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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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. thanks for joining us. i'm christina radom and i'm jana katsuyama in for andre senior. the governor's new plan would dedicate an additional $300 million to preventing and prosecuting these crimes are political reporter greg lee breaks down the numbers and the response to the plan. but we also have to recognize this moment we're in and we have to recognize people's fears and anxieties in response to a series of large scale retail thefts in the bay area and around the state. governor, newsom said the state needs to do more, flanked by attorney general rob bonta and other lawmakers at the chp headquarters in dublin, the governor rolled out a public safety budget proposal. these recent acts of retail theft and robberies and mass. mob burglaries throughout northern california can no longer be tolerated. the plan includes $255 million in grants for law enforcement to combat retail theft, 30 million for local da's to prosecute the crimes full time retail theft task force
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within the eggs office 20 million for small businesses that are victims of crime. and 25 million for gun buyback programs. you break a window, you smash and grab you take other people's property. that's wrong period. full stop. the california retailers association cheered the move riding. there is no simple solution for reversing this trend. but the governor's retail theft budget package is a big first step towards eliminating organized retail crime. newsom and bonta both defended voter approved prop 47, which reduced certain theft and non violent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. some critics have pointed to it and no bail policies for recent crimes. state senate republican leader scott wilk wrote. it is no surprise criminals feel empowered here. time will tell if today's announcement is about meaningful action or just some political grandstanding. i'm just sick and tired of this either or debate, which i think is rather lazy and unfortunate. and as long as i'm here, i'm going to try to drive. to
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improve public safety. on the flip side, criminal reform advocates are concerned the tough on crime rhetoric may impede progress. we're not walking back on our commitment in the state to advance. comprehensive reforms were not walking back in this state to right the wrongs of the past. we're not walking back. as it relates to the rules and regulations established by the voters. here's something to keep in mind. this proposed budget will go to the legislature next month. if it is approved the earliest we could see any of that money dispersed. is july. gregory ktvu, fox two news. new at six. santa clara county detectives announced arrests in an identity theft ring. three suspects were taken into custody at an apartment in san jose on tuesday. investigators say they recovered four garbage bags full of stolen mail, credit cards, ieds, medical files, checks and bank receipts. they also seized notebooks full of passwords and pin numbers. and a credit card
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encoder device. detectives say they will be contacting hundreds of victims. also you had six a federal appeals court has reinstated president joe biden's covid-19 vaccine mandate for large companies. it was a 2 to 1 decision, and it essentially reverses a decision they had paused the nationwide mandate. the role from the u. s occupational safety and health administration was set to take effect january 4th. but now with this new ruling, it's unclear when that will happen. the vaccine requirement would apply to companies with 100 or more employees and would cover about 84 million workers. opponents say the fight against the mandate will continue. tonight carbon monoxide poisoning is being investigated as the cause of a woman's death inside of her home in pittsburgh last night. her husband and three children were also inside the home. they are expected to survive. but its ktvu is rob roth says he talked with a relative and this is definitely a heartbreaking loss that comes just before the holidays. grief and relief here
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at this home on vincent street in pittsburgh. relatives had not heard from the family here in about a week and decided to check on them thursday night when we got there and i got out the car. went to scuse me went to the bedroom window. at this even the tv on. but it looked like to me that somebody was in the bed, but no one would come to the door. randall williams called police who broke in there they found the body of 52 year old crystal stafford, who lived here with her husband and three children, ages 15 13 and. six she was a great mother. she she ? her kids was with her all the time. um she devoted her life to her kids. stafford had retired from bard after 30 years and was studying psychology online at loose madonna's college. the family says authorities were able to bring out the husband and three children safely, but they all seem disoriented. particularly the 13 year old girl. she was really out of it.
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she was really out of it. she didn't know her name. um she was really dizzy. she had a migraine headache. police believe the family was overcome by carbon monoxide, most likely from a heater, but that is still under investigation. the cdc reports that more than 400 people a year are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning in the u. s. it's called the silent killer is it is really undetectable. you can't smell it. you can't see it. you can't taste it. san francisco fire department spokesman jonathan baxter says the best defense against this silent killer is to have a carbon monoxide alarm. every room, not having an alarm is going to be one of the biggest issues that leads to injuries and paypal it easy for the family. they are grieving and also are grateful for the lives spared as a family. we're going to get together. and it's like what do they do? but right now is important that the kids to get well. and so far they coming
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around. it is not yet clear if there was a working carbon monoxide detector in the house, relatives say if they hadn't gotten there when they did, the entire family could have been killed. rob rock, ktvu, fox two news. the cdc says. every year there are about 400 deaths caused by accidental carbon monoxide poisoning and another 50,000 people in the u. s visit hospital emergency rooms for treatment. people who are sleeping or have had been drinking alcohol can die from carbon monoxide poisoning before ever having symptoms. marin county's first case of coronavirus macron variant involves a patient who was fully vaccinated, but. had not yet received a booster shot. county health officials say that patient is an isolation with mild symptoms. in addition to the patient being infected water samples collected from several sites across the county had low levels of the strain in it. health officials suspect to surgeon local cases across the region is very likely in the coming weeks. oh macron cases
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have been confirmed in at least 39 states is the variant moves across the country. hong kong researchers have discovered that the strain infects and multiplies in human airways 70 times faster than other strains, but it is much slower to infect the lungs. that may explain why omicron appears more contagious but less deadly. a surge of covid cases is making a big impact on the sports world this weekend. the nfl has moved three games because of covid-19 outbreaks. tomorrow's raiders game against the browns moves to monday sunday. seahawks game against the rams moves to tuesday and sunday's washington game against the eagles is also being moved to tuesday. the nfl , meantime, has issued a statement saying, quote we continue to make decisions in consultation with medical experts to ensure the health and safety of the nfl community. the national hockey league thinks it's necessary to shut down two more teams through the christmas holiday because of worsening covid-19 conditions across the country, all games for the
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colorado avalanche and florida panthers have been postponed through at least next weekend. before that move was made the calgary flames and their shutdown extended through december 26th. a total of 20 games have been postponed. 700 plus players are currently in the league's virus protocol. as doctors encourage more people to get vaccinated and get their booster shots. the president's chief medical advisor says that a change may be coming to the definition of fully vaccinated. it certainly is on the table and open for discussion. there's no doubt that if you want to be optimally protected, you should get your booster. dr anthony fauci acknowledged today it is possible being fully vaccinated will come with the requirement of having that booster shot. he did not offer, though a timeline on when the change could be made. a change in the definition could have a ripple effect on venues requiring people to be vaccinated before admission. we may not see vaccines get approved for kids six months to
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five years of age until the summer of next year. pfizer says it needs more time to study the impact of vaccines on younger people. later in our newscast, we're going to talk live with a doctor about that. and the cdcs new recommendation that people looking for boosters choose from fighter or moderna over johnson and johnson. new at six. police in oakland are asking for the community's help in locating a 15 year old girl. we have her picture. her name is kyla peterson, and she was last seen thursday at 11 p.m. on the 4100 block of coolidge avenue. peterson's family says she is in good physical condition, but has some mental health challenges and maybe in crisis she's described as being about five ft . two inches tall and weighing about £100. she has black hair and brown eyes. peterson was last seen wearing a blue coat and baggy jeans. if you have any information, you're asked to call oakland police. deputies in san mateo county arrested a teenager in connection with the threat of school violence as
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ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary tells us social media posts threatened violence today at schools across the country and many campuses added security. san ramon valley high school sees friday dismissal amid an air of concern this after a thursday tiktok post threatening violence. the following day was spread across the bay area and the nation the impact that social media has on all of us and in particularly our students , because it adds a whole nother layer. whether we're talking about threats of violence, whether we're talking about bullying where they were talking about inappropriate behavior. a template approach is apparently being used as the original post tailored to each school promises a shooting december 17th, adding . please don't go gilroy unified school district officials closed the gilroy high school due to the threat, a district website message says. we understand canceling classes presents an unintended disruption for staff and students. preparing for
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final exams. it's incredibly disruptive to students and two teachers often very hard to implement a lesson plan if students aren't feeling safe and comfortable because they're not going to be able to engage and to learn thursday night, san mateo county sheriff's detectives arrested a 16 year old in connection with a similar post threatening violence at a peninsula area high school. that child has been charged with a felony for making criminal threats doesn't really matter what what? what's current or what's trending. we take all threat seriously, and they will be thoroughly investigated, experts say. students perpetuating school pranks is akin to a right of passage. usually something will slip very quickly through tiktok or other social media, and everybody will want to participate with it really quickly and they might have a lot of different specific reasons to do so, but threatening violence during what experts say is an uptick in violence on school campuses. could signal something else. it could be as significant cried for help for someone who is reaching out in need of services to address whatever anxiety or feelings they may have school
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district officials around the bay area and around the country say they'll monitor social media and their campuses in the coming days. the teen arrested in san mateo county will see his case work its way through the juvenile court system. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. this declaration of emergency. is more so about making sure that we are dealing with our public health prices on the streets. mayor london breed declares a state of emergency to tackle san francisco's opioid epidemic coming up the actions she hopes to take to help ease the problem. and the latest on the low scatters mom suspected of sexual assault and providing alcohol to minors where she plans to spend the holidays. and snow lovers finally can look forward to a great weekend in the sierra. at a burial weather. looks like we got a break in the rainfall this weekend, but plan on some very cold temperatures to start things off. tomorrow
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meyers that can give you a sense of how the snow is piling up as drivers head to the tahoe area. the recent storms blanketing the region with some fresh snow is a wonderful sight. just as the migration to the mountains gets underway. ktvu is tom vacar reports and the conditions with the tip of his cap to poets everywhere. it is the season to be skiing now that snow has come ski california says it's like heaven scale of 1 to 10. i think i love it. the powder is deep. it's just what skiers seek only gonna get better next week. the trails now ready for a switch or a jump. mother nature's gift, the big dump. called the big dump at all. the cyrus ski shop, folks get skis and ski fashion
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for one simple reason. we all share the same passion they know time to ski now. thanks to the snow and the weather. we stayed till eight o'clock last night. getting stuff together. the yeager's are going to shoot in the sun. i love all the fresh powder. the snow. she's fun with all of this weather and oodles of snow, every leaf and now we can go. don't overdo it or be too resistant. you know you have gravity as your assistant for those whose being is caught up in skiing there already caught in the spell. but it's open to all both big or quite small. hopefully a bunch of you folks as well. so snowboarder skis, it's yours to choose. tom vacar reporting. channel two news. of course, he would make that rhyme. all right up and tahoe. they're measuring the snow in feet and looking forward to even more. here's a look at this afternoon's drive along interstate 80 through soda springs. you can see blue skies
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, clear conditions, no change requirements and just snow covered trees for miles of ski resorts have seen from about 5 to 8 ft. of snow. over the past week, and they should see big crowds this weekend. with all of this new sto snow. there is more the forecast starting early next week as well. so we're going to bring in our meteorologist mark tamayo. now, mark. isn't that a beautiful sight? yeah, that's how it should look like and in december, christina yeah , remember just a few weeks now. even week ago, we had it looked like just like the middle of summer up there on the roadways, but. nice to see that snow pack build up next to the roads and also some of the trees and we have excellent conditions this weekend. current numbers that's cold as you would expect in the sierra. right now. it is 18 degrees in truckee, south lake tahoe 21. and it's looking pretty good. no travel issues this weekend. lots of sunshine for saturday, you can see overnight lows own the single digits once again for saturday and into sunday and then monday , we could cloud things up and you haven't hearing about another another series of storms that could impact the bay area and the sierra once again into next week eventually, but it
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looks like we get a break this weekend. here's a satellite where you can't see all the clouds. we have lots of cloud cover out there. just it's heading up to our north up in the pacific northwest, so we get a break from the storm track leads heading toward our coastline. and right now we do have clear to partly cloudy skies. we do have to keep an eye on the central valley fog. it's going to reform and we will likely have some more dense fog to a deal with. first thing tomorrow morning. it was a nice afternoon on the cool side, but it's setting up to be a very cold night. take a look at some of the numbers. fairfield 43 degrees napa 44 san francisco checking in 50, and here's our live camera looking out towards san francisco in the distance here in the oakland estuary in the foreground. the plan this weekend. some areas of fog tomorrow morning could be a bit stubborn, especially in some of the inland areas closer to the delta. and then on sunday, we will thicken up the cloud cover . but look at the overnight lows pretty chilly here. temperatures will be in the upper twenties to the thirties to the forties. so definitely want to bundle up first thing tomorrow morning, we will likely have some frost out toward fairfield towards santa
6:19 pm
rose up. napa san francisco and oakland right around the 40 degree marks with that cold start tomorrow morning, widespread thirties and then into the afternoon hours. temperatures on track to reach most areas will be in the lower fifties but a few neighborhoods only in the upper forties. for tomorrow afternoon so somewhat of a cool saturday. eventually though, we're talking about some more rain clouds and the next week and we'll have more on that with your full forecast in a little bit, mark. thank you. yes prices are down about a dime since thanksgiving. while most drivers won't complain, just wait until we break down prices now compared to past christmas holidays. and we'll talk to a doctor for perspective on fighters announcement today that covid vaccine protection likely won't be available for the group of youngest children for quite a while. digest about coronavirus
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vaccines this weekend, ucsf infectious disease expert dr peter chin hong is joining us now with some perspective on what we're learning, and let's just start off with the very first use of the day, which is the vaccine trials on young children six months to five years old and apparently fighters now saying it needs more time to take a look at that. can you explain why. yeah. so there are actually two populations in that age group cristina. there's six months to two years, two years to five years and then the two years to five years age group. first of all, let's stick with that group. what the manufacturers did was dead. one third the dose
6:23 pm
of the five t 11 years old which your remember was one third of the adult is so 30 micrograms in adults. 10 micrograms and 5 to 11. so they tried to do, uh, three micrograms in the, uh, the 3 to 5 the 2 to 5 year olds. and in that group, it didn't really come up to the x. the results expected. it wasn't comparable in terms of antibody levels to the. older kids. but in the six months to two years old, those antibody levels at that dose seemed to be fine. so we have that. interesting situation of the 2 to 5 year olds not having the promising results as we expected. it's interesting because you would think that it would be the same across the board. and when you say antibody levels, you mean that the immune response wasn't as strong as people who have received the vaccine that it's approved for right. exactly so they just
6:24 pm
compared a comparative group of 16 to 25 year olds at the regular 30 micrograms sues to the testes of three micrograms in the. ah to 25 year olds, and the antibodies just wound enough so they're testing now whether or not the third dose given two months later, would then generate that seem antibody response. so holidays are next week for people that have children under the age of five that cannot get vaccinated. is it safe for them to be traveling? should they be going out? what would you say to parents with young kids? well, i think it all depends on what each family's risk benefit calculus is if you're going to visit family, um and your kid is able to wear mask and doesn't fast around too much with it. i think it's probably okay to go. but a lot of the u. s is surging right now. so again, um, be careful. if for example, the kid is living in a household. with immunocompromised adults, you
6:25 pm
mean be a little bit careful in case that kid gets infected and bring that home. so that's the only difference now, with this situation compared to even a few weeks ago, right? okay the other topic we wanted to touch base on was cdc recommending fighter and moderna vaccines over the single dose change a shot. so what does that mean? for people who already got the j and j should they be worried? does it matter which booster shot they received? what do you think about the cdc saying this. so i think it was really a remarkable move. usually the cbc doesn't put one vaccine as preferential above the other, but given the fact that now they have been nine deaths in from blood clots. mainly in woman aged 30 to 49 who have received jnj. that really was the motivation for making this move for people already gotten the change a shots a while ago. i wouldn't worry the usually it happens eight days after the shot, so you know you're beyond that. first of all, it's very, very,
6:26 pm
very rare. and secondly, um, yes . you're pretty much home free beyond that point. okay so then does it matter which booster they received pfizer moderna as a follow up. no, it really doesn't matter if you get pfizer moderna, if you got j and j first as a second shot, okay, and lastly, before you go, you know we were talking about hearing. dr fauci say they may have some changes to the term. fully vaccinated, whether or not we should include that third booster as being considered fully vaccinated. do you think we're going to see that coming pretty soon? i don't think we'll be coming pretty soon because it's still really hard to enforce, but i think the writing is on the wall. most of the regiments now moving to three shots before protection. particularly in the europe omicron and as we talked about in that 2 to 5 year olds, it's interesting that fighters not studying a higher dose, but instead adding a third dose so that everybody will eventually have three shots just like
6:27 pm
hepatitis b or measles, monster rubella or human population virus. sure okay. dr peter chin hung. we're going to leave it there. thank you. so much for joining us today and breaking down all down for us. thanks so much for sena. police officers blame one driver for two hit and run crash is in san jose coming up how they think this soul played out. and cannabis companies. put pressure on governor gavin newsom coming up why they want his help to stay in operation plus covid hits the professional sports world hard today, sports director marquee baniyas will have the details and how leagues are adjusting to this later in sports.
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during an emergency. proposed spending more than $300 million to fight mass retail theft. in an announcement in dublin, the governor said the bulk of the money will go to grants for law enforcement. there will also be money for local da's and for small businesses that become victims of crime. carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected in the death of a mother found dead in her home last night in the east bay city of pittsburgh. her husband and three children were sickened but are expected to survive. police believe the source of the carbon monoxide is a heater, but that is still under investigation. and a number of various school district stepped up security today after a number of social media posts threatened violence at schools across the country. police said those threats were not credible but classes that gilroy unified school high school were canceled, and
6:31 pm
deputies in san mateo county did make one arrest for a threatening post. and you're watching ktvu, fox two news at 6 30. san francisco mayor london breed declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin today she hopes that doing that will help those on the streets battling drug addiction. they shouldn't have to look over their shoulders. they shouldn't be punched in the face randomly. they shouldn't have to see someone sticking a needle in various parts of their bodies, laying out on the streets and wondering, what can i do to help them? mayor breed says the tenderloin is in the middle of a public health crisis. she's calling for an emergency response to drug overdoses, immediate crisis intervention and expanded treatment and detox services, she says. too many people are dying or strung out on the streets. that's what this emergency declaration is about. addressing those challenges, understanding what people are suffering through. and meeting them where they are. bridge says
6:32 pm
the declaration is designed to work like the city's emergency declaration for the coronavirus pandemic, allowing city departments to work quickly and without bureaucratic barriers. supervisor matt haney represents the tenderloin. the overdose epidemic is taking the lives of nearly two people a day in our city. most of those people are in the tenderloin of the south of market and mostly from fentanyl. steckel aeration is part of a broader strategy by the mayor to increase safety. she and police chief bill scott have boosted patrols around union square and embraced a plan for off duty sheriff's deputies to protect stores from thieves. san jose. police say a driver sped away from a crash in san jose, only to get into another hit and run collision. minutes later, one of those crashes turned out to be fatal. as ktvu san rubin tells us, this comes as the city is nearing a record for traffic fatalities this year. san jose. police say this
6:33 pm
woman 71 year old lin win was responsible for two hit and runs in a matter of minutes. one of them proved to be fatal. things just get so much worse if people leave the scene of the crash and this instant it caused a fatality of an innocent person who was just traveling on our roadways that innocent person 35 year old hillary lopez of fremont, who was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. authorities say nguyen was fleeing the scene of a previous accident. just 1500 ft away when her bmw rear ended lopez's toyota center road near wolf creek. and then the wind took off again after the collision. the driver of the vehicle, the suspect, who was later arrested , continued driving north bong until the vehicle became completely inoperable. this was the 58th traffic fatality in san jose this year that's nearing the city's record of 60 fatalities set in 2015 the same year, its vision zero program was created. there's absolutely an acknowledgement that this problem is growing in scale. authorities have been trying to
6:34 pm
understand the numbers about 70% of these crashes happened in the dark 36% of those who died have been pedestrians and 45% of the fatalities have been on the city's priorities. safety corridors ones they've earmarked fraction so. we know we're still looking at the right set of streets. if we can address safety on those streets will be addressing a big part of the problem. over the last two years, the city council funded a series of quick build projects and problem areas, as well as an aggressive marketing campaign, but officials say it will take time to see the benefit of their work. these are trends they take years to build up, they take years to reduce and ruben ktvu fox two news. alice goddess woman accused of child endangerment, sexual assault and providing alcohol to minors will spend the holiday behind bars. shannon o. connor did not enter a plea today on dozens of criminal charges. 44 47 year old said nothing during her brief hearing. o connor is accused of hosting drunken sex parties for her son and his teenage friends
6:35 pm
, and she has been in jail since her arrest in october. her lawyer says he'll file a motion for bail next month. california cannabis companies say the state's legal pot industry is on the verge of collapse. more than two dozen industry leaders signed a letter telling governor gavin newsom that taxes and regulations have made the industry unable to complete compete with the illegal pot economy. they want the governor to put in immediate end to the cultivation tax placed on growers. they're also calling for a three year reprieve from the excise tax and an expansion of retail shops throughout the state. the company's asked newsome to include their proposals and its upcoming budget proposal, which will be released early next year. it is now up to the jury to decide the fate of former theranos ceo founder elizabeth holmes. she's facing charges that she defrauded investors in her blood testing startup ktvu evans, who rudovsky has been following this trial since the very beginning, and he was there for the final day of arguments. the fate of
6:36 pm
elizabeth holmes now rests in the hands of the eight men and four women on the jury in the federal fraud case against her attorneys wrapped up two days of closing arguments friday. bringing a close to the three month trial. the case spurred widespread attention putting homes in the eye of a media hurricane she helped cultivate while ceo of her failed blood testing company theranos, the defense has brought up many areas in which the jurors couldn't conclude reasonable doubt. defense attorney kevin downey concluded his case first. he poked holes in all of the prosecution's arguments. he stressed that holmes never intended to defraud investors, and she certainly had no motive . case in point. she never sold a penny of her stock in the company. down, he said. quote you know, at the first sign of trouble, crooks cash out, criminals cover up and rats flee a sinking ship. she did none of that. he said holmes went down
6:37 pm
with the ship that was her failed company. proof, he said of her innocence. legal analyst michelle hagen said too many explanations by the defense could risk sounding like excuses. they have a. and a wire to walk. and basically, in this case, i mean, the defense may be presenting too many excuses. prosecutor jon bostic gave the final rebuttal for the u. s attorney's office. he attacked all of the defence's claims throughout the case. pointing out evidence that there are no series analyzers were plagued with problems from the beginning , and holmes knew about it of homes, he said. quote we see a ceo of a company who was so desperate for the company to succeed. and so afraid of failure that she was willing to do anything to keep it from failing. the jury will begin its first full day of deliberation right here on monday. if necessary, they'll take a break over christmas eve. and get right back to it going into the new year. at the federal
6:38 pm
courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. cameras captured images of him attacking police officers. now he faces the longest prison sentence we've seen in connection with the january breach of the u. s. capitol coming up his reaction to today's sentencing. and see how tomorrow's premiere of a new matrix movie in san francisco is taking over streets near the castro theater.
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insurrection at the capital has been sentenced to more than five years behind bars, and that is the toughest sentence yet for any capital rider 54 year old robert palmer of the largo, florida, cried as he told the u. s district judge in washington. that he recently watched a video of his actions that day and was horrified. palmer was one of several rioters sentenced that day. the house investigation into the riot has hit another snag. longtime trump ally roger stone pleaded the fifth during his appearance before the committee this morning. he was subpoenaed by the committee, which noted that he spoke at rallies the day before the capital riot, stone told reporters he is disturbed by the democrats investigation into his activity on january six. was not on the lips did not march to the capital. i was not at the capitol and any claim assertion or even implication that i knew
6:42 pm
about or was involved in any day way whatsoever. with the illegal and politically counterproductive activities of january. 6th is categorically false. stone was convicted in 2019 of lying to congress, but he received a pardon by then president trump in minnesota. closing arguments are set to begin next week in the manslaughter trial of former police officer cam potter as foxes anna iliopoulos shows us potter tearfully testified today about the day she shot and killed dante, right. in the eighth day of testimony. kim potter the woman at front and center in the death of 20 year old dante, right, takes the stand in her own defense and emotional potter went into detail about the traffic stop that led to the fatal shooting of right. oh you're struggling and we're trying to keep them from driving away. it just it just went. chaotic potter says
6:43 pm
she mistook her gun for a taser when she killed right in april. i remember yelling, teaser taser taser! and nothing happens. man shot. the defense also called several character witnesses and former colleagues to testify. potter's ex chief timothy gannon , says he saw no violation of policy when she pulled over right for having expired license plate tabs. he also described her as an officer that did her job the right way. she was a fine officer, and there's certain certain things within the department that you could known for. she was known for doing all those things. the state rested their case earlier this week after calling more than 25 witnesses, including the mother, father and girlfriend of dante, right are very right. the father of dante delivering emotional testimony as the prosecution wrapped up their
6:44 pm
case on thursday. i loved donte. he was loved. do you miss him? i miss him a lot every day. closing arguments in the kim potter trial will begin on monday. anna iliopoulos fox news. and a barrier weather clear skies for tonight. get ready for very cold saturday morning and eventually the rainfall makes a come back more on your forecast coming up. let's go now to ktvu heather holmes, who's in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we're working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu plus heather jana tiger woods is gearing up for his first tournament nearly a year after being involved in that horrific car crash. we hear from tmz on the golf legends recovery and anticipated return and the nutcracker has returned to a live audience and two members of the san francisco ballet will join us live to share what it's like to be back on the stage. those stories and a lot more coming up. live tonight on the seven over on ktvu plus every
6:45 pm
thank you. but first after the break drivers like seeing gas prices fall coming up, though why are recent price drops may not be as good as you think. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪
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pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. francisco's castro theater tomorrow skybox flew over the theater today. we're castro street is already blocked off. crews were preparing for the premiere of the matrix resurrections. stars including chiana reeves, carrie anne moss and jada pinkett smith will be at the historic theater for the premiere. much of the movie was shot in the city. just so you know tickets are not available to the general public, but there will be a fan zone near the red carpet. the film hits theaters and hbo, max on wednesday. nice
6:48 pm
theater. they're very historic. some good news for people who are planning to drive to their holiday destinations. gas prices are actually coming down and average prices are down nationwide 10 cents a gallon since thanksgiving. but in california gas is only down about three cents over that same time frame. in oakland. the price of unleaded gas is about five cents lower than a month ago, and analysts at gasbuddy are predicting that prices should fall into the new year. well, looking ahead, whether wise we have a lot more rain in the forecast for next week. so i guess a little theme for this weekend make the most of being outside because the weather should be dry, but it will be cold, especially for tomorrow morning. coolest spots could be in the upper twenties with some patchy frost out there. so here's the plan for your saturday at chili stars and partly sunny skies into the afternoon hours, and then on sunday because of a few extra clouds around but still looks like the dry weather will hold off into the next week, but eventually, especially beginning tuesday. the rainfall will be making a big comeback. you can see not too much happening into
6:49 pm
early monday morning, but then on tuesday, those numbers really add up and we could be talking about some heavy rainfall as we head into next week tuesday, possibly wednesday. thursday and we'll see as we do approach christmas. so yes, we do have a lot of rain are forecast once again, as we do head into the back half of december now showing you this the satellite we do have you have just a few high clouds approach to the north coast of california right now, clear to partly cloudy skies, the fog, you probably noticed the fog the dense fog earlier this morning and will likely make a comeback overnight. definitely pretty chilly out there right now we have fairfield, 43 san francisco 50 at san jose in the upper forties 48 degrees. here's a live camera looking out towards san francisco out toward the bay bridge, where temperatures already dropping off into the authorities across a good portion of the bay area, but was a fairly nice afternoon with lots of sunshine. first thing tomorrow morning, though we're going to bring those temperatures down into the thirties and the forties and the cool spots back down into the upper twenties, a place like
6:50 pm
santa rosa 29 degrees livermore . check it in at 32. so here's the plan tomorrow morning cold start. and then into the afternoon hours because of some stubborn fog, especially out towards the inland valleys and right around the delta that could keep those temperatures in the upper forties. otherwise, we'll have some lower fifties for tomorrow. here's his cold pool of air still kind of sticking around for the weekend , and as result we have that cold start with some frost out their areas of dense fog as that cold air continues to move in from the north sunday, a few extra clouds and then next week you can see the overall storm track more rain next week. rain returns on tuesday and then into wednesday and thursday. we could be tracking some more rainfall by that time frame as well. so here's the plan tomorrow morning showing you some of that dense fog out there and then into the afternoon hours, partly cloudy skies you'll notice the rain. it's showing up here. just up to our north. this is sunday, three o'clock and then into monday. we will continue to bring in some more clouds. there is a slight chance of a sprinkle or a light shower that would be favoring the north bay on monday, but it looks like the rainfall really makes a comeback. in the next
6:51 pm
week. highs forward tomorrow we'll be in the fifties. in fact , a few upper forties, though out toward fairfield, conquered in antioch, san jose 57 a look ahead. more clouds sunday more clouds monday and then get ready. the storm door really opens up by tuesday and beyond. but the weekend is looking pretty good. all right, mark. thank you up next in sports. stephen curry and the warriors hit the floor following curries historic night sports director mark ibanez. we'll have the highlights from the gardens.
6:52 pm
the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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but our here, we are just getting started. hope you're having a good friday night. everybody figured the warriors once they got that steph curry record out of the way, the free and easy loose and staff would be able to start hitting again sure started out that way in boston on the parquet floor back there against the celtics, and you may know that. jordan's pool is out. he's on the covid list, and he did not play. but moses moody, the rookie first round draft choice gets his first big time start, steph comes out hot, they'll knock down this three in the first quarter. plus he's fouled four point play. he had 16 in
6:55 pm
the first quarter and the warriors get off to a nice lead up the inbound here, andre iguodala. two gp the second here he paid for the beautiful behind the head dunk, and the warriors build up as much as a 20 point lead. in the second quarter, steph will drive draw the defense. four guys get it up to andrew wiggins. then they'll the three he had 18 in the second quarter. warriors lead by 14 at halftime. drama block looking. he just keeps moving stuff gets it to him green. the finish and the warriors were up seven in the third. they just could not buy a bucket. for most of that third quarter, though, and when i walked into the vinyl room, they were leading only 97 95 with about five minutes left in the fourth quarter, so hang onto your hats there. with regard to professional sports and how they are dealing with the pandemic. man it has hit what you might call a brick wall in professional sports. let's start with the nfl. some major
6:56 pm
schedule changes today announced by the league more than 100 players are out on the covid list. so the nfl postponing three games to line things up monday and tuesday, raiders and browns they were supposed to play saturday. now they've moved it to monday. so you'll see two games on monday and then tuesday , seahawks and rams instead of sunday and the washington football team against the eagles , so let's focus on the cleveland browns at last report. they had 28 players on the covid list, including 12 starters, the raiders are upset because remember, before the season started, the league announced that if you couldn't feel the team, or you were missing a great amount of players. you would have to forfeit the game raiders are claiming the brown should have to forfeit. they need wins. anyway. they can get it and they would take it, but it is simply a postponement. the national hockey league also dealing with major issues as they have announced that three teams will not play at all until well after christmas. calgary
6:57 pm
florida and colorado. no games until january. calgary as a whopping 19 players on the covid list right now, all right, let's talk a little bit about golf. now, if you thought for a moment. the tiger woods wasn't ever going to be able to come back from that car accident injury he sustained last february. i don't know. i never doubted the fact and here he is at the pnc championship today in orlando, florida. it's a pro am event. he was able to play with his 12 year old son, charlie, less than 10. months after that horrific car crash that severely injured his right leg, of course, he underwent several surgeries along the way. he admitted he was nervous today at time and was asked. if he was surprised to be back on the course. so soon and then, tiger? yes and no. you know if you would ask me after those three months in the bed. but i'll be here that would have given you a
6:58 pm
different answer. but there are no days off. we worked every day. even they days where i didn't feel very good. we still worked on something. so every day there was never a day off the entire time, so. other than those three months in bed haven't take a day off. never doubted he'd be back. you know, some people just know how to have fun driving out of the video. you need to check this out. we've had a lot of rain of late, and i guess it's all in how you approach it. what kind of attitude you had? look at these gentlemen. right here. we've got a sign that says, splash me and encouraging cars who drive them to splash them. they actually set up. a few seats. there they are finding it at all. it's just a guess. but i'm thinking some adult beverages were involved in place. mormon, not someplace like minnesota. thank you. big
6:59 pm
bang periods up next on ktvu and bang periods up next on ktvu and our l this is so great. why don't we do it more often? because you have two kids, i have sheldon, and penny's apparently in the gym all the time, 'cause damn, look at her! yeah, so impressive how you manage to bounce back after having no babies. ah, another reason why we don't do this more often. you've come to a giant metal door. i check the door for traps. there are no traps. i use my wizard eye to see what's on the other side of the door. hey, that's sort of like how you used a doorbell camera to spy on your fiancée. no, it's nothing like that. your wizard eye reveals a monster. oh. is it alone and unloved? i guess. i open the door and say, "hey, raj." i have a bottle of champagne for you. oh, we didn't order this. it's from the gentleman at the end of the bar. oh. well, if we drink it, does that mean
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we're making a promise? 'cause i am happily married, although i will watch. we're not gonna do anything. really? so all that work's for leonard? why don't you just call her? i'm sure you guys can work this out. i don't want to talk about it. let's just play. okay, the cyclops tells you that the enchantress you seek is staying at the inn of the dwarven lords. really? an inn? anu is a concierge at a hotel. that's a little insensitive, don't you think? i hadn't noticed that before you mentioned it. well, now that i've mentioned it, how do you feel? bad. shame on you. hey, ladies. zack! hi. you guys know zack. bernadette: yeah. of course. did-did you send this over? i did. i asked for the most expensive one they have. they said it was $200, and i said i want a more expensive one. and then, they said it was $300. but it-it was the same... don't. thank you, but you shouldn't have spent so much. nah.


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