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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 4  FOX  December 1, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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here and why public health officials say there's no reason to panic plus. in my experience in 26 years of being a law enforcement officer, i've never seen a person who has been charged arrested with murder, let out. two men charged in a deadly shooting halloween night in san jose, the outrage from law enforcement and even the city's mayor after a judge released from jail without bail and all eyes on the supreme court as the justices here one of the most significant abortion cases in years, a law professor breaks down the arguments. from ktvu. fox two news. this is the four and welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savage. and i'm cristina rendon in this afternoon for heather holmes well, health officials say that it is not a big surprise and macron variant of covid-19 has made it to the u. s and it was detected by a person or in a person who traveled from south africa to san francisco. ktvu
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tom vacar joining us live in the newsroom. now, with those details, top. well this is what those most in the no have to say . on wednesday about the omicron vary in coming to america. using the latest technology we have, um, discovered our first case. this is the first confirmed case of covid-19. caused by the arm akron variant detected in the united states. this is not a surprise for those of you have been following this. we knew that a micron. was going to be here. a resident of san francisco was fully vaccinated, had recently been in south africa began her rather began to travel back into the united states on the 21st landed on the 22nd develop some symptoms a few days later around the 25th. got tested on the 28th. the test came back positive on the 29th. the individual was fully vaccinated and experience mild
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symptoms, which are improving at this point recent vaccinations, so the booster was not recommended in that respect. this individual has not been hospitalized. the individual is self quarantining and all close contacts have been contacted and all close context thus far. have tested negative, but we are hopeful of full recovery and expect nothing less based upon what we've learned again at this time. we do not anticipate changing any of our health orders. or changing any current restrictions or. imposing new restrictions on activity in san francisco, even though we don't know that much about dave, this particular variant impact clinically, it basically proves the point that we need to get immunized. we need to remain vigilant. it also means that something that happens in a distant part of the world very
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quickly comes to our part of the world in all over the world. now the odds are there are other people in this country already infected with the almond coronavirus, but not in places where the barriers, awesome medical and technological assets are so prevalent. and seemingly so successful tom vacar ktvu fox tuning. alright, tom. thank you. all right for more on today's discovery of the omicron variant here in the bay area. we are joined now by dr peter chin hong , who is an infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor good to have you on here today. this is what we expected that the virus this variant would eventually arrive here in this country. how does the arrival of omicron change our approach to this pandemic or do we just stick with the same game plan we've been going with so far wearing masks getting vaccinated, getting booster shots. well, alex the bay area's inhabitants, very covid street
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smart, so there is nothing new that we need to do. at this moment, they're probably only four words of advice that i would give which is get vaccinated get boosted, because that's a strongest weapon against macron and other variants with greek letters not yet named so i think that's where we are. i think it is a metaphor for yeah, again, another enemy invading our shores. but we're very, very well equipped to deal with this as opposed to a year ago. all right, so we have this one case here. how likely is it that this is just the tip of the iceberg? what is? what is this one case potentially tell us about how widespread oh macron might be here in the bay area here in california in this country more broadly. well it's 100% just the tip of the iceberg, alex. um it is surprising that it was detected in the bay area as opposed to new york or d. c because these cities have direct flights from johannesburg, which is where the province. is where
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that big outbreak of former crone wise, so it just really speaks to the close partnership between academic and public health that we're able to, like rapidly do the sequencing to find the very end, but it's probably among us it is probably in the east coast in particular and throughout the united states. all right. i know this is only one case here. one person with the omicron variant person from san francisco. but let's can we extrapolate anything from what we know about this person's particular case here they were fully vaccinated . they had not received a booster shot. thus far, they had only miles mild symptoms here from the omicron variant. what does that signal to you about our level of concern and what it should be with this variant. so first of all, clinically the reports we've been getting so far about omicron, very promising, meaning that it's not causing people so far anyway to
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get very, very ill in south africa, it's primarily affecting younger individuals. 18 to 35. most of them are unvaccinated because their vaccination rate is there only about 25% and there are very mild symptoms like fatigue, or, um, headache but not loss of taste and smell . what was really remarkable to about this case, and i think it's really because this individual's vaccinated in san francisco that non of that person's close contacts were positive when they did contact tracing. so speaking to, you know, even whether transmissible variant that that person wasn't spreading it to people. includes contact that certainly seems like a bit of encouraging news in all this appreciate your perspective, as always on such an important day, dr peter chin hong from ucsf, thank you for coming on. my pleasure, alex. thank you. on wall street. the major indexes headed lower on news about the first case of the
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omicron variant here in the u. s the dow fell 461 points. just over 1% the nasdaq lost 283 points and the s and p dropped 53 points. markets were discouraged by the virus news despite some positive economic reports on jobs and manufacturing. and we have more on today's big announcement about the first omicron case here in the u. s you can head to our website to find all of that . ktvu .com political tug of war over criminal justice reforms is playing out in santa clara county at issue to homicide suspects released without bail, and now it firestorm of negative reaction is swirling. as those for and against the court's action way in ktvu shall be reporter jesse gary joining us live from san jose this afternoon with historian jessi. the big question here is how did these two defendants managed to get out of jail with no bail? and another question is, how does this happen for the second time here in santa clara county? bail is up to the discretion of
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the judge. they do not have to offer bail. in this case, two judges let two men who were accused of oh, without bail, one accused of murder the other accused of being an accomplice to that murder. santa clara county district attorney still cannot get his head around thisd disappointed and, frankly, just concerned for our community that these two individuals were released santa clara county d a. jeff rosen says his prosecutors argued two men accused of murder should sit behind bars for a halloween killing. investigators say a traffic accident proceeded a heated exchange on great oaks parkway in san jose. they say alfred castillo confronted the victim, but ephron azzurri's shot isaiah gonzalez, the 27 year old, died later at a south bay hospital following a november 10th arraignment. judge penny packer ordered anzor is released and george clark did the same for castillo. maybe they haven't done anything today , but that's not to say that
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they won't do something tomorrow . and then once that happens, then what? how do we explain that to the next victim by phone and series defense attorney arguing her client deserves freedom while waiting for the wheels of justice to turn allowing him to work full time because. he was a contributing member of this society was a very good job and also attending college. trying to further his career. experts say a state supreme court change in california's bail system allows judges this flexibility. the inability to post bail no longer a reason to hold a defendant. the courts can look at the underlying facts of the case. to suggest that this is not somebody who has committed violent acts in the past, but critics say the system is tilting too far in favor of the accused, and that puts public safety at risk. family deserves better, and the community deserves better. this kind of result is. outrageous and clearly the pendulum has swung too far. it's extremely rare that an individual or
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individuals charged with murder are released pending their trial. district attorney says a preliminary hearing will take place sometime next year, he says if the two defendants violate the condition of release , they will go right back to court and asked that they would put in custody because they violated the conditions of their release with no bail. we're live in san jose this evening, jesse gary ktvu, fox two news head back to you up in oakland, jesse. thank you. family friends and law enforcement hall paid tribute today to the security guard who died after being shot while working to protect a news crew in oakland today, a police escort accompanied the body of kevin nishida from the coroner's office in oakland. to a mortuary in mountain view. nishida was shot in the stomach last wednesday and he died of his injuries on saturday. no arrests have been made in this case. the retired police officer worked at the oakland housing authority and for the cities of hayward and san jose. before retiring at
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the rank of sergeant from the coma police department. he survived by his wife, two children and three grandchildren. but they're certainly with them. wash rallies in washington, d c and across the country as a supreme court takes up a landmark abortion case up next we're going to break down what's at stake. that we are now in the month of december, but new water restrictions are just going into effect in the north bay. the activities that could come with a $250 fine. and december 1st. we're talking about widespread seventies across the bay area, lots of sunshine after some patchy fog this morning. looks like this mild weather stretch wants to stick around. we'll have more your forecast. coming up. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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limited availability in select areas. sprinklers and drip irrigation systems cannot be turned on and filling a swimming pool is not allowed. spot watering by hand, will be allowed only before nine o'clock in the morning or after
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seven at night in order to prevent evaporation. what's more, the water district is banning washing cars at home, as well as washing homes, businesses, sidewalks and driveways. these restrictions will be in place through the end of may. anyone who violates the new rules could face fines of up to $250. and this rainy season has been so tricky. so far back in october, we thought, okay, we're off to a great start things looking great, but of course we've dried up and we're still waiting for potential changes. we head into what december, especially after the 10th or so but at least for right now we are locked in. this dry weather pattern temperatures . if you stepped outside for a little bit this afternoon, you probably noticed the warm about their the average high for today . essentially in the lower sixties, everybody well, well up above the average for today that 72 in san francisco should be a record. we're waiting for the official list from the national weather service within the hour . living more maxed out 70 and san jose in the mid seventies.
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also with this pattern, you probably notice a bit of some haze out there, especially over the valley locations. this was the camera over san francisco earlier today, so we had that layer of warm air kind of moving in, and when that moves in and kind of traps the pollutants closer to surface, and unfortunately eric quality, not perfect around the bay area as you can see the plan for tomorrow, everybody expected being that two yellow range and that is the moderate moderate range. four year thursday forecast in the sixties and the seventies with air quality levels. satellite the radar once again, we're showing you basically the same story, lots of dry conditions here and a lot of right up to our north up in the pacific northwest, especially for seattle. so that's where another atmospheric river has been focused up there, at least for us right now, we have a lot to clear skies right now we could have some patchy fog. redeveloped as we head into the overnight hours, but take a look at these current numbers for the four o'clock hours some seventies for san francisco walnut creek and conquered san jose 74. here's that camera once again, our live camera showing you all the haze over the bay this afternoon. overnight we'll
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start out your thursday morning in the forties and the fifties. once again, we could have some patchy, dense fog, especially closer to concord and fairfield. i know that was the case this morning. and then into the afternoon hours. still we are expecting a few high clouds that can move in throughout the day. but temperatures still fairly mild from the mid sixties to the lower seventies for your thursday afternoon forecast, so still. pretty warm for your thursday. we're still hoping for that rain chance next week, and we'll have an update on that to rain chance coming up with your full forecast in a little bit. q well judge has ordered the 15 year old suspect in a deadly mass shooting in michigan high school at a michigan high school yesterday to be transferred from a juvenile facility to an adult jail and this comes as 1/4 student. has now died from their injuries. today fox's steve harrigan has more from oxford, michigan. i think this is every parent's worst nightmare. at least four students are dead in eight people injured, but there's still no word on what motivated a school shooting on tuesday. it happened here in oxford, michigan, a 15 year old
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sophomore allegedly opening fire out of nowhere. at least one student, a captain of the football team, was killed while trying to disarm him. police arrived about five minutes later, they confronted the shooter who immediately put his hands over his head and surrendered. we are charging this individual. with one count of terrorism, causing death. four counts of first degree murder. seven cult counts of assault with intent to murder and 12 counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony. when the shooting started, students barricaded themselves in classrooms behind stacks of desks and chairs here in oxford community leaders held a vigil on tuesday night and while grieving students and parents begin the mourning process. most say they're trying to keep the focus on their loved ones. i just need to focus on bringing our community together. police say the gun used in the
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shooting was purchased by the shooter's father just four days before the shooting. in oxford, michigan. steve harrigan fox news. a deadly home and patient in beverly hills at the home of a high profile music executive what investigators are saying about this case coming up.
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chase. make more of what's yours. uphold the mississippi law that bans abortions at 15 weeks. the justices today heard nearly two hours of arguments as protesters chanted outside. as foxes. madeline rivera tells us their decision could overturn precedents set by previous cases , including the landmark roe v. wade. protesters outside of the supreme court as justices heard arguments for roughly two hours over a mississippi law that bans most abortions. after 15 weeks, the case, posing the biggest challenge to roe v. wade in decades of our baby. chief
4:21 pm
justice john roberts. question why abandon abortions after 15 weeks wouldn't give women enough time to terminate a pregnancy? why would 15 weeks be an inappropriate line? justice brett kavanaugh, meanwhile, listing several cases in which the court had overturned long held presidents know since the history of this court's practice with respect to those cases, tell us that the right answer. is actually the return to the position of neutrality and. not stick with those precedents in the same way that all those other cases didn't should roby overturned abortion would probably become illegal and at least 20 states, according to the guttmacher institute. the court's liberal justices, arguing such a decision could undermine the court's legitimacy . will this institution survived the stench? that this creates in the public perception. that the
4:22 pm
constitution and it's reading. are just political acts. i don't see how it is possible. the supreme court likely won't make a decision on the mississippi case until june, which could be a hotly contested issue ahead of the midterm elections. at the supreme court. mala rivera fox news. for more. we're joined by jessica levinson, professor at loyola law school. jessica. thanks so much for taking time out of your day here. we just want to dig a little deeper into what's at stake because if the high court does uphold this ban on the abortion or most abortions in mississippi after 15 weeks, what are the implications? well i think the implications as you just heard are far reaching. i believe there are 20 states that will either outright ban or severely restrict abortion in a way that is not currently legal, so for a lot of women will just be living into america's will be living in places like california, which, for now there is access to an abortion. and then there'll be
4:23 pm
other states about half of the states. i suspect by the time the decision is actually handed down, where there is either virtually or there is actually no access to an abortion and clarify that for our viewers, because if this does eventually lead to row being overturned here in california. it would leave it up to the individual states to make the decision. we should not be affected here. is that right? we should not be affected, at least in the short and medium term. that is exactly right. and that's what you heard justice cabinet talk about where he said, basically let's return to a position of judicial neutrality. where in constitutional neutrality. what he's really saying is, let's just say there's no constitutionally protected right . so if states want to board banning abortion they can. and if safeties don't want to, then they don't have to. but let's leave this up to political actors to make the determination and that, of course, would lead to as we just talked about, you know two very different experiences for women, depending on which state they live in in
4:24 pm
this country. we also heard in this story previously that there is a conservative majority. we already know there is a conservative majority of justices after the handful of appointments under president trump, but. does this appear partisan to you? and what do you think? are the impacts of overruling this longstanding precedent after changes in membership of the court? well i think that this is such a good question. this is something that you, of course, heard a lot this morning and the almost two hours of discussions, which is essentially what's changed since casey was decided in 1992. what's changed since roe was decided in 1973? we're talking about precedent. that's almost 40 years old, and i think some people said it out loud and some people didn't say it out loud. what's changed is the composition of the court. um and we now have the most conservative court that we've had since the 19 thirties. and what was really start to listen to this morning is you don't need the chief justice. to join with the conservatives in order
4:25 pm
to overturn roe and casey. so you know, does this look like a political decision? i'll say for many of us it looks like really the only thing that changed is that we have much more conservative court and it's a court that absolutely looks poised to overturn roe and casey. curious you know your thoughts as well on public sentiment because most americans do support keeping roe versus wade in place. it appears that we may have switched our zoom. aren't we lost our guest here, but i was going to ask in terms of how the public sentiment does influence the high court. we do know that the high court does have the ability to alter the content of their opinion and just to know here. most americans do support keeping roe versus wade in place. so we do have jessica back. jessica, if you heard that question. can you explain what the public sentiment does in terms of influencing the high court? absolutely you never lost me whether you wanted to or not. so
4:26 pm
the park sentiment i think here it's not enough, right? so the court in other cases where it has overturned press past precedent, it's usually been because it's catching up with public opinion. in this case, the court would be going against public opinion. and there's a lot of reasons that we don't want judges to be subject to the winds whims of what the majority wants. but in this particular case, i think it ultimately doesn't matter because i count six and certainly five who essentially, i think are not affected by what the majority wants. they're not affected by polls, and they've been waiting , frankly, a long time to overturn roe and casey. that's been a key part of why they were put on the bench at all. former president trump was very explicit about that, right well , jessica levinson, professor of at loyola law school, we appreciate you joining us. i apologize for that technical difficulty, but thank you for your insight. absolutely thank you. philanthropist and wife of
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a high profile music executive was shot to death in beverly hills overnight during what authorities believe was a home invasion. police say they responded to a shooting call just before 2 30 this morning. when officers arrived, they found a woman with a gunshot wound. the l a times is reporting. she was identified as 81 year old jacqueline avon, avon was married to music industry giant clarence avon. so far. no arrests have been made in this case. it's called operation ceasefire, and it's a program that's been mentioned a lot over the past few days in the wake of the recent deadly violence in oakland up next we'll hear from a police captain to find out more about this program and how the pandemic is affecting the work. this unit does. extra security cameras, more police and even a drone how one east bay city is fighting back after a high profile retail theft. oakland. some city leadere
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calling for an expansion of the police department ceasefire program. the violence prevention unit brings together police officers and community groups for outreach work designed to get people to put down their guns. oakland was the first city in the country to implement this unique approach to the problem, but the pandemic has limited how this unit operates for more on the role of this program and where things stand now we're joined by oakland police captain tony jones, who runs that ceasefire program, captain great to have you on appreciate your time. let's let's get to be with you, alex. absolutely let's start with where things stand right now. during covid
4:31 pm
ceasefire team members couldn't meet people in person they had to limit services in certain ways. has the program been truly effective at trying to prevent violence during the pandemic. what we do know, um, is that you know, we've had a long history of gun violence in oakland, and we implemented ceasefire from 2012 to 2018. we were we were able to cut shootings and homicides in half. and going into the pandemic. we were averaging about two homicides per month and then immediately wants the shelter in place. orders went into effect because of covid-19. we began to see our homicides numbers spike to eight per month and so that the pandemic definitely created some challenges for the police department and our partners and how we carry out ceasefire to reduce gun violence in the city. alright so where where do things stand in terms of the number of officers that you have in the ceasefire unit right now? and
4:32 pm
where do things need to be in your mind? so we did suffer some cost of ceasefire through attrition through budget cuts. we were reduced to half actually, at one point, but she farmed strong. um. uh, the personnel and ceasefire recently and so we're going to be able to have a more of an impact on the violence. hopefully um, with the with the increase in staff and. and you know, just being able to be in the community more working with our partners on the gun violence in the city. is funding an issue here. do you need more funding from the city in order to really get this program, you know, back to where it should be sort of a pre pandemic level of operating. i think what's more important in the funding is the partnerships that we have every you know the components of ceasefire, everything has to work together. and we've been experiencing some challenges with the number of our partners,
4:33 pm
particularly with the courts. um when people are shooting people in the streets and we're communicating the police and the community together, communicating with people who are involved in gun violence that we are aware of their activities, and we remove them from the community. and then nothing happens to them. it really removes the accountability or there's the individuals feel like there's no consequences for what they're doing, and that's been one of the. biggest challenges that we have more so than staffing or more sun and funding in anything. it's just a small fraction of people in oakland, who are responsible for most of the shootings that we see that's what the data shows us. how how does your unit effectively identified the people in the city who are most at risk of committing violence? well we have a heavy reliance on data. the ceasefire model is driven by data and you're right it sometimes with the community may
4:34 pm
feel like there's a lot of people in the community commitment, violence, but we just did a at the university of pennsylvania come through a study of our shootings and homicides over the last two years. and it is only a very small percentage of the community 0.4% of the communities involved in this type of activity, and we track every single shooting and homicide meet regularly with our partners. so we're always aware of who's involved in the violence. um and so we just never robust intelligence and data collection system in place . um that lets us know who we should be focused on it. we should be communicating with. and we only focus on the people that are involved in the gun violence. we're not trying to deal with low level crimes. people who are involved in, you know, fraud or drug offenses program really focuses on gun violence in trying to work with the community and our partners to steer people. away from the street life and into services so that they become productive members of this society and we don't have to target them with
4:35 pm
enforcement or things of that nature. finally captain ultimately that's what we want. yes that's the outcome you're hoping for if you can get the ceasefire program. fully operational. as you said, you've had some staffing issues. if you can get it fully operational, how much of a difference do you think it can make? in a in a real immediate sense to try to stem the wave of violence you're seeing right now in the city? well we've seen it cut homicides and shootings in half. homicides are just part of the problem that the non fatal shootings are just as traumatic to the community as homicides. we've seen it work before, and the data still tells us that our biggest challenges in oakland is gun violence between groups and gangs and retaliatory shootings that occur. as a result, as a result of these conflicts and so as long as ceasefire continues to focus on those groups, um, properly staffed and our partners working with our partners. we should be able to
4:36 pm
have an immediate impact on the violence. but the key is that all of the parts of ceasefire have to work, including the courts and our other partners in the law enforcement criminal justice system. no doubt about it is a collaborative effort or it has to be to try to do something about what we're seeing. appreciate you taking the time really important conversation. oakland police captain tony jones. thanks for coming on thank you. the city council in walnut creek, voted in a special meeting today to approve money for additional police officers and resources for the downtown area. this comes after a mass robbery where nearly 100 masked thieves rushed into nordstrom and took about $125,000 in merchandise in one minute. ktvu american. donna brings us the story from city hall. the council has okayed $2 million for extra officers, security cameras and a drone all in the effort to stop another big organized theft from happening again. so i'm going to do the math here if it takes to arrest. one and three to arrest
4:37 pm
too. if you've got 80 to 90 my math says you're getting close to 200 officers necessary in order to arrest them after going over the police department's response to the highest at nordstrom on november 20th in total. the criminal mob was in and out of the store in less than one minute, the council quickly realized there's no way the 11 officers on staff on a normal saturday night would have been able to stop the estimated 80 people who stormed the store would be able to stop a group of 80 80 suspects from engaging in organized. an organized criminal mob swarming, grab style theft. however the goal is to deter or displace these types of crimes through presence and target. hardening prevention is now the council's focus, creating a new broadway plaza security plan to fund five police officers through june 2023 for $1.6 million. with 130,000 set aside for overtime pay, then the security cameras. that's another $215,000 and 35,000 for the
4:38 pm
drone, but the council also wants to make sure those cuts are held responsible. sending a letter to the contra costa d a. and writing wants to state legislators and governor newsom to see if there are any laws needed to close any possible loopholes. but when 80 people show up to commit the same petty theft. that's a felony despite the severity of the violent crime and the fbi's involvement , the police chief says these thefts are isolated incidents at the end of the day. when you have a destination city like walnut creek. a lot of people come here. and quite frankly, criminals come here, too, because they want to go where the nice stuff is and try to victimize. people who are here and but what i would what i would read. assure everyone is that we are very committed to creating a safe environment not only in downtown but throughout the entire city, although only three people have been arrested
4:39 pm
. the police department expects more arrests to be made. the city council was able to ask the sheriff's department about an error. that allowed one suspect to leave jail. they are now back in jail since department says that was human error in walnut creek, amanda king donna ktvu, fox two news. east bay. assemblyman jim fraser says he is stepping down after nearly 10 years in office. in a statement, he said his last day in office will be december 31st. his district spans parts of solano, contra costa and sacramento counties along the delta. fraser said he plans to look for new career opportunities in transportation, which has been a focus of his time in the assembly. and he also wants to spend more time with his family and friends. frasier described his service in the assembly as quote. the best job that i have ever had. it is an illness. it is claimed 680 million lives worldwide. today we mark world aids day. look at the commemorations underway here in the bay area and the progress in the fight. against hiv. and a
4:40 pm
barrier whether december starting off on the warm side, widespread seventies and some record heat a little bit of some cooling for tomorrow, but eventually we could be talking about at least the chance of some rain will have your forecast update coming up. the xfinity black friday sales event is happening now on xfinity mobile. now new and existing customers can get our best wireless deal of the year - up to $1,000 in savings - for a limited time only. on the most reliable network nationwide, plus nationwide 5g. act now and save up to $1,000 with xfinity mobile. so you can go all out on gifts for the family - during our best wireless deal of the year... the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance.
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simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. december does not feel like winter. i know it's not winter yet, but still temperatures in the seventies of almost like a beach day out there. it looks like this mild weather pattern wants to stick around, but we will have some subtle changes with some cooling. as we head towards the weekend, december, you think okay, be a snow in the sierra. but as you know, as we take a look at this picture right now, this was the picture from earlier today from homewood on tahoe's west shore, and just a little bit of, uh, some patches of some snow there, but of course, we could definitely use a lot more snow in the sierra. of course, that's our water supply and went ahead up
4:43 pm
there in the ski and snowboard. enjoy the snowfall. unfortunately that's not the case for today. so december 1st and not to not too too great in the sierra. if you want to be if you want to attract a lot of snowfall hopefully attracted some changes, though, as we head into as we head into a december , especially by mid december, so but it has been a dry weather stretch november 19th the last rainfall here in the bay area, so we are up to a 12 dry days where to add on a few more. dry days as well. here's the forecast models. we put this into motion and you can see the significant rainfall is up to our north up towards eureka, portland's seattle now you can't see some measurable rainfall. it's hard to get excited about 0.3 in san francisco, but into next week by monday, there is a slight chance of a few showers and that would be favoring the north bay. here's the satellite once again. look at that continuous stream of moisture standing out in the pacific extending towards portland, seattle. so that is another atmospheric river. it seems like they've had quite a few of those atmospheric rivers focused up to our north. not here in the bay area as we head towards south
4:44 pm
you can see down towards southern california. we have a fog bank that could cool us off for tomorrow as a kind of cruises up the coast and approaches. monterey bay overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning satellite, though lots of clear skies overhead right now, and once again. we talked about the haze earlier, so the air quality is not great. we have moderate levels so you might notice some more. hayes. in the sky for tomorrow. current number of san francisco. look at that december 1st 71 degrees right now san francisco by the way, setting a record this afternoon, the lower seventies will probably have a few more to report within the hour. santa rosa right now. 68 3 months 70 san jose 74 conquered 70 degrees. here's our live camera once again looking above san francisco, and there is that the layer of haze kind of settling in, so we like the storms, and they come on by because it kind of mixed out the atmosphere and clean things out. course that things were kind of settling, and that's why the haze has been a factor here in the bay area overnight. we'll start out tomorrow morning. once again with temperatures in the forties and the fifties. we
4:45 pm
could have some patchy fog out there. i know we had some dead patches this morning closer to concord. closer to fairfield, also up in portions of the north bay, and that could be the case once again first thing tomorrow morning, but a big area of high pressure not only in the pacific but also extending over a good portion of the state. keeping us drive. whenever you get a stable pattern like this, you get the fog that forms overnights because some patchy valley fog reform and also we are watching that fog down to our south that will cool off the coast and even the base side locations a little bit for tomorrow. but as you can see, the rain stayed up to our north our next chance of a shower. that would be on monday . it's only a slight chance. we've been trying to keep an eye on the ninth 10th or 11th, and it's still a long ways out, but hopefully we'll add some more detail. some more focus to that forecast. over the next few days tomorrow, though, it is still a warm day temperatures in the sixties and the seventies and patchy morning fog hazy sunshine into the afternoon hours and look ahead. your five day forecast. you can see temperatures not moving around too much, but the overall trend the overall direction we are
4:46 pm
cooling things off by the weekend with partly sunny skies on sunday. there is a slight chance of a shower on monday while while it won't be a significant rain producer, hopefully that could change the pattern enough to bring in more significant rain and some more storms in the pacific. it's december and we should be talking about rainfall here in the bay area, so hopefully that could be happening as we head towards, especially that the 10 3 would be 11 something like that. we'll keep an eye. sounds good, mark. thank you. well there is a warning out about a new tiktok challenge. it encourages users to kick someone's door to the beat of a song and then run. your heart beat the drums. this began on tiktok as a prank in college storms and has spread to neighborhoods in petaluma last week, someone suspected of carrying out the challenge caused hundreds of dollars in damage to a house. police say some homeowners might think that kicking is a home invasion and react defensively. here your
4:47 pm
feet. you can have see this activity would be scary to homeowner and they might think it's a real home invasion. you're crossing somebody's threshold and you're banging on their door in a world where home invasions are not unusual. and safety is at risk. that is, that is not a good idea for anyone. police say they hope this public awareness will stop the trend before anyone gets hurt. too close for comfort mountain lion caught on camera near her home in the north bay and neighbors believe it's already done some damage. ahead at five how the bay area is reacting to one of the biggest abortion challenges in decades, also coming up at five outrage after homicide suspects are released without bail by one of their attorneys argues they don't deserve to be behind bars.
4:48 pm
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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the aids pandemic. remember the people who died from hiv and to show support for those living with the virus? a big red ribbon was placed on the white house today. the biden administration also issued a statement renewing its commitment to ending the hiv aids epidemic by 2030 at the vatican, pope francis had a special mass offering prayers and hope for the 38 million people living with hiv. the theme of this year's world aids day is ending the hiv epidemic equitable access everyone's voice, the pope said. it's an important occasion to remember people around the world who don't have access to essential health health care treatment. and here is dan francisco. people were invited to use chalk to write the names of people who have died of aids on a sidewalk . the so called inscribed chalk art event is being held between 17th and castro streets. last night, the national aids memorial held into annual fundraising gala at the memorial grove in golden gate park, at a vigil that is open to the public will be held there tonight.
4:51 pm
joining us now is kevin herglotz , the chief operating officer at national aids memorial. john or kevin, i excuse me, kevin. thank you for joining us to talk about the importance of tonight's event this evening of lights and the remembrance event and how special it is to the community. look thank you were inviting the public here to the growth of this evening for free public display of lights. as you can see behind me. it's a illuminated beautifully. this art installation. well. of names of people who are engraved on the memorial and also stitched onto the quilt. uh so it is a beautiful night. we're here to remember. we're here to honor uh , we're here to bring hope for the future, so we invite the public to come back. mm hmm. and expect beautiful light display artistic futures, dance music, and it's a celebration of life. but it's also a remembrance of
4:52 pm
those we've lost 700,000 plus over the last 40 years and hope for a cure in the future, he said it right. there has been 40 years since those first cases of aids were reported here in the us and i know it was 30 years since volunteers gathered in golden gate park to create this living memorial that now exists today. what progress has been made since then. and where are we in the fight against hiv. well there's certainly hope you know when the darkest days of the pandemic but didn't volunteers gathered here and what was it abandoned part of golden gate heart they were loved. more because where. and all 50,000 samples that was, they were made three ft by six ft blocks, and that was because that was a sign of activism to lay those graves on the white house lawn and in the mall in washington, d c. to get the government to pay attention to
4:53 pm
do something about it, and we've seen a lot of progress to leadership like president clinton, president biden speaker pelosi have led the way and funding and research and a lot of progress is there we've got a long way to go. i just want to say before we let you go just fascinating work every time we talk about the aids, quilt and memorial quilt, so much work has gone into that into creating it. it's just really a significant piece of art, and i know that it's traveled around the country here. where will it be on display for people to see? well it's we have over 400 sections of the quilt on display all around the country, including the white house. president biden had it there today. you can go on our website at aids memorial dot org and we have an interactive map where you can actually see where the quilt is and go visit it. but you can also see where there are local memorials in your own community that you can visit a memorial. uh, on world aids day or
4:54 pm
different parts of the year. and you know, i will say that we honored pose today and had a virtual observance and brought together leaders from around the country to talk about issues that matter, the state of the pandemic, the impact on black community. uh and. your audience to look and watch those those conversations because they're powerful and impactful, and it really does give a good view of the hope and the. what we need to do to get get to zero. and on that note, we hope that someday there is a cure here and there will be no one living with hiv or aids in this country, kevin or heard lots of cheap operating officer at the national aids memorial. we appreciate your time. thanks for joining us. thank you. and for more on the aids national memorial, we've posted a link on our website. you can just go to the web ling section at ktvu .com. people in santa rosa are being warned to
4:55 pm
be on alert because of a mountain lion in the area. if you were sent us this surveillance video that shows the animal on their property on montgomery drive near howard park. they believe the mountain lion is living nearby. they say a neighbor's cat is missing, and they've also seen two dead fawns on their property. in recent weeks. they've asked the department of fish and game to post warning signs and to try to capture the big cat. president biden says most people will be able to find the gifts they want this year, but republicans blame his party for the prices you'll pay and lauren blanchard in washington with
4:56 pm
i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. taking dovato with dofetilide can cause serious or life-threatening side effects. hepatitis b can become harder to treat while on dovato. don't stop dovato without talking to your doctor, as your hepatitis b may worsen or become life-threatening. serious or life-threatening side effects can occur, including allergic reactions, lactic acid buildup, and liver problems. if you have a rash and other symptoms
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of an allergic reaction, stop dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems, or if bn toe pregnant. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ shopping season moves into full swing, the administration is confronted with an array of economic challenges that could turn into political problems ahead of next year's midterms. foxes lauren blanchard reports. we're looking ahead to a
4:58 pm
brighter and happier december holiday shopping is in full swing, and president biden says his policies have the supply chain moving along. we have heard a potential crisis by figuring out what needed to get fixed, and then we brought two people together to do the hard work of fixing it. in a speech wednesday, he said. it's due to 24 7 operations at the nation's largest shipping ports. incentives for off peak hours, loading and unloading relaxed regulations on some truck drivers and increased cooperation with the private business sector can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time. only santa claus can keep that promise. when it comes to the prices. we see it stores, he says. it's because of the ongoing pandemic, not government spending by his party. this is a worldwide challenge. i'm natural byproduct for the world economy shut down by the pandemic, a point echoed by the federal reserve chairman. i would say that the inflation that we're
4:59 pm
seeing is still clearly connected to the reopen to pandemic related factors. republicans however, say the rising prices are a democratic created problem, one that voters are not likely to forget. next year. they want to know why these prices. keep going higher and higher. the president also used his speech to campaign for his nearly $2 trillion build back better bill, which republicans are firmly against in washington. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox two news. ktvu fox two news at five starts now. now at five, the nation's top court tackling the biggest challenge to abortion in decades and from coast to coast demonstrators are anxiously awaiting a decision a show of support from first responders after a former police sergeant was fatally wounded. the day before thanksgiving, also, the first case of the omicron variant has been discovered in the us right in our own backyard. how the bay area is responding. good evening . i'm julie julie haener and i'm
5:00 pm
heather holmes today marked a potentially historic day in the nation's capital. supreme court justices hearing oral arguments over a mississippi law that bans most abortions. after 15 weeks of pregnancy. the decision could affect at least 20 states, prompting protests from the east coast to the bay area, the supreme court's conservative majority justices are signaling they will allow states to ban abortion even earlier than 15 weeks into pregnancy. and they're indicating they may go even further to overturn the nationwide roe v. wade, right that has existed for nearly 50 years. justice brett kavanaugh listed several cases in which the court had overturned long held precedents. doesn't the history of this court's practice with respect to those cases tell us that the right answer is actually to return to the position of neutrality and. and not stick with those precedents in the same way that all those other cases didn't. after


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