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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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you got it. nice job. yes. now you at home also have a chance to win the same prize. use your phone to scan the qr code for your chance to win a tommy bahama gift certificate. good luck to you next time on your bet your life. after someone leaves a note threatening to burn them down over coronavirus restrictions. we want our members to be saved , and we want them to know that they're safe in our clubs. this is a terrible, terrible thing for our valley. where a place of love and joy. threatening handwritten notes delivered to a
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gym and a saloon in marin county . good evening, everyone i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville, and i'm julie julie haener. both businesses require proof of covid vaccination live coverage now from ktvu deborah villalon. she's live in san rafael, with the investigation now underway. julie it happened two nights running most recent a note on the door of this fitness club and the night before the same threat hand delivered. the note said. if your vaccine passport is not lifted by this time next week, this place will burn in west moran. the paper mill creek saloon is as local as can be, and about 10. people were here last friday night when a threat came to relax. covid vaccination rules. door opens up a guy in a ski mask wearing all black. throws a note on the ground and runs off the manager and customers chased but lost the man in the darkness. saloon policy is novaks. no entry
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getting some pushback, but not like this. i'm threatening phone calls. a couple of people want to fight outside, but this is the first direct threat to you know to bodily harm, and the bar note at top is almost identical in handwriting and wording to a second one left the next night at a san rafael jim 20 minutes away. i was shocked. i figured, you know marin county. most people are. pretty vaccination friendly like the people in our gym at body kinetics, three marin county locations, nine and 10 members are immunized and can work out inside without a mask. the unvaccinated can exercise but only with a mask. it hasn't been terribly controversial. they enforce it really well, too. so i'm really surprised to hear that somebody would leave a note like that. this time, employees found the threat taped to the front door attached about 11 p.m. saturday night. it's a threat and it's an act of violence and i feel like. a mandate is a mandate you need to
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respect and follow. the rules have been struggling. ah with covid and we want to make sure that our businesses are safe. police and sheriff's detectives are working to identify a suspect who could face charges related to criminal threats, depending on if he has the ability to commit the arsons based on the note, saying that it giving a time frame. you know, we don't we don't know what this individual is capable of. we don't know if they have the means or not the brazen threat with a one week deadline is the talk of this bar. and loyal patrons are angry. it's insulting to all of us. we won't stand for it are little local bars are love bar. we we don't have anybody that has hate here . so that feels like we've been targeted for hate. since the notes. this gym has improved its surveillance system and lighting to get better images in the future. now these threats maybe a first in marin usually calls to the cops have been because a business is not following covid precautions. not because they
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are julie. yeah it's too bad to see what's happening. deborah villalon reporting in san rafael deborah? thank you. walnut creek. police are now investigating an incident where men connected to an anti vaccine group allegedly confronted the president of the medical board of california. christina lawson says she was leaving for work monday when she saw a drone over her home and a white ford expedition parked outside. later that day, lawson pulled into a parking garage near her law office downtown. she says four men jumped out of that suv and confronted her with cameras, lawson says they told her they were with america's frontline doctors. a group that is now under federal investigation for allegedly spreading misinformation about the coronavirus. and in a statement , christina lawson denounced what she calls reprehensible, unacceptable tactics of intimidation, lawson added, quote as a mother, i felt deeply violated and scared for my kids and our own home. and i feared
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for my own personal safety as a woman being surrounded by strange men in a dark parking garage, walnut creek police told ktvu. no crime has been committed, and the group did not respond to a request for comment. spicer says 1/4 dose of the vaccine may be needed earlier than expected. the company says boosters are likely to help control the new oh macron variant finds her head projected. the fourth dose might be needed 12 months after a third shot. but now one of the company's top scientists says that timeline might need to be moved up because of omicron. they did not specify when that could be. tonight the western states scientific safety work group applauded the fda and cdcs expanded authorization today of covid booster shots. this covers the fighter vaccine for 16 and 17 year olds. california says it has ample vaccine supply, but there is new concern tonight about the availability of vaccine appointments since those mass inoculation sites we saw in
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the spring no longer exist. and so it's a different process of distribution rather than it being that there is a shortage of vaccines. many pharmacies are reporting a shortage of staff to administer those shots. still the cdc is recommending older teens get the booster, especially as the omicron variants spreads. it would be administered six months after their first two doses and a reminder tonight you can find the latest coronavirus developments on our website just ktvu .com/ covid-19. hundreds of mourners gathered in the south bay today to honor the life of retired police officer kevin ashida. he was killed while protecting a tv news crew last month in downtown oakland. ktvu is jesse gary tells us friends, family and colleagues remember nishida as funny, hardworking and selfless. it is both beautiful and heartbreaking. late thursday morning police
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procession arrives at san jose's civic center inside a buddhist theme service honoring the life of kevin machida. he was a brave police officer. and the security bars. whom we cannot thank him. deeply enough. for his dedication to our community, machida began his law enforcement career not long after graduating from sacramento state university, diminutive in size but having the heart of a giant he garnered the nickname the energizer bunny for always being on the go. kevin will always be remembered. as a kind, enjoyable person. with a large then life smile and helping hanh oakland's housing police as long as tenure with the san jose police department developing a love for working the gang enforcement unit. he retired from comas police department before moving on to work in the world of private security officers and friends use adjectives such as caring,
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courageous, polite, professional and selfless. when describing that she to kevin had the perfect balance of enforcing laws and helping the community in whichever he could to improve their quality of life. the 56 year old was shot while protecting a crime for reporter in oakland just before thanksgiving. he died days later due to his injury. he proved to all of us one last time. how brave he truly was when he protected that news crew on that faithful 24th day of november. machida leaves behind grandchildren and children and his best friend and soulmate, gina. i know kevin is so grateful. for everyone being here today. and we are too thank you, kevin. for teaching me how to be the man of the house. i'm ready to take care of the family now, so get some rest. acenas body has been cremated.
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buddhists believe his light will always be here with the family in blood and blue, which he loved so much. we will forever of you might not see the sun. after the service. a police escort to limousines carried the family and the urn of kevin machida in downtown san jose. jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. and kevin acenas killer remains on the loose. police have been looking for this car seen leaving the area of that shooting. it is a white 2000 and 4 to 2000 and eight accurate tl with a sun roof and without a front license plate. there is a reward of $38,500 for any information that may lead to an arrest in this case, no attend. police in san francisco say they arrested a group of armed suspects breaking into cars today, the department posted these photos on social media. police say undercover officers use spike strips to stop the suspect's car. as they were trying to drive away from that
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burglary suspects, then jumped out of the car officers ran after them, and eventually they were caught and a loaded gun was recovered. a 25 year old cold case out of contra costa county has finally been solved. homicide detectives say dna evidence identified the killer of a woman who was working at a pizza restaurant in crockett when she was killed. ktvu elissa harrington is here now, with more on the match, and alyssa. you spoke with family members who are finally getting some closure. that's right. family and friends tell me they never stopped looking for priscilla lewis's killer. they even held a vigil two years ago to renew interest in this case. now, after 25 years, the case has been solved and loved ones say, although this does not bring lewis back, it does provide some peace. nice protector was growing up. i was like a big brother because we grew up together in the same house. troy kins low of alejo shared these pictures of his cousin priscilla lewis, he said they were extremely close. they
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even lived in the same house import costed during their childhood and loved to ride horses together. she had a little horse named queeny. um and forecasted. and. five of ken's low last spoke with his cousin during her lunch break back on september 24th 1996, she worked as a waitress at four corners, pizza and pasta in crockett. later that night, she was found dead in the basement bathroom below the restaurant. her cause of death was asphyxia due to drowning. she was just 21. winslow said. lewis's death shattered their family and the case went cold. for decades. there were times he thought they would never find her killer. it's been rough. it's a, you know, spend a long road times. you know you. and i quit now, 25 years later, the contra costa county sheriff's office says detectives solved the case. authorities used advanced dna technology. they submitted evidence to a crime lab last
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year, and this week it matched with 51 year old danny lamont hambleton hambleton is already serving time at a prison in san diego for sexual assault charges unrelated to this case. winslow and his wife, tracy medicine in that same pizza parlor where lewis worked. they told me for the first time they have closure when something happens. it's been this long. his closure for me. doesn't bring her back and never bring him back. but for me, it's closure. it's a real close community and everybody around here. there's a lot of people that are still here that we're here. when she was murdered. hamilton's being charged with murder and numerous enhancements, including kidnapping and lying in wait. authorities have not revealed a motive. contra costa county sheriff said they will continue to investigate unsolved homicides reporting live. i'm elissa harrington ktvu, fox two news. good news ahead of this weekend, the tahoe ski resorts that finally have enough snow to reopen and what skiers can
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expect. and we do have rain and snow in the forecast, significant rain and snow. i'll have that when i return. up first to call for help as blood banks face and historic shortage that was simple donation can help save a life had um. a lot of bleeding that was happening. and so the platelets actually (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save,
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blood bank say blood supplies are at an historic low right now , and the red cross is making an urgent plea for more donors. ktvu jana katsuyama joining us live tonight from the silicon valley red cross to explain what's going on janet. alex the red cross says that the pandemic really took a toll on their supplies of blood, platelets and plasma. and so they are asking people to consider donating this year to help them get through the holidays. for me. this will be a little bit of a hard christmas. it's our first christmas. without him. there are many gifts people can give during the holidays. alec apec knows the ones that mean the most. her step dad, paul davis. scott sick suddenly last january , just 54 years old and had to
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go into the hospital. a lot of bleeding that was happening, and so the platelets actually. give him a fighting chance to have the surgery that he needed. those platelets, and the surgery , she says, helped keep him alive for another two precious weeks. in that moment, when you know my loved one was sick. it really meant a lot, but he had that. um that that was available to help him. now she's helping others becoming a donor at the red cross blood center in san jose. it's a gift needed now, more than ever. it's the lowest blood supply that we've had in the last decade. cantor in ceo of the american red cross is silicon valley chapter, says the bay area is severely short on blood platelets and plasma. the usual blood drives at schools and workplaces have decreased during the pandemic. we used to do a lot of blood drives and companies and a lot of other places. um, so we had to be creative. that's meant a 48% drop in new blood donors this year in the bay area, and the
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short supplies are coming at the time when they're needed most during the holiday season. we do collect 40% of the nation's blood for the largest blood operation in the country. what supply there is comes from regular donors. heroes like brian hotta, who has been donated his blood and plasma for some 20 years now. and although he never sees the faces of the people who receive his donations , it just makes you feel good that you're able to help somebody who really needs a lot of help. just be thankful that. you know for the people you have in your life and be, you know, thinking about those weren't there with you. people bringing life and hope to others in this season of giving, there's nothing greater than the gift of life. and it was so inspiring. seen all of those people in there taking an hour or two out of their day to try and help the red cross says they are planning to have pop up blood donation
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drives in various places throughout the bay area starting december, 17th. to try and help get them through this season. alex clear how much those donations make a difference. let's hope the community steps up right now, janet. thank you. today state regulators approved a plan to hand out tickets to truck drivers for excessive pollution. the state air resources board signed off on a new smog check program for heavy duty trucks. this will include roadside sensors to detect trucks that are polluting too much. the board also approved a state ban on the sale of gas powered lawn equipment starting in 2024. that was signed by the governor in october, ski resorts in tahoe are beginning to welcome back guests. both kirkwood resort and heavenly plan to open up this saturday. ski staff say winter was slowed or ride, but snow makers have been working around the clock now to get the slopes ready for skiers and snowboards. still, not all of the runs will be open. their goal is to open up at 100% as soon as possible, but
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they have to make it as safe as possible for all of those customers and amazing various gears that are going to come up here enjoy this year's for the winner of 21. while ski resorts are looking forward to opening this weekend, everyone in tahoe is anxiously waiting for the storm. that is on the way. let's go now to our chief meteorologist, bill martin, and bill some rain also on the way to the bay area. yes that's right. and we already got some little bit of rain yesterday around here, but they got some snow in the mountains yesterday . here's how it looked top the hills around lake tahoe today or yesterday, so it's kind of dry. and then by this morning, you end up with something like this , so things really filled in so 5 to 8 inches of snow showed up in parts of the lake tahoe area up in the higher elevations. and again, that's nothing compared to what's coming. what's coming is 3 to 5 to six. maybe more feet of snow. by the time we get through the middle end of next week, it's significant event really for the mouth. it's a significant rain event for us,
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but the mountains that's where you get your that's you know, that's where you store the water when you get. four or five ft 6 ft of snow and a pop. that's huge, especially with the winter we've had thus far, so this is all really good stuff. so that's the plan doesn't snow tomorrow? it basically clears out friday and saturday, but then sunday and monday, just as it does here, it starts to rain. it starts to snow winter storm watches in effect. that was turned into a winter storm warning and again, 3 to 8 ft of snow not out of the question eight ft of snow has significant that's again. we've got to realize it's not just sunday, monday, tuesday wednesday it's thursday and a little bit into friday, too, so it's kind of in the mountains. it's going to linger for us. it's going to be kind of a quicker deal. it'll be kind of out of here by tuesday afternoon wednesday. but in the mountains, it'll link. so the plan rain and snow coming our way when i come back with time it out for you in the five day forecast, okay, we'll see you then. bill. thank you. one person died this afternoon despite a rescue effort near china beach in san francisco. san francisco, fire officials
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say they've got to report around 3 10 of a man in the water in distress. this was at eagle's point near china beach. authorities say a nearby swimmer trying to help the victim until rescue boats arrived. san francisco fire says the victim was fully clothed and they don't know at this point how he wound up in the water. coming up dozens of people killed in a truck crash in mexico. also ahead tonight at 10 30, curbing retail theft the space city now turning to the federal government to try to address the growing problem, plus. a major closing chapter in the just the small it saga. the actor is found guilty of lying to police. i'm matt finish at the enjoy the gift of being together.
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the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online.
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. you can test, know, and go. mexico. local authorities say a cargo truck jammed with people who appear to be migrants from central america rolled over and crashed into a pedestrian bridge . today at least 53 people are dead. 58 others are injured. the
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victims include men, women and children. the truck was loaded with more than 100 people at the time. and the driver was reportedly speeding when it flipped over on a sharp bend and hit the bridge. former empire actor jesse smollett was found guilty today of five of six felony charges for staging a hate crime against himself in 2019. fox's matt finn reports tonight from the courthouse in chicago, with details on today's verdict. a panel of six men and six women returning a guilty verdict on the first five felony counts in the justice small it hoax hate crime trial the former empire actor found guilty of lying to police on the night of the incident. and not guilty on the six count of lying to police weeks later about being the victim of an aggravated battery . that's because his attackers were wearing masks. the actor stoic as the verdict was read the jurors spending more than a week listening to testimony and evidence from the night small that claimed he was the victim of an anti gay racist attack but ultimately determined he staged
10:25 pm
the fake hate crime and falsely reported it to chicago police investigators. even after the 39 year old disgraced after took the stand in his own defense. not only did mr smollett lie to the police and. wreck havoc here in this city for weeks on end for no reason whatsoever, but then he compounded the problem by lying under oath to a jury spotlights. nearly three year long case has taken plenty of turns. initial charges were brought in february, 2019 accusing small out of faking the assault, but they were soon tossed. a year later, a special prosecutor looked into the case and a new six count indictment was filed. it's likely the defense will appeal the verdict . we obviously respectfully disagree with the jury's verdict. the verdict is inconsistent, so we feel 100% confidence. this case will be won on appeal. unfortunately that's not the route we wanted. just a small light faces up to three years in prison. but probation is also possibility. he is out on bond until his sentencing in chicago. matt finn ktvu fox two news. a somber
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tribute was held today in washington, d. c president biden , vice president harris and congressional leaders pause to honor the life of the late senator bob dole. call my mother. the casket of the former republican senator and presidential nominee was brought to the rotunda today, where his family, former colleagues and president biden paid their final tribute. dole died on sunday at the age of 98 after a battle with stage four lung cancer. his legacy includes 36 years of service in congress, where he was known to cross the aisle. his funeral will be held tomorrow at the national cathedral in washington, d. c. coming up tonight. how major retailers want congress to address retail theft. also san francisco's efforts to curb crime and union square appear to be working the new numbers from the police department up next. also ahead tonight. scott peterson's sisters speaking out
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after his re sentencing. why she says justice was served and top ranks. purdue goes down in a wild one sports director mark ibanez with the highlights later tonight in sports and at 10, 45 and incredible story of perseverance. since we have the story of a local college football player who is deaf. and ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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crack down on the sale of stolen goods online today in the letter to congress, retailers like target home depot and best buy say criminals are capitalizing on the anonymity of the internet and selling stolen consumer products and counterfeit goods. this of course, comes after a rise in growing organized retail crime. like the flash mob robberies we've been seeing here in the bay area. the companies
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say they want congress to pass a bill that would make it harder for criminals to quote hide behind fake screen names and false business information. here in the bay area, law enforcement agencies are teaming up to combat retail theft. ktvu is andre senior tells us one east bay city says it has reached out to at least two federal agencies and one state agency that specializes in gathering intelligence. california has been in the spotlight lately. for all the wrong reasons. these so called flash mob robberies in the latest attempt to fight crooks from making off with high end goods. we've learned that recently minted wallet. cree police chief jamie knocks. has reached out to the department of justice, u. s marshal's office and a state organization called the northern california regional intelligence center, or nick rick. to make sure that we are doing all we can. to share information and that information that may be gathered by other agencies is shared with those of us that are local level as well . groups organizing the surprise
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robberies are communicating somehow. but there's a misconception that law enforcement can easily monitor these groups, says betsy burkhart, a spokesperson for the city of walnut creek. to be honest, there, not broadcasting this easily as they used to on traditional social media, so we have to work on different ways to monitor their activity. and that's where nick rick comes in potentially providing intelligence that could stop robberies before they happen, o. there's been a massive effort in recent weeks to find a solution to flash mob robberies. governor gavin newsom announced the proposed increase in his 2022 2023 state budget to combat retail theft. he also directed the california how we patrolled to increase their presence there. major retail sites. a similar collaboration underway in walnut creek, the contra costa county sheriff, reportedly providing deputies. to help patrol the downtown area of the city. that's in addition to the city council's recent approval of $2 million to hire five additional officers pay more overtime, install new
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security cameras and the purchase of a new drone in response to all those retail thefts. reached out to see each piece today spokesperson tells me that they are in collaboration with local bay area law enforcement agencies, but they didn't want to give any more details as to not tip off any potential thieves as to what they're doing to combat this type of crime. in the newsroom. i'm andre senior ktvu. fox two news. san francisco is already seeing its efforts to curb crime payoff since police beefed up security in union square. the department says there has been a significant reduction in assaults and burglaries. ktvu christian captain has our report tonight. san francisco police patrol vehicles continue to ring union square with officers on patrol and now, police chief bill scott says the data are showing that saturating the area with officers is driving down crime. we've seen a significant drop in crime. overall, i'm talking about from. staff to cars being broken into two
10:33 pm
burglaries. the police department says it has the first set of data comparing crime stats from the 16 days before and after the november 19th. flash mob style mass theft incident at union square. overall they say crime in the area is down by 82% assaults are down by two thirds from three incidents to just one burglaries down by 91% theft down by 82% the union square alliance, saying quote the recent response to public safety, traffic management and a robust presence by the san francisco police department are resulting in large crowds coming back downtown to shop skate, eat and enjoy their holiday season in a safe environment. while it seems to be working, the question is. how long can police maintain that presence? we're going to keep this deployment through the holiday season through christmas through new years. then we will have an increase of department from what it used to be. i can't guarantee that it'll be at this level. but we're going to keep this as long as we can. another concern is the possibility that criminals are simply shifting
10:34 pm
their behavior out of the union square area for the time being. supervisor asha safi from the city's southern neighborhoods, says the police surge around union square was the right move , but that it's not sustainable . other commercial areas also need police. i mean, we've had a small surge in our neighborhood , um, near the cannabis industry businesses where people are. breaking into cars and there's robberies happening there that they've now diverted resources over to, so you absolutely have to make sure that you're able to spread out the resources throughout the city. the chief says it will take time to gather data to get a better picture of how the surge at union square has impacted the rest of the city. we do have a an entire city do police and we. are we are putting officers in other parts of the city as well because we don't want problems, too. disappear from here and go to another part of the city in san francisco. christian captain ktvu fox, two news restaurant owners in san francisco, maybe getting an extension on when
10:35 pm
they're required to get their park lets up to code. mayor london breed announced today she is introducing an ordinance to give businesses until march 2023 to meet safety standards. the current deadline is separate june of next year, shared spaces , posing severe safety or accessibility issues will be required to make changes before march of 2023. the mayor's proposed ordinance comes after many businesses complained about needing more time to make those costly changes. the board of supervisors will need to approve that plan. new attend. we're hearing from scott peterson, sister one day after he was re sentenced for killing his wife, lacey and their unborn son, saying scott in the courtroom yesterday. mirrored what i had seen 17 years ago, scott still appears to be vacant and emotion list. even with the mask on and it was hard to see the rest of his face. as still saw that well , i do not agree with the death penalty. justice has been
10:36 pm
served. and just punishment is in place. and should stand. scott should remain in prison for the rest of his life, and there is no excuse for murder. and birds spoke along with attorney gloria allred. she says she watched court proceedings online and still believes her brother does not have any remorse. peterson was re sentenced to life without parole for the 2000 and two murder. petersons original death sentence was overturned by the california supreme court on appeal. coming up at 11 more dungeness crab is coming to the area. what you need to know about the commercial fishing season ahead of the holidays. we're getting close to some umbrella, weather and big snow in the mountains. we'll talk about that coming up with the five day up first new list of the least affordable cities in this country
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limited availability in select areas. city for homeowners in the country. that's according to real estate website. reality hop number one is new york city, followed by miami and los angeles. houses still cost more in san francisco than anywhere in the country, but the site looks at the average proportion of income used toward homeownership, for example. the report found that in san francisco, 64% of household income is used towards mortgages and property taxes compared to the least affordable city, new york, where 84% of income is used on home ownership. weekly unemployment claims have dropped to the lowest level in decades, the labor department reported 184,000 claims last week that's the lowest in 52 years. at the
10:40 pm
same time, wages are rising for most americans. the report shows average hourly earnings have gone up by 4.8% compared to a year ago. some employers say they're increasing pay in order to attract workers. as of october, the us had 11 million job openings. tonight the senate approved a bill that will allow congress to raise the debt ceiling, sending it to president biden for his signature. 14 republicans joined democrats to approve the preliminary measure , which will allow the senate to raise the spending limit with a simple majority. the senate is expected to approve the final bill next week. democrats are also hoping to pass the president's build back better bill by christmas. this legislation will make a generational investment to deliver what people need most of the 21st century clean water, safe roads, high speed broadband internet and so much more. republicans say the nearly $2 trillion bill is too expensive and will add to already record
10:41 pm
high inflation. the senate must also sign off on the national defense authorization act, the house says already approved $770 billion in defense funding. on wall street stocks closed lower today. after three days of gains . the dow slipped less than a point nasdaq lost 269 points and the s and p finished the day down. 33. a bay area lawmaker says he will not be seeking reelection. hayward assemblyman bill cork announced today he will not seek 1/6 term 2023 through 2024 sessions. he served in the assembly for 10 years, cork says once he leaves the assembly, he'll be focusing on how california could address the climate crisis. in a letter to his constituents, cork said, in part. the greatest challenge the state of california now faces is the implementation of our greenhouse gas reduction goals and ameliorating the impacts of the climate crisis. i want to play a key role in accomplishing those goals. most of this work
10:42 pm
will not require new legislation . but action by the private sector and regulators still to come tonight. time magazine and bills. it's 2021 athlete of the year. plus he had obstacles that other players didn't have any overcame every single one of them and became a leader in so many ways. and that's why we are the team. we are right now. we will introduce you to a local college football player, leading his team to a state championship , the challenges he has had to overcome next. also whole lot of rain is on the way. chief meteorologist bill mart is up next to break down our five day forecast. california earlier toda
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reading of his new children's book about dyslexia. the reason i decided to do this book is twofold. one is to highlight make people more aware of how prevalent and ubiquitous or learning differences are in this country, but also. it's obviously not only as someone with dyslexia that doesn't read speeches. you've never seen me look down and read a speech because i've never been able to this week, governor newsom read the book titled ben and emma's big hit to a group of elementary students in north hollywood. he says he'll be donating all of the proceeds to the international dyslexia foundation. now to a story of a local college football player who is beating the odds he plays
10:46 pm
for the city college of san francisco, and the team is headed to their first state championship since 2015. ktvu is greg lee tells us about this key player who is overcoming a lifelong challenge. good setup and we got a good return the first time kal el alicia erin, bullish, scored a touchdown for the san francisco city college rams. he took a kickoff return 92 yards. this is how it sounded for his team and fans watching online. this is what well heard. aluminum is cologne, able, with the answer really back and sit in college programs. caldwell was born with congenital deafness. he's the rams first deaf player. but for him, he's just playing the sport he loves. when i'm on the field. there's like a calming that i experience you know, i like the competition
10:47 pm
among my teammates with other teams. that feeling is just medical. to me. it's a wonderful feeling. we spoke to him joined by an american sign language interpreter. the running backs, hard work, determination and perseverance, earning him the respect of his team and coaches . he had obstacles that other players didn't have any overcame every single one of them. and became. a leader in so many ways , and that's why we are the team . we are right now in the city college of san francisco rams. we'll get back to the state championship. the team on the verge of a perfect season undefeated and headed to the state championship this weekend. kal el suffered a shoulder injury several games ago that cut his season short. and even though he's recovering from surgery, he says he's all in for his rams as his team makes final preparations on the practice field well, and his coaches say communication has never been an issue. kal el wears a cochlear implant interpreters stand on the sidelines and coaches have
10:48 pm
developed their own hand signals for the offense. he made it clear. he does not see his deafness as an obstacle. it's not so much about overcoming something. it's really that i hope that i'm a good example that you know you can set a goal and you can just do everything you can to get to that goal. and it doesn't matter if you're deaf for whatever you know. just go for it. go for what you want and for sure. don't let. other people hold you back, colwell said. his goals are to earn a division one scholarship in someday play in the nfl. he wanted to leave this message for his team. go rams. gregory ktvu, fox two news. alrighty we've got an atmospheric wherever to talk about not getting here today or tomorrow or the next day. it really doesn't show up till sunday, monday and tuesday, but it's worth talking about because again we could see seven inches of rain in parts of the coastal hills. maybe even more. quite frankly and on the west slope
10:49 pm
this year in nevada, a pie above 6000 ft. they may get 5 to 7. feet of snow, maybe more. it's gonna be a lot, so that's the sunday through monday, but here's how it looks on the model . we've been looking at this the last few nights and you can see the last system went through now we'll get a little break tomorrow. friday looks good saturday looks good. and then when you get the saturday night into sunday morning, it starts to rain, and it keeps raining right through monday and into tuesday as well and in the lake tahoe area is going to continue raining through wednesday, probably and into thursday and friday. are snowing. pardon me around lake tahoe and the door by the numbers on this just look more at the colors. that's where the atmospheric river this is the forecast numbers which are all over the map. all you need to know is where the oranges and reds are. and that's where the heart of this atmospheric riverl and that's a that's a good positioning for us. it really is any further. north san jose and central bay doesn't get much of anything kind of like last time. remember, the big difference is the disparities. between marin county's rainfall over three days in san jose's rainfall over
10:50 pm
three days it was massive massive rainfall difference. frost advisory in the inland bay valley that includes alejo and vacaville in those areas. forecast overnight. lois, you can be about as cool as we've seen. this entire season. so probably one of the call this morning we've seen that puts 32 in fairfield. that's freezing. probably see a lot of frost. maybe a little valley fog base suspect very little, if any. and then there's the atmospheric river or tracking. temperatures right now are below where they were last night. this time, it's drier. it's cooler. well, heck, it's 15 degrees cooler in fairfield right now, so we're going that way. it's going to be cool. cold morning to start witg the day gets the low sixties, maybe even mid sixties and we get a day like this tomorrow. so there's friday morning, mostly sunny friday afternoon all day. friday looks good tomorrow. saturday morning. saturday afternoon. so saturday looks pretty darn good to write. and then here, you get into your saturday and sunday event right there. and then once it starts
10:51 pm
raining, it keeps you rating that focus is going to stay on the bay area for at least a couple of days, probably longer than that. and so right now, the models are pretty bullish on significant rainfall for us and that period again. it's down the road, but it's kind of exciting . so get all your stuff done and remember friday saturday. are your days to do outdoor stuff. after that, you're going to be inside for a little bit. i'll see you back here at 11. all right. you ready to get wet bill? thank you. time magazine has named its athlete of the year for 2021. olympic gymnast simone biles earned the title this year. time says it's not just her 25 olympic medals that earned her that title time highlighted her decision to withdraw from the tokyo summer olympics because of her mental health. files also made headlines earlier this year when she spoke out about the sexual abuse she suffered by former team doctor larry nassar. time will reveal its person of the year on monday. coming up, george kittle says the 49ers are
10:52 pm
locked and loaded for sunday's game, and cincinnati sports director marco benitez is up next with sports, then coming up tonight on the 11 o'clock news. alameda county taking steps to address rising crime. the new bail measures now in place for suspects jailed on gun charges. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:53 pm
visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. a full body endorphin rush we'll chase again and again. feel the hydrow high this holiday season.
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you tonight. i'll tell you what the sharks were definitely in tight, not only playing a very solid, talented hockey team tonight, but not only that the minnesota wild or just on fire hot come in, having won seven straight. never know what you're going to see at a hockey game and i don't know how to explain that. san jose down three nothing. erik karlsson will put a shot on goal redirect beautifully done by jonathan dahlen. as you will see here his
10:55 pm
eighth of the year. suddenly the sharks on the board 31. just a short time later, sharks find themselves on the power play situation, dahlin with a shot that is blocked, tomas hertl talk about hot. four goals in his last two games. suddenly it's 32 and it stays that way until the final couple of minutes. shark sports to pull their goalie. look at the loose puck. they can't keep it in. defenseman brent burns cannot stop. three yordan greenway from scorn it that pretty much busted their spirit. they had another empty net or do the wild for the 52 final was actually closer that looked. and the wild come out of the tank down in san jose tonight with their eighth straight win. you know some about the nfl. you've gotta bounce and you've got to bounce back quick. that's just with the 49ers plan to do in cincinnati. they'll take off for the natty tomorrow morning, and george kittle hopefully will be aboard because this guy is bringing his
10:56 pm
a game of late. what do you score that touchdown? come on. against seattle. you didn't think there was any way the 49ers could lose. he's having a career year, five touchdowns, two of them last week. that's a tie of a career high for him. george kittle. 49ers fans should be happy to hear thanks. this team is ready to do just that bounce back. that was too good days of practice. i'm really confident our game plan going in cincinnati. and i'm just excited to get back on the field the guys because i think everybody is definitely disappointed in the loss and every once i'm not going to say that we're more inspired than usual, but guys are locked in and ready to roll. thursday night football man. this looked like a dog. the steelers laid down in the first half behind by as many as 29 nothing. dalvin cook and the vikings. dalvin didn't need to be pumped up. he's ready to go on the loose 29 yard touchdown here he had to 105 yards rushing. that's tops in the nfl
10:57 pm
for an individual efforts so far on the ground. that's here. steelers wake up in the third, though ben rafowicz burger flip to najee harris two yard touchdown suddenly 29 7, you're thinking that's cute. at least they won't be shut up. but there's harris into the end zone again. he had 94 yards rushing a couple of touchdowns, and it came down to this ben with a perfect path for pet. fire move the tight end. you've got to hang on to that ball, but he does not harrison smith. all pro safety back there apparently knocked it away. and that is a heartbreaking lots for the steelers, who came from 29 down. and the vikings do hold on to win it by the skin of their teeth. their records six and seven. you can bet the 49ers we're hoping the steelers would win that one. alright, let's talk a little golden state warriors basketball there on the road as well, just like the niners. only they're going to philadelphia, where steph. needs 10 3 pointers to take care of the all time record currently
10:58 pm
held at least for another couple of games or so, by ray allen is . steph missed his first four threes last night. no matter he wound up with six and the warriors kind of a lackluster win over the short handed blazers. they'll take it and steve kurt knows how fortunate he is to have such a talented team and individual and steph. he made six which is nothing for him. i don't think i ever did that in my entire career. one time, unfortunately, could could never give our fans you know too much too. get thrilled about but it's good to be in this position where we're still winning games . if you know if we're not playing our best, the number one team in the nation on the college basketball courts upset tonight. not in just any ho home fashion. mind you you need to check this out. patient going to work. get it answer. three
10:59 pm
seconds. no timeouts, harper for the wind. yeah wow. yeah that's unbelievable. render the boiler makers produce still in the car 68. that was ron harper jr. as you see it again dramatic fashion senior played many years in the nba wanted future battles with the chicago bulls of that. that's just amazing, and he had to work for that shot incredible number one team in the country upset tonight produced boilermakers go down to rutgers. that is the sporting life at this hour. get it back to you seeing about 25 minutes. guys appreciate it. thank you next to 11 his closure for me. doesn't bring her back and never bring him back. but for me, it's closure. a family in crockett has closure tonight after detectives solve a 25 year old murder case. 11 o'clock news on
11:00 pm
ktvu. fox two starts now detectives and contra costa county have finally solved a 25 year old murder case using dna evidence. hello again, everyone . i'm julie julie haener. and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank 21 year old priscilla lewis was killed in 1996 while working at a pizza restaurant in crockett. her killer had never been found until now. ktvu elissa harrington joining us live from the newsroom and alyssa. you spoke with family members who are finally now getting some closure. alex you know, it's really emotional because we actually met at that pizza parlor where their loved one worked. the family and friends tell me that they never stopped looking for priscilla lewis's killer. they even held a vigil just two years ago to renew interest in the case. now, after more than two decades, the case has been solved and loved ones say, although this does not bring lewis back, it does provide some peace. it's been rough. it's a you know, spend a long road times. you know you


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