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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 2, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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coronavirus this winter, the president announces new tools to prevent the spread of the omar khan variant. sfo is expanding a voluntary program to offer more covid testing for travelers, but authorities are doing to try to make it easier for people to ensure their health and safety and that of others, and some city leaders in oakland, say the number of vacancies in the police department is unacceptable. the proposal to get more officers hired. this is katie fox two news at noon. the president is promising to do more to keep americans safe against all variants of the coronavirus could more afternoon . i'm sal castaneda mike mibach has the afternoon off. i'm gasia mikaelian president. biden just announced a new five point plan to address the omicron variant one day after the first case in the country was detected here in the bay area president spoke just a little more than hour ago here from the national institutes of health in maryland . his plan includes expanding a nationwide campaign to ensure more people get their booster shots. the plan also calls for
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family vaccination clinics and free at home tests. regardless of health insurance status. the government will increase its search teams of doctors and nurses in places with rising covid cases. the president also announced a renewed commitment to vaccinating the rest of the world. my plan. i'm announcing today pulls no punches in the fight against covid-19 plan that i think should unite us. the president said there should be no need to shut down businesses and schools. and he says the country is better positioned to whether this wave of the covid pandemic. we entered this winter from a position of strength compared to where america was last winner last christmas you were the 1% of american adults are fully vaccinated. this christmas. that number will be 77 72% including more than 86% of seniors, the most vulnerable population. also starting next
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week. the u. s will require all incoming international travelers to provide a negative covid test , regardless of their vaccination status, taken within a day of their departure with the emergence of the omar khan variant san francisco international airport is expanding covid-19 testing of air travelers. it's part of a cdc pilot program that test international travelers for covid voluntarily when they arrive at sfo airport had been sir using surveillance testing for travelers coming in from india for the delta variant for the past month. now it's testing passengers from germany, the uk , france and south africa for the omicron virus. for the european countries where we have nonstop flights were talking anywhere from 500 to 700 people a day that could be potentially eligible based on the fact that they're coming from one of those european countries. we don't have nonstop flights from south africa, so we have a very small number of people that are actually coming from south africa, and they would actually have to go through another airport before getting to us.
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the voluntary testing program is also being done at jfk and the atlanta and newark international airport. sfo has the highest rate of participation out of the four airports. health authorities in minnesota this morning announced the second reported case of the omicron variant in the united states. this comes as the first american variant case in the u. s was reported in san francisco. the case comes for traveler who recently returned from southern africa. the person is fully vaccinated and has minor symptoms while recovering from the virus. ucsf is studying the case. ktvu is jana katsuyama has more on how bay area labs will study these cases in the future. i heard about it. actually yesterday at about three pm doctor charles chiu runs a lab at ucsf and wasted no time the international expert and his team worked through the night to determine whether the bay area travelers positive. covid test might be the omicron variant. we ran a very fast molecular test, which looks for what we call
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spike jean drop out to confirm the finding he needed to sequence the genome of the virus . we used a pocket sized sequence are called banana pour sequences. we can go from detecting the virus to being able to assemble the entire genome within a few hours, dr chu says. by four a.m. wednesday they had assembled most of the genome. county health officials then rushed to alert the patient and any contacts they had received a full dose of the moderna vaccine. but no booster. they had mild symptoms and, thankfully have now recovered. health officers say the speed of a local lab was essential. the key thing is with the sequencing right now at the state level at the turnaround time is considerable. many counties rely on the state lab, which can take weeks. but in the bay area, san francisco, alameda, contra costa and santa clara counties have labs with genome sequencing capability. san mateo plans to add that by early 2022 at bari airport screening passengers can
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be challenging, although this is the first identified case, health officials say there are likely many more that go undetected. passengers said. they're concerned if we're going to be able to contracted even just on the flight itself for traveling back. i'm still concerned health officers praised the patient for being proactive. they recognize that they had symptoms and they did what we should all be doing, which is to go and get tested with symptoms. public health officials tell me that right now. california is doing surveillance genomic sequencing on about 10 to 20% of all covid test that come back as positive , but they say bottom line with this shows is that people really need to get the vaccine or boosters to try and stop the spread of any omicron variants. appointing from sfo. jana katsuyama ktvu fox two news early tests at glaxosmithkline show it's covid antibody treatments are effective against the new oh macron variant. the british drugmaker announced today that lab tests and a study
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on hamsters demonstrated its antibiotic cocktail works against viruses that were bioengineered to carry a number of hallmark mutations of the variant. blacks it was now conducting in vitro experiments to confirm the response against a combination of all the oh macron mutations. german chancellor angela merkel announced unvaccinated germans will be excluded from many parts of public life now, chancellor merkel says people who are not vaccinated will not be allowed to enter non essential stores or cultural and recreational facilities. germany is currently facing a new covid spike more than 70,000 cases in a 24 hour period. the city of oakland wants to hire more police officers as the city faces a surge in violent crime. this morning, council president pro tem xiang tao announced a new incentive to hire experienced officers. ktvu is elissa harrington explains how it works. the city of oakland has 60 vacant police officer positions something council president, pro temp tsingtao calls unacceptable and we are in
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a public safety emergency right now. it feels like every day we experience a new since let's tragedy. and at the same time are shrinking. police force doesn't have the resources to adequately served our community today. how introduced new legislation meant to speed up the recruitment process and fill those vacant positions? the new program would provide $50,000 to experienced officers who join opd that was calling for the city to partner with the hiring agency to do a nationwide recruitment. these officers what we call lateral officers are not rookies, unlike graduates from traditional academies, these officers are already experienced. and ready to hit the streets as an active patrol officers. under my plan, these lateral officers would receive a $50,000 hiring bonus to come to oakland to retain these hires. any officer who leaves before five years would have to pay
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back the pro rated amount of the $50,000 bonus. anyone who leaves before 18 months would have to pay back the entire amount. the goal is to improve the department's 911 response time, increase visibility and expand the ceasefire program. it will be an added bonus to the city of oakland immediately. putting people in position to patrol our streets. this proposal comes as oakland businesses have been hit by groups of armed robbers in the city has so far had 127 homicides this year. powers plan will be brought before the city council at a meeting december 7th i'm elissa harrington ktvu fox two news. a woman is accused of trying to kidnap two children in san francisco. police say a woman was walking along lake street in the richmond district yesterday afternoon with a three year old boy and a one year old boy who she was caring for. the woman told police that another woman, then approached her, grabbed one of the boys and tried to run off the victim, then chased her got the boy back
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, but the woman then tried to grab the other boy. police later found the woman identified her as 34 year old aaron williams. she was taken into custody and booked on kidnapping and child endangerment charges. the walnut creek city council approved a new security plan for the downtown shopping area. the city will spend $2 million to hire five more police officers at overtime shifts and by security cameras and a drone all in an effort to deter crime. this comes after about 90 people swarmed the nordstrom store broadway plaza, injuring four employees and stealing more than $125,000 in merchandise. one the creek police chief jamie knox says the additional resources should make thieves think twice before targeting walnut creek. every time we've had an officer at a high, visible or high visibility target location. uh we haven't had one of these grab and run incident, so i believe it is a deterrent. it's peace of mind for the community and its action to prevent criminal activity. these are really both
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parts of the equation. walnut creek police arrested three people in last month's robbery at nordstrom. police say they expect to make more arrests in the weeks to come. governor newsom is responding to the string of mass lootings across our state, calling the thefts and the lack of prosecution unacceptable. governor newsom has pushed for criminal justice reform and defense prop 47. the 2014 bill that lowered certain theft and drug possession offenses from felonies to misdemeanors. when questioned about prop 47 yesterday, governor newsom said that property crimes have dropped significantly since the bill passed. but he added, there are still laws against shoplifting. we need a rest and we need prosecutions. we need people held to account. no one condones that behavior quite the contrary. prop 47. seems rather insignificant in relationship to what's been happening with these organized crime units because
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it's well well beyond the $950 limit millions and millions. the governor added that even thefts under $950 should be prosecuted as misdemeanors or be stacked into felony complaints for repeat offenses. coming up at noon today, march five years since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland how some people are paying tribute to the victims. later today, funding for the federal government is set to run out tomorrow. some key congressional leaders hope they have a plan to prevent that from happening. at a burial, whether a little bit of a cool down today across most of the region, also a bit of some haze that's sticking around in our atmosphere. we'll talk more about that and your full forecast coming up a
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ghost ship warehouse fire that fire started during a music event at the warehouse where artists were also found to be living. last year, the city of oakland agreed to pay more than $32 million to settle lawsuits filed by the families of 32 of the victims and one survivor. in july, master tenant, derek elmina was ordered to pay restitution and was issued a split prison sentence for his role. tonight the voices of silicon valley will stream a memorial concert for the victims. featuring music and artwork by some of the ghost ship artists. barrier communities are remembering kevin machida, the retired police officer, who was shot and killed in oakland last week while working. as a security
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guard for a barry, a tv news crew. family friends and others who knew nishida honored his life during a somber procession in ceremony. ktvu crime reporter henry lee was there and spoke with police officers from across the bay area at the ceremonies. those officers describe how nasheed is death affected their lives. police officers saluted as the flag draped casket of kevin machida left the alameda county coroner's bureau in oakland. police motorcade escorted his hearse with full law enforcement honors. machida served as a police officer with the oakland housing authority and hayward and san jose police departments before retiring as a coma police sergeant in 2018. it was so great to see so many different agencies out there, you know people who knew kevin the day before thanksgiving. sita was working as a security guard when he was shot in downtown oakland while protecting a crime for news reporter. machida died three days later, leaving behind his wife, children and grandchildren , whom he doted on all four
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police agencies. then the sheet of worked for took part in the procession. it traveled on several freeways. fittingly the route passed through or near several cities than machida had once patrolled. officers brought his body to the mortuary in mountain view. he just was always there for everyone. and if there was a need, he found a way to meet it. coma police sergeant don marquette. he was among those paying their respects. she says. there's an officer nishida carried his gear, not in a duty bag, but it laundry detergent bucket. instead he carried around his his paperwork and his tools that he needed. it worked for him. and you know, all of us have duty bags, but this bucket worked for him as his family and loved ones mourn and reflect so to his friends in the news media. many bay area tv stations have worked with machida, including ktvu. my heart goes out to his family, his his former colleagues, his friends, the members of ktvu used that that he helped guard there will
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be a memorial service for kevin machida. details are pending. it will be open to the public in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news. san francisco unified officials are now proposing a one year extension of a new lottery system for admissions at lowell high school, the superintendent, dr vincent matthews, says there's no time to go back to the previous admissions process based on test scores and grades for the upcoming school here. the district stopped merit based admissions for ninth graders at lowell this school year, they said there wasn't enough criteria to judge students because of distance learning during the pandemic. just last month, the judge ruled that the school board did not follow state law when it voted to end the competitive admissions process at lowell. now sandwich check the weather with ktvu. meteorologist mark tamayo. good afternoon, mark. no rain in the forecast. i know. i know. wish we could add some rain to our forecast. especially to be nice. just add of burst big rain cloud for today, but that will not be happening. maybe into monday. there's a slight chance of a shower, but those chances kind of fading away as well with the
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lack of storms, and just with the lack of activity, the atmosphere we're starting to see that tastes really, really settle in. so as result, air quality. not the greatest today here's our live camera, looking out toward sfo lot to haze out there and what's happening. he probably knows the warm up yesterday. with the record heat . we had that layer of warm air moving in kind of like a lid on the atmosphere. and as a result, all that hes kind of sticks around as we check in on some of the current air quality levels across the region right now that you can't see most areas in the yellows that we do have moderate levels. but also in the oranges and portions of the north bay closer to marine county. that's unhealthy for sensitive groups. so that is the current picture out there in terms of air quality. and what would be nice to have a store mixed everything out, but that's not happening. as a result, the drought update not changing too much as you can see this issued every thursday. the new map here rather into severe conditions, just up to our north, extreme conditions for most of the bay area and exceptional conditions. proportions of the east bay and extending to the south approaching southern california
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. now, as we check out the rainfall forecast, you can see it is dry. today it's dry into the weekend. we have been watching this one system into early next week, and this is monday. there is a chance of a shower. this is primarily up in the north bay on monday, and it's only a slight chance for right now. if we do pick up anything, it won't be much so unfortunately, the real rainfall we need. not showing up just yet , but hopefully that will change. if we do approach mid december was still watching out for that potential change in the overall weather pattern, too interested in the satellite. see the clouds up here moving from west to east and then closer to us. we have us that this cloud to area moving from east. to west so we have above the haze were kind of basically run around the haze and the same layer. we have some high clouds moving in from the east, so it's not completely sunny current numbers out there. san francisco checking in 63 napa 60 san jose 64. livermore is 64 degrees as well. it is a dry weather pattern. the main storm track is up here. we had the patchy fog this morning. still some hazy conditions for today, mostly
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sunny skies or hazy sunshine. cooler temperatures right near the immediate coastline, possibly some changes into next week, as hopefully would add some more focus to the forecast as we get a better handle of what could be happening next week. all we can say right now is a slight chance of a few showers primarily up in the north bank. on monday. take a look at the numbers this afternoon. pretty warm. just not as warm as yesterday. we had those records to report. in fact, we had about six records to report yesterday for your friday some fog to start things off a little bit of a drop off of those numbers. it looks like a quiet weather pattern into the weekend, and then we're tracking them, possibly some more cloud cover into early next week, and eventually, maybe we could be talking about some more real rainfall. as we do approach made this step. mark very much in the sierra. the region has the same one weather. we just heard mark talk about here in the bay area , and that's not a good sign for the ski resorts. some resorts opened briefly in october, when the atmospheric river brought rain to the bay area and lots of snow to the sierra. but now even
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though there is some snow on the ground, the weather is too warm to use snow making equipment. we did get 36 to 42 inches in october, and a lot of that is still on the ground. we just have a couple trouble spots as we call them, so we need really if we had 2 to 3 really good days of snow making we'd be open. the resorts say in order to use stone making equipment, the overnight lows need to be below 28 degrees. people are mourning the victims of the deadly school shooting in michigan, the new investor. the new information investigators have just learned about what led to the shooting.
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enter the golden state with real california dairy. high school in michigan is being held without bail. steve harrigan reports from oxford, michigan, on the latest in the investigation. we're learning more about the suspect in the deadly school shooting here in oxford, michigan. it happened on tuesday. 15 year old sophomore allegedly opening fire with a nine millimeters six hour handgun. at least four students killed and seven wounded before police took him into custody. suspected shooter was arraigned on a total of 24 charges, including terrorism, first degree murder and multiple gun charges, and prosecutors say there's a mountain of physical evidence showing this was a deliberate act. defendant planned the shooting. he deliberately brought the handgun
12:25 pm
that day with the intent to murder as many students as he could. police say the gun was purchased legally, just four days before the shooting by the suspect's father. but it's not clear if it was secured in accordance with state law and his parents could now be facing charges as well. we need to make sure and want to know that when we send our kids to school, they're safe. and responsible gun ownership is imperative. it's critical. meanwhile the mourning process continues here in oxford vigils and memorials are underway with the community coming together to support grieving students and parents. every single one of us can identify what it means to send your kids to school, hoping that they'll come home safely. suspect was transferred from a juvenile facility to the county jail. is being held without bond. in oxford, michigan. steve harrigan, ktvu. fox two news. a robbery suspect to police say tried to rob a home in mountain view is now in custody after a standoff that lasted for hours.
12:26 pm
it happened yesterday morning when the man went into a home on front street people live there quickly. random an upstairs bedroom locked themselves in before calling police. the fire department used a ladder to help them get out of the house. the suspect barricaded himself inside while crisis negotiators and mental health personnel tried to talk him out. he was finally brought out around noon. the vallejo police officers association, says that officers are leaving the department at what it's calling an unprecedented rate in a post on its website. the union didn't specify how many officers have left, but said some are going to other bay area departments and others are retiring. the police union says the department is currently a. the vallejo police department has been under review by the s 2020 following a series of deadly police shootings. the supreme court is hearing the biggest challenge in decades to roe versus wade. look at how local activists are seeing the issue as a warning
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with the new omicron covid variant, and the nation's first case was found here in the bay area. i asked the state superintendent of schools whether parents should expect new school closures stemming from omicron. so far. what we've heard is that we need to continue doing what we've been doing, students and staff wearing a mask at school, socially distancing whenever possible and washing hands frequently, you know, and, of course, the vaccines and so far everything that we've seen shows us that we should continue to do those things when we talk live with state superintendent tony thurman this morning on mornings on two he said. all eligible children and family members should get vaccinated and boosted to help avoid any serious impact from the new variant at a vaccine booster event yesterday, governor newsom also encouraged parents to get their children vaccinated and to help keep families safe and schools open. san francisco city employee says he is losing his job over his vaccination status . peter whitcomb has been a
12:31 pm
public work street sweeper for 19 years, just one year from retirement and says he received a letter of termination yesterday for not being vaccinated. would come told us last month that he would take termination instead of getting the vaccine. all city employees who were let go because of this , we will all get together and sue the city. we want our job back, and we will sue for damages. whitcomb tell us tells us here at ktvu that four other union workers with the department of public works also received termination letters, the city says more than 98% of city workers have met the vaccination requirement. house and senate leaders have announced a deal to avoid a government shutdown tomorrow. but as madeline rivera reports from washington, some members of congress are still preventing this proposal from passing. with time running out to avoid a government shutdown this friday , a possible breakthrough today . the house and senate agreeing on a funding bill through mid
12:32 pm
february. this bill makes very minimal changes, it would simply keep the lights on through february, 18th. is work continues on a longer term measure, but the threat of a government shutdown is still real. if the bill heads to the senate, any senator has the ability to stop the bills. quick passage and some conservatives, including senator mike lee, want to strip out the funding for vaccine mandates. as part of the bill, these band aids are forcing millions of our fellow citizens in the second class. unemployable status. still some lawmakers are optimistic the government won't close shutting down the government has never reasonable option and we certainly don't want to see it happen this weekend. even most republicans say a standoff over vaccine mandates is not the root their party should take. we know we're going to fund the government eventually. and i think i would choose another course the deal that house lawmakers say they reached on thursday includes $7 billion for afghanistan evacuees and even though government funding is set
12:33 pm
to run out on friday, it's unclear when senate leaders will reach an agreement that would allow for a quick vote. and washington rivera ktvu fox two news. the supreme court's conservative justices are indicating they're willing to uphold the mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. the case poses the biggest challenge in decades to roe versus wade. that justice has heard two hours of arguments yesterday, chief justice john roberts asked why a ban on abortions after 15 weeks wouldn't give women enough time to terminate a pregnancy. why would 15 weeks be inappropriate line? the court's liberal justices argue that upholding the mississippi law goes against roe versus wade and could undermine the legitimacy of the court. will this institution survived the stench. that this creates. in the public perception. that the constitution and it's reading.
12:34 pm
are just political acts. i don't see how it is possible. the supreme court ruling is expected in late june. supporters of abortion rights say they'll fight to keep roe versus wade in place. they held rallies around the country, including here in the bay area. ktvu is. amberleigh attended two of them in san francisco. if we met freedom. we need to be able to be in charge of our lives. supporters of abortion rights held a rally in front of the san francisco federal building movements that happened here in san francisco tends to spread across the entire country. california has to lead the fight to protect rovi wade. legalized abortion as we know it in this country is maybe overturned. the protests followed oral arguments heard at the u. s. supreme court on the mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks of
12:35 pm
pregnancy less restrictive than the texas law that bans it. after six weeks. it's arbitrary. right and besides, we still have the right to legalize abortion right? it shouldn't have a cut off date. there's not enough. current clinics in their state nearby at market and powell, supporters of abortion rights also held a speak out fashion dance aren't attack one witness shared with me cellphone video he took. he tells me this man, a passer by punch, someone attending the rally. after yelling, quote, you're killing babies! it won't deter us in our effort. we still have to talk to people and inform people what's at stake. want to control women's back at the federal building, christina lee says women from communities of color are disproportionately impacted by laws that restrict access to abortion. forcing them to seek illegal unsafe abortions. she tells me she supports abortion rights, even though her
12:36 pm
biological mother, a teenager at the time, gave her up for adoption. these are choices that individuals need to be able to make for themselves, not choices that people who have no idea what is going on in people's lives to make four of them. organizers tell me moving forward the hold more events such as this one. the next day of action is scheduled for january. 22nd to coincide with the anniversary of roe versus wade in san francisco. amberleigh ktvu, fox two news. the dylan maxwell trial is in session again today reporter kevin corke has a look at how her legal team is trying to undermine the credibility of one of the key accusers. the sex trafficking trial of dylann maxwell intensifying as her legal team tries to discredit a key accusers claim that maxwell aided jeffrey epstein and sexually abusing her. during wednesday's cross examination of the witness going by the name of
12:37 pm
jane to protect her identity, the defense revealed fbi documents that they say contradict james allegations that maxwell was involved. they were confronting her with initial fbi reports. dating back to 2019, or she was very big in her accusations against that, maxwell saying things like she wasn't necessarily sure. weather maxwell was even there. maxwell's lawyers also producing reports where jane allegedly denied being sexually abused while in epstein's property in new mexico after she previously claimed she was assaulted there. jane firing back questioning the legitimacy of the reports while maintaining she never strayed from her original accusation made, while some of maxwell siblings, addressing reporters wednesday we respect. criminal justice system and prices in this country. and as a result, we are not going to make any further comments pending. legal
12:38 pm
experts are still unsure whether we can expect to hear from maxwell herself during the trial . it is, however, expected to last about six weeks. give or take. i'm kevin corke fox news this morning, the international olympic committee announced it has scheduled what it calls quote a personal meeting with pink shoe a next month. she's the pro tennis player who accused the chinese government official of sexual assault and then seemed to drop from public view. that's after the women's tennis association announced it is suspending. let's tournaments in china, including in hong kong until it's assured she is safe. i spoke with well respected tennis coach, commentator and former pro player brad gilbert about the situation earlier this morning. this is not normal. it's just not normal. and this is not like you know, abandoned situation. this is a girl that has a serious allegation against a serious, you know, retired party member and they want to know. are these things being.
12:39 pm
looked at. is she safe? they don't even know if she's safe. that's the that's the first and foremost, so you know, in the past other organizations, someone pointed out to me this morning that you know when. the nba had some issues in china. the nba, you know pretty much realized. this is huge money, we have to kind of backtrack. but this is not happening in this situation. w two aces whatever. forget it, even if it's costing us millions of dollars. like i said, this is their most lucrative market by far and they're putting punctuates safety first. they're they're putting their business on the back burner because. uh deputy a ceo. has emailed texted numerous times can't get in touch with her, like like what we're doing right now, or they have sent
12:40 pm
their video or maybe so. she's fine or they feel like maybe some sort of communication has happened with big brother. listening. it you know, it isn't to their satisfaction. what is happening, and the whole thing like when they put out that video of her at a restaurant and a couple of things, it looked like the whole thing was staged. so from their point of view. the world's point of view. where is punctuated? can she get on a plane and go somewhere? can she do something? so i think first and foremost, they fear for her safety that what is going on? and then maybe now suddenly, it's make them take a back seat at like, you know what? we don't like the way that you guys do things. and considering where a big partner with you, we've got to take a huge step back and what's happening here because she, you know she's part of our organization. and now a sudden
12:41 pm
you restricted her like massively. gilded says that w to 80 a is taking a huge financial risk by issuing an ultimatum to the chinese government. that's because china hosts more wth events, including its season championship than any other country. only the wth says it has suspended tournaments in china, but. not canceled them and adds it will move events to other countries if it does not get answers here at home, caltrans has opened a new lane on highway 101 up in petaluma. commuters got to drive a new car pool lane in the north beyond direction this morning. is opening means there is a 30, mile long, uninterrupted carpool lane between marin county and windsor work on the final part of the highway one. oh one widening project is set to begin in the spring. caltrans plans to open the southbound carpool lane late next year. administrators said that dublin high school are trying to bring students and staff together how they're grieving the loss of some in their community while they're
12:42 pm
also trying to get into the holiday spirit. at a barrier weather a little bit of a cool down for today. eventually we could be talking about some shower chances. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g. act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family
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if you're living with hiv . . . . . . keep loving who you are. and ask your doctor if biktarvy is right for you. states first confirmed case of the oh macron variant. the health department says the patient is a woman who recently traveled to southern africa she is fully vaccinated has only
12:45 pm
minor symptoms. this does mark the third reported case of the omicron variant in the united states. the first was in san francisco yesterday. the second was confirmed just this morning in minnesota for the first time , dublin high school has held a tree lighting ceremony, and it's taking on special meaning. ktvu s at the smith tells us how the event served as a reason for the school community to gather to remember those lost during a particularly tough year. the streets dublin high school's choir singing holiday music, part of schools first tree lighting ceremony wednesday night moments of joy much needed . my heart is really, really cool. we had a very difficult 2021. on top of the pandemics. we had this losses, wednesday's gathering a night to honor how different cultures marked the holiday season. also way to honor lives lost within the school community. among them three students, mark and michael , your ista and javier ramirez, who died in a car accident on
12:46 pm
christmas night. back in 2019. a beloved school custodian. derrick rose's who died in february. that same month, senior next ania passed away unexpectedly. school board trustee catherine quote, died in a tragic car accident at a food giveaway and march. she loves christmas and, uh, this is her favorite season of the year. katherine's husband, william, who took her seat as a trustee, brought his wife's favorite bible verse and spoke about her on stage. he appreciates the support. it's just touching. did, uh, that gives us a sense that we're now alone. um and sos definitely tough, like knowing that they were supposed to graduate this year with us. this student wrote a letter to the arista twins who died in 2019. the school was unable to mourn together last year because of covid honestly, like i don't think we can ever like, really forget them. like it always feels like their presences here. dublin high strong that was one
12:47 pm
of i would definitely say if i could just drive dublin high in one word to be resilient. five the night, culminating with the lighting of the 70 ft. redwood tree at school, 3500 lights blue and red, the school's colors. a night of community and togetherness. that's still be a little every night for three hours from 6 to 9 in the evening until january, 9th the first hour to remember the lives lost the second to celebrate the holidays. and the third hour to usher in the new year in dublin . i'm azenith smith ktvu, fox. two news. major league baseball is locked out players for the first time since 1990 at the heart of the impasse is money. baseball is a $10 billion a year industry this lockout to last as long as it takes for the two sides to figure out exactly how that money is distributed. negotiations are currently taking place in texas. not a good thing for the sport. it's
12:48 pm
not something that we undertake lightly. we understand it's bad for our business. we took it out of a desire to drive the process forward to an agreement now. teams decided to force the issue during an offseason rather than risk players walking out during the summer. it's expected that an agreement will be reached until close to the start start of spring training at the end of february. staying on baseball, the oakland a's are continuing to push for a new ballpark, even if it is not an oakland. the las vegas review journal reports. the team is looking at a location near the tropic kind of hotel and the airport for a ballpark. earlier this month, the team put an offer on an undisclosed piece of land in las vegas. the a still say its first choice is to build the waterfront ballpark at howard terminal in oakland. alright let's see if we can't get you outside. we can see the oakland estuary behind us here. mark tamayo lot of sunshine. a little bit of haze. lots of sunshine. but yeah, until we get like a real strong storm or some winds to a push out that hayes air quality, not the greatest
12:49 pm
and that'll be the case for today into it tomorrow, and we'll see if that's the case as we head into the weekend as well. here's our live camera looking out toward sfo, and you can see all that haze, which has all the haze, which has been settling in over the regions. of course, we had some areas of fog this morning that's beginning to lift but still some lingering haze over the over parts of the bay area. now, in terms of their qualities, we check out the current sensors out there. you can see, in fact unhealthy air quality out toward modesto. there's that big red dot and closer to home. looks like we have unhealthy for sensitive groups in portions of the east bay closer to oakland, and also right around sandra fell as well. and marine county. so eric quality is not the greatest for today. no spare the air alerts. but as you can see the projections for today. in general in the moderate range, but we just showed you parts of marin county and portions of the east bay and a creeping up into that orange range, which is unhealthy for sensitive groups waiting for the rainfall and has been a dry stretch last rainfall. november 19th and it wasn't much so we are up to 13 dry days for today, and we'll
12:50 pm
attack on tomorrow and into the weekend. we'll see as we head into monday as a weak system kind of falls apart over northern california, so does it dry weather pattern this weekend? and then into monday can see a little bit of activity , especially along the north coast. best chance of monday's shower would be up in the north bay. but we are not expecting much and that chance might even fade away as well. the main storm track is focused up here. we just have a big batch of high clouds moving in from the east, so moving in from the east to west. some of those high clouds of paying us a visit this afternoon. current numbers. first will show you the satellite. once again. we're showing you those high clouds moving in from the south and east and here we go at the current number. san francisco 63 degrees fairfield 66. san jose 64 fremont, one of the warmer spots 70 degrees. it's warm today just not as warm as yesterday. this area of high pressure is sticking around as you can see so once again, it's a kind of a stable pattern where the fog could form and the hazy conditions remain in place. storm correct is anchored up here. but today we will have
12:51 pm
more sunshine. cool down, especially coast side and right around the bay and then changes , possibly the next week. with that slight shared to the shower on monday, and maybe a week from today we could be talking about some showers. chances. still long ways out to both try to add some more details to that forecast over the next few days . here we are today. here's your friday forecast the morning hours low clouds and fog in the morning partly sunny skies into the afternoon hours and no big changes by the weekend. forecast ties for today, mainly in the sixties. warm spots will be approaching the lower seventies for your thursday afternoon. look ahead. we are expecting maybe some more fog to start things off friday morning, the weekend more sunshine, maybe some breezy conditions by sunday , and we'll bring in a few clouds. we'll see if we can actually pick up a few showers from the clouds as well as we head into early next week. thank you. mark. christmas tree last were initially bracing for a shortage of trees this year why shoppers are now finding a different problem when buying a tree, also another $100,000 and terry bradshaw's money is up for
12:52 pm
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1.2 million americans are living with hiv, and there was still no cure. no vaccine now, 40 years after the first aids cases were reported, ktvu deborah villalon has a look at how people in the bay area are honoring the lives lost while supporting those living with hiv. eric casler. track bar names of people killed by aids recited among the redwoods as they are every year on world aids day, philip seymour. west kronk, no matter
12:56 pm
how long ago time seems to stop at the national aids memorial to space that will always tell the whole story and the honest story now 30 years old, the memorial welcoming people back made a few concessions to covid. spreading out the walking space and ditching the big tent, keeping everything open air the pandemic , a backdrop in more ways than one. as with covid. hundreds of thousands of lives were lost needlessly because a government chose not to respond because people have prejudice and stigma against certain segments of the population, stigmatizing gaze then, and decades later, blaming asians now and so the grove is really a place for people to say. let's get it right. let's get it right. christine pelosi thinks of the grove as a place of reckoning and healing after her mother moved it to memorial status. people came from all over to grieve in a way they couldn't at home for those families to be able to come here, sometimes years later. and
12:57 pm
give them the proper send off and respect that they deserve was really, really powerful. people are still dying. ipad friend died a couple months ago , the co founder of the aids quilt still adds a panel a week. the threat isn't over. and when i got my covid vaccine, i cried because all i could think of as if that they had had done that for my friends. they wouldn't all be dead. why those with hiv want the lessons of the past remembered. we're all in it together, and we need to do each do our part. to help others and to protect others the lighting of the grove meant to uplift and illuminate and it's a metaphor for our lives. right we go through dark times we go through lifetimes. but we persevere and we're resilient as a community and we're stronger when we're together in san francisco, deborah villalon ktvu, fox two news. tesla has officially moved its corporate headquarters from palo alto to outside austin, texas ceo elon musk announced to move back in october. it was
12:58 pm
finalized yesterday in a filing with the u. s securities and exchange commission. tesla has about 71,000 employees worldwide . with roughly 10,000 at headquarters. it wasn't clear how many would be moving. the new tesla gigafactory near austin is still under construction. spotify released data on what the world listened to the most this past year for the second year in a row. puerto rican singer bed bunny took the title of most streamed artist in the world. he didn't even release a new album this year. taylor swift came in second, followed by k pop band bts. now the most streams songs were olivia rodriguez driver's license. montero call me by your name by a little known as x and stay by justin bieber and kid leroi. we've been reporting for weeks at christmas trees are going up in price this year, but it looks like supply will meet demand. however costs are up for both real and artificial trees. prices for live trees are up roughly 10% this holiday season while fake trees are about 30% this year. shipping delays and truck driver shortages are the
12:59 pm
main reasons behind the price increases for fake trees, and that could lead to an increase in demand for live trees. the main christmas tree on capitol hill is now shining bright, thanks in part to house speaker nancy pelosi and 1/5 grader from northern california. 321 michael. last night, speaker pelosi hosted the tree lighting ceremony. the boy who flipped the switch is michael mavericks of crescent city. he was chosen in a nationwide competition after writing an essay about the spirit. of the land and its indigenous people. the 84 ft fall tree is from northern california as well near the city of eureka in the six rivers national forrest, president biden and vice president harris will attend the national christmas tree lighting tonight. alright that does it for noon. but you can always find more news at the ktvu news app and, of course, ktvu .com. thank you for joining us today. long day for you. yes ma'am, but you'll
1:00 pm
make it. we'll see you tomorrow morning at four am for mornings on two. thanks for joining us on two. thanks for joining us announcer: next "oz." >> they monitor your eating on an hourly basis. announcer: how did one woman found an entire religion based on a diet workshop. >> if you don't lose weight, you're not allowed to come to church. announcer: was it a cult? >> they taught parents to beat their children to teach obedience. announcer: what happens when doctors don't believe you have a painful, chronic condition. what you need to know now. ♪ dr. oz: gwen shamblin rocketed to stardom on the heels of her faith based diet program, the weigh down workshop. but controversy soon followed when she expanded


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