing call to make flying safer as the quran variants spreads. we will speak live with congressman eric swalwell about his push to ban unvaccinated people from flying. hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill. oh oh so true. and now, the moon christmas special. gotta go! take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season.
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in the north pole, but overall, the south pole, a group of athletes are running a snow covered marathon, fox news correspondent ashleigh strohmeyer shows us. it's one of the most extreme races on the planet at more than 26 miles through slick snow, fierce winds and bone chilling temperatures as low as negative 15 degrees.
5:58 pm
the antarctic ice marathon pushes runners to their limits. it was never going to be easy coming to the coldest windiest. highest and driest continent on the planet 62 people from 18 countries gathered on the southernmost continent for friday's race, channeling their inner sled dogs to glide through this stunning frozen landscape, covered with towering peaks as much as it was brutal, brutal. it's also much majestic, so beautiful. just pristine. what a place. i don't think. i don't think i've ever been anywhere like this have been very fortunate to travel most of the world, but. this place is special 28 of the runners represented the usa but the fastest person to complete the marathon was a polish athlete crossing the finish line with a time of three hours, 53 minutes and two seconds, so very happy. some very, very italian. but yes , today's beautiful weather and beautiful race. anything
5:59 pm
beautiful. meanwhile for 11 runners, this race earned them a coveted spot in the seven continents marathon club, an organization for athletes who have, as the name implies, successfully run a marathon on each of the continent's registration for 2022 races now open, but besides taking time to train, he'll also need time to say for the entry fee, which will run you nearly $19,000. ashley strohmeyer fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. and it could be a challenging holiday week for people who are trying to travel. we have several storms that are moving in with snow up in the sierra and rain here in the bay area pretty much every day this week. plus omicron is spreading and spreading fast, and you add to all that big crowds at airports and on the roads at the level we haven't seen since the pandemic began, and it is all adding up to what could be a tough holiday getaway. good evening, everyone . i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. let's get straight
6:00 pm
to what we can expect in the coming days. this holiday week when it comes to rain, snow and the cold. chief meteorologist bill martin here now, with the latest on what's in the forecast , bill? yes you know what's interesting here jules is it's going to be a series of storms, so he's pulses are going to come around this law that's sitting offshore. you saw the clouds from that low the last couple of days really, even more so today. but in the evening hours tonight and tomorrow that low will get a little closer and start spinning showers in our direction. none of this is heavy stuff. none of it is flooding, and it doesn't appear to be the place that will be the strongest and the most noticeable is going to be up in the west slope. this year, nevada they're going to get feet and feet and feet of snow five. ft. easy and i've seen some estimates, say eight ft. maybe 10 ft. by the time we get. to sunday monday of next week. this thing's going to keep going, but for us, it's his. these pulses are going to go through the low , so as you go outside, you can see it's kind of a little stormy vibe to it right now. it'll it'll be no noticeable


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