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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 11, 2021 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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that makes me feel good. it's the part that it didn't hit at the house. no, but it's really bad because it's destroyed everything we've got over here. well shock tonight among tornado victims across the south and midwest as emergency crews rushed to find survivors help from california now on their
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way. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm cristina rendon the images we see coming out of at least six states tonight are heartbreaking, while the most widespread damage appears to be in the mayfield, kentucky area, similar scenes can be found across hundreds of miles. dozens of deaths have been confirmed across multiple states. kentucky's governor fears the death toll in his state alone will top 70. the tornado outbreak started late last night and lasted through the overnight hours more than 30 twisters touched down in kentucky, tennessee, mississippi, arkansas, missouri and illinois. emergency managers suspect one single tornado likely stayed on the ground for 227 miles in kentucky foxes madeline rivera's in mayfield, kentucky, the city that's become ground zero for damage. devastation across the south and midwest after tornadoes tear through six states, leaving a trail of damage in their wake kentucky, one of the hardest hit after a tornado touched down there for more than 200 miles. this was
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the scene in mayfield, nearly everything in the storm's path completely leveled, leaving the tiny city almost unrecognizable courthouse. the. possible already everything. churches it's just on imaginable. i cannot believe it. more than 100 workers were trapped in a factory when it was torn apart by the winds. the death toll across kentucky is feared to be catastrophic. the governor declaring a state of emergency. this event is the worst. most devastating, most deadly tornado event in kentucky's history. at least six workers were killed in illinois after parts of this amazon warehouse collapsed. that number could grow as search teams look for people still trapped under the rubble. and in arkansas. one person died after tornado tore through this nursing home. drone footage showed widespread damage all over town to see what they've had to go through. knowing the health conditions of some that they could not do anything that
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breaks my heart to see that president biden says he intends to visit the areas devastated by these tornadoes, but doesn't want to do so if it will interfere with relief efforts. reporting in mayfield, kentucky, mala rivera fox news. plans are already in the works tonight to send help from california to areas impacted by the tornado outbreaks. baksaas picks up our team coverage of this disaster in the newsroom with details of plans for help, zach. good evening disaster relief experts . i spoke to say the biggest challenge those in the ground are facing right now is coordinating that effort the sheer size of the devastation left by those tornadoes potentially unprecedented. catastrophic damage not to be understated by any means. we're only seeing the tip of the iceberg right now. mark novo, all too familiar with mother nature's wrath of former fema presidential appointee tasked with coordinating exactly the sort of rescue and recovery efforts taking place in the middle of the country right now. as daylight comes tomorrow, and
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we get more drone satellite imagery. we're going to see a lot more destruction, and unfortunately we're going to have more loss of life. kentucky illinois, tennessee, arkansas, missouri and mississippi all ravaged by tornadoes, emergency teams flooding the area, including two elite members of fema's incident support teams in california, one from sacramento, another from orange county. those teams will come in to manage the many urban search and rescue teams that are on the way or in some cases on ground and certain states. large structures decimated during the storm, including a candle factory in kentucky nursing home in missouri and amazon warehouse in illinois, of particular concern once those walls fall, the weight of that is so detrimental to certainly anything under there, but people. but it also starts to cave in the rest of the building with it. the red cross also on the ground, were working around the clock to make sure that people have a safe shelter to go to make sure that
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they have food to eat those critical relief supplies in hand on northern california volunteers specialist heading down to provide disability support services with other area volunteers on standby. so this should be making sure that you know every shelters accessible to everyone who needs it. you know if there are things like access and functional needs language differences, the red cross says the need for blood donations is critical right now , with the disaster like this often means that, um blood drives are canceled and in local areas where there are no longer able to hold those blood drives so it may have impact the blood supply and it's already in a critical shortage time over the holiday season. and the red cross is asking anyone in the bay area who is able to give blood to consider donating list of donation sites is available on their website at red cross .org in the newsroom, zach sauce ktvu fox two news exact. thank you. governor newsom says the state has prepared to send more help. he posted a video on
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twitter today showing some of the damage people are facing in kentucky. now, part of the caption includes quote our hearts are with them and the states across the central u. s that were impacted by this terrible tragedy. california stands at the ready to aid and assist with any response and recovery. meantime, president biden has already approved an emergency declaration for kentucky that helps streamline the process of getting federal relief to damaged areas. this morning. he promised to follow through with support for all states and need. i want, folks and all these days to know we're gonna get through this. we're gonna get through this together and the federal government is not going to walk away. this is one of those times when we aren't democrats or republicans sounds like hyperbole. but it's real where all americans we stand together as united states america. and so i say to all the victims, you're in our prayers and all those first responders, emergency personnel and everyone helping their fellow americans that this is the right thing to do with the right time. and we're gonna get through this.
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fema is already working in the sixth states known to have suffered tornado damage, and vice president kamala harris also expressed support for those impacted by the historic outbreak on twitter. vice president, harris said. quote the second gentleman and i are praying for the families impacted by last night's tornadoes. the devastation for these communities is heartbreaking. our administration is working with state and local officials to support immediate assistance and rescue effort. in those affected areas. so by all accounts, the devastation they're very widespread recovery will likely take quite some time. and what happened in the midwest was historic. we want to bring in ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo mark, i don't even. think i could remember the last time we saw an outbreak like this? no no, it's pretty. it's going to be historic at all levels. christina yeah, because this typically we're talking about a tornado outbreak in the spring. but this as we approach winter, unfortunately, was the case last night into early this morning. potentially this could be the longest single tornado path in u. s history as it as a one
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tornado. moving across four states, so we're going back in time here into friday and overall, we're showing you there's a lot of smaller scale features. but the overall weather you can see that system, so it's warm air to the south. cold air to the north, and that is kind of setting up an unstable environment. as we put this into motion, this is during the seven o'clock our our time last night, and then you can see the progression of this system, eventually moving out to the eastern seaboard, at least throughout the day today, so things stabilizing a bit, but unfortunately, of course we're seeing all of the all the destruction. and they are just all the reports out there. here is the radar imagery in the tornado reports as you can see things going kind of kind of developing last night into early this morning as we come in closer. these are all the tornado reports. once again. these are reports actually be report of the same tornado, and that's the report closer to the mayfield area right around the mayfield air area for to click on this. right now. it's showing you that one report at 9 27 central time last night now our
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weather out toward the west. we are tracking a big change in the pacific. as you can see frontal system offshore, cold air and also another atmospheric river, setting up for sunday and monday, so there's that cold front. a moist plume of error approaching the barrier coastline. we're talking about a lot of rainfall sunday through tuesday can see rainfall, making a comeback steady, too heavy rainfall. coastal hills could be around 6 to 8 inches and winds increasing out of the south. gust could be topping 40 miles an hour. lots to talk about. our forecast will have more on our storm coverage coming up in a little bit. all right, mark. thank you and reminder. you can use our weather app to track shifts in weather conditions over the next few days. the app includes interactive radar and an hour by hour breakdown of the forecast. no attend san jose fire investigators work tonight to figure out what set off an explosion. they say a fire of some sort under the overpass at co and lincoln avenue avenue set up an explosion of propane tanks today. the fire forced a shutdown of the overpass to
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pedestrians. vehicular traffic, though, was able to keep passing the area safely. we have no reports of injuries tied to this incident also knew i tend. police in oakland are investigating an early morning shooting that sent a man to the hospital officers were called to the area. fisher avenue and macarthur boulevard around 1 15 this morning. police arrived and say they found a man who had been shot at least once he's listed in stable condition. there's no information about a suspect or what led up to the shooting, but anyone with information should call oakland police. you see movement tonight in the investigation of the fatal shooting involving actor alec baldwin on a movie set coming up to a judge says must come forward to speak, plus 3 +21. like that dream. and i'm holiday tradition returns to jack london square coming up how this tree's sister helped ensure tonight's celebration could move forward days after a vandalism forward days after a vandalism attack.
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director who handled actor alec baldwin. a prop gun on the set of the movie rust. that weapon ended up killing a cinematographer on the film set in new mexico in october. the judge says dave halls must agree to be interviewed by workplace safety regulators. halls reportedly said the prop gun was not loaded when he handed it to baldwin. baldwin has said that he did not pull the trigger before the gun went off. alina hutchins was killed and the film's director, joel souza, wounded. well in the sierra people are preparing for a major winter storm. while they're excited for the snowfall it is expected to bring. they also know that they could be stuck indoors for a few days. reporter stephanie lynn shows us how residents in truckee are getting ready. take one step into this truckee hardware store and you'll be greeted with this long checkout lines, aisles filled with people shopping back to back town will be really busy in
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the roads will be crazy. 45 40 many customers picking up all the essentials before they're snowed in by the upcoming big winter storm. we definitely have been working through some of our generators and power loss as well as you. flashlights batteries, candles, oil, williams. i couldn't find my snow scraper for my car. so i had to buy one of those, and they were almost sold out. still, the prospect of a white christmas has people pretty excited. yeah it should be fun. the snow expected to bring a welcome boost to a town that relies heavily on recreational tourism. if the skiers get opened up, we're going to have more people coming. up here to enjoy that as well. which is always good for business. the work from home lifestyle brought about by the pandemic also led to a surge of people moving into the truckee area. this is going to be the first good taste. of winter for all the newbies up here, this should be interesting . this locals advice to his new neighbors. just make sure that you've got snow shovels, which
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is exactly what this mom and daughter are picking up today. we're going to hunker down the next couple days. yeah. till it passes. fire yeah, we're going to get some wood here as well. meanwhile this store like so many others across the country is grappling with supply chain issues. much of this winter apparel management. tell me only just arrived three weeks ago. prices are definitely a little bit higher. so you just have to be smart with your shopping and we have all our favorite places that we like to support. the rush now on to get homes prepped and ready for some major, much needed snowfall. i think this storm is going to be a good one just got to be prepared. and that was stephanie lynn reporting. grocery stores were also packed today, with shoppers stocking up on food and essentials just in case there's snowed in for a while. or the potential for power problems for the bay area has utility crews at the ready tonight pg and e. says it's gathering power poles , transformers and other equipment that could be damaged by rain or wind. the company
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says the peninsula and north bay are likely to need the most repair work. okay to be meteorologist mark tamayo tracking the storm and joins us now with the very latest mark, either. andre yeah, the initial rain bands approaching the north bay. it looks like uk and in mendocino county reported some light rainfall that rainfall will gradually spread to the south. overnight into your sunday we're talking about periods of rain. could be heavy at times and also in the sierra . this will be a major snow producer. remember a few days ago? we're getting excited about 5 to 6 inches of snowfall. we're measuring snowfall in the feet over the next few days, so winter storm warning in place right now until 10 o'clock tuesday. that's a long time and the snowfall accumulations could be around 3 to 8. feet just amazing. so this will transform the sierra right on into sunday and into monday as the snowfall really moves in and also travel be very dangerous over the summits for both 80 and 50. back home for us the storm impacts there's a chance we could have some roadway, flooding,
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rockslides and debris flow possible as well and strong winds. you've been hearing about that, with the power outages possible. now, the rain timing as you can see kind of a general outlook here. you can see rainfall picking up so throughout this period. we're not talking about sprinkles or light amount. you can see the amounts actually picking up into sunday night. there may be a little bit of a break monday morning and then ramping up again into monday afternoon into monday evening. rainfall projections you can see here the north bank could be over 3/5 inches of rainfall, but the developing kind of what we're learning right now is the santa cruz mountains could pick up the bulk of this rainfall and that could lead to some problems, especially right around. the fire burn zone 7 to 8 inches, maybe approaching nine inches with that the frontal band in the atmospheric river kind of stalled out over the santa cruz mountains. wind advisory begins four pm sunday until seven a.m. on monday with winds gusting to over 40 miles an hour. we have more rain clouds in the five day forecast, and we'll have more on that with your full update. in a little bit, mark. thank you so much, all right, speaking of
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whether it was pretty cold outside what people passing jack london square. the rest of the holiday season could look forward to seeing a christmas tree that just will not quit. gasia mikaelian chooses how hundreds of people showed up for tonight's tree lighting ceremony just days after someone tried to ruin the tree. description five ft. tall tree from mount shasta is here in the heart of oakland's jack london square, and it was lit tonight in front of a crowd of several 100 people. the tree lighting and jack lenin square has been a tradition for as long as i can remember, had to be put on pause last year due to the pandemic, but now people are back here in jack lemmon square celebrating that came to see santa. came to see their neighbors and make new friends. i just spoke with one mom and i'd like to say, mark here you came all the way down here from the leo. you make this you make this trip every year. tell me why. it's really important that it's a family tradition for me and my children , and he just really is excited about coming and seeing the big tree and the firefighters. what's it like being back?
10:19 pm
because we couldn't do this last year? it's really exciting for us to one life. that tree. we've been here since five o'clock. cited we thought it was going to be a big crowd like it was prior years, but it wasn't but so we came really early and i see you got your hot your fire hat from oakland fire. if you could have one wish for the holidays, what would it be? to have a great christmas you go. well i know your mom was you very much. i'm sure she'll make it happen now. i can't thank you so much for joining me. happy holidays to you. thank you so much again. it's that holiday spirit that's alive and well here in oakland's jack london square horse. you may remember earlier in the week , someone set fire to the christmas tree and did damage should maybe a quarter of the branches they actually went to this tree's sister tree and pulled branches from that tree up at mount shasta. came down
10:20 pm
and cruz filled it in, and you can't even tell there was a problem. so if you weren't able to make it out tonight for the tree lighting this baby is going to be here for the next few weeks. come on down. take your pictures. santa claus will be here as well. it's a great feeling here in oakland's jack london square as the holiday tree is back, and it's now lit. reporting in oakland. gasia mikaelian ktvu, fox two news. troy anything what i'm getting to enjoy. he was working . it was all business, right? right have to do it himself. i went off right related space tourists, including a former astronauts, daughter returned to earth coming up their historic and wild ride. shooting slump kept steph curry from a record breaking night. but we're the warriors able to rally in philly joe fonzi. we'll have the highlights, vigor and sports and see what's being done to call attention to how the bay area will benefit from a new infrastructure law.
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russell, kansas today. people were invited to pay their respects in the town where dole grew up. church pews slowly filled up until it was standing room only as former senator elizabeth dole was at the wife was escorted to her seat. after the memorial, the honor guard
10:24 pm
carried the casket to a hearse where the late senator was given a salute from veterans dull served nearly 36 years in congress. he died at the age of 98. house speaker nancy pelosi joined congresswoman jackie speier in san francisco today, calling attention to the nation's new infrastructure law . ktvu semantic katana was there and has details on how money from that legislation will be used here. in the bay area. it is no longer a matter of if, but when rail will come into the transit center from the basement of the salesforce tower, bay area, and national leaders are celebrating what's to come. the bipartisan infrastructure deal signed by president biden last month provides $4.5 billion to improve bay area mass transit systems. it will help connect 11 transit systems to the salesforce transit center, and eventually the california high speed rail. this is one of the most important public dollars that we can spend. because what
10:25 pm
does it do? it builds infrastructure. which improves the quality of life. more people are taking public transportation. cleaner or our children less time in cars for their families. speaker nancy pelosi says biden's build back better plan would be the biggest investment in passenger rail since the creation of amtrak and it'll be historic for san francisco. yes it is big and complex, and it is beautiful. it's also 100 years late and getting here when you think about it. think about big cities around the country. new york, chicago, washington. they have these complexes already with the updates. peninsula, congresswoman jackie speier says getting from san francisco to san jose will be faster and available to everyone. this is what the new electrified caltrain. is going to look like
10:26 pm
and then electrified. caltrain will be on a test track come 2022, thanks to the federal funds with a statewide system not far behind, creating millions of jobs, knowing that workers today are struggling and in our city and in our region for economic recovery, their yearning they're excited to get to work. we can put them to work with projects like this high speed rail isn't something that people just talk about in the press. it's real. it's here. amanda quintana ktvu, fox two news. other parts of california will benefit from money from the infrastructure deal. more than $25 billion will go to highway upgrades. another 4.2 billion will help repair or replace bridges. 100 million will be spent on improving broadband coverage across the state and 84 million will be used. for wildfire protection projects over the next five years. keep in mind. these are only some of
10:27 pm
the highlights. marin county supervisors have come up with new guidelines for complying with the state's mandate to build more housing. supervisors and planning commissioners this week decided on more concrete plans about where to zone more housing. under state law, marin county needs to build more than 3500 homes in unincorporated areas by 2030. some commissioners have expressed concern about building in places that currently have remote access to infrastructure. county supervisors will finalize plans at a future meeting. for kendall factory, kentucky reduced to a pile of twisted debris. we will take you back to the scene of tornado touchdown for an update on the search and recovery effort that is underway. i will also take you to washington, where an avalanche trapped six people today. and we're not just weeks away from a new mandatory composting law here in california later tonight what you'll soon be required to do with certain items, many of us task in the trash.
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but our here, we are just getting started. weapons. yes, ktvu greg liggins tells us one family, he would tend to the event knows firsthand how gun violence can forever alter lives. i don't wish us to nobody. i pray it doesn't happen to anybody else. ponti tokyo no, still grieving her daughter's death has experienced first hand the devastation a gun in the wrong hands can do. about 6 45 pm july 30th. the family was playing in front of their home on birth, elaine near hudson and san francisco's bay view when bullets started flying hitting 16 year old jada tokyo. no, and her 45 year old aunt she survived. but a daughter she didn't get she didn't survive. she died instantly. there's a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction in the murder of jada, who loved to dance, sing and play piano. so far, no
10:31 pm
information regarding what led to the shooting. the family attended this gun buyback program saturday morning hosted by the sfpd and united players, a nonprofit that supports kids with academic and leadership skills. in order to keep them off the streets out of harm's way. we're just seeking justice for our daughter, jada to fabiano. and we're here to support the gun buyback and you know the senseless gun violence because that's what's taking our daughter from us. all manner of weapons were being turned over at this howard street location. no questions asked handguns for $100 assault weapons for 200. the weapons tagged and secured no longer locked and loaded. so far, police have no leads in jada's killing, according to the family who were pleading for anyone with information to contact sfpd. while praying that those responsible turn themselves in. until that happens, the tokyo knows continue to raise awareness
10:32 pm
about jade is killing and the other lives being lost to gun violence. i just hope the gun violence stops and. no other family has to suffer from this over the last 10 years of hosting buybacks, the group says it's taken more than 3000 firearms off the streets. greg liggins ktvu. fox two news. and we have an update on the number of weapons collected today. a total of 267 firearms are turned in, and that number includes 15 assault rifles. new attend. governor. gavin newsom says he's working on a bill that will allow private citizens to sue the makers and sellers of assault weapons. the bill would allow californians to seek damages of at least $10,000, plus legal fees for people who manufacture, distribute or sell assault weapons, or those who create parts for untraceable ghost guns. this comes in response to the controversial law in texas that bans most abortions and allows residents there to sue abortion clinics and anyone else who aided an abortion. in a statement, newsom
10:33 pm
said he is outraged the u. s. supreme court decided friday to allow the texas abortion banned to remain in place, he went on to say, quote. but if states can now shield their laws from review by the federal courts that compare assault weapons to swiss army knives in california will use that authority to protect people's lives where texas used it to put women in harm's way. also new attend campus police at uc berkeley responded to a report. of an arson fire. today it happened at the university's anthropology and art practice building. campus email went out shortly before three o'clock this afternoon, saying a person was seen quote maliciously setting fire to a display case. in the northeast side of the building. the suspect is described as a white woman with black hair wearing a purple jacket. she was last seen on a bicycle heading towards the south campus area. flames tore through a warehouse in san francisco this morning. the three alarm blaze happened around 5 45 at the tow yard at newcomb avenue and the baby district crews got that fire under control within an hour.
10:34 pm
firefighters say nobody was hurt and nobody was displaced. police had conquered her investigating a hit and run crash that left a man badly injured. that happened just before two a.m, your monument boulevard and eureka lane. investigators say an unknown car was traveling westbound on monument when it struck a man who was walking in that area. that man was taken to a nearby hospital with major injuries. anyone with information should contact concord police. getting back now to tonight's developing story in the south and midwest, rescue curries and mayfield, kentucky, picking through the rubble of a candle factory that was destroyed when a tornado tore through the area last night. at the time, more than 100 workers were on duty, trying to keep up with christmas orders as fox weathers will nunley reports 40 people have been rescued. as the hours roll on resources continue to rush in here to mayfield, kentucky, and that's exactly what people in this area are wanting to see as another truck carrying a piece of heavy equipment or another rescue team arrives. they are quickly being
10:35 pm
put to work. i want to show you this scene here we're trying to keep and we want to keep a respectful distance, but what you're looking out over. right here is this candle factory that we understand. dozens of people were at work when the time of this powerful tornado struck this area. so what's happening right now is they're trying to carefully go through the debris of this factory that collapsed and was mangled during this storm. and so inside. they are trying to now do a search and recovery mission for all of the people that were inside during this, and while this large scene is taking place down the road. there are also continuing that process for the city of mayfield and cities just like it on down the road. you have to keep in mind that huge path that this tornado took the long track that this tornado took, and it is involving several towns similar in size to this one, and his affected dozens, if not hundreds of homes. in some of my surveys here today, i have seen homes
10:36 pm
absolutely leveled to their foundation. i've talked to neighbors who were trying to explain how how much the look of their townged.d forever, and in manyne. this is a very daunting and heartbreaking task that is underway here at this factory and all through these communities, they absolutely need your thoughts and prayers and support. we're going to continue to bring you the stories in the coming hours and days here in mayfield, kentucky, will nunley fox weather. an avalanche swept through a ski area in washington state, killing a 60 year old man and five other people were temporarily trapped. it was reported about 10 50 this morning and the silver basin area of crystal mounted, which is southeast of seattle. the identity of the man who died has not been released, but authorities say he wasn't breathing after being pulled out of the snow and didn't survive despite cpr efforts by another skier. it's an emotional drain
10:37 pm
and you know, right now our focus is on. making sure first and foremost that the that the party that came with this individual is well taken care of. authorities say all of those caught in the avalanche were experienced backcountry skiers. a warning had been issued against skiing in the area, which was just inside the boundaries of crystal mountain resort. sequoia national park reopened its giant forest area today on a limited schedule. this since been closed since mid september because of the campy, complex fire that fire burned more than 88,000 acres, mostly within sequoia and kings canyon national parks. firefighters took extraordinary measures to save the group, which includes the iconic general sherman tree crews wrapped the trunk of the giant sequoia and foil to protect it from the flames. there's just so much waste in the world. i feel like people can do just a small bit if they can coming up california's composting goals, the new law
10:38 pm
that will change the way people dispose of feuds starting next year, and another group of tourists take a trip to space coming up. how this trip makes history in a way other than spaceflight did. at a barrier whether the weekend starting off with cold temperatures and clear skies, but the rain bands are moving in. right now we're talking about some heavy rain in your sunday forecast and a lot more rain clouds in the five day forecast. we're gonna have the update coming up.
10:39 pm
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limited availability in select areas. bones, banana peels, eggshells. all of that, and more should be composted, and there's a new law to make sure that happens. reporter susan here. suda has the details. angela fas sagas drives from encino to get rid of her food scraps. she dumps two weeks worth into these, like compost bins. there's just so much waste in the world. i feel like people can do just a small bit if they can. l a compass runs aside on cottonwood urban farms. what's dumped in the bins today becomes premium mulch in a few months. food waste doesn't have to just disappear and it can really be a benefit all the fruit trees we grow here. all the vegetables are made from community dropped off compostable items. and that's the point of a new law in california that pushes from municipality statewide to handle
10:42 pm
organic waste for the betterment of the environment. so one of the fastest easiest things that every californian can do to fight climate change. is this pretty minor shift in the way we think about what we do with our waste. rachel waggoner is the director of calorie cycle, so we're creating a circular system that not only fights climate change, but treats are trash as a resource. not as a waste. we got the mixing the cooking and the curing. that's been the mission of l. a compost for 10 years. michael martinez gave us the tour of this composting site and panorama city. this entire pile over to laufer. nice airflow. and for all parts to really get to that center to get to words. most hot. he believes the new law will help people rethink what's trash where we've shown that from sacramento to san diego there are active and engaged in non profits and small businesses. wanted to focus on soil health wanting to focus on community health. this site
10:43 pm
converts the food waste from about 150 families. the goal for the state is to have larger scale operations as well. in l, a county that could mean converting nearly two million tons of organic waste. that was susan. he received a reporting this will be the nation's largest, um editori residential food waste recycling program. it's set to take effect in january. try this again space to restrict it back to earth. coming up. today's trip makes history and it may be quiet now , but you need to get ready for a run in with stormy conditions . meteorologist mark tamayo will break down the timing. of this bad
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