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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  December 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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mudslides and led to several water rescues. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the fourth. come to the floor. i'm cristina rendon for heather holmes. and i'm alex savage. we begin this afternoon with our weather, and it's a much different scene than what we were experiencing just 24 hours ago. the rain has moved on , but some of our peaks here in the bay area have been left with a dusting of snow. this is a live shot here of mount diablo. you see just a bit of snow there at the top. and here's some video from sky fox, the top of mount hambleton in the south bay , looking like a winter wonderland today up north mount st helena also got some fresh powder as well. and of course, you may have noticed that chill in the air all across the bay area. we're getting a break from that wet weather today, but there is another system on the way later this week for more on that. let's get over to ktvu meteorologists mark tamayo mark. if you're outside for just a few minutes, you didn't need the
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sweater. the thick coat because i cold air moving in behind yesterday system and as results , it's nice to show you those snowy pictures from the abery. a hilltop snow levels have been coming down around 2500 and 3000 ft, so especially not hambleton , not st helena, which is up above 4000 ft. that's where you have the most impressive snowfall up images now in terms of rainfall, where rain those numbers really accumulating as we take a look at the maps right now, storm totals going back three days. mount tam over 11 inches of rain. ben loman over 10 inches, boulder creek over eight and can feel just over 7.5 inches, so we're expecting the santa cruz mountains to pick up the bulk of the rainfall and that indeed verified nicely, but still some pretty impressive totals for san rafael. even san francisco santa rosa, oakland. not so much accumulations in the south bay, but we are talking about another system that's going to come on board later on tomorrow, as we head into your wednesday afternoon, you heard about all the stormy weather and southern california the radar's picking up on all that actions of moderate to heavy rainfall
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and out towards the sierras. some big time changes there as we have major snowfall to report measuring in several feet of new snow, and then here in the bay area somewhat of a break today, but there's still a little bit of activity on the radar. in fact, within the past half hour or so, reports of some light rainfall or some showers in san francisco, so not 100% dry right now, as he back out the maps, you can't see other system in the upper left portion of your screen. that is our next system . so right now we're just having some clouds the possibility of the shower, but we're in a cloud things up once again, and by this time tomorrow, i think we are tracking some rain as that next frontal band comes on shore moving in from the pacific. we'll talk more about that and more rain chances in the five day forecast that's coming up in a little bit. all right, mark. thank you. well, this storm did bring california a lot of precious badly needed water. but how well did are all important reservoir systems do ktvu tom vacar joining us live in sonoma county this afternoon with the answer, tom. make no mistake for california water storage above ground and
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underneath the ground are absolute keys to our economic viability. as of midnight monday . california's major reservoirs keep getting more and more water from the weekend storm as the runoff finds its way into them. their major reservoirs still are very, very low. hydrologist and climatologist dr. peter glick is founder of the pacific institute . we need several more big storms really quite a few, frankly. before those big reservoirs even get to where they ought to be. for today, let's states five biggest reservoirs tell the tale shasta , the state's largest is only 25% full, but that's less than half of its normal volume this time of year. lake oroville 31% full trinity 29% full less than half of normal new maloney's 37% full san luis 24% full, not even half of normal. the really big
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water demands in california, the central valley farms, the big cities along the coast and in southern california depend on the big reservoirs like sonoma managed by the sonoma county water agency. is by far the bay region's largest reservoir serving 600,000, north bay residences and businesses. vitamin standing here two years ago, i would have needed scuba gear in 2019. on this day. it was 87% full with much of the rainy season still to go. in 2020 as the drought set in. it was at 66% full this time this year, just 50% full, including the most recent rains. this is the second atmospheric river we've had and we're going to need a lot more of these storms before we're out of this drought . after two years of drought, it's going to take a lot of rain to fill up our reservoirs again. right now, most marin county reservoirs looked to be in better shape as we can see here at stafford lake. and the cost
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your reservoir, but that's because they're relatively small and in constant need of replenishment. so whether it's a big or small reservoir. the worry is this. sometimes we can have an incredibly dry january and february and that's what we're worried about. we're still not out of the woods yet. so for now, the atmospheric rivers did bring us and buy us a little time, but only a very little one final note. how many more of these storms will we have to have before work? really out of trouble, five or six more at the very least, tom vacar ktvu fox two news really puts into perspective. how much water we need, tom. thank you. this afternoon. the sheriff's office has lifted evacuation warnings in the santa cruz mountains after inspecting the ccu burn scar for the threat of debris flows. nearly a foot of rain fell in that area, and boulder creek was hit particularly hard
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. it received roughly 10 inches of rain. today residents and business owners were out cleaning up the mess that was left behind. nothing that was in the road, but you could tell that it could be catastrophic at some point of something like if more rain was coming. for sure. several roads in that area were either closed because they became too dangerous or were washed out and the storm knocked out power to roughly 1000 customers. we have developing news out of southern california now where crews are dealing with mudslides, debris flows and flash flooding. this is video from orange county, where fire crews evacuated a neighborhood in silver rato canyon that's east of irvine. some residents had to be rescued from the russia of debris. this is an area that was near the burn scar from the bond fire, and some mountain regions saw half a foot of rain just overnight and in los angeles fire swiftwater. rescue crews were busy today after a three cars were swept away in the l. a river. one person was able to escape their
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car. another driver is unaccounted for. a virus spokesperson says two of the cars were swept away in the same location. during that operation, another vehicle that was a t top was floating by and, ironically has landed in this exact same location pinned up against that first vehicle underneath that concrete pylon. both the same scenario. l a fire crews haven't said yet how those cars ended up in the river in the first place. you can keep up to date on the incoming storms by downloading the ktvu weather app. you'll find an interactive radar and the hourly forecast for the area where you live and work. now we turn to the new california guidance on travel and testing for covid 19. we are now 10 days away from christmas eve, and the holiday travel season is in full swing. ktvu southwood reporter jesse gary. joining us now live from san jose's airport with more on what you need to know about covid protocols, especially if you're going to be crossing state lines. jesse. alex airport. officials here say
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passenger traffic is up health, state officials say covid hospitalizations also up. the result is a return of the mask, mandate and recommendations, not rules, recommendations for more diligent testing. good to see them. jose in the heart of selfe again, it's the heartbeat of south bay travel. we're very excited about this year. a lot of people will be traveling for the first time since the pandemic began, and so we're expecting to see numbers back up from when covid began. california health officials say levels of covid hospitalizations are on the rise to state officials recommending travelers take a covid test 24 hours after arriving in or returning to the golden state public health measures we have to go with what data we have, so it makes sense to implement some proactive approach driven by delta and
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omicron variants, the state reinstituted mask mandates. for one month beginning wednesday, and i protect myself too, as well and fully vaccinated and i take my precautions. the new protocols aren't expected to impact public case through 12 education. the sf usd says it already adheres to local and state mask guidelines and officials with oakland unified say they're already sending covid test home with students and have done so since the beginning of the semester. leaders of the south bay's largest school district say they'll maintain covid protocol measures already in place. we're not planning on requiring testing for people who have traveled, we definitely support the state and encourage anyone who's traveled students or staff members to be tested. officials from both the state and local levels from south and north all say increasing inoculation rates would go a long way to slowing the spread of the latest covid variant. are alive at san jose international airport this
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evening. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. we'll head back to you. all right? yeah. important to be cautious. if you're traveling this holiday season, jesse. thank you. amtrak announced today it will temporarily suspended vaccine mandate for its employees. instead, it will allow unvaccinated workers to get tested as an alternative. amtrak had announced that it would have to cut service because of president biden's executive order. that would require federal contractors to be fully vaccinated by january 4th. but a recent court ruling has put that mandate on hold. amtrak now says that this time 500 active amtrak employees are not vaccinated. survivors picking up the pieces after a deadly tornado outbreak coming up after the break. we'll get a live report from kentucky , and we'll also hear from a volunteer organization that's made up of veterans that is now on the ground in that region, helping out with the recovery effort. and open drug dealing homelessness and filthy streets more on mayor. london breeds aggressive plan to crack down on one of san francisco's most one of san francisco's most problematic neighborhoods.
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catastrophic tornadoes that ripped through kentucky and five other states where children the governor of kentucky, says the death toll did not increase today, but he does expect it will in the coming days. the monumental task of cleaning up the damage is well underway in that part of the country foxes madeline rivera is joining us live now from mayfield, kentucky , with an update on the recovery, madeline. good evening , alex. well officials are just trying to make sure that people have food, water and shelter crews are continuing their search for survivors more than 100. people in the state still missing. but i'll tell you what. it feels pretty good to not just be pushing this stuff out of the way. but to be loading it up and taking it out of town. it may be
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several weeks until officials in kentucky tally the full scope of the damage after five twisters hit the state in the span of a few hours. in dawson springs. an official estimates more than 60% of the town is beyond repair. those whose homes are still standing feeling grateful we got into the bedroom closet right before it hit. and if you look at what we have left. we're blessed in mayfield. many of the buildings were reduced to their foundations. construction company owner wesley strange is used to working with his hands. now he's sifting through the debris of the building. he was remodeling. we're one day away one day away from getting it done. that was friday night. he had planned to stick around to finish the job until his nephew urged him to get out. within minutes, the building was gone, and he did not have insurance. now he's trying to salvage whatever tools he can find in the rubble, which she left behind in his rush to leave. it's just unreal. i can't i can't. there's no words to have my feelings are right now because. this was my life. this
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is what i love to do. i love to build. a candle factory where eight people were killed is now being investigated by the state and that safety review could take up to six months. alex all right. madeline rivera live in mayfield, kentucky. madeline. thank you. well joining us now is question barker, his team rubicon disaster response, preston, thanks so much for joining us. i know this is an organization that focuses on serving vulnerable and at risk populations affected by disaster . you guys already have a crew from the bay area and kentucky. that's correct. we currently have gray shirts in mayfield as well as dawson springs, clearing the debris allowing rescuers to get into the homes as well as the streets are affected. let people know what you mean. when you say we have gray shirts there. that's what you guys call yourselves. tell us why, and is it only made up of volunteers or veterans or both? absolutely so we wear these gray shirts right here to denote you know who we
4:16 pm
are? let people know when we're volunteering and affected areas who were with our membership is comprised of veterans, first responders as well as civilians , and what we do is we help them utilize their skills to, um help these affected areas meet needs that they might not be getting met due to the overwhelming, um , disaster. you know, it's a lot of strain on the. e. m s, as well as first responders that are trying to help these communities. how big of a crew from the bay area is over in kentucky now and what kind of work exactly are they doing? and so currently we have about 40 members. in mayfield. we have heavy equipment crews moving debris. we have sought teams that are cutting and living trees. we also are performing core apps and so helping people tarp roof. and remove debris from their homes so they can get in and get the things that they need. i think it's really interesting that you have a group that does this. i know you've been doing it for 10 years now, this organization nationwide, but they have a
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unique set of skills. he's volunteers because of their past work in history, right? that is correct. you know a lot of veterans. when we get out of the military, we have all these skills and we're still looking for a way to continue serving and so team rubicon provides that opportunity. i myself served in the marine corps. and i was really looking for something when i got out, and i was really lucky to find team rubicon and find that purpose again. so then let us know how people can join if they're interested if they want to join the crews that are currently out there in kentucky are more cruise planning on heading out. yes we have more flight waves, leaving starting this week and all the way into january. so far, we may extend that, depending on the needs were still in communication with other local communities as well . so we may expand the scope of where we're working. if people are interested in joining team rubicon, or just learning more, they can always visit our website team. rubicon usa .org. we're also on facebook, twitter and instagram. we also encourage people who can't get out there to actually volunteered. ah,
4:18 pm
they can donate so you can text 20 to 22. you can text rubicon or team and those are 10 or $25 donation. you can also text through our website as well. excuse me donate through our website as well. and i think it's important to note. it's not just tornadoes. you guys cover everything from hurricanes as well as wildfires. i mean, any natural disaster. you guys are there on the ground, sending local crews from different areas in different states to help and to ground zero. so we appreciate that help. thank you so much for joining us today. we appreciate it, preston. thank you. and i know there's a lot of ongoing whether research with those powerful storms that unfortunately happened friday night into a saturday morning now for us here in the bay area somewhat of a break in or whether, for today still some scattered showers out there, but we are tracking another system that will be bringing in some more rainfall. specially by this time tomorrow, so some of the expectations with our next system. the book of this moves in wednesday evening, you can see rainfall projections not as
4:19 pm
high as the last one. but still it's not a week one thinking about a quarter of an inch to maybe 1.75 inches for the coastal hills of the north bay. it will be windy. there's a chance we could have a wind advisory kick in so winds could be gusting over 40 miles an hour and the sierra will pick up more snowfall. another winter storm warning goes into effect as we head into your wednesday. in fact, this was the scene earlier today. and take a look at some of these totals that mount rose jumping off the map there 84 inches north star 42 kirkwood 41 sugar ball reported 34 inches, we're going to add easily. most areas, at least a good foot, maybe approaching two ft. as his next system comes on board back here in the bay area, current numbers definitely a bit of a chill in the air. current numbers. we have santa rosa already down to 49 san francisco , 48 degrees and san jose, currently checking in 50. here is the satellite of the back things out in the actual check out. the radar once again look at all that activity and central and southern california. and then out towards the sierra. we showed you that new that new fresh no showing up out toward
4:20 pm
the west slopes of the sierra. we talked about to the winter storm warning in place now, today, there's a little bit of some green on the radar the possibility of a few showers this afternoon. i know san francisco about an hour ago reporting this shower activity. have you back out the maps here and here we go. here's that next frontal band coming on board from the pacific, and that will be our next source of some rainfall for your wednesday. here's our live piano. we're looking at bus, san francisco where you can see some clear skies and then a few clouds. we will cloud things up. but tomorrow as we are the first thing tomorrow morning and checking out the forecast model just showing you the rainfall here by eight o'clock we could. there could be a few showers up in mendocino county approaching yukiya. and then throughout the day, we do, bringing some rain chances and probably the afternoon. the evening commute could be a bit more of a challenge. as the main energy comes on board. it looks like another break headed our way later today, thursday and friday, but then into the weekend, possibly some more rain chances. so this is just the way we like it as we get some rain moving in rain moves out, we get
4:21 pm
a break, and then we have another chance of some rain to sort of track, at least in the future, and that's going to be our forecast. over the next few days. we'll have the full update coming up in a little bit. okay, we'll see you, then. mark thank you this year. a saw a whole lot of snow with this system in the past couple of days. some spots are five ft. come down. that includes the u. c. berkeley central sierra snow lab that's just northwest of lake tahoe. the atmospheric river has brought above average snow levels to the sierra, the uc berkeley central sierra snow lab reported five ft of snow in just the last 48 hours at their facility. the level of snow a good sign, of course, according to snow lab officials, but it is not enough to pull us out of this drought. the average snowfall for this time of year is about 76 inches, just about six ft. and as of this morning, the lab reported a total of nearly 10 ft. a critical day for san francisco's the schools, the vote about future funding ahead of a shake imposed deadline.
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meeting as it prepares to vote on a new budget. teachers students and parents plan to call on the school board to keep budget cuts away from the classrooms. the district has until tomorrow to submit a plan that counts $125 million from its budget or face possible state intervention. under one proposal about $50 million would be cut from school sites and 40 million from central office operations costs. rally organizers support an alternative proposal that would shift the entire $50 million budget cut. targeted at schools to central operations. more police could soon be patrolling the streets of san francisco's tenderloin neighborhood. mayor london breed police chief bill scott and sheriff paul miyamoto today announced a plan for public safety blitz. this will be a 2 to 3 months intervention , which will include a crackdown on drug sales and drug use in the tenderloin. the plan calls
4:25 pm
for increased over time funding for the police department to boost the number of officers on the streets in the troubled neighborhood. what i'm proposing today and what i will be proposing in the future will make a lot of people uncomfortable, and i don't care at the end of the day. the safety of the people of san francisco is the most important thing to me. we are not giving people choice anymore. we are not going to just walk by and let someone used in broad daylight on the streets and not give them a choice between going to the location. we have identified them. or going to jail. mayor breed says the plan will also focus on more housing and basic infrastructure needs, like more cleaning, public toilets and street lights. ahead of the holiday break. the chp is reminding the public about the deadly consequences of illegal street racing. inside shows. chp
4:26 pm
commissioner amanda ray joined families who have lost loved ones to street racing for a news conference this morning outside the state capital. commissioner ray says, since 2015 calls about street racing inside shows have quadrupled across the state, and the increase has come with the human cost. over five year period. these illegal activities have resulted in 264 crashes statewide. and of those 264 crashes, 30 have resulted in fatalities. and an additional 124 have resulted in serious injuries. these crashes have resulted in deaths. and injuries to both the involved parties and to those innocent bystanders, as witnessed by the families here with me today. commissioner ray also says the chp was recently given a new grant to help stop illegal racing. inside shows it will allow the department to step up enforcement and undercover operations and to launch a new social media campaign. it's been exactly one
4:27 pm
year since the first covid-19 vaccine was given out here in the us coming up here on the four today i'll talk live with dr monica gandhi from ucsf about the significance of this milestone. and the challenges we continue to face in the global vaccine role. president trump's former chief of staff could face criminal charges as the house votes to hold mark meadows in contempt of congress. i'm chad program on capitol hill more on th
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but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. but it will help you and your family stay safe
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meadows in contempt of congress for failing to comply with the congressional subpoena. the january 6th committee last night voted to recommend contempt charges. chat. pegram has the latest from capitol hill. every republican and every democrat ought to be voting for. this legislation. house democrats further made the case for charging mark meadows, president trump's former chief of staff, with contempt of congress. the move coming one day after the house select panel investigating the january 6th attack on the u . s. capitol voted to recommend the criminal charges given the former white house officials refusal to testify in the committee's probe. our democracy was inches from ruin. the committee reviewed thousands of texts and emails handed over by meadows, revealing numerous exchanges with members of congress and others on the day of the attack. many urged meadows to convince president trump to send his supporters home. these text messages leave no doubt. the white house knew
4:31 pm
exactly what was happening here at the capitol. the committee also accused meadows of withholding key information. the supreme court has already found that executive privilege does not cover criminal activity. even after mr meadows turned over text democrats have now gone so far as to see subpoena verizon for mr meadows phone records. such naked scheming should stay in house of cards and other tv shows. not in this chamber. contempt of congress charge carries a penalty of up to a year in jail. but that doesn't mean that congress gets the information it wants on capitol hill, chad per gram ktvu fox. two an autopsy shows a former nfl player who killed six people in south carolina had unusually severe brain trauma. phillip adams played in the nfl for six seasons, including with the 49ers, according to an autopsy released today. he had severe cte in his frontal lobe.
4:32 pm
cte is a degenerative brain disease linked to concussions and repetitive head trauma. it has been associated with cognitive issues and can cause aggression, impulsivity and depression. phillips killed six people, including two young children in april before killing himself. o j. simpson is a free man, nevada state police spokeswoman announced today. the 74 year old former football star and actor was granted good behavior credits and discharge from parole. simpson was acquitted in los angeles in the 1994 killings of his ex wife and her friend and convicted in las vegas in october of 2000 and eight of armed robbery. he served nine years in prison for leading several men in a confrontation with two sports collectibles dealers. simpson's lawyer declined to talk about simpson's future, including whether he intends to remain in nevada. the coronavirus has now killed more than 800,000. people in the u. s. the u. s hit that
4:33 pm
number today. just two years after covid-19 was first reported in wuhan, china, and one year after the vaccines were rolled out. now the u. s and other countries brace for a possible oh macron field. spike foxes. david lee miller shows us the measures being taken to combat that contagious strain. several states are doing what they can to curb the spread of delta and a micron variants. california has revised their indoor mask mandate as virus cases jumped nearly 50% in the past two weeks. and here in new york. a vaccine mandate is now in effect for 5 to 11 year olds . it applies to gyms, restaurants, entertainment venues and some school activities. this is a preemptive strike. to make sure that we could protect people stop this from spreading, particularly with the unknown characteristics of the new variant. a new study from south africa finds two doses of fighters. covid-19 vaccine provides just 33% protection against the crown variant. despite this, researchers say those infected are less likely to be hospitalized with the strain. the news comes has the variant sweeps across the globe?
4:34 pm
including the united kingdom, where officials expected to be the dominant strain in just a matter of days. the uk's four chief medical officers raised the covid at that level to four. its second highest level. because of the evidence that macron is doubling here in the uk every 2 to 3 days, the world health organization also raising concerns about vaccine access to poorer nations. the u. n agency announcing it may take several years before a majority of african nations are able to hit their vaccination targets for africa to reach the global targets. at the current rate. you're going 70% this, maybe let august 2024 tuesday marks one year since the first american received the covid-19 vaccine since then, more than 200 million americans have been fully vaccinated. in new york. david lee miller, fox news. and as david mentioned, it was exactly one year ago today when
4:35 pm
the first covid-19 vaccine was given out here in the us, new york nurse sandra lindsay received that first dose. of course, that was the moment that was filled with a lot of hope, with the pandemic raging at the time and more than 2500 people a day dying from covid here in the u. s. it was also a time to celebrate the remarkable achievement of scientists who developed and rolled out the vaccines added incredible speed. now one year later, just over 200 million americans are fully vaccinated. that's about 60% of the population for more on the significance of this anniversary , we're joined now by dr monica gandhi and infectious disease expert. at u. c. s f dr gandhi always appreciate your time. obviously that was such a pivotal moment here. how have these vaccines changed the course of this pandemic. you know you're right. it's very moving it to one year anniversary and they have massively changed the course of the pandemic in places that have much more access. so like you
4:36 pm
just spoke about the american variant emerged in a country that had 25% vaccination rate. maybe not emerged, but that's where it's detected. south africa here we've had four and freely accessible vaccines now since april 19 for everyone, and unfortunately we don't have the uptake in this country as many other. um countries of high access do but luckily, they still have massively changed and highly vaccinated regions. this hospitalization rate in the death rate from covid-19. it can't be overstated. how they profoundly protect us against severe disease. the let's talk about the future of this vaccination effort, especially on a global level worldwide, fewer than 50% of people are vaccinated at this point. how important is it for us to ramp up the global vaccine distribution here? and what are the most significant ways that we can do that? well you're right about the 50% overall. and the other thing is that in low
4:37 pm
income countries only 7% of our total of eight billion doses given out have been giving out in the low income countries. we have ideas. we started movement just today called the white coach for global equity movement , which is across many academic medical centers. and our five ideas are waving patents. upscaling manufacturing capacity in country, and the third is using a strategic approach vulnerable people. people haven't had covid. first to get them vaccinated. and then the fourth is essentially donating doses from our supplies. we have about 500 million excess doses here in the united states. 241 million, maybe wasted by the end of the year in high income countries if we don't get them out to others, and then finally more philanthropy really into support for our philanthropic approach to getting vaccines out. let's talk one year later, after the first vaccine was given out in this country about about where how well these vaccines are actually holding up
4:38 pm
do we need to be really putting , putting a lot of focus and energy into reformulating these vaccines to target and get better protection against some of these variants like oh, macron. you know, um, the way that the immune system works. it's actually called adaptive, adaptive immunity for reason. once you generate what's called a b cell response from the vaccines, which we totally know weekend because biopsy people's length notes and we all develop the cells. um most immuno competent patients develop these cells. those cells will actually produce antibodies in the future if they see a variant that are adapted towards those variants, that's what adaptive immunity needs. so we don't need actually specific boosters or specific vaccines for bearing it. we need to get more people vaccinated in this country as well and worldwide. to prevent the emergence of these variants, you know, looking back at that moment one year ago, it certainly felt like the arrival
4:39 pm
of the vaccines was was going to meet the beginning. of the end of this pandemic to a lot of us, and i know you know to maybe maybe we were a bit naive. i don't know. but now here we are , at this point in the pandemic . we're dealing with surges. we're dealing with new variants . have you been surprised over the past year about just how many people have decided not to receive this vaccine? yes i actually have to be fair. i've been shocked and i think it's because this vaccine emerged in a setting of time where their social media where there's. news stations that misinformation doesn't get stopped. and that never happened with hiv. we didn't have social media with hiv couple of people said hiv doesn't cause aids, but they didn't get amplification. and i would say that two things i think about one is that i feel compassion for people who got so scared about misinformation because people are telling them that they're not safe and that's absolutely not true. they're
4:40 pm
safe. and second is that more traditional vaccines called the nova vaccine are coming and maybe people would be more willing to get them. but i'm telling you, the m r and we all know this now the amani vaccines. are very safe and very effective. we have a years worth of data now. eight billion doses given out broke life. what one year later after the first vaccine. how how close? are we? realistically dr gandhi to actually putting this pandemic behind us? you know, it is actually dependent on our definitions of putting it behind us and in infectious disease, we have to protect people from disease at a certain point. we are going to have to change our metrics of restricting the public from pieces based metrics to hospitalization based metrics , and i wrote a new york times op ed about this on monday. if our duty is to protect against severe disease, marin county, for example, as 89% vaccination rate five people in the hospital
4:41 pm
and that was the basis that mount willis, the health officer was using to mask mandates low hospitalizations even if pieces go up. because so many of the population is protected. and then the state put an indoor mask mandate factor yesterday if we shift towards that way of thinking, then it's going to be all every restriction in public school closures, capacity voters. everything will be based on how we're doing. with covid hospitalizations, and i think that shift is coming this year and very clearly, these vaccines have been keeping people out of hospitals and keeping them alive . really appreciate the conversation today, dr monica gandhi from ucsf. thank you again for your time. thank you. and of course for the latest updates on the coronavirus and the vaccination efforts, you can lock onto our website ktvu .com . alright steph curry just making history we've just learned he surpassed ray allen for the most threes in n b. a history. we are going to have much more coming up on this right after the break. and barry
4:42 pm
weather a bit of a break from the intense rainfall for this afternoon, but definitely cold night setting up and we're talking about another system. heading our way for tomorrow. we'll have more on your forecast coming. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. december out there. the cold temperature is a low skill levels here in the bay area down around 2500 ft. we get a break from the heavy rainfall for right now, but that will be changing as we jump into your wednesday forecast now, tomorrow morning, as you can't see with the rain timing. there's not too much happening, but then we begin to bump up those chances, especially. into a tomorrow afternoon, especially for the afternoon and evening commute. the rainfall could be a bit of a challenge out there just to put this into perspective. san francisco the yearly totals from july 1 to july one. you can see the past couple years and these numbers are incredibly low, but
4:45 pm
so far you can see what's happened so far in san francisco for this rainy season as we head into a 2022 so far, but it's only december december 14th and we are already up above the two previous years. so a nice solid start. we definitely need a lot more to get some more rainfall in the in the in the. in the rain gauges. i guess we'll show you this graphic once again showing you the rain timing just to stress that the bulk the activity coming in for the afternoon and the evening commute, and that chance will actually carry over into thursday, especially in a thursday morning. current number is definitely want to bundle up right now. we have a temperatures already cooling off into the forties. toward napa and walnut creek, san jose 50 san francisco. 48 degrees and as we back up the radar right now, once again, look at all that action down in southern california earlier today, and, of course, the snow out in the sierra right now in the radar, there's not a lot to show you but reports a few showers out there earlier today, even in san francisco during the three o'clock hours, so not 100% dry
4:46 pm
right now as he back out the map so we can't show you another system. up to our north and west and that is our next rainmaker. here in the bay area. here is our live camera looking at above san francisco, where we have some clouds in place, and the clouds will gradually work their way back into the region overnight tonight, so we'll wake up to mostly cloudy skies a cold start tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the upper thirties to the forties. you can see graphically what's happening that big cold pool of air over us right now. that's why it's so cold out there. that's why still levels have been coming down quite a bit. there is our next system approaching our coastline. as we talked about this earlier rainfall expectations not as strong as the last event, but still about a quarter of an inch to maybe approaching two winches for the north bay. coastal hills , so we'll see those the rainfall rates pick up and the north bay in the sierra. this will be another snow producer. just just amazing. they've already picked up quite a bit of some snowfall and tomorrow afternoon. another which is storm warning goes into effect and still fall could be around
4:47 pm
10 to 20 inches. so here's the updated forecast models and put this into motion. this is eight o'clock tomorrow morning and then into tomorrow afternoon. this is four o'clock, so rainfall chances on the increase . look at all that action focused this time, in fact, will be up in the north bay, especially have been sonoma. and mendocino counties and then tomorrow night going to hold on to some rain showers and that chance will carry over into thursday, especially for thursday morning, and then there is still a slight chance of a leftover shower for your thursday afternoon forecast highs tomorrow, mainly in the fifties, so kind of a cooler pattern out there. mostly cloudy skies, rainfall developing into the afternoon hours. and the look ahead. we could be tracking some showers into your thursday friday will be driving another cold one out. there may be some frost and then into the weekend if you're thinking of outdoor plans make the most of saturday because another chance of some rain back in the picture by sunday so we get the rain because the brakes and we get the rain is kind of like what we are what we like this time of year rollercoaster. all right, mark. thank you. all right. steph curry now holds the title
4:48 pm
for the most three pointers in envy a history. just minutes ago , he surpassed the old record in madison square garden sports anchor joe fonzi joining us now, joe everyone dogs on steph curry for routing the game. but really, he's changing the game for good. there's no question about that. and as you said, we have just in the last few minutes. see in nba history. the warriors steph curry is the league's new all time three point shooter. the warriors tonight in the media capital of new york, where tickets at madison square garden went for the highest price in the history of that arena, one report had a pair of courtside seats going for $24,000 that's 12,000 apiece . curry came into tonight's game meeting 13 pointer to tie ray allen to beat him for the all time mark of 2974. a great pregame moment when curry spent time with allen and the guy third on the all time list, reggie miller, who was broadcasting tonight's game. one minute and three seconds into the game. terry curry took business and care of business himself, pulling up for long,
4:49 pm
three that tied allen and then roughly 3.5. minutes later, the record was all his. from the start. wiggins again here's curry for the record. is stephan curry time? three point king in the end. plays. and here's something else to consider. it took alan 511 more games to get to that record, which he achieved in 18 seasons. curry is in his 13th year. not only is he on pace to put up a seemingly unreachable career number, he's also on pace to shatter his own mark of threes in a single season. so no real surprise. stephan curry is the nba's all time three point leader. the only question is what will the final number b once he's all finished, and we have plenty of time to go on that ride. in the next few years. he's going to set all kinds of records. i mean, there's no use in trying to think about that now because
4:50 pm
it's definitely going to happen . you know when we were watching that i was curious. did they stop the game? did they pause to honor him? they did, in fact, and there were a lot of dignitaries on hand. both of his parents were there. ah larry riley, the guy who initially convinced the warriors that steph curry was the guy to draft was there, so a lot of people who had a hand in it obviously ray allen and reggie miller? we're both at present there, and ray allen was one of the first guys to congratulate him. so you know, we've said this before. we have a tendency because curries so good and the warriors were so good for that period. to kind of feel like that's the norm. it is not. it's been an incredible ride in every reason to think that it will continue for years to come. and we have the pleasure been able to see it first hand. yes, and you know we were talking. alex and i here and said he was saying it was incredible that stat that he surpassed the record and it took ray allen much longer to even get that record. i mean, steph curry insane. incredible props to him. all right, joe. we will, of course, have more coming up the side. thank you so much. it is remarkable how? how quickly
4:51 pm
he reached that milestone. it surpassed. ray allen's record here clearly the greatest shooter that we've ever seen. we can't take it for granted. what we're witnessing history. we just have to appreciate it. it's fun. just chills watching that shot. all right. we'll have much more on this. of course, coming up tonight. also coming up tonight. had five o'clock on the news. oakland's mayor, searching for support to help keep her city safe for plan to use technology to crack down on violent crime. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost.
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don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. san mateo neighborhood this morning. the animal is captured by a doorbell camera at a home on oak valley road. officers responded and found track marks, leading to a wooded and hilly area nearby, a reminder to avoid hiking or jogging through wooded areas. when mountain lions are most active, which is at dawn dusk and at night. well finally , there is a plan to stop that eerie, humming sound that comes from the golden gate bridge on
4:54 pm
windy days. the sound can be heard for miles whenever high winds hit those safety slats on the pedestrian handrails. golden gate bridge officials are expected to approve a plan this week to fix the issue. the plan calls for attaching u shaped clips to all 12,000 vertical slats on the railings. this will cost $450,000 and will be completed by the end of next year of firefighters responded to an early morning fired an apartment complex in fremont around 54 15 this morning, crews responded to the complex on royal income and your mowry avenue. they found a gas meter burning but were quickly able to put out the flames before they spread into the building. the gas was shut off to multiple units, and no one was hurt the cause under investigation. prosecutors continue to make their case in the manslaughter trial of former minnesota police officer kim potter the ruling today by the judge on two key today by the judge on two key motions.
4:55 pm
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police officer kim potter. she's the officer in minneapolis who shot and killed dante right back in april, but she says she meant to tase him, not shoot him. as foxes and elia poulos shows us today. the judge in the case ruled on two key motions. it's the fifth day of testimony in the trial of former minnesota police officer kim potter potter shot and killed dante right on april 11th in brooklyn center, but claimed she accidentally grabbed her gun instead of a taser. i am denying the motion of the state. tuesday morning, the judge denying two key motions from the state once sought permission to question officers about their union membership to determine possible bias, the other requested to limit the opinion of witnesses
4:58 pm
who are not testifying as experts. it's significant for the defense, as one witness testified potter legally had the right to use deadly force in this situation. to be fair for that officer to use a firearm to stop. by state statute. yes taking the stand tuesday commander garrett fleiss lin, who oversees trainers for the brooklyn center, police department, he testified about the department's use of force policy. telling the court according to policy, a gross misdemeanor warrant is not serious enough to begin a pursuit. why do you want to discourage shooting at occupants of a moving vehicle? if it's to stop the vehicle. my understanding is that's rarely effective. if you were. to injured in some way by shooting. driver of the vehicle. what could have the. the vehicle could strike something or somebody. officers learned. dante right, was wanted for a
4:59 pm
misdemeanor weapons charge during a traffic stop. as right moved to drive away. potter pulled her gun and shot him. this trial is expected to wrap up. by christmas eve and iliopoulos fox news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. now at five, taking a tip from a neighboring county, oakland mayor libby schaaf has a plan now to combat violent crime. but she needs governor gavin newsom support across the bay. san francisco leaders say watching live surveillance cameras is key to reducing retail theft, but the city won't allow it. so what happens now? plus from the mountaintops to the lakes below the bay area appreciated our latest winter storm and we're checking in on how much we received. good evening, everyone . i'm heather holmes and i'm quoting wang julian frank are off tonight. oakland's mayor is asking the governor for help this evening. she wants to get surveillance cameras and license plate readers on freeways and state roads in the city to help
5:00 pm
curb violent crime. our crime reporter henry lee is here now with more on mayor shafts. request, henry. well, claudine and heather, the mayor tells me installing cameras and license plate readers like once in contra costa county will not only deter crime but also hold criminals accountable. cars driven recklessly at illegal side shows roving caravans of robbers, invading pharmacies, stores and marijuana dispensaries. young victims killed in freeway shootings like two year old jasper woo and two teenage girls on the party bus. we need the state's partnership . oakland mayor libby chef says these kinds of crimes can be solved and prevent it with technology. on tuesday, she wrote governor newsom with a formal request. the installment of security cameras, including license plate readers on our state highways as well as on and off france. the mayor says she plans to reach out to other alameda county mayors to rally their support. she also wants cameras installed on some of the city's larger streets that are owned by the state. this new technology have


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