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tv   The Ten Oclock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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great having you. all right, everybody say next time. how do you bet your life? says he is in shock after a woman tries to kidnap his son in san francisco. completely unprecedented, right for us to imagine that our kids would be the subject of this type of crime yesterday could have easily pin the worst day of our lives by far. police were able to arrest the woman they say grab that 22 month old but not
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before she was able to make it half a block away. down the street. good evening. i'm andre senior, and i'm heather holmes frank and julia roth tonight. this all happened yesterday afternoon while that boy and his nanny were waiting to pick up his sister from school at lake street in arguello boulevard in the city's richmond district. newer den tonight. that's where we find ktvu amberleigh after talking with the children's father and amber boy is understandably he is shaken up. that's right, heather. the attempted kidnapping happened here in this quiet residential neighborhood. the father tells me he's shocked by what happened , but also grateful the children are safe. is that ice cream? james bryant show tells me his 22 month old son shows no sign of trauma despite a kidnapping attempt by a stranger wednesday afternoon in san francisco's richmond neighborhood, it was it's pretty brazen for this woman to just come out of nowhere and snatch snatch my son. the kidnapping attempt happened around three in the
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afternoon here on lake street chose as his son was standing near his nanny and her six month old son, who was in a stroller. they were outside this preschool waiting to pick up chose 3.5 year old daughter. a woman came and grabbed my youngest son. and started taking off with him and started running away with him in her arms tells me the nanny chased after the woman caught up with her about a half block away and managed to get chose son back. but the ordeal didn't end there. this woman came and sprinted towards the stroller where our nannies child was and attempted to yank the child out of the stroller. and try to take take off with the six month old baby chose this. other parents saw what was happening and scared the woman off, he says. one parent followed her as she ran off on foot and helped police track her down. she was arrested, chose says the woman may be homeless and has mental health issues. he says. police told him this is not the woman's
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first kidnapping attempt it maybe it's you know, warning to maybe really start. focusing more on helping the mentally ill and homeless in the transients around the neighborhood. parents in the area tell me it's a reminder to be alert holding my child's hand as we. across the street as we're in and out. i think that's just really important. could have you sleep in the worst day of our lives by far, but thankfully you know, nothing terrible happens. police have identified the woman as 42 year old aaron williams of sebastopol. she's being kept in the san francisco county jail. she faces kidnapping and child endangerment charges. heather. yeah it's so glad to see, though, that the nanny was able to quickly retrieve that little boy. amber thank you. also in san francisco, visiting tourists were struck by thieves who stole their luggage from their rental car video shows the car being broken into just last night around six o'clock. near grand
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avenue in washington street in chinatown, a thief has seen getting out of the vehicle breaking windows and grabbing bags from the rented ford escape and then jumps back into that vehicle, which is being driven by another person. the victims say they lost items, including a laptop medication and jewelry. they were nearing the end of their visit from atlanta and told our crime reporter henry lee quote. it's just not a very pleasant way to end the trip. well today, health officials in at least four more states reported cases of the new all macron variants of covid-19 first detected in san francisco yesterday, there was another case here in california. los angeles resident who had recently traveled to south africa. a woman in colorado had traveled to several countries in southern africa, but there are also indications of community spread within the u. s. because a person in hawaii with that variant had no recent travel history. now man in minnesota had been to manhattan for convention officials say there are five cases in new york state, also involving people who had not traveled overseas. this
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is not because for major alarm, i need to say that because we do not have enough information. we're not having shutdowns. we're not changing. our protocols were continuing where we are, but making sure that we work in concert together. the governor of new york, said the cases so far have been reported to be mild. president biden unveiled some new strategies to fight covid-19 in the face of the new variant during a visit to the national institutes of health today. my plan. i'm announcing today pulls no punches in the fight against covid-19 plan that i think should unite us. the president highlighted five key actions, including expanding the nationwide booster campaign and making free at home tests more widely available. the administration is also planning to open more vaccination clinics. launching new family vaccination clinics to make it easier for children, parents and whole families to get vaccinated into one place. a new policies
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to keep our children in school instead of quarantining them at home. the administration confirmed it will strengthen travel rules for people coming to the us and work to get more vaccines to the rest of the world. and the new variants is raising questions about the safety of large gatherings, just as many organizers are seeing conventions return. ktvu jana katsuyama joins us live with the variance impact on events here in the bay area. jenna andre. i spoke with one nonprofit that decided to postpone their big annual fundraiser tomorrow. another organizers are saying that they are watching the situation very carefully, and they plan to follow state and local health guidelines in the coming weeks. health officials say the minnesota resident who tested positive for the omicron variant had attended a large anime convention in new york city last week, prompting organizers to post this tweet thursday, urging the 53,000 attendees to get covid tests. the warning comes just as conventions and large gatherings were beginning to return. when you have a, uh,
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cluster of over 50,000 people. it's going to happen. steve wyatt organizes and promotes comic con events throughout northern california and says the omicron case was not a surprise . one thing you've got to realize that the enemy shows the audience is younger. and unfortunately, a lot of the younger people have that feeling that you know i'm strong so i can take it if i got any got sick, but why it and many others are disappointed. the new variant is dealing another painful blow to convention and event organizers. i make 100% of my income on social gathering. whether i'm selling that a show or putting one on, so we just went almost two years without an income and everybody in our industry dead. we just decided that we couldn't do the event on thursday, tell vester stanley, president of the boys and girls club of oakland, announced they are canceling their friday town ball fundraiser because of the rising covid cases in alameda county and the discovery of the al macron variant in the bay area. that postponement is a
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blow to their bottom line. we have gotten as much as 60% of our total revenues in the last six weeks of the year when people are most philanthropic, san francisco, which relies heavily on convention revenue, was seen a rebound for december and 2022 this month in december . we've got three groups and at the moscone convention center that starts next week or 2000 and 22. we're going to be probably 75% higher than 2000 and 21 as i've traveled, ceo joe della sandra says. so far there have been no cancelations and convention organizers are waiting for more data on the omicron variant. they are going to be especially cautious in some cases, doing more protocols that even required by the city of the state, so we're pretty confident that we're going to be able to go forward. endless andra says that many event organizers see san francisco's high vaccination rate and their strict safety protocols as a benefit. certainly yet another challenges. people are trying to make plans giving people pause as they try to make those future plans. going forward, jenna.
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thank you. meantime google has reportedly delayed its return to office because of the electron variant. cnbc reports, google sent a company wide email today that said employees will not be required to return in person on january 10th as planned. the company says it will wait until the new year to decide when employees can return to quote, stable, long term working environment. other companies have to lay their return to work dates to 2022, including. meta inc. facebook's parent company. you can always find the latest coronavirus developments on our website, ktvu .com slash covid-19 and to attend tonight, just a few weeks after releasing images of a man accused of sexually assaulting a blind woman in cupertino parking lot will police have announced an arrest 29 year old bernard ortiz of san mateo was taken into custody today and booked on charges of sexual battery. and false imprisonment. police say that attack happened back in may , and last month, investigators
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released a series of photos and videos of the suspect, hoping to generate some leads. they say he followed the woman out of the target store it stevens creek boulevard and north stelling road in cupertino and then grabbed her and attacked her in the parking lot. the santa clara county sheriff's office says tips from the public help them identify the suspect. and led to today's arrest are going to oakland, where city officials are working to find new ways to boost the number of police officers in response to the recent spike in violence as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us one council member is proposing incentives of up to $50,000. we are in a public safety emergency right now. it feels like every day we experience a new, senseless tragedy. violence on the streets of oakland and council members, xiang tao says the police department desperately needs to speed up its recruiting to fill 60 vacant officer positions are shrinking. police force doesn't have the resources. to adequately adequately served our community well, says she wants to add 1/6 and seventh police
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academy and offered $20,000 to oakland residents to join opd tao, who was running for mayor also wants to hire veteran officers from other departments , especially women, people of color and lgbtq officers. these lateral officers would receive a $50,000. hiring bonus to come to oakland, but those officers would have to pay back a pro rated part of that bonus if they leave oakland before five years and the entire bonus if they leave within 18 months. the goal is to bolster the force and reinvigorate the department ceasefire gun violence intervention program. it will be an added bonus to the city of oakland to immediately putting people in position to patrol our streets. we have to put out fires and also fireproof simultaneously. but besides intervention, there's also prevention guillermo suspended as chief of oakland's department of violence prevention among his goals to reduce retaliatory shootings. because we want to make sure that one homicide
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doesn't escalated are strategizing even in the wee hours of the morning, um around how to prevent that next homicide from happening, how to how to consult his family in a statement, police chief laurent armstrong, as i see prefers to give incentives to officers who want to stay at the department. he also wants to hire officers who are not coming to oakland solely for a financial. incentive and instead want to make a difference. henry lee ktvu fox studios. an elaborate holiday display in the east bay more than 700,000 christmas lights coming up a report on the return of a decades old holiday tradition. another warm day today. temperatures tomorrow going to be right up there. but there are some changes coming in the five days i'll see you back here with that. and it has been five years since the ghost ship warehouse fire claimed 36 lives in oakland. tonight's remembrances right after the break. it's a grief forever. break. it's a grief forever. situation
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enjoy the gift of being together. the binaxnow covid-19 antigen self test has the same technology used by doctors and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. pilot. the press democrat reports the giro plane that looks like a helicopter went down in lakeport along the clear lake shore line around 11 15 today. the lake county sheriff's office says that that pilot was pronounced dead at the scene.
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authorities are waiting to identify the pilot until family is notified. the state public utilities commission today finalized a $125 million settlement to be paid by pg and e pra violations related to the kincade fire. the genie says it admits its transmission line caused the fire back in 2019. 400 buildings, including 174 homes in sonoma county were destroyed. the cpuc says its investigation found several violations of safety regulations for design, construction and maintenance of overhead power lines. the utility still faces criminal charges related to that fire. well contravenes has opened a new lane on highway 1 to 1 in petaluma. commuters drove on a new car pool lane and the northwestern direction this morning. the opening means that there is a 30 mile long, uninterrupted carpool lane between marin county and windsor. work on the final portion of the highway one on one widening project is scheduled to begin in the spring, cal transplants to open
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the coton carpool lane late next year. all right, if you're looking forward to tension is grab on your holiday table this year. you just might be in luck . the dungeon is crab season just opened in california but only north of the sonoma mendocino county line. still though, that means that many supermarkets and restaurants right here in the bay area could soon have them ready to sell and ready to eat crabbing season, though in the bay area remains delayed because pods of whales are continuing to migrate across the west coast. but the north coast fisheries got underway yesterday just as planned, and just in time for christmas. alrighty checking in on the temperatures from today we had a couple straight days of records today was well above the average . we had 70 and morgan hill, san jose was 70 degrees was slightly cooler today. i didn't pick up any records today, but certainly above the average and tomorrow is going to be a little bit cooler. not much, but about the mid sixties to upper sixties maybe a couple low seventies but mostly sixties and we just
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hovered there. so the real warmth was basically yesterday and today experts certainly yesterday when we broke numerous records. so we won't be seeing that for a while. we're going to get back into a more reasonable temperature pattern. see a little bit of cloud cover out there right now. that is, uh, you guys got to help me with this one is at sutro tower looking looking north or south. oh sarah san francisco, okay? yes so you got a little bit of fog. it's hard to pick out this. i guess that would be market street. thanks scotty. um yeah. so you got a little bit of haze little bit of fog air quality day, not super great. and that had to do with, you know, shallower inversion pollutants from the cars and commute getting in in a couple days in a row of relatively stagnant air, hence. the warmer temperature higher temperatures. the dry pattern continues, but we're in a streak right after significant , significant fall range. we have seen nothing for a number of days. valley fog back in the equation tonight. it was a big deal in the central valley last
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night. it will be a big deal in the central valley again tonight. storm track rides a little bit north the next couple of days. but then as we get into monday, sunday night, the money that starts to change and we could see some rain in here, so that's kind of the weather headline records are done for now. still warm. changes on the way i'll see you back here with the full forecast. well today marks five years since 36 people died in the ghost ship fire in oakland. the fire started during a dance party at a warehouse that was illegally converted into an event venue and living space. more on tonight. remember to see right here from ktvu deborah villalon. it's a grief forever. situation doesn't go away. emily grand chomps lost her son, alex ghassan, in the inferno of the ghost ship warehouse. he and 35. others enjoying music on the second floor when fire made it impossible for them to escape your children. were burnt alive and suffocated. and at times
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your memory. your imagination goes there wondering what your child felt like. it was a tragedy that moved thousands of people to attend vigils in the days afterward. one year later, people flocked to the charge shell of the warehouse determined that no one forget. at this five year mark, just a handful gathered on the sidewalk . emily grand champs, one of them, but i never got to see my son's body. um so in some way it's this is his grave. gotham was 35, a filmmaker who had moved from new jersey to oakland to be near his four year old twin daughters. many who died that night were like him creative, talented artists and musicians with so much to offer their loved ones don't refer to them as victims, but stars each trialed in from every family. they were the glue. they were the special ones grand chances. the families became close during
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a few years of tumultuous court proceedings as they fought for justice, and they remain in touch, creating their own zoom link. dangerous. and on youtube tonight, virtual tribute included performances, photography and visual arts from some of those lost, accompanied by the voices of silicon valley choir. since the fire emily ground, trump's followed her son's path moving from the east coast to west trying to heal. gaston's fiance designer had a rubrics died with him in the warehouse. they were happy. they came here to have fun. they didn't know. this would be the last day of their lives in oakland. deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. the superintendent
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of the michigan school district , says no discipline was necessary for the team who was summoned to the office just a few hours before that same teenagers accused of shooting and killing four students. superintendent tim thorne also acknowledged that the parents of the alleged gunman eating crumbly were at oxford high school on tuesday, the day of the shooting, but he did not say why. thorn describes the school grounds as resembling a war zone that day. it's still not clear what motivated the attack. there is nothing. that he could have faced that would warrant senseless. absolutely brutal violence on other kids. crumbly has been charged as an adult with murder as well as terrorism and other crimes for the shooting, which also wounded seven others. prosecutors say they are also considering charges against the nine millin
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used in the shooting had been bought by his father just four days earlier, and under michigan law, it should have been secured in a lockbox. berman shutdown averted, but tonight's vote isn't the last for congress before the holidays. also ahead , the multimillion dollar settlement between the state and uber if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out
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enroll by december 31st at if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. assault victims compensation fund under a settlement with state regulators approved today . the settlement with the california public utilities commission also calls for uber to help create industrywide safety standards. the deal ends a two year fight over the ride, hailing company refusing to provide identifying information for some 3000 riders who said they were sexually assaulted by drivers back in 2018. government shirt shutdown has been averted tonight. senators working late to get a short term bill through
10:25 pm
after it was nearly derailed by a small group of republicans boxes. lauren blanchard tells us this is not the last fiscal crisis that congress has to solve. before the end of the year. marry christmas president biden and the first lady lighting up the national christmas tree thursday evening while just blocks away on capitol hill, lawmakers work to keep the lights on for the federal government and avoid an end of the week shutdown. late thursday, the senate passing a short term funding bill, setting up yet another deadline for congress. with this agreement, there will be no government shutdown. i am glad that in the end, cooler heads prevailed. the bill was first approved by the house. it keeps the doors open through february. 18th 221. the nays are 212. the bill is passed. then it was sent to the senate, where earlier in the day the fate of the continuing resolution was less certain. a small group of republican senators threatened to delay the bill passed friday night and
10:26 pm
force a shutdown. it's not within government's authority to tell people that they must be vaccinated, and if they don't get vaccinated, they'll get fired. they wanted to defund the president's vaccine mandate for businesses, but republicans lacked the votes in the senate, and by evening the senate began to move ahead with the stopgap bill. the only thing worse and running the government under a continuing resolution of cr. is a government shutdown. a shutdown only hurts the. american people. next up. congress needs to raise the debt limit by december, 15th. then the senate needs to decide on the president's built back. better social spending bill in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. a new mom has a message for vaccine hesitant pregnant women how she wants her experience with covid to serve as a cautionary tale. that was a tough time. um that i would never want another mother to experience. also here tonight.
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the sharks were on their game tonight against the islanders sports director market baniyas has the highlights later in sports. it is one of the largest holiday displays in the bay area holiday displays in the bay area coming up, i'll take you to th if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. (soft music) hey dad, i'm about to leave. don't forget your hat . good morning. how can i help? i need help connecting with my students. behind every last minute save, ok, that works. and holiday surprise, thank you! a customer service rep is working unseen, making it happen. and at genesys, we're proud to help them help you everyday.
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if you smell gas, you're too close. leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. holiday light display quite like it. a man in livermore is back with this holiday decor extravaganza after the pandemic put the tradition on hold last year. kate was azenith smith was in the neighborhood tonight. we're volunteers where they're putting the finishing touches on this dazzling display. last minute preparations in the front yard of this home in livermore for the return of deacon dave's christmas light display. i think there's a lot of excited people. because they've been coming by i
10:30 pm
as we're putting up lights for 38 years, the display a source of holiday joy, but once started as a small l village with 2000 lights has grown to more than 700,000 lights now led at the home of dave reasoned, as known as deacon, dave. well i keep adding a few each year i bought all of the ones at walmart. in livermore, pleasant and tracy. i think each year a new theme this year's theme, america celebrates our heroes. there's a 25 ft tall ferris wheel dedicated to the military. the seats have military emblems. we have them right here. basically thank you for your service, a carnival ride and not to veterans and a merry go round with elves dressed as a firefighter, teacher, police officer, doctor and nurse. other features include the proposal. bridge proposal bridge over the 38 years had they been about 72 marriage proposals on the bridge. live doves. the deacon
10:31 pm
dedicated his home to the holy spirit. one of the symbols a dove, a group of 20 volunteers. we start on labor day weekend. generally, some of the projects start sooner than that. divided in teams and work on it every weekend. up until december. it takes a lot of planning. takes a lot of volunteers, but also a lot of love to be put into this , but this play is free and open to the public donations accepted and given to charity, so we love it. i mean, it's beautiful, right. so come down with the kids see all the lights so really fun thing to do over the holidays. #### and dave says he's been asked to join light show competitions. he's not interested, he says. this is for the community. i want to see smiles and twinkly eyes, not only in the children, but the adults and the. our senior citizens. this holiday light display is open every night until new year's night. the grand opening is friday at 6 30 in the evening, complete with the christmas procession down hillcrest avenue. in nevermore. i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox two news. and then the city of
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sacramento held its annual tree lighting ceremony tonight. the capital tree lighting ceremony, governor gavin newsom and first partner jennifer siebel newsom, both in attendance, as well as the oakland interfaith. gospel choir and san francisco gay men's course the tree is 65 ft. tall and has about 14,000 lights . it's also decorated with more than 300 traditional ornaments. and at least 500, handcrafted ornaments made by children and adults with intellectual and development disabilities. a new study from the uk found that the three covid vaccines approved here in the u. s produced a strong immune response when used as a booster shot. in particular , researchers found that pfizer and moderna shots offered higher antibody levels and other vaccines in the study, some of which are not approved in the us the new york times reports. the study found that boosters also increased t cells as well as antibodies. however the research was carried out before the discovery of the omicron variant. the cdc says about two
10:33 pm
thirds of pregnant women have not been vaccinated. ktvu is rob ross spoke with one mom. who about her decision not to get vaccinated while pregnant and the difficulties that followed. these are happy days for sarah matthew in baby naomi heil, but the three of them did get off to a rough start. she's doing wonderfully and we're really grateful when sarah became pregnant earlier this year, she and her husband made a decision she would not get vaccinated for covid. she had already had two miscarriages and was worried and the vaccine was still new. when you're pregnant, of course, you're a little bit more aware of what's going in your body and what you could be exposing. but in about 30 weeks into the pregnancy, sarah and matthew both got covid matthew had gotten vaccinated in his breakthrough. covid symptoms were mild for unvaccinated sarah . getting covid was like getting hit by a truck. i couldn't walk. um so i had to be in a wheelchair. i couldn't talk
10:34 pm
beyond a whisper at the hospital doctors were concerned about properly treating sarah while she was still pregnant. covid scary because we don't know which moms in which babies are going to suffer more. they decided on a c section. sarah gave birth and was in quarantine in the hospital. it was 10 days before she could see and hold her baby. that was a tough time. um but i would never want another mother to experience that is where the heil family from northern california and center health are sharing this story to encourage pregnant women to get vaccinated. the cdc reports that only one in three women are vaccinated. doctors say there is no risk to mother or child and most breakthrough cases are not a serious it has a very, very safe. profile in the almost year now that we've had this vaccine, we've given several billion dollars of this around the world. so this is not an untested drug. if you're
10:35 pm
looking at the risk of getting the vaccine versus the risk of getting covid, um getting covid is something that. can be very devastating. doctors say pregnant women who have had covid should still get the vaccine. rob rock, ktvu fox two news. germany has announced strict restrictions for the unvaccinated. those who have not gotten their shots will now be banned from most businesses except for essential places like grocery stores and pharmacies. in addition, non vaccinated people can only meet two people from another household. german officials are also considering implementing a wide reaching vaccine mandate about 68% of the population in germany is fully vaccinated, but that is below the government's goal of 75. are coming up at 11. no this is not video from the sierra snow in hawaii. we'll show you the other wild weather causing problems in paradise. they were tracking the
10:36 pm
weather as we head towards this weekend. i'll have what you can expect after the break. at first , though at least one tech company is expanding. despite the pandemic, the massive office lease signed by meta in the lease signed by meta in the south bay. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways.
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everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st.
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my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger features a jumbo patty and cheddar 3 ways: with a slice of cheddar cheese... and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun. yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. the biggest u. s office lease of the year in sunnyvale, the chronicle reports. the social media company is least about 720,000 square feet of space and four buildings. near crossman avenue in the market park neighborhood. the menlo park based company also least 520,000 square feet in burlingame spokesperson tells the newspaper that the expansion will help support employees evolving workforce needs. a community based job fair and expo drew a
10:39 pm
lot of people hundreds of people today to the oakland coliseum. representatives from more than 55 companies were on site to meet with jobseekers event was a collaborative effort led by the nonprofit oakland private industry council. that group offers workforce development and seeks to provide accessible and quality training. and employment services to local residents as well as employers. organizers said that having community members will employed has a positive effect on the community as a whole. we know that jobs are deterrent to the violence and crime and oakland and other cities and people want employment in 700 people showed up today because they want important. today's event was organized in partnership with government and community based organizations, including the oakland housing authority and alameda county social services agency. jobless claims were higher last week despite a trend toward an improving labor market. the labor department says jobless claims jumped by 28,000 up to 222,000 last week's
10:40 pm
194,000 claims was pandemic low and the four week average remains at a low for the pandemic of 239,000. since stopping 900,000 in january. weekly unemployment applications have been falling steadily on wall street stocks rallied with some bargain hunting going on after a couple of days of losses. the dow gained 617 points and nasdaq up 127 and the s and p, adding 64 points. banks and other financial companies were among the sectors that moved higher. tech companies hire two with the exception of apple, which fell more than one half percent after reportedly told suppliers and it is seeking weak demand ahead. union employees. a buzzfeed staged a walkout today came on the same day that shareholders voted to take the company public. the buzzfeed news union consists of 61 reporters, editors, photographers and designers. the new york times reports. the union says the company is refusing to compromise in contract negotiations with pay being the main sticking point.
10:41 pm
buzzfeed says that negotiations will continue next tuesday. well coming up a look at the latest drought monitor and december off to a dry start the mandatory water restrictions in place around the bay area. and it was another dry december day and pretty warm one to our chief meteorologist. bill martin can tell us what we can expect for the rest of the week and over the rest of the week and over if you see wires down, treat them all as if they're hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance.
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latest drought monitor with no real rain lately. we're not seeing much of a change, especially right here in the bay area, you can see our entire region is still an extreme drought or exceptional trout. those conditions have prompted a number of bay area water agencies to impose water restrictions. and as ktvu tom vacar reports tonight, many districts will not get any of the water that they've requested from the state. heading into next year. the bay area water agencies that will receive no state water project water include the south bay's valley water, the alameda county water district and the zone, seven water agency. in all, they served 2.6 million bay area customers. professor and engineer, jay lund is a renowned watershed expert at u. c davis. most of the agencies, particularly the urban agencies , will have backup plans. they'll have water storage and groundwater and other reservoirs. they'll have water that they might purchase from farmers that have other sources
10:45 pm
of water, but some agencies are already setting mandates in marin county, home and business customers faceems. as of this week until may. violators will pay a $25 fine for the first defense $250 for each additional offense, the south bay's valley water has told its distributors that they must get their customers to curtail water use by 15. of their 2019 monthly consumption, and the privately owned san jose water company issued the same mandate so far, the alameda county water district contra costa water east bay municipal utilities district. mid peninsula and the san francisco p. you see, are asking for voluntary conservation for now, but. they can and will impose mandates if necessary, especially for outdoor use, as alameda county's water district is considering our board is going to consider next week. a
10:46 pm
water shortage emergency ordinance that would provide for additional water use restrictions all designed to provide for additional conservation. but says watershed expert professor lund we're only at the beginning of the rainy season this december allocation is usually the lowest allocation that they make, and it's usually usually increases. later on in the year. sometimes substantially is responding gren conservation. we all need to be even more vigilant now until we really see what kind of water year we really get. tom baker ktvu fox two news. he's made. congressman eric swalwell has introduced a bill to help communities prepare for natural disasters. swalwell says the bill will provide funding to communities that are vulnerable to hazards such as flooding while fires and drought. among other things, that would change fema's grant program to set aside more money for disaster mitigation and require fema to prioritize applicants and high hazard areas. swalwell co
10:47 pm
authored the bipartisan bill with puerto rico's congressional representative republican jennifer gonzalez cologne. big bear resort in southern california is opening to the public tomorrow for the winter ski and snowboard season season pass holders got to hit the mountains today. but big bear is welcoming all skiers and boarders tomorrow morning. the resort has installed some new technologies such as r f i d gates that allow you to keep your lift ticket in your pocket as you approach the lifts big beers, also limiting the number of people in the mountains under covid protocols. but the folks we talked to today we're just excited to get back out on the slopes. it's hard packed snow, but on a snowboard. it was good. i could get my board in on the edge, and, uh, it felt real comfortable. you know, like all the muscle memory came back. yes many tunnels. ski resorts have had to postpone opening day because the weather has been too warm to make snow. but with cooler temperatures expected in the coming days, many say. they
10:48 pm
hope to start operations later this month. already checking out those temperatures. these were from today. no records. we did have records yesterday a bunch of records yesterday one record the day before in san jose, and today just well above the average impressive 70 and morgan hill 70 in san jose. highs tomorrow about the same. there we are in oakland. beautiful lights on the city. you can see the tribune building. it's kind of that pointy building with the green top and temperatures in oakland right now, on the mild side, we've got lots of. you know, low fifties somewhere in there, and overnight lows will stay in the low fifties, maybe a little cooler than that. we're not expecting a real cold night. tonight we will see fog in the inland valleys. here's the weather headline. dry on friday dry on saturday. sunday night. it starts to break monday morning. you see that that's sort of essentially dropping the jetstream closer to us. and that may drop a little bit of a
10:49 pm
sprinkle. that's not the main story. the main story is so if you look at, um this area right and get it open for you can't get to it. but that area out to the west of us where that you see, it's lower latitude moisture coming our way. and so that is a potential for a bit of an opening of rain window. if you will. there's that atmosphere wherever we've been talking about, really, for a while and few weeks anyway. and is it that ridge of high pressure goes? so do we right here. the ridge starts way out here at the dateline. goes all the way out past the great lakes around the great lakes for drops, and we've had record high temperatures all through this area, the western united states, two thirds of the country essentially is under this ridge of dome of high pressure. and that's why we're not getting rain. that's why we've been talking about it so much, because when you get a big ridge like that, it's hard to break it down. so this thing on sunday night monday is enough to tweak it. press it down a little bit and start to cut into it and then open the door for
10:50 pm
subsequent systems to come in and knock it down further and bring rain. that's how it works as a big ridge that i can't. remember if i've seen a ridge that that broad that lasted that long. that had that kind of an impact. i can't remember a time . but you know, it's been 35 years watching this stuff 67 today or tomorrow in santa rosa 63 in napa. your forecast highs are generally going to be a little cooler, but still nice mid sixties. come on. it's december. beautiful day tomorrow . air quality. it's not bad. it's just to see a little smoking. he's in the atmosphere. that just has to do with the inversion. when you get warm air like this. this time of year, you get a couple of things should get inversion which sets up the valley fog, which will see late tonight, early tomorrow morning, and you also get quality issues and that's what we're saying. not a big issue, but it's noticeable for sure a lot of the smoke in the haze. i'll see you back here at 11. all right. thanks so much bill admitting toxin that was stolen during a car burglary at chabot regional park in oakland, has been reunited with her owner,
10:51 pm
east bay regional parks. police say a tip led to finding ellie at a home in oakland unharmed, but they're still searching for the suspects accused of stealing the dog and a truck that belongs to the parks district now. that vehicle was recovered tuesday, also in oakland. so here's another look at the two men wanted by police and their vehicle. it is a wide audi q three suv again. police say that the vehicle was used in the crime, so if you recognize the vehicle or the suspects. give authorities a call by the way that suv has roof rack bars and a spare tire on the rear of the vehicle. it also has a california license plate number. it's right there on your screen . d 3 to 1 z one. coming up dubose samuel alito for here. what it is next in sports and then coming up on the 11 o'clock news a year and a half after an officer of the leo shot through a police truck's windshield, killing, alluding suspect. an outside investigator releases a new report that shows that that
10:52 pm
shooting was not objectively reasonable. are going, everybodyy
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
is with you tonight, you know, not so long ago, you can bank on it. sharks are going to the playoffs every year, but the last couple of years they have been in the nhl netherworld, you might say, not even sniffing the playoffs. but they are back and out on the road looking good down to the aisles. one nothing early sharks. timo meier, jonathan dahlen between the legs of the defender. what's this right in front of the net and putting it in is nick bonino. that's his third of the year we got a 11 game stayed that way into overtime. just 30. seconds in. look at the two on one break, erik karlsson, logan contour and back to carlson to end it. game winner right there
10:55 pm
to one sharks with their third straight victory on the road. they beat the aisles right there and looking good overall 13 9 and one safe to say they are back. alright let's talk a little 49ers football now i had demo samuel said something like this. maybe three weeks ago month you'd say not by the hair of your jimmy chin chin. could that ever come true? you'll hear about his prediction right here , but devo samuel. interesting guy really started to come into his own on the plain field. do you know about his dual threat abilities as a receiver? and a running back, and now that he's had so much success, the team is hot. he is starting to come into his own. although he will miss sunday's game against the seahawks with a groin strain. nothing wrong with his vocal cords. as he goes out on a limb with this prediction. give us a bold statement for the rest this season for you in the 49ers.
10:56 pm
nine is back to the super bowl, baby. let's go. let's go. did the 49ers win the super bowl? yes, sir. we just got to go out there and just finish the deal with this time we fell short two years ago, and we know that tastes like we don't want to taste that again. we got some thursday night football to talk about dan quinn fill in coach for dallas. mike mccarthy has covid the touch from dak prescott up top michael gallup. he did as you'll see on the replay keep both feet in. that's a great touch. throw a great catch. seven. nothing cowboys in front. dallas defense four interceptions tonight. saints taste some hill was rocky to say the least picked up by carlos watkins. and the big man will score the touchdown that put this thing over with and 29 yard return. 27 17 final cowboys having fun again, eight and four. their record. the saints are five and seven, which in a way kind of benefits. the san
10:57 pm
francisco 49 ers. alright, you know about the golden state warriors playing the sun's tomorrow night, but we this evening had nba history the widest margin of victory ever. in a game and okay, see is on the butt end of it. memphis humiliating. the thunder struck right here as you'll hear about the final in a minute that was shake, melt and going to the wreck. brandon clark will follow with another dunk look at the defense or lack thereof. they weren't interested in that. and here's the final score, not a misprint. 1 52 to 79 no team has ever lost by a wider margin. kind of like a european soccer. i think, okay, c should be sent down a league raucous crowd low. can you talk college basketball st mary's handles the noise tied at 46 2nd half j. mullins with the three and now we're tied
10:58 pm
again. two minutes left in the game. alex duke in to the rack, and they take the lead for good . gail, snatch it on the road. a rough venue and look at this. randy bennett. you don't see him get. shaken up too often, but he's not happy with the utah state coach. apparently a couple of hard files late, refused to shake his hand, and he kind of gets into it as well with the crowd and the st mary's guilty. seven fun are now eight and one. cal bears oregon state. as they begin the pac 12 season. mark fox at the helm for the bears and jordan's shepherd on the court, taking care of the business fired or three bears led by one at halftime. and just keep going to the hot hand. shepherd pie three again, he let everybody with 25 bear smoked the beavers on the road. 73 61, cal. is now four and four. got a
10:59 pm
little extra time. so why not check this out and keeping with the basketball theme? it is time to decorate your tree. and i know you think he's going to put him on a tree is going to make an entire christmas tree out of those basketballs, and as it turns out, it's not as wild as you might think. it looks nice actually looks pretty good, very unique. all worth checking out and you got to see this catch right here. trill williams is now cornerback for the miami dolphins, one of his buddies tweeted this out of him and high school. you see why i made it to the nfl archbishop high white plains, new york, and that is a heck of a catch. amazing. yes incredible sporting life, guys. we'll have more on about 25 minutes, but back to you, mark. thank you so much next at 11. this new omicron variance just kind of put it over the edge
11:00 pm
weighed the pros and cons and safety being paramount. we just decided that we couldn't do the event. concerned over the over kwan variant, with at least one bay area organization, canceling an upcoming event due to the latest cases. the 11 o'clock news on ktvu. fox news starts now. it's been just one day since the first number crime case was discovered here in the us and already we are seeing the impact. hello again, everyone. i'm heather holmes. andre, senior in for frank and julie. nine cases of the omicron variants were reported across four different states today. los angeles, colorado, minnesota and hawaii reported having at least one and officials say there are five cases in new york. those cases come a day after one was reported in san francisco. president biden today announcing new actions to tackle the ongoing pandemic. the u. s will now require all incoming international travelers to provide a negative coronavirus test within a week of departure. that policy starts next week.


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