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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 14, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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up around san francisco, pleading for the public's help to find a woman who went missing over the weekend and tonight her mother tells us she is scared for her daughter's safety. against sleep. and i just. waiting waiting to see if
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anybody knows anything about my kid. 28 year old nikita new has not been seen since saturday when she went on a walk while waiting for friends in san francisco. good evening. i'm claudine wang and i'm heather holmes frank and julia roth. tonight loved ones are asking for help to find the woman knew it. 10 tonight. kate, who's amberleigh joins us live from san francisco. men's disappearance. amber. heather i met with the missing woman's mother here in the neighborhood . was she disappeared? mom tells me she's desperate for answers concern for her daughter's safety. she's very, very friendly, really sweet. maria knew drove to san francisco from sacramento tuesday night to look for her daughter, nikita, whatever she used to call people , and with that, let me know that she's okay. did and nothing happened to her. friends say the 28 year old from san mateo was
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last seen in the portrayal. neighborhood friend christine krolik tells me she was with nikita saturday afternoon. they were planning to attend a musical here at this theater on 18th street with some friends she couldn't get in because she didn't have her vaccine card, even though she's vaccinated. so um, i offered to send her in an uber back home, and she insisted it was a beautiful day. she just wanted to walk around the neighborhood. krolik tells me the key to had previously lost her wallet and phone. nikita said she would visit cafes and shops in the area and meet up with krolik about two hours later, around four pm after the performance ended, but she never returned. it was getting dark and i called the police. croelick has put up flyers in the area, she says. there has not been any activity on nikita's email and social media accounts. it's unclear if there is any activity on her bank and credit cards since her disappearance. she actually she's never disappeared like
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this. no family and friends describe nikita as five ft. one weighing £100 brown hair and nice. she was wearing a black jacket and white shorts and was carrying a brightly colored backpack. she has a large tattoo on her left thigh. i am your mother. i love you. you know, i wanted to be sure that you're okay. mom tells me she had been planning to come to san francisco to visit her daughter for christmas. never imagining that she would be here on this night asking for help in finding nikita. friends say nikita had i d on her, but it's unclear if she has money. anyone with information should contact police heather. someone will come forward. amber. thank you. in oakland tonight. police they're searching for missing 12 year old boy. police say that jason's well ran away from his home in oakland around nine this morning. he was last seen in the area of coolidge avenue and
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carmel street. he's originally from davis and police say he might be trying to return to that area. jason is described as a white male with brown hair and brown eyes. he's five ft three and weighs £120. he was last seen wearing a red hoodie, green sweat pants and a white stripe and blue. but they're sweating. excuse me with the white stripe and blue and orange shoes. oakland mayor libby schaaf is asking for governor newsom support to help reduce crime in the city. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us about the technology she wants to use to reduce side shows, shootings and robberies. cars driven recklessly at illegal side shows roving caravans of robbers, invading pharmacies, stores and marijuana dispensaries. young victims killed in freeway shootings like two year old jasper woo and two teenage girls on the party bus. we need the state's partnership. oakland mayor libby chef says these kinds of crimes can be solved and prevent it with technology. on tuesday, she wrote governor newsom with a formal request that installment of security
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cameras, including license plate readers. on our state highways as well as on and off. france mayor says she plans to reach out to other alameda county mayors to rally their support. she also wants cameras installed on some of the city's larger streets that are owned by the state. this new technology have got to be deployed so we can address the regional nature nature of these coordinated criminal attacks as we see the state sitting on a pretty good amount of money. why not just take those steps to protect our public? hercules city council member dan romero is an outspoken supporter of freeway surveillance cameras, license plate readers and shot spotters are already in place along i 80 and highway four in contra costa county. it's a no brainer, and it shouldn't just stop with interstate 80 and 5 80. this should be throughout the whole day area. at this point, that funding model should be easy to replicate. contra costa county prosecutor mary knocks helped secure funding from the state
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for the cameras week kind of pioneered the way and hopefully others can learn from. what we've already accomplished. oakland's mayor hopes the governor will act soon. the governor is preparing a budget that will be released in january , so now seemed like a good time to put in that request. i've reached out to the governor's office but have not heard back. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. san francisco mayor london breed also unveiling some new proposals today to combat crime and that city, the police chief sheriff and other city leaders will join the mayor city hall today. the plan includes amending the city's loss to allow law enforcement to use live camera feeds. to monitor and then quickly react to major crimes. privacy advocates, though, say using those cameras in real time is a violation of civil liberties. but city leaders say cameras are just a small part of a broader plan to combat crime. this has been a problem. that has persisted in
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this city for some time now. and the fact is, things have gotten worse. of a plan also includes cracking down on open air drug markets and drug use, especially in the cities. tenderloin neighborhood officers also will be targeting illegal vendors who make retail theft profitable. meantime authorities today announced to arrest in connection with the large retail theft ring. the names of the suspects were not released. but we know one of them was arrested in san francisco, the other in the lay. oh investigators say they found approximately 15,000 stolen items worth more than $200,000. the photo that you see there on your screen right now shows just some of what was found inside a storage facility in valeo. detectives recovered merchandise from a number of retailers, including drug, grocery and department stores. the investigation involved officers from the highway patrol and the san francisco police department. a developing story tonight as the san francisco unified school board met to try
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to pass a budget plan a critical vote before midnight deadline with a state takeover at risk. ktvu is jana katsuyama is live for us in the newsroom with the final decision and the passionate debate getting their janna. clouding this really came down to the wire. the board finally approved the staff's balanced budget plan with just hours to spare. before this deadline. the vote was 6 to 1 with president gabriela lopez voting no. but it was enough to keep the state from taking over. hundreds of san francisco teachers, parents and students rallied across the street from the san francisco board of education building. they oppose the district staff's proposal to cut 10% from all school sites in order to balance the district's budget and avoid a state takeover. some pita is in very lucky schools can make up the difference. but for the majority of our san francisco families for the majority of san francisco schools, fundraising that amount of money or at all is not an option. the group then
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marched over to the board building picketing outside. the district is facing now projected $125 million shortfall next year hit by a sharp drop in enrollment. you went from 57,000 just i mean to fight 50,000. that's a 14% less students. it's important for this to be a long term process so long as you get through the short term energy. the board had a passionate debate. some advocated to adopt the staff's plan to avoid a takeover. we cannot have our district of bankrupt. and that's what a state takeover beans it means. a district is bankrupt. it can no longer make its payroll or its financial obligations. the staff and superintendent's plan included $90 million in cuts. 50 million from school sites. 40 million cut from central services, including the rotc and college prep for underserved youth. if this budget goes through all the way through. july and we passed it as is what will happen at the sites is going to be. the
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disaster. we're reducing the money that we're giving to schools so they will be even less likely to carry some of the programs that were offloading onto them. and so i want the public to understand that. and that that is what's heartbreaking about this budget . others supported an alternate proposal by board member matt alexander, which would make the majority of cuts in administrative and managerial staff. we can cut 50 million from schools, no problem. right. we can cut 350 educators. no problem. we can't kind of single chief. right i mean that to me sends a strong and i think disturbing message. in the end board member alexander you just saw there withdrew his alternate proposal, which teachers and students at the rally hoped would pass in a compromise with the superintendent. the board and staff will work together to see if more cuts can be made at the top instead of at the classroom level before the final budget is implemented in july. also the staff and board say they plan to advocate for more
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state funding. to help avoid cuts to student services reporting live from the newsroom. jana katsuyama ktvu, fox two news. one day after announcing a new statewide mask mandate, california health officials today updated their guidance. the state says some local jurisdictions that had their own mask requirements can keep them without having to implement the state's new standards tomorrow. so for san francisco that means places such as offices and gyms that verify full vaccination status. can continue to allow people to go masculine indoors. the state's order requires counties without any masking guidelines to implement them for many indoor public spaces as of tomorrow. ahead of that statewide mask mandate. the head of the california health and human services, dr marc galle, toured a vaccine clinic in los angeles today to commemorate one year since the covid-19 vaccine rollout. in that year, nearly 70% of eligible californians have been fully vaccinated.
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still, dr galley talked about the importance of mask wearing, especially during the winter months. i can't stress enough. we know that this virus spreads most aggressively indoors and tight places where the ventilation isn't great and in those settings wearing a mask. can be really the difference between getting infected and coming out without an infection. dr ali also said that if the number of people who wear masks goes up anywhere between 10 to 20% from where we are now, then we can significantly reduce cases in communities with higher surges. and have fewer hospitalizations. lawmakers on capitol hill tonight held a vigil to mark a grim milestone 800,000 deaths of people with covid-19. carla we got right. members of the house and senate stood on the capitol steps with candles and listen to a vocal performance by a member of the u. s air force band before holding a moment of silence.
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100,000 of those deaths have come in the last 11 weeks. mostly among the unvaccinated and the elderly. in addition to the death toll, the us today reached 50 million covid cases. stuff. the all time three point king in the nba and historic night for warriors star steph curry. he now holds the nba's three point record. hear from steph after the break. and we had a chance to dry out. today was pretty nice lots of sunshine going to be cold tonight and there's more rain coming in the next 24 hours. also an effort to give kids in need gifts for the holidays is falling way behind on its goal coming up tonight at on its goal coming up tonight at 10 30 the critical shortag ♪ ♪ ♪
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if you wanna be fresh, you gotta refresh, like subway®. like the new baja steak & jack with tender, thicker-cut steak and... wait sooo you're not coming out of retirement? i'm just here because subway has so much new, they bought time in this press conference to talk about it. now, like i was saying, the new baja steak also has pepper jack cheese, the new baja chipotle sauce... now he can't stop talking. got some black olives, couple pepperoncini's, and some jalapenos... steph curry is now the nba's all time three point leader boy. what an exciting night for the warriors and hillary to tell us more about it is sports director market buying says i mean, he is just incredible, mark. you just think of how many highlights and great moments this guy is brought to us in the bay area and really basketball fans all over the world, you know, from
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time to time, heather people say, mark your grown man. how do you stay interested? did. in sports, and i always say it's the people like steph curry, and it's the great moments like tonight. they keep you not only interested, but exhilarated because you're talking about men and women accomplishments and not all the negatives at madison square garden 500 bucks minimum. just for standing room and the glitterati. easy on hand to see history. michael j. fox was there. chris rock alicia keys, along with michael strahan, the former football star, fox football analyst. and, of courso tell you what, you've got to be nervous, right? but stuff appears to be pretty loose before it started, and he didn't make anybody wait very long. just a little over a minute, any kind of strides toward the center and buries his first three, and he's now even with ray allen right there at 2973.
10:17 pm
takes a moment. take a deep breath and then with about 7 35 left in the first quarter to get a pass from andrew meghan's perfect nothing but med and there he is topping the charts. he's number one ray allen there to applaud him graciously turning over his crown. and, of course, sonia's mom. and a nice moment here on the court with his dad, dell, who in his own price was a great three point shooter during his nba career, and it was pretty cool reggie miller there he once held the record. former u c l. a star cases star calling the game and there it is the big hug from the very gracious. ray allen, and afterwards, of course, steph talked about it after taking a deep breath taking it all in. there's a beautiful i'll call it ending to this last week and the bed up. to getting this number
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and special atmosphere. i knew the garden would deliver. really i can't say it enough. i appreciate so much the way the fans embrace the moment with me and let me just kind of get lost in it. and if you can't do it at home, this is definitely a great plan b. well said, and three of the greatest three point shooters of all time show their jerseys there afterwards. so many great moments so many great camera shots at madison square garden place they call the mecca and steph said it absolutely perfectly. he couldn't do it at home in front of the chase fans and warrior fans as well. got to do it at madison square garden. you make it there. you make it anywhere. that's it. we'll have plenty more in sports. just a little later on, heather. that's right. it was exciting to watch him in action tonight, mark. thank you. well yesterday's heavy rain made way for some
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wild weather. today you're taking a look at video from a viewer of a brief hailstorm that moved through pacifica and you can see some of those small pallets. they're landing on that car. and some bay area mountaintops also saw snow. today's parting clouds revealed this view of. diablo there was also some fresh snow on the summit of mount hambleton. yesterday's atmospheric river helped usher in plenty of cold air, allowing that snow to stick. and the recent storm give california a lot of precious badly needed water, but it did little to fill the state's biggest reservoirs. shasta the state's largest, is only 25% full. that's less than half of where it usually is on this day. lake oroville trinity in san luis, are all below a third of where they need to be while the new maloney's is just at 37% of normal, experts say, we need much more rain to get to where we need to be. for more now on our area, whether we're joined by chief meteorologist bill martin, bill, yes, we need more water and we need more water
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conservation in the in the state of california. we have to start using water more wisely, not just for next year or the next year, but for the for the foreseeable future. that's the name of this the name of the game in this state. we're going to get rain ready? get more rain tomorrow, too. but here's some of the numbers mount tamil pius 11 inches not too bad. 11 almost a half inches. boulder creek up on almost nine inches. now think about that that atmospheric river we had back in october. that big one that historic one that was amount town those guys they're coming in almost 30 inches of rain or just a little over 30 inches of rain. this over the three days was 11 inches of rain, so that is a comparison and not just how much bigger. that historic event was now was this a good storm? yes, it was a really, really good storm, but that other one, right so just kind of put it in perspective, we're gonna need well, we're just gonna need a lot more of everything, quite frankly, to catch up, not just because we were 100% of rainfall this year. whatever right? i mean, we're talking about
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multiple years of deficit water deficit, so we have a long way to go, especially when you're talking about aquifers and groundwater. but we're working on it, and we're careful with how we use it and kind of try to retain it and conservatively might be okay. but in the meantime, we've got this next weather system. it's a colder system coming down from the north. lower snow levels gets here tomorrow afternoon rain showers and potential two inches 2.5 inches in the coastal hills . not bad. not as much as the last system, though, when i come back, we'll time it out for you also talk about how darn cold is going to be tomorrow morning. when you get going somewhere really cold out there. i'll see you back here. okay thanks. bill in kentucky. thousands are still without power and more than 100 people still unaccounted for following friday's devastating tornadoes, neighbors, volunteers and the national guard are joining together to help clean up the mess. and take care of people in need. the focus right now is restoring power and getting food, water and shelter to people who need it. the tiny town of mayfield was turned upside down by a direct hit. this was the restaurant right here. june say there's nothing
10:22 pm
left that you're still kind of in the state of. how do we even start? where do we go from here? a fund set up by the state of kentucky has collected more than $6 million in donations to help with recovery and volunteers are pouring in from all over the country to help in any way they can. well coming up renewed hope for some families of murder victims also corruption allegations against santa clara county sheriff laurie smith and the evidence of grand jury says could remove her from office and a family about to be reunited with an heirloom at 10 45 how they discovered a violin stolen 35 years ago. t
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jury has formally filed accusations that could lead to the removal of sheriff laurie smith from office. the grand jury looked into accusations of corruption and jail, mismanagement and court documents filed today revealed
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grand jury accusations of seven corruption related acts, including. political favoritism and improperly issuing concealed carry weapons permits. the grand jury has the authority to launch the process of removing an elected official from office. smith has been ordered to appear in court on january 12th. she has not responded to a request for comment. a new bill, co authored by east bay congressman eric swalwell, is now making its way through the house. it aims to help solve federal cold cases. ktvu political reporter, greg lee spoke to one grieving mother, one man rather who says the legislation gives her hope that her sister's killer can be found. my sister was basically my everything. um she was five years older than me, and she took on the role of mom. dad sister, brother friend. it's been 24 years since angel turner's sister was taken from her, but not a day goes by that she doesn't hope. and pray for answers. angel remembers the last time she saw her sister on august 9th 1997. she did my hair
10:26 pm
like she always did, um, we had , you know a conversation and then she took me in. she kissed me. goodnight and she left 12 year old georgia, leah moses left the santa rosa home to see a friend. she went missing her body found a week later near the freeway in petaluma. she had been strangled to death. angel what's seven, i was told that they found her. they couldn't recognize her that they had to use her teeth to identify her. and so being seven none of that makes sense. sonoma county sheriff's office put out this sketch at the time, but the killer or killers were never caught. the case went cold, but the sheriff's office says it continues to investigate. she got older angel pushed for answers. friends started a website and a facebook page. but still nothing tells every victim's family that we will not forget your loved one and that they do matter and finding their killer matters to us stories like angels or why east bay congressman eric swalwell in
10:27 pm
texas congressman michael mccaul, both former prosecutors. say they wrote the homicide victims, families rights act. no legislation can bring back. any single lost family member, but it can bring a measure of closure. if we give law enforcement the tools to close a case. the bipartisan bill calls for the following. relatives of homicide victims can ask to have federal cases reviewed after a case has gone cold. more than three years for the investigators must notify the family of their rights and any updates, and it requires the national institute of justice to collect and publish statistics about remaining cold cases in the federal system. it means that there's hope in the process. um. just knowing what i've went through. there is no. across cess of navigating to not only. fight for justice, but to grieve while you're fighting for
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justice, the bill passed out of committee and we'll head to the house floor for consideration. craig lee ktvu, fox two news. we all all one for the kids to open up a new president. in just three days, children will line up to collect donated toys, but there may not be enough. the bay area toy drive facing a shortfall. and google taking a stand against unvaccinated employees that deadline for them to get the shot and what happens if they do not comply and still ahead. the sharks battle seattle in the game that came right down to the wire. marks up a little later with all the high lines and in oakland music teacher is one step closer to winning a prestigious award. i'll tell you prestigious award. i'll tell you about it later tonight.rn about9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support.
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call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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season for the salvation army is in trouble. the nonprofit raises the majority of its funding between thanksgiving and christmas. but this year, fewer donations and fewer volunteers to help collect them. have put the salvation army way behind in fundraising, with only 10 days left in the giving season. the dell'oro division, which includes northern california, is only about halfway to its $2 million fundraising goal. the salvation army says failing to meet their fundraising goal could mean cutting back on some of the programs and services that they provide. when they were attend tonight, a solano county toy drivers coming up short this year with only three days left. now before kids line up for gifts as ktvu is deborah villalon reports, the campaign leader is looking for a christmas miracle. we're definitely questioning, letting everybody know. but this year's been rough years checking toy barrels with time running out. the solano aids coalition has for collection sites in vallejo
10:32 pm
. this one at a cannabis club. we're going to make it happen. we're going to try yeah, the community will help. and thank you so much saturday, families will flock to georgia street coalition ceo mario saucedo has yet to turn a child away. but donations are down from last year, and he's worried every year i grow grow. last year, it was around 1400 kids 400 families. it's a big deal, because sometimes you always went new toys. this fourth grader was among those who lined up last year because. they would have the nine and the 12 year old having their own toys for that age, and then for your other age will have different toys. thank you guys. thank you. good work. very good work. we want to come a lot more toys started the toy drive 18 years ago with just 30 kids infected or affected by hiv. he had become an aid support volunteer while working in hollywood costume design. he was horrible
10:33 pm
people was dying, left and right and. in like a couple of couple of years. i have no friends have nobody, only me now he is a fixture in valeo, his coalition known for year round food and condom distributions. and, of course, the toy drive offered to any child in need. and everything that you see here just came today. we had nothing people are stepping up this entire spread of toys. arriving in one carload to women sent by their boss of elio dermatologist and gave him 1000 bucks. until those to go shopping. they went shopping just today and picked up all these toys. toys right here. saucedo knows compassion is everywhere. this barrel is in a downtown bar together. we can do it. i mean that we have to do it. you know exactly. he has convinced toys are more than mere playthings, but an expression of kindness. that leaves a lasting impression. if we as a community we help and i mean one toy one little toy, it can make a big difference in a
10:34 pm
kid and phileo deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. and there are new recommendations from the state if you plan to travel outside of california this holiday season, ktvu jesse gary with what you need to know as the christmas rush nears. welcome to san jose in the heart of silicon valley, silicon valley's airport. once again, it's the heartbeat of south bay travel. we're very excited about this year. a lot of people will be traveling for the first time since the pandemic began, and so we're expecting to see numbers back up from when covid began. california health officials say levels of covid hospitalizations are on the rise to state officials recommending travelers take a covid test 24 hours after arriving in or returning to the golden state with public health measures. we have to go with what data we have, so it makes sense to implement some proactive approach driven by delta and macron variants. the
10:35 pm
state reinstituted mask mandates for one month beginning wednesday, protect myself too, as well. and fully vaccinated and i take my precautions. the new protocols aren't expected to impact public k through 12 education. the sf usd says it already adheres to local and state mask guidelines and officials with oakland unified say they're already sending covid test home with students and have done so since the beginning of the semester. leaders of the south bay's largest school district say they'll maintain covid protocol measures already in place. we're not planning on requiring testing and for people who have traveled, we definitely support the state and encourage anyone who's traveled students or staff members to be tested. officials at all levels of government from north to south east to west say the best way to slow the spread of the latest covid variant is increase inoculation rates. mineta san jose international airport. i'm just see gary ktvu fox two news well, amtrak announced today that it will
10:36 pm
temporarily suspend a vaccine mandate for its employees. and said it will allow on vaccinated workers to get tested as an alternative. amtrak had announced that it would have to cut service because of president biden's executive order that would require federal contractors to be fully vaccinated by january 4th, but a recent court ruling has put that mandate on hold, amtrak says right now 500 active amtrak employees are not vaccinated. and new at 10 on vaccinated google employees face pay cuts or layoffs if they don't comply with the company's vaccine policy. in a memo employees were told that they had until december 3rd to prove their vaccination status or to apply for a medical or religious exemption. workers who don't comply by president biden's january 18th deadline will be placed on paid administrative leave for 30. days after that, the company told employees they will be put on unpaid personal leave. followed by termination. coming up tonight at 11 1st of its kind legislation in san francisco how the city is once
10:37 pm
again setting itself apart to help protect workers. and all time that next rain into the bay area it comes in tomorrow afternoon. we'll see you back here with that end up first after the break the house votes to hold former white house chief of staff mark meadows in of staff mark meadows in contempt mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. meadows in contempt. the vote comes after meadows chose not to cooperate with the january 6th committee investigating the siege on the capital. tonight's vote will send the matter to the u. s attorney's office, which will decide whether to convene a grand jury for possible criminal charges. meadows is a former congressman. and this is the first time the house has voted to hold a former member in contempt since the 18 thirties. and a federal judge today throughout former president
10:40 pm
trump's lawsuit to block a house committee for seeing his tax returns. it is the latest in the back and forth in the nearly two year legal battle that trump has waged to keep his tax information secret. the judge who was appointed by trump rejected the former president's claim that the house ways and means committee had no legitimate need to see the returns. the judge put the order on hold for 14 days to give trump's attorneys time to appeal. legislation to raise the nation's debt limit by $2.5 trillion, now sits on the president's desk. the house on a near party line vote approved the new debt ceiling just hours before a deadline that could have brought on the first ever u. s default. president biden is expected to sign that bill tomorrow. the debt limit is being raised to increase the nation's borrowing authority. a default could send the economy into a tailspin and shake global confidence in the us. today marks nine years since the tragic mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. on this day in 2012 26 people, including
10:41 pm
children were gunned down in one of the deadliest mass shootings in u. s history. all of the 20 children killed and seven years old, three teachers, a principle a therapist and i psychologist were also killed. today president biden marked the anniversary with a renewed pledge to address mass shootings. in my budget. i'm called. i'm confident, doubling the funding for gun violence prevention research. including examining gun violence as a public health threat, which it is in my view, everything changed that morning for you. and the nation was shocked. for me and for barack the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. with one of the saddest days we were in office those eight yeard back better legislation would make a $5 billion investment in community violence prevention and intervention programs. full of family thought really that they would never be reunited with an heirloom after it was stolen 35 years ago. and i said
10:42 pm
, hey, look at this that you know they're selling one just like yours. and he said no, no, that is mine. after the break how a woman discovered her father's beloved antique violin was right here in the bay area and the atmospheric river has passed, but more rain is on the way. chief meteorologist ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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limited availability in select areas. family heirloom missing for decades now due to be reunited with his owner, the rare violin was stolen back in 1986. from a family and martinez ktvu. zach sauce is here now with how the instrument was finally tracked down. yeah to really remarkable . the family had almost lost hope of finding that violin made in the late 16 hundreds and then, to their amazement there it was online. thing i just started googling around and i saw the sales listening and i send it to him, and i thought it was something else for sale. this striking violin listed at $50,000 and i said, hey, look at this. but you know they're selling one just like yours. and he said no, no, that is mine. her father, lola, music instructor separated from the rear violence since 1986 when it was stolen from his car and martinez while they were moving, i replaced the strings. i replaced the tail piece. there it is. it's a different brand. i
10:46 pm
replaced the chin rest like he could see all these little things in the sales photos that he upgrades he had made, including one key, iconic feature. what makes it unique is the face carved into the scroll that jacob stainer. label would carve like animal faces into the scroll like lions and things like that, but they didn't carved people and marcus stayner did something unique. her father in disbelief, he went through a roller coaster, the family heirloom listed for sale at by the way, antiques and conquered craftsmanship was just unparalleled to anything we've seen before. owner rachel grimaldi had discovered the violin at an estate sale. i love learning the history and the background of each item, and there's just so much rich culture that goes along with it. the history of this piece, one she could never have predicted when she fielded a call from lola's son in law. i've resonated with a family story. i mean, we've had many things stolen. invaluable and sentimental things stolen over
10:47 pm
the years and to know or to imagine that we might be able to help in this process of bringing this back to him. is it's a beautiful feeling, grimaldi agreeing to sell the violin back for the $2500 pray she paid for it and in the process healing a decades long wound in this family. soon it will be reunited with lull it sometime early in the year. we'll get a flight home and after making sure that we can take it as a carry on because ain't no way i'm checking nothing. and they say they'll be flying out to st louis, where the father now lives. but first there will be driving up from los angeles to concord on saturday to pick up that treasured violin. for now, i'm live in the studios excess. ktvu, fox two news. very cool story. alright thanks. zack want oakland teacher is a finalist for one of the most prestigious awards in music education. we told you about zack pit smith last month when he was one of the semifinalists for the grammys music educator of the year award. well now he is one
10:48 pm
of 10 finalists pit. smith has been teaching middle and high school students in the oakland unified school district for 15 years. the music educator of the year will receive a $10,000 gift at a matching grant to their school's music program. alrighty then a nice dry night compared to last night. huge difference. we have some cold air lingering from where that system went through last night and today and we're going to see temperatures down in the low thirties and some of those inland bay valley . certainly, some frost temperatures just above freezing or at freezing in the coldest spots. here's the story with the next system. this comes in tomorrow afternoon. it's cooler system you may have noticed. it came from higher latitude. so we're going to see some afternoon late afternoon early evening rain afternoon. it might be a little sketchy, and then it rains kind of on and off in the evening hours and then into the early morning on thursday, and then it quits. and we got more after that, as we could pass the weekend, but the idea is it's going to be mainly impacting the
10:49 pm
afternoon commute and maybe a little bit on the morning commute tomorrow on thursday, so with that we're going to see low snow levels. we'll see. uh maybe a foot to two ft of new snow. we saw up to five ft of snow. up there over the last 72 hours, and they're still getting a little bit of snow up there. right now. temperatures and snow levels will be much lower with this next system, so we're gonna find lower levels down to probably. probably around 3800 ft. something like that. it's gonna be pretty pretty low. it's cool outside right now. you would expect you're feeling it. the dew point are kind of low, so temperatures are going to hover. right in the mid and low thirties, especially those inland bay valleys, not a lot of fog to be concerned with. there might be a teeny bit, but mostly you got some high clouds. that's why we're not even cold, even going to be colder than that the cloud would be lingering tomorrow. the morning you wake up partly cloudy. mostly cloudy . if you worked well for most of us, and then it kind of clears out and then look what happens. that system starts to tee up in the north bay and then. it starts to push through or starts
10:50 pm
to get closer about the time of the early afternoon commute, 3 30 or four and. it looks like it's going to rain pretty much all night into thursday morning . so here's another look at the model. here we are tomorrow morning. same thing. just a different angle, right? and then here we are tomorrow after about four o'clock starting to sprinkle and then here we are about 10 o'clock tomorrow night. that's kind of it, sliding through. and then there we are thursday morning at six a.m. and then thursday afternoon so overnight wednesday into thursday morning and then should be done in the mountains. it will linger a little bit longer , and we'll see again. maybe a couple of feet of snow we could see anywhere from. an inch of rain to two inches of rain, which will seem like nothing compared to what we just received. so temperatures tomorrow in the low fifties. it's good. we're getting ready and done. i just sneak and peek at some of the long long range models. and out here past sunday into the entirety next week, there's a forecast for rain on and off so the potential for more mountain snow is significant and even rain around
10:51 pm
here so there's your forecast. looks like you got a dry dr tomorrow, but the afternoon commute might be a little bit damp. okay it's a nice little pattern, setting up appreciate it well in southern california, several people have been rescued after being trapped in mud slides to brief low and flash flooding there. this is video from silverado canyon east of irvine. it shows mud covering the streets, their homes damaged cars stuck in the debris. a mandatory evacuation order had been issued for silverado canyon area because it was near burn scar. the significant storm that hit southern california today is that same system that brought so much rain and flooding to the bay area yesterday. well coming up. sports director marco baniyas will join us to talk more about steph curry's history , making moments tonight in new york, and whether step now considers himself the greatest shooter in nba history. and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news tonight, a comprehensive effort to curb retail theft. today's round table with the state
10:52 pm
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at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. with the in the vital room tonight. i'm just gonna go ahead and say it to me watching basketball for more than 50 years, he is far and away the most watchable player i have ever seen on an nba court. part of it is knowing what a great guy he is off the cord, and he certainly didn't disappoint anybody showing up at madison square garden. tonight and man. was it a hot ticket at msg, 5 50 , or standing room only you can imagine how much courtside was. steph had to be nervous amp depth as he meets with the two other greatest three point shooters in history, talking about reggie miller and ray allen, of course, and he didn't
10:55 pm
make anybody wait long. look at the nice stride to the middle and buries his first three point attempt to the night just a little over a minute in. and after that, with about seven minutes or so left in the first quarter, he makes it happen to top the charts. three in the all time cardigan from the start wiggins again here's curry for the record is stephan curry time ? three point king of the nba. you've got to imagine that is a weight off his shoulders. his mom sonia, in the stands, of course, and a real nice moment with his dad, dell, who in his own right great three point shooter during his career, and to exchange some nice words. and there's steve kerr, of course, who when he took over the warriors gave him the green light. notice the tout, let him go. reggie miller, who once held
10:56 pm
the record himself, was one of the announcers and then the big hug. the gracious ray allen and love to know what they were actually saying, right there. maybe someday we'll know. but the warriors we must mention also won the game as jordan's pool goes to the bucket. thanks. so nice pass from steph. he assists their pool had 19 points on the night and just to make sure everybody goes home with one last memory, wait for the defender to go by and let it go . he wound up shooting five of 14 from 3 22 points, not the warriors best night, but. the pictures that emanate from madison square garden. tell the story. steph is the greatest three point shooter of all time . no denying that they're not just three point shooters. now i can provide myself on the longevity of getting to that number that, ray said, and hopefully pushing it, too.
10:57 pm
remember that nobody can reach. we'll see what happens, but i never want to call myself the greatest shooter until i got this record so comfortable saying that now. yeah i think we've all been comfortable saying it for a long time, and i think he's going to relax and i think you're going to see his shooting percentage go up a little bit on the college courts tonight at morada kind of a strange game for st mary's as they take out stanislaw state hard to believe that this game was actually tied in the second half early on. 32 all but get this the gaels go on a 44. 7 run ! when have you ever heard of that? augustus march alone is looking like his dad with the left hand. former warrior was his pop for you folks who didn't follow the warriors back then, and then judah brown will work the baseline nicely, very balanced scoring attack for the gaels tonight 70 to 39 10 and
10:58 pm
two and also want to mention boise state 72 60 over santa clara tonight, alright, the sharks had a tough they had to deal with a. mythical scandinavian sea creature. what is he talking about? it's the crack in, of course, the new team in the nhl, the seattle and that kid's gotta bird's eye view of things hoped he knows what a great seat that is right up against the glass. i think of as a shark span disappointed. seattle up one, nothing brandon tenets for the cracking will scored more and iki facilitated there with the assist that made it to nothing. three minutes later, san jose has to pull their goalie some nice passing here. bret burns, logan couture. is ninth goal of the year. sharks have a shot at it. 91 keeping the empty net didn't work as urine crook will work it for the empty matter. 31 final the sharks. they're 15 13 and
10:59 pm
one. let's go back to the warriors. let's talk about someone else. and the warriors. gary payton, the second, for instance, who has become an instant sensation, a fan favorite. here's a little example of why, when he's not playing what a great guy is to check this out from last night. my fault. my fault. what was that? good can you get him? another beer artist dropped it features father o'shea, you're sitting would you just the truth, i accidentally spills together. beer apparently make sure he's all taken care of even brings him a town gary payton, the second. young glove, one of the fan favorites already that is the sporting life quite a night all the way around for the warriors, and we'll have a little war in about 25 minutes or so, guys back to you accidents happen. it's nice to get the replacement. alright thanks mark next at 11. you
11:00 pm
cannot have our district of bankrupt i mean, that's what a state takeover beans. an emotional debate tonight before midnight deadline on how to bridge the san francisco school districts, multimillion dollar budget gap and avoid a potential state takeover. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. and hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes and i'm clouding. wang. frank and julie are off tonight tonight school board vote, brought out hundreds of san francisco families and teachers. ktvu jana katsuyama live with us in studio now, with details of that vote, janna. flooding and heather. the board approved the staff's balanced budget plan tonight by a vote of 6 to 1 with president gabriela lopez voting. no but it really came down to the wire, preventing a state takeover, but there is still a lot of work ahead to determine exactly which jobs will be cut. hundreds of san francisco teachers, parents and students rallied across the street from the san francisco board of education


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