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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 14, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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francisco mayor. london breed today discussing her plan to stop open drug use in the tenderloin. good evening, everyone and heather holmes and i'm clotting. wang, frank and julie are off. from flagrant drug used to retail theft, the mayors of oakland and san francisco today announced new efforts to curb rising crime and we begin in san francisco with ktvu christian captain on some of the controversial policies unveiled today at city hall. high profile crimes have rocked san francisco. this has been a problem. bat has persisted in this city for some time now. and the fact is, things have gotten worse, the mayor, police chief sheriff, among others, saying they're taking action using lessons they learned during the pandemic to leverage the entire city's infrastructure to combat crime. among the proposals amending the city's laws, which they say don't allow law enforcement to use live camera feeds. to monitor and quickly
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react to major crimes. if you are the one that is suffering from a victim of a violent crime or your other shop, owner of storekeeper that had your business demolished and looted. it's little consolation and sayr you've been victimized. privacy advocate brian hofer worries. this is an attempt to weaken restrictions meant to protect privacy. he helped author san francisco's surveillance laws, and he says the city can already use the cameras and emergencies that threaten people's lives, so not be smashing and grabbing and breaking into stores. that's true. that doesn't mean we get rid of civil liberties. it's not a privacy for public safety, you know, binary decision we can have. both city leaders say cameras are just a small part of a broad plan to combat crime. this is department of emergency management is now a major player in the city's efforts to clean up the tenderloin city leaders, saying they'll be cracking down on open air drug markets and drug use. and we'll be targeting
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illegal vendors who make retail theft profitable. we know that there are issues all over the city. our second initiative is targeting the illegal vending on our streets. that is incentivizing. the break ins and robberies like the ones we have seen at stores and small businesses throughout the city. city leaders also saying they'll continue to make arrests and need the district attorney to ensure that there are strong consequences. for those who break the law are hope is that in light of everything that's been going on. that the maximum charges for any of these cases, you know, are what the diego's after san francisco's police chief is saying that the heavy police presence we've seen around union square is now going to be a permanent fixture, the chief and mayor, saying they know that will require more resources and more cops. and they say that there. working to make sure they have the money and the recruits to make sure that that happens in san francisco, christien kafton ktvu
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box two news. i knew at six tonight to arrest announced late today in a large retail theft bust. the names of the suspects were not released. but we know one was arrested in vallejo, the other in san francisco. investigators say they found approximately. 15,000 stolen items worth more than $200,000. this photo shows just some of what was found in evelio storage facility. detectives found merchandise from a number of retailers, including cvs victoria's secret gap, target lens, crafters, nordstrom, walgreens and safeway. the investigation involved officers from the highway patrol and the san francisco police department to oakland. now we're mayor shaft is asking the governor for help in solving the city's rising crime and violence rates . she wants to get surveillance cameras and license plate readers on freeways and state roads in the city. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has that part of our coverage. cars driven recklessly at illegal side shows roving caravans of robbers,
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invading pharmacies, stores and marijuana dispensaries. young victims killed in freeway shootings like two year old jasper woo and two teenage girls on the party bus. we need the state's partnership. oakland mayor libby chef says these kinds of crimes can be solved and prevent it with technology. on tuesday, she wrote governor newsom with the formal request. the installment of security cameras, including license plate readers on our state highways as well as on and off france. the mayor says she plans to reach out to other alameda county mayors to rally their support. she also wants cameras installed on some of the city's larger streets that are owned by the state. this new technology has got to be deployed so we can address the regional nature nature of these coordinated criminal attacks as we see the state sitting on a pretty good amount of money. why not? just take those steps to protect our public? hercules city council member dan romero is an outspoken supporter of freeway surveillance cameras, license plate readers and shot spotters are already in place along i 80
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and highway four in contra costa county. it's a no brainer, and it shouldn't just stop with with interstate 80 and 5 80. it should be throughout the whole big area. at this point, that funding model should be easy to replicate. contra costa county prosecutor mary knocks helped secure funding from the state for the cameras week kind of pioneered the way and hopefully others can learn from what we've already accomplished. oakland's mayor hopes the governor will act soon. the governor is preparing a budget that will be released in january, so now seemed like a good time to put in that request. i've reached out to the governor's office but have not heard back. henry lee ktvu, fox two news. ahead of the holiday break. when school is out, the chp is reminding the public about the deadly consequences of illegal street racing and side shows. chp commissioner amanda rain joined members of families who have lost loved ones to street racing. for a news conference this morning at state capitol, mr races since 2015 incidents of
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street racing inside shows have quadrupled across the state, and the increase has come with a human cost. over five year period. these illegal activities have resulted in 264 crashes statewide. and of those 264 crashes, 30 have resulted in fatalities. and an additional 124 have resulted in serious injuries. these crashes have resulted in deaths. and injuries to both the involved parties and to those innocent bystanders, as witnessed by the families here with me today. commissioner ray also says the chp was recently given a new grant to help stop illegal racing inside shows and it will allow the department to step up enforcement and undercover operations and to launch a new social media campaign. new at six minimum wage in sonoma county is officially going up to $16.75 starting in the new year, the sonoma county board of supervisors voted unanimously today for the 11.7% pay increase
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. starting january 1st everyone employed directly by sonoma county and workers in some private companies and non profits will get a raise. the state minimum wage is also rising. january 1st. the rate will go up to $14 an hour for employers with 25, or fewer workers and $15 an hour for employers with 26 or more employees. well, we are now just 10 days away from christmas eve, and the holiday travel season is in full swing. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary reports from san jose's airport on how travelers are coping with updated covid protocols statewide. due to the omicron variant. welcome to san jose and the heart of silicon valley, silicon valley's airport. once again, it's the heartbeat of south bay travel. we're very excited about this year. a lot of people will be traveling for the first time since the pandemic began, and so we're expecting to see numbers back up from when covid began. california health officials say
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levels of covid hospitalizations are on the rise to state officials recommending travelers take a covid test 24 hours after arriving in or returning to the golden state public health measures we have to go with what data we have, so it makes sense to implement some proactive approach driven by delta and macron variants. the state reinstituted mask mandates for one month beginning wednesday, protect myself too, as well. and fully vaccinated and i take my precautions. the new protocols aren't expected to impact public case through 12 education. the sf usd says it already adheres to local and state mask guidelines and officials with oakland unified say they're already sending covid test home with students and have done so since the beginning of the semester. leaders of the south bay's largest school district say they'll maintain covid protocol measures already in place. we're not planning on requiring testing and for people who have traveled, we definitely support the state and encourage
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anyone who's traveled students or staff members to be tested. officials at all levels of government from north to south east to west say the best way to slow the spread of the latest covid variant is increase inoculation rates. at mineta san jose international airport. i'm just see gary ktvu fox two news . well as of tonight, more than 800,000. americans have now died from covid-19. this somber milestone coming as health officials in the u. s. and around the world are trying to contain the omicron variant fox news is david lee miller shows us how. several states are doing what they can to curb the spread of delta and a micron variants. california has revised their indoor mask mandate as virus cases jumped nearly 50% in the past two weeks. and here in new york a vaccine mandate is now in effect for 5 to 11 year olds. it applies to gyms, restaurants, entertainment venues and some school activities. this is. preemptive strike to make sure that we could protect people stopped this from spreading, particularly with the unknown
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characteristics of the new variant. a new study from south africa finds two doses of fighters. covid-19 vaccine provides. just 33% protection against the crown variant. despite this, researchers say those infected are less likely to be hospitalized with the strain. the news comes has the variant sweeps across the globe? including the united kingdom, where officials expected to be the dominant strain in just a matter of days. the uk's four chief medical officers raised the covid of that level to four. its second highest level. because of the evidence that macron is doubling here in the uk every 2 to 3 days, the world health organization also raising concerns about vaccine access to poorer nations. the u. n agency announcing it may take several years before a majority of african nations are able to hit their vaccination targets for africa to reach the global targets. at the current rate. you're going 70% this, maybe let
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august 2024 tuesday marks one year since the first american received the covid-19 vaccine. since then, more than 200 million americans have been fully vaccinated. in new york. david lee miller fox news. alright boy, it was exciting watching steph curry today make history. guarding it from the start. wiggins again here's curry for the record. is stephan curry field time? three point king at the end. huge as you probably know. curry came into tonight's game there at madison square garden, needing just 13 pointer to tie ray allen and to beat him for the all time mark. of 2974 3 pointers one minute and three seconds into that game . well, curry tied the record and then roughly 3.5 minutes later, he beat it. we will have much more on this historic moment for stephan curry, the warriors and the nba. coming up
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a little later in sports. coming up, helping kentucky and displaced by those deadly tornadoes over the weekend, where they'll be staying as crews continue to clean up the mess. and taking a look. now it's snowy conditions around the bay area where you could find some fresh power today following our big store. and there is more rain to come. i'll have that in the five day coming up in just a few minutes. plus we got a lot of rain over the past two days. but how much did it help our drought situation? we're going to take a look at where our reservoir systems are at tonight. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!... i can du more of the things i love.
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county firefighters rescued. several residents trapped in mud slides, debris flow and flash flooding. this is happening the silverado canyon east of irvine. most of the damage was caused by
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that system that moved through the area. a mandatory evacuation order happened issued around this area because it was near burn scar. so far, there are no reports of any injuries. here at home much calmer weather in the bay area following yesterday's deluge the clear skies making way for this view, check out that fresh snow on top of mount diablo, just one place our peaks have turned white. and from the east page of the south bay. we're also seeing snow at the summit of mount hambleton sky. foxx captured these pictures. the drenching atmospheric river exited the bay area early this morning and cold air filtered into the region. pushing low enough for snow to stick that big storm gave california a lot of precious badly needed water. so what is the status of our reservoirs? ktvu tom vacar took a look today at capacity and reports now for us tonight from sonoma county. as of midnight monday. california's major reservoirs keep getting more and more water from the weekend storm as the runoff finds its
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way into them. their major reservoirs still are very, very low. hydrologist and climatologist dr. peter glick is founder of the pacific institute . we need several more big storms really quite a few, frankly. before those big reservoirs even get to where they ought to be. for today, let's states five biggest reservoirs tell the tale shasta , the state's largest is only 25% full, but that's less than half. of its normal volume this time of year. lake oroville 31% full trinity 29% full less than half of normal new maloney's 37% full san luis 24% full, not even half of normal. the really big water demands in california, the central valley farms, the big cities along the coast and in southern california depend on the big reservoirs like sonoma managed by the sonoma county water agency. is by far the bay region's largest reservoir
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serving 600,000, north bay residences and businesses. if i had been standing here two years ago, i would have needed scuba gear in 2019. on this day. it was 87% full with much of the rainy season still to go. in 2020 as the drought set in. it was at 66% full this time this year, just 50% full, including the most recent rains. this is the second atmospheric river we've had and we're going to need a lot more of these storms before we're out of this drought . after two years of drought, it's going to take a lot of rain to fill up our reservoirs again. right now, most marin county reservoirs looked to be in better shape as we can see here at stafford lake. and the cossio reservoir, but that's because they're relatively small and in constant need of replenishment. so whether it's a big or small reservoir. the worry is this. sometimes we can have an incredibly dry january and
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february and that's what we're worried about. we're still not out of the woods yet. so for now , the atmospheric rivers bought us a little time but very little time. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. the alice when we talk about water, it seems pretty sis . if ian here in the bay area does, nor in california and that listen, it's always going to be a thing. even if we get 200% of rainfall this year and 200% the next year and the next year. we're still going to have a deficit. we just are. we have such a large population. it's growing so fast. we use so much water for agricultural use so much water for you know, lawns and households. and what have you so. we just have to get used to that. so i can't stress that enough. it's california. it's not going to the drought does never goes away never goes away. it's always on. it's always a thing. mount tamil pius 11 inches of rain. it helps a lot. boulder creek, eight inches of rain. this is over the three day total, so we had a really significant rain of it. now, if
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you look at mount tam, you know mount tam on that late october atmospheric river, they were up over 30 inches of rain. in three days, so as big as this system was, and it was a really good system, 30 inches versus 11 inches, so you see that last system was historic. as i said it last night. this is just a really good storm surge really good storm. really good storm, but the other one was weak. when you start messing with historical records like that, last one did you know it's tough to tough to beat that. these are some of the more the totals around. so really, we really did. really really well. we've got more rain coming. the mountains are still getting a little bit of snow on and off. there are some power outages up in truckee. and we are looking for a winter storm warning to go into tomorrow night and into thursday morning as a next system of colder system, lower snow levels. 1 to 2 ft. of snow for the mountains, maybe an inch inch and a half of rain for our heavier spots, maybe two in the heavy spots. most of us are like san francisco may go half inch, so one more storm to go a little bit more of a break, and then we get going again next week.
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there's some more opportunities , so we have a nice pattern going progressive pattern. so that's kind of where we are right now. when i come back, we'll look at the five day and we'll dial in the temperatures in which you can expect day by day into the weekend. all right . thanks, bill. well, kentucky's governor says state parks will open up rooms for anyone who needs one. that's after thousands of people were displaced by this weekend's deadly tornadoes. foxes madeline rivera is once again for us tonight in mayfield, kentucky, one of two cities that president biden will travel to tomorrow. work continues around the clock to clear roads and clean up debris as a long recovery process continues here in mayfield, but i'll tell you what. it feels pretty good. to not just be pushing this stuff out of the way. but to be loading it up and taking it out of town. it may be several weeks until officials in kentucky tally the full scope of the damage after five twisters hit the state in the span of a few hours. in dawson springs. an official estimates more than 60%
6:21 pm
of the town is beyond repair. those whose homes are still standing feeling grateful we got into the bedroom closet right before it hit. and if you look at what we have left. we're blessed in mayfield. many of the buildings were reduced to their foundations. construction company owner wesley strange is used to working with his hands. now he's sifting through the debris of the building. he was remodeling. we're one day away one day away from getting it done. that was friday night. he had planned to stick around to finish the job. until his nephew urged him to get out. within minutes. the building was gone, and he did not have insurance. now he's trying to salvage whatever tools he can find in the rubble, which she left behind in his rush to leave. it's just unreal. i can't i can't. there's no words to have my feelings are right now because. this was my life. this is what i love to do. i love to build the owner of a candle factory, where a lot of the search and rescue operations have been focused on here in, mayfield says all of their workers have been accounted for. a state safety agency says a
6:22 pm
review into the eight employees killed is underway and could take up to six months to complete in mayfield, kentucky, rivera ktvu, fox two news. police make an arrest after a deadly shooting in the parking lot of the tesla factory there in fremont, the connection between the suspect and the victim and why the california attorney general's office is now reviewing a standoff that left a suspect dead. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. police shot and killed the suspect. the california attorney general's offices independently reviewing the shooting under a new state law that specifically looks into the deaths of unarmed people by police. police have not yet confirmed whether the suspect was armed at the time he was shot, but police have said that he fired dozens of shots in the neighborhood and from inside his home. the incident unfolded friday afternoon on dove court. the man barricaded himself inside the home and for hours refused to come out peacefully. eventually police say he set his garage on fire in an effort to escape to the backyard. and that's when he was shot by swat officers. police have not said if he had a weapon on him at the time. investigators in this matter are still gathering facts , and at this time it would be premature to release any material that could jeopardize its investigation. you will release additional information to the public as soon as we can.
6:26 pm
now we're told the officers involved in the deadly shooting are being interviewed, and those interviews will likely be completed by thursday. the department says it will release more details as soon as it can. we're also being told that officer was injured in a car crash as he blocked the crime scene is said to be recovering and in good spirits. fremont police say they have now made an arrest in that deadly shooting yesterday at the tesla plant. homicide detectives say that 29 year old anthony salima milpitas was taken into custody late last night. salima reportedly worked with the male victim at the tesla plant. police say the initial investigation shows the two men arguing earlier in the day than salima suddenly walked off the job. the victim had just gotten off of his shift when he was fatally shot there in the parking lot. police say when salima was arrested, they found a loaded gun in his car. he was booked into the santa rita jail. coming up on good to the news at 6 30. house democrats move to site former white house chief of staff mark meadows with contempt
6:27 pm
of congress, the texts and emails coming to light today on capitol hill. also our sports director market, baniyas will join us to talk more about steph curry's his history making moment tonight there in new york. plus bringing new attention to cold cases a new bipartisan bill that aims to help families of homicide victims get closure. rn about co9 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support.
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call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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london breed today, unveiling a series of new anti crime measures that include amending the city's laws to allow law enforcement to use live camera feeds to monitor and quickly react to major crimes. the plan also includes more officers in the tenderloin to crack down on drug sales and drug use. the atmospheric river that passed over the bay area yesterday helped fill the region's reservoirs, but we are still at much lower levels, an average experts say. we still need several more big storms like the one we just had. if we want to get back to normal range, and with the holiday travel season picking up state health officials are recommending that people take a covid test 24 hours after arriving in or returning to california. they also say it's important to check to see what the covid regulations are regarding mask use, testing and vaccinations in the state or country that you're headed to. are you watching? ktvu fox two news tonight at 6 30, giving more rise to the families of homicide victims.
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that is the goal of a new bill, co authored by east bay congressman eric swalwell. the bill aims to help solve federal cold cases. new at 6 30 political reporter greg lee tells us, the authors. wanted to become a model for local cases, too. my sister was basically my everything. um she was five years older than me, and she took on the role of mom. dad sister, brother friend. it's been 24 years since angel turner's sister was taken from her, but not a day goes by that she doesn't hope. and pray for answers. angel remembers the last time she saw her sister on august 9th 1997. she did my hair like she always did, um, we had you know a conversation and then she took me in. she kissed me. goodnight and she left 12 year old georgia, leah moses left the santa rosa home to see a friend . she went missing her body found a week later near the freeway in petaluma. she had been strangled to death. angel what's seven, i was told that they found her. they couldn't
6:32 pm
recognize her that they had to use her teeth to identify her. and so being seven. none of that makes sense. sonoma county sheriff's office put out this sketch at the time, but the killer or killers were never caught. the case went cold, but the sheriff's office says it continues to investigate. she got older angel pushed for answers. friends started a website and a facebook page. but still nothing tells every victim's family that we will not forget your loved one and that they do matter and finding their killer matters to us stories like angels or why east bay congressman eric swalwell in texas congressman michael mccaul, both former prosecutors. say they wrote the homicide victims, families rights act. no legislation can bring back. any single lost family member, but it can bring a measure of closure. if we give law enforcement the tools to close a case. the bipartisan bill calls for the following. relatives of
6:33 pm
homicide victims can ask to have federal cases reviewed after a case has gone cold more than three years, federal investigators must notify the family of their rights and any updates, and it requires the national institute of justice to collect and publish statistics about remaining cold cases in the federal system. it means that there's hope in the process. um. just knowing what i've went through. there is no. process of navigating to not only. fight for justice, but to grieve while you're fighting for justice, the bill passed out of committee and will head to the house floor for consideration. congressman mccaul wrote this. this legislation will give families more rights to request a federal review of a cold case . we are one step closer to justice with the markup of this bill. craig lee ktvu, fox two news. at the house tonight is debating contempt charges against former white house chief
6:34 pm
of staff mark meadows after he defied a congressional subpoena to testify about the january 6th riot there at the u. s. capitol. boxes chad per gram tells us how house democrats are making the case for contempt vote tonight. every republican and every democrat to be voting for this legislation. house democrats further made the case for charging mark meadows, president trump's former chief of staff, with contempt of congress. the move coming one day after the house select panel investigating the january 6th attack on the u. s capitol, voted to recommend the criminal charges given the former white house officials refusal to testify in the committee's probe. our democracy was inches from ruin. the committee reviewed thousands of texts and emails handed over by meadows, revealing numerous exchanges with members of congress and others on the day of the attack. many urged meadows to convince president trump to send his supporters
6:35 pm
home. these text messages leave no doubt. the white house knew exactly what was happening here at the capitol. the committee also accused meadows of withholding key information. the supreme court has already found that executive privilege does not cover criminal activity. even after mr meadows turned over text democrats have now gone so far as to see subpoena verizon for mr meadows phone records. such naked scheming should stay in house of cards and other tv shows. not in this chamber. contempt of congress charge carries a penalty of up to a year in jail. but that doesn't mean that congress gets the information it wants on capitol hill, chad per gram ktvu fox. two well today, president biden mark nine years since the sandy hook elementary school massacre with a renewed pledge to take action for victims of all mass shootings. in my budget. i'm called. i'm confident, doubling the funding for gun violence prevention
6:36 pm
research. including examining gun violence as a public health threat, which it is in my view. there are three common sense bills to reduce gun violence that the senate should past now right away, long overdue. one requires more extensive background checks for gun sales. one is to keep guns out of the hands of more abusers. the president said. the shooting, which killed 21st graders and six educators, was one of his saddest days in office and said legislation to curb gun violence was long overdue. biden says his build back better legislation would make a landmark $5 billion investment in community violence , prevention and intervention programs. well today also marks one year since the first covid vaccination was given outside of a clinical trial. this was the scene on december 14th last year in southern california governor newsom was there to witness some of the first healthcare workers in our state to get the covid vaccine. since then, the us has
6:37 pm
administered more than 480 million doses. but as of today, the u. s death toll topped 800,000 people. 200,000 of those deaths have come since vaccines were widely available. the air force has discharged 27 people for refusing to get the covid-19 vaccine. making them what officials believe are the first service members to be removed for disobeying the shot mandate . the air force gave its forces until november, 2nd to get the vaccine and thousands either refused or sought an exemption. but these are the first airmen to be administratively discharged for refusal, and air force spokesperson said. all of them were in their first term of enlistment and were younger, lower ranking personnel. coming up. the boy scouts of america reaches a settlement with one of its insurers how much money the organization will be paying to help victims of sex abuse, and the white house is pushing to get more electric cars on the road. how a new study says. that change could help save lives.
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6:41 pm
a stronger economy. researchers found decreases in emissions between 2000 and eight and 2000 and 17 resulted in close to 8000 fewer deaths due to air pollution. and save the economy . $270 billion electric cars, trucks and busses. they don't produce tailpipe emissions. that irritates the nose and eyes that decreased lung function. this data comes as the white house is accelerating its push for more americans to abandoned gas guzzling vehicles. the future of transportation in our nation and around the world. is electric biden administration unveiling its plans monday to build 500,000 public electric car charging stations across the country, using money from president biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure, bill. nobody. will be without the ability to charge their car close to where they live or work. officials
6:42 pm
hope broader access to charging stations will make it easier for more people to go electric, with the white house, also stressing america needs to keep up with electric vehicle manufacturing and repairs to compete on a global scale. the white house once fully electric vehicles to make up half of all new auto sales by 2030. currently, they only make up roughly 3% i'm kevin corke fox news. the boy scouts of america has reached a tentative agreement with one of its insurers to contribute $800 million to a fund for victims of sex abuse. the payment would bring the amount of money in that proposed trust to more than $2.6 billion. the money would be used to settle more than 82,000 claims from people who say they were sexually abused as children by troop leaders. and we are tracking more rain in the forecast. i'll have that for you when i return. alright right now, though, let's go to ktvu alex savage with the look at some of the stories we're
6:43 pm
working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu. plus heather. thank you coming up new tonight , and oakland nonprofit is taking a unique approach to trying to feed those in need in the city. tonight we will talk live with the co founder of community kitchens oakland about the new surcharge that some restaurant company customers might soon notice on their bills. plus president biden is facing pressure to cancel student loan debt, but critics say it could cost taxpayers more than a trillion dollars will tell you how progressives on capitol hill are responding tonight. well that those stories and much more coming up live at seven over on ktvu. plus, okay, we'll be tuning in. thanks, alex . but first after the break, saying goodbye after nearly 40 years. how co workers and community members celebrated the retirement of an alameda icon.
6:44 pm
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the job as gateways rob brought tells us, many of her customers say she treated them so well over the years and they wanted to come to the restaurant to show their appreciation. here it always waffle shop in alameda. long time server. delores jean pierre says she always wanted her customers to feel special. on tuesday, many of those customers did the same for her. after 42 years, jean pierre is putting down the coffee pot and heading into retirement. i cried last night and i cried this morning. already it's not often as server at a waffle shop has such a heartfelt sind auf. they knew i always quarreled about everybody. i make coffee. i just stayed on top of things, and i just treated them the way i wanted to be treated. in other
6:47 pm
words, she treated them as friends or family. news of her pending departure, do hundreds of comments from customers on social media. he always came over. she came and talked to me. always ask how i'm doing and. very friendly. thank you all think we kind of had this running joke where i called her wild thing that was our nickname these other and say, good morning while thanking him. it's just. it's fun. we just developed this nice relationship . over the years, jon pierre began at always in 1978 at the age of 26. she moved to the bay area from louisiana. she also had a parallel career owning her own bell bonds business. her heart was here, though she says she always did. okay on tips. well, better than okay. she know every customer name every customer. i don't care how long they've been gone away from oldest, a walk in the door. she knows everybody by name. jean pierre is possibly poured enough coffee to fill a reservoir or
6:48 pm
two. now, she says she plans to relax, spend time with her family. and think about the family she forged. it always put a lot of miles on these floors. it's not just taking the art of putting their food down. it's kind of personal with me with all my customers. i miss it. yeah you know alameda, rob roth, ktvu fox two news. i write a big difference from the last couple of days. a lot of sunshine this afternoon highs got into the mid fifties. it was quite a 24 36 hour period. we had a lot of rainfall. we talked about that more snow coming in the mountains and more rain around here. here's system number one, which is what's left of it, and you kind of see just moving off. it caused problems in san bernardino county and areas of southern california with some of those mud flows, debris flows. and then up here. you've got next system coming in. that gets her tomorrow afternoon late in the evening hours overnight into thursday morning, different system rights way up there. it's coming from the north when they come from the north are colder there. dryer typically. but they do drop those snow levels significantly and that's a real
6:49 pm
potential. and so i think blue canyon and below. i mean, there's still love is going to get down to 4800 something like that. maybe 4500 ft and so that'll put snow down on 50 and 80 pretty low just above the valley floor. here is the system . little breezy conditions as well will come in with it. the timing is basically overnight on wednesday. that's the main hitch and then something lingering on thursday morning for the big area, maybe two inches of rain. maybe 40 50 mile an hour wind gusts and another two ft of snow possible, so, with that in mind, a winter storm money will go into effect and stay in effect up in the mountains for through thursday morning. certainly and it'll be kind of nasty. this storm will be different. different this last one was aggressive, and they got up to five ft of snow in places. this one is going to have the potential to be more of a white out with winter weather storm blizzard more blizzard, the more high winds, you know, not as much accumulation because it's not the same storm is not as bis going to have a pop to it. it's
6:50 pm
got a frontal passages got dynamics that's going to pop. you know, i'm talking about that's what's going to happen here too. so somewhere late in the day, this shower start to show up in the north bay. and then by the afternoon kind of looks like this scattered showers and then it's the overnight that gets going. so here's tomorrow. here is wednesday morning, right? and then you see the clouds building that commutes dry. and then wednesday afternoon evening, it's raining up in the north bay, but still san jose oakland , not what's going on there, but by say, by 345 o'clock, we'll start to notice it. and then overnight it goes, and it's gone so by the thursday morning commute should be dry reminiscent a bit of what we experienced today, right in that same storm, but the idea the timing of that so the morning commute will be salvaged, most likely, which is. nice the afternoon commute might be a little bit damp. shouldn't be too bad. but in the north bay, i think it will be wet. so but the most, you know, i think one thing about community, i think about the core of the bay area where all the traffic is. there is the five day forecast and
6:51 pm
look at that more range shows up towards early next week, and there's a couple opportunities for more storms in the following weeks. so it's a good pattern. very progressive. i'll see you back here at 10 11. all right. thanks, bill. well, sports director mark ibanez is up next with stefan curry's record setting night at madis hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill. oh oh so true. and now, the moon christmas special. gotta go! take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season.
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make your everything better with you the vital room tonight . one of the reasons it's so much fun to be a sports reporter nine times out of 10 year reporting men and women's accomplishments. that's what makes it so positive. so great. we certainly had a memorable moment tonight as we figured we would all day long madison square garden. they call it the mecca in manhattan, where your fans even after they're ready to see some history tonight, and steph curry would make sure they were not disappointed. nice moment. the top 33 point shooters of all time. reggie miller, ray allen. and of course , steph curry ready to top the charts. he didn't make anybody wait very long. just a little over a minute in. he nails his first three to tie ray allen
6:55 pm
2973. and it wasn't a whole lot longer that he made sure he stood alone atop the. stephanie kercher cardigan from the start. wiggins again here's curry for the record. is stephan curry time three point king in the nba. an electric moment at madison square garden steps parents sonia and his dad dell there in a big hug from his coach, steve kerr was basically giving him the green light to shoot as often as he likes and a great moment, ray allen that turning over the crown. and oh, by the way, the warriors did win the game 15 96. it just ended a short while ago. steph curry moment of a lifetime, and we'll have more on this as the evening progresses. but we do have a lot
6:56 pm
of warrior fans at channel two who follow his every move, and we just want to send out our congratulations from ktvu channel two on the new. three point king, of course, steph curry. and like i said, the game just standing, so we will have comments from staff and everybody else involved a little later on on. fortunately the news is not so hot regard to the nfl. here we go again covid problems in a huge way as now more than 100 players are listed on the covid list, and they call it the covid reserve list, including odell beckham. junior big started touchdown catch last night for the rams in their victory against arizona. the nfl outbreak is the biggest since the pandemic started. the league claims they have a 94% vaccination. right so it's just
6:57 pm
an extreme word of caution as rates are up. all across professional sports. right now, we've got some much happier things to talk about one of the players that has just turned into an instant. sensation of favorite for the warriors. gary payton the second and he had an interesting moment last night that just proves he's a great guy on the court and off check this out. my fault. my fault. what was that? can you get him? another beer artist dropped pictures from shaker said. what do you have a truly what for? y'all. defensively here, place the beer. would you have a truly great moment? hey, you gotta check this out. we had a mile high marriage proposal. never seen anything like it guys. i
6:58 pm
love you, baby. and i love you so much in love with you more and more every day, baby. thanks for always taking me on the front. will you marry me? dry off? that's what i was going to say. excuse me. the most important thing is she eventually got around to saying yes. there you go. happy moment high above. the earth that is the sporting life record breaking moment for proposals and steph curry shooting threes . yeah we'll get it back. that ring was tethered to something that made me so nervous. i'm like, put it on. put it on before you lose it, yes. diamonds are forever. alright. thanks so much. mark. appreciate it. thank you for joining us. the seven o'clock news over on ktvu plus is coming up next
6:59 pm
we'll see you back here tonight we'll see you back here tonight at 10. sheldon, do you want to put the tables after each section or in an appendix at the end? you know what? we wrote this paper together. i think we should decide together that they go in an appendix at the end. how about that? there is an "i" in "team." look at what we made. i know. it really is the best of both of us. it's got my math and your sassy takedown of the fundamental nature of symmetry. it's got my bottomless intellectual curiosity and your petulant refusal to spell "gray" with an "a" like an american. you realize we still have a lot of work to do before we can publish. perhaps we should divide and conquer. now, you track down all the citations and properly note them in our bibliography, and i will roll up my sleeves and decide what font we want to use. sheldon, there are hundreds of citations to track down. and thousands of fonts, but you don't hear me complaining.
7:00 pm
i am not gonna spend weeks in a library looking up old papers. can't we hire a grad student to do it? yeah, a grad student? i am not trusting our unpublished paper to some millennial. they'll put unicorn emojis on it and then post it on social media. why would they do that? economic anxiety, too much avocado toast, who cares? look, the point is, we can't afford to have this paper leaked before we're ready to publish. that's how you kiss the nobel prize good-bye instead of hello as i intend to do. i assume you mean metaphorically. absolutely not. if the king of sweden hands me a medal, i intend to smear it with purell and then kiss it. but what if we ask one of our friends to help us out? how about leonard? gee, i don't know. can we trust him? he's your best friend in the whole world. yes, but he's always struck me as the guy in the plane crash who doesn't wait until you're all the way dead to eat you. i think you can trust him. oh, amy, you never lose that childlike innocence.


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