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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  December 13, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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major announcement today by state health officials. indoor mask mandates are coming back across the state just ahead of the holidays. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four and we are tracking relentless rain across the bay area right now, this is a live look at our weather radar. a major storm is hitting our region and it's not expected to let up any time soon . welcome everyone to the four high malik savage and i'm jana katsuyama infer heather holmes. in atmospheric river is soaking the bay area, causing some very dangerous conditions across the region in oakland, this was the scene earlier today on macarthur boulevard and you'll street the whole road was under several inches of water that didn't stop drivers from trying to go through. take a look at the scene in half moon bay water rushing down a narrow street around. miramonte is point road earlier today, officials say the water has receded now, but they
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warned that more of the same could be coming as the rain continues. and in san francisco , some powerful winds made for difficult conditions, forcing many pedestrians to battle with their umbrellas as they faced strong gusts in the city. we have live team coverage of the conditions around the bay area ktvu jesse gary is at the side of a scaffolding collapsed in san mateo tom vacar is monitoring the rain in the north bay and south castaneda's and our traffic center. we're going to start off first with ktvu meteorologist rosemary oroczo rosemary. yeah so wet and windy, as you know, started yesterday and with just a few breaks since then, the rain has not stopped. not expected to stop for another 12 hours or so, giving you a live look here, a storm tracker to where it is widespread and areas just south to the east areas near monterrey, seeing some moderate to heavy rainfall at this time, steady and fairly heavy for areas over the south bay as well as the central bay. looks like the city of san francisco is getting just a mini break as well as areas near tiburon and sausalito. and the
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east based shore, but again more to come as this continues into the evening hours, and for tomorrow morning, i want to step back here and show you all the different storm reports from today and through yesterday we could start areas over santa cruz where we've got an oak tree blocking elaine there if we move into areas like a little bit closer to san mateo. the scaffolding that we are about to show you here in just a moment that collapsed in that area by moving this direction. east palo alto, a light post down blocking all three lanes and if we go over towards the north based the number here, highway 12 closed because of flooding between 1 16 and eighth street. so a lot of this going on all over the bay area we do have advisories in place more on this coming up in just a little bit. but first. with more on all that hassle and mess going out there on out there at this hour. let's toss to sell. rosemary we have a big problem on the peninsula. right now. we have flooding that has closed a major highway highway 92 has closed has been closed because of flooding, so you
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cannot drive into half moon bay at this hour between 2 80 half moon bay. this is all closed in both directions, and we have no idea when it will reopen if you have to get the half moon bay. you have to go down highway one. perhaps you have to use highway 84. but right now it is a big mess. and as you might imagine, as putting a lot of pressure on some of these other peninsula highways now, if i look here at all the red it is going to be slow on one on one not so bad on 2 80, but coming out of pacifica for half moon bay. it is going to be very slow as we go to the east bay. we see that the typical commute to their right now and there's various places of flooding. it has let up in the last half hour or so, and things are better will be be will be back in just a little bit to take a look at more of that contra costa county commute . that's just in a few minutes, but now let's go back to alex. all right. we'll talk to youtube itself. thank you. now we go to the peninsula where this storm toppled the building scaffolding . today the debris blocked part of the main roadway for several hours and damaged three
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vehicles. ktvu south bay reporter jesse gary. joining us now live from san mateo and jesse, you had a chance to talk today with someone who was in their car when that scaffolding came crashing down. alex that's right. and boy was that person fortunate, along with two other motorists who are in vehicles directly behind that person standing on el camino real here at eastbound fourth avenue here in san mateo, and this is another problem for traffic. they have diverted one lane or all of the track that's heading south bong. they've diverted that onto. one narrow north dont get around all the work that you see going on there in the street. that's not the actual collapsed scaffolding. that's just what they're taking down now from the building because of the collapse. this after three drivers who just happened to be driving when the scaffolding all came down. in downtown san mateo
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and extra large version of pick up sticks. workers from junction scaffolding, clearing the coton lanes of el camino reality east fourth avenue. this after the metal and wood temporary structure on the outside of a building in the 300 block of el camino real comes crashing down. i bought it, uh, just in late october just spent a month ago plates came in two days ago. herman sings recently purchased 2020 chevy could be headed to the scrap heap around 10 45 monday morning sing was making a left turn from el camino onto fourth. when falling scaffolding hit and damaged his car. all of a sudden, i just felt this just huge pressure. i thought somebody rear ended me but my car didn't move forward. so i looked back and all the glass and everything was gone. a total of three vehicles all in the turning lane were damaged. only one person suffered minor injuries but was not taken to a hospital. normally it's very busy in this area that most times a day, especially. during
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this timeframe. ah this morning and then so, yeah, i mean, we look at as we're very lucky. that could have been some serious injuries. the city's building inspector was on scene for part of the day investigating the collapse, experts say strong winds are capable of downing scaffolding because scaffolding is typically going to be up for a few weeks or a few months. it's considered temporary structure. i think the wind very likely is the reason but maybe the scaffolding really wasn't designed for what it could have been. there's one of those freaky things. it's you know, you wouldn't think it would happen here and sammy tale, but you know some other nature? we reached out to junction scaffolding to talk about this project how long the scaffolding had been up. they had any problems with it before we have not heard back. additionally i reached out to building management. they also declined to comment again. one southbound lane has been
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diverted into the north bong lanes to get around the work that's going on. if you can you want to try to avoid this area of san mateo, at least for the time being downtown san mateo try to avoid this. i know it's the russian maybe another way around because traffic is really bottlenecking here because of the diversion and they've had to squeeze. the three north dont lanes down to update you coming up in the next hour. we're live in downtown san mateo. jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you. yes certainly. that's an area to avoid this afternoon, jesse. thank you. and now let's go to tom baker in the north bay, where there were flash flood watches and dangerous conditions with at least one tree that fell on a house, tom. down the flash flood watches continue as you will see . but here in the north bay, it turns out that intense rains are both a blessing for the water and a curse for what happened. the mid morning drive on highway one on one in sonoma county was
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a decidedly wet, low visibility experience as the rain kept falling harder. had sonoma county airport. the intensity of the badly needed rain became a short lived but heavy duty cloudburst monday afternoon, sonoma county officials warned first responders of the potential for too much rain. and not enough drainage. this afternoon, the national weather service issued a flood watch for the north bay that includes all of sonoma county in santa rosa. the major fear until at least seven pm is that rain will loosen the burn scars and the county causing mudslides, the initial belief that the storm would move out. and down to the south bay did not occur. we have had a number of cells that have developed, bringing a significant amount of rainfall to the north bay, which led to that flash flood watch. not far away in forestville house on woodside road was literally cut in half diagonally, but mimi filer was doing a chore where the tree did not penetrate. i was changing cat litter because
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he keep his kitty box on the back porch down underneath, and fortunately the beans when the tree fell the beans held it. and i guess it fell onto the oak tree in the oak tree fell under my car. obviously this is a disaster. but the neighbors around here worry about something every time they look up. what they see or plenty of trees. the redwoods solidly implanted in the ground with deep roots are fine. but the furs and there are tons of them. have very shallow roots as we saw. it was a disaster. with this one. this tree has been identified as a problem by not only neighbors and arborists, but pg and e is it's been slated to be cut. but it's not been cut yet. and so the situation in the north bay is because of these rain cells that may be moving in. there is some tense
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situation here, wondering if these burn scars especially are going to have some problems. social wait and see situation will be back at five and six to update you reporting live tom vacar ktvu. fox two news certainly don't want any of those mudslides. tom thank you so much for that report and moving from the north bay down to monterey, part of highway one in monterey county. it's closed because of the storm. caltrans closed highway one last night between big sur resort and ragged point due to debris flow . an evacuation warning has also been issued for people in selena's in the dolan burn scar area and areas in and around river road. people who live in the area are being advised to remain vigilant and to be prepared to leave in case they need to add a moments notice. and the stormy weather will be around for a while, so you can get information you need anytime from anywhere. just download ktvu is weather app. it includes an interactive radar that can pinpoint when storms are
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expected where you live and work. this just in california is reimposing mask mandates for all indoor settings. starting this wednesday, governor newsom's administration announced the new mandate will last until january. 15th. the order comes as the per capita rate of new coronavirus cases here in california has jumped 47% in the past two weeks and at least 18 cases of the fast spreading. oh macron variant have been reported statewide. california also is tightening existing testing requirements by ordering unvaccinated people attending indoor events of 1000 people or more to have a negative test within one or two days, depending on the type of test. coming up in just about a half hour. we'll talk live with the ucsf doctor about the numbers behind this change, and what we can expect is omicron spreads. also ahead. parts of the country are looking like a war zone after catastrophic tornadoes destroyed building after
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building trapping people and killing others will go live to one of the hardest hit spots after the break. also all bart workers will have to be vaccinated by the end of the day today, but what happens to service if they don't meet that deadline? we'll have the details ahead. when you have xfinity xfi, you have peace of mind built in at no extra cost. advanced security helps keep your family protected online. pause wifi whenever for ultimate control with the xfinity app. and family-safe browsing gives parents one less thing to worry about. security, control and peace of mind. with xfinity xfi, it's all built in at no extra cost. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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while you monitor and set account alerts. and using their own chase mobile app, they can set big savings goals. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking. catastrophic tornadoes that hit six states in the south and midwest. most of those deaths were in kentucky. the governor of kentucky says it could be days before they can determine the final death toll. fox's madeline rivera, standing by live in mayfield, kentucky, which was one of the hardest hit areas, madeline. good evening, janna. and wherever you look here, there is utter devastation . i mean, just behind me, you'll see buildings reduced to piles of rubble. so many people here wondering how they recover from this. the sounds of heavy
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machinery at work buzz through mayfield, kentucky, where debris marks the downtown landscape. it took out like it took out. the nicholas of the city is what it did, and that's what's really, really devastating. mina blue smith owned this outpatient mental health clinic. now she's trying to save what she can or so fortunate that our files in our charts. have been salvaged, even taken somewhere else for to preserve the confidentiality, many wondering how they move on as some recount harrowing stories of survival. anthony vasquez says he and his four month old son took cover in a closet. if he goes, i'm going with him. you know what i mean? definitely was not going to let him go at all. search efforts are also continuing at a candle factory that was destroyed. at least eight workers are dead. more than 90 workers have been found, and several are still missing. probably haven't had the time to process i know that we're all operating my entire team on very little sleep because there is so much to do today, president biden met with
4:16 pm
fema and homeland security officials. he says emergency teams will stay on the ground as long as they're needed. administration has made it clear to every governor. whatever they need when they need it. when they needed make it known to me , it will get it to them as rapidly as rapidly as we can. president biden will be in kentucky on wednesday to see the damages firsthand, janna. and may feel just that tiny corner in the southwest side of kentucky hope that they can get some of those resources out there as needed. but, madeline thank you so much for that live report. title for more now on the disaster response in kentucky. we're joined now by former fema coordinator mark nouveau mark always appreciate your insight here, especially with the situation like this. obviously you just see the towns reduced to rubble here. it feels like one of the big priorities obviously is trying to find that more than 100. people who are still on accounted for at this point, the national guard involved in the search. what is
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that process like on the ground to try to find people who are still missing. yeah hi, alex. it is tremendous. i mean, we're talking about wind speeds up to 160 miles an hour mile wide swath with a vertical of 500 mph suck up power basement. best way to describe it. and so what they're doing now is the urban search and rescue teams from indiana, tennessee, ohio are on ground. they're partnering with local fire departments. the national guard there, gritting that area there taking a look at where the most destructive damage is and they're working out from there. they're trying to use dogs, drones any type of equipment. to find folks. they're not necessarily in recovery there in rescue mode. absolutely we heard a moment ago. obviously a lot of federal help is coming here. president biden has issued that federal disaster declaration that obviously frees up a lot of resources. fema teams, of course already on the ground, as we always see with disasters like
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this. how how do those actions help to get people. the housing and the aid that they need in the short term. obviously so many people have no place to live right now. yeah no question . so what they're doing, it's a tiered system. what's happening is they're bringing truckloads of water, cots, meals, generators, anything that's necessary to sustain life get people into temporary shelters, which could be community centers , fire stations, whatever that is, and the nonprofits operate those shelters. they do event tastic job with this declaration. it also opens up funding. so that people that are affected from this lost their home don't have a place to stay . they can go find housing apartment hotels. that's kind of the interim until they can talk about a long term solution, but no question. this is going to be a long, difficult recovery for folks, especially just before the holidays. mark finally here as we wrap up, you talked about how powerful these tornadoes were. is there? is there
4:19 pm
anything about the systems or the way that they struck these areas of the time that they struck that led to such a catastrophic loss of life in this particular situation? what can we what can we learn from how this all unfolded? what we do know is those that, um, sought shelter in the basement that worked out well, but remember, this is a community in western kentucky, and some cases does not have broadband or cell service so they don't get notifications you've got you know a tornado coming through here, and unfortunately it comes with such power and so quick that there's not a lot that can be done. one. we're talking about the wind speed and the damage there's very little bit man can build the can with stain that all right. marketing both former fema coordinator always appreciate your time. thank you. you're welcome, alex. well here at home, as you know, it's been a messy hazardous. so one out there for many this afternoon. it is slick on those roadways
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and the rain continues to fall. the wind advisory has expired that at four o'clock this afternoon by the national weather service, so the winds are beginning to let up, but the rainfall not expected to let up until early tomorrow morning. here is a look at a slick. san mateo bridge and again it is going to be slow. go if you do have any place to be this evening. take it easy and be safe. here's a look at some of the 24 hour rainfall totals or call 36 since the rain started early on for some. marin civic center reporting almost five inches of rainfall. san francisco reporting 2.5 oakland reporting almost three and then you get into san jose 7/10 reported their mount tam and ben loman in the santa cruz mountains, reporting several inches of rain 78 inches or so with again another 12 hours or so to go. here's a look at storm tracker, too. it was widespread from the north bay through the center bay even a little bit heavier down towards the south bay, and we'll start there where areas over the santa cruz mountains really seeing a lot of
4:21 pm
rain. there was a flood warning issued a little bit earlier for the burn scars. not there any longer, but there is still an advisory for flooding out there. pretty much bay area wide as we look off towards the east and some of the higher elevations. we've got moderate to heavy rainfall falling as we moved to the central bay, san francisco down along the peninsula covered heavier pockets over areas of the east bay. this is the east bay hill. so in areas right around perhaps mount diablo or east bay hills, maybe the berkeley area or higher up in those hills, seeing some moderate rainfall. and then as we go to the north bay, it's widespread and is generally light to moderate. it looks like just areas north of napa, perhaps the st helena area since some moderate rain at this time. there's snow is piling up and right now snow levels between four and 5000 ft. expected to drop as we get into the next 24 hours or so in the winter storm warning goes until 10 o'clock this e r tuesday evening, so not for tonight, but for tomorrow night whiteout conditions very dangerous and hazardous conditions. national weather
4:22 pm
service advising don't drive if you don't have to, because it is very slick, and it could be dangerous up there. meanwhile for us the flood watch goes until 10 o'clock this evening, widespread from north to south central to south. all of us included in this, we showed you at the top of the hour. sal was showing you all all that is going on out there. it's just very slick with trees down and power outages. we also have a high surf advisory for the entire coastline. this goes until wednesday morning. better details on the timeline for the rest of the storm. how much more expectable get. and with the next system is expected to arrive. pleasure temperatures all that coming up in just a little bit. sounds good. thank you, rosemary. all bart workers will have to get vaccinated by the end of the day today or risk losing their jobs. we'll hear from a bart officials about how many employees still need to comply and the potential impact on service tomorrow.
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or risk losing their job at last check, bart says. just over 92% of workers are fully vaccinated and 1% have received one dose of the vaccine. i talked earlier today with bart spokeswoman alicia trust about what happens next for employees who are still unvaccinated and how service could be affected. our latest update is that 239 employees are unvaccinated. now, some of those are still waiting for exemption requests, and during that time, they'll be able to continue to work. so that's good news for our service and try to minimize the impact to our writers. specific to train operates train operators. there's as a literally moments ago, it's 27 train operators are unvaccinated or haven't yet submitted their proof before the end of the day , and 10 of those have an exemption requests pending and so they'll be able to continue to work tomorrow. and so that's very good news in terms of limiting the impacts to our
4:26 pm
writers you are going to have it sounds like potentially a handful of train operators who will not be on the job tomorrow . what sort of plans are you making to try to make? sure that service is not disrupted. we've posted over time so that other train operators can pick up those shifts and then we always have a handful of extra train operators. that's in a normal everyday, just in case someone calls out sick, so we'll be leaning on them as well. but so far we've seen tremendous progress of more people going and get vaccinated, specifically trained operators, police officers, janitors, those we really rely on station agents to make sure we're putting out a good quality service. all right , and again, just to reiterate here of the unvaccinated barred employees. many of them have applied for exemptions and are still waiting to find out if those exemptions will be will be granted, and in the meantime, you are you are working with folks who do decide that they want to get vaccinated. we have
4:27 pm
agreements with all five labor unions on exactly how this process. will be rolled out, and that is a wonderful thing to show that they were all on the same page about how it will work and that we have those agreements with the unions. and the idea here is no one is being terminated tomorrow. anyone who was unvaccinated and doesn't have an exemption requests will get a letter tomorrow and then they'll have a hearing set and at any time between now and they're hearing they decide to get a dose. all of that will be postponed and will give them time. we've also made sure that people continue to get paid, which is really important during this limbo area. we want to make sure our employees are supported while they make this decision. and so it's the best thing we can do to support people as they move through this process. and to that end, barney is holding vaccine clinics both this week and next week. also alicia troughs tells me this vaccine requirement is important, she says, because covid is already affecting bart service right now, with. a few trains every day being canceled because of employees who are out sick. the
4:28 pm
u. s. supreme court is refusing to block new york's vaccine mandate for health workers. that mandate does not offer an exemption for religious reasons . doctors nurses and other medical workers had filed an emergency appeal, claiming they're being forced to choose between their jobs and religious beliefs. the supreme court did not provide an explanation for its decision. in the past, the justices have refused to block vaccine mandates in other states gushing water on the peninsula. more scenes of flooding as a powerful storm makes its way through the bay area. we'll have details coming up. and the sierra is finally seems snow and a lot of it. we'll hear from the mayor of south lake tahoe about how the storm is helping his city, especially after the salvador fire and the covid salvador fire and the covid shutdowns. ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one".
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ of the bay area. this is what it looked like on highway 92 earlier this morning in the spanish town area near half moon bay, a portion of highway 92 is closed in both directions between highway 35 highway one. authorities are urging any driver who comes across a flooded roadway to turn around and don't drive through it. here is a look at the radar right now we show our showing you live and you can see that most of the bay area is still getting a good soaking and all that rain certainly is causing some trouble on the roadways. ktvu sal castaneda joins us now from the ktvu traffic center. and talents been a little bit of a rough commute today. yeah it really has jenna and you
4:32 pm
mentioned highway 92 being closed. there's no sign of that reopening because of the flood water not receding. so getting to happen, babe means you have to take highway one instead of 90 to see that big purple whenever you see purple on the maps, and by the way, the information on this comes from the same. place that google gets its map information from it's all one spot and everything you will see is purple. just like you see on your phone. if you're doing it, so use highway one instead to get down from pacifica or to get up from the woodside area. you cannot use highway 92 elsewhere in the bay . we have been looking at the commute and as we back out a little bit, you can see. it is getting a little bit better. as the rain has receded. there are crashes out there, but the flooding has gone down as the rain has stopped, but some of these strong drains cannot handle it and you are going to be driving in the standing water unless you pay attention. we have another update coming up soon, but now let's go back to alex. all right, sal. thank you, and as we get hit with rain here
4:33 pm
in the bay area, this storm is dumping a lot of snow up in the sierra. we could see several feet of snow by the end of the day. today reporter brian hickey has a look now at conditions in the soda springs area. it has snowed through the night here on donner summit, and he has not let up this morning snow accumulating around 20 inches or so here it does. springs take down to the dirt. and you can see about knee height deep right there on me. that's about 18 inches here at soda springs, and it continues to accumulate. when the heart of this storm hits, though, caltrans chp warning drivers that they expect to see snow totals accumulating at three inches per hour. and if those rates it will be very difficult for caltrans to keep up with the snow on the freeway and for chp to keep up with the incidents that generally developed during that kind of a snowfall. so for that reason they are warning drivers don't come into the sierra. unless you have emergency business. you have to be up here. otherwise they're asking everyone to delay their trips, possibly through
4:34 pm
wednesday, when the storm finally tapers down in what's expected to bring feet of snow. so that is the warning from caltrans and chp. delay your travel. otherwise expect big delays if you get caught in that storm. at soda springs, brian hickey. all right, and going from brian, now to joining us live from the city of south lake tahoe mayor devin middlebrook. thank you so much for joining us today. thanks for having me and what a difference from just weeks ago during the thanksgiving holiday when it was sunny and in the sixties and seventies. can you tell us a little bit about what the snowfall means for all of those businesses right there in your town? yeah well, we've been enjoying the unusually warm weather. it's definitely great to have snow and then get our resorts open for skiing for the winter. snow is nice and heavy that little sierra cement that will provide a nice base. for our resorts, and it's great for our local businesses. because now we're going to have visitors coming up, enjoying the outdoors , enjoying the snow, and i'm eating a dining out and spending money in our community, which is much needed after the summer we had with the cows or fire.
4:35 pm
absolutely and we just heard from brian that it might be best not to leave just right away. but do you think that in terms of the conditions how are they looking right now? what can tourists are coming up from the bay area? expect. yeah i'm looking out my window and seeing a much similar seem to what you have on on screen right now. the snow is coming down. as i said, it's heavy. so if you are going to come up, definitely be careful. carry chains prepared. um and take your time, but we're definitely welcome and ready for people to come. enjoy this now and how much of a setback was it this past year with the called or fire, you know, with some of the snow that we thought was coming in november and then didn't come. do you think that this snowfall will will be enough of a boost to help make up for the hard times that those businesses have seen over the past month? yeah absolutely. this is one of those storms that's going to get us a good, strong base and carry us through the entire winter. so it's one of those storms we really love to see in our community. and are you seeing any businesses doing
4:36 pm
special deals? special things to kind of entice people back into the area. you know, after we've seen the pandemic, and now maybe some people are ready to get out . get out into the snow and go do some skiing and other winter sports. yeah absolutely. and as we move into the holiday season , a lot of our businesses are going to have holiday events, including the heavenly village that's going to have great concerts, family friendly things . that christmas tree lit up. they've got santa. there's a lot of activities, they're going to be happening. especially in our casino core that people can enjoy when they're off the slopes. they can grab grab a happy hour after risky drink. and it seems like there's still some covid precautions that are in place there. yeah absolutely . we are still in california. so, uh, folks coming up from the bay area are familiar with with those rules and regulations, so just encourage everyone to travel safe and respect, respect the rules and support the local businesses who have had a tough year. certainly have. it looks very christmassy very much the
4:37 pm
holiday scene up there, so thank you so much for joining us. south lake tahoe mayor devin middlebrook. take care. thank you. all right. keep those masks handy. a new indoor mandate was just issued late today by state health officials coming up here on the floor here from the ucsf doctor about what may have prompted this decision. and outside our doors, the storm continues to push through with another 12 hours of rainfall. i'll have a look after what you can expect for this evening tomorrow and the rest of the week coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
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without talking to your doctor. settings starting this wednesday , governor newsom's administration made the announcement late today and said the new mandate will last until january. 15th for more on what this means. we're joined now by dr peter chin hong infectious disease expert at u. c s. f dr
4:40 pm
chen hong always appreciate your time. so let's talk about what is prompting this. how much does this have to do with concerns about the omicron variant? i mean, at this point, we only have a handful of omicron cases here in california. but is that is that concern potentially driving this? i think that's part of the concern. alex i think a lot of concern is really about what we know already, which is delta, california is still about a 99. delta kind of state and over the last two weeks, so since thanksgiving, we've seen a 50% increase in cases. we're looking at what's happening in other parts of the country. hospitals are being broken at the seam in the great lakes region in new england, particularly new hampshire. we're looking at what's happening in europe, so the storm is coming, so part of this measure is really being proactive. ah is doing something we know how to do, particularly in the area. i don't think much will change except symbolically . i think a little measure
4:41 pm
knowing what we know and hopefully preventing some of the bad stuff that we saw last year, which i think we can do. yes, indeed. you talked about mask rules for the unvaccinated vary from county to county here in the bay area, but this statewide mandate for these indoor settings would would override all of the rules that you have on the local level. but how do you imagine that bay area health departments are likely to respond to this statewide mandate? i think there will be responding with agreement enthusiasm, but i think the problem always is enforcement. a lot of this has to do with code people. taking on some responsibility. hopefully no fights and lines outside the grocery, but, you know, i think it will be different in different parts of the states, where local leaders may not necessarily be in agreement with the statewide mandates. all right. you mentioned this statistic, and it is troubling here that california's covid
4:42 pm
cases have increased nearly 50% since thanksgiving. what do you believe is behind that spike? well, i think it's really a matter of people traveling a lot . whenever you have people moving around, you get an increase in cases. we've we saw that last year. and i think the other thing that public health leaders are worried about this. what we call the stocking effect. you have thanksgiving travel. you have an increase in cases then you have christmas and new years and the you don't really have time to go down. i think the difference with last year honestly, is that. in very vaccinated areas like the bay area, you're not going to see a big run on hospitals, although we're looking at what's happening in new hampshire and michigan, and if you have enough unvaccinated people, you're going to see hospital beds being used. finally here, doctor before we let you go. are we seeing any early data to suggest just just how transmissible the omicron vary. it is. yes. ah
4:43 pm
some of the early data suggests , uh, two times as transmissible as delta, which is four times as transmissible as the original variant. but hopefully if all things go well, we won't see severe disease. come of it, although we are waiting with bated breath, absolutely. appreciate your insight today. dr peter chin hong from ucsf. good to see you. thanks so much, alex. the rain continues to fall over the bay area. the wind advisory for the bay area expired a four o'clock this afternoon, but there is still an aerial flood watch. that will go until 10 o'clock this evening, and it is bay area wide. so. that possibility of minor flooding is going to continue as we move into the evening hours, the rain not expected to go away . in fact, it's going to be until tomorrow morning before it finally begins to pull out and we will dry out. it looks like by about noon time. here's a look. at the cemetery bridge, where it is soggy and slick and hazardous. we showed you in the
4:44 pm
last half hour, just all the storm reports of trees down and flooding on roadways and. roadways blocked by those trees . here's a look at storm tracker , too, and we are just widespread. we don't spend a whole lot of time on the radar because everybody's getting wet and we've got areas from the south over towards the peninsula and to the east bay as we move in. i've got two areas over the north bay wanted to show there is one little area here that might actually have just a little bit of a break. at the moment, santa rosa petaluma bodega bay area, but it is not expected to last. the rain will continue through the evening hours. take a look at what's going on over here. we've got some rain and snow mixed to the north of us. as colder air begins to filter in. i'm going to pull you all the way back here. notice the broken cloud cover back in here. that's an indication of very cold air that is going to filter into the bay area in california and for your bay area tuesday if the temperatures and the wet weather lineup we could actually see. a little bit of snow in our hills
4:45 pm
all the way down to about 2,503,000 ft, so we'll see how that goes. meanwhile how much rainfall do we expect between now and tomorrow morning and into the afternoon, anywhere from a three uh third of an inch to maybe an inch or so, so we still have more to go. here's a look at some of these snowfall that will continue to accumulate in areas over lake tahoe. as expected. we are starting to see several feet of snow with that winter storm warning, continuing until 10 o'clock tomorrow night . not tonight. tomorrow night. here's a look at the temperatures outside right now. 53 degrees in san francisco, 52 walnut creek in the south, a 54 over san jose. and then as we get into the overnight hours, we've got some cold temperatures out there 34 for santa rosa tomorrow morning 44 in san francisco. 42 in concord with the possibility of scattered showers. right now, it looks like the earnest early morning drive could have scattered showers. but as we get into 89 o'clock, 10 o'clock or so it finally begins to wind down and move out of the bay area. so for the afternoon partly cloudy, mainly dry and cool. 53 san
4:46 pm
francisco 52. polio will go low fifties for the afternoon in san jose, and temperatures don't improve much. getting into the days ahead. take a look at your area wednesday. wednesday night into thursday, possibility of another storm, not quite as strong as what we're experiencing right now, but we will remain with the very chilly temperatures. in fact, thursday , could be one of the coolest days in the afternoon when we struggled to get to about 50 degrees. then, as we get into the weekend, we will be dry with mostly sunny skies. the temperature is still on the cool side low to mid fifties. friday saturday and sunday. back to you. all right. thank you so much. rosemary oroczo. busan's to sue the manufacturers and sellers of assault weapons. it's based on the same legal foundation that is the basis for texas's new abortion law. it would allow californians to seek damages of at least $10,000, plus legal fees from people who manufacture, distribute or sell assault weapons or those who
4:47 pm
create parts for untraceable ghost guns. the governor tweeted a message today reading, in part quote if texas can ban abortion and endanger lives, california can ban deadly weapons on the war. and to save lives and in an effort to take guns off the street, san francisco police and community organizers held a gun buyback over the weekend. we are told they collected 276 guns during the event, including 15 assault rifles. organizers gave out $100 for every handgun and $200 for each assault weapon. no questions asked. the guns turned in will be dismantled and some of the parts will be donated to a foundation that will turn them into pieces of art. well, the holidays are here with the end of the year for lawmakers just around the corner, and there still is a lot of work left for congress before they leave for their holiday break. coming up the list of what needs to get done and why some of the democrats priorities are being held up by their own party. and
4:48 pm
coming up at five. our storm coverage continues with the check of which parts of the bay area will be seen the most rainfall in the next few hours, plus how the roadways are looking. also it was exactly one year ago. today, the us started distributing coronavirus vaccines. what doctors say has been the biggest struggle during that time. hey, angie! you forgot your phone! hey lou! angie forget her phone again? yep. lou! mom said she could save up to $400 on her wireless bill by switching to xfinity internet and mobile. with nationwide 5g at no extra cost. and lou! on the most reliable network, lou! smart kid, bill. oh oh so true. and now, the moon christmas special. gotta go! take the savings challenge at or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season.
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4:50 pm
before the holiday break. for democrats. their priorities also include a massive social spending bill, but not all democrats are on board with their party's plan. foxes lauren blanchard is in washington with the lengthy to do list. inflation is real. it's not transitory. it's alarming is going up not down ahead of a phone call with president biden monday, senator joe manchin, a holdout democratic vote, voicing continued concern with inflation and the cost of the build back better bill, the congressional budget office reported last week . it will cost about three
4:51 pm
trillion more than the nearly $2 trillion price tag if the proposed social programs. become permanent we're talking about here is a fake cbo score that is not based on the actual bill that anybody is voting on to progressives. frustration mansion has already forced leaders to scrap certain parts of the bill, and he wants more time and still looking for a responsible way forward. republicans remain united against the bill and increased government spending. and this is biden inflation a 39 year high. created by joe biden majority leader chuck schumer, along with the white house wants to build back better wrapped up by christmas. the work is not yet finished, but we're working hard to put the senate in a position to get the legislation across the finish line before christmas , adding to the urgency and extended child tax credit will expire this month. if it's not re upped by congress or included in the president's bill schumer has tried to impose a christmas deadline just to force action on the part of the senate this week is crucial for denmark. kratz as
4:52 pm
they work with the senate parliamentarian to get the social spending bill ready for the floor. it must fit within the strict rules of reconciliation in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. today the california public utilities commission announced the proposed change to the states solar panel program under the decades old program, pg and e and other electric utility companies reduce the bills for solar customers who sell excess electricity back to the grid. the proposal would roll back the program earlier today, during mornings on two we spoke with jeffrey ball and energy expert at stanford. he says the proposal calls for not providing those solar credits for new customers. but this will not affect people who currently have solar panels on their homes. this will affect people who put panels on in the future and the reason that that's relevant is that, um people putting solar panels on their houses is important in terms of what rates people paid for their own electricity, and it's also much
4:53 pm
more broadly really important. for the pretty aggressive promises that the state of california has made about how it wants to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. and the c p. u. c is expected to vote on that proposal next month at its meeting that happens on january 27th. elon musk, the ceo of tesla is time magazine's person of the year, the magazine said. he's different from any other ceo constantly interacting with twitter users while running one of the most valuable companies in the world. time magazine also recognized his other ventures that are reshaping the planet and pushing boundaries such as spacex and its goal to land a person on mars. time says musk has helped turn electric cars into the future of driving portion of one. yes that's a good girl. all positive reinforcement. they do this because they want to do it. did you give him a kiss? positive reinforcement after this east bay dog sniffs out covid-19 the best way for the specially
4:54 pm
trained dogs to find the virus socks. yes, that's right. socks socks. yes, that's right. socks will explain next. chase first banking. a debit card and app for kids, and tools for you to teach them good money habits. set account alerts, savings goals, allowances and chores from your chase mobile app. all with no monthly service fee. chase first banking.
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. but our here, we are just getting started. trained to sniff out covid-19 in school ktvu sally rasmus reports now on a pilot program that just started in the east bay designed to detect infections. this is scarlet, and she's two years old , suited up and ready to learn nice. good she's fast. scarlet the labrador starts her school day at this training wheel, stopping at each can as she walks by. she's sniffing for her target and finds it. yes that's a good girl. inside this can is an old sock once worn by someone who tested positive for covid 19. and tell her she got it right. and then we go get her
4:57 pm
cookie. early alert canines located in concord. it's part of a pilot program with the california department of public health and the american public health laboratory association. she and her canine pal rizzo. are learning to use their extraordinary sense of sent to detect covid-19. these dogs will be able to sniff a row of people and indicate if there is anybody positive covid-19, no matter which variant and even if the person is asymptomatic when you and i smell an orange, we go orange. when they smell an orange. they smell the last three people that handle it the dirt that it was fertilized wite water that watered it. the trainers at early alert canines have been training medical alert dogs for 10 years, mostly for people with diabetes. but this is the first time they're teaching dogs to find covid. the ultimate goal of the pilot program to use these covid sniffing dogs in schools. in an email, a spokesperson from seed ph told ktvu while covid-19 sniffing dogs have shown success in airports and sports venues,
4:58 pm
they have not yet been tried in schools get of all venues. this could be the most impactful area for covid-19 sniffing dogs. the cdc foundation is funding the pilot program. scarlet and rizzo just started training two weeks ago and are off to a strong start. yes good girl. it's all positive reinforcement. they do this because they want to do it. did you give him a kiss? the dogs aren't sniffing for the virus itself. instead their sense of smell picks up the chemical changes our bodies produce when we are fighting covid. it's the body's response to it and the byproduct of the virus coming through the skin. scarlett and rizzo will go through 12 weeks of training at then this spring, they'll shift to another 12 weeks of training on school campuses. cd ph doesn't know which schools just yet. i think people are really excited about this project because. it's so much faster than the dog contest 300 people and you know, half an hour. they just go down the line stuff stuff. sniff anybody the dog
4:59 pm
would alert on would have to have a rapid test because we'd have to know if the dog was correct or not. but the trainers at early alert canines have full confidence in scarlet and rizzo. these guys they blew me away every time i worked with him sot to learn. they want to please. they want to do this. they're great students, so i always tell them at the end of the day. i give them grades and they always get a pluses to a plus students on their way to helping their human friends fight covid-19. rizzo kennel. take care of in concord, ali rasmus ktvu. box two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. i was changing cat litter. fortunately the beans when the tree fill the beans held it. now at five, saved by a chore. one bay area pet owner can thank her cat for saving her life when a storm knocked a redwood tree right onto her home. that's just one of the many dangerous situations that this storm. is causing all
5:00 pm
around the bay area. good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes and i'm quoting wang. julian frank are off tonight. this major storm is expected to intensify and bring travel headaches and the threat of flooding to parts of the bay area. let's take a look at the impact the storm is having around the bay area from the bay bridge to the golden gate, sfo to san jose. you can see conditions are what everywhere and look at the bottom corner of your screen. traffic there in the south bay is certainly responding to it. well, the wet mess left some roadways looking more like rivers. today drivers trapped in floodwaters required rescuing by first responders in san mateo county. luckily no one was hurt here, but officials warn drivers that had just a few inches of water can sweep cars right off the road and from the downpours themselves to the danger and the mess they created. we do have live team coverage for you across the bay area. let's begin with a check on the system chief meteorologist bill martin tracking it and has details. bill. what a great storm we're having. you know, it's less than that last atmospheric river in terms of rainfall totals, but


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