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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  December 6, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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customers inside unless they prove they've been vaccinated or recently tested. dozens of restaurants have been accused of failing to check customer covid status before allowing people to dine indoors. ktvu is rob ross spoke with the health department today about the strategy. vaccine please jack's restaurant in pleasant hill monday, the staff was checking each customer's covid-19 vaccine status and their identification before ceding them inside in short there following the contra costa county health order, this customer didn't seem to mind. i respect that we should, you know, should all be vaccinated if we're in a public area, but more than 54 residents in the county received complaints in november that they were not complying with the order. yet health officials did not find any of them about following the rules. fines can range from 252 $750. it's their guideline. it's their rule. they should be, you know, stepping up and doing what they can to help
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the restaurants in some way and force it so it's not left up to a 17 year old ghost. i'm troubled by it. uh and, uh and unhappy with with that, because if there were fines that deserve to be issued, they should be issued, county health officer, dr chris foreign itano says the approach has been to educate first, rather than penalize more carrot than stick. well, we will still level penalties as needed. when there is repeated. and persistent lack of compliance in september, contra costa, san francisco and berkeley were the only places in the bay area to begin mandating that restaurants , bars and gyms check each customer's proof of vaccine or recent covid test before allowing them inside. many restaurants say it's not been easy. sometimes customers yell at staff. we walked out a couple of times, intervene and say, hey , you know, the 17 year old girl out of high school didn't make this rule the county did crack down on in and out burger in
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pleasant hill for openly refusing to check. that restaurant currently does not have indoor dining. the public needs to be protected, especially. with the new omicron variant. we need to be serious about this country. costed county board of supervisors is scheduled to meet tuesday, and supervisors say they plan to ask health officials about this apparent lack of enforcement in pleasant hill, rob rock, ktvu fox two news. well, if you're heading to the s a p center with children, make sure you're aware of the new guest attendance policy before you go. children as young as three years of age must either have a negative covid test or proof of covid vaccination in order to enter the facility. ktvu south reporter jesse gary joining us now live from outside the asap center with that story, and jesse. what prompted the change here? while officials here say they're following the lead of both the city of san jose and the state of california. the move lessens the chance of a
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covid outbreak at what is considered to be a mega site event. entry into the s a p center and other large venues in california has a new hurdle monday. shark sports entertainment announcing children 3 to 11 years of age. must have either a negative covid test or proof of vaccination to enter the arena. is this an outlier? or is this something that the industry is looking at and moving towards? it looks to me as if that's what the industry is moving towards because that seems to be in line with what the cdc is recommending now and immediate release. ssc executives say these requirements will remain in place until state and local health and safety guidance is revised. the updated mandate effects events being held at statewide indoor venues with attendance levels. of 1000 guests or more. there's certain things that i think we all just have to just deal with and just, you know, just jump through some of these hoops. stanford infectious diseases expert dr jake scott. says requiring
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children to either show proof of inoculation or a negative test can prevent a fun outing from becoming a super spreader event . that was the case with the recent enemy event in new york city. in california people 12 and older must be vaccinated to enter mega events. i do think that there's a possibility of kids under 12. spreading the coronavirus, um especially in light of the emergence of this new variant, the overgrown variant now that the adults are vaccinated, or a good majority of them are around here. um we are seeing more and more cases that are stemming from kids call during the game. ssc officials say the new policy takes effect december 9th the sharks hockey game against minnesota, experts say the added safety measures may mean fewer people coming in and more opting to avoid indoor vents. we won't know the full extent until the end of the
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season, but anecdotally yes, i've been hearing it's down just simply because you know people are still scared of transmission. health officials say the best and fastest way to get to the other side of this pandemic is for everyone to get vaccinated. this new mandate or policy does not impact the sharks game tomorrow night here at the shark tank will end with this. officials say when you bring your proof of vaccination , they want you to do so by printing and on your mobile device on your phone through the clear app. don't bring the car and put it on your mobile phone through the clear app. we live outside the asap center here in san jose, jesse gary ktvu fox two news. we'll head back to you up in oakland. good advice. i can just scan it right there at the door. they have it on your phone, jesse. thank you. new details now about what doctors now know about. the new covid variant research suggests the omicron variant may contain genetic material from the virus that causes the common cold. that could mean the variant is more contagious than other
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strains. it could also mean that omicron infections will have milder symptoms. even with the new variant like a micron. if you get boosted, you're going to get your level up, way up, and we feel certain that there will be some degree and maybe a considerable degree. protection against the comic con variant. if, in fact it starts to take hold in a dominant way in this country. the omicron variant has been detected in at least 15 states. but for all the attention, oh, macron is getting the overwhelming cause of infections and deaths in many places remains the extra contagious delta variant. doctors say getting vaccinated and taking precautions, such as wearing a mask is the best way to protect yourself from the virus, the marin county parents who knowingly sent their child to school with covid-19 could now be fined or face misdemeanor charges that could come this week. school officials say the parents sent their child and neil cummins elementary in corte madera. the week of november.
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8th despite the child, having tested positive for covid, six other students at that same school later tested positive. the parents said they were not aware of covid safety rules. now they could face a misdemeanor charge for failing to isolate for 10 days after a positive covid test and stay with ktvu for the latest coronavirus updates, just head to our website, where there is a dedicated section to everything you need to know about the pandemic. it's all at ktvu .com. chasing boutin, pushing back at critics during a rally held earlier today, the rally against the recall of boudin, the san francisco district attorney, says that he came into a broken criminal justice system and that he's working hard to fix it. boudin says he wants to hold criminals accountable. ktvu christian captain, he's joining us live tonight from san francisco's hall of justice. and christian the d. a. is saying he's delivering on his campaign promises. yeah, that's right. the d a is saying that his work is making the status quo uncomfortable, he says. that's part of the reason behind the
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recall effort. at a rally in san francisco's excelsior district district attorney chasing boudin's supporters pushed back against the recall effort and the narrative that the dea is weak on crime, calling him a reformer, many saying the criminal justice system as it stands now is broken and biased against the poor and people of color. we look forward to working more with the able dean to continue to reimagine the criminal legal system into one that gets to the root causes of crime while also seeing people as deserving of a full dignity. we also partnered with the district attorney also speaking out, saying he's worked hard to reform the system, like taking legal action against corporations or law enforcement officers who break the law. he says those efforts have brought out the tractors who are behind the recall effort. that is the kind of approach to public safety into accountability into inclusion of all of our communities that i am committed to during the remainder of my term, and it's precisely becausn
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francisco republican party has endorsed the recall against me recall, organizers say the dea has proven ineffective and point to high profile crimes that have plagued the city since he came into office quote with each incident. over the last two years, we've become more resolute in the desire to see him out of office, his denial of reality with regards to the need to hold criminals accountable for their actions. is a slap in the face to each and every victim, the dea, saying he's relying on police bringing him strong cases and that will ensure consequences for those who are caught committing crimes in the city across the country. about 98% of criminal cases play out. it is the exceptional case that goes to trial. that's true in san francisco. it always has been, and always will be. it does not mean there's no consequences. let's be very clear. my conviction rate for murders has gone up. we also heard from the city's police officers association addressing boudin. his supporters claim that the recall is a republican backed attempt to subvert the democratic process, saying in
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part quote they can keep repeating that tired narrative. but 83,000 citizens of san francisco who signed the recall effort. aren't republicans there from all walks of life, who are dissatisfied with the state of the city and the performance of the. we're live in san francisco christian captain ktvu, fox two news christian this rally here six months before the recall election shows the d a clearly taking this seriously, doesn't it? certainly and that's one of the reasons why we saw this rally today to start to work to try to build that bulwark that that wall that can try to protect the district attorney from that recall effort, as you said alex, set for june. next year. okay christien kafton live in the city tonight, christian. thank you. a safeway store near the castro district in san francisco, has implemented new security measures that store on market street, which one san francisco supervisor said has an out of control theft problem has now installed automated gates that allow shoppers to enter the store. but prevent would be
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thieves from leaving with stolen goods. the store also has installed barriers around itself. check out areas. customers now can only leave the store through one exit. the new security comes just weeks after the story began closing at nine pm instead of being open 24 hours a day. san francisco restaurant has apologized for refusing to serve three uniformed sfpd officers. last week, the north beach restaurant , hilda and jess posted an instagram message saying in part quote. our staff felt uncomfortable with the presence of the multiple weapons. we then politely asked them to leave. now yesterday, the owners backtrack, saying they had made a mistake, adding quote. we hope this will be a teachable moment for us as we repair and continue to build bridges with the sfpd. if you haven't been traveling in a while, the question might be coming up what they expect of me at the airport and on the plane also horror and heartbreak for
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one northern california family when their loved one is killed while working in the bay area will have the latest on the murder investigation coming up. plus a crime right before us celebration. firefighters find that jack london square christmas tree up in flames just days before the official tree lighting ceremony. the big changes coming this week. you changes coming this week. you can feel it out ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event. i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills.
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their heads over this investigators tell me this was deliberate by the motive not known even as organizers plan for the tree lighting ceremony this weekend. beloved christmas tree in oakland, damaged by an arsonist just days before the annual tree lighting ceremony, someone torched this 52 ft tree at jack london square in the middle of the night. jack london tree is. iconic you know, and this was we were blown away to walk by and see that at about 1 20 monday morning, oakland firefighters at a nearby station found the giant for in flames. the tree was on fire. about approximately 10% of the base was burning. oakland fire department spokesman mike hunt says there's evidence that the fire was deliberately set apparently by someone on a bike . there was a looked to be an aerosol canister. found at the at the base of the tree. so we are making the preliminary assumption that that was directly involved in lighting the fire. the flames came close to electrical equipment, but the
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tree was not plugged in at the time. many families were at jack london square over the weekend to visit santa and gather around the tree. anytime you have a place that is jeopardized in such a way. so thoughtlessly. it sends a really negative message now. the oakland interfaith gospel choir performed near the trees saturday night is just very positive and joyful. andrea poke is part of the choir. i feel so deeply, deeply disturbed and disappointed. it's like there's this sense of like destruction. people wanted destroy things. this is a time of. love and giving and sharing . so why somebody feels a need to be so destructive. especially at a time like this do better man with, you know, there's got to be something better that something else better to do with your time. then, uh, then the take away from something that brings so much joy to the community, right, jack london square. officials say they're assessing the condition of the
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tree, but that for now, the annual tree lighting ceremony set for six p.m. this saturday will go on as planned. now. last year's tree lighting ceremony was virtual because of the pandemic and again, organizers say they're doing everything they can to salvage the tree and the ceremony this saturday night live in oakland, henry lee ktvu by students awful to see that, henry. thank you. police in santa clara are asking for the public's help in finding an elderly man who went missing yesterday after going out for a walk with his dog. police say. melinda ceo man alec left his home on monroe street near jonathan street at about 20 clock yesterday afternoon. he was with a white dog. little white dog. menelik was last seen wearing a black hat, blue or gray pants and gray shoes. police say he does not have a cell phone and his new to the area. anyone with information about his whereabouts is urged to call police. transportation officials say commute traffic on the bay bridge is now getting close to pre pandemic levels.
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commuters who make their way from the east bay to the city have a new option to new parking lots open today in oakland and albany to help ease the commute over the bridge. people can park their cars to carpool and then drive into san francisco or board one of transits transbay express busses that depart every day from those lots. the idea behind that is to move more people in fewer cars through the bay bridge corridor. those lots are gated and staffed by parking attendants between six in the morning and eight o'clock at night. monday through friday. it's free to park until february , 1st when the rate will be $3 a day, or $60 a month. now here's a look at the locations of those two new parking lots. one is on buchanan street in albany. the other is right underneath 8 80 on fruitvale avenue in oakland. transportation officials hope in the next few months, companies that offer private shuttles will use those lots to pick up and drop off their employees. okay
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tesla is courting kids with an electric a tv. take a look at this. but don't expect to buy one in time for christmas. tesla's $2000 cyber quad for kids sold out in less than a day . the electric atv can zip around at 10 miles an hour for up to 15 miles before it needs to be recharged. tesla recommends children be at least eight years old to ride one. the state of california is moving closer to renewing water wasting rules that expired after the last drought. new proposed rules unveiled last week would prohibit a number of irrigation practices, including watering grass or landscaping within 48 hours of rain. watering landscaping that creates runoff into a road and hosing off sidewalks, driveways and patios . violators could be fined up to $500. all right. it was a cloudy day today and cool sonoma downtown sonoma in the north. they the high temperature today was 49 degrees. that's an overnight low in many cases, so
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most of us today we're in the low fifties. it was very fog. it is very foggy in the inland valleys. a dense fog advisory for time today it went away that this morning around 10 but it's coming back and you can feel it out there. for all intents and purposes today is one of the. i didn't even run a long time, man. it's probably gloomiest days. i've seen big area from top to bottom, man. i mean, morgan hill and gilroy. they got some sunshine or some clearing, so they got up into the low sixties. but you can see the current temperatures, right 48 right now in santa rosa. let me back this up. i'll show you what you can see the valley fog. this is a visible satellite. that's why it goes dark because when the sun sets, right, you can't pick up the picture. so this is the sun coming up on it. you see the valley fog, you see the high clouds. and then you can just barely see the valley fog underneath it. then it gets dark, but that's how it's going to be again tomorrow. so the pattern right now is this. we've got this system moving into the bay area. it's very light. it might bring a few sprinkles or showers tonight to tune of 1/10 of an inch or a quarter of an
5:21 pm
inch. and then it just kind of moves on. but remember, we talked about last night. this is the beginning of this ridge breaking down and then thursday , get another drive by right that want to bring maybe a little bit of rain, maybe a few 107 inch, but the big story. is right here. so it's almost like if you played football. you have to blocking backs, right? like both these blocking backs going through the two hole and they're knocking the high pressure down and then the running back, which is sunday's weather system is going to come in wide open. that's going to be a very productive system in the mountains as well. and behind it . there is more, the models are suggesting a very significant. series of rain events and snow events in the mountains will be measuring in feet. perhaps 3 to 5. ft maybe more so we are going the right way after weeks. of above average temperatures, dry, dry conditions. we've got a pattern this breaking down. let's back it up because it bears it bears looking at again . so here comes here's where we are right now. so that system just tweaks through right? no big deal, but it gets few few sprinkles here and there may be a 500 service. maybe 1/10 of an
5:22 pm
inch. a little break, then thursday, knocks the high down more and then boom! look who comes in at a lower latitude right there, boom and that's our system, so it's a good plan for this week. it's going to be wet . you'll notice it, mostly as we get towards the end of the weekend into sunday, monday tuesday, so the next week is really the main event, but in the meantime, we've got the fog and the scattered showers to contend with. does your back here? that's the big hits and runs we'll get. we'll get more granular when i see you back here in a minute. ok bill. thank you. heartbreaking details about the california family found dead in the sierra national forest. why an expert believes the mother was found away from the rest of her family. also new details tonight in the tragic michigan school shooting where the parents of the accused gunman were discovered. after charges against them were announced also ahead tonight the stricter covid rules now in effect for everyone flying into the u. s.
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in extreme heat in mariposa county. over the summer, john garish, and his wife, elin chung, along with their one year old daughter and dog were found dead in august on a remote hiking trail in the sierra national forest. an expert who looked at an investigator's report released last week says it's likely the baby begins to coming to the heat first, which is why it's believed the mother left the group and look for help. and was then found in a different location while the father stayed with the baby and the dog. the parents have accused shooter ethan, crumbly, are still in jail on manslaughter charges related to last week's school shooting in michigan. fox news steven going has the latest now from oxford, michigan. michigan artist says he didn't know the parents of the michigan school shooting suspect were hiding out in his studio last weekend. james and jennifer crumbly went missing on friday but were found in a commercial building in detroit on saturday morning. a lawyer
5:26 pm
for the artist says the couple came to him on friday, but that he didn't know they were facing charges but that they stayed in this studio after he left the crumbles, had been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter and they're being held on a combined $1 million bond. these two individuals were found locked some where in a room. hiding these are not people that we can be assured will return to court. um, on their own. the pair are now being held in the same jail as their son ethan, who's accused of killing four people at oxford high school last week. attorneys for the parents say they plan to turn themselves in and before their arrest the prosecutor's office instead of getting back to us in any way. decided to have a press conference and as miss macdonald admitted, try to find a way to surprise our clients and catch them off guard . their son is behind bars when he needs them more than he ever has in his whole life, and they're caught in a locked room hiding in an art studio. so how
5:27 pm
does a lawyer explained that? how is she going to blame that on the prosecutor? a third party will investigate events at the high school leading up to the shooting at oxford, michigan. stephen going, fox news. holiday travel season is about to kick into high gear once again coming up tonight. what you need to know if you're flying to see friends and family across the country. also ahead tonight, president biden says his build back better bill will help lower prescription drug prices as he pushes democrats to move the bill forward in the senate. but can they do so? also congresswoman jackie speier makes a big announcement still ahead her endorsement today
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merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. . this is a live look right now at sfo starting today, anyone flying into the u. s must show proof of a negative covid test within one day of boarding a flight. previously travelers had three days to obtain a negative test. this international travel rule applies to everyone to and older and the white house extended the mask mandates so people must still wear face coverings on planes, trains and busses. there at least march 18th. even though we had a booming thanksgiving travel season, the christmas period will see many new travelers who have not been flying for almost two years. get back into it, and some could be confused about the covid rules. ktvu is tom baker
5:31 pm
joins us now with what is and is not required, tom well, it's very interesting. now, if you haven't been traveling, you're going to find that once. very strict rules have been greatly relaxed. despite new scares, coming from the omicron covid variant traveling within and between lower 48 contiguous continental. u. s states is mostly simple at this point, a proof of vaccination or proof of negative test result is not required for domestic travel, so that takes care of the lower 48 states. but what about the other two? what about hawaii and alaska. the state of alaska has no special entry or travel testing requirements. but officials there say while there's no hard pre travel testing mandate. non vaccinated visitors should get tested for free when arriving for hawaii, fully vaccinated. domestic passengers no longer need pre travel testing or 10 day quarantines so long as they have
5:32 pm
been fully vaccinated in the united states, but be prepared to prove it long as you have your card that makes it a whole lot easier because they can look at it. go and go about your way so the card is a lot easier, but some people have it on their phones. i have a hard copy in my wallet and also have a picture in my phone. all passengers must complete forms via hawaii safe travels. website 24. hours before departure, you'll get an email with a qr code, which will be scanned by the airport in hawaii when you arrive unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated. us passengers must show a negative test. administered by one of the states listed trusted travel partners taken within three days before departure for hawaii, they should expect to pay for a test in the price range is really very depending on how fast the results are available without a test. you'll have to quarantine for a 10 day period. even if you go to a mask unfriendly state do not unmask
5:33 pm
until off airport property. the federal mandate applies both to airports and on board aircraft. so you do need to be wearing a facemask. anytime you're in any u. s airport and other modes of transit, such as rail and busses as well, their rules right. there are rules. you don't have to take the flight, right? and if new variants threatened public health well, then the rules will be enhanced. or we may see even more stringent things happen. tom baker, ktvu fox two news. they're constantly changing the guidelines and the mandates. tom if someone wants to plan a trip and wants to get information, all in one place, what's the best advice as to where to look? well i think if you're going to another state, you go to the state's website to its health department. they'll have a list of rules and regulations. for example, just because the rules are pretty uniform, justin traveling like if you go up to alaska, they're places where you cannot go or you cannot go without masks, the
5:34 pm
same in other states and other places, so you have to understand what the local rules are. and then what you do is you adjust yourself accordingly so that you do what you need to do on the plane at the airport and then whatever destination going to those rules very greatly, and in many cases, they don't exist at all. all right. tom baker reporting live for us tonight, tom. thanks. an investigation is underway tonight in union city after a shooting left a man dead . it happened last night. here where you see on the map and your 7th and 8th street right across from shorty garcia park. shots were fired about 8 45 last night, and police were at the scene, collecting evidence and investigating all throughout the morning, when officers arrived here at this scene, they found a man dead in the driver's seat of a car. the vehicle been struck multiple times by bullets, as well as the male inside the vehicle. they summoned medical aid to the scene, and he was pronounced dead on scene. police have yet to release more information about the victim or the suspected shooter. in this
5:35 pm
case, they're asking anyone who has video or may have witnessed the crime to come forward. this was union city's second homicide of the year. congresswoman jackie speier today formally made an endorsement for a candidate running for her house seat. she is throwing her support behind the state assembly speaker pro tem spirit joined kevin mullin at a news conference in south san francisco. mullen announced he was running for her open seat shortly after spear announced her retirement last month. spear says mullin has the qualities needed to make a difference in washington. kevin mullin is a great listener. he is compassionate. he is intellectually honest. he is genuine. he has a great work ethic. and he's humble. all qualities that are not in full display in the congress of the united states. from time to time , i will continue to deliver for the district to use a basketball term. i'm going to box out. and
5:36 pm
make sure that sam mateo county and this district gets its fair share of resources. you can count on that super mullen is a former aide and district director for jackie spear. he was first elected to the state assembly in 2012 and has served as assembly speak. two other las have thrown their hats into the ring, announcing they are also running for spears, congressional seat. san mateo county supervisor david canada and burlingame city council member emily beach have both announced their candidacy. san joaquin congressman devin nunes announced today he is leaving office at the end of this year before his term is up and plans to run for former president trump's new social media venture . 10 term republican was a staunch trump ally and defended the former president in the russia investigation. the trump media organization announced today. nunes has been hired as ceo. political analysts say it is likely nunes will have had a challenge next fall in a reelection bid because of redistricting. the justice
5:37 pm
department is suing the state of texas, accusing republican state lawmakers of discriminating against black and latino voters while drawing boundaries for the states to new congressional districts. at a news conference today, attorney general merrick garland said the new redistricting maps deny black and latino communities the opportunity to choose their own representatives. violation of section two of the voting rights act. the texas attorney general called the doj lawsuit quote dividing administration's latest ploy to control texas voters. president biden spoke about the impact the build back better act will have on prescription drug costs this as lawmakers face a packed legislative schedule before this year comes to a close. fox news. lauren blanchard has more now from capitol hill. president biden says his build back better bill is necessary to bring down prescription drug costs. we need congress to finish the job. to come together and make a difference in people's lives.
5:38 pm
it's just one of the reasons he wants senate majority leader chuck schumer to get the nearly $2 trillion bill to the senate floor as soon as possible, but a christmas deadline is looking less likely. the bill has been slowed by the senate parliamentarians office, which is checking to make sure it fits within reconciliation and the byrd rule. meaning all parts of the bill must impact the federal budget head. reconciliation also means it can be passed through a simple majority but moderate democratic senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema continued to raise concerns. others in congress worry it may give state and local tax breaks to millionaires, adding urgency for democrats and expanded monthly child tax credit will expire at the end of the month. if the senate does not pass the build back better bill or other legislation to extend it. meanwhile republicans call the bill reckless spending and oppose financing it through tax increases on the wealthy and large corporations. those tax increases are going to really hurt. the economy and businesses
5:39 pm
across the country, schumer warned senators they should prepare for long days nights and potentially weekends as they still have to deal with annual defense funding and the debt limit on capitol hill. lauren blanchard, fox news. coming up a small victory for san jose state students in need of a temporary place to stay. also ahead tragedy on a southern california racetrack that kentucky derby winning cold suddenly collapses . plus i wear this mask on the floor of the senate. because we're fighting to get this done. the senate majority leader, sharing a message on his mask ho
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. university, anti homelessness advocates won a small victory for students in need of temporary emergency beds. the
5:42 pm
university recently agreed to allow students access to the to the beds for four weeks rather than two days. the student homeless alliance has been urging the university to offer emergency beds to any students who request them without restrictions. students who need beds say the time extension on the beds allows them to find a job or receive a paycheck without having to worry about paying for shelter. senate majority leader chuck schumer says more needs to be done to tackle the student debt crisis. cancel student debt. i wear this mask on the floor of the senate. because we're fighting to get this done. while the pause on student loan payments expires in january. today the new york senator called on that deadline to be extended, he argues borrowers should not have to suffer financially to pay off their loans, especially with the emergence of new coronavirus variance. we are calling on the administration to continue that pause with the advent of oh macron, the continuation of
5:43 pm
covid. students should not be playing have this burden placed on their shoulders, and that's why we are so. intent on getting the president to pause student debt. um because of covid is still here. senator schumer said he would ultimately like president biden to act on the issue himself and wipe out a chunk of student loan debt through executive action. medina spirit. the winner of this year's kentucky derby collapsed and died earlier today following a workout at the santa anita racetrack in southern california and the trainer for that three year old colt said the horse suffered a heart attack and that the entire team is devastated by this loss after his derby win back in may, the horse tested positive for a legal medication. that is not allowed on race day . a full necropsy will now be performed on the cold, which is required by the california horse racing board. last month, medina spirit finished second in the
5:44 pm
breeders' cup classic. in san diego county. a recent afghan refugee who became an uber driver shot and killed in san francisco. the plea from his family tonight. also tensions are escalating between the us and russia ahead of a much anticipated call between president biden and russian president vladimir putin. coming up details on newly released satellite images that are fueling the situation. and that's significant pattern shift this week. it's going to work this week. it's going to work ou ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ visit your volvo retailer for special offers during our holiday safely sales event.
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. killed while in san francisco. this happened back on sunday, november 28th in the mission district. the reporter or co. mana spoke with the victim's grieving family who says they want justice. just broken. you know, she feels very sad loss and loneliness filled this south sacramento home fighting back tears. kamala usage fee holds
5:47 pm
onto the memory of her husband, ahmad, speaking through a family friend, she says the 31 year old afghan refugee was shot and killed last weekend in san francisco. terry montana. good he was a caring man who was carrying about his family, and he just sacrificed his life for his family. camilla says ahmad was an uber driver and would sometimes go to the bay area for work. she says he was in his car early sunday morning when someone walked up to him tried stealing his wallet and then shot him. come on. there. what happened? her husband. this terrible tragedy also impacting their three young kids. yes it's very tough with them as well, because they're always asking for their father. it's really upsetting. ahmad's cousin, who is more like a brother to him, is pleading for police to do more. nobody said nothing. when we call for police. they don't
5:48 pm
answer that. don't help us loved ones are especially disheartened because ahmad was a translator for the u. s army for several years before coming to america because of his service, they're demanding answers from police are new in this country. yeah, because here alone in this country. i think nobody has helped us now, as the family grapples with grief, they want one thing. as soon as possible. he should be caught and she should be parish for his crime that he did. he killed and innocent person. and again that was or co mana reporting. uber says the victim was not working at the time of the shooting. san francisco police say they are investigating but have not made any arrests. for the first time in more than three months. us gas prices are falling figures from the lundberg survey show nationwide, the average for
5:49 pm
regular unleaded fell three cents over the past two weeks to $3.46 a gallon. here in the bay area, where prices are traditionally among the highest in the country. the average is $4.80 a gallon triple a figures show statewide is down two cents from the all time record of $4.71 set nine days ago. caltrain says its efforts to go electric will cost far more than first estimated. the commuter rail service says there have been changes and some unexpected problems and its plan to convert to fully electric trains. the price tag of the project has now climbed from just below $2 billion to $2.4 billion. cal trains plans to go all electric were expected to be completed sometime next year. but the agency now says the project will not be finished until 2024. it's an francisco volunteers and glide memorial church are preparing thousands of holiday grocery bags to give to those in need. it was a flurry of activity this morning, his crews
5:50 pm
put together more than 5000 of those bags, all of them filled with ingredients for a traditional holiday meal, including chickens or turkeys. potatoes stuffing fruits and vegetables and a dessert. today is kind of a loading day. the big days on wednesday and like i said, um, 5500 grocery bags going out to 19 different partners in the community and we're very excited about it. glad says they already have a lot of volunteers to help out and enough food donations, but they say they can always use monetary donations. santa rosa's wildlife park safari west now has a name for its new baby giraffe. debo emerged as the winning name voted by the public last month. the name is in honor of san francisco 49 are wide receiver deebo samuel debo. the giraffe weighed in at £117 when he was born on october 6th two mother, nikki and father cobb, wa. deba speed are now the size of dinner plates, and he is legs
5:51 pm
are six ft. long about as tall as dido samuel. that draft. we've all seen him, i guess and zoos in places like they're big . they're feet are big. their heads are big. they're big, tall . um okay, so today's highs, right? i mean, low fifties. look at these numbers look like overnight lows from a few weeks ago. 52 degrees in fairfield, 51 in antioch. 53 3 months, these again daytime high highs tomorrow are going to be a little bit warmer, maybe more mid and low fifties like 54 55. but like i said, sonoma, today was 49 degrees. that was their daytime high. so just a really just a cool kind of. it's kind of okay. i'm just gonna say it's first time. really i don't think i've ever said that about a day in the bay area, but it was just kind of i mean, it was cloudy everywhere. usually you can get to the coast and the sun comes out or you do get a gill rare are more gun hill. you did see a little bit of sun and temperatures got their into low sixties but overall. aerial
5:52 pm
distribution of low temperatures and fog was pretty much rampant in the bay area. here is the story. this is the system now that's going through that's knocked down that high a little bit. then the next system weak system comes through on thursday. these are both really weak maybe a little bit of wet on the roadways. but then they both do this. they opened the door for what will be if i'll goes well. i hope it works out this way. but what will be next week? right sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday thursday. could be a very significant series of weather events for us in that cooler snow in the mountains, significant snow in the mountains and we would actually be measuring rainfall in inches. this takes you through thursday, friday, saturday and into sunday and you can see all the way into southern california. they get rained. um you know, it just shows an inch 0.7 you see where the heaviest rain is up in the pacific northwest still, but it's working its way towards us. there is the satellite loop. hawaii by the way, and if you have friends down there and my son's actually living on the north shore right now, and he's going off, there's a kona low.
5:53 pm
they're they're getting like 5 to 8 to 10 inches of rain, and it's going to continue raining there for the next 24 to 36 hours. so it's big news story in hawaii. all the islands. here's are scattered showers. heaviest rain to the north. as we look at the forecast overnight lows are going to be generally about where they were last night. not that cold golden gate bridge model shows this, you'll see the system comes through. and there it is, and then you'll see a week tweak on thursday, right there and then the bigger system behind it. so what i just say two weeks systems go through once going through right now. one goes through on thursday. no big deal. maybe a little bit of rain in for lucky, but the big deal is that they've chiseled away at that high pressure ridge to the point that we are going to get an opportunity for a significant weather week. next week. i'll see you back here. at six. alright bill. we'll see you then. also coming up tonight at six. find out why some public school students won't need to worry about seeing d's or f's on their report cards. plus, there's a need for more. services in our community, more
5:54 pm
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, olympics in beijing, white house press secretary jen psaki announced today. athletes will continue to compete and we'll have full support. but the white house will not be contributing to the fanfare of the games. the move stems from china's repeated human rights violations. the us hasn't implemented a full boycott since the 1980 games in moscow. president biden has highly anticipated conversation
5:57 pm
with russian president vladimir putin scheduled for tomorrow. it comes amid warnings that russia plans to invade ukraine and is now repositioning troops to do so by early next year. fox news peter doocy is at the white house with the latest. newly released satellite images show a build up of russian troops along ukraine's border, further, fueling tensions between the us and russia ahead of tuesday's high stakes video call between president biden and his russian counterpart vladimir putin. our objective from the beginning of the president's time in office has not been to escalate the relationship, but. certainly that means that we can raise concerns where we have them. white house press secretary jen psaki says the president plans to use their conversation to reaffirm the u. s is support for ukraine's sovereignty despite u . s officials warning russia is preparing to deploy 175,000 troops for a potential ground invasion were very concerned. it is something that we're going to
5:58 pm
remain focused on going forward. the president says. the u. s has a plan in place to prevent the worst case scenario aware of russia's actions for a long time. and my expectation is you're going to have a long discussion. i think what president. violence trying to accomplish is laid down a set of consequences that putin will have to face if he does invade. ukraine or belarus. we can play around with the strong hand when it comes to sanctions, but critics say they're concerned ukraine could become another foreign policy disaster like afghanistan. we must prepare for the worst senior biden administration officials says the president is going to talk to his ukrainian counterpart in coming days as well. at the white house. peter doocy fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. the investment of preventing crime from happening . i think that's what's really
5:59 pm
key is not just running from one call to another. new at six. oakland's police chief asked for more officers to help prevent crime before it happens. good evening. i'm julie julie haener, and i'm alex savage in tonight for frank somerville. the police chief's push for more cops comes the day before a special city council meeting. to vote on mayor libby shafts plan to commit to new hires. but as ktvu investigative reporter evan sernoffsky tells us new at six, experts say hiring more officers alone won't be the only thing needed to solve such a complex crime problem. we recognize that people feel very disturbed by all the violence as homicides continue to surge in oakland, many leaders say the city's police forces woefully understaffed. it's a stark change in rhetoric from the calls to defund the police from just a year ago. but as oakland leaders are set to vote on a plan to hire more cops on tuesday, one obvious question stands out. do more police
6:00 pm
equal, less violent crime. we found that police reduced homicides overall, benjamin hansen says yes, he's an economics professor at the university of oregon, whose research focuses on crime. he co authored a study that looked at the effects of adding more police in a city it found that every 10 additional officers stop around one homicide and even as many african american communities have raised questions about over policing. the study found that more cops leads to fewer murders of black civilians than white civilians per capita. so that's what suggest on one hand, the black civilians can actually accrue uniquely large benefits from increases in police force. but the study also found, adding more police has profound collateral consequences. most notably arrests for low level offenses in black communities go way up for capita. those effects were much larger


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