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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 8, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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one of the most effective elected officials in the state of california ever to be honest with you, and i think we can just say that out loud that she was that good. our mom once said her legacy was to make life a little better for people less fortunate. that's what is a meaningful life is. this afternoon, wilma chance children thank the community for coming together to honor their mother. good evening. i'm julie julie haener. and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville. it's been just over a month since the death of alameda county supervisor will mcciane. today a memorial was held to remember the legacy she leaves behind ktvu andre senior was there and joins us now live from the newsroom with more on how the community paid tribute, andre well, alex chan devoted her political life to helping her community efforts. that were clearly evident by the hundreds of people who turned out today. and i don't want to get all choked up. but trust me. we're
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gonna miss well, my chan under the gloomy wednesday afternoon sky, a somber memorial to remember alameda county supervisor will match in just over a month after her sudden and shocking passing. she left. mark on my heart, and every time i see her photo in the chamberss flutter among the friends and colleagues who gathered in the garden at the oakland museum of california members of her family children, jennifer and darren shan. this path month past month has been the hardest time of our lives sharing their mom devoted as much to raising them as she did to her life. as a public servant. there was most definitely a clear distinction between her as board member supervisor and assembly wilma chan. and his mom, a line of colleagues and friends reading off chance accomplishments, along with the performance by the oakland youth quite happened. chan died after being
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struck by a vehicle while walking her dog along shorelines drive and grant street in alameda on november three. she was someone full of you know, compassion, dave brown, alameda county supervisor says what stands out to him about chan is a part of her personality that a lot of people did not get to see she has this thing where any time something good happens should be in her office and go you be you know, chan was known as a political heavyweight pursuing her beliefs with passion. no fight was too great for a moment chain to take on her decades of experience. leading berkeley mayor jesse at begin to seek her counsel. to save a hospital in his city, signing a deal she brokered way back in 2013 that say, the san leandro hospital from closure so she was an adviser to us. and just had a lot of just incredible knowledge and perspective and strategy about you know how we can preserve emergency care how we how we can prioritize health care just one
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of many examples showing that while chan may be gone her accomplishments live on. she was relentless. she was courageous. she had integrity. you know we're going to miss her. and surpassing the board of supervisors and nonprofit vision . alameda county establish a supervisor wilma chan. legacy fund donations will be put towards grants for local nonprofits and programs. alex back to you. what a remarkable life and career she made such a difference, andre! thank you. oakland police tonight are investigating a bike crash that killed a highly respected bart manager, 41 year old jamal thompson, died sunday afternoon from injuries that were suffered when he crashed his bicycle on shepherd canyon road in the oakland hills. investigators say they're trying to figure out if speed or a medical issue was a contributing factor. thompson was sparks manager of engineering programs. bart issued a statement today saying jamal thompson had a fervent passion for planning,
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sustainability and mentoring. convicted murderer scott peterson was re sentenced today in the 2000 and two killings of his pregnant wife, lacey and their unborn son. it was a case that transfixed the bay area and the nation. a crime reporter henry lee reports from redwood city with the latest on this case. i see no sorrow or remorse from you at all. i still feel the grief every day after 19 years. those were the tearful words in court of sharon rocha lacey peterson's mother before scott peterson was re sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing lacey and their unborn son in 2000 and two rocha said lacey's dead scott because she trusted you, she added, your evil, self centered, unforgivable acts ended two beautiful souls. rojas pain was evident as she called her former son in law, a coward for killing lacey and their unborn son, conner, who would have been 18 now wrote to said she imagines connor would have had dark hair and dark eyes like lacey. authorities say he dumped her
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body from his fishing boat in san francisco bay around christmas eve 2000 to scott peterson wanted to speak at a sentencing, but the judge would not allow it. peterson did not show any visible emotion. petersons original death sentence was overturned by the california supreme court on appeal. justice has said the trial judge had wrongly tossed prospective jurors who were against the death penalty. assuming they wouldn't follow the law. peterson's attorney, pat harris, said the evidence shows that burglars were responsible for the killings. the prosecution said peterson had an affair with amber frye, the time of laces disappearance , but the defense attorney said his client was devoted to his wife. he would never. ever harm lacey and connor. i think he wanted to talk about the fact that they went to great links to have a child. our family is in this for the long haul. jamie peterson says her brother in law was wrongly convicted. there is no forensic evidence. there is no timeline to this crime. scott peterson is innocent. and we are now trying to reverse that.
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scott peterson will be back in court for weak long hearing in february to determine whether he'll get a whole new trial entirely on the grounds of juror misconduct. the defense says a juror was biased against peterson because she failed, disclosed that she got a restraining order when she herself was pregnant in redwood city. henry lee ktvu fox two news. and cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom, but we have detailed accounts of the hearing, including the emotional statements from lacey peterson's family. you can find it all at our website just go to ktvu .com. no at six. father and son are now under arrest, accused of reckless arson in connection with the salvador fire that massive wildfire burned more than 200,000 acres in el dorado and amador counties. the eldorado county district attorney's office announced. david smith and travis smith were under arrest this afternoon. the da's office work together with the u. s forest service, cal fire the state department of justice and the sacramento county district
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attorney's crime lab to investigate the cause of that fire. diblasio's police chief is seeking to fire an officer who shot and killed an unarmed man last year during civil unrest following the police killing of george floyd, the chief says detective jarrett thanh violated departments de escalation and deadly use of force policies he fatally shot 22 year old sean manure osa in a walgreens parking lot where there had been looting and break ins during the george floyd protests. police had originally said they believed monterroso had a handgun, but it turned out to be a hammer. thanh is the first folio officer and at least 20 years to face termination for an on duty, killing. the city of san francisco will pay $2.5 million to settle a civil rights lawsuit that's tied to the killing of an unarmed man by a police officer. that settlement comes four years after officer chris savoia shot and killed 42 year old kita o'neill from the passenger seat of a patrol car.
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or neil's mother filed a lawsuit against the city alleging excessive force. the board of supervisors approved the settlement yesterday. the officer is also facing a charge of manslaughter. marin county now has the highest covid-19 infection rate in the bay area, according to the chronicle. marin is also one of the counties with the highest vaccination rates and therefore is not seeing an increase in hospitalizations or deaths. marin says it is focusing on hospitalization rates as a sign of how well the county is doing in its covid-19 response, the county's health officer says mask mandates would be reimposed if 13 people are hospitalized with covid on any given day. right now. marin county has one covid patient in a hospital. education and outreach. that is the message from the oakland unified school district tonight . that's because not enough students are currently vaccinated against covid. so the district is now moved the deadline back until the end of next month. students still not
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vaccinated at that time would face distance learning. ktvu is rob roth reports now on the details on that decision. the original deadline for oakland unified school district students was january 1st. that's when students 12 years old and up had to either show proof of the covid vaccine or face distance learning again. but now the district says it won't be enforcing that mandate until january. 31st four weeks later. the feedback we were getting from families was just that they had not even got in the form in time to make the appointments to get through the process. and so that's why we extended it. there are so maybe a more troubling reason, the district says. as of november, almost 40% of oakland students have not been vaccinated and we were hoping that it would come down faster than it has. and so we're trying to get the information out there. the oakland school board adopted the student vaccine mandate in september, which originally gave parents a full three months before it would take affect the board said having students vaccinated would
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make students and staff safer from covid. but district officials and some parents are concerned about unintended consequences from keeping unvaccinated students from campus. a lot of the kids. who are presumably they're going to be excluded from school and have to transition potentially to the you know, virtual academy are some of the same kids who suffered the most from being out of school for a you know, all or most of last year, school officials are hoping one more month of education and outreach plus news of the omicron vary. it may persuade hesitant families to get vaccinated. some principles have really made it a priority. to reach out to the unvaccinated students, and that's what we wanted to extend the deadline to make sure that those that outreach could bear fruition in oakland, rob rock, ktvu fox two news. athletes from an east bay girls' basketball team are calling foul over inequality. they say the boys team has access to equipment that isn't shared with them.
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ktvu investigative reporter brooks jarocz joins us now with how one persistent parent aimed to settle the score. brooks well , julie, this started with a complaint to the u. s. department of education office for civil rights and ultimately led to an investigation. the focus surrounding claims of title nine violations. the james logan high school girls basketball team, they went undefeated last year. and so he started training this year. some players notice the boys team going to use an expensive piece of equipment. it's called the shooting machine used to improve athletes, accuracy and agility. but the girls were told they aren't allowed to use it. the two teams practice at different times, but that shooting machine well, it stays locked up when the girls are working on their game. one mother expressed concern to school administrators , saying it was a violation of title nine now that protects athletes from discrimination based on sex. but the school said it was outside the scope of equal access since the boys team fundraising and purchase the shooting machine without the schools help. we know we live in
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a world where we don't get the same opportunities and for them to not do anything hurts. you're basically telling them that they're not worthy that they don't matter. and you don't have time for them. now the school did repair a broken older shooting machine for the girls' team to use but that still didn't sit well with that mother . she filed a formal complaint with the department of education , which then in turn, opened an investigation. that recently ramped up with the new haven unified school district, agreeing to make some big changes at james logan high school, so we're going to break those down have the district's response and how the girls hoops team is taking the shot for a brand new tool. that all high school athletes can use. that's new tonight on the 10 o'clock news for now, live in the newsroom. i'm brooks jarocz ktvu , fox two news. all right, we will see you later tonight. brooks. thank you. you're welcome. california lawmakers are being asked to make the state and abortion sanctuary if
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roe v. wade is overturned. coming up the new recommendations from the california future of abortion council also ahead, bringing attention to our country's high maternal death rate, especially among black and native american women have several clinical programs in the bay area are working to fight these statistics. plus california attorney general rob bonta announces a massive legal settlement aimed at providing renters, access, affordability and fairness, the next steps coming from his office.
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only worsened by the pandemic. so today, california attorney general rob bonta announced a legal settlement that he says is just the first step in a new effort to protect renters. ktvu is tom baker has the details. the state housing strikeforce launched last month announced its first settlement of a major lawsuit aimed to provide renters , access, affordability and
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fairness. when you break the law , you will be held to account there will be consequences, california attorney general rob bonta announced that $3.5 million settlement with l. a based wedgwood llc, a corporate real estate investment company that owns a wide variety of rental units and properties. bonjour says wedgwood buys foreclosed properties, fixes them up and flips them back into the market as soon as possible. the case centers on wedgwood evictions from four close properties without meeting legal requirements, depriving lawful tenants of their right to continue living on the property under a preexisting lease or for at least 90 days. after foreclosure as required by law. if it can tenants without just costs in rent controlled jurisdictions filing false declarations to support the unlawful evictions and failing to provide potential utility
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services to tenants. we hear a lot about mom and popular and large and policy making, but in reality. most tenants live in housing that's owned by corporate entities like these real estate investment trusts. madeline howard is a senior attorney at the influential western center on law and poverty, a nonprofit that represents low income californians. when a family is evicted, whether it's by a court process or they're just afraid because the lamb eaters harassing them, they're often get end up homeless of the 3.5 million in settlement. 2.75 million goes to pay restitution to those wrongly treated, harassed or evicted. a quarter million will go to a civil penalty fine. half million will go to programs and activities that will help benefit california tenants or help combat homelessness. the housing strike force was created for a reason. it's a strike force of action. this is one of its actions. there will be others. this is a clear warning to all landlords of all sizes, especially the big ones who
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wrongly used harassment, economic power and deception to deprive tenants. of their rights. tom vacar ktvu, fox two news. california lawmakers are being asked to make the state and abortion sanctuary if roe v . wade is overturned today, the california future of abortion council released a list of recommendations asking policymakers to pay for things like travel, lodging and child care for patients coming to the state. the report also asked lawmakers to reimburse abortion providers for procedures on those who can't afford them. the report has the support of top legislative leaders and governor newsom. san jose city council has extended its popular outdoor dining program as the state deals with the latest covid variant. the extension will allow restaurants and other businesses to operate on closed public streets through june and outdoors on private property through next december. officials are also exploring ways to make the program permanent. all
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righty. beautiful live shot out there. sunset tonight was at 4 49. yeah we're getting towards the solstice here nine hours and 38 minutes a day working our way to the salsas, which is just and middle of december, which is about nine hours and 32 minutes, so we're going to lose another six minutes before we get to the shortest day of the year. so as you look at the bridge, you can see traffic moving pretty nicely on there, or is it? yeah, it's going. okay if you can see a movement that's it means it's moving, which is get as we look at the temperatures from today you got lots of fifties. low fifties so fairfield 52 54 let your daytime high so that's pretty chilly. and it was just one of those days, man. i mean, we had a little bit of drizzle for 270 inch 1/100 of an inch. more scattered showers possible tonight into early tomorrow morning, but not a big deal. kind of very similar. that last weather system we saw, so the plan is for this whether systeme and you're like it's not a
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bummer. it's not raining a lot because this system and the one before it did their job. they pushed that ridge down. they dropped the they are currently. dropping the jet stream to our latitude, which is gonna allow for significant precipitation on sunday and monday and a little bit into tuesday, west slope of the sierra nevada is going to get hammered. they'll see winter storm warnings tonight. west slope has a winter weather advisory and that has to do with snow. maybe a foot, maybe a little more down about 5500 ft. this is the forecast model through wednesday. there'll be more. i think the nevada is going to keep kind of having showers. snow showers. is stuff activity, whether chaining up not changing up all the way through the week into the weekend, i think because we will move through here by tuesday that big event but it will hang up on the west slope. this hearing about him, which you know that's what happens and so they're going to really, really doubled down on the amount of snow that gets this right now everything's on track for a very aggressive system. the numbers here you can go ahead two and
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three quarter or 22.3 inches in san francisco. the numbers aren't as important as where is it going to rain, the hard to see the oranges and yellows. these models don't do great procession. atmospheric rivers with rainfall forecast so but when you look at where's the trajectory going worse than where is the direct hit west slope of the sierra nevada and the coastal hills? trump good stuff. i'll see you back here in a little bit with more specifics. okay so, bill, thank you. contra costa county is expanding detention center in north richmond coming up tonight how much it's spending to add additional rehabilitation and mental health treatment, space and gun violence prevention advocates are holding their 10th annual gun buyback in san francisco. what happens to those weapons after they're taken off weapons after they're taken off the streets? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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you open-up dinner time to great flavor. chicken, beef, roasted garlic, sauteed onion. with better than bouillon the possibilities are endless. make your everything better with better than bouillon. don't just make it, make it better. be holding their 10th annual gun buyback event. as ktvu christian captain tells us buyback organizers say their goal is to take weapons out of the wrong hands, get them off the streets and turn them into something beautiful. behind this brightly colored wall in san francisco's south of market neighborhood. the united players are preparing to take more guns off the streets. executive director rudi corpus junior saying he's not anti second amendment, but he says every gun taken off the streets as a potential life saved. look at the two year old kid who had got shot on the freeway, but last month sleeping
6:25 pm
, minding his own business and people shooting recklessly. probably not even looking where they shoot him with 10 years of gun buybacks under his belt. corpus estimates that united players has taken more than 3500 guns off the streets. as many as 250 assault rifles. he says his own troubled history with the law educated him as to just how easy it is. to get a gun there. it anywhere you can get them. you know, let alone these ghost guns. now you order it online. it's hard to quantify patty novel to knows the devastation. guns can cause all too well in september 2014 her son, robbie public died after a shooting. it's a pain she says she's had to live with. since then, he was shot in broad daylight in a busy intersection in vallejo, california, and, um, you know, it's difficult, especially during the holidays. there is really no amount of time that helps ease the pain. you know you get over the shock, but then the pain is always there to
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volta says her son was on a spiritual journey, working for a biotech company and learning to weld and create metal sculptures when he died. in the years since his death, she's managed to turn her own unimaginable grief into purpose, starting a foundation bearing her son's name that buys back guns and turns them into art where you're really repurpose ng the. what this medal was for, you know, so instead of something that is used to take someone's life away , now it's going to be transformed to for something that can inspire corpus interval to our allies now, both knowing the truth that swords can be made into plowshares that a weapon of war can grow into a symbol of peace. united players will be holding their next gun buyback. december 11th at eight a.m. at their howard street headquarters, $100 for every handgun $200 for every assault rifle. no questions asked. in san francisco. christian caftan, ktvu, fox two news. also in san francisco. police are investigating a shooting in the
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potrero hill neighborhood. police say a 31 year old man was shot while walking on connecticut street at about 12 30 yesterday afternoon. that man was taken to the hospital to be treated for non life threatening injuries. no arrests have been made, and a motive in the shooting is still not known. contra costa county supervisors have approved a contract to expand the west county jail to ease overcrowding at the martinez facility. the $95.5 million project in north richmond will include five new secure housing units. medical treatment center new family visiting areas plus vocational classrooms. and a detox. space construction is expected to begin late next year. coming up tonight on ktvu news at 6 30. the omicron variant is on the move. how many states are now confirming new cases. also ahead, tiger woods announces his return to competitive golf and he is doing it with his son, charlie. that story later in sports, plus the defense rests
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its case in the elizabeth holmes fraud trial. when the case could go to the jury.
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♪give my regards to broadway!♪ ♪remember me to herald square!♪ ♪tell all the gang at forty second street♪ ♪that i will soon be there!♪ ♪whisper of how i'm yearning♪ ♪to mingle with the old-time throng!♪ ♪give my regards to old broadway♪ ♪and say that i'll be there, 'ere long!♪ remembered today as a woman of integrity, strength and compassion, family members, friends and colleagues from her 30 year career honored her at the oakland museum of california this afternoon. jan was described as unpretentious and
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relentless with a passion for public service, a superior court judge in san mateo county re sentenced scott peterson today to life in prison without parole for killing his wife, lacey and their unborn son in 2000 and two petersons original death sentence was overturned by the california supreme court on appeal. justices said the trial judge had wrongly tossed prospective jurors who opposed the death penalty. the oakland unified school district has postponed the deadline for students to be vaccinated for covid. the district is now moved the deadline from january 1st until the end of january because currently vaccinated students who are still not vaccinated at that time would be required to take part in distance learning. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30. the defense rested its case today in the federal fraud trial against theranos is founder elizabeth holmes. this comes after seven days of testimony from homes herself. closing arguments are expected
6:32 pm
to begin sometime next week. ktvu is evan sernoffsky has the latest now from san jose. elizabeth holmes had one last chance to make an impression with this jury before the defense rested its case. attorneys will now argue about the jury instructions. before closing arguments begin right here next week. it's been more than three months and more than 30. witnesses have taken the stand in the federal fraud trial against elizabeth holmes, but no witness was more important than homes herself. who wrapped up her testimony wednesday morning . i suspect the jury is glad to have this over there, the ones who have had to really focus intensely and carefully. the judge scheduled final arguments for december 16th and 17th. meaning the jury will begin its deliberations just days before christmas, having them sit with her testimony in a positive way without the government, putting together the argument. may give
6:33 pm
some advantage to the defense. in this case, the jury will have to decide whether holmes is guilty of nine counts of fraud and two counts of conspiracy related to her failed blood testing company theranos. holmes testified that she never intended to deceive investors who put hundreds of millions of dollars into her company. she admitted theranos was using modified third party equipment to test patients. blood. not the analyzers that were the cornerstone of her company. she said she never told investors or partner walgreens about the manipulations because they were trade secrets. in this case, was she believable. or not believed , ktvu legal analyst michael cardoza says the entire case is distilled down to what holmes said on the stand, if any of the jurors believe her, for whatever reason. in their minds. they will make excuses for everything she did at theranos. if you
6:34 pm
don't believe her, there will be no excuses. the defense declined to call an expert witness to bolster homes claims that she was abused by former partners sunny boudouani. prosecutors are expected to ask to have that testimony stricken from the record. it's unclear if either side will benefit from having the jury deciding the case just before christmas. the judge said, if necessary, deliberations will go on until next year. at the federal courthouse in san jose evan sernoffsky ktvu, fox two news. the us has reached a new vaccination milestone. roughly 200 million people are now fully vaccinated against covid-19 nationwide. that's about 60% of the population. but experts say that's still not enough to prevent covid hotspots from emerging fighter also released some new data today on the effectiveness of its vaccine against the new omicron variant , which continues to spread across the u. s. fox's molly line has the details. macron is
6:35 pm
on the move. the new covid strain is being reported in at least 21 states from hawaii to massachusetts. it's more contagious than any variant we've seen since the start of the pandemic. and now there are questions about the effectiveness of the vaccines designed to protect us fighter pushing back on wednesday after a south african studies showed two doses of the drug makers vaccine. might not offer full protection against the variant, the company releasing new data showing a third dose increases antibodies by 25 fold and neutralizes. oh macron, we'll also preventing hospitalization and death. it's a positive message today. please go and vaccinate yourself. three doses is really what's required to effectively protect from ah macron. the spread of omicron comes as new covid cases are spiking in more than 30 states. the biden administration is pushing vaccine mandates is the best way to contain the spread that efforts suffered a setback
6:36 pm
after a judge put a hold on a mandate for federal workers and contractors, which would have gone into effect in january. the administration says it will appeal and expects to eventually prevail, but with the mandate for private businesses also held up by the courts. some critics say it's time for the white house to change its strategy. i think the biden administration probably is, and definitely should be rethinking this now. so far, the courts are rethinking that for them. the cdc's is reminding folks that despite the uptick in on a crime cases, the delta variants still accounts for the majority of new covid infections. in boston. molly line fox news. marin county authorities are looking into whether to charge the parents who knowingly sent their child to school with covid-19. school officials say the parents send their child to neil cummins elementary in corte madera the week of november eight, even though the child tested positive for covid. six other students at that same school contracted the virus. the parents reportedly
6:37 pm
apologized and said they didn't understand the covid safety rules. the district attorney says she will review the case once the investigation is complete. the los angeles unified school district voted unanimously to fire nearly 500 employees who did not get vaccinated going against the district mandate. the district required all workers to get their first dose by the middle of october and be fully vaccinated by november, 15th. it did make exceptions for medical or religious reasons. the l. a unified school district is not saying how many of those fired workers are teachers, but they will say that people who decide to get vaccinated will be eligible to be rehired. coming up a massive lego art exhibit debuts in san francisco where you can check out the displays, and the glide foundation is holding its annual grocery bank giveaway. how many bags are being distributed to families in need today?
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need this holiday season this week, volunteers worked in shifts to pack 5500 tote bags with food to feed a family of four and today volunteers loaded up trucks to deliver those meals to families. organizers are once again delivering the bags to the community due to the pandemic, which they say is still causing an increased demand for help. a pandemic is just hit people very
6:41 pm
hard, obviously widened the widened the gap for those that have and those that don't have. so you know, the need is greater, especially for families. trucks loaded with holiday bags went to 19 centers throughout san francisco today with that food was then distributed to those in need. organizers say the glide foundation is still accepting contributions, since they have more holiday events planned throughout this month. also in san francisco. a new lego art exhibit has opened up in a historic building on grant street. this show features 70 sculptures made entirely for more than one million lego bricks. the exhibition is called the art of the brick world's most popular display of lego art . it features original sculptures as well as reimagined versions of michelangelo's david van gogh's starry night and day. vinci's mona lisa. already waiting on the rain. we've got rain showers tonight and then significant rain towards the end of the week. all right, let's go
6:42 pm
to ktvu has heather holmes. now she's in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news on ktvu. plus we'll do you lead the marin parents who knowingly sent their child with covid-19 to school could face criminal charges. we'll tell you what the district attorney is saying tonight, and authorities in el grove update their investigation into online threats made against the high school the charges that two students are now facing. we'll have those stories and a lot more coming up. live tonight on the seventh iran ktvu plus see them. but first after the break this week, vice president kamala harris marked the first ever maternal health day of action how local clinics are working to how local clinics are working to reduce the maternal there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment
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mothers and healthy babies. and that is why today on behalf of our administration, i am issuing a nationwide. call to action to both the public and the private sector. from the white house yesterday, vice president kamala harris marked the first ever maternal health day of action. the u. s has the highest maternal death rate of all developed countries. the numbers are even worse for black and native american women here in the bay area. several clinical programs have been designed to provide perry natal care for women of color to help combat those statistics. in this voices for change segment. our greg lee spoke with dr andrea jackson, who helps lead the embrace program for black mothers at ucsf. the embrace program has helped a lot of people. can you explain the services that you
6:46 pm
offer and perhaps some insight into some of those families? you've managed to help? yeah um , so embrace was started in 2018 embrace is a little bit different from traditional group . i'm sorry. traditional prenatal care. rotational personal care. you come in. you see your your doctor or your midwife one on one. or maybe about 15 20 minutes, and that's basically it and you see them up until you deliver and then six weeks, postpartum. with embrace where actually we do. group prenatal care. so you were grouped with other, um pregnant people who have similar due dates as you up to about 10 with an embrace. we do race can coordinate care, so everybody in the group identifies all the pregnant people as african american as black. including all the providers as well, too. and instead of just having, uh you know, 15 20 minutes visit with your provider. you have up to two hours with your provider. um
6:47 pm
and our topics range from everything from, um, describing the normal labor process and press feeding, but you know, with embrace where we really get into is that we talk about all those social determinants of health. that they discussed today as well to that contribute to the outcomes that we see with our black patients. we have talked a lot during the pandemic about the health inequities for black women that have been magnified and exacerbated by the pandemic. particularly maternal health. how critical is that peace and how disproportionate are those numbers? oh yeah. so you know, in the in the united states, black women are 3 to 4 times more likely to pass away during their, um when they're either pregnant and it's also extends all the way out into one year post partner. i think a lot of people don't recognize this is that when we talk about
6:48 pm
maternal health care, we're not just talking about. the period when the person is pregnant, but also for that year. postpartum as well. so this has been a critical issue for the black community for decades. unfortunately and then, of course, the pandemic just heightened. that and made it made it even more worse. we've seen a number of other healthcare agencies in the bay area adopted programs for this very issue for women of color for maternal health. how encouraging is that and for other areas around the nation that are considering doing this ? what would be your encouragement number one? i would say, just do it. i think that there is a lot of hesitation when it comes to providing very intentional care and focus and compassion to black people, which is, i think really ashamed. and so i would just say, like, push past that and really, you know, go with your gut, you know that this is needed. the second thing is that there are you know what we're
6:49 pm
doing is exciting and i think innovative, but it's not new. i was just really encourage them just to go with the guard. go with their heart. listen to the patients. and just do it. and for more voices for change content you can head to our website ktvu .com. just search for voices for change. already looking at the daytime highs from today. not all that warm. were they temperatures tomorrow will be about the same sprinkles possible again tonight and maybe a little bit in the morning, but light light stuff. there is theh traffic moving on it. we've got that atmospheric wherever you can see, it's stretching from the hawaiian islands. if you look far, far out to the west, you can see it's stretching all the way from down here and coming up over the horn. and it's going to work its way into the bay area as we go into the main atmospheric moisture on sunday and monday, right now we're getting some of it for sure. as it comes in tonight, and tomorrow we get that slight
6:50 pm
chance for a shower in the early morning, not a big deal, but the bulk of this thing with the dynamics hit sunday night into monday. she's light scattered showers. a lot of this stuff is 207 inch 307 inch, not a big deal. now in the mountains, it's going to have a little more of an impact where they could see what errors are winter weather watch, but they could easily see 12 inches of snow. we should. in greek probably require some chaining up on 50 and 80 tonight or tomorrow morning. early current temperatures are in the low fifties. plenty of fog will be around forecast for tomorrow morning 48 degrees in san francisco. mostly cloudy. then it clears out pretty nicely so you can see you've got numbers. in the middle of the day in the mid fifties and then upper fifties but still that's tomorrow's day is basically about upper fifties so there is tomorrow morning cleared out tomorrow afternoon. friday morning. probably really good actually friday afternoon, and then this whole area is going to start dropping down saturday into sunday and into monday and into tuesday as well. so smiling because it's a really good forecast for us and again your weekend. for the most part,
6:51 pm
friday looks pretty good. not bad. saturday's not half bad and then sunday, i think you're watching football. there's the five day forecast. i'll be back here tonight at 10 with updates. all right, bill. we'll see you then coming up tonight. 49ers player who is now making a whole lot of money this season. sports director mark ibanez has the director mark ibanez has the details next in sports. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help?
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because sippin' on unsweetened lipton can help support a healthy heart. lipton. stop chuggin'. start sippin'. is with you tonight. i think 49 are fans probably now just starting to ease up the healing process well underway that seattle game, i'll tell you what a lot of emotional ups and downe season, but some are particularly aggravating, losing to the seahawks again when they looked like they had the game under control. very frustrating , but back at it got to have the short term memory and deebo samuel back on the field. he missed the seattle game with a groin strain. he didn't practice full out, but coach shanahan expects them to practice tomorrow he'll probably play fred warner. did practice full go and will play against the cincinnati bengals. his teaming up with fellow linebacker azeez al shater for a sensational
6:55 pm
breakout season. pearl share 15 tackles 10 of the solo against the seahawks. fred warner. has definitely taken notice. it's hard to kind of see when you're in the game, and you're playing off of them, but like walking from the sideline this past weekend. that dude is making some money. i'll say that, but he's balling. he's bawling out his mind right now, and we need it. we need a big time for this defense with his team. um. he's playing insane. he's got to keep it going. keep doing better. azeez al sharjah, remember the name of 49ers are definitely taking the cincinnati bengals seriously. they're one of the most interesting teams so many teams have a chance to win the super bowl, the bengals just two and 14 couple of years ago, are certainly one of those teams with a shot. even though they were beaten kind of upset fashion and lopsidedly against la, but they've got a quarterback joe burrows who have
6:56 pm
really helped turn things around much of the credit going to him . he's got 23 touchdown passes. this here burrow a little trouble with theater. cep tions. 14 picks. he's coming off knee surgery. now he's got a finger issue that was sustained last week in the blowout last to the chargers. the former heisman trophy winner was asked today where he keeps that trophy. he earned a couple years back. to my house? yeah. particular place. that's in my basement locked up. safely for the burglars out there who might want to come. to get joe burrow , making sure everybody knows he's a bright guy making sure that things taken care of little other college football news. former count coach jeff tedford is coming back to coach president state. his second tour of duty there. he had retired, and he's going to take over the bulldogs this coming season as most of their coaching staff
6:57 pm
went up to the university of washington. tedford back in all right, we've got another comeback story to talk about. regarding tiger woods last week, he made it clear that he will never play full time again on the tour, but he's going to tear it up next week at the p. n c event, and you can play this with one family member. and of course, he's going to go with his son, 12 year old charlie, who you may remember last year. had an eagle when he played with his dad and believe it or not. this was the last tournament tiger played in professionally before that tragic car accident . he went with in february, and it will be. a chance for them to reunite again. tiger woods comeback story complete and playing with his son next week. we got a little extra time, so why not? check this out. this is 17 year old youngster from the dominican republic. hansel a
6:58 pm
manual. he had his left arm amputated at the age of six. obviously not letting him get that down on him at all. he's accepted an offer from a division one school to play college basketball next year at tennessee state. and as you can see, quite a basketball talent. alright yesterday was national trick shot day and celebration of that look at this soccer club in london, the fc club called oakwood corner kick. he didn't look and nailed it. trick shot. indeed look at that. that's that's impressive. ready, impressive. and of course, tonight warrior fans hoping for some trick shots of their owners, steph curry going for that three point record. that's the sporting life right now. get it back to you, alex and julie. alright, mark. thank you. and thanks everybody for joining us. our live news continues right now at seven over on ktvu plus now at seven over on ktvu plus good night.
6:59 pm
so, penny, we were talking to our neighbors, and they're thinking of moving and selling their house. really? why? something about babies crying and keeping them up all night; it's not important. you guys should totally take a look at it. (laughs) then we could be neighbors. hey. wait a minute, what about us? we're married now. maybe we want to buy the house next door. well, amy, we can't move. i'd have to change all the tags in my underwear. you can buy new ones. what-- new house, new underwear. what am i, in the witness protection program? okay. guys, so what do you think? i don't know, w-we're pretty happy here. yeah. plus, if we moved, we'd probably just get a loft downtown. really? i always figured we'd get a place with a yard. oh, sure, yeah, that makes sense, so you could shoot hoops and mow the lawn? how are you two married? you were there. i wore her down. he did. you guys should've talked about all this stuff while you were dating. me and anu already know so much about each other. wait, i forget, is anu your waxer?
7:00 pm
uh, no, that's annette. anu is the woman my father fixed me up with. we're going on our first date tomorrow. which reminds me, i need to see annette. you're really letting your father pick out a wife? why not? arranged marriages have been working for thousands of years. anu and i come from similar backgrounds, our families get along and we each filled out questionnaires, so we know we're not wasting our time with someone who's not compatible. oh, that sounds so dry and clinical. you lucky duck. i just don't think you can truly know someone until you've spent a lot of time with them. really? what's penny's dream vacation? uh, malibu beach house. that's barbie's dream vacation. maybe you should send us that questionnaire. ♪ our whole universe was in a hot, dense state ♪ ♪ then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! ♪ ♪ the earth began to cool ♪ the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools ♪ ♪ we built the wall ♪ we built the pyramids ♪


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