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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 5  FOX  December 1, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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potentially historic day in the nation's capital. supreme court justices hearing oral arguments over a mississippi law that bans most abortions. after 15 weeks of pregnancy. the decision could affect at least 20 states, prompting protests from the east coast to the bay area, the supreme court's conservative majority justices are signaling they will allow states to ban abortion even earlier than 15 weeks into pregnancy. and they're indicating they may go even further to overturn the nationwide roe v. wade, right that has existed for nearly 50 years. justice brett kavanaugh listed several cases in which the court had overturned long held precedents. doesn't the history of this court's practice with respect to those cases tell us that the right answer is actually to return to the position of neutrality and. and not stick with those precedents in the same way that all those other cases didn't. after nearly
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two hours of arguments today, all six conservative justices indicated they would uphold the mississippi law, which bans almost all abortions. after 15 weeks, the supreme court likely will not make a decision until june, which could be a hotly contested issue ahead of the midterm elections. will protest spanned the country from the steps of the supreme court to the streets of san francisco. ktvu kristen captain joins us now live from the city where one of those protests is still underway. christian. yes, you can probably see that protests going on over my shoulder right now. those protesters have a simple message for the u. s. supreme court. they want the court to continue to allow those abortion rights to be in place and even expand them. protesters gathered at san francisco's burton federal building and courthouse called on the supreme court to preserve a woman's right to choose. our inclusive demands are that the supreme court protect and expand. roby wade. safe legal abortion on
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demand and without apology, the u. s. supreme court on wednesday heard oral arguments from mississippi challenging that state's law banning abortion after 15 weeks. lara bazelon is a law professor at the university of san francisco and says with the three conservative justices appointed by president donald trump. this is a battle that conservatives have been preparing for more than a generation. this was a day that conservatives have been waiting decades for, probably since the dismantling of the bork confirmation hearings. abortion has been the nearest and dearest because of. true conservatives in this country and today i think they saw their dream about to be realized. professor bazelon says the court can take several past forward from overturning roe versus wade outright to finding a narrower path they could try to carve out a narrower path where they hold that this particular law out of mississippi, which bans abortions after 15 weeks. is constitutional, but then sort of
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dropped the line at 15 weeks or some other demarcation point. the rally underway here in san francisco and another one in the city, as well as others around the bay area are part of the organization and group of organized protests. the bay area, including in palo alto, and in berkeley. we're live in san francisco. christien kafton ktvu fox two news. alright, christian. thank you. hundreds of protesters on both sides of the abortion debate rallied outside the supreme court right to life advocates and pro choice supporters made their voices heard. the leader of the annual march for life, said the group is hopeful that the supreme court will decide in favor of the mississippi law. while pro choice advocates want to see roe v. wade upheld. you can most recognized that roe v. wade is important for millions of people and also say that that's the floor that we need to do more than that today is very special to us. because for the first time in so many years, we think that there's a possibility of abortion returning to the
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legislative branches in the states. in jackson, mississippi , a smaller but no less emotional rally was held as the supreme court heard arguments this morning dozens of pro life as well as pro choice demonstrators took part. villa somber possession today for kevin nishida. he is the retired police officer who was excuse me , who was shot and killed in oakland last week while working as a security guard for bay area news crew. our crime reporter henry lee spoke with police officers from across the bay area who took part in honoring kev initiated today and who shared their memories. police officers saluted as the flag draped casket of kevin machida left the alameda county coroner's bureau in oakland. police motorcade escorted his hearse with full law enforcement honors. nasheed has served as a police officer with the oakland housing authority and hayward and san jose police departments before retiring as a coma. police sergeant in 2018. it was so great to see so many different agencies out there,
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you know people who knew kevin the day before thanksgiving. sita was working as a security guard when he was shot in downtown oakland while protecting a crime for news reporter. machida died three days later, leaving behind his wife, children and grandchildren , whom he doted on all four police agencies. then the sheet of worked for took part in the procession. it traveled on several freeways. fittingly the route passed through or near several cities than machida had once patrolled. officers brought his body to the mortuary in mountain view. he just was always there for everyone. and if there was a need, he found a way to meet it. coma police sergeant don marquette. he was among those paying their respects. she says. there's an officer nishida carried his gear , not in a duty bag, but it laundry detergent bucket. instead he carried around his his paperwork and his tools that he needed. it worked for him. and you know, all of us have duty bags, but this bucket worked for him as his family and loved ones mourn and reflect so to his friends in the news media. many bay area tv stations
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have worked with machida, including ktvu. my heart goes out to his family, his his former colleagues, his friends,t that he helped guard there will be a memorial service for kevin machida. details are pending. it will be open to the public in oakland. henry lee ktvu fox two news. and here is another look at the photo of a wide acura that police have released in the kevin nishida case. they say it was spotted leaving the scene of that shooting. police want anyone who spots this car has cellphone video of the shooting or any information about the case. to call homicide investigators. that number is right there on your screen. it's 510238 38 21. there's also a reward for information that leads to an arrest. a burglary suspect to allegedly tried to rob a home in mountain view is now in police custody. after an hours long standoff. that man entered the house on front street just before nine this
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morning. according to police, the residents quickly went to an upstairs bedroom and lock themselves inside before calling . police fire department used a ladder to help them get outside of that house. the suspect barricaded himself inside. crisis negotiators and mental health professional work professionals were called in. it took them about three hours to resolve the incident and get him out of the house safely. on the first case of the covid-19 omicron variant in the united states has now been confirmed in san francisco, a person who returned to the city from a trip to south africa tested positive for this latest coronavirus. strange. gate of his tom vacar is here now with what we know so far, tom. indeed this is what those who are most in the nose set on wednesday about the omicron virus very in coming to america. using the latest technology we have, um, discovered our first case. this is the first confirmed case of covid-19. caused by the are
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micron variant detected in the united states. this is not a surprise for those of you have been following this. we knew that a micron. was going to be here. a resident of san francisco was fully vaccinated, had recently been in south africa began her rather began to travel back into the united states on the 21st landed on the 22nd develop some symptoms a few days later around the 25th. got tested on the 28th. the test came back positive on the 29th. the individual was fully vaccinated and experience mild symptoms, which are improving at this point recent vaccinations, so booster was not recommended in that respect. this individual has not been hospitalized. the individual is self quarantining and all close contacts have been contacted and all close context thus far. have tested negative, but we are hopeful of full
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recovery and expect nothing less based upon what we've learned again at this time. we do not anticipate changing any of our health orders. or changing any current restrictions or. imposing new restrictions on activity in san francisco, even though we don't know that much about dave, this particular variant impact clinically, it basically proves the point that we need to get immunized. we need to remain vigilant. it also means that something that happens in a distant part of the world very quickly comes to our part of the world in all over the world. now the odds are there are other people in this country infected with omicron, but not in the places where the bay area's awesome medical and technical assets are so very prevalent and clearly worked. tom vacar ktvu fox two news. alright, tom. thank you. san
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francisco international airport is helping to detect the new variant. here's a live look now at sfo, the chronicle reports. ucsf is studying wastewater from the airport for traces of the omicron variant. by testing water. researchers can analyze a large group of samples rather than waiting for one person to come down with symptoms and then go get tested. public lab screen up to 20,000 samples nationwide each week. coming up tonight at 5 30 how the discovery of the new variant is now fueling a wave of travel changes. a strong demand for boosters prompted the city of oakland to extend a free walk in vaccine clinic. the clinic is open to everyone. frankie gobble plaza right next to city hall. it's open seven days a week from nine am to five pm. all three covid vaccines are available, as well as testing and booster shots. no appointment is required. city officials say they will keep the clinic going at least through the end of the year. what kaiser is reportedly giving it's workers more time to comply with the new healthcare vaccination
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rule. the healthcare giant said workers across california could be fired as early as today if they refused to get vaccinated against covid-19. but the mercury news is reporting. kaiser has now given workers more time from december 8th to january 10th depending on when their exemption requests were denied. kaiser says more than 98% of employees are vaccinated or have asked for an exemption. stopping looters before they run wild coming up how one east bay city is beefing up security in the business district. also had a michigan community still in shock, one day after a teenager took aim at classmates why the shooter's parents may soon be facing charges. plus criminal justice reform, making some waves in the south bay how to homicide suspects were released from custody without bail. and yet another warm day out there temperatures back into the seventies the cool night tonight and more warmth on the way tomorrow i'll have that and we'll go looking for rain when i we'll go looking for rain when i returned. ♪ ♪ ♪
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this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ released to homicide suspects without bail. it is the result of recent changes in california's bail system. ktvu is jesse gary live now in san jose. with more on the story, jesse. and julie, this isn't the first time this has happened here in santa clara county of the assignment of bail is the prerogative of the judge. they don't have to give bail. in this case, two judges allowed two men accused in a case. one for murder one for being an accessory to walk without bail. santa clara county district attorney still can't get his head around this. i'm very surprised and disappointed and,
5:15 pm
frankly, just concerned for our community that these two individuals were released santa clara county d a. jeff rosen says his prosecutors argued two men accused of murder should sit behind bars for halloween, killing. investigators say a traffic accident preceded a heated exchange on great oaks parkway in san jose. they say alfred castillo confronted the victim, but ephron azzurri's shot isaiah gonzalez, the 27 year old, died later at a south bay hospital following the november 10th arraignment. judge penny packer ordered ansari's released and george clark did the same for castillo. maybe they haven't done anything today , but that's not to say that they won't do something tomorrow. and then once that happens, then what? how do we explain that to the next victim by phone and series defense attorney arguing her client deserves freedom while waiting for the wheels of justice to turn allowing him to work full time because. he was a contributing member of this society with a very good job and also attending college. trying
5:16 pm
to further his career, experts say a state supreme court change in california's bail system allows judges this flexibility. the inability to post bail no longer a reason to hold a defendant. the courts can look at the underlying facts of the case. to suggest that this is not somebody who has committed violent acts in the past, but critics say the system is tilting too far in favor of the accused, and that puts public safety at risk. family deserves better, and the community deserves better. this kind of result is. outrageous and clearly the pendulum has swung too far. it's extremely rare that an individual or individuals charged with murder are released pending their trial. the district attorney says the preliminary hearing will take place next year. he says if the two defendants violated the conditions of their release, his office will go back to court to ask the judge to put them both back in custody. we're live in san jose this evening. jesse gary ktvu fox two news.
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we'll head back to you. and jesse. just curious. did either of the two judges offer any explanation for their decisions? they did not other than saying they believe the two were not a flight risk. and so they released them without bail. all right, jesse gary reporting live for us tonight, jesse. thank you. as santa's a police say homicide suspect arrested and released earlier this year has now fled to mexico. police say. 41 year old oscar soto was arrested on january 10th in connection with a deadly shooting in east san jose. he was allowed, supervised release , and now investigators believe he left the country. san jose police say this case illustrates quote why dangerous defendants suspects should not be released on their own recognizance. oakland mayor libby schaaf says she is fighting to try to keep her city safe as it to deals with the surge in violent crime. mayor schaaf says the pandemic has. slow down police hiring and that more officers have left the department or changed positions . the mayor is now pushing for
5:18 pm
increased police staffing as well as more police academies. but those officers in most cases won't be sworn in for months down the road today. during mornings on two, we spoke to mayor schaaf about her plans to help stop the crime that's happening now, she said. the city is looking at every aspect. beefing up our ceasefire unit, which just got another squad of police officers to really examining things like the bail reform and how that is impacting the ceasefire strategy. and of course, we are doubling down on prevention and intervention. we've doubled violence interrupters who are actually on the street. in the at the crime scene. the mayor's office to hire more officers. mayor's efforts scuse me to hire more officers would reverse the city's plan to divert funding from the police department to social services. california water agencies that serve 27 million residents will not get any of the supplies that they requested from the state heading into next year. today's
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announcement marked the first time the department of water resources has issued a 0% water allocation in december. drought conditions continue to grip california and reservoir sit at historically low levels. the allocations will be adjusted early next year, based on how much snow and rain falls during the winter. 0% allocation could mean mandatory cuts to residents and farmland, some of which have already started to take place. you know, we've been encouraging agencies to implement water conservation measures. and as you probably seen recently, uh somewhere agencies like metropolitan water district are taking actions. to conserve water. additionally santa clara valley water is another agency and others are taking actions that conserve water moving forward. water officials say they are focused on prioritizing the water supply for health and safety needs and delta salinity control as well as water for endangered species, among other measures. alright quite the day
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again today very much like yesterday we had upper seventies and parts of the south added a 78 degrees and morgen hill 80 degrees in gilroy. it was 83 degrees in reading up in the central valley and up around lake tahoe. blue canyon was 69 degrees. so yeah, unusual december 1st for the bay area. still looking on records. i haven't seen any records yet. i wouldn't be surprised if somebody squeaks one out just based on the numbers. san francisco today with 73 degrees , so that's pretty darn warm for any time of year. really. for san francisco. there's like tall like i say it was around the lake. it was low sixties sounds like total about 61 degrees. but that's pretty warm for this time of year as well and you can see there's not a lot of snow. they have an opportunity to make it not as much as they'd like. the temperatures have not been as cool as you need, you know, to get the good snow making going. and that's going to stay that way for a while. i mean, it's going to be a while before we get cool temperatures back in here with this warm weather, high pressure ridge air quality has been not great, right?
5:21 pm
little bit little bit hazy. a little bit cloudy out there. you can kind of see it here, not cloudy but a little bit hazy, and that's has a little bit to do with has a lot to do with the inversion. that's why it's warm right. the air sinks, you get this shallow inversion. but you also get to get people with wood fires and stuff. people still burn wood in the bay area, and there's just, you know, daily daily commutes. factory stuff gets caught up in a narrow layer , and that's what you see there. so quality not as great as you would expect for december 1st but still nonetheless, a beautiful day oceanside or at the coast. it was stunning the long range model guess what's going to happen here? same thing has been happening, which is everything going to the north is that long range model, right? but if you look on sunday, righs monday morning now, but see that area that's the potential for some rain up in the northern part of the state up around lake shasta. maybe a little lake orville as well little bit of rain there some foothill rain and maybe a little snow in the mountains. but the big thing that i'm taking away is you've got a situation where you dropped that jet stream further
5:22 pm
south, so the potential now for that jet stream to get you know , from way high latitude to a lower latitude down around 38 degrees is going to happen with that first tweak that comes through on sunday night into monday and tuesday. pardon me and that'll help get us on track for some rain. that's the whole fingers crossed on that because you can't count on anything these days. but. that's how it looks. so we've had a bunch of days dry. looks like we'll get back into some wet early middle of next week, at least something resembling that so this dry pattern is going to continue. for the next few days. enjoy it while last there will be a little valley fog early tomorrow morning tomorrow lot like today and then it starts to cool down after that. i'll see you back here in a few minutes. okay, bill. thank you. students stunned after that deadly shooting at a michigan high school coming up why officials believe there may have been warning signs of that attack on social media. the city of san jose ready to step up the way it tackles retail theft. but some privacy advocates say the city is going to far plus a prank
5:23 pm
precaution. why bay area police want some homeowners to know about a new tiktok challenge. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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shooting rampage at his high school in michigan yesterday be transferred from a juvenile facility to an adult jail. this comes as a four student a 17 year old boy. died from his injuries today. fox news steve harrigan has more now from oxford, michigan. i think this is every parent's worst nightmare. at least four students are dead and eight people injured, but there's still no word on what motivated a school shooting on tuesday. it happened here in oxford, michigan, a 15 year old sophomore allegedly opening fire out of nowhere. at least one student, a captain of the football team, was killed while trying to disarm him. police arrived about five minutes later , they confronted the shooter who immediately put his hands over his head and surrendered. we are charging this individual,
5:26 pm
causing death. four counts of first degree murder. seven cult counts of assault with intent to murder and 12 counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. when the shooting started, students barricaded themselves in classrooms behind stacks of desks and chairs here in oxford community leaders held a vigil on tuesday night and while grieving students and parents begin the mourning process, most say they are trying to keep the focus on their loved ones. i just need to focus on bringing our community together. police say the gun used by the shooter was purchased by the shooter's father just four days before the shooting. in oxford, michigan. steve harrigan, ktvu. fox two news. coming up in east bay city is taking action and spending millions of dollars on a new security plan after a huge group
5:27 pm
of thieves ran stacked nordstrom store last month. also ahead tonight containing the new oh macron covid variant will have details on the new travel requirements for international travelers heading to the u. s and the tributes in san francisco and around the world as we remember those lost on this world aids day.
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from returning to the downtown
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business area. this all comes after a huge group ransacked the downtown nordstrom store and intact employees about a week and a half ago. ktvu is. rob ross joins us now he's live in walnut creek. with details on the security plan, rob. julie some of those safety measures are actually already in place. we've seen police course patrolling downtown, all in an effort to deter armies of looters from coming back. at this downtown one gift store, pay a mercantile, the manager says she worries about safety about packs of roaming looters returning to town. yeah it does kind of freak me out, but it's always kind of like a fear of mine like, well, what would i do in that situation, but she says she has a reason to feel safer now. in a special meeting wednesday, the walnut creek city council unanimously approved a $2 million plan to hire five more police officers plus at overtime shifts for officers, security cameras and a drone all in deterring crime in the downtown business district. the money is coming from the
5:31 pm
american rescue plan act fund. i guess i am kind of eddie used to know that more cops are going to be patrolling. hopefully there'll be on foot, though the council vote comes 11 days after a mass looting at the nordstrom at broadway plaza. about 90 people overran the store stole about $125,000 in merchandise and injured for employees. three people have been charged, one of whom was released from jail, officials say. because of a clerical error. that person is now back in custody. the police chief says the hope is that the additional funds will make criminals think twice about coming here. every time we've had an officer at a high, visible or high visibility target location. ah we haven't had one of these grab and run incident, so i believe it is a deterrent. it's peace of mind for the community and its action to prevent criminal activity. these are really both parts of the equation. the street running through broadway plaza now has a barricade as a safety precaution . the new drone will help with surveillance. we could certainld
5:32 pm
information that there could be, uh, you know, criminal element that was coming into the city to help use that technology to give us some pre warning woman creek may not have the level of crime is oakland or san francisco. but it's by no means crime free every city. is a potential target. we need to button down those targets. and the police chief says in the best, gatien continues into the north from case and that more arrests should be coming soon. julie. rob roth reporting live for us tonight in walnut creek, rob banks. high profile retail thefts and robberies have also prompted the city of san jose to take some new steps, including approving funding for more license plate readers. two men were arrested after stealing $2000 in merchandise from the macy's at the westfield valley fair mall just last week. the city council voted yesterday to spend $250,000 in federal relief funding on the new cameras. the city has used license plate
5:33 pm
readers since 2016. privacy advocates, though, questioned the use of these cameras, dave moss of the electronic frontier foundation said at the meeting. quote license plate readers are used to track people's movements, plain and simple. you put up these license plate readers and you're going to be able to create a database of innocent people's movements. the city plans to restrict the use of the data to investigate only felony crimes and will not share information with immigration authorities. also in san jose, a proposal to install two giant electronic billboards along highway one on one near the airport has stalled yet again. san jose city council kicked the proposal back to the airport commission to reconsider. city officials say the billboards will bring in about $500 million a year for the airport. still, the project has faced criticism from both the public and the airports advisory board. critics say allowing new billboards would open the door for more billboards across the city with little monetary benefit. they also say the billboards would be a massive waste of electricity.
5:34 pm
the federal fraud trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes is now on a brief break and it will resume next tuesday homes facing tough questions from prosecutors during the first day of cross examination yesterday. she struggled when pressed on the timing of key events in the company's history . on monday, holmes testified that she was abused by her lover and business partner. she cried when the prosecutor asked her to read some of the love notes that the couple exchanged. during their five year long relationship. she also admitted that blood test results reported by the company were not carried out on their equipment. all right. have your college applications been sent yet? well if not, you only have a few hours left to do so the deadline to apply to university of california schools is midnight. some cal state schools have the same timeline. the deadline was originally set to expire last night, but both university systems face connectivity issues as students rushed to submit their applications. applications must have been started by yesterday in order to be accepted. some csc csu schools
5:35 pm
have extended application deadlines now to december. 15th. i'm honored to be raised in this flag for all of those that we have lost. tragically too soon. to this horrible disease and of the families and friends of those that are still here. today is world aids day. the world health organization and other groups set aside today to remember the more than 36 million people who have died from the infection. a flag with the red ribbon, the universal symbol of awareness and support for people living with hiv. was raised today outside the santa clara county building there in san jose. in san francisco. the names of castro residents who have died of aids were written in chalk today on the sidewalk there on castro street. this is the 17th year, people have been invited to come out to honor the millions of men and women. who have died of aids globally and in particular, those who called the castro home. also tonight the san francisco aids foundation is holding its annual
5:36 pm
march and candlelight vigil on the steps of city hall. another candlelight vigil is taking place at the national aids memorial in golden gate park. well, the big red ribbon was placed on the white house that biden administration also issuing a statement today, renewing its commitment to ending the hiv aids epidemic by 2030. right now, nearly 38 million people are living with hiv. including 1.2 million here in the us the biden administration is releasing a new national strategy addressing hiv and aids on this world aids day policy calls racism a public health threat. that must be recognized in order to better fight the disease. the strategy will focus on addressing health disparities and ending the stigma associated with hiv. all the white house is making plans for new covid testing requirements for inbound travelers as public health officials scrambled to learn more about the omicron variant. we get more tonight from fox's jonathan serrie. the california
5:37 pm
and san francisco departments of public health. and the cdc have confirmed. that a recent case of covid-19 among an individual in california was caused by the army crown variant. south african researchers alerted global health officials to the macron covid variant just last week. and since then, the new strain has fueled a wave of new travel requirements here in the us, the cdc plans to require inbound international travelers to be tested for covid within 24 hours of departure. travelers may also have to receive another test after arrival, regardless of vaccination status. as we learn more information, we're going to continue to assess what additional steps should be taken . the world health organization expects to have more information on macron's transmission in the coming days, but officials say it's likely vaccines will provide some protection. against the strain. we think vaccines will still protect against severe disease as they have
5:38 pm
against the other variants. drugmakers here in the us are doubling down on efforts to protect people against future covid variants fighters submitted a request to the fda to authorize its covid booster for 16 and 17 year olds. federal regulators are also considering authorization for fighters and merck's covid pills, public health officials say with protective measures available now is not the time to panic have common sense. uh do the right thing. we have weapons against this virus now don't overreact tomorrow, president biden will announce plans to enhance the fight against covid in atlanta. jonathan serrie fox news. a warning tonight about the latest tiktok challenge coming up why law enforcement says it can go too far. also ahead. what vice president kamala harris says are the u. s priorities when it comes to space policies. and it may be called the dollar tree. but merchandise is going to cost you a little bit more. how even deeply discounted items are being impacted by inflation and supply chain delays.
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but it will help you and your family stay safe users to kick someone's door to the beat of a song and then run . to the drama. now it began on tiktok as a prank in college dorms, but it has since spread to neighborhoods in petaluma last week, someone suspected of carrying out the challenge caused hundreds of dollars in damage to a house. police say some homeowners might think that the kicking is a home invasion and react defensively. beat the out of time you can have see this activity would be scary to
5:42 pm
homeowner and they might think it's a real home invasion. you're crossing somebody's threshold and you're banging on their door in a world where home invasions are not unusual. and safety is at risk. that is, that is not a good idea for anyone. petaluma police say they hope that public awareness will stop the trend before anyone gets hurt. the dollar tree chain says inflation and the supply chain crisis are giving them no other option but to raise their dollar price tags. fox news lydia hugh have visited one of the chain stores in new jersey and talked with customers about the rising prices. for the first time in 35 years, the dollar tree is raising the prices on its items from $1 to 1 25 for most products. as you can imagine. it's a move that has customers outside of this store divided. how many years has the dollar treatment around? it's sad. i just think it's unfortunate,
5:43 pm
especially for the elderly who want to fixed income and have to come here or send folks like me out to pick things up for them. and it just makes everything go up. the cost of looming is so high today everything is going up. so i don't think a dollar 25 is too bad. now the dollar tree's 25% price hike comes as the company is grappling with rising wage costs and freight costs, both of which have cut into the company's profit margin that usually hovers around 35. the retailer says, by charging an extra quarter for its products. it will bring the margin closer to the 35 to 36% level, but it can't be denied that customers that are shopping here are looking for a bargain. in fact, most recent data shows that spending discount stores like the dollar tree was up. by 59% the week ending november 21st over the same week in 2019
5:44 pm
. now dollar tree executives acknowledged that their customers are already feeling the pinch. from rising fuel and gas costs, but they are confident that their customers won't abandon them now, and that's consistent with what we're hearing from shoppers outside of this dollar tree who say they'll continue to shop even if they're not happy about paying another 25 cents for a product. now. the change goes into effect starting this month. in december, 2000 stores will start rolling out the new dollar 25 price points. all 8000 stores will have made the transition within the first couple of months of next year. back to you. race to the rescue when scaffolding workers are left dangling off the south florida high rise and words of warning to santa rosa residents after a wild animal has spotted roaming in a neighborhood. and we are tracking that warrant. we had a bunch of records today. we'll talk about those when i see you back here.
5:45 pm
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♪give my regards to old broadway♪ dangling off a high rise condominium building in florida . such a scary incident. this is dramatic video showing the workers being rescued and helen dale beach this afternoon. now the platform used by the workers usually hangs from the top of the building. but as you can see, here, it was left hanging several floors below after a collapsed with one worker holding on inside and another dangling by the side of the building, firefighters had to repel down the building to rescue one of the workers. the other was brought down in a firefighter bucket. good news is the workers were not hurt. for the first time in the u. s. a commercial flight carrying passengers used 100% sustainable aviation fuel that type of fuel uses fats, cooking oils and
5:48 pm
grease rather than petroleum. united airlines flight flew from chicago to washington, d. c today in illinois congressman sean caston was among the passengers spent 20 years in the energy industry before i gave to congress. that actually started working in the lab for two years , trying to make renewable fuels out of woody by on this, so to go from that point of the lab to actually have the opportunity to sit here on the first, the first commercial flight flying 100% sustainable fuel is really, really special. sustainable aviation fuel reduces carbon emissions by up to 80% today's flight had about 100 passengers on board vice president kamala harris today outlined the white house's stance on space policy. during a speech at the national institutes of peace, the vice president said the u. s is committed developing commercial spaceflight, improving safety in space and protecting data products and services from space. astronauts have said that seeing earth from space. for the first time, like
5:49 pm
senator kelly described is awe inspiring. and clarifying. in that moment. it becomes abundantly clear. how precious our earth. how precious our earth is. here is also said the white house will also focus on educating the next generation by adding additional funding to various stem initiatives. people in santa rosa are being warned to be on alert tonight because of a mountain lion in that area . a viewer sent us this surveillance video. it shows the animal on their property on montgomery drive near howard park. they believe the mountain lion is living somewhere nearby . they say a neighbor's cat is missing, and they've seen two dead fawns on their property. in recent weeks. they've asked the department of fish and game to post warning signs and to capture the big cat. our concern is how it's park is right here. and the trail is right behind our property, and kids and dogs
5:50 pm
walk along it and. we want signs put up, you know to just warn people and. hopefully that will happen. our concern is for the people walking in the park. they just don't know. i know those people don't know. there have been several other mountain lion sightings around santa rosa over the past couple of couple of months. kitten rescued from highway 1 to 1 in san mateo last month is up for adoption from the peninsula, humane society and s. p. c. a. the six week old kitten is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped the adoption fee $120. so if you're looking to adopt another type of pet, the shelter is waiving all adoption fees for rabbits. guinea pigs, rats and other small animals during the holiday season as well. water restrictions went into effect today in marin county. that means outdoor sprinklers and drip irrigation systems cannot be turned on, and swimming pools cannot be filled . spot watering by hand, will be allowed only before nine in the morning or after seven at night to prevent evaporation. what's
5:51 pm
more, the water district is banning washing cars at home. as well as washing homes, businesses, sidewalks and driveways. the restrictions will be in place through the end of may. anyone who violates the new rules will face fines of up to $250. yeah, and i would suspect and get used to a lot of these restrictions. i think there's gonna be a lot more of this as we go forward as you might guess , because right, it's this place is about water turning on and water turning off and right now the rain has turned off. it's going to be off for a few more days. instead we had record highs. record warmth today, check out some of these numbers . enrichment absolutely crushed . their old record by nine degrees are by 10 degree 11 degrees 83 degrees in richmond, 74 is the old record. 80 and gilroy. oakland was 73 san francisco downtown. that's always the big record because those records go back to 18 49. so when you break a record in san francisco, that's the oldest record the oldest record you can get on the west coast and so. that's a big deal. so san francisco day 73 degrees 70 degrees in canfield. another
5:52 pm
warm day tomorrow, probably as warm. maybe see some more records. we saw record yesterday in san jose was 73 degrees. tomorrow temperatures will look just like these you notice temperatures are warm us down the south bay down around morgan hill. san jose mountain views cooler in the north of santa rosa, but overall. just stunning , very above average. very warm weather that will continue through tomorrow and then it trends down temperatures going to come the other way as we go into the latter part of this or the latter part of the weekend towards early next week, with a chance, perhaps of a little bit of drizzle or something. there will be the beginning of potential rain event makes sense . so somewhere around monday or tuesday, little weak system comes through that breaks down that ridge enough that will start to see the potential for jet stream at our latitude. so there are the forecast overnight lows. so valley fog a thing a little bit, especially on the inland valleys. sacramento davis and those areas. we've been seeing it. these temperatures are not that cold, quite frankly , but we do have relatively high
5:53 pm
dew point. so you're getting it. i love this shot, right? that's that's an atmospheric river man. right? how many miles that 3000 miles. yeah. 28,020 100 miles. i think that that's what it looks like. you know, it's seriously that was outstanding depiction of an atmospheric river again. where is it focused? that's for the rain is so not just a little rain. but a lot of rain and that's what we're missing out on because look where we are. we're way on the south of that. that atmosphere river is all time. actually you know, if that thing was focused on us, we would be day after day after day of rain. probably have hydro problems as well. so tomorrow's forecast you see a few clouds drift in. you see a little bit of coastal fog . you see, yellows are seventies temperatures tomorrow. felt where they were today. maybe a little core because the cloud cover but not done too much. and then the five day forecast, so we were dry, you know that. but here's that thing i was talking about that slight chance on monday opens. this doesn't open the storm door but opens up the opportunity for perhaps more rain. as we get into early next
5:54 pm
week, fingers crossed on that. we'll see you back here at six. we'll see them, bill. thank you. why president biden believes americans should not worry about supply chain shortages this holiday season and coming up tonight at six. a new report says the u. s needs to rethink the way it packages products. just how much plastic waste generated here in america ends up in the ocean every year, plus quick action by a doctor from ucsf led to the detection of the first omicron case in the united states how he was able to discover the covid variant.
5:55 pm
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and detects multiple variants. so in just 15 minutes, you can test, know, and go. available in stores and online. ♪ ♪ card. the federal reserve bank of new york reports almost. 27%
5:57 pm
of u. s. consumers said they had signed up for a new credit card in october. that's a right not seen since before the pandemic. demand for cards and loans declined early on during lockdown because americans were concerned about taking on new debt. restrictions on travel and dining also resulted in weaker demand for credit cards. president biden today addressed the ongoing supply chain chokepoints as the holiday shopping season moves into full gear. the administration is confronted with an array of economic challenges that could turn into political problems ahead of next year's midterms. fox news. lauren blanchard reports for us tonight from washington, d. c. we're looking ahead to a brighter and happier december holiday shopping is in full swing, and president biden says his policies have the supply chain moving along. we have heard a potential crisis by figuring out what needed to get fixed, and then we brought two people together to do the hard work of fixing it. in a speech wednesday, he said. it's due to 24 7 operations at the nation's
5:58 pm
largest shipping ports. incentives for off peak hours, loading and unloading relaxed regulations on some truck drivers and increased cooperation with the private business sector. i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. only santa claus can keep that promise. when it comes to the prices. we see it stores, he says. it's because of the ongoing pandemic, not government spending by his party. this is a worldwide challenge. i'm natural byproduct of the world economy shut down by the pandemic, a point echoed by the federal reserve chairman. i would say that the inflation that we're seeing is still clearly connected to the reopen to pandemic related factors. republicans however, say the rising prices are a democratic created problem, one that voters are not likely to forget. next year. they want to know why these prices. keep going higher and higher. the president also used his speech to campaign for his nearly $2 trillion build
5:59 pm
back better bill, which republicans are firmly against in washington. lauren blanchard, fox news. this is ktvu fox two news at six. now it's six the first case of the omicron coronavirus. very it has been confirmed here in the united states, and it's right here in the bay area tonight, local and state officials say they've been ready for this moment and that it was only a matter of time. is cause for concern. it is also certainly not a cause for us to panic. we are prepared here in the city for this. we will continue to work closely with our partners in the city and county of san francisco. with our partners at ucsf. i'll remind people it's not surprising in many respects that california is announcing the first case. and again, governor, newsom says. while the case is not surprising, health officials are taking it very seriously. hello again, everyone. i'm julie julie haener heather holmes in
6:00 pm
again tonight for frank. here's what we know so far about that case. the san francisco patient who tested positive for the omicron variant had recently returned from south africa on november 22nd the person who is otherwise healthy and fully vaccinated. had not yet received a booster shot and develop symptoms. three days after returning to the u. s they are now isolated at home. the over kwan variant was first identified by south african scientists just last week and shortly after the world health organization designated it a variant of concern. ktvu is tom baker has more now on today's announcement from officials in san francisco. this is what those most in the nose said on wednesday about the oh macron variant coming to america using the latest technology we have, um, discovered our first case. this is the first confirmed case of covid-19. caused by the army cron variant detected in the united states. this is not a surprise for those of you have


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