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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 6  FOX  December 1, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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case. the san francisco patient who tested positive for the omicron variant had recently returned from south africa on november 22nd the person who is otherwise healthy and fully vaccinated. had not yet received a booster shot and develop symptoms. three days after returning to the u. s they are now isolated at home. the over kwan variant was first identified by south african scientists just last week and shortly after the world health organization designated it a variant of concern. ktvu is tom baker has more now on today's announcement from officials in san francisco. this is what those most in the nose said on wednesday about the oh macron variant coming to america using the latest technology we have, um, discovered our first case. this is the first confirmed case of covid-19. caused by the army cron variant detected in the united states. this is not a surprise for those of you have been following this. we knew
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that a micron. was going to be here. a resident of san francisco was fully vaccinated, had recently been in south africa began her rather began to travel back into the united states on the 21st landed on the 22nd develop some symptoms a few days later around the 25th. got tested on the 28th. the test came back positive on the 29th. the individual was fully vaccinated and experience mild symptoms, which are improving at this point recent vaccinations, so booster was not recommended in that respect. this individual has not been hospitalized. the individual is self quarantining and all close contacts have been contacted and all close context thus far. have tested negative, but we are hopeful of full recovery and expect nothing less based upon what we've learned again at this time. we do not
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anticipate changing any of our health orders. or changing any current restrictions or. imposing new restrictions on activity in san francisco, even though we don't know that much about dave, this particular variant impact clinically, it basically proves the point that we need to get immunized. we need to remain vigilant. it also means that something that happens in a distant part of the world very quickly comes to our part of the world. in all over the world. odds are there are other people in this country infected with a macron. but not in places where the bear is awesome. medical and technological assets are so prevalent tom vacar ktvu fox two news it was quick action by an infectious disease doctor at ucsf that led to this detection doctor charles chiu conducted the genomic sequencing in a san
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francisco lab. ucsf says she received the suspected sample late last night, ran a fast molecular test, then sequenced the full genome over and had proof of the variant by four a.m. the cdc then confirmed it well. san francisco airport is now expanding testing of incoming international travelers in an effort to detect cases of the covid omicron variant sfo, hartsfield jackson, atlanta international airport, jfk and newark. have all been part of a pilot program testing some arriving passengers first for the delta variant, and now macron. the testing is voluntary passengers take a pcr test at the airport or take one home with them. the results are sequenced to detect any new variants for more information and developments on the over kwan variant. be sure to head to our website at ktvu .com. a political tug of war over criminal justice reforms is being played out now in santa clara county, at issue to
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homicide suspects released without bail now a firestorm of negative reaction as those four and against the court's decision way in. as ktvu. south bay reporter jesse gary tells us the two defendants managed to get out of jail without posting bail. i'm very surprised and disappointed and, frankly, just concerned for our community that these two individuals were released santa clara county d a. jeff rosen says his prosecutors argued two men accused of murder should sit behind bars for a halloween killing. investigators say a traffic accident preceded a heated exchange on great oaks parkway in san jose. they say alfred castillo confronted the victim, but ephron azzurri's shot isaiah gonzalez, the 27 year old, died later at a south bay hospital following the november 10th arraignment. judge penny packer ordered anzor is released and george clark did the same for castillo. maybe they haven't done anything today, but that's not to say that they won't do something tomorrow. and then once that happens, then what? how do we
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explain that to the next victim by phone and series defense attorney arguing her client deserves freedom while waiting for the wheels of justice to turn allowing him to work full time because. he was a contributing member of this society was a very good job and also attending college. trying to further his career. experts say a state supreme court change in california's bail system allows judges this flexibility. the inability to post bail no longer a reason to hold a defendant. the courts can look at the underlying facts of the case. to suggest that this is not somebody who has committed violent acts in the past, but critics say the system is tilting too far in favor of the accused, and that puts public safety at risk. family deserves better, and the community deserves better. this kind of result is. outrageous and clearly the pendulum has swung too far. it's extremely rare that an individual or individuals charged with murder are released pending their trial
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. district attorney jeff rosen says there will be a preliminary hearing sometime next year, he says if the two defendants violate the conditions of their release. his office will go back to court and asked the judge to put both men back in custody. in san jose jesse gary ktvu, fox two news. a burglary suspect who allegedly tried to rob and occupied home in mountain view is now in police custody. after an hours long standoff. the ban entered the house on front street just before nine o'clock this morning. according to police, the residents quickly went to an upstairs bedroom and locked themselves inside. before calling police. the fire department used a ladder to help them get out of that house. the suspect, then barricaded himself inside. prizes negotiators and mental health personnel were called in. it took them about three hours to resolve the incident and to get the man safely out of the home. the walnut creek city council approved a new security plan today aimed at deterring looters from returning to downtown
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businesses. this all comes after a group of about 80 people ransacked the nordstrom store in broadway plaza about a week ago. police say at least three employees there were punched, kicked and pepper sprayed. ktvu is rob roth reports from walnut creek now with the details on this new security plan. at this downtown walnut creek gift store , pay a mercantile, the manager says she worries about safety about packs of roaming looters returning to town. yeah, it does kind of freak me out, but it's always kind of like a fear of mine like, well, what would i do in that situation, but she says she has a reason to feel safer now. in a special meeting wednesday, the walnut creek city council unanimously approved a $2 million plan to hire five more police officers, plus at overtime shifts for officers, security cameras and a drone all aimed at deterring crime in the downtown business district. the money is coming from the american rescue plan act fund. i guess i am kind of eddie used to know that more cops are going to be patrolling. hopefully there'll be on foot, though the council vote comes 11 days after
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a mass looting at the nordstrom at broadway plaza. about 90 people overran the store stole about $125,000 in merchandise and injured for employees. three people have been charged, one of whom was released from jail, officials say, because of a clerical error. that person is now back in custody. the police chief says the hope is that the additional funds will make criminals think twice about coming here. every time we've had an officer at a high, visible or high visibility target location. we haven't had one of these grab and run incident, so i believe it is a deterrent. it's peace of mind for the community and its action to prevent criminal activity. these are really both parts of the equation. the street running through broadway plaza now has a barricade as a safety precaution . the new drone will help with surveillance. we could certainld information that there could be , uh, you know, criminal element that was coming into the city to help use that technology to give
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us some pre warning creek may not have the level of crime is oakland or san francisco. but it's by no means crime free every city. is a potential target. we need to button down those targets. the police chief says investigators are still following up leads in the nordstrom case, and that more arrests should be coming soon. in one creek. rob roth, ktvu, fox two news. coming up honoring the life of kevin nishida. how family friends and law enforcement paid tribute today to a retired police officer who was killed while working as a security guard. and a new report says the u. s needs to rethink the way it produces plastic how much plastic waste generated in america ends up in the ocean every year. and we had a bunch of record highs. they're right behind me. here. we'll look at those in which you can expect tomorrow's get me another warm one back here in a minute. plus protests spanning the country today as the supreme court signals it may overturn roe v.
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wade when the justices could make a decision and taking a live look right now at the traffic conditions on this wednesday night, this is the golden gate bridge on the san francisco side. not too many cars out there right now, traffic glowing smoothly. in a lt
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issue a mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy and challenges roe v. wade protests for and against that law spanned the country today from the steps of the supreme court to the streets of san francisco ktvu christian captain reports now from the city where one of those protests is underway tonight. wise all right to decide. protesters gathered at san francisco's burton federal building and courthouse called on the supreme court to preserve a woman's right to choose. our inclusive demands are that the supreme court protect and expand roe v.
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wade. san legal abortion on demand and without apology, the u. s. supreme court on wednesday heard oral arguments from mississippi challenging that state's law banning abortion after 15 weeks. lara bazelon is a law professor at the university of san francisco and says with the three conservative justices appointed by president donald trump. this is a battle that conservatives have been preparing for more than a generation. this was a day that conservatives have been waiting decades for, probably since the dismantling of the bork confirmation hearings. abortion has been the nearest and dearest held cause of true conservatives in this country and today i think they saw their dream about to be realized. professor bazelon says the court can take several past forward from overturning roe versus wade out right to finding a narrower path they could try to carve out a narrower path where they hold that this particular law out of mississippi, which bans abortions after 15 weeks. is constitutional, but then sort of
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dropped the line at 15 weeks or some other demarcation point. the rallies here in san francisco are part of a group of rallies taking place around the bay area, including in palo alto and in berkeley. in san francisco christian catholic ktvu fox two news on the justices heard 90 minutes of oral arguments today in this the most direct challenge to roe v. wade in nearly three decades. the court has never allowed states to ban abortion before viability. but as fox news madeline rivera tells us the court's conservative majority appears prepared to uphold that controversial mississippi law. protesters outside of the supreme court as justices heard arguments for roughly two hours over a mississippi law that bans most abortions. after 15 weeks, the case, posing the biggest challenge to roe v. wade in decades of our baby chief justice john roberts. question why abandon abortions after 15 weeks wouldn't give women enough
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time to terminate a pregnancy? why would 15 weeks be an inappropriate line? justice brett kavanaugh, meanwhile, listing several cases in which the court had overturned long held presidents know since the history of this court's practice with respect to those cases, tell us that the right answer. is actually the return to the position of neutrality and. not stick with those precedents in the same way that all those other cases didn't should roby overturned abortion would probably become illegal and at least 20 states, according to the guttmacher institute. the court's liberal justices, arguing such a decision could undermine the court's legitimacy . will this institution survived the stench? that this creates. in the public perception. that the constitution and it's reading. are just political acts. i don't see how it is
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possible. the supreme court likely won't make a decision on the mississippi case until june, which could be a hotly contested issue ahead of the midterm elections. at the supreme court. mala rivera fox news. georgia democrat stacey abrams is officially running for governor , setting up a possible rematch with current gop governor brian kemp. abrams ran for governor in 2000 and 18, losing to camp by 1.4 points in one of the most narrowly decided races for governor that year. abrams performance and activism convinced joe biden to invest heavily in the state in 2020, and he became the first democratic president to win georgia since 1992. the 2022 governor's race will test whether those gains were one time phenomenon or mark the beginning of a political shift in the south. the city of san francisco is planning to pay $2 million to have family to settle a wrongful death lawsuit on the board of supervisors last night approving that settlement. the lawsuit was filed after a 67 year old woman was hit by a department of public works
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truck. last year at the intersection of geary and taylor streets, according to the suit. she was in the crosswalk when the truck made an unsafe left turn. supervisors approved that settlement unanimously and without comment. the federal fraud trial if there are no founder elizabeth holmes resumes next tuesday. yesterday homes faced tough questions from prosecutors during the first day of cross examination, she struggled with questions about the timing of key events in company history. on monday, she testified she was abused by her lover and business partner. she cried when the prosecutor asked her to read some of the love notes the couple exchanged during their five year relationship. she also admitted that blood test results reported by the company were not carried out on theranos equipment. california water agencies that serve 27 million residents will not get any of the supplies that they requested from the state heading into next year. today's announcement marked the first time the department of water resources has issued a 0% water
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allocation in december. drought conditions continue to grip california and reservoirs said it has store ecclesia low levels. the allocations will be adjusted early next year, based on how much snow and rain falls during the winter. the 0% allocation could mean mandatory cuts to residents and farmland. some of which have already started to take place. you know, we have been encouraging agencies implement water conservation measures. and as you probably seen recently, uh, some of our agencies like metropolitan water. district are taking actions to conserve water . additionally santa clara valley water is another agency and others are taking actions that conserve water moving forward. water officials say they're focused now on prioritizing the water supply for health and safety needs and delta salinity control as well as water for endangered species, among other measures. well, it's
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nice to hear us talking about it because we're two years into a drought here, and we're not getting rain anytime soon. but yeah, definitely, you know, droughts, fire and earthquakes. that's california. so let's just get used to it because there's going to be droughts that last a long time and. i keep banging. i was when i was a cow. i was my undergraduate was climatology and norman grand j was my professor, and he was beating that drum in 1979. you know, talking about how long droughts have lasted in california and using tree rings to determine the length and like i've told you before, they have been droughts in california before we all got here that have lasted 50 years. so imagine what that would do to our economy. so we've got to start we've got to. we've been lucky. we've been wet . okay so enough of that. here are the temperatures from the records that we had today. 80 and gilroy. that's a record 75 in san jose. 73 in san francisco 73 in oakland. that's a new record. the san francisco records when i pump up pretty hard there only because right those records go back to 18 49. that's the oldest site on the west coast. so when you break a record in san francisco, it's a
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big deal. when you break a record in, uh let's pick one that's fo right? that airport went in and the early sixties. i think something like that. so you know, that's not that that doesn't go back that far. 1960 verses 18 49, okay, just some perspective on records and how they work. here are the. highs from today. another warm day tomorrow is going to be pretty much just as warm. maybe not quiet. we did have 85 down in the south bay down towards down towards san benito county in those areas down south of monterey. very warm. reading was 83 degrees. today, lake tahoe was up in the low sixties blue canyon was 69 degrees, so very unusual weather. enjoy it while it lasts, because it's not going to last. we're going to get some changes coming our way as we head into the latter part of this weekend and hopefully next week looks like something happens. fingers crossed. i'll see you back here with that. yeah it was really warm in the city today, bill on my run, all right, coming up air travel, inching closer and closer to pre pandemic levels, just how many
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passengers passed through oakland airport over the thanksgiving holiday. also ahead tonight honoring the life of kevin nash e to the procession in his honor today from oakland to mountain view. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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officer, was shot and killed in oakland last week while working as a security guard for a bay area news crew. family friends and others who knew initiated
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paid tribute to his life today. ktvu crime reporter henry lee spoke with police officers from across the bay area who took part in honoring kevin the sheet of today and shared their memories. police officers saluted as the flag draped casket of kevin machida left the alameda county coroner's bureau in oakland. a police motorcade escorted his hearse with full law enforcement honors machine has served as a police officer with the oakland housing authority and hayward and san jose police departments before retiring as a coma. police sergeant in 2018. it was so great to see so many different agencies out there, you know people who knew kevin the day before thanksgiving, machida was working as a security guard when he was shot in downtown oakland while protecting a crime for news reporter. machida died three days later, leaving behind his wife, children and grandchildren, whom he doted on all four police agencies. then the sheet of worked for took part in the procession. it traveled on several freeways. fittingly the route passed through or near several cities
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than machida had once patrolled. officers brought his body to a mortuary in mountain view. he just was always there for everyone. and if there was a need, he found a way to meet it. coma police sergeant don marquette. he was among those paying their respects. she says . there's an officer nishida carried his gear, not in the duty bag, but it laundry detergent bucket. instead he carried around his his paperwork and his tools that he needed. it worked for him. and you know, all of us have duty bags, but this bucket worked for him as his family and loved ones mourn and reflect so to his friends in the news media. many bay area tv stations have worked with machida, including ktvu. my heart goes out to his family, his his former colleagues, his friends, the members of ktvu used that he helped guard there will be a memorial service for kevin machida. details are pending. it will be open to the public in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news. here is
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another look now at the photo of a white acura that police have released in the kevin has shed a case. they say the white car was spotted leaving the scene of that shooting. police want anyone who spots the car has cellphone video of the shooting or information about the case to call homicide investigators at the number now on your screen. it is 510. 23838 to 1. there's also a reward for information that leads to an arrest in southern california. the wife of a high profile music executive was shot and killed. and her beverly hills home during what authorities believe was a home invasion. police responded to a call about a shooting just before 2 30 this morning, and when officers arrived, they say they found a woman with a gunshot wound. netflix identified her as 81 year old jacqueline savant. she was a prominent los angeles philanthropist and wife of music industry giant clarence avant. so far, no arrests have been made. coming up on news at 6 30.
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president biden is optimistic about easing supply chain problems. why, he says he's looking forward to a brighter and happier december and all the 49ers getting a little overconfident after three straight wins. jimmy garoppolo, with his thoughts later in sports also had new travel guidance from the white house says omicron is detected here now in the us what to know if you're traveling abroad soon.
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surprised and concerned that a judge allowed two men accused of murder to be released on bail while awaiting trial in san jose . the two were allegedly involved in a deadly shooting on halloween after a traffic altercation. the defense attorney for one of the men says he was a contributing member of society and deserve to be released. the u. s supreme court today heard oral arguments in a landmark case regarding abortion. the judges will decide whether a mississippi law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy is constitutional. federal courts have held since roe v. wade that abortions are legal until at least 24 weeks of pregnancy. after nearly two hours of arguments, the six conservative justices indicated that they would uphold the mississippi law . a ruling is expected in june. the first us case of the omicron variant of the coronavirus has been detected in the bay area, health officials said, as san francisco resident who had
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recently traveled to south africa developed symptoms and tested positive. the person was fully vaccinated and the symptoms were mild. that individual is recovering at home . officials do not expect to change any health orders due to this discovery. you're watching ktvu fox two news at 6 30 tonight. the white house is making plans for new covid testing requirements for inbound travelers. president biden is expected to announce the changes tomorrow as he details the administration's plan for fighting the pandemic. this winner we get more now from fox news, jonathan serrie. the california and san francisco departments of public health. and the cdc have confirmed. that a recent case of covid-19 among an individual in california was caused by the army crown variant . south african researchers alerted global health officials to the macron covid variant just last week. and since then, the new strain has fueled a wave of new travel requirements here in the us, the cdc plans to require
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inbound international travelers to be tested for covid within 24 hours of departure. travelers may also have to receive another test after arrival, regardless of vaccination status. as we learn more information, we're going to continue to assess what additional steps should be taken . the world health organization expects to have more information on macron's transmission in the coming days, but officials say it's likely vaccines will provide some protection. against the strain. we think vaccines will still protect against severe disease as they have against the other variants. drugmakers here in the us are doubling down on efforts to protect people against future covid variants fighters submitted a request to the fda to authorize its covid booster for 16 and 17 year olds. federal regulators are also considering authorization. for fighters and marks covid pills, public health officials say with protective measures available now is not the time to panic have common sense. do the right thing. we
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have weapons against this virus now don't overreact tomorrow, president biden will announce plans to enhance the fight against covid. in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. on the oakland international airport says it is approaching pre pandemic passenger levels. the airport says the number of travelers leaving oakland more than doubled this past thanksgiving week compared to last year. more than 148,000 people departed from oakland between friday, november 19th in this past sunday that 77% of the 2000 and 19 air traffic, the airport says travel came close to reaching pre pandemic levels on the sunday before thanksgiving, reaching 86% of 2019 total, and for the first time, people are able to fly nonstop between the u. s and vietnam. sfo is the first airport to offer regularly scheduled nonstop flights to ho chi minh city. the airport says vietnam airlines will operate those flights twice a week. the first flight departed last night . sfo has been working with aviation officials in vietnam
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since 2019 to get this route in place proposal to install two electronic billboards along one oh, one near madera, san jose international has stalled again. the san jose city council kicked the proposal back to the airport commission to reconsider the city says the billboards would generate about $500,000 a year for the airport, the airport advisory board and some neighbors have expressed concerns, though about the idea. critics say allowing new billboards would open the door for more billboards across the city with little benefit. today president biden addressed the ongoing supply chain issues as the holiday shopping season moves into full swing, whether it's shortages, inflation or the new omicron barry it, the administration suddenly finds itself confronted with an array of economic challenges that could turn into political problems ahead of next year's midterms. fox news. lauren blanchard has more. we're looking ahead to a brighter and happier december holiday shopping is in full swing, and president biden says his
6:35 pm
policies have the supply chain moving along. we have heard a potential crisis by figuring out what needed to get fixed, and then we brought two people together to do the hard work of fixing it. in a speech wednesday , he said. it's due to 24 7 operations at the nation's largest shipping ports. incentives for off peak hours, loading and unloading relaxed regulations on some truck drivers and increased cooperation with the private business sector. i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. only santa claus can keep that promise. when it comes to the prices. we see it stores, he says. it's because of the ongoing pandemic, not government spending by his party. this is a worldwide challenge, a natural byproduct for world economy shut down by the pandemic, a point echoed by the federal reserve chairman. i would say that the inflation that we're seeing is still clearly connected to the reopen to pandemic related factors. republicans however,
6:36 pm
say the rising prices are a democratic created problem, one that voters are not likely to forget. next year. they want to know why these prices. keep going higher and higher. the president also used his speech to campaign for his nearly $2 trillion build back better bill , which republicans are firmly against. in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news no more americans are applying for a new credit card, the federal reserve bank of new york says close to 27% of u. s consumers signed up for a new card in october. and that is a right not seen since before the pandemic. demand for cards and loans declined early in the pandemic because many americans were concerned about taking on new debt, plus restrictions on travel and dining also resulted in weaker demand for credit cards. new at six tonight. scientists say the u. s needs to produce far less plastic in order to save the oceans, according to a new report from the national academy of sciences, the us, which is the world's top plastic waste
6:37 pm
producer, generates more than 46 million tons of plastic a year and about £2 billion of that waste ends up in the ocean. scientists say recycling and proper disposal alone are not sufficient enough to fix the issue and are now urging the us to make less plastic design it differently and keep better track of its use. coming up. investigators say they are now pursuing new leads in the rust movie set shooting how they're tracking the live ammunition that ended up killing a crew member. and at least four students are now dead following that mass school shooting in michigan yesterday. the charges filed today against that 15 year old suspect.
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. charges for that school shooting that killed four fellow students and also injured others. but we still don't know why the 15 year old boy opened fire at his high school. fox news, steve harrigan has more now from oxford, michigan. i think this is every parent's worst shape. at least four students are dead in eight people injured, but there's still no word on what motivated a school shooting on tuesday. it happened here in oxford, michigan, a 15 year old sophomore allegedly opening fire out of nowhere. at least one student, a captain of the football team, was killed while trying to disarm him. police arrived about five minutes later , they confronted the shooter who immediately put his hands
6:41 pm
over his head and surrendered. we are charging this individual, causing death. four counts of first degree murder. seven cult counts of assault with intent to murder and 12 counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. when the shooting started, students barricaded themselves in classrooms behind stacks of desks and chairs here in oxford community leaders held a vigil on tuesday night and while grieving students and parents begin the mourning process. most say they're trying to keep the focus on their loved ones. i just need to focus on bringing our community together. police say the gun used by the shooter was purchased by the shooter's father just four days before the shooting. in oxford, michigan. steve harrigan, ktvu. fox two news. prosecutors also say they are now considering charges
6:42 pm
against the suspects. parents as well. investigators in the alec baldwin movie says shooting are now pursuing new leads in that case. authorities are trying to track the live ammunition that ended up in the revolver that the actor fired while filming a scene in october. mexico sheriff's deputies yesterday searched in albuquerque gun and ammunition supplier. who says he may know the origins of the live rounds. an affidavit for the search warrant shows that a prop master told investigators the ammunition came from at least three sources. people in santa rosa are being warned to be on alert because of a mountain lion in that area. viewer sent us this surveillance video showing the animal on their property on montgomery drive near howarth park. they believe the mountain lion is living nearby. they say a neighbor's cat is missing, and they've seen two dead fonds on their property. in recent weeks . they've now asked the department of fish and game to post warning signs and to capture the big cat. our concern is how it's park is right here.
6:43 pm
and the trail is right behind our property, and kids and dogs walk along it and. we want signs put up, you know to just warn people and. hopefully that will happen. our concern is for the people walking in the park. they just don't know. i know those people don't know. there have been several other mountain lion sightings around santa rosa over the past couple of months. and we are tracking in the warmth, another record setting day in the bay area. second narrow. i think we could see more records tomorrow. back here with that. let's go to ktvu is christina and don't now with some of the stories we are working on for the seven o'clock news over on ktvu, plus, julian you tonight, officials at san francisco's little high schooler hoping to continue their new lottery admissions system. point. school board members are expected to cast their votes on the superintendent's latest proposal , plus a california child, who was less than a year old has died from covid 19. we hear from the child's parents on this unexpected tragedy. those stories and more coming up
6:44 pm
tonight at seven on ktvu class, but first after the break, remembering the more than 36 million people who have died from aids, how they're being honored on this world aids day. emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home.
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. remember the people who died from hiv and to show support for those living with the virus? very large red ribbon was placed on the white house today, and president biden outlined his strategy. to tackle the virus going forward. i want to make sure that everyone in the united states knows their hiv status that everyone with hiv receives high quality care and treatment that they deserve, and that we
6:47 pm
end the harmful stigma around hiv and age. the biden administration also issued a statement renewing its commitment to ending the hiv aids epidemic by 2030. he has already asked congress president biden that is, has already asked congress for $670 million to fund future hiv aids research and prevention. at the vatican, pope francis said a special mass offering prayers and hope for the 38 million people living with hiv, the theme of this year's world aids day, ending the hiv epidemic. equitable access everyone's voice, the pope said. it is an important occasion to remember people around the world who do not have access to essential health care treatment. and here in san francisco, people were invited to use chalk to write the names of people who have died of aids . the so called inscribed chalk art event is being held between 17th and castro streets. last night, the national aids memorial held its annual
6:48 pm
fundraising gala at the memorial grove in golden gate park, and the vigil that is open to the public will be held there tonight. well, today marks 66 years since rosa parks was arrested in montgomery, alabama , of course, that moment, marking a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement in honor of rosa parks day in alabama, dedication for a new memorial was held. near where parks was arrested for refusing to give her seat on a bus to a white man in 1955. her arrest led to a bus boycott that eventually ended when the u. s supreme court ruled that segregation on city busses was unconstitutional. the city of montgomery is holding a week of events reflecting on parks, life and the civil rights era. today is the start of san francisco shop and dine in the 49. the campaign aims to encourage people to buy holiday presence at eat at restaurants within the city's 49 square miles through december. 18th the holiday trolley with christmas carolers will be running through commercial areas of the city.
6:49 pm
the mayor's office says just a 1% increase in spending at local restaurants and stores will provide a big boost to san francisco's economy. all right. like we mentioned it showed you before record high temperature second straight day in a row. i think we'll make it three tomorrow with some more records possible. then we had a big record. san francisco. we talked about earlier 73 degrees that breaks the old record of 71. back in 1959 70 degrees and ken field warm. really warm right? 73 in oakland, 80 and gilroy. come on. i mean, these temperatures are just off the charts and many cases, gilroy broke their record by, you know, five degrees couple. these places broke their records by 58 degrees, so that's pretty impressive stuff. san francisco's record goes way back . that's what's impressive about that. these are the current readings from today. the high temperatures if you will, tomorrow will be very similar to these very similar. and as you look outside, we had a little bit air quality today never to spare the air day, but your inversion so shallow that were. because of the heat and the air
6:50 pm
sinking. that's where an inversion is right. you get temperature to get cold air warmer over cold air, and that's what we've got cooler air and that that little layer underneath that low layers were all the pollutants from the day it kind of trapped, and that's what you saw today. that's kind of where we exist, you know, below couple 1000 ft. so these are the current temperature forecast for tomorrow morning and a little bit of valley fog back in the mix. another day tomorrow like today. i mean, like i say, if you got relatives in town now is the time to show off the city and there's fremont and liver. more just beautiful weather. i just so impressed by this this thing. thousands of miles of atmospheric river. too much water. that is, and it's not just what is that? what is that? 6th 60 70 80. let's call that 100 miles from here to here. it's so it's 100 miles wide, but it's how deep is it right things going down 10,000 ft of moisture going straight down, so that thing is just a just a firehose man. and it's got. it's not coming our way it's british columbia. more
6:51 pm
pacific northwest record rainfall up there and they're going to continue to get it. our forecast tomorrow like this lots of upper sixties and low seventies. i really wish that atmospheric was focused on us. that's one of the most, um. that's one of the most articulated atmospheric rivers i think i've seen since i've been doing this job truthfully, the five day forecast shows you got plenty of warmth that cools off a little bit towards the weekend and valley fog as you move through that central valley. be aware of that. you coming up here with alex woods has to say about the giants pitching staff next season market baniyas up next with sports.
6:52 pm
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is with you tonight. all right, you know, the great bill walsh used to say december. that's when real football starts in the nfl. that's when you know what kind of team you have. and the 49ers hit december on a pretty good role. they've won three in a row. but like most teams, they're dealing with health issues. injuries always cropping up for everybody. got already up for the seahawks, who are three and eight. health is an issue. of course you already know deebo . samuel is going to be out as well linebacker fred warner and
6:55 pm
looks like linebacker dre greenlaw as well. remember the 49ers lost to seattle and russell wilson completing that path. of course, hard times have befallen them there one in six since they took care of san francisco at levi. and, of course, russell wilson had the big finger injury, but jimmy garoppolo and the 49 is really playing their best football. but as you know, in the nfl, no time to kick back and enjoy it. there's always you know, moments where you stop to smell the roses. but those moments i go by pretty quickly, so you've got to enjoy him for a quick second season. just it's always, you know, trains rolling. you guys jump on it. keep moving with it. so it's a earned in december now, so he's in football really starts. alright midnight tonight . nine o'clock our time on the west coast. that's when major league baseball will officially shoot itself in the foot. great
6:56 pm
times. great season just completed but they've got labor issues in the owners are going to lock it down until labor agreement is reached. so in the meantime, some last minute dealings done and the giants make it official known this for a while, but alex would does sign his contract left hander two years 25 million, had a good season with the giants in his first here, 10 and 43.83 e r a. but probably most importantly, he was the team 19 and seven after his start, so the giants see him as a winner. he'll help the rotation, of course, and they got to make up for a big loss. kevin gausman signing with toronto but would thinks they can make up for it. every year is different. you know, there's one thing you learn after playing as long as many seasons that you know, you never know what's going to happen this year. you never know who's going to be a logon web mean we've got a bona fide ace and local web
6:57 pm
and we got some other guys have been pretty pretty pretty good lately and over their careers, and so i think i think we'll be able to pick up the slack for sure. alright i guess whenever we in life messed something up, what do we want a mulligan do over and steph curry will get that chance is the warriors after losing last night to the sons will meet them again. steph curry learns how most of us feel when we try and shoot a basketball last night. he was four for 21 in games where he has taken 20 or more shots. it's the worst game of his entire career. it was missing badly, but you know everybody's freaking out about it. but you gotta also credit the phoenix suns defense. they shut stuff down and the way they did it. you better believe other teams are going to take notice. steve kerr certainly knows that. things are going to commit. people to staff. um the way that phoenix did. then there's going to be opening and others should be openings for jordan's hoping
6:58 pm
for auto. those guys knocked down a bunch of threes. the openings for clay thompson. that's gonna be fun. that guy? yeah. oh yeah. just the name clay thompson brought a smile to the coach's face. hey, the sharks are off tonight doesn't mean we don't need to check this out with some hockey. you know, you think of fighting as a big part of the game, while. that's seriously with the players. but this time we've got the referee who gets involved. this is obviously not from the nhl. this is minor league hockey, probably the slowest level i can't say that i've ever seen a referee. get physically involved in a fight there, actually being aggressive, will be fined and suspended. no doubt. i think he's wearing jeans, which is there he was letting him have it for sure. alright that is the sporting life for now, guys. alright mark. thank you and our seven o'clock news continues seven o'clock news continues over on ktvu. plus
6:59 pm
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