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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 10, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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standoff in any and with a house fire shots fired a suspect dead and the police officer injured. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox two starts now. hello again. i'm christina redonda. i'm andre senior. the standoff that put an entire eniac neighborhood on lockdown. now over the tense situation unfolded in the area of hummingbird drive and james donlan boulevard ktvu jana katsuyama is at the scene where investigators are still processing evidence tonight, jenna. well this road is still blocked off such a stressful night for the people who lived in this area. they were under lockdown since one o'clock this afternoon, and just behind me about a half block down is dove court. there's a police car that is stationed right there. that is where this shooting happened , and police say at this point, all they are telling us is that it was a man in his thirties. they haven't released his identity and they are still looking for a motive as to why he opened fire and started shooting at people in this neighborhood. we have. it was a
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barrage of gunfire. that came from the home where the standoff had lasted more than six hours. antioch's elise say swat teams shot and killed the suspect outside the house after he set the garage on fire and tried to escape about seven pm during the standoff, the entire neighborhood was under lockdown. it started about 1 11 pm with a call about shots fired near dove court. the suspect was armed with a rifle and was actively shooting at cars and houses, antioco police say when they arrived, the man was standing outside of his house. at one point, he fired shots and hit a police drone that was being used for surveillance. he then barricaded himself inside. we attempted to make contact through phone calls and text messages. i don't think we were able to establish contact before and he wasn't necessarily saying he wasn't saying anything. drones are, um. instrumental in our ability to have eyes on to make sure that we could see what
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was going on as as best as we could. and police say using that drone as soon as they saw the suspect. exit the house that is when they moved in and fired at him. he was pronounced dead at the scene, and fire crews quickly, then moved in to put out the fire and prevent those flames from spreading to other homes. during the standoff, one officer who was in another area blocking off a nearby road was injured when a driver in a white truck crashed into that police vehicle. the officer was rushed to a local hospital. we understand that he is in serious condition and back here live. we have not been able to determine yet from police as to what the status is of that driver of the white truck. they are trying to figure out his identity and what happened whether he was arrested over here they are planning to keep this site down for a little bit of time as they finished processing that evidence, but. you know, certainly a very tense situation. a lot of the
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neighbors here are just relieved that this came to an end without anybody else in the neighborhood getting hurt. jana katsuyama reporting live for us tonight in antioch. janet. thank you. you can get cash for your guns tomorrow. no questions asked, is part of the annual gun buyback program making its come back to san francisco. the group united players is hosting the event at 10 38. howard street doors will open at eight in the morning. anyone who turns in handguns, shotguns or rifles will get $100. $200 will go to people who give up assault weapons. united players has been hosting gun buyback programs in san francisco for 10 years, the group has taken more than 3000 firearms off the streets. well get ready for a sharp drop in temperatures overnight. meteorologist mark tamayo tracking the system, bringing us a blast of cold air and more mark. yes that's right, cold enough. we are talking about freeze warnings for parts of the bay area. a few neighborhoods could be started out tomorrow morning in the upper twenties, but at least lots of thirties out there so your weekend starts off dry but very cold. but as we
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had in his sunday, our next storm comes on board and rainfall rates will be picking up now. freeze warning, as you can see for the north bay values overnight, the coolest spots of place like santa rosa could be back down. into the upper twenties, so just get ready for that, too. cold starts more and morning. here's a live camera looking out towards san francisco and take a look at the current number of santa rosa right now. 35 degrees oakland 41 san jose has been cooling off as well to the forties. looking at livermore temperature 36 degrees overnight. the projected lows, coolest spot. santa rosa, there's that 28 31 napa. conquered 34 san jose 35 degrees . once that cold air mass moves out, we're talking about rain moving in significant rainfall, another atmospheric reverie. you can see the rainfall range ultimately between sunday and tuesday. between 2 to 8 inches and strong. suddenly winds with winds gusting of 40 to 50 miles an hour. so another atmospheric river really pointed toward one specific part of the bay area.
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we'll talk more about that we'll have more on your full forecast. coming up in a little bit more. thank you, or whether app can help you track temperatures over the weekend and the rain headed this way and includes the director of radar and much more turning out to developing whether story in the midwest tonight at least two residents of a nursing home in arkansas are dead after a powerful tornado tore through the building tonight. authorities say the roof collapsed near the city of tonight. the roof collapsed there. dozens of residents inside at least four others were hurt. and in southern illinois emergency crews are searching for people trapped in an amazon warehouse where a roof collapsed. there's still no word on how many people may have been hurt as you can see dozens of emergency vehicles there at the facility in the city of edwardsville, it's about 25 miles west of st louis. there are reports that as many as 100 people were inside the building when that possible tornado hit. local police are searching for suspects after ups delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint this morning the driver was on utah street near 82nd avenue, at
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about 10 30 when two armed people assaulted and him. investigators say they forced him to drive to a different location again of the truck. they then ran. they drove to a third area where they stole the content of that truck and then abandoned it. one neighbor said police are asking about surveillance video as they interviewed witnesses. probably about four or five different police officers came and they were looking going through the truck and talking to the truck ups, truck, driver and stuff and just asking the neighbors what they've seen and stuff like that. i guess. you know, a lot of people have no those ring cameras and stuff. so they were trying to find evidence. there was no word that the driver suffered any injuries. so far, police have not released a description of those responsible. the white house focuses attention today on the country's retail theft problem. we are committed to, but we were working. we have proposed additional funding. we're working directly now, and obviously this work is ongoing. white house press secretary jen psaki mentioned this morning
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that some federal resources are headed to states and they should help law enforcement by thieves . she's mentioned in the past that grants plan for san francisco are designed to help the city hire more police officers. major retailers are calling on the government to crack down on the sale of stolen goods online in a letter to congress companies, including target home depot and best buy criminals are capitalizing on the anonymity of the internet, and this comes after a rise in organized retail crime. the companies want congress to pass a bill that would make it harder for criminals to quote hide behind fake screen names in false business information. the father and son pleaded not guilty today to reckless arson and other charges stemming from the cow door fire in el dorado county near lake tahoe. reporter stephanie lynn has the details. they are completely innocent, had no intention nor involved in any setting of a fire the defense gearing up for what's expected to be an intense fight for a not guilty verdict in the trial of two men arrested for
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starting the keldorf fire. they've lived here their whole lives. this is their community. they don't want to set it on fire. today we got our first glimpse of the defendants at their arraignment hearing, father and son travis and david smith appeared on screen over zoom wearing orange prison jumpsuits. defense attorneys entered in not guilty pleas on behalf of the two men. they have been completely upset about the fire that took place since the day they first spotted it. but they don't have remorse because they didn't do anything wrong again. making the argument the smiths called 911 when they spotted the flames. they kept calling back making sure there's no fire. do something about it notified other people? that's not the conduct of somebody who's behaving recklessly. that's responsible conduct the defense also planning to raise questions about firefighters, response time agencies may have let this go for a little while. for whatever reason, the question is, you know, then hold these individuals responsible
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for that. we hope to really, you know, be able to gather that type of evidence about the delay. why the delay? and what was the effect of the delay. the keldorf fire destroyed hundreds of homes and two thirds of the town of grizzly flats. many survivors like mom, katie thomas are living out of travel trailers to get by, and i'm such a loss about the whole thing because. you ruined our lives. they look forward to the opportunity to prove their innocence in this matter, and i'm told that the defense expects to receive the evidence gathered by the da's office sometime tomorrow. we also did reach out to the district attorney's office for some additional context. on this case , they said they are not taking any interviews at this time. reporting from placerville from the el dorado county courthouse, stephanie lynn. the father and son are being held in lieu of $1 million bond each. a dangerous software flaw keeps cybersecurity experts across the
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globe working tonight coming up why it will take days to get a full grasp of how many people are impacted by this and the bay area. man gets hit with an indictment over january's riot indictment over january's riot at the u. s. c [laughing and talking] at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected, so even a routine appointment can save your life. and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.
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racing to fix a dangerous software flaw. the critical flaw is in an open source utility widely used by government industry in the government and industry. cybersecurity experts say it's already being exploited
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and the fallout won't be known for several days. users of the online game minecraft have reportedly exploited the fault the flaw to reach other users by pasting a short message into a chat box. a man from mill valley was indicted today on charges of assaulting law enforcement during the attack on the u. s capitol in january, 49 year old evan newman was indicted on a total of 14 counts, including civil disorder. investigators say he was caught on camera inside the u. s capitol building , wearing a gas mask while punching and violently punching police officers. newman left the us back in february and is believed to be in belarus. a warrant has been issued now for his arrest. protests in march in san francisco tonight on international human rights activists are calling on the u. s government and president joe biden to take action against countries that violate human rights. ktvu zambelli spoke to people who got involved. we wanted rito organizers call it the people's march for human
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rights from the federal building to market street at powell in san francisco to president biden and vice president harris international human rights coalition of groups say they are speaking out against countries that violate human rights. that they're holding president joe biden accountable as he held a summit for democracy, strengthen our own democracies by pushing back against autocracies, fighting corruption and promoting human rights. but activists say the us supports countries that silence their critics by harming and killing them. i could no longer walk. but i still have my voice activist brandon lee tells me he's lost all sensation below his chest. two years ago, his family invited us to cover his medical transport. back to san francisco from the philippines. he survived what he describes as an assassination attempt by the philippine military. he tells me he was targeted for his work fighting for human rights. the pain i feel goes beyond
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physical. very emotional. my colleagues in the philippines my family. who are being harassed by the military and police. it hurts. people's rights activists say myanmar, also known as burma , is a country where protesters are being killed. they flew what they described as the revolutionary flag. one man tells me his nephew, a college student, was beaten for protesting against military rule . i feel really bad because it is unlawful. because we have an elected government to continue speaking out to fight. for what's right. president biden has it that the us has a responsibility to make sure democracies prevail. these human rights activists tell me they have a list of demands, including that the u. s. stop funding and arming dictatorships. in san francisco amberleigh ktvu, fox two news.
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the federal government takes action because so many people are signing up to go to space coming up when it refuses to now do. and see what the salvation army hopes will get more people donating to charity over the holidays. and weather. cold air continues to settle into the bay area, with freeze warnings out and temperatures in the upper twenties. get ready, though twenties. get ready, though we're tal everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call
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from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford, with preventive care at no extra cost. enroll by december 31st. commercial astronaut wings because too many people are now launching into space. the agency has given out 50 wings since 2000 and four the majority were distributed this year to people who have soared at least 50 miles on a sanctioned space launch. the news comes one day
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ahead of blue origins planned lift off from west texas with former nfl player and t v celebrity michael strahan and five others. the wings program will end january, 1st. the salvation army kicked off its red kettle campaign today, with its annual celebrity bell ringing content. there were familiar. some familiar faces there were talking about south cast indiana and frank mallicoat. they were both at at san francisco's union square. the salvation army helps 300,000 people here in the bay area every year, thanks in part to the red kettle program selling frank have more on this holiday tradition and how it got started more than 100 years ago. we are out here in union square, the 40th annual celebrity bell ringing and it is a lot of fun. there are a lot of people here, frank, we have a guest we do. its name is major matthew matteson from the salvation army here. tradition continues starting to feel a little bit like christmas, isn't it? it sure is, and it's a well. welcome feeling. we really need that around here. give us a little history on the on the red kettle because it started right
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here, didn't it? it sure did. the salvation army when we arrived in town here about 140 years ago, we had a salvation army officer go down to the ferry docks and say there are a lot of people that are in need that need need a bite to eat, and so he put this crab pot out there and started ringing a bell , and it caught on and worldwide . the salvation army uses this to raise funds at this time of year. it is working, you know, major, a lot of people may not be able to give a lot, but every bit. counts doesn't it? it sure does. every penny counts. we do their very best to put it to the best use possible. what is the most unusual thing you've seen in one of the pots over the years? i would say probably somebody's belly button from their child. that was only oh, you know the stuff. i was taking a gold coin or something like that. but holy and san francisco and we are having fun, just a reminder that the salvation army does need donations throughout this holiday season and they will be giving. everything collected to people who need it
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as much as you can have happy holidays from union square. let's send it back to you, chris. sorry you can grab your phones and scan the qr code right here on your screen to learn more about how to get involved in the great work that the salvation army is doing. you can actually donate to the salvation army virtually this year. and we here at ktvu would like to thank everyone who contributed, and supported our annual partnership with one warm coat with all of the community support 19,390 coats were collected this year. the kurds will be distributed to children and adults. and tomorrow holiday tradition returns to jack london square. please join us for a free holiday tree lighting from 6 to 8 p.m. the oakland interfaith gospel choir and merry christmas carolers will provide live entertainment. and of course, there will be a special appearance by santa claus gasia mikaelian event. we'll mount rose ski resort in tahoe opened for the season today, but the resort says terrain is limited and beginner areas are not open. just yet.
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most of lake tahoe has those ski resorts that were forced to delay their opening because of a lack of snow and unseasonably warm temperatures. but that is all about to change. a couple of other resorts will open this weekend. kirkwood mountain resort and heavenly will open slopes tomorrow. meanwhile palisades tahoe and north star have not yet released an opening date. and over the next week, there will be quite the transformation in the sierra with a lot of snowfall really kicking in by sunday and into monday, so not a lot of snowfall just yet, but that will be changing rapidly as we had new sunday and early next week. now tomorrow morning here in the bay area, very cold start with the possibility of some evening showers, especially after the north bay. the real rain moves in on sunday. rain and wind could be heavy at times, so the storm impacts the possibility some roadway flooding the possibility some rockslides and debris flow and also with those winds picking up that could lead to with some down trees and power outages were skipping ahead of day into sunday, just to give you an idea of the overall flavor of this system.
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we're not talking about anything. light rain, you can see steady, moderate to heavy rainfall, really picking up throughout the day on sunday into sunday night. now the satellite right now is picking up some clouds up here. that's our front, and right now we have mostly clear conditions, but those clouds will be approaching the area from the north over the next 12 hours or so. current numbers definitely called right now. it is 34 degrees in fairfield, santa rosa 35. so we didn't freeze warnings for the north bay tomorrow morning. san francisco not as cold but chilly 48 in san jose in the lower forties. there's a live camera where we have clear skies but the just kind of the brisk conditions for tonight and definitely that cold start tomorrow morning. here's our next door on this front is one piece of the puzzle. it's going to actually interact with something else that are really up. producer heavy rainfall there is that cold start tomorrow, increasing clouds into the afternoon hours. here's the second part, you know? well another atmospheric river is going to work with this cold front to generate the moderate to heavy rainfall could be heavy
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at times and in the sierra, this will be a tremendous amount of snow with a winter storm warning in place. from four p.m. saturday until 10 p.m. on tuesday. snowfall be right around 3 to 8 ft. now the forecast here with the rainfall projections you can see this is sunday. early sunday morning, you'll notice the other one area this really gets some stalled out. it's actually toward the santa cruz mountains, santa cruz mountains potentially could pick up 6 to 8 inches of rainfall with this system coming onboard. and it just sticks around. and then on monday, finally that front slides to the south, and it'll be another source of some rainfall. so kind of two parts here the front and then the atmospheric river kind of working together. highest forward. tomorrow will be in the fifties. increasing clouds and very cold start tomorrow morning. a lot of rain could be heavy at times on sunday and into monday some cold showers into tuesday so maybe a break by tuesday but still some showers in the forecast, and it looks like another rank cloud by wednesday, so just get ready lot of rape in our future. mark.
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thanks. look forward to that of comebacks in sports, the historic countdown for steph curry and warriors coach steve curry and warriors coach steve kerr has a new gig s hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. there are a lot of things in life we want, but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. check now to see your new lower price. enroll by december 31st. is back with you again tonight can't make stuff up right? it wasn't a huge sports day, but thank goodness the warriors are going to be in the news all over tomorrow. with steph chasing that record, and today, actually , steve kirk found out some exciting news. he's going to take over team u. s. a. as a replacement for gregg popovich, who led us a two goal this past summer at the games and curl where it's going to take charge in the 2023 world cup and then
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2024. the summer games in paris . he will be the head man and his staff will be announced in the very near future. now concurrently in the news. this stuff curry probably hurt only needs 10 more to make it the all time three point leader over ray allen. and it could come tomorrow against his brother, stephen seth. that philly game will be on national tv seems to be if you watch this interview with step this little clip here , he's just trying to stay focused to get a low key and relax. with everything else swirling around him. i've only thought about it a little bit. just astronomical and dream of. hitting 16 game or 15 time and what all that meant, but. other than that, just enjoying the process because, say uhh. obviously a major milestone, but something that. will happen at
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the right time. whatever you're talking about the san francisco 40 niners this year. it seems like we spent most of it all about the health report right, and it's pretty much the same drill as they took off earlier today for cincinnati trade shake off that last to seattle, they get semi encouraging news with regard to their number one offensive weapon. that would be deebo samuel. now he did not practice full speed at all this week. after sustaining a groin pull in their victory over the minnesota vikings didn't play against the seahawks, but it looks pretty limber right there . officially they're saying that he is questionable for the bangles. they can certainly use them, and they're definitely going to have fred warner back at linebacker. he missed the seahawks game, but another piece of bad news. elijah mitchell. their outstanding running back. the rookie is definitely not going to play. he's dealing not only with a knee problem, but he's on concussion protocol, so the beat goes on. with regard to
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the 49ers, although they are favored on the road against the bengals. it is friday night of the videos. time. let us check. this out. gotta take into this middle school basketball game down in georgia, and it is north . foresight trailing south. foresight by a point was 7/10 and that eighth grade kid by the name of brady whole brooke. with one of the most amazing shots. i think he just threw that ball guys just hard and far as he could, and it happened to go right through the hook as the buzzer sounded. and he is a hero forever at that high school and you know, he's only a junior, so it's going to get to enjoy his entire senior year as, uh, as a hero walking around as big man on campus, right? yeah, he is. he looks like steph curry there. that's that's kind of a secondary shot. if steph could hit 10 of those tomorrow, we wouldn't have to, you know, keep
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following him around until he breaks the record that makes a high school kids career right there. you know, it makes you really popular. from here on no doubt. mark thank you so much for us. everybody have a good night.! we should hurry. the reservation's at 7:00. claire, where are you? okay, see you in two. [ cellphone beeps ] [ footsteps ] what are you doing? i'm striking a seductive pose for your mother. gross. but i like the suit. is that new? oh, yeah. now that his honey gots her own money, daddy went and snagged hisself some new threads, girl. [ laughs ] hands down, your funniest voice. bordering on the offensive. listen, i'm a realtor, and i work a lot with families, so normally, i dial the sexy back to five, but claire's been working very hard lately. so tonight... byoooooop! stick around if you want to see your mom's tongue fall out of her mouth. not unless you want to see my lunch fall out of mine.


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